The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NO.VEM U, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COU1UF.R NEWS Chinese Commies Take Rail Center Spectacular Victory Scored by Reds As Shanst Gateway Falls, BT ANTHONY UU.STKIN IllnUril Prtss'SUIf Corre»p»n«»nt) PEIPING, Nov. 14. (OP)'—Chinese Communist, troops, scoring one of Iliclr most spectacular victories in I many months, captured the vital railroad city of Slilachiacbuiuig yesterday, gaining control of the gateway to the cotton and coal-rich Shansi province. Reconnaissance planes reported fighting ceased Wednesday after week-long Communist attacks climaxed by a furious night battle in which more than 1.000 shells blasted the city of 1,000,000 Inhabitants. Part of the Nationalist, garrison reportedly fought its way out of the city after blowing up a coke factory, adopting the same scorched earth tactics med by the Communists. Chinese pilots said Shiachlachuang was n city of ruins with the bodies of soldiers and civilians littering the shell-pocked streets. Civilian casualties were said to be high. There was no word of the fate of Nationalist commander Liu Yin,>. who was reported directing the defense from A strongpolnt In the center of I he city. Rfrti NX Food, Shelter In capturing Shiachiachuang, which lies 160 miles south of Peip- In;. the Communists laid hands on considerable, food, clothing and ammunition which will'slrengtlien their economic and military positton in ^ that region. Reconnaissence planes * said the Communists already were moving supplies out ->y horsecart. The ComtntmisLs also gained a moral victory of a sort that will go a long way to weaken the already waning confidence in gavcrnment strength in North Chnta. Provincial officials promptly began -fleeing by bus from Poating, fU miles North- cast, to Pciping. The Communists inflicted casualties which the iyx •'manned government war machine, distributed thinly over North China and Manchuria, can not afford. The Red casualties were placed by officials at 30.000—probably an exaggeration since informed .sources placed the entire attacking force at that number. Pity the Poor Judges' Eardrums To ft Sees Price Hikes if Marshall Plan Is Approved CGUJMIJUS O , Nov. H. ,(U.rO Sen. KolMTl'A. Tafl. n.. O., said stordny llmt approval of (he full Marshall I'lnn for nlcl to foreign countries would cause serEou.i [irlce Incrcnsrs In this country. Ti\fl. lieiul or I he Soimtn Rc- imbllnui Policy Comtnltlre, urged Hint UK- Miirshnll iMun lit- held to n point where It will not require n (jri'Lil iucTcnsc In Ilic present inlo D( exports. Tito nnuotinocrt ciindidntc fov the Republican pivsldenllnl iiomlnii- tton next yrar, said I'resldenl 'LYu- imm'K program to Iw put before a special session of CoiiRresr, slur I»K Monday, WAS still "Imy." Baby Born on Lounge Floor of 'Moving Train Two rubber trees must work an entire year to produce enough rub- ber for 1 tire. BIHMINCIHAM, (U.P.I—A pretty ANYTHING FOR ANOTHER TITLE OKl'T.: These four airls lake a "Seicnru Ten" :is lamiidnles for Mystery Girl of 1947. The title will lie bestowed upon the winner ;*l Hin annual Chics Parly of the Myslory Writers of America on Nov. 2L in Chicago. StTCinuliiiea beauties arc, left to njsht, Marybclh Prcbis, Portia Kubin, Melly Kosbmuiifih, mid Hobby Jo noiltjcts. Too Much Price Spread Between Farm and Kitchen NASHVILLE, Term., Nov. H. IU.P.)—A continued "wide spread" between what the Tennessee farmer geU for his produce and whal the consumer pays, was listed today in the semi-monthly report of the State Agriculture Department Milk was one of the major die items showing a producer-customer price "spread" or more than 5f per cent iti the towns of Memphis Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville Union City, Putaski, Jackson, Kingsport. The "spread" on mill ranged from 50.2 per cent in Memphis to 8fl p«r cent in union City. The report showed it cos Us more to eat chicken in Chattanooga and Jackson than in any of the other six places. Hens that retailed for from 55 to &» cents per pound in t hose two ci t ies sold lor be tween. 