The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1931
Page 4
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PAGEFOtm BLYTHEVILLR, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS JHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK COURIER HEWS CO., fUBUSHEBB 0. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAWE8. Advertising Muu«u Sole NtUonil AdrertUing Representative!: It* TbOttM P. Clark Co. Inc., Kew Yoik, pbilwlelpliU, AtUnU, Dallas, Sail Aaloolo, B»n Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Everjr Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered u second class maltcr at the port office at Blytherille, Arkansas, under act of Congress October t, 1917. Bemd by Ui* United Pro 53 SUBSCRIPTION RATK8 By carrier In the city of Blythevule, 16c per week or $6.60 per year In advance. By mall wllhln a. radius of BO miles, »3.00 pel year $150 tor six months, 85o for thrco montlss; by mall In posUl tones two to six, lllct "*J v ^ $6.50 per year, In zones rcvcn and eight, »10.W> per year, payable in advance. Action Is Needed The \vi\y woninn sulTrsitJc o|>enilcs in the Shmvticc school district, where lius- baiulq vote twice to save their wives Hie trouble, no doubt seeim un excdl- lent solution of an annoying problem to some of us \vho huve suffered from the habit many wives have of splitting the family vole. While acknowledging the (ulvanlages of Mich » system, however, we ought to remember Ihul the practice under our present laws is just another reflection of the loose : mcthods followed in the conduct of miiny of our elections— methods which destroy con- fidenec in thq ballot box iiml OIICD the \vuy to actual fraud. So bad has the situation become Unit it ^s .in-obaUlo careful investigation would reveal irregularities in llic conduct of elections at most of the polling places in Mississippi county. Election officers, all too often, feel little of the high responsibility that is placed upon them, and careful enforcement of the legal requirements for nualilicd electors is all too rare, In most eases we believe our elections arc honestly if carelessly conducted. When we say that iiregulurilics could be found at'iiiosl boxes we do not mean that conscious wrong doing on the part of either election officers or. voters is u common thing. But carelessness and lack of thorough attention to the • requirements of the law create an opportunity .for those who would steal elections, and there arc indications that efforts along that line have been made a number of times in this county. Saturday night two members of the county! board of education, rosjionsiblu men who would not peddle idle gossip, made the public statement that there were at least six instances of apparent duplicate voting in the; recent school election. Well known citizens of the comity were listed in the poll books as voting both all their home boxes, Shawnee, Pecan Point and Nodena, and at Wilson. They have denied voting in Wilson, and they are men and women whose word is to be accepted. It inevitably follows that ballots were marked by other persons, and false names entered in the poll books.- The board of education was in doubt Saturday as to its authority to go into OUT OUR WAY the matter without the filing of u formal contest by one of the Candida tew. All voters and lli<> public at large, as well as the candidates, have an interest in such a matter, and it is unfortunate if the board cannot act. Whatever the powers of the .board may be, however, Information enough has been obtained to indicate cause for further Investigation by the prosecutor and the grand jury. s •. We need more cure in the conduct of our elections, and we need criminal action against any who would taltc advantage of cari'lL'ssncJis and loose methods, to practice fraud. Killing the Goose By constant indulgence fin cur liablt of increasing rates cf uxnlion we are (gradually reducini! our supply u! yoldcn CBES. In 1025, u\J the franchise tax and since 1927 (lie tola! revenue from this source- has be™ reduced "i:>re than $30,o:t).CO each year. In 1931 we ii'vr.