The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1947
Page 9
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1947 iJLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE NINE Classified Advertisements for Sa/e, Misc. Battery fed turkey*. Qlv* yo%jr order »ow. PlckHrd'* Grocery. 1044 Chlckmawbft. hPone 2043. Help, Wanted, Male MAN WANTED TO SUCCEED . R. AndtrBOii for R»»l«lRli busln ^" South MiwlMlppi county. 3WO its Real opportunity. We help you ... it»rt«l. Write Rawlelsh'B. Dept. AKK-5IO-08A. Memphli. Term, or SM C. Ulm. 100 M . •""'•JfJJ'.'uf.'!', We I..YC optnlns in our oHlM tor n.silsunt boolc-lceener. Would line to have young man that is Interested In iparnlriK to 1>« qualified to b« olllce manner A wonderful chance for good man. Call Torn A. phone Ml, Shelwn Motor Br. I-lltle Co 2 YOUNG MEN 18-23. neat apnearlnK FHEK TO TRAVEL to Florida, C»U fornla and return. Tr«n»nort«tlon D»ld for by National Ornanlzatlon. Druu'lns account 1180 month to itart. See Mr Emerson. Hotel Noble 8:00 to «:00 P M dally. «phon..lta. ^ HelfTWanied, Female YOUNG LADIES 16-24 neat appear II1B. FREE TO TRAVEL to Florida an California. Transportation inrnlahet EarnlnK from »7S to H50 per wee after training. Drawing account ttft per month to start. Married couple and disabled veterans or non-veteran urged to apply, at EmplovmeiU 5e curlty Office. 123 S. Second St.. Blythe vine. lliu-pk-l Lost and Found Notice Wanted to Buy Odd clilnu. »li—. --_ Call or write' C. T. Lyjlcr, telephone 1938, ll'Jl Woluut St. 1|:13-1>K-M Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM-Wed., Dec. 3 eaturlnn: Beautiful haudwork, pillow cases, fcaby clol.i««, spitms. etc ISO: tlouicmaUti cukes and caiuUi's ood tooth with every thing fie&l frotu th« country .LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer games IMttcr prize* (none lest tli»n 1$) Sensational n«w bliito cards Bingo nartlng promptly it 8:00 PM All »i the LetLon Hvit Sponsored by L*.iil« ol »he CaUiolIc Tht owntr of an • nllf|Vi« shop hi Washington trleit Cor line* years to alf • rare set of Mitgelltin IruLl ; it'S He ii.uci'il ^ Waul Ait In A Si * aiic newspuppr. ACtcr »11 other iis tin(l failed, the ucl brountit forth the i.ue Items. Summer UiiK#rH On TULSA. Okln. <UP»— OklAhonin s prolonged summer (hfo yenr even had imture contused. Although U was October, a pear lie* was producing and a rod bud tree bloomed here Jusl as though it were spring. Personal •OLD AT 40, 50. 607" WAN) You're crazy- Thousands peppy at 70. Oitrcx Tonic Tftb.ati p«p up l>0- dl»* lacking Iron. For rundown feelLnR many men, women call "old". New 'get acquainted" sly« ONLY 50c At all druKBlstB — In Blylhevllle. af Klrby Drutf. IHU-ck-IM Position Wonted High school graduatt — some col- I«RI houra. ExperLenc* In office and i»lMI work. Call 8C5. 11114-pk-lS Private Rooms Large bedroom, close In. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 11115-i»lt-22 One room, 226 K. Davit. ward for 10 jewel Jadlec El h with 2 diamond BeulilJE, sl band. Call 2257. Il|l0-pk.l6 Black coin pune con tn In Ing watch In or near Post Otlice. Phone 802 or 2382. ll!ll-p*-L4 Lost- Reward for white a..d liver male pointer dog. 11 months old. Cull 22*9 LlLl3-plE-20 Lost - In postofllce, billfold con- talnlnR money «nd charK-a-pUte. He- turn to Jewle Srlte. Acce*»orv Shop Hotel Noble. H!l4-pklB A rndlotrlclaii lost * tiny slklft ru! when be leaned out of the cock oil o an airplane flyhift OTer Ohio. He tried for R week In Cincinnati to buv similar Instrument without success He flnnlly placed n "Ix>st" Rd "for slide rule lost from an airplane" Th next dny A •womn.n phoned that her &on had found somethlnc answering the description. It iraa the mlsslni slide rule, found by B. 10-year-old child wbo had ptcfced it up In his bacX 7*rd. Nice bedroom, nut. Phone 2496. men only. 613 \Val- MllS-pK-22 Girls wanted. Room and board, blocks Of Rice-Stick. Phone 3757. 11.14-pk-lB Bedroom. 314 .N Ninth Phone 233R 10122 pk 11122 Wanted to Buy Read Courier News Want Ads. WANTED 20.000 POUNDS PECANS Doo't Sell till you Gel Our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 East Main St. Phone 013 WANTED to buy farm tracto and machinery. State price and coi dltlon, C!eo Musselman. Osceola. low llia-pk-12 Small grocery with U«lns quart _.