The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1947
Page 15
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1947 . (ARK.) COURIER NKWH PAGE FIFTEEN Classified Advertisements For Sab, City Property NEW MODERN ~ California style home complete and modern in every detail. Automatic heat, hardwood floors, atlic fan, in good location. Shown by ap- appointment only. tention Veterans! building 'two new >Ve are for Safe, City Property brick homes on Main Street for sale, why not exercise your GI Loan rights and purchase one of these homes? Call at our office for details 5 ROOMS AND BATH located 723 South Lilly SL. 6-HOOM HOUSE with bath close in on paved street. $4,000. NICE SUBURBAN HOME on N. -61 Highway on one- acre lot. City conveniences with double garage, three room guest house with bath on rear of lot. These are only a few of our listings, contact us before you buy a farm or home DAVID REAL ESTATE 6 INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3633—2486 'iff. B. Joyner—Phone 3205 Ben D. Hamner—Phone 3633 11113-ek-U Newly . Decorated 4-Room louse, well built, close to bus line, quick possession. MODERN DUPLEX in new section of town. Home and investment combined. Will carry PHA or GI loan. $1,000 will handle. COMFORTABLE 5-ROOM home with good rental house in rear. Both houses have modern bath. Can finance part. MODERN HOME milt of best material. Gas loor furnace, attic fan, com iletely insulated. Exclusive estrictcd neighborhood. Cai finance at 4%. MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building—Phone 203 E. T. Hubbard, Salesman Phone '1120 11-10-ck-tf Sassafras tre"- have three distinct leaf forms and all three often may be found on the same twig. Steel OU Barrel Racks An; Slu T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3627 For SoU, Misce/fonvous concrete .blocks.. 15c each t, yhone 256«. On« 30 oublo foot d»»p f rtc*r*Uon box. *174 cuh. iern Ic* 'Cream Co. 400 We«t Ash On* cash i n an Scooter lor Mle. For n(oiu\»t.loi\ CAlt 3391. K llftt Alto K&hu uxophon* AC A radio-record coiublnaLlon, 2B1. IlU4- One Butane gat tan Ize used only one season, one liutane as tank 450 Ballon •!»:?. nevf. will a«U ,t big discount. Tom LUile Realty Co., 'houe 861 lUll-ck-18 Best YOUNCi MtN 18* ^a: lu 'iKAVKl. 10 Florka*. Cail- tiu ttnU reixiru. 'riMii&^K)rla.iiou paid uy NuilouuL UiKWiiliittUyti. Uni kccomit $l(iu nioiUii 10 slart. y*« Mr. t'ineiwn, Hotel Nuble tJ.KK) to 0.00 I 1 M, uiaLy. No yhou» c*lU, KKKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER \ Reluctant Romeo >/ 'Hc/p Wanted, YOUNO , Itig, KUKU TO THAVUL to t'lorld* . . Karnhiis from 415 to *IW u«r w««k after training, Drawluit account 1100 per month to start. NUrrltd coupler and dl&aliltxl velernni or nou-vcttrans ti r Bed to apply, at. Employ me tit curLty Office, 123 a. Second St., IMyti*- vlllf. UIU-yt-16 Tarpiu:ilii!i, all popular •!*«« rices. 3«!1 or trade, Eltjerl rluflmatri Swap Shop. lllll-cK-18 We liav* 25 used red Inter hi Mvernl l^ea. Tli•:,•*! are new style ladlatoro nd have been used only snort. Lime Will sell at a bargain. Tom Llttl* Renlty Co Phon* 841. 1! ll-ck-lH Every tiling you need for shoe repair business. All in good shape. 112 S. Lilly. ll-7-pk-15 For Sale, Misc. One S H. F. Sea King outboard mo tor and boM: one No. 5 Underwood typewriter. Bland and swivel clmlr. 501 Lilly. II 11-pk-n Small coal heating store, 1125 Hearil. plione 3316 lim-L»X-l* Duncan Phyfe sofa. Bootl condition [.CAS thnu 113 original cosl. WnlmiL dliililK room suite; table. 4 nmtchhiR chairs. nhostmy tnlite with hulll-ln lamp, iitlfiue water set: |t!ichcr and f natchliiR Rlnsses. "'RUKlnp lamp over 100 year* old. Rl pnrts volrt-cllppcd, _»avlnK town Saturday ntsht. Call Mrs. H. S. Werner, Hotel Noble, to be ieen. Illl4-plc-15 Lost and Found LOU- ! Reward for ID jnwet ladl« ElsSn wnich with 2 diamond Mtthu;, tllvrr band, Call 2257. 