The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on February 5, 1957 · 21
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 21

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1957
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LOUELLA 0. PARSONS Jimmy Stewart Set For 'FBI Story' . By LOUELLA 0. PARSONS International News Service Motion Picture Editor HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 4 AT THE GOLDEN NUGGET (in&ji can' tea you that it's Ban at the Tennis Club in Palm practically set for Jimmy Ste- Springs for the Jimmy wart to star in "The FBI Story" McHugh charities, Mrs. Dayid by Don Whitehead for which Hearst won first prize for her j. Edgar Hoover wrote the pin dancing girl costume. She foreword. Jimmy is tired after looked like a doll. Mrs. Pat a long grind with "The Spirit Uuisa, Okla., millions) McClin or St. Louis ' ana ne s talcing m& camera on tne second a rest before he does anything prize. I felt there should have else, but he is so good as Lind- beer a third prize for Sheila hreh that Jack Warner is Shea, daughter of Diana Fitz. making him the "FBI" offer, maurice Cousins, for the most "The FBI Story" is a book unique gown. She wore I thoroughly enjoyed.. I used aress decorated with to see J. Edgar Hoover at La Solden nuggets. Another Jolla each summer when he stron contestant was Gover went into Scripps Clinic for no" Knights daughter, Mrs, check-ups and we were spend- Kobrt Eatonshe is so pretty. ine some time at Del Mar. I Pre was one of the first to receive The three Crosby boys and an advance copy of this book, their aunt, Mary Pool, had a with a very nice personal in- wonderful time. Phil and his scription by Edgar. twin- Dennis, have been serv ,,, ...uJnA Knc.le Sam in Germany, vuv&i owxvnaivo, vjhv ana tJnasay (hsing s youngest) was uemy yiuunwu jui uiy wno aiso naa nimseif a good imngs ui u.i. uejuw am tc- ume ai ine party, leaves im turned to tier native Germany mediately to join the Army, 10 marry Anion owwuivpn Greg Bautzer bought ortu je(iuuu. m m.uvc u cnances irom me for his wife, piciure mm mm, tvultus iv mana wynter, and for his Hollywood February 15. She'll houseguests. Dana won the co-siar wan ueorge mauer i warusia gown and the house -Aione logemer." guests a silver platter. (This ai uajj, u.i. execuuye, naa was tne Dest of all the annua a great aeai to ao wan yor- uoiaen Nugget Balls and, news decision to try American njoreover, I'm sure a goodly films again. On his recent trip sum was raised for the Desert to Europe and Germany, All Hospital) smah li km It nt n kiM ft Aim 1 iM zip! and askedCornell if she would SNAPSHOTS of Holly- accept another tiouywooa W00d collected at random: will be on her way soon to 11 m. ueen nere in years, arrives report to Producer Robert S Arthur. oay nvuv w I viu fax? DIANA BARRYMORE called! A BIG TIFF between TW from new Y or a to mam me marcel and her wealthy fiance. jut mujwuuiuici wuuiv, i oeorBB acnmsnaw, nas ran. Mucft I oo boon, bne saia sne celed their marriage plans for is glad Jack Warner is going February 22, and Denise has to proauce tier oiograpny, oe- taken off for a four week night cause he and Mrs. Warner club stint in Mexico City. were Kinaer w ner man any- HRvtRy Kivr. ...iv. uvn in VTGl the weekend from visiting Ava one else when she was in Hoi- 1 s lywooa. . Gardner in Spain nnH Sconce. Diano says she wants to c,, 77" come ftcrc when her story is tV.. ...... iau "1&C!- filmed, but she also has an fr5 w spend your offer to go to London for nataI day. Jean Simmons spent "Moulin Rouge." her birthday in the wardrobe "I worked with Gerold Frank "cfai uem8 ""ea ior for 23 months and I would lore "ef. "owes on "until They to become a writer," she con-PaiL fided. "My big romance is a TOO BAD that after 13 years neicspaperman." of marriage character actor ivitt tt,.,. ur ranz and lus wife, tin ui jiummtj jh, . havo senaratorf ...:n V ' " - "r5"".;:'."0 Eldorado. If any gal chances fiuuuiuuc uiai, uvivj " .... ;i 1 ii n-i estate will h well over a mil-Pllus' " W1" u rai, lion rfnllars. Mnreran said, "but IHiflltMBt-K the WlStfU with the lar?