The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 17
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1'S, 194T BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE SEVENTEEN Breakfast Due Special Attention Conserving of Foods Place Emphasis' on The Morning Meal "Nutritional balance" might well be the ipeclal watchword in thes« day« ol food saving, for with three full meals, instead of two a day, Ib Is far easier to eat well and wisely, and yet b* sparing with the foods needed abroad so desperately. Ani « ce full meal* It should be—with skimping or skipping of break- .1—for nutritionists have long chided American. 1 !, for their neglect of tills Important meal. These authorities wisely point out thai a meal skipped Is not forgotten by th« body. It makes up for what 1 lost hy heavier eating at other meals And this, we all know, can resu' in increased consumption of Jus the foods we're trying to conserv now. ' To start the day the right way many authorities suggest we bmlc the morning' meal around a basl pattern.of fruit, cereal, milk, brcai and butter. This, they"' have advo cated for some time, but in the ligli of the 'present : food < conservatioi program, this simple but adequate plan guins added importance. The breakfast cereals, and milk, wnicli together make the "main dish" of the meal, have not .been listed as among the acarce foods. Although they. are made from the grains, these breakfast foods account for such" a small percentage of any one grain crop that even an increased use of them by us would not affect world food supplies materially. Save Bread Slice jk^he bread called for in the basic 5«tem of fruit, cereal, milk, bread and butter is an item on winch we've been asked to conserve. However, mo«t people would miss their morning breakfast toast more than at the dinner table.'Still, others may prefer to forego their luncheon sandwich and substitute a salad or vegetable plate. In any event, it would seem wiser to keep the basic pattern intact for. .the breakfast meal, since tu combination with fruit, cereal and milk" has been approved by authorities as an easily- prepared, economical nutritious meal. The serving of cereal with milk alona may well be said to approach the Ideal. Eaten 'together as th'iy - always are, the bowl of cereal with milk, gives top-quality protein, essential B-complex vitamins (ttuamine, riboflavin and nia- cln) and Important minerals. Help yourself, 1 yoiuj family and aid in the conserving of food by st'artfni the day with breaklaisU such these: Baker Fears Cornflake*, Milk Coffee Ring Butter Beverage * * *, Spited Applesauce \ Raisin Oatmeal Milk Hot Tout Butter Beverage :,. . • • •. • . * j " '- ^ -, .'Grapefruit Juice' ~'»7V"i' Crlip Rice Cereal Milk Cornmeal Griddle Cake* Hone; Stewed Prunes and Apricots Farina, Brown Sugar Milk ited Bells Apple Butter Cocoa Coffw * * • Orange Juice Crisp Oat Cereal Milk T«aat Butter Beverage Economical, But Delicious Sweet potat* and unsafe pit t> • dellcioBi kwUet ntin dl*b. BY GAYN'OR MADDUX NEA Staff Writer Looking for a budget main 'dlih everyone will like? Sweet Potato Sausage Pie (Serves 6) . One pound sausage 'meat. 1-1|2 cups apple slices,' 1|4 cup brown iugar, 1-23 cups mashed sweet po- ato, 1|2 teaspoon sail, 2 tablespoons butter'or margarine, 1,2 cup milk. Put sausage into a heat-resistant ;lass round cake dish. Arrange ap- >le slices on top of meat. Sprinkle with brown sugar. To mashed sweet potato add salt, butter or margarine and milk. Beat until light and fluffy. Place sweet potato mixture on top of apple slices. Bake in moderate oven (350 <lcg. F.) for one hour. Serve garnished with parsley. Here's a salad to go with the main dish. Together, they consti- tute, a balanced meal. Winter Salad •' ' '(Serve* <) One Ublecpoon undavored Kda- tin, 1,4 cup cold water, 1 cup boll- ins water, 1J3 cup sugar, 113 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 2 .tablespoons lemon