The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 19
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1947 (ARK.) COURIER , PAGE NINETEEN Classified Advertisements for Salt— City Property California style home complete and modern in every detail., Automatic heat, hardwood floors, attic fan, in good location. Shown by ap- appointment only. Attention Veterans! {pVe are building two new brick homes on Main Street! for sale, why not exercise your GI Loan rights and purchase one of these homes' Call at pur, office for details. v!«wly Decprated 4-Ropm iiouse, well built, close lo bus line, quick iwssession. MOU1CKN DUPLEX in new section of town. 5 UOOMS AND BATH located 723 South Lilly St. 6-ROOM HOUSE with bath close in on paved street, f4,000. NICE SUBURBAN HOWE on N. 61 Highway on one- acre lot. City conveniences with double garage, three room guest house with-bath on rear of lot. These are only a few of our listings, contact us before you buy a farm or home DAVID REAL ESTATE 6 INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3G3S—248G B. Joy net —Phone 3205 D. Hamner—Phone 3633 lliU-cl Home and investment combined. Will carry FHA or GI loan. $1,000 will handle. COMFORTABLE 5-ROOM home with good rental Iiouse n rear. Both houses have nodeni bath. Can finance l>art. MODERN HOME juilt of best material. Gas Hour furnace, attic fan, com pletoly insuliUtid. Exclusive restricted neighborhood. Cm finance at 4%. MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building—Phone 203 fi. T. Hubbard, Salesman Phone 4129 li-10-ck-L For Sal*, Mite. .. Ull3-i>k-n Record pUyer, hon« M7J. «oort condULuu; 115. 11113-ck-it 400 concrtl* bloc it i, lie #*ch IK in, phon* aw«. One '20 cubic foot <1 «•«•]) treetlnti r«- rlgerailon box. $175 cash. South trn Ice Cream Co. 400 Wm Ash One Cuihnmn Scooter fur Mile. For Qforiufttlon call 3891. TO THAYK1, (o KlaikU, Cull- foihlti XI ul it'Ukin. 'l']HLif.jK)i liitlun l>a!ii lor by Niiuonitl Oujmtil-caUou, l>r**iutf account |10(J inotilh to »t»rt. 8w* Mr. Emerson, Hot«l Noble 6:00 to 9:00 P U dully. No phoue c*lU, HUl-ffk-17 w*ich with 2 diamond Mtllu, l»ud. Call 2147. ll Living room, bed room suites; kit- hen cabinet: cooX stove nncl other sehold Roods. Apt. 172. Air Bus*. A radlolrlclan loat A tiny ftlld* rul* when ha letued ovit of the cockpit of. nti airplane (lying over Ohio. He tried for u wMlc In Cincinnati to buy ft shnllftr Intiriiment without IUOCVM. He finally placed » "Ixwt" ftd "for a slide rule to*t from an alrplant." Th« »ext day a woman phoned that her son liivd found tomtthlnn kuiw«rlnif he de.icrlittLon. It w*i the mlwln* >hde rule, found by a 10-year-old : hi Id who hact picked U up la hU bark yard, Black coin puree containing vvutch n or near FOB i Office. Photip BOli or 3S2. lHU-pk-14 One BuUiie f( A* tank 1000 Knlloh \V/ti \:s*d only one spajson, one Hutuiie US tank 4 SO gallon *!?,«, ;ie*', will soil at big discount. Tom Little Really Co.. ~hon« Ml. lllll-ck-18 Tarpaulins, all popular alzes, Beat prices, sell or trade. Kllmt Huffnmu'* 3\vrt|> Shop. lllll-uK-lB omoltU house rmmshhiws 100 W. Clieiiy. Jlill-uk-14 One Super-Fex oU licatpr. 1 nuto- Btlc oil hot v/Ater IIPBtor. Both R crifice. Complete with rUllugs Phone 2»BO llitl-pk-14 We hnve 23 used radlntor In Kev siv.ts. These fire new style rJuUfti niul h:\ro been used only j=liort ti Will sell at a bargain. Tom Little Realty Co Phone 8Si, Uill-ck-lft Notice Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 ARMVed., Dec. 3 A)AO: Food handwork, pillow cases, haby clothes, apron A. «\c. booth fro » with every I lit UK th« country LOOK have What the Kalhurs cooked up I BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer RHEUM Better prlv.