11110-plE-16 Black coin ptirae coiiUUiltiR watch In or near Post Offlc*. Phone 802 or 2. . ll|Ll-pkt-U Lou - In poslotrire. billfold con- aliiln« moiiry «nrt ch»rK-»-pl»te. Return to Jessie Srlte. Acceuory Shop. Hotel Noble 11 I4.ukl8 A rndlolrldAii lost A tiny hlldp when ho h^nri'i out of Hie corkpll of nn alrplntif living over Ohio. Ho tiled for n, M'pfk in cinclnnntl to buy a Bimllar Instrument without «\icceM. H« tln«lly placed a "Lout" »d "for a. slide rule lost from in nlrplkne" The next day a worn nil phoned that hrr AOII had round (ionicthins answering t he descrlDilon, It was the niiiutluK slide rule, round by a 10-year-old child vvlio had picked It up In "La buck yRrd. Notic* Bedroom suite. studio couch, oil lieuter, platform rocker, kitchen furniture, and other household Koods. 200 S. Franklin. Call 2«5«. In excellent condition: N'orge electric Ktove Large Duo Therm oil healer Small oil heater See at 701 Wnluut lllia-ck-13 Large size Goleman ' Oil Circulator. Good condition Call 3387. Uli2-ck-i5 OLD For Sale NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE Rebuilt -Army Shoes *3. Army Ui«d choc packs. Halrord'a Shoe Shop. 106 8. Second. ni4-pk-12!4 Call 31S2 or 2245. • 11113-ok-l Record player. Phone 3673. Help Wanted, Male MAN WANTED TO SUCCEED R. Anderson for RawlelKli bUK.npw i South Mississippi County. 3500 fa- Lllles. RenL opiiortunUs-. We hel.) you et started. Write R&w.e.ghX Diipt. AKK-210-OSA. Memphis. Ten... or SCL- C. Ulm. VOO Clark St.. BlythevLlle. Ark. lltK-uk-15 Labor Day was cold and rainy in Columbu*. Ohio. A rarm«r IIM! a five- acre Held loaded with rip* tomatoes that would be rotting before Hie following weekend. He made R hurried call to the newspaper. His ad- YcrUsemetU i»u|>»ared statlnx ho l.ncl tons of tomatoes for those who would come And pick their own for a. Rlvrn price per bushel. People came In ctroveB. Tons of tomato** were *o!d In a single day. turnlnf- an almost certain loss Into a profit. good condition.: 11113-ck-tr We hare opening In our office (or assistant book-keeper. Would like to have younjf man that la interested In learning to be qualified to be office manager. A wonderful , chance for good man. Call Tom A. Little i phone 861. Sbeltoa Motor Co. lllll-clc-18 Challenge To By ETHEL HAMILL , INC THE STORY i Joel lakea M»- rlnr awar Croaa 4a* daae* aw- for* «ae e»« «larf a B««l«. fhea K»r» baek ta arl* nicht th« lira. Caai la alltinx aEoae la <«» ahow«r r»DM waea «KC heara Ik* acreaaia of tke crowd. SB* makca her war 1« Ike dene* flan*. Her •Upper k*«1 cmtekra ^,and ah* fjllla. •n¥ a a a ^ XV /^AM knew she must have died in ^~ the fire, and that this must be heaven. For ahe could feel Joel'i mouth on her own. cool and firm and possessive. She even could feel his big spread-fingered hands holding her, fttipporting ^er weight close against kris chest He even seemed to be whispering her came, and it was Joel's voice arid no other. "Cara- mie—" H was saying. "Darling, 1 it was saving, "you're all right now. you're safe now." Safe in Joel's arms! With Joel calling h*r darling, and kissing her. It didn't matter .that, listen though she did, she could hear no choir ol angels singing. This was unquestionably heaven. Cam opened her eyes slowly, reluctantly, airaid that even within the safe enclosure of this other world it would be dangerous to push her luck too far. But his tace was still there, bent solicitously t ^r her own. "'Joel!" she gasped. "The Baseball Cage! It was burning!" "Still if." he »aid softly. "But the fir* department's here now two engine: strong. Don't be frightened. Cam.' You're all right They have everything pretty wcl' under control." Shy twisted frantically in his •rmi. And there it loomed against the sky, it* ugly peaked roo' awash with restless red and gold the sparks billowing skywart from it like fountains of bab; •tan. Soon there would be only blackness left rl, Joel! And when i first saw It tonight, ft was such a— uch a iiappy party! Everybody was having so much fun!" "Easy. Cam." he said. "No hys- erics. That wouldn't 'help." 