- barber shop. Write Armorcl, Ark PO Bi 310. Illl3-pk-l« QIC Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Lei Of remove the water from jrour tlrea and fill them with calcium chloride anil-freeze solution. We will be glad to nuke au appointment to rare tor all vour tractors at your farm—thus saving you time. REMEMBKK WE SERVICE ALL MAKES TRACTORS Russell Phillips So. TRACTOR CO. Hiwav 61 Phone 2171 *>Chdllenqe To Love — >J ... j^B*» «. By ETHEL HAMILL >. I IK ; O,.lr*ul^ ^ NEASEIVICE, INC. Tilt: STOIIYt When C*m fomrm to. ali« U In .lurV* •rm>, 'aulMlrfe <•? barninK bulldlnK. Jo^l kl»«ri« her. oil* mrr dar- llnfc. CAM ]• In nrnven. She !• • nliurt but her drtBK U ruined. Jnel ••rK»l« they lake • eanae knm« fare XVI T>HEY moved side by side across - 1 th« last dark acre of the cam- pui and on down the hill until they were following the curving path which led to the college boat- fiouse. The glow from the burning Cage grew dimmer behind them until finally it was lost altogether beyond the Kreen of night-blackened trees. 1 The Carter-owned canoe fleet waited them by the river'* edge — i few of the light craft mooted to the wooden pier, others inverted on Ihe racks inside long open-walled sheds under the dip of the bank- loci helped her into one of the tethered boat!. Just as Cam was Killing Into it. she felt the rough movement of tweed across her bare shoulders. Joel had stripped off his jacket and folded it around her. "Chilly out there," he said tersely, before he climbed in him- m.reLf and picked up his paddle. 'f'> Then they were moving out ' from shore. The moonlight lay long across the river. There was no sound except the dip of his paddle, the sigh of moving water. "Are you thinking the. same things I'm thinking?" They were well out on the water before his voice came toward her. low keeping with the mght and yet demanding that she remember "That other fall semcsler? When we both were such darn-foo kids? Cam nodded contentedly, quite aware that he could not see he nod. She could nol remember eve having felt so utterly at peace with the world. T WONDER how many hundred times I thought about things like this?" he said, shipping his pnddle and letting them drift. 'Sometimes it seemed like a dream that never could have happened. But that song they used to sing in the other war—that was right, you know." "What *ong, Joel?" she murmured. "Though the boys are far away, they dream of nome . ." lie sighed deeply. "And we did. no kidding. Plenty of times, those dreams used to seem realer than the mess and blood and muck around us." "You're back, now. Doesn't thai make things right again?" Hit answer surprised her. It came from him slowly, as if he were thinking it out as he spoke, thinking it deeply, and feeling it too. "Sometimes — almost. That's a funny thing, though. I don't think any of our outfit—the fel- lowi back here under the government educational program for GI's —has really found out how to fit n yet, "Why, Joel! If I ever saw any- lody who filled in, who seemed to be getting the kick of his life out of just being In college—" "Nine-tenths act." he admitted :iis lean fac» was '*.*.st in shadow but she knew it so well that the slow and almost brooding tempo of his speech could trace its exact expression of reflectiveness for her. "It's jort of like your glamor hair-do, and the green dress. guess. Behind it. we aren't laugh ing. We're still adrift." "But you're home. Joel. Home! "Sure. But it l»n't the way w dreamed it. the way we left it Or maybe It is. and that's wha keeps flooring us—because we'r not the »ame guys any longei We've grown up. If things badn GULF Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. F. Richards New Operator ! Featuring: \ -jf Gulf Courtesy • -jlr/ That Good Gulf Gas J J Tires, Batteries ', \ Accessories i ! Discount Ra!e to Truckers I • Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. • Weekends been the way they were, most of. us would be started on careers by now. We aren't kids, We aren't the right age to be marking time." OUDDENLY. a little shudder of ^ dread flickered ariong Cam's spine. "Joel, you — you aren't thinking ot quitting, are you? Of going away?" • Five out of the thirty-odd campus retreads in