juice, 1|2 cup finely shredded cabbage, 1 cup diced celery, 1J2 cup sliced olives, '2 tablespoons finely cut nimlento, 2 tablespoon! finely cut green pepper. Soften'Gelatin in cold water for five minutes. Add boiling water, sugar and salt; stir until dissolved. Add vinegar and lemon juice. Set aside to cool. When mixture begins to thicken stir in cabbage, celery, -olives, ptmienlo and green pepper. Pour IntO'Slx glass five-ounce custard cups. Place in refrigerator for two hours or until salad is firm. Remove from custard cu[js and place on lettuce for serving. KROGER FOR BETTER MtiES <W ' GREAT WELL-KNOWN BRANDS SALE ON MONEY- SAVING KROGER Under the Blue Kroger Label Only the Best Quality Is Packed Young Old-Timers Land In Police Net Again MILWAUKEE. (UP) — Tommy Bishop and Blroy Weber are hardened travelers—even, though they belong to Milwaukee's very-young set. Tommy .U 4 and his pal Is 6. They were found In crowded downtown Milwaukee, apparently lost. Friendly spectators kept them supplied with candy and ice cream. Then'the squad car came to pick them up. As they entered, Tommy, surprised the onlookers with a casual, "Here , we go again." But- the police were not surprised. They 'said the boys had been given free rides by their de- oartmcnt at least a dozen times In 4^e last six months. Thick, Tasty Soup Merits Big Welcome A. hearty soup, with pieces of meat, vegetables and hard-cooked eggs in it, becomes the ma_ln~ dish in the menu. These thick meat'soups, take time to prepare, but they reward the housewife In money siv- lng,» good nutrition and something different. Here's one from "Soups. Scilad and Dessert," a new cookbscic by Louise Haberbush Gr6ss". Beef Kidney Soup (Yield: approximately 4 quarts) Three quarts veal stock (when r making stock use a little more shin or more beef bones, then add 4 quarts of cold water so that you have the 3 quarts of strained stock), 1 beef kidney stewed and sliced, 1 cup diced veal (the soup meat) cut into Ii2-!nch dices, 6 laklcspoons ,fat front stock or butler,-5 .taUles'podns'flourVi pint kidney broth, 1 cup stewed strained tomatoes, € teaspoons salt, pepper to taste, blscuit.'dumplbigs, 2 hard- cooked eggs diced, 2 teaspoons Wor- chestershire sauce or Ij4 cup wine (port or sherry). Kidney: Cut fresh kidney into . pieces the size of walnuts. Coyer I with cold water,' bring just to a boil, then drain. Re-cover with fresh cold water, and again bring to a boil; drain,, and wash boiler. Return kidney to boiler, add 1-1]2 pints of cold water, and stew gently, covered, until tender—about i hour, then drain, but save broth [you should have .1 pint). When kidney is cool enough to handle, remove any fat. Cut kidney into very thin slices, return to broth until you are ready to use. COCKTAIL cans Kroner, Five Fruits in Syrup. 6 No. 1 f 43 A79 48 (4» nans I doz. £ t;*MV. PEACHES I" No l Kroger. Halves and Slices 6 No. 1 ••( tuns I 29 24 APRICOTS No. 2 1/, 189 van* 189 A I doz.W 69 24 19 die*. Drain kidney. -Make rtump- ingi. Remove fat from stock. Ii you have not aufficient fat, add nitter. Melt fat in the soup boiler, stir .he kidney and veal in the hot t'at minutes. Next stir in the flo\ir until smooth,'then gradually the kidney broth, then the veal stock. Stir until It boils and thickens. Add tomato, salt, and pepper. Cook gently, covered, about 10 niln- ,ut»s, Then drop the dumplings Into the slowly boiling soup. Cover closely .and boll gently without raising ltd for 15 minutes. Add diced egKS nnd Worcestershire sauce or wine. (Note; Omit eggn if used on Eggless Thursday.) Pure honey is used as a center in some golf balls. Sauce for the GOMC SPRINGFIELD, O. (UP)—Red laces were In order in.; the city manager's office here as a result of the city's weed-cutting -campaign. The city hRR undertaken to cut weeds on vacant properties nnd City Manager Oscar L. FUeckner received a police letter ordering removal of weeds on what^popce said was municipal property. ^ For finishing soup. Prepare In- | gredients before reheating stock, i Remove skin and tat from the cold cooked veal; cut meat into l;2-hich I MONARCH /&»» SWEET CORN CHUCK ROAST - - - -'•-.