The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Food Expert Suggests Care In Selecting Turkeys for Table Use on Thanksgiving There are plenty of turkeys this* are turkeys and turkeys, as must ol us have discovered at one time or another! Modern, scientific methods of turkey culture have resulted in broad-breasted, thick mealed birds Jree 'from- tough, stringy muscle. Such turkeys are real aristocrats th»l never have to scratch for a living, but are grown'in \icns raised above the ground and fed special vitaminiezed food, Tlicy are usually drawn and quick frown after killing and, although the cost is slightly higher per pound than that of ordinary commercial turkeys, it is based on. "ready-to-roast" weight, rather than on undrawn weight, Including head end feet. Whether your choice is one of these pampered birds, of the more every-day variety, choose one suited to your family sizei all owing from ?i to 1 pound person. However, a turkey that weigh* less than eight pounds dressed Is seldom & good buy —8 to 13 pounds is a good evcrage. If your family Is small, or your holiday group a small one, there may be leftovers, but what of it? That's one of the best things about a Thanksgiving turkey! To prepare a turkey for roasting, have the butcher draw it, if it Is not a quick frozen one. Stuff the turkey the night before. Thanksgiving nnd leave it in the refrigerator over night. When you get it home, remove the wind-pipe and crop from the neck opening, wash the turkry In cold ivaler very thoroughly, drain well, stuff as desired and truss, or tie the wings close to the body with string. Directions lor cooking the turkey, and for several kinds of dressing will be given next week. Meanwhile, save your stale bread for that turkey dressing! Italian Gives Thanksgiving Menu Ideas Thanksgiving dinner Is purely American. But there's no reason why we can't take a few hints from a noted New York restaurateur who was born in Italy. Frank Bonacchlnl, once a headwaiter on the Orient Express (Paris to Constantinople), now host al Coq Rouge in New York, Is one of the leading men in his profession. He thinks that our big feast should, of course, be planned along traditional lines. But with «o much need for our help in Europe, with food cosU ao high here, he believes w« shculd plan a regal meal that omits the usual logginess and Indigestion. This is Bonacchini's suggestion: . Melon cup, plain consomme, roast b«by turkey Iwithout stuffing or gravy), ;braUed celery, candied •weet potatoes, watercress and beet •ala'd, French dressing, pumpkin pie, coffee. From his files at the Coq Rouge h« selects a few recipes for other lighter Thanksgiving menus. Maroon Salad Two bunches cooked beets, lemon juice, celery, 2 canned pimlen- to« or I fresh red pepper. Slice the beefs, slice several stalks of celery into 2-inch strips, and Combine all ol Ingredients, arid lemon Juice to taste (about 3 teaspootisl and serve FUS a side dish. ! Prune ('rr;iin Mousse Onc-lialf cup unsweetened unmn julcf. 1 cup slewed prune pulp, .1,^ cup crushed graham cracker crumbs, 1|2 cup sugar, 12 cup whipped cream, 2 teaspoons finely copped miLs. Boll Ihe prune Juice and together lor 3 mlnuti.s. Mix 10- gcther thoroughly '.he pulp nnd half of the cracker crumbs. Arid the Juice after It has cooled, JYild In the whipped cream. Sprinkle- the. remaining crumps in 'he bottom of the freezing trey, then pour in the prune mixture. Top with nuts and allon' to freeze undisturbed for four or more hours. Communist Mob Sacks Monarchist Newspaper MILAN, Nov. 13 (UPj—An mob of yelling Communists sacked a monnrchlsl newspajier plant and attacked a downtown police .station lastnlghl In a continued wave of violence reminiscent of the bloody disorders which preceded Italian fascism 25 years ago. The two attacks followed the sack- Ing earlier in the day of Ihe headquarters of the Rightist .Common Man Party and another attack on the Catholic newspaper Italia. Communist mobs milled through the streets, angrily protesting the killing of Communist Parly members lii recent street brawls. Their leaders exhorted them to attack the police station after a time-bomb had exploded in Milan Communist Parly headquarlers, but the attack was not successful. Unconfirmed reports said a score of persons was injured during the lour attacks. Al least two communists and one anti-communist were known to- have been hospitalized. The Communists rode through the streets in trucks, singing communist songs and waving red tings. Santa Says: Shopping Only Jl\ Days until Christmas Credit is Free at Fitzpatrick's JEWELRY STORES II Uke« only 1 Minnies !» Open » Chharir Account Democrats Fix Convention Date Party Leaders Scan Field for Running Mate for Truman BY I>KAN I>JTTMKK (Unltfil frt*f 'staff (.•lurnpoiidrni) WASHINGTON, Nov. 13. (UP) — The Democratic National Committee announced yesterday the parly';; national convention will begin July 12 In Philadelphia—where Ihe big task will be In select a running mate In 1*18 lor President Truman. Both (he Democratic and Republican conrentions will be held In Philadelphia. The Republican convention will open June 21. Already a dozen hopefuls and one unwilling "candidate" are being mentioned by political observers as possible running males (or Mr. Truman in the 1M8 presidential elections. * .Despite Ills blunt statement that he wants no political oldce, Secretary of State George C. Marshall was being eyed by some Democrats as a "draft" prospect for the 3>arty's vice-presidential nomination. The name- of Chief Jusiice Fred M. Vinson ranked hish on the list of men who arc presently considered available. There hns been no indication from Marshall that he has changed his minrt about politics. After giving up his retirement plans to become nec- retary of sUie last January, he volunteered to newsmen at a press conference that he could "never be" considered as a candidate for political office." He said he \vas being "explicit and emphatic In order to terminate once and for all any discussion of my name In connection with political Look! Muffins Made With Mincemeat! !1 cupsiigur legs 1 cup sifted nnur 3 teaspoons baking powder ",i teaspoon t»lt KellosB's lonslert All-Bran and mince- uent taste like Christmas c»kel 1 cup Kcllocr;'« All-Bran Jl'cup milk 1 cup prepared mincemeat 2 tablespoons shortening Combine Kcllogg's AIl-Br«n, milk and mincemeat. Let soak abant i mmula. Blend shortening »nd snear |AcM egg; bent well. Stir in All-Br«n .and miner-meat. Add sifted riry Ingredients. silr only until liquid and dry ingredients arc combined. Fill greased muffin pans two-thirds full. Bake in modrrately hm. oven I400 1 F.I about 2a minutes. Makes '.2 luscloiu mufflm • ilr In the VITAL OIJTKIl l.AYKKSolfinrit wheat — n»tT* iliily *• a rrrtnl. SB Large Meaty FRANKS . 44c FRESH COUNTRY STYLE SADSAGE , h 59 HUNTER'S LINK SAUSAGE ,„ 63 .... Ib. GRADE "A" CHUCK ROAST HUNTER'S THRIFTY RINDLESS BACON ..,„ 75 Red Royal Marashina CHOC. CHERRIES Ql. LAM MB Mth 59 JUICY CALIFORNIA 39 ORANGES ALL BRAiVIXS • • i ti i j'^u-1111^,1 CIGARETTES 5 Ui. Iln K C(n. $199 It's Fruit Cake Time . . . We Have the Mix! 2 OZ. PACKAGE Orange Peel .. 10,. 2 OZ. PACKAGE fc Lemon Peel 2 OZ. PACKAGE Citron * OUNCES Cherries 21 c RAISINS 2 Ib. Pkg, 35« CITY SUPER MARKET 109 We*t Main —We Deliver— Phone 2668 maUeiv. \ M.uiy Others Mentioned Alth.