our bunch have tossed in the sponge already. They just couldn't lake the change-over. The quiet in the library gave them the jitters. Where we've been, a quiet like that breaks up into the explosion of bombs. And then there are others, guys like my buddy Lon Ludlow, who just have (he cards stacked against them. Their time for Carter is gone. But I'm not thinking of quilting, Cammie." His words became emphatic. "Not me! It's not going lo happen that way to Conroy. ['11 stick, all right! I want to go inlo medical research and I'll need my Carter degree for that!" Quiet, warm happiness began to Dread through her like the glow I a light. "Your father won't be oo disappointed. Joel? II used lo e scientific farming. . . ." "Pop?" Ho spoke the name oftly, sadly. "Didn't you know? died two years ago. While I was bogged down in mud near Cassino." "I—1 didn't know." 'The river kepi on sighing past hem, almost like a losl voice murmuring. "Bui Pop wouldn't have minded. He'd shut up shop himself, the spring before, to lake a ob in D war plant. The [arm's mine now. ' But it isn'l being worked. 1 haven't made up niy mind whether to sell it or keep it for—for • home." A home! Even while she reached out in sympathy lo touch ihe big hand curved over the motionless paddle. Cam fell her ncarl accept the word and treasure it. "They dream of home . ." Joel had said that, too. She asked nothing more of life than th«< chance to make that home 2 reality for him: to make his dream come true, and then sluire it wilh him forever. (To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople OUT OUR WAY IF N"OUR FATOER. WV& PW2.TICGL.Sfc GO EGAD, 8WER.' WITH FATvAER COMlf-iG 10 ^JlSVT, HOOD V.'ASriT 60 DOWCrY X'O APPRECIA.T6 IT IP VOO'D R6FRfttr4 FROM.TUE PLe8E.\f>.r^ t-i/? PRACTICE Of- POUSrtrJS SHOES Ori THE PORCH AND CR6f\TlriG A SMUDGE 6V REFOSe EXCUSE SAY BACK.TOO, WILL VOL)? VOL) 5O REAUSTICALLV CCTOVIhJCIM'LY— AMD I JUST CAWT HOLD ANOTHER BREAKFAST. TA\N GOKC COULOSSTT CROSS THftf BACK VARC \-HTHOOT ORftrtGE AN OLD _EE BARTER !AR Vou es PER'sONAL KRKCKLBS & HIS FKIKNDS Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Be YOUR KB, HILDA' THAT HANKV GAS our WITH THE BIRTH Of A NATION / GALS PONY EXPECT MEM TO WAIT ON THEM I THEY CAM LOOK AFrEt THEMSELVES/•• W6 MEN LIKE WOMEN TO B6 Dividend Suvlnji Low Net Cost Proteotlon For Service MEATBALL ( 6ETHAMV WANTS W R. Davis St., P. O. Bo i 431 Phone «in Blythtfllle. Ark, I WONDER. IF T1I6 FOSEIGM LEQlOM TAMS WOMEN 1 ! Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. I said it almost the way we rehearsed It, dear— Eitlior a raise or I quit! 1 Only I left off the last part!" IMMRCILLA'S I'OP and do Chert in .[ the morning when you're fr< f Listen, honey... •you run along to beef and get a night's s/eet 7hat's the only part I don't like about having company-all those dishe's to wash and I'm so tired! For Free Delivery on All Staple mid Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY MICHAKI. CVMAM-KY and RAI> Freeman & Henlev If ANNA SMOULO BV S0«t> MIWCll 5URVIVt,REMEM«l», WE 5AWWH/, 1UCRE1IA.NO' Wt'Vt BUSINESS TO TRANSACT IN PRIVATE BUT WITH ANITA DISPOStDOf, WHV MUST Wf RUN AWAV AHP HIDE ? GRACIOUS, CHIMES, I WAS M THIS CROSSING BIFCmt IKNfWIT.' " I SHOULD HAVE WARNfDWU, IUCRETIA. ALITTIEKYWDIHTH05E WOODS ISASMACKWHtRE A CLIENTOFMINC-ONCE West Main St WASH TUflW HOLV SMOKf! I GOTTA GET (T FROWTOWAf QUICK! m BE RISHT BUCK! GOSH! W-WOT VWUlt) TWHT »TOfWC GERI* PO TO FELLtKIT ttta HIDOf U o«r PM_...BRING 11 TO WE. BUT REMEMBEK....WOr»WORD MOUT THIS TO ANVONE I S€E SOU OCWT KNOW BOW RISKS IT K TO CARS'* MOMIC CMER6S MIOllND. BUD. rrs nn TO EM K MUM fiiii Of HOIIC..UTTU SQUARE HOLES! Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL -1357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. By FRED HARS1AN DAD.'NO.'NO? DON'T SHOOT.' III HUPP V) HERE J5tAF£>l PICKARD'S GROCERY ALLEY OOP Phone 2013 1041 ChickasawJia lY« TIME «C*ie«OOV TALKED TO V0J_OR OO ~>OU WAHT TO BE A** ou> THS RIGHT MY STMZ». «>U'RE TO TALK TO I OJMB ABOUT By J. R. Williams EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HKK BUDDIKS GK iSW VVi OK> ft WKVZ. , TWVViS n>«.Nk WO tisa\ wNcrc. A , WUV I viEAX . W *>, \W Of oossm ROW ?

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