-iscd the [jnsollne lux Uj six ecnks nnd moiv of our people me buying Uiisollne in tlher .-l.'les. Protests have come from Illylhovlllc- sUitmg that their clltons are buylnir. gasoline In Missouri live miles away whore Hi?, tax Is liul iwo cents per Ballon. Tourl.sts coming Kuulh III! their (links In Missouri before miriilnx Arkniu>:i<s. Much of unr t'asolinc business h:is been driven (a oilier states. For this reason, we have less jobs In tills slaU«. In 1931, we incrcasal the cigarette tax nud our people ulont; the border uf the stale arc buying cigarettes across Ihc ]lne. Many olhers uro Iniylfig by mall. To escape this added biir- den many of our people In (ho state are buy- Ing n clgnretle making machine recently put on tlic market ami tire making llielr cigarettes tit home in the Interest of economy. We have driven every undertaking establishment from Texarkana, Arkansas Jieroso Ihc line Into Texnrkana, Texas, %'liu mil- four per cent gross tax. \Vc have driven every beauty parlor, bill one. from Texnrkana. Arkansas, to Tex- arknnii, Texas. Wo have, nddfd one-half cent property Uix nud probably cur revenue from that source- will be reduced. The Gcos3 llsat lays the golden cjg is- an in- dlspeiu;lble asset and sliould not bo shuiBhlrred- In our desperate etfurt to obLtin more eggs. i—Judge U. M. Mann. . The man who hales to be told how lo run his rar is often t;raulul lor driving lessons at the uolt links. As any golfer will t;ll you, distance Is three- quarters stance. The slump has hi! Ohio hard. Look what has happened lo the Cmcliimill and Cleveland teamsl Thnsq alien jjaiiBSters ordered deported l>y Secretary of Labor William Nuckies IJo.ik probably feel his middle name worst You can't accnsa n symphony conductor of belns; hlsh hat because he puts on arias. As a result of the downhill of royally even card players are locking upsn the king as « Joker. t ; ,,;.,, 3 IS 'Hie strained cllorls ol Ihc O. O. P press to humanize Hoover arc preliminary to equally sleaincd cdoits lo elephantine the United Stales. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "1 don't really ncctl a new hat. I'm just getting even with my husband for spending so much on golf lessons." VvASHiNGTON LETTER -Anmunic llcpresslon l j la< r* Old High I'rolcclivr. Tariff in Mere Desperate Straits 'than Ever llcforc .-md Its SJlliTiiii's He- licvc They Can Stump H Oul BY RODNEY DUTCIilTi NEA Service \Vrlliv WASHINGTON — Tlie.i-'.'J llijll prolccllvo taiilT thoiry seems to ;3 in more desperate ^trails limn ever before and Its cnenm-.; think they can knock it In the h'.ccl before this depression is ovor. Anyway, this is the best chance the lice* traders and advocates *J moderate duties have had an; new that American foreign tra.le has dropped ott about 50 p:r cent they are intensifying the altempl lo convince Ihc country that ihe Hawlry-Smool tavifl is responsible for a lol of its Irauule.s .Meanwhile ccmes Ctnle-'s startling suggestion of a Latin-American custcms union, foilswins previous prcjicsfils for a Euroitean customs union. Any such de- clopmcnls, arraying ccntiticiit Biiinsl continent, wciiii! be bound o have a larg^ although nnnre- .iclablo effect on the future of our arilf and Ihosc of other nation General observance cf .lha stop and RO lights indicates at least one signal uctory for law and order. By Williams lations and promote economi wars " Inlioduced Income Tax Hull liatl talked like that a along. When he came lo Congres. 