The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on October 2, 1942 · 12
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 12

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1942
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THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: FRIDAY. OCTOBER 2, 1942 cccc 10: 5 n - in V: SOLEMN Judges, attorneys, Army and Navy officers and member of all creeds attended . San Francisco's first "Red Mass" at St. Mary's Cathedral yesterday. Archbishop John J. Mitty spoke at the service invoking divine guidance for all persons connected with the ad- Enslavement Danger Cited War to Decide Status ; ; Of All, Archbishop Mitty Declares The Hitler philosophy which regards man as a slave of the state was excoriated by .Archbishop John J. Mitty Yesterday. The Archbishop spoke at San Francisco's first "Red Mass," a service invoking divine guidance for all persons associated with the courts and the administration of justice. Judges, attorneys, Army and Navy officers, members of all creeds attended the mass in St. Mary's Cathedral. "The battles being fought today in the Atlantic and Pacific, in Europe, Asia, Af ricai and America, on land, sea and in the air," Archbishop Mitty declared, "will determine for generations to come the philosophy that will rule the world. "This is a total, all-out war to decide the status of every human being . . ." ADVERTISEMENT Amazing way for 'W-down" people to get new vitality... pep! A truly marvelous change can be brought about in miserable digestive complaints, under weight, weakness, loss of appetite, by two important steps: 7 Promote the flow of vital jcfgestive vices in the stomach 2 -Energize your body with RICH, RED BLOOD! If you are one of those unfortunates vho have worked under a strain, failed to eat the proper foods, have been vexed by overtaxing worries, or litvt euflered 'With colds, the flu, or other Illness . . . yet hava so organic trouble or focal Infection ... and your red-blood-cells have become reduced In vitality and number ... If your stomach digestion refuses to work properlythen bere is what should help you 1 ESS Tonic 1 especially designed to Build up blood strength when deficient . . . and to promote those stomach Juices which digest the food so your body can make proper use of It In rebuilding worn-out tissue. These two Important results enable you to enjoy the food you do eat ... to make use of It as Nature Intended. Thus you may get new vitality . . . pep . , , become animated. ..more attractive J Build Sturdy Health x that the Doctors may better f errs our Fighting Forces Thousands and thousands of users hav. testified to the benefits SSS Tonic has brought to them and scientific research hows that It gets results that's why so many say "SSS Tonic builds sturdy health makes you feel like yourself again." At drugstoresinl0and20oz.sizes.C;S.S.S.Co. Q Q helps build 00 STURDY HEALTH :. h v VPft 'Sr.''.:''' y.--Kf.,. ! A r a 'ffJA - - - ( - fy 4 LEADERS AT CITY'S V. E. VICTORY QUEEN CHOSEN The Univerity of California's first wartime "queen," blue eyed, brown . haired Marjorie Ruedi, 19 year old Kappa Delta, was chosen yesterday from five X . MARJORIE RUEDI U. C.'t Firtt Wartime Queen Photo by Chet Smith. contestants to reign over a vie tory ball to be held in the men's gymnasium October 10. Some , $2,500 worth of war stamps were sold during the campus campaign in which all student purchasers were per mitted to vote on their choice for queen of the ball. The other four contestants, who will serve as attendants to Miss Ruedi, were Ynid Rankin, Angela Vcscos, Janice Kemmercr and Helen Stoddard. PetrilloSuit Charge Filed CHICAGO. Oct. 1. (INS) The Government, in a forty-two page brief filed today in Federal court, charged that the Ameri can Federation of Musicians and James G. Petrillo, its head, were attempting to make independent industries and the general public suffer grievously by banning amateur musicians and recordings from radio stations. The brief was a preliminary step of the Government in its fight against Petrillo's ban on broadcasts of records and trans- scriptions through which he seeks to give employment to more musicians. The suit of the Gov ewiment seeking an injunction against the federation will be heard October 12 before John P, Barnes. dry blade can 'futty. Avoid touch ing or turning the fine edge- step Ho. 3 in the Marin Blade Conservation Plan. Make your MAKUN tlAtfSfast longer! I. X 1 I Ki VJ aV - FIRST 'RED ministration of justice. Among leaders attending were (front row, left to right) Warren Shannon, Michael Murphy, Irish consul; Judge Conlon, John O'Toole, Judge T. Foley, Mayor Rossi, Archbishop Mitty and District Attorney Matt Brady. S.F. Rites for Capt. Raff erty Airman a Graduate of St. Joseph's Academy; Mother Here Funeral services for Captain John G. Raff erty, 40, who was killed with three other Army men in an airplane crash near Hondo, Tex., Wednesday, will be held Saturday in Monrovia, it was announced yesterday. Captain Rafferty is survived by his mother, Mrs. Carl