23 and 39 cents per pound in the other cities. In both Chattanooga and Jackson the consumer paic more than twice the producer's price;. Price spreads on grains and hay generally ranged below 30 per cen with the exception of Chatta- Movie Gadgets Cost Producers 'Honest Money' CHICAGO (UP)—The cost of Riving the movies an appearance of reality has gone up along with the price of a slab of ham and a dozen cgps. •• . Take the imitation police badges. I he actor-ccpper wears before tho :nmeras. Time was when you coulti get one made lor around $10 or $12. Today th«_y cost $25. The man who knows all about it Al Davidson, who heads a company in Hollywood which makes ittle gadgets to help the movie aeople keep honest. said, while attending the annual marking device a&sociation convention -here, often spends thousands of dollars on badges and medals the public might not even notice. The reason, he added, is that they don't like the wrong 1 kind of fan mail. Iron Crosses Cosily "In the movie 'Hitter's Gang' the j producer spent an awful lot of money i for exact duplicates of iron .crosses ami ot.U'i iredals to decorate the j big front of Jack Oakie," he said, j "Sure, they could have cut nn iron | fast Arkansas Asks Aid for New Hospital LITTLE ROCK. Ark. Nov. 14. <U.P.>—The Hospital Division. of the State Health Department today is studying plans for n 51,157.000 • hospital in CriUenden' County, after accepting an »ppli- cation for federal ate! filed by County Judge Cy Bond yexleidfiy. Voters have already approved an §800,000 bond issue calling for con- si ruction of the hospHal at West Memphis. The CviUciidcn County applicn- l tion is the first formal request to | bn accepted by the division since it released It,s hospital construction plan for [he state several \veeks ago. Hospital Director Moody Moore sairi CrLttcndcn County has been ns.siRi\otl top priority for fcdcnil aid. Court "it questions vnlUliljr of federal leg tsln lion," nnd I ho chancellor snld ho would do this. Legal action to date hns been tr.n injunction gmntctl by Wade Monday to the company nnd limiting the union's pickets to not more thnn 12 iH any one lime, The CIO union struck at the bus stove nnd deep freeze assembly plant Monday in a net for I lo force the company to negotiate a contract lor a 30-cent an hour rniKP. Bond Purchases In County Par Short of Quota Sules of U. S. Siivlngs nnnri.t In Mississippi County during October lotnied' U wus nnnounc- ed In l.illlr Rock today by O K. WllkeiMm, .state directni' of ' the bond-selling progriim. This livings Intal puri-llust's for 1817 111 this county lo JCOl.'lliO. or (i7/_> PIT ("jut uf the noal of $!)0l),- (11)0. he sitlil. Mississippi county nnk.s Eist 111 the state iicconHiiK i per cent of Riinl ieiu:hetl. Of tho O'Jtobcr bond purrliiise.s ll).CO().f>0 were Invested In Rcrle.4 bonds nncl tln> remalnitiK $5.000 .Series G bonds. Tola! bunds old In Arkansas during October liiountccl to $',1,648.01850. Ala., Nov. 14. — .. , ., hostess «f Die Southern Railroad streamliner, "The Southerner," yesteulay said she planner! to requisition diapers, baby blaukels and n medical kit. Miss Mnllniul nivfll told of how a baby toy \vn» born Wednesday on the floor of the women's lounge the streamliner sped through S T OI th Carolina. Although she was iTcultcil w iimlsliiR Ihe btllli, Miss lilvel said she wa.s fortunate to li threo registered nurses of New York nbonrd who actually dl<l tlie work. They wero Miss I lei mini Singer, Miss Cluennvera 1-Vsslcr nn< Miss Veronica 1-Vonimoyer, The train, en route, to New Or leans, slopped at G'hnrlolle, wher the inolher. Mrs. ixmnld Brockcl of orecnvllle, N. K,. was removci to u luxspltul. The boy's welyh was cstltnatcit at seven pounds. A master antenna system has been perfected for television installation;, in apartment houses and oilier multiple dwellings. Jait-Hartley Law to Test in Nashville Strike cross for Oukie and his subordi- HUNTERS! Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. /PLANTERS nates out of black paper and painted the edges with silver. But somebody in far-off Maine would notice the paper medal didn't .s\va> J bac>: and forth the way it ought to when Oakie walked and he'd write in with a nasty letter." . Incidental U', a phony iron cross, case you're on the market for one, costs about $60 today, twice vhat It used to. There are a lot of problems in :he "device" business the public doesn't think much about, according to Davidson. "• Police Particular ! A studio, say, needs a copy of the Los Angeles chief of police badge, j Well, the device maker has to , get the permission of the attornsy i general for California, then the okay lor the chief himself. The cops rion'L take any chances. They send along a copper, wearing sidearms. with the die for the badge. The officer will stand there until the work is completed and take the die back with him. After Ihc picture is completed, the badpc U returned to the police department. The most unusual request Davidson's company ever got from the movies wa.s for a large coin, with a mouse on one side and a man on another. It was for A picture where NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Nov. 14 — I (UPJ—Constitutionality of the fed: eral Tuft-Hartley l«nv became R direct question today in the strike of the United Sieel - workers of America (CIO) against Ihc Nashville Corporation. The union planned to a.sfc Chancellor W. J. Wade to transfer the legal action In the case to Federal Ihc flip of a coin was supposed to determine whether Comedian Ed- die'Cantor was a man or a mouse. Cantor won. nooga where, the spr?