-. Inheritance tax little actress, Isabel Jewell . ifi i. 1 . ...'ii. taken out. it will be much less "er iwo years oi living wun than that." ner mother in Wyoming, sne'i Like all of Bettv ( Lauren) hacK in Hollywood to resume Bacall's friends, Maree has the her career, and walked into greatest admiration for her two gooa i v assignments, courage and the way she is L1DIA LAMAS, first wife bearing up but he thinks the of Fernando Lamas, is here best thing she could do is to from South America house' go to work as soon as possible g u e s t i n g with Georgianna MontaiDan wmie Kicarao Aiont- alban is making "Sayonara" in Japan That s all today. See 4 f v .- t t L 'MAGNIFICENT SEVEN' Distinguished Japanese Film ... "' Has SuspenseComedy v By HORTENSE MORTON HOLLYWOOD can t THAT MAN'S HERE AGAIN . . . Errol Flynn appears to be well acclimated to these shores after four years in Europe, Judging by this moment with Cornell Borchers in "Istanbul," torrid romantic adventure drama which opens tomorrow at RKO Golden Gate. BALLET OPENING Alicia Alonso Shines Brightly as Giselle By ALEXANDER FRIED ALICIA ALONSO was a bright star of the first of three Opera House performances by the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo last night. In the sad role of the de' ceived Giselle, she outshone everything that went on around her. She was plaintive and tragic without being maudlin. She projected warm sympathy. She danced with expressive high virtuosity and grace. For the most part, Igor Youskevitch partnered her handsomely. Some of his turns in the air, among other feats, were brilliant. Yet at times he did not land as lightly on his feet as of yore. Who is going to take the production carried along well enough to build up a great final applause from a capacity audience. But Irina Borowska was disappointing as the im perious, unearthly Queen of the Willis. And in the Willis scene, some of the unmusical sounds that came out of Conductor Ivan Boutnikolf's or chestra were hard for a tender ear to take. The long program, ending in popular "G a i t e Parisienne," had a light Latin interlude in "Sombreros." So long as the morning press could linger to watch it, the piece benefited from lively Mexican tunes or chestrated by Boutmkoff, from playful dance ideas of Chore' ographer Leon Danielian and SO count! it s tne old numocrs came tor ban trancisco drama cnt ics tnis wees with marquees on Market at. sporting such fascinating digits, in titles, as "Three Violent People" "tour Girls in Town" "Five Steps to Danger." Not to be outnumbered, the Larkin Theater in Larkin St. (where else?) hits the jack' pot with the Japanese import. "The Magnificent Seven," a distinguished drama with a sturdy substratum of comedy, What the studio technicians in Japan can do with vibrant coior pnotography, they can match in quality with black and white photography. It comes off very well in "Mag nmcent beven and picks up the more dramatic moods with an emphasis that could have been lost by a more flanv boyant lens. As in most Japanese films, doled to viewers in this coun try, the story draws on nation al history as it reveals the plight of naive villagers hag ridden by mounted gangsters who pillage and rob them of their crops ace of "noble dancers" like from pretty costume designs and Betty agrees MISERABLE weather notwithstanding, Kay Gable is re- maining with Clark in Baton Rouge during the filming of "Band of Angels." Kathleen (as Clark calls Kay) is touring the antique shops, and in her spare time is embroidering petit point bedroom slippers for Mr. G. (as Kay calls Clark). Yvonne DeCarlo. Clark's co- star, was also joined in Baton f tomorrow! you French Drama Friday at Clay "THE GRAND Maneuver," very Frenchy drama, writ- Rouge by her husband, Bob ten. produced arid directed by Morgan, and Director Raoul "Walsh's wife joined him. So it's all one happy family. Kay doesn t visit the set much be cause she says a wife shouldn't interfere with her husband during business hours, THE FILM CLOCK BRinCF "We GorcJU." 6:30, :20 nd 10:10 p. m. CINERAMA-ORPHKl'M "Svn Wonder of th World." 2 and 8:30 p. m. CLAY "Pupa. Mama, tht, Maid and V 6:15. 