25 years ago Joe Cannon put h! en a, ccupk'. of unimjxjrlant con mitlees, bill Hull turned delib^ral' ly lo intensive sluriy of rcvenu finance and economics. He intrc duccd the bill fcv tho income an estate taxes, when everyone w convinced thai income tax w dead because, the supreme con had once c.-:!l!Hi it unccnstituiiou The Ea.xa'.irrn system devised b Hull, put through in Ihe Krsl W: son administration, largely finano tl-.u war. i Allcv.'inc/ for the real value of the dollar, Hull says, our foreign trade' is new; tack at, tha 1913 J;vel. He has held consistently that ail that made it lu:k big after the war, when handicapped b^ the Fordney- McCumber tariff, was the gre^l t automobile export, trade and the fact tiiai we \i'?rc iencliiig 15 billion dollars abroad which we were paid for with onr own gocds. "One-sixth of our automobiles and parls, worth $S80.UOO,IMU. were exported-" Hull says. "The in- * brighter and o( Ijelter parenl- ;e than legitimate children nvuil- b!c for adoption. The logic of ils fact Is easily understood. Sometimes parents want a child replace an Infant that lias been jst, In which case they endeavor i duplicate the physical and siip- rflclnl characteristics without Ting sufficient attention to the iciUali'.y and the heredity. Professor Paul I'opena? men- ons an Instance In which a \vo- ian suddenly decided to adopt a any because she thought it would ook sweet in a coat which she ould make from some lelt-over !-:ccs o! white fur. A physician who has had much In the field sas's that he parents usually come asking for olden-hnircd, blue-eyed girls with wcet dispositions. It is merely leccssary to take the prospective larcnts tl;voug!i the nursery In ider to c.iuse them to take the nst cliilrt that may happen to old its ari:w out to them. It Is in:j:ort£mt to remember rom the p:;nt of view of heredity hat the child is not only the di- ect descendant of its parents but lie suiti of all of the ancestry of oth for hundreds of years liack. Moreover, mlure has oxtraordin- ry ways in t'nat it suddenly pro- ccls a black shrc[> into n thor- luglily good family, and raises great statesmen, multimillionaires and inlcllectiiil giants out of mud leaps. Bcyouc this, however, is he fact that it least 70 per cent, of weicht ran be placed on tlr: immediate patents In Ihe selecting of an iiiUnl with n view to getting a deal history from the Mini of view cf mentality and 30 per cent on tie influence of the riore re-mole an:cstors. Popcuoc suggests that it is desirable to pick oil ft child with as ood an ancest'y as i>ossible, to jick out thcthidi.] youngl. and to lake the child cnly on trial. Ee- caiuv? of Hie di.flcullics involved in the situation, most institutions leaving children available for adoption now lia'e definite procedures which the: compel prospective parents to ffllow in order to be assured that sitsfactory results will be secured. Oil Enriches Church; Flock\Sues Pastor OKLAHOMA CITtt Okla., (UP) — little Ncsrd churUi on the out- skirls of Oklahoma^ City has be- cc:ne suddenly rich \wilh the encroachment o! oil wills upon the boundaries of its smell land hold- in'.;. The church o\Vis l« - o and one-half 'acres of lam which now valued a t. $200,0001 Ucciinse llhej pastoi\ cf "The THIS CURIOUS WOR! lH£ BOS-WHITE IS CALLED A O.OAU. IM THE NORTH AND A PA&TR\VGE IN THE SOUTH, ViHIiE THE 6IRO KNOWN To THE AS A PARTRiOGE, is CALLED A PHSAS AW IH THE SOUTHED STATES, ALTHCXJGH. IT BELOKGS TO TH£ ,. GGOO$£ f54MU.y. THAT PtAW LICE COA\E JNTO p£W WHICH F4LLS UPOH RiAHT HANTS' -;.;- ;/ ; ;:&?;l^ r J •;.. .,:.::.:.:.;:;, ;-""-:v;VV / '.