W. Hughes, 1105 Bush Street, San Francisco; his widow, Alice, and two children, Marilyn, 13, and Jackie,' 11, of Monrovia, A former staff pilot and flight commander in the Royal Canad ian Air Force, Captain Rafferty joined the United States Army Air Force with this Nation's entry into the war. He was a navi gation instructor. Captain Rafferty attended St. Joseph's Academy here and had done private flying at Pomona before the war. He had written his mother only a few days ago that he was to be promoted to major. Banker Elected SEIGNORY CLUB (Quebec), Oct. 1. (AP) R. P. Jellett, 61, vice president of the Royal Trust Company of Montreal, was elected today as president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. By Josephine HOARDING, There is one complex" which al most all average players seem to have in common. That is the determination to hold, on to one trump right down to the thir teenth tricK. There may be no earthly purpose in this hoarding, yet the possession of that one trump seems to bolster their confidence, and they resent parting with it, as the normal person would resent parting with his last dollar. The following account repre sents one of the most typical of all bridge table dramas: 10-2 A South dealer. Both sides Vulnerable. AK6 If 8 A J864 AQ732 48 5 3 V Q J 10 9 6 4 3 K A 10 5 Q J 10 7 4 2 K 7 10 7 AK The bidding: South West North East 14 24 5 4 Pass Pass 2 4 2 Pass 4 4 Pass Pass 5 A Pass Double Redouble Pass Pass The less said about East's vul nerable two heart bid, the better. This is the sort of call that often traps partner into a hopeless double, as should have been the case this time. West opened the heart ace and when the singleton appeared in dummy and his partner played a low heart, shifted to a low diamond in the hope that East was void. Dummy's ace was put up, dropping East's blank king, and declarer then hastened to take A M A 5 2 N Q9 53 WE 2 o A J 0 8 4 I 2 1 T" - - - MASS' -rhnto hy Pnn Frnnriprn TCxnmtnnr. Fill The State Supreme Court here yesterday granted a writ of mandate which will enable a young woman employed in a Los An geles meat packing house to present her claims in court that she is heiress to a $4,000,000 estate. The young woman is Lucy Fay Bales, who claims to be the daugh ter of Michael F. O Dea, who amassed the fortune in realty deals before his death, and whom, she asserts, married her mother, a vaudeville actress, in San Fi'an cisco in 1906, only a few months before her birth. The writ of mandate was against the Los Angeles superior court, which refused to permit Miss Bales to present her claim including more than a score of af fidavits, when it was hearing claims of approximately 200 other persons to O'Dea's estate. Puerto Rico Plane Crash Kills 22 SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico), Oct. 1. (AP) Twenty-two persons all on board were killed today in the crash of a United States Army transport plane in the mountains nbrthwest of the town of Coamo, in southern Puerto Rico. Culbertson fout the trumps. As a matter of fact, he almost played the hand properly, i. e., he ran five trumps, cashed the king of hearts and the A-K of clubs, then led a club to the queen, praying that the suit would break 3-3 and that he could discard his diamond on the fourth club. The break did not materialize, however West had the clubs stopped and the con tract was down one. Now let us see what the result would have been if declarer had gone just one tiny step farther in other words, had persuaded himself to part with his last trump. West would have been in exorably squeezed. He would have had to discard either the diamond queen, thereby promoting dummy's jack, or abandon his club stopper. In the latter case, since the diamond jack would patently be of no value, declarer would discard it and keep dummy's four clubs. Since declarer had no possible reason to hoard his last trump, he should have laid it down, if tor no other purpose than "to see what would happen." 10-2 B Tomorrow's Hand West dealer. Both sides vulnerable. East-West 30 part-score. 410 752 V 7 4 4QT53 Q 10 5 48 4 A K Q J K J IP 4 A J 6 AK7 9 6 4 K 10 8 1 J 8 6 4 3 2 4 9 6 13 AO. 85 3 2 494 9 How should this hand be bid? Distributed by Kin Features Sjuditats 11 N W E S STATE SENATESPElling TD OPEN S.F, Legislative inquiry uomes in Midst of , Survey to Put Emphasis on Three R's Study The State senate committee on economic planning will open an inquiry here Monday that will embrace possible changes in secondary schools to, meet war needs, Senator Robert W. Kenny announced yesterday. Senator Kenny, committee chairman, announced several school officials and a Parent Teacher Association representative would be among those summoned as witnesses. The school phase will be a part of the committee's continuing inquiry into manpower needs. TELL OF NEED. ! Many school authorities have reported to the committee there exists a need to revise school cur ricula with the aim of adjusting them to war needs, Kenny said. "Some officials of governmental bodies have already urged that students