«K tuone l?u llian *M Sensivtlonnl n«w bingo rardk ' Bluso AiRrtltii; prornyuy hi 11:00 PM All nt> the Legion Hut Sponsored by L.fttilf* or thf (JftthoUo Church nlll-ck-12111 For Sale, Mite. Everything you need foi shoe repair business. All in good shape. 112 S. Lilly. ll-7-pk-15 Private Rooms 5 room house and bath. €2U 8. Lake, phone ^330 or 6293, H, E. "Bud" FLshur Reftl Estate &. Loans. ll|13-pk-27 Remodeled six-room House, tront •nd back pon:h, full lot, 1112 South Lake Stret, Blythevllle, Arkansas, For colored owner. Call at ROOT* number. Help Wonted, female 2 YOUNG LADIES 18 to IS, neat- appearlOff.FREK TO TRAVEL to Florida, California and return, National OrganlzAUon. Cam furiilalied. Drawing Account $175 to utart. School TrMntnjf Bee MLM Eubaukc. Hotel Nub'.e a to 9 PM dally. No phone calls.. •'•-' " . . 11112-pk-l 1 Lost and Found L6«t- —. Reward Bedroom aulte. studio couch, oil neuter, platform rocker, kitchen furniture, and other house hold KOOds. 200 S. Franklin, Cell 2S5fi. txctHent condition : NorK* plectrlc stove Large Duo Therm oil heater Small oil heater S«e »t 701 Walnut Illl2-ck-15 Used Hotpoint Electric Range, ! good condition. $100. Call 2542. Large siy.e Coleman Oi! Circulator. Good condition Call 3387. .UI12-ck-15 OLD For Sale NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE Rebuilt Army Blioea $3. Army User shoe packa Halfortfa Shoe Shoo^ 1(N for 1ft Jewel ladtn Elgin S. Second. Ilt4-pk-12j4 OOR S H. P. Sea Klnij outboard mo- r hiid boat; one No. fl Ujiderwood typewriter, bland and awlvr) chnlr. 501 Lilly. llill-pk-17 Help Wanted, Male WANTED AT ONCE —- Rftwlelfth Dealer in City of EMythevllle. Write Rawlelgh'*. Dept. AKK 210-F, Mcmplils; Teun. mi3-iik-i4 Labor Da\' wns cold and rainy In Columbus. Oh to. A fnrmcr hurt a flve- e Tleld, loaded with ripe (otimiocs it would be rottlnR berorc t>ie following weekend. He mtirlc n hurried call to the newspaper. HSs Ad- rertlieinent appeared KtrulnR he had tons of [(unntoes for those who would come 11 net pick their own for n Riven price per bushel. People came In droves. Tons of tomnioc* wfcre sold in a slnRle rtny. turn Ins an almost certain l05fi Into a profit. Close kltclirn In. Nice furnished bedroom, privileges. 218 K. Dilvli. llin-pk-14 Bedroom. 314 Ninth. Phon« 2338 10172 pit 11122 FKKCKLKS & HIS KK1BNDS By MERRILL BLO6SEB YOU TAKE FROM DEEP SOUfH THIS ft MY HOUW/ Wonted to Buy mall grocery with living quart«r« or, barber ahop. Writ*; Arniorcl. Ark., PO Bx 310 n'U-nk-16 Odd china. gUw. Old buttons, etc, Call'ur write C. T. I.yater, telephone 2938, 1131 Walnut 6t. ll!13-pX-^0 The owner of an nnllque btioi> In Wai ' - Waslalnglon trleil (or locate R rare net of three vcftrj Mngcllnn fruit dishes. He ptnced n Want Act in n Spoknnpi n c wt p« p cr. After nil olhfrr efforts h»d fnllcd, the art brought forth the rnrc Items. LW OFF.-nJis is MY JOB/J5ne TOLD ME^ To BRING ir 7 "Then, after the thing that looks like an 'S,' there's a line like a buttonhook and two little squiggly things!" V *CA HBvtct, >NC. T. M. We IIRTC opening in our office for assistant book-keeper. Would UXc to ha%-e young man that is Interested In learning to be quallfletl to be office manager. A wonderful .chance for a good man. CnU Tom A. Little Sr.. phone 8fll. Shclton Motor Co. 11111-ck-lB ~Hcip Wanted' Male~ YOUNG MEN 18-21 Love- THE STORVi Joel ciin'I under• iHBd Can> T » rrnrtton lo kin ktil- rilHK kcr nbont bcltijr * "I*«ni»* C«la|c.r UavelMK with Mamritf*' liter, he mm*.* If Cum h» leaf ker ••••« «J k>Mi«*. Mn«rin« erMftlly MT« tkat Caw k»« mever be CM the •«•§» •!