8:10 and 10:15 p. m. CORONET "Around tha World in 80 Dayi," 8:30 p. m. r0X-"Anaatafla." 12:30. 8:50, T:15 and 10:45 p. m. ESQUIRE "The Brava Ont," 10:30 a, m 1:58, 5:20, 8:50 p. m., and 12:15 a. m. COl.PEN fiATE "Four Olrls In Town, 1:02, 4:08. 7:14 and 10:20 p. m. . LARKIN "Tht Magnificent Svn.' 7:05 and 10:05 p. m. LOKW'S WARFIKLD "Tea Houm of the AuKust Moon." 11:43 a. m.. 2:16. 4:49. 7:22 and 0:55 p. m. FARAMOl'XT "Threa Vllnt Peopl,' 12:53, 4:12, 7:31, 10:50 p. m. KlO "BullfishL" 6:45. 8:35 and 10:25 p. m. ST. FRANCIS "Ton Secret Affair." 12:40. 3:11. 8:42. 8:13. 10:44 p.m. 8TAGK IMMtR "The Comtant Hus band." 1:05, 3:02. 4:58. 55, 8:52 ana 10:50 p. m. UNITED ARTIST ,,Ftv "tepf to uanjer." 11 a. m 1:55. 4:50. ?:ao and 10:40 p. m. Rene Clair, opens Friday at the Clay, Acted by Michele Morgan, Gerard Philipe, Bngitte Bar dot and Jean Desailly, the sophisticated story tells of a philandering young lieutenant and a circumspect wiaow irom Pans. An interesting added fea- turette is the autobiographical documentary in color, "Pi casso," picturing tne work, technique and manner of living ox the famed artist. nswi- Hell iy I Call-liilletinJ Ij fONIGHTat 8:30 t tHOWS TOMORROW C:00 :iO "A WOVY!" him when time eventually calls for replacements? His future match is hardly anywhere in sight in our part of the bal letic world. As a whole, the "Giselle of William Cecil. Yvonne Chouteau and Deni Lamont were the leads. Tonight's offerings will be "Harlequinade" and three act "Coppelia." Musical for Stage Door RODGERS AND HAMMER- STEIN'S "Oklahoma," film version, will open at the Stage Door on Friday at popular admission prices for its first time. Starring Gorderf McRae Shirley Jones, Gloria Graham, Charlotte Greenwood and Eddie Albert, "Oklahoma" is an adaption of the famous drama "Green Grow the Lilas," and is set in the period immediately preceding that State's admission to the Union. "The Constant Husband," starring Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall, now playing ends Thursday night. The raids always lake place after the harvest after months of grueling toil and self denial. Acting upon the advice of the village sage, the harassed and frightened populace set out to hire seven Samurai. I guess you could refer to them (if you were frivolous) as swordslingers. The equiva lent of gunshngers of the pio neer West. Slowly and meticulously, the seven are chosen. Frequently, they hesitate in their acceptances. But, once banded together their leader plots his campaign with the cunning of a Napoleon. In the overall pic ture, he is far more successful The picture pyramids to high tension as traps are set for the anticipated marauders There 3 a fragile love story, for romantic ballast. But the pair moon in the forest most of the time, so it doesn't in trude on the more frenetic ae tion. Keystone of the drama is marvelous acting by: Takash: Shimural, painstaking leader of the Seven, Kunihoro Kodo village elder, Isao Kimural and Toshiro Mifune. of 80 Victor Young Song Scores In x80 Days' THE THEME MUSIC "Around the World in Days," at the Coronet, is being played over Americas air waves in five different record' ed versions. Closest to the original soundtrack is Jack Haskell's vocal rendition on the Thunderbird label. The song was one of Victor Young's last contributions to the long line of hit melodies that he has given to America. Harold Adamson wrote the lyrics which give a capsule comment on the dashing ad venture trip which David Niven, Cantinflas, Shirley Mac- Laine and Robert Newton make around the globe. Lunt Comedy Player Busy PEG MURRAY, who portrays the role of "Vlasta Habo- va' in the .Lunt-Fontanne Broadway comedy, "The Great Sebastians," at the Curran, is actress-co-producer of Tour ing Players, Inc., a repertory company which has been tour ing the country for the past eight years. . rMf i l l ! wSOdsyS TWO-AO MATS. Wed Sat & Sun. 2.