<y? was considerably higher hay GULF [ Service Station ! State Line ! (Around the Curve) I N. F. Richards i New Operator < Featuring: \ -jr Gulf Courtesy • Jf That Good Gulf Gas ! Tires, Hntterics ! Accessories \ Discount Ra!e to Truckers J Open R:0fl n'. m., 10 p. m. i Weekends NERVOUS cranky 'every month'? Arc you troilhlrcl by distress OC Icinnle functloiml pcrlortlo rtlsturb- ™ llcr . 5 ' °n™ "Us make yon [ccl 60 t icu. titKn-stnniR. ncrroiM—nt Rurh tlmi-s? Thru no iry Lytlla E. Pliik- hnins VfBclnUlo Coi:i|)rnincl to relieve such symptoms! I'hiklirim's Com- pDiiml 1= mncle rii'rciolli/ /or women. It nlso 1ms ivlmt Doctor.- cnll n Ktomachlc tonic efrpctl Any drugstore E PINHUnM'C V ECET»IE • • innnnm o COMPOUMO GOT A HIAD COLD? Relieve A few drops of Vicks Va-lro-nol In each nostril work fust rivlil whcrn trouble. Is/ Va-tro-nol opens up coltl - congested' breathing pnssur.cs/:j amlrclicvcssticc/.y. .sutllly head coldi distress. Follow (II- rccllonstiipacknise. VPCKSVATRONQL FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • 9kone 3646a>td2525 EVEBf OFFERED/ NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor I Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Mustek In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blythevillc, Ark. CONGRATULATIONS MR. MOXLEY I s Pf-Way 7 LAMP WITH NITE UGHT THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK ON The Opening of The New Mox Theater We Sell All Standard Plumbing Fixtures: • Kohler • Crane • American Std 4 Also 50 Gallon Smith way Klcclric Water Healers. We Furnish Installation Material and Install. JESSE PROVINCE Plumbing and Heatinq 127 East Vine Street Phone 271!) Only 3-WAY , INDIRECT , \\ LIGHTING/' Complete with Rayon Shade THREE-WAY CANDLE UGHTS Inline . . • Ke»l"K " bCil " Uf " sma ri KxikinR floor lamp w»h not 3 not I not «, bnl 7 degrees of light- iilK . . . for a liitlc over 510.00 sensational? That's scarcely the word ... One of these great lamps is yours (or only SlO.flo. HUBBARD FURNITURE Blythevillc Phone 4409 Exclusive Franchise Now Open $900.00 Month NET PROFIT! C. W. Hiikcr will be nt HOTEL NOBLE Wedries- Tliui'sdny and Friday for the-purpose o£ appointing a iiiinliflcd operator'to establish a route of one oC the World's Finest Automatic-,. Vending iMiu'hinc-H in this territory. You cini see the Fiimous T & C POPCORN VKNOIM now operating. This is truly a fine opportunity lo become independent for life with a surprisingly sninll investment. Thin business reiiuiros HUlu altenUon and can easily be main- lainod in addition lo your other business. Her sure lo will or see Mr. Baker and let him show you the profits our operators are making. Don't Forget! See or Call MR. BAKER . . •. HOTEL NOBLE r ?..!>=•• V. READY-MIXED CONCRETE Speeds work—saves money—helps builders deliver quality work • Fast, prompt delivery, nny tloned for your job: ' lime, any place. . • Full strength, reliability »nd • No mess to clean up; dumped uniformity in every load. • exactly where wanted. •Low price delivered—no • "M"ix" accurately proper- gamble on COJL You and your builder will both benefit by using our Ready-Mixed Concrete. Phone uj before you build: HUGHES & COMPANY Ready Mixed Concrete — Building Materials South lOrh at Railroad Phone 3531 Phono 2054 W. H. (Bill) PEASE Locnl Agent Fov fliilHg Venetian Blinds Master Mcfal Wcailicr Stripping "I.ato" All Jlel.ii Screens National, \Vlmlow Gnarrls Scrccti Oonr (Jrlllcs Mule Hide Nu-Top KnofiuK Asnhall THr Rock Wool Insulation —Free Ilsthnatrs— FRAZIER Bus-Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHONE 2391 Buses to— • • ARMOREL • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 0 • STATK LINE CHARTER BUSfS Fat Shop in Connection Open 1 p.m. Til- * CHITWOOD'S 10 PIN BOWLING ALLEY -4- " Regulation 10-.Pin Alley* ALL NEWEST EQUIPMENT In 500 Block on East Main Street Phone 4929 \

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