•«• ,O»ry Marlowe's 4tMlh. tknt the*f«»»ify la kopl»K Herbert Powell will Mtnke her forget. Then >kr amd- ilr»IT te»P»*M|H JoeTa *rm*. Joel • Jf " t nl I DW* h er B^s« and nee* WM . toMrae «t flaate playlnv T «moMf 4k« dm*tr raftera. * * • XIV TLTAURIN1 whimpered suddenly, •^ her hand clenching violently over his. Th* parted lips parted still wider. Joel could guess what was coming. "Don't screun/* he commanded, hard and lew. "If yey do, the crowd" will stampede. II you scream, you'll start a panic. - Do you hear me?". Her head jerked In assent, but thai dangerous vacant look was still there in her eye*. She began to whisper, and ai the words came their goaded way up her throat they increased to a whimper. "Joel—get me out of here—fire —I'm afraid of fire!" "Don't scream, Maurine," h« said again, quickly. "Joel, get me out of here! G€< me out!" It must have been a short circui or faulty insulating on one of tin gjfre* from which the paper lan- Wrns dangled. Joel realized tha much, mechanically, ai he flung a hasty arm around Maurine's shoul ders and hurried her through th door. The coo) night outs id seemed like a dark pool into whicl they had plunged from the feli brightness. But there was no tim to savor its gentle balm. If other realized there was a fire brewin before he could Ret lo it, and wit only the one double door and few barret! windows interruptin the wooden shell which held thei the aftermath of even a mino blazt might well b« disaster. "There's a bench up there under at first elm." .He heu,rd himself peaking the way his old service at, Beefy Dalrymple. had sprayed ead out of a fun emplacement. Go sit on it And keep your outh shut." "Joel!" the dark girl gasped. hen, "W-what are you going to o?" "Try to get that thing out b«- ore it spreads—and before enough eople realize there's trouble hat whole mob in there will be nt of control. Now ait tight and uiet. understand me?" He left her itill nodding vacu- usly and raced back, • a • '"'AM had sunk down, with a sop "* of misery, on a dusty bench in >ne corner of the abandoned hower room. Her retreat lay in darkness, except for the glow o: moonlight against its rows mall, high windows and for the patch of slightly diffused radiance tretched just inside the door she lad left gaping behind her. From here, the sound of th< dancing was a shush-shush-shuah almost like the sigh of ocean sur sandy shore. The beat of Its rhythm was only a trifle more reg ular. only a trifle less soothing Portrait of an Idiot in Love! Shi thought it forlornly. She knew she had been sittin; on the bench for a long time, Bu there was no will to move in her no desire to return to the dance The scream from the next rooi hurtled toward her [ike the mis sile in a knife-throwing act was thin and high and hysterica At first it was only one voice, girl's voice. But il seemed spread quickly, the widening rip pie on some pool of Qorror. unt it was a gigantic symposium dozens of voices all shouting th same words. "The lanterns!" — "Fire!** — Hunting!"— "Fire!" Cam surged to her feet, breath lught in a sudden constriction too stinrtive for reason. "Fire!" he cry sent a shudder of alarm ibrating through her, even before er mind had begun to accent the robnble results of flre In such a ried-out old wooden ark of a nikling. Gathering up her smooth cirts in an awkward bunch, she egan to run toward trie open oor- * * * N the single minute it-had taken her to reach it, the gay dance ad been transformed Into asham- les. The dancers wert a tight- •ed£cd mob. rocking back from he .floor to pound and push and atUe toward the larger doors inch stood directly opposite. Overhead, the bunting festooned mong the dusty rafters had be- ome a mammoth spldsr's web of ame—running, licking, leaping, nd lashing down in long stream- rs where the sleazy material had lurned through and part«d. Cum took in the scene in one. •azed sweep: the screaming girls, he shouting men. the orchestra platform deserted now. the doors hreatening to rip from their hinges