-C0 trery NIGHT it 8:30 Suit il Tktilr Itt Offiet Siirna-Clir wA All X(enciti MAIt OR DIRS nuto OPERA HOUSE Las 2 Performance!! Tonight a Tomorrow 1:30 THE ONE AND ONLY 3 loan i. eiNHAM. ALICIA ALONSO Gutrt Prima lallarin NOVAK CKsirtaaa Howard Umont IGOR Tartkhev lorowika Slavia Gillatpia and YOUSKEVITCH TONIGHT'S PROGRAM: Harlequinade (Premiere) Coapelia Tlctati: 11.00, t.oa, i.go, 00 (na Uil herman CUr. fu I a. m. Opara Maun Baa Offloe. Marinei' Theatre, Sutter HELD OVER! 8 Mason FLOWERING PEACH FRI.. SAT., 1:30 P.M. Ticked: Ml. 8 Ml. I-IJ4 FRIDAY! i FIRST TIME AT TODAY ! S 2 SHOWS : S MAT. 2:00EVE. 8:30 Tbt NEW... Die 3rd CINERAMA! : SEVEN WONDERS S WUt NtVtt ! MOWN M ANT OTMfO. Tma-nif m noitmiim cali.onia 8kh. Naa. Ian Sal. Orea, '175, M 1.18 tm.WilM lJn.Or..t.ti,tol.nJS tTSftVIO 51TI NOW ON Mil I ma 11 oioms niuo raoavnr I OX OfPICI OMN 10 eon. H aj I N. 1 CIOCKI. 1S MONTOOMIIV I cNi aox omci. 35 r-owiu I aiCUNII'S OAKLANO A IIRKIUT I .For Informotioii MA. 1-5000 I T Travelogue With Laughs "A LAUGH A MINUTE" is in store for Town Hall's travel oge audience when Stan Midg ley presents his all-color Chuckelogue on "Colorado- Yesterday and Today," Fri day 8.30 at the Veterans Auditorium. Traveling through the color ful State via bicycle, Midgley takes his viewers over the mountains into a bygone century. An added attraction to be shown is the 1957 Rose Bowl Parade. Tickets are available at Town Hall, Bellevue Hotel, OR. 3-5786. at teen through th greatest wonder... OPENS I (MS eat TERRIFIC SUSPENSE! It x'1"4 Q 2 .' T S"ppy" Q VS- F- Call-lulletia Hi r1' : 9 D Two Disney Shows Due For. Fox TWO WALT DISNEY fea tures and a drama of the South will make up the three unit show opening Thursday at the Fox. To head the program will be "Westward Ho The Wagons!" a drama of the settling of the Pacific Northwest, starring Fess Parker, Kathleen Crowley and Jeff York. "Disneyland, U.S.A.," newest offering in the "People and Places" series, will take armchair travelers throuch the 160 acres of memories and fun in Anaheim. A drama of the Louisiana bayou country, "Swamp Woman," with Marie Windsor and Beverly Garland will complete the bill. $.M;xamlttrr Sec I 21 Tuaidty, Fab. S, 1957 CCCC St. Olaf Choir To Sing Sunday NORTIIFIELD, Minn., is the small community from which the St. Olaf Lutheran Choir hails. But the 60 voice choir, which will give an Opera House concert. Sunday after noon, is world famous for its frequent tours from coast to coast in the United States, and from country to coutnry in Eu rope. CURRAN0. TONIGHT 1:30 LAST f DAYS ENDS Hi. 14 . MATINEES WID.-SAT. 2:30 NO ONI St ATI D DURINO 1st SCCNI Seota Available, All fertereionee H0WA1D tINDSAY W IUJSEI CIOUSI ItlTAICNf WINDUST LAST THREE VIOLENT PEOPLE' r:n THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE ROCK'N'ROLL HEADLINES! Susan Kit Bzymrd and Douglas arenavinga r? 1 YOU WONT BE ABLE JO TEAR X ( I YOUR EYES AWAyF v)L VP '' LAST DAY! "4 CIRLS IN TOWN" " PIJ CARET Betty GARRETT John BARRYMORE, lr. . OPENS 10:30 A.MJ ABOVE US THE WAVES" TO.ionnov; Doom Open 1 1 a. ADDED ATTRACTION! "CHASING thi SUN" WernerColer llii4''i4"il'J4Hlil wmm mm shows II MAPinM RDAKinn IH 5 ""y' . X II; rjSA last GLENN FORD I HOTST M a ,MM MACHIKO KYO i I Mm3Sf S :M rsa T na I I ihb icnmjuas lit c-rr V,. m POPULAR PRICES! j afj fej ' ' CUH BROTHERS J5Wr tUh 1l) '4 J gpMf'U hmi i wammmmmm i mi JOHN BENTLEY TORIN THATCHER LEIF ERICKSON ijft' I " mi"iiiiiiiii; pfCCY KNUDSEN MARTIN BENSON mi n aTTTT? i2f t- li San Francisco Enriau 1 1 wp-mwsiaiiiCTwL"' nK'CDin i MFJwWktw n m rrfc. urn w j&tk. wk nnv i 8 1 & WEEK Z B JUtJiBU 0 kiXHi U I VWI8 B ISM mm u, !i-B.vm CINemaScOPE Q ColW b CONT. 0!I.Y rROM lO0 l"0 RESERVED HELD OVER 3RD WEEK NO. IN PERSON I CARY CRAFFMAN, Guest Pianist "An eicltinq pianitr ... a ball of fire" LA. Timti Symphony No. i (Schubtrt) ' Maldaa (Smtlane) J Piano Concerto Wo. 1 (frokolifff) m Z FIRST SF PERFORMANCE-oi Camp (VauSl,ai,-W;ll;oms) I m OPERA HOUSE: Thurc. 8:30 Fri. 2:15 Sat. 8:30 Tickm: tharman, OUr, 8U 1-1331 ana Itit Bay, Penlaiula an Marin atnwlaa J ii tJiHUL runn I .n JOHN BENTLEY TORIN THATCHER LEIF ERICKSON k r i PEGGY KNUDSEN MARTIN BENSON ind j won jew m wr.t m win witei m V wSWOM'TOMflirrailffill r thp Rinnn call of terror r m 91 m V a W W ar waavw w ee"" ? MARY CASTLElfTi 1 t J VOGCE "La Strada." T and 8:30 . m.

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