'Maurlne—?" she began stiffening suddenly. "T took her .out my self, even before the panic started. Protestor Powell has taken her back to he Dean's house already. He wanted to hang around here with you, but I thought I could finish he job better without him. Mau- 'ine's safe, don't worry." Finish the ]ob? "Then you DID carry me out of there?" "Ot course. I saw you from the skylight. I'd just started to try :o climb up it, so I could get at :he first flames, when you came out of the old shower room. I saw your heel catch and trip you up.' —a bunting streamer was falling straight toward me. It was on ftre. I'remember 1 saw it coming, and when I tried to get oui of its way— It was wriggling. Joe! like something aliw that 1 hated me." He spoke so unhurriedly that a first Cam was unaware that hi had cut in on her because her voice had begun to spiral highe and thinner. "I saw it Doming too. It landed across your skir and began to catch. So I grabbed up the punch bowl So I passed il and—well, I'm afraid you won' be playing Glamor-Pusb in tha dress at any more college parties I'm sorry I had to spoil it. Cam.' For the first time then, as sh understood Mi meaning, Can took thought of her own appear ance. The stained, scorched mil of her fabulous satin skirt him about her in sodden dnnkness burned through in a twisted lin \vher« the streamer had settlec Her coronet of hair had com* un oiled and tumbled every which ray over her shoulders. • a a 6 /~)H!" she moaned, in stark dismay, remembering the lovely nd romantic picture she hart taken uch pains to produce for him to- Joel spoke quickly, anxiously. 'You're not hurt?" For an instant. -Cam found ft mpossilil'e to answer him Close an the heels of'that iriitial'dismay lad come a shattering realization, nd it had stopped traffir in her nind for the moment Wnen she lad looked so flawless, so smooth, so delectable to every other man at the dance. Joe. had only aughed at her. But now—now hat she mupt be presenting a life- ike portrait of Hecate about to ide off on her broomstick in search of a Witches' Sabbath—he kissed her. He called her darling, cradled her tn his arms as if were afraid she might break in \vo Strange man! "Dr. Preston swore to me that you only blacked out from a bump in the head," Joel was assuring icr earnestly. "I'm all right, Joel. Stop fret-' :ing. Nothing's wrong with me."* Reluctant thoui. she was to leave [hat wonderful secure embrace, Cam drew herself away from him Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM-Wed., Dec. 3 Featuring: lU'nutUul l.nndwork. pillow CHSOS, Ijnljy clothes, Rprona, etc. Homemade tiikus nut! cHUilIra FooU booth vvllh everyth.tiK ' freah from tlio country LOOK What, the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BKST Fewer KAIIIFK Better prizes (none less thtui $5) Se[iKittloi]ul ILUW blilKO cixrcls BltiRn stiirtlMt; promptly nt H ;00 FM All m the I.cKlon Hut rjonsorert by Ladles o! tile luirch ll]ll-ck-12ill NoWTHeYee HAKIMS- THE LEAVES DCH.L FROM Sue JUST uxxs HSLness AMOCAUS THEM • HOMEY CHIUt.* AND THe 1 / EAT. our of KB. HW*> I . LAROSY, HOMEY, WK | VA/EU,,PICK: /. O SEE YOU.' LI IT UP/BABE'.' DROPPED MY LI'L OLD /VOU CRIPPLED ORSOMETWING? WE'VE BEEM HA MOLING OUR. WRONG WHAT 60 FOE. IS "If you're going to be a banker when you grow up, liow about getting a littlo experience right now and lending m* two bits?" Personal "OIJ5 AT 40. 50. 60?" MAN I You're crnsy- Thousands ptu>py at 70. Oatr«x Tonic •rablet.1 pep up Oodles lacking Iron, for rundown feehiiii ininy men. women call "old". New "Bet acquainted" «:/,r ONLY Wo Al »ll druggist! — In BintlevlLle, at Ktruy iK. HIH-ck-18 Position Wanted High school graduate — some college hoiirn. experience In office and aales work. Call 8S5. • ll|14-pk-18 Private Rooms Olrla wanted. Room and board, block* of Rice-Stick, Phone 3757. ' ll|14-pk-lB Bedroom. 