-ujh no one is bclltiij; on It there apparonlly is some hu|;e that Marshall could bo drafted. The Pennsyhania-boi'ii soldier statesman would be a good running male lot- Mr. Trumnn geographically, p C ) ]n . .sylvanla Is second In the number of electoral votes. Vinson Is from Kentucky, which commands relatively few electoral voles. Nevertheless, he has great personal qualifications. He Is one of the most widely experienced men In public life, having served In every branch of the government, Vinson and Mai-shall are by no means the only two mentioned. There is much speculation about Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, a New Yorker; Secretary of Commerce W. Averell Hanlman, also a New Yorker, and Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1947 AiKlrrsmi is from Nav Mixlcu nnd his choliT would lie circulated ;a ntlracl. Wosleru support. ' Another Bupioim.' <;ourl member licmg mentioned is Associate Justice William O. Douglas. Douglas was born In Minnesota, but has sjK'nt a nival part of Ms life here and in Washington stale. Other pro.siwcts are Senile Democratic Leader Albcn Barklcy, Ky,, Sens. Brlcn McMnhon, D., Conn., nmi Millard E. Tydlngs, D.. Md.;' James Roosevelt, son of the late Prei-idciU; former OPA Chief Chester Bowles of Connecticut; Gov. N. C. WaJljrcn of Washington; anil Gov. Preston Uanc of Maryland. Jel bomber, the SB-46, lauded al, Wrlghl Field yesterday after an' sop-mile flight from Tinker Field, Oklci., at, nn average speed of 033 miles an hour. Cnpt. Glen W. Kdwnrds of Lincoln, four-Engined Jet Bomber Makes Successful Flight DAYTON, O., Nov. 13 (UP)—The Army Air Force's first Four-englncd . Wright Field engineers said the plane was brought here for routine j—... .,,,., ,,,1/uHiii. iieie jor routine tests following its acceptance by the Air Force. Cap!. Edwards took off Tuesday afternoon from Muroc Field. Gal and flew to Tinker Field In two hours and 15 minutes, just five minutes short of a record set by a navy Jet fighter several months ago. His average speed for the 1190-mile flight form Muroc Field to Tinker I Field was 507 miles an hour. Head Courier News Want Ads. Pi jm-Cola Company, L** Iitmi CTlf. N. T. _ Kranchised Hot tier: Pepsi-Cola BoUliiig" Co. of Blythevill* Horr's Wonder or Taystee BREAD 2 for 27c 3 Tall or 6 Small PET MILK ONLY 17c PURE CANE SUGAR - - - 10ibs 95c 1000 Sheet Roll ^ w TOILET TISSUE - - ... 2for15c Shredded, 4 oz. can BAKER'S COCOANUT - - . - 19c PEAS---No303Can 19c SEAM STYLE CORN ... 2 * 25c Harvest Stuffing lf»f chicktn. rfuek nr lu/kcy) BrttntlcaMi: Piotrmlier 15, 1947 ;-« JJ 1 ,-"^,»»«•«• \','• »"P«" ' Coo'c and .tir IIIMK^C nn:il brown Add onion and powo. Cover; cr>ofc .lo.,lj. 5 mm. lonjor. Mi, in remain- in;; m^!,. Spoon lightly imn J,inry of » 5.!S. cniclen or duck. I- 1 -' F.} dbaut 3 'A hn. + '.* t^porr. pou!;r>, .ra> O ni,, K c.ln rtpjac* m.-irjoram. tare .fid thyme. ^°^ D °»l>lo .'bov,! rfcipt for A i Mh. UOO'F.) C 4"m"Vn?,. '" *'"" ° Vt " Von Willfieei: Per Milk, can 13c Swift's RrookficUl I'nrk Sausage, Ib 59c Rice, Ib 18c •iweel Potatoes, Ib 9c Onions, Ib 7 l-2c ADAM'S 4H OZ. CAN ORANGE JUICE 25 TEXSUN -16 OZ. CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE GIBIVS .16 OZ. CAN TOMATO JUICE 25 GREEN GIANT NO. 303 CAN LARGE PEAS 20 C DEL MONTE NIBLETTCORN No2L ™18 BLACK DIAMOND ENGLISH WALNUTS ,39 OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE ,, 23 (MORTON'S SUGAR CURING SALT !KL ,, : ,J5 C 3 '/2 OZ. CAN POTTED MEAT 3r ,, r 20' l!i OZ. CAN / VIENNA SAUSAGE . . 2 Cans 29 f BEEF, CHICKEN, CHICKEN NOODLE CAMPBELL'S SOUP Ali ?£ 33 NEW CROP, LARGE SIZE BRAZIL NUTS Ib 39 RKI) SOUR PITTED PIE CHERRIES ». 2t , n 25 BORDEN'S EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK 25 DROMEDARY 4 OX CAN PIMENTOES 15 TOR FRUIT CAKE, ORANGE, CITRON OR LEMON PEEL Lb 45 FOR FRUIT CAKE CHERRIES rb 75 FOR HOG KILLING TIME ****^' 100 Lb. Bag 11 OZ PACKAGE SEEDLESS RAISINS 10 S OZ PACKAGE MINCEMEAT 23 5125 Pure Beef GROUND MEAT - Ib. 39c Good Grade FRANKFURTERS - - - Ib. 42c Lean and Fine Flavored CHUCK ROAST - - lb.47c Meaty SPARE RIBS • • lb.49c Fresh from Creamery COTTAGE CHEESE - Ib. 29c Fresh PORK BRAINS - - lb.29c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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