be prepared at an earlier age to take their place in a war world," the senator said. The senate committee's inquiry, Statewide in scope, comes as San Francisco's public schools are in the midst of a curriculum survey designed to stress fundamental education and practical training for war work. WITNESSES NAMED. Committee witnesses will in clude Joseph C. Clisham and Dr, Charles J. Lamp of the public school system; Mrs. H. W. Thomas, vice president, San Fran cisco Council of Parent-Teacher Associations: Father James O'Dowd, superintendent of Catho lie schools, representatives of labor and Federal agencies. Meanwhile School Superintend ent Joseph P. Nourse was con tinuing his search for an outside educator to act as consultant in a re-evaluation of elementary school courses of study. The study- is aimed at placing greater emphasis on fundamentals. More Letters Demand 3 R': Parents Declare Children Kept Ignorant by Present System Here are more excerpts from the hundreds of letters received by The Examiner in praise of this newspaper's campaign for a return to fundamentals in the schools. Editor, The Examiner Isn't progress wonderful when we have to have a world war to bring to light the fact that our schools, in spite of the millions of dollars of taxpayers moneyi being spent on them, do not even teach children proper ground work in the 3 R's ! My 12 year old daughter is in junior high. She onn't add, except on her fingers, doesn't know the tables and her oral reading leaves you ignorant of what she was reading about. Yet when she's interested in any subject her mind soaks up knowledge like a mental sponge. I for one decidedly do not blame the teachers. I feel sorry for all of them. v The real trouble is the large size of the classes. Most teachers have from twenty to forty pupils in a class. The children can't be taught individually' but must march along from one thing they don't really know to something they will know even less. Give us lots more teachers, give them disciplinary powers and let them drill the 3R.s into our youngsters. P. H. P. Editor, The Examiner: We have four children in the city schools and their ignorance of simple fundamentals is abysmal. Often they are in tears because they "don't understand" some simple homework they are given Wieir father and I help them prepare the lessons and the next day we learn that they didn't have any class! Instead they went to a class party, a student body meeting or rehearsed a play. Isn't it time we did away with these social stunts in school? Isn't it time we reverted to an nstitution of learning instead of having an advanced kinder garten? Can't we do something to correct this complacent ignorance in our young ioik before it js too late? A Mother. For late, complete, confirmed war news see The examiners 1IO.MK edition every morning! Call SUtter 2121; ask for circulation department. Need of3R's Teaching Pointed Out By Educator's Test Junior high school students San Francisco wrote these "I pledge a legon to the flag of the undidited states of America one natid in the enfiden for which it stands." "I plegd you leagent to the flag of the United States of America one nation individual for which it stand." "I pledge alegent to the flag . -t- a. as "ALEGENCE TO An Example From Junior High School Test of the United States to stand and obey the laws of the people." "I pledge a legence to the flag of the United States of America for which sliberty of justice we stand." "I pledge alliness to the flag of the United States American and to the repupriathat which it stands one nation invessiba just once and for all." MANY VARIATIONS. "I plcgue aligence to the flag of the United States America IT BECOMES "ALEDGON" IN THIS ONE An the Nation Is "in the Vesible" for which it stands justice! for libraty and which is for all." "I pledge the elegents to the flag of the United States of America, and to the ' republic for wich it stands on nation in the visabel." "I plegd aligens to the flag of the United States of America and to the rebulic for which it stands one nation in the visible with libery and gusted for all." "I pelge the leasion to the "ALEGENT," BY WAY OF VARIETY All Three Examples Are in Students' Handwriting flat of a Unit State of Ama-eonal and to the replied for w hich it stade one mative in." "I palege a Leigion to the flag of the United States of America and to the puplk for which it stands wanation in the visible with liberty and justis for all." FAILURE KNOWN. That San Francisco pupils in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades spell (and write) so poor- T 1 !'''Um 5 - 1T ..i '.,-9""", -CL0R0X Public Health V I mi mm Authorities recognize the disinfecting value of Clorox os an aid to public health. Among the many uses for Clorox in this field are the following: As a precaution ogainst bacterial contamination of drinking water; for sanitation in restaurants, soda fountains, taverns, dairies ond other food processing plants; in diaper laundries; for preparation of surgical solutions, ond for general sanitary uses in hospitals. The