as the crowd clawed at :hem. Then the tidal wave of :error which already had taken aossession of those others licked nit with a backwash which dragged her into it anew. She started forward, calling a name she hadn't even known was on her tongue. "Joel!" Then, htgh above her. a strand of blazing aunting ierked suddenly in two and live fire was eeling down on ier. Cam saw it coming and twisted to outrace it. And thai slipper heel she had lied about so glibly a while ago. tore loose under her and sent her sprawling. Her head struck the dance floor as she landed. A hard, glancing blow Bright pain littered in front of her eyes. Perhaps she was ablaze already, her gay emerald gown fuel tor the snakelike torch? No. Not that. Not yet For fire was not black, not ever, and it was blackness which came billowing over her. (To Be Con tinned) WANTED 20.000 POUNDS PECANS Don't Sel! till you Gel Our Bid Blythevillc Curb Market 130 En&l MMn St. Plicme' »7.1 WANTKD lo bur [arm lr«otors nnd machinery. Slntc price anrt condition. cleo Mussclmnn. Osceolft. Iowa. ' Wanted to Rent /When I'tn 13 I'm going Co run and get married. 1 VIC FLINT llehind (he Fireplace IJv MICIIAHL O'MALI-EY nnd RAU'H LANH 160 acrea or more of Inni] Befit of refercricM Glmrlcs Valoiie. Rt 1. Br»8B OltJ. Mo. 10JIS pk 11|15 I.ots or (JrAiulpurentx DALLAS, . Tex.(UPi—The baby -sou born to Mr. and Mrs. Jnck Uue- hnn has nine grandparents. There are t\vo grcnt-great ernnd-pavenU, three great grandparents and four grandparents. GULF Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. F. Richards New Operator ! Featuring: i ~^f Gulf Courtesy • •£• That Good Gulf Gai j Tires, Batteries I Accessories \ Discount RaJe (o.Truckers • Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p; m • Weekends Free Delivery Call PJCKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2(M3 Chickasawha Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople i OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ©espite tViedealUy quiel w)ien 1 st r , _ through ihe French door, I hada feeling that me Iiouse wasn't empty. WHUE HINTS SEARCHING THE HOUSE, III JUST <] SNEAK OUT 1HE BACK WAY. 8 went to the cellar door and released Wllloughby, MCVER MIND THE FORMAUTlESi WlltOUGHBY. Wt'rt GOT WORK TO DO.' WASH TURBS Il's Slnpendnus- Bv LESSTilEiiTUKNER WELL.THM'S HMIP TO 'SPLMM ' *0'6 VOU fOlJLD UNDEESTISMD. . BESIDES. ! DUMUO M5ELF! IT i H IKi SHOULOElt C^5E WHftt- l THOSE tfKTS WUU>U'T ftEC- 06KIZE I'll SC»RE'EmiOTO'SWIMS IT TO WE, AND KEEflNS <3UIET! Kft, THM'S iUMPIN SO VMLIBLE IHKFTA KEEP IT IH k f EEL HOW HEA^NITI5\ I BETCW NEVER SUN SWU BACr. IT'S &...WEU ACBUl * ATOMIC GERM 1 . t V*Elff«0 FIVE POUND*! S TOUMV MSt COHff ROHM I By FRED HARM AN HE LOOK* 50 MUCri UKE fVf PAP* £ Ort STOCKINGS EErtSG NOSODVP BELIEVE r\E 5E A^P fRArJ 5TOKE6 EVERt DM, REP EXCEPT fOft WE WHITE' STOCKlrlfiS.' By V. T. HASILIN (TCUSIN COOLM MY STARS, VES, I ASKED 3*50i T£> &o SEE IP -you HM> CHECKED irt AT TMECrry DU1AP.'-~I HrXPPEI^EO TC3 POSTCARD COOUO STAV AVJW TILL LEA^DER. f, 6LECT5DPR£S10ElsiT/ SSw v ° u PUT UP TO^w^/ ?~ -YTHEW WE LIT M A ^^. C ^; t >^te^( TH- STOVE. LX mms&BE%y\\ ./c-'taiUf/,.. _ jTKSXIUR ll-l* J.f?WIU.lAM> T. • Mt o I »M WT. BJT AFTER ALL. F YOU'VE LOST . MAN ITS VOUR. 1 FAULT O\.N FAULT. 1 I'M AFKWP THVT NEETAH BABE'* HER CLMV5 TOO VEEP IN OOP P0 TKIEP ONE SCHcMf tJ* ME WHAT A UCKIN AND I COU-D CO. ft WE TOOK.. 1M AFRMC3 /\ BSOTHEC.' ws TAILED: I CAKE TO HELP ALLEY OUT OF A JAM. BUT IN SPITS BNCK HERE H MOOf YOU'RE TOO SELF-SUf F1CIENT.' V.>*A.T NAN WOULD GO FOR A GIRL. SO OBVIOUSLY ABLE TO TAT<S CARE OF HERSELFf YOU GIVE MEN AN , INFERIOEITY COMPLEX.' YOU SCARE THE FOOK. VA.Y/ BOOTS AND HKR KUDIMKS Next By KDGAR MARTIN

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