*'....:;£; 07 GOLD HILL, UTAH, FlrAOS CASH RUNNING low, HE UP HIS'ONE AWH MINE OUT fhiOOSH SOLO TO MSI SEVHRAL A\ON1HS "THEN CHURCH EXCUSES liy George W. Barhatt: Cluircli of God. WhicWHe, Jesus, Pmchased with His OVn BlocJ" l:oli!s in trust, the title to the property, the 75 members of the con- cregatfcn have ' brougit suit npamst the paster to cla^Iy their claim to the riches. 1 read in the paper the oilier I much of a collcclion even! day lhal il probably would lurn I usually join one of the i warm, if it does J think I will •• School classes in the late start going to church asain, and J ' cr early summer mid go may send back home and get my . regularly for a wlijie and church leUer and join. I r,3vcr i Ihe picnic season is over m was much of a winter church j is such thai I can't find til member. T r.cver enjoyed the .so-1 course, I do nol do any wi cial activities in the winter as they | Sunday but from Monday n are ah indoor gatherings. I lite ] until Saturday noon I ai the outdoor. I believe they are i pretty busy so Sunday I fc called church Picnics. I know back '. resting or takns some kind home they always had such grand . creation. eating I never remember of them taking up n collection so there is' little or r.o expense attached. I heard some folks talking tlse other day about it costing so much to be :i Christian or church lacm- ber, but I can't aijree v.-hh them anything or to help out In ai — • ' * ""-' •—"••• J I often \voder how somt p!c find tirn? lo do so much work. The church 1 Joinc spring gave a big church oul in Ihe woods. I was and as I was a comparative member they did not ask i for I've been a memiicr cf church fcr years and so far it lias hardly cost me anylhlus. li you join and then go Jjst now ar.d then it don't cosl so much. I usually eo lo the evening services, if I eo at all, and tl:cy dp not expect.^ Read Courier News want and I'm sure it cost : members a lot of nothing of the time it took everything ready and they Et enjoy il. (he plate gluss, 90 per cent of our mamifrlcu , re<l vuubsr, most of the ull and gasoline and laid the i om ,,j nt lon for cur great highway \MEU-, GOOD N\GHT, MA, — '<JP- VNAVfe ME UP AT SCHCOV- 1MTVV MORMiKl'_Tv-IEKl A KtOUR AFYePi A MOOR AFTC.R A MOUR \<"MOS\JIM '1ftAT WOO DOMV HAFTA GtT GRAV-lNi VACATION! Tl WE One of Ihc greatest factors in|.!, lht . y ftas clu , ol ,,, L . WB railrc . u | industrial progress lias | s]lil ., cl . s . Tt toc) . , 8 1)C1 . ccnl O f vast donnstic Ir.unnt;! jj^ j roll alir i „.—i .-« — „<• ire?, free of turilf walls!' pnipjlcr countries on other continents envy .is that. Democrats Cite Trade l>ron jluii] . uilllljll , or ulr yltal I11B1 ,« lly No one can nov.' setlle '"s_a|'B«-1 b yslc:ns by enabling states lo lay ""' " " gaiclin; taxes. H employed about four and a half million people, di- recliy and imiiicclly. and sp:nt atom six hillion dollars a year. Points lo I'oreign Keprir.ils "Ycu st-.l what, happened when ctii;r countricri deliberately followed our example and our aulcinn- bilc nnd allic.1 inriiiarics weri stricken. Tiic big^.'st- tiling to remember is (hat we could nol at- (ord to throw away our forcer marhcls—Ihc CO per cent uf law cotton .which we exjKjrtcd. ti.e -5 per ctnt cf onr wheat, the .u?t'.t as to the relative impor- Uinco of the Hawley-Smonl act in America's economic troubles but everybody knows tlK'l Inritfs arc Inrri'rs to trade The IXmocratic- publicity bureau hns pcreisleutly hammered in the charge that n Uc;oublican hich tanll was very largely icsponsiblc for the big fcreljn trade drcp. Republican |:olL(fciaii.s deny It ar.d say the new lariif has b:-en helpful, If unythin^. Vclitical exigencies de- thai both ^reii[:3 cf politicians say what tlii'y are saying. Nevertheless, u lias to be pointed out in fairn •-,-= that oppo- f™.