effectiveness of Clorox for these purposes is conclusive proof of its intensified germicidal efficiency ond is on "indication of its value in household AS S.F. PUPILS 'LEARN' inMy is known to the school officials of San Francisco. For the examples above were printed almost a year ago December, 1941, to be exact in the Sierra Educational News, the publication of the California Teachers Association." They were contained in an article written by Wilbur W. Rais-ner, social science teacher in San - - r FLAGE" PLEDGED Francisco's junior high school ystem. After citing the examples, Raisner wrote: TRIED AS EXPERIMENT. "The above are the exact words of the Pledge of Allegiance as written by junior high school pupils. The first five (examples) are from the low nine, the high eight, low eight and high seven have two each of the remaining. These are from the papers of American boys and girls of average, 'a or better, ability. "Having no books as yet, but only classrooms full of restless young individuals, returning to school after a long vacation, the author decided to try an experiment. t. "Paper was given to each pupil and each was told to write the pledge, first verse of the Star Spangled Banner, first verse of America and the chorus of God Bless America, The re- I .suits convinced the writer that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. "The above list could be multiplied several times. Of the 344 papers turned in, less than twelve were correct in wording and spelling. MEANINGLESS SOUNDS. "One third of the pledges -were similar to the above, only in less degree. They could not be accepted as correct wording, I HE HEALTH of the nation is a i. foremost factor in America's defense All housewives are urged to adopt methods of attaining maximum home sanitation In order to provide added family health 1. !J ! L'-l.: iw am in maimaining nigner sianaaras 'VnTTN of Public Health! I IS ESSENTIAL TO v ' S ) I NATIONAL I I ' PROVIDES PROTECTION in Defense as in Home Health Defense! mrTAKCHAtCi.'f JIlenifsY I CICROXCLEAH f H's hygienical! ' t. clean!" JjT Use Clorox regularly in kitchen, bathroom, laundry to assure greater home health defense. Simply follow directions on the label. AMERICA'S FAVORITE HOUSEHOLD DISINFECTANT cleansing. FREE FROM CAUSTIC School Crossing Policeman Killed Scores of San Mateo school children whom he had assisted in crossing busy traffic intersections last night mourned the death of "Captain" James W. . Green, 66, special policeman, who died in Mills Memorial Hospital shortly after his automobile collided with a Southern Pacific passenger train at Villa Terrace grade crossing yesterday afternoon. Mr. Green, who resided at 813 North Delaware Street, was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and of the World War I. He Is sur-vived by his widow, a son and daughter. to say nothing of the spelling! 'Allegiance seemed to have no meaning to them, as though it was a new word they were trying to figure out. It became 'alleggenst,' 'a legion,' 'a legence,' 'a legents,' 'a legeaus,' 'a .. legia,' 'a ledgon,' 'allegen,' 'a ledges,' 'alegene,' 'a lead gent,' 'a lerongence,' 'the leaguesnt.' - " 'Republic' became 'replice,' 'rerpuplication,' r e p u blican, 'public,' 'replies,' 'republect,' 'For which it stands,' in one case, became for richard stands.' "'Indivisible was 'invisible to many, 'individual to several, and 'in the visible' to others. It also was 'investable,' 'indivial, 'intervisabel,' 'ensivible and 'indivinual.' ( "'Justice' was 'justed,' 'just-est,' and 'justice for all' was . just is for all' and 'just a far off.' "The day following this experiment was used to explain the pledge. Working together , we found understandable synonyms for all the difficult words and phrases. "Have we been taking our democracy and republican form of government for granted? The above results would so indicate." SPELLING IGNORED. Raisner concluded his article by urging that teachers spend more time putting over the moan ing of the Pledge of Allegiance and other patriotic utterances. He was concerned primarily with the failure of schools to teach one of the essentials if children are to love their democracy. As a teacher of social science, he could do something about that. But the other failure the spell ing? That was a failure that carried all the way back to the six grades of elementary school. The examples spoke for themselves. BETTEIS HEADING SERVICE T E :L E X now located In Medico-Dental Eldq. 400 POST ST. Suite 1119 DO. 7883 San Francisco Consultation for relief of sub-normal hearing without obligation In your own home or our office Phone, Visit, Write N.E.HIGH70WER Telex San Francisco Co. Only tearing old In the world offering 4 Pentode Tubes la a Futh-Full circuit. protection and i I I- -J Clorox not only disinfects household "danger zones" but also deodorizes and removes numerous stains in routine cleansing of china, glassware, enamel, tile, porcelain, linoleum, wood. DEODORIZES BLEACHES REMOVES STAINS 7h V f 1 i I

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