314 N Ninth Wanted fo Buy 3mR]l grocery with living or barber shop. Write Armorel, Ark. PO Bx 310. Illl3-pk-18 Odd 1 china," Rlaii. Old buttons, etc. Call or write C. T. Lyater, telephone 2938. 1131 Wnlnut 3t. ll|13-pX-20 and vtood fref "I suppose I'd horn* now. I— better get along I'm a sight." 'Kind ol a sweet sight," h« agreed. The compliment was totally unexpected, and 30 was the husky tenderness with which he had spoken It. "Look, if we go back to the Dean's house, you'll only have your cousin's hysterics to cope with. And your friend the Professor looked as if he might suddenly blow his U.p. too. How about a short canoe ride, instead? The boats are still down by the river." Cam knew what he must be remembering. Those soft October afternoons, years ago, when they had drifted on a river banked with golden maples. The quiet out there on the water, broken only occasionally by two young and earnest voices. The blaze of su- mnc, down stream. So long ago. . . . (To Be Continued) The owner of an antique nhop In Washington tried for three years to ocnte a rare sot of MdRellan' fruit dishes. He placed «, Want Ad In a Snoknnfi nnwspapor. After (ill other effort.1 hnd failed, the ad brought forth rare Items. WANTED 20.00D POUNDS PECANS Don't 0«11 till you Qet Our Bid Blythevitle Curb Market 130 'East Mfltn St. phone 973 WANTED to buy firm trtctorm •nd raichlnerr. Statn price tnd condition. Cleo Mutselmftn. Osccnla. Town. Wanted to Rent Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopfeiOUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HE CEKTAlhiLV ISAriOt-D WALTZ „ THKX PICTURE GAMED FROM MAM Of- COURSE/-^BliT VOLS CAM <EE THAT >AV is IS pxppy STILL ABLE TO KEEP HIS SKElrt OF VARM FPOM FALLIN5& TURALLV HE'S PAC.T WHY, I-UH-NEVER HAVE 5AID IT WA5 VOO-AMDI NEVER USE VOUR NAME, SO WELL .EVERYBODY IN TK SHOP sez rr's VOU GOT A LOT OF GALL. COMIM' HERE FOR IDEAS-AM' YOU'D BETTER CUT DOWM Th' SIZE OF 7H' FEET AN THAT POTATO MOSE OM ME/ THAT'S Tri 1 GUY THAT BECAME A HO«RPOONIST~ I MEAM A CARTOON1ST-- OM SO MUCH , OF THrS I COMPAMYS TIME? / What did you do, dear? ¥; ill />x him. 1 You're j lucky girl Co have such 3 gallant brother! yanked his sisters hair!! »y iMlCflAliL O'ftlALLEY and RALPH.LANK Bhere was nobody in the house. I plioned Lu- Wadliam's number, but there »B5 no answer WHAT IS IT, WULOUGHBY, 3 8OV? BUT SUPPOSS FUNTIKMS f\HD ANIM. CHIMES 1 UNLESS HE DOES SO QUICKLY, SHE'LL PRO80BIY SMOTHER. THERE'S VERY LITT1E AIR IN THAT VAULT WHERE I LEU HEI WHAT 3 wiaouGtmv FOUND? Bv LKSSLIK ,'t WINER WASH TUIUiS KTOMIC GERM? WML.Otl, SURE, ms SPV STOLE ft WM> OF pttOMC EMERGH fROtt UUCIE BUT II'S PfsNSEKOUS TOCfkRRV.SEE? SO HE ?M?KEO ff Ol SO^t IWNIXENT P»5SE««R WHWS THE MIUrEK. VOU1Z6 THE (IER.N MUM \ UEED TO HELP ME. BlU CiVH I you WITH (vw swfuay 1PAPORTM1T SECRET? i KEEP THIS LWPER.MOUR.HM! Vd\ BAG WITH ^ MO MIC S6RW IM IT tKWUMS ^ CROCK. *HO HIP ^ SWtl CMUMOIS SOMEBOOV IB THIS TO CATCH CUE Of THE TWIUS W.OME By FHED HARM AN UrtOUOKTYoUDLBHT GOES OLt> DUSTeR Of) 5-riLL SOT 1SOU&US BECAUSE 1 COIJLO GET RID OF ttrt MD •>_ BIIU At THE SVNE TlrtE .' HIT,' FKAS FOR tH£ OOLOAWE: C3E.T 6IU HUPP OU OF TH6 WATV feminine Logic V. T. HAMLIN S IT MY FAULT I WHAT DO YOU MEAN. \ / 5UCK LOGIC. BY V GEE. MftK&S NO TME TZOUBL6 WITH WU. OOOLA.IS THKT YOU HAVENT SENSE ENOUSH TO MAKE YOUd •OV fRIBNO THINK XPU HAVEN'T ANY SENSE .' THAT BABY EYED MORON PLAY HIM A SUCKER.7 wont pnoanes* WITH HM t?/><y* THAN ^^"•"-f.CH-tv BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES I'lcnlv of Time By KDGAR MARTIN St\.V VCXi rX \t^ \X ^ OCXVWB rX MWSW TrURTY- SS.ME.M 190 tdM or more of Uud Beat of references Chin-left Ualone. Rt 1 Bragg City. Mo. 10115 pk 11115 PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hon* 2043 10 M ChtckasawF>a

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