- lb.59< U. S. Graded Good or Choice ROUND STEAK - - - • - - U. Si -Graded Choice or Good VEAL ROAST - - - - - - - lb.53* Armour's Star — Bonelesi SMOKED HAMS. - - : - - lb.57f Swift Premium or Armour's Star • • • • • yipf HAM-FTT I?,, 01 " i /" I Irtl I LI I 700 /< Pork . Ih. A Lunch Meat Mad* from Cured Ham, Ready to Eat. Are Vb« Choosey? Sparkling dishes for you— otw lovely pitce in «*«ry premium package of famous Molh«r'» Oal»! Surt your »«' today, an<i help your family g«t all the Tital growth and health benefits Mother's Otti has to oflr r. More Protein, Vinmin Bt, Food-Entrgy and Iron in wholt-grain oatmnl than in tny other nt rural cereal! No wnmler Amtrictni nam«d It "bt« for you" in a nationwide poll — named it best- luting cereal, tool Alk for delicioo* Moth«f'« O««l premium package today. Mother's Oas Well, you should be about the food you buy. And at Kroger you'll find brand names that are the choice of millions of homemakers MUe yourself. Among those brands Is our own Kvoger brand of merchandise — a high ranking favorite in every community .where Kroger llvrs. THURINGER Summer jsiiusujje WHITING Ib. Ib. 45 19 ORDER YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY NOW! Sec Your Kroger Meat Man. EATMORE MARGARINE 69 Kroger. Ecmiomiml KROGER MILK Evaporated. Vitamin "D" Added MILK Dime Brand Evaporated HOG LARD Tall Cans .) Of. . Cun 20 C 4-Us. -12!) Ctn. I Firm White Pure For Low-Cost Meals, With Appeal Buy these low-cost plentiful fooits at Kroner! Fix' this FRANKS and CORN CASSEROLE for 4 for 19c a person Cook noodles, drain. Put a In.ver in casserole; add a layer of sliced franks, a layer of corn and tomatoes. Season. Repeat layers and hake. Kroger Whole Kernel Corn. . . .......... No. 2 eon 1 Arondale Tomatoes. . .. ............. Yi No. 2 can oVic Frankfurters ............. ............ ..... Valb. 24 ] /2c Kroger Noodles, uncooked ......... ......... Vz Ib 17 e Serves 4 for 69'/ic / Fix this WHOLE MEAL CASSEROLE for 4 for 13c a person Cook and dice onepou ml potatoes, place in casserole. Add layer cut green beans, drain. Top with cooked sausage patlies. Bake. Avondale Cut Green Beans ........... . . No. 2 can 19 Vic Potatoes ................................. 'b. 6 e Armour Pork Sausage, eel. roll ..... . ....... Vi Ib. 27Vzc Serves 4 for 46e r. Avwuiale Halves APPLESAUCE St." 1° Kroner. From Select Apples 1 99 24 Ag9 case O SWEET PEAS 6 Kroger, llxtra Swecl and Tender 107 : dor. 2 09 24 PORK&BEANS6: 79 , 1 Kroner. Itlcher, Finer Flavor 53 48 . A9» CORN Krojjer. Cream Styl* No. 2 cans 114 2 23 24 J3» caaenr KRAUT cans Kroger. Cnrvd to j'eak Flavor. 6 No. 2«/, Cfc -I cans 00 doz. I 29 24 A7H ease m KROGER BREAD 2 . 72 24-ox. Boti. Plus Dtp. Twisted Dough —Finer Texture FRUITCAKE Kroger'» Holiday — 5-lbi. 2.1? KROGER COLA •Taste-Thrilling Beverage SPOTLIGHT COFFEE Krogtr Hot-Dated— 3-lb. Bag 1.12 SPAGHETTI DINNER "" Quick Fix; Cooks in 7 Minutet IH 1.13 ORANGES BEAUTIFUL PERSONALIZED Christmas Cards 19 < *£ HURRY! GET ORDER BLANKS WITH DETAILS AT KROGER 8 \b, Mesh Jf)^ Bag 4VC QRAPEFRuli: Finest Quality' 1A Ib mesh JCc Vitamin Rich Iv bag' ~V GRAPES 2,u25 U. S. No. 1 Red Emperors , ! ADD! EC Ful1 429 Hi I LtO : .... Bushel : V ; All Purpose—Rome Beauties CRANBERRIES \,35 Fresh Ripe—Tangy Tart CAULIFLOWER U. S. No. 1 Snowball CKJARKTTKS 1'J9 Popular Brand*. Carlon . * 125-Ft A4c WAX PAPER .... Roll *V, PILLSBURY FLOUR 25-Lb. Cotton Bag 2.49 50-Lb J79 IVORY SOAP 2 Personal -ICc Bwn Iv The Whilc Floating Soap Lge. 10c Bar 10 IVORY SNOW Pkg. OCTAGON s<>aplowder 2 Small Pkgs. 15c Pk?. K NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE 2 roils 15C GILLETTE Pk 9 . BLUE BLADES" 1 ;:^" ^ f » 25c

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