™ 1 , °' °" r a>it°"i<>b:lcs and i-.ents ol tho llawl-.-y-Smcot .id ' a!l H liczffn b « llll "3 s " kc prctiktcd in; 1 ilwl It would wreck foreign trade ^'.:id its friends reco:nmr:'.uYi! n as n measure lo 1 :Ptoro urn^rruy. A thon- an:l cconomist<: ji..i-.ed in n warning agninsl it at:\: C p -!"i;:ess iiicrc- 'y Eiiccred at "; (or Jim WnUoii. •':adcr. prcdic':.! as passed .thai 111- t..i on Ihe u;:sra!if v\ and t'nat wo v-:.\t'j Ihe i;=al; of piv^k tcrs. llu- en linve :-incv bre-aks. Srnalor Ccrcioll i: see-, a fiscal scui'is pcndrd 0:1 lj L;:i\i!; . lAthcr than n- predicting sis hlj;h ttiriifs wo lien, diminish i"U..-;rs. scna- !(-.; -.iblican floor is :i-.c tari(f bill .i,i;:r.' would b' '.\:':.i:i 30 days Fccn rc-ssin :v. AS ;>roi.- :i:os of ivjh nil thr of can be den cconc'.vis'. r,ccre>(. was :o that our ]'. prcciuc- impovcrisV e saving is $ 700 in we passe;! a law which ha ilsiccd Ihe averajp ad valorcn ip above 50 per cenl." Hull will try lo r.:riiiadc the lA'ii:Lcralic party to take a cun- rc-i.- 1 stand on the t-.iritf 'Hie; ii.nty nn:-t cppoee special privii?;je cjii- s -i;te:;tly. hi; say.s. and the "clUulcl i-t sjiccial privilege" is Ihc lari'f . L;.-ii;3!pss of hew itmcli we may l::;ir nbcul the "power Irust." "H Fhcu!<) declare for n ivc[i:l taritf revision downward to level of mcdc-re.le, c:mp:titivc i ate,-." he tays. "with t'no aid of a lacl-findin:; commission. Tt'.d also prcmir: internationa! ir?.:lc treaties so thai w: would have ether ccunlrics ?:l their rates Ji.v,r. at thr same time. Obvious' 1 ./, we uujjl set OIL' retaliatory i of oilier countries scaled down as '.'ell e.j our own." Good Ancestry Is Important In Selecting Child lo Adopt HV I>H. M()i;i!!< MHIinCIN IV'lr parents, or (hose- taken awn; Kditor. .li-urtwl rf iiic American fiom disorderly r.r vicious parent .\v,<v.i.ui.i'i .Mm of "y- joy l''pal outhcrllles. Ilii- llr.ilili«ine ' Wllh such possible sources, il i With li'.c!i!i of Cv~ntrol!in.: 1.: diichn.ition i ; | man tn hnu- i '.\\-. j ricd life. :hr -. gcod chiidiTu . hrough! mcir :'. I ly to the ,u•:•. | nnd iiistili'.u.n.: i Mcfl o: ::-.; ' available for s [ illcgillmate. Cv: WILI.J-KNIOHT SEDAN wn payiiiml ici lilythrvilli- v?jy mer.ttikf ,1, ^ -.-//. :i:f frictl/.c./*. Tslt.h, (>., Six . . £495 tn £s$o • Eight . J595 in Slf.95 s-Knight . f!09S to fins L '/i-Ton Chants . Jj^S I Hl-Ton Cl-isiii . JS9S and the new Willys-Knight is larger, smarter, faster '"i You get ail these advantages only in the new low-priced Willys-Knight: Patented double sleeve- valve engine, notable for smoothness,' power, economy, long life, SO-milc-an-hour speed . . . Extra size — greater overall length, SS'A" tread . . . Finer riding qualities— double- drop frame, longer springs, four hydraulic shock absorbers . . . Greater safety— new duo- servo internal expanding four-wheel brakes and, at slight extra cost, safety glass all around. NO VAF.VKS T« «RIXI» :i':Mc methods ! r.o! purprisin; lhal fc-.v iito of til anci with ih^-hiuhcst lyi>c either phy.sirally o :r,erace wo- ] menially. The demand for c'ml-| '.. early in mar- i di ?n for adoplicn fir exceeds the . . :u of securing' supply. Girls arc more often re-' .' p;ion is being I c,i:eslcd than boys. H is imi»rt- j ;.i :o : ant to mukp certain first of all'. .1 e! physicians j lhal ll-.'-rc Is no chronic blood dis-1 lease or systematic vener;al dls-1 :'.'..'f:i who arelcvc'or. i"i«i are either j In several invCE'.lgaticns, illeglti-; abandoned by \ male children l-.avc been found to !. MORGAN MOTOR CO. Blytltcville, Ark.

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