The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, NCjY/.MIU'Ml 1U, 1917 m,\THBVll,LB (AUK.) COUHIEK NWYS ,PAGE vurnaa 'is over lo nv.ixo suit of u .sandwich ;careful not overcook them—-0 mln- sauce (list 1 vciuiable wiitcr In plaiv ; iii'ivii!;« winch adds lo Its up- 'ulc.s Is usually enough. Arrange «!• j nt an filial amnmit u! in.lki ami . pr.-.i'ance, Tin 1 dinner Uirls arc mad':! Icrnalc slices ut ripe avyciulo mill jioor lulu H liiiki 'Mi. ti.-.vcr wli.i. | In muffin puns, using cuhncd crnu- t sections of grapefruit on sliced Id- MI thick layer of Bulled cheese mull berry suucc. mixed with iiislns lor | tuec for the dinner salad, wason I u:ikc about 10 minutes or mil 11 tlus| rve well is brown. jllic lining, nnd baking them Just I long enough to cook the crust. They 1 nm>' be topped with u marshmallow lor served plain. CUNUAY: It rye brcud Is cut hln. It makes a dellclously flavored oast, Melt 3 tablespoon's baco'i al or other shortening In a heavy .klllct nt breakfast time, [111 the pan wll!\ sliced, peeled apples nnd sprinkle the apples with fi'oiu 1-3 lo 1-3 j brown sugar. Cover the pan and cook rapidly for 5 minutes, or \inlU the juice comes from ihc apples. Uncover, reduce (he heat und continue cooking while the scrapple Is browning. Serve together for a hearty and inexpensive breakfast dish, lluy * fresh ix>rk shoulder weighing about 5 pounds and have the bone removed lo make a pocket for lots of stuffing. Have the bons well cracked to make the stock for Monthly's iunchcon sonp. Stuff the pork shoulder with mixture of ground up'slalc bread, chopped onion , chopped celery lei.ves, a little sage, lemon juice and enough hot water lo moisten. Season wilh salt and pepper, Cook the meat slowly for about 2'.i hours. Leftover pork is used for Monday's croquettes and If there Is more than enough (or that, make a chop fiuey. or pork a la King lo serve on Wednesday Instead of the potroast. Make Till rluses of milk after tehool replenish - protein need* (nwinc children. BV GAYNOR MAIIMOX / NBA Slaff H'rlttr No niatler what other lood budget cuts you must make, do not cut down on milk, instead, use more milk, vegetables' and fruit as you cut down on meat, fowl and eggs. ^Thab is a basic rule of family im- *rilion — psrticulaHy for growing children. Milk does a double duty. It serves «p a food and a drink and contributes excellent body-building proteins, calcium, riboflavin, tliia- min—all so' necessary to growing toys and girls. Children, like adults, crave variety..Oi}e occasion, flavor milk with wholesome .sweeteners, such as mo- lasres, honey, home-made jam, plain malted milk powder or sugar and vanilla. Have the makings ready and let the youngsters flavor their own giassfuls. Quick Milk Tricks Honey-Milk: To a glass of cold milk add 1 tablespoon molasses, honey or Jam. Stir welK , Malted Milk: When using plain malted milk.powder, first make a isriiooth paste of I tablespoon malted milk and a'little milk,'Add enough tary egg beater. Pour Inlo glasses •ii id serve with cookies. wilh French dressing and serve ' chilled. I''or dessert, serve nn n.ssort- ment ol cheese, or just one well j flavored one, \vlih toasted crackers. Cheese, remember, is a good substitute for meat. WEDNESDAY: A Quick way to nakc a delicious minestrone type- of soup is lo put 3 cups finely cut cabbugc In u lar^c &uucepau, udd 6 cups boiling wulcr, 3 or 4 bouillon cubes, a can of condensed vegetable .soup nnd 2 chopped onions. Boll gently for 30 minutes, add 1 cup splnnch and 'i e\ip fine spaghetti broken In pieces and cook 10 minute* longer. Season, but be careful of the sail, ns the bouillon cubes and canned soup arc usually well .sailed. Wrap the rest of Ihe head of cabbage In waxed paper tviid k:?p In a covered pan In the refrigerator to use on Friday for slaw. Buy about astounds chuck for the dinner pol- roasl, If there l.s enough leftover, chop H and use lo bluff peppers as a substitute (or the (lank steak on Saturday. THURSDAY: If yon huve a lot of stale breadcrumbs on linnd, use 1 cupful an a substitute for 1 cupful of flour'In the breakfast griddle cakes Cook a package of frozen mixed vegetables unlll just tender, and add Public's Present Pickle Penchant Putties Packers NEW YOHK, Nov. I'J.—Pilj' the loor pickle, packer, urges Business week, as Ihe public's present pen- 'hunt for plckle.s 1ms put purveyors ol Ihesc palatable provisions In n jiklilcvi Is c-itlmati'il nt lO/M'JJlO bll- ri'i'l.s, n.,,ivs '((JJ.OJj wiioUoi:, mure t.Kin lust >i';ir. i'aik rii Ir.'lU! - blu m-en't at all Mile- lluil liil.s will ji'.ccl tb'uuind nnd provide thu noiul- cd cairynvcr u ytar I ruin now." Itond Courier Newi Want Ads. PRESCRIPTIONS Stock Meal Planning On Weekly Basis Has Advantages FRIDAY: Buy Hi pounds green shrimp for dinner. Put them In a saucepan, add boiling water to cover, a teaspoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon salt, a iiandlul of celery tops and 1 teaspoon .pepper. Cover r nnd boil slowly for 15 minutes or unlil the shrimp are-pUik. Drain, cool, remove the shells arid the black Intestinal vein. Coyer and keep in the refrigerator until ready to cook at dinner tinie. Peel' the~ potatoes and cut in strips for French fries. Drop into very cold wafer and lei stand for an hour or several hours before cooking. Drain well between two tea towels before.putting them into the hot fat. Cook.potatoes for next day'.-, luncheon salad. SATURDAY: Mix diced cold po- milk lo make 1 cup aniMnix War--] tatoes wlth ' half as much cclc "' and oughly. I plenty of chopped onion. Add French Vanilla Milk: A teaspoon of 5U°ar Is plenty to flavor 1 cup of milk, with just a dash of vanilla. Old-Fashioned Banana-Milk (Serves 6) Five medium ripe bananas, 1 quart milk, 6 tablespoons molasses or honey, 1-8 teaspoon salt. Peel bananas. Mash with a for)-: until smooth and creamy. Add .milk, molasses or honey, and salt : .Beat thoroughly with wire Vhislc or* ro- drcssing to barely moisten, then add 2 or 3 tablespoons mayonais salad dressing. Garnish will sliced hard cooked eggs and slicci stuffed olives. Or substitute Russia* dressing for the mayonnaise. Buy flank steak for dinner and have th butcher score it for you—this make the . meat more tender when it I cooked. The recipe, given in anothe column, suggests putting come of th vegetables on the steak and foldln or buy ice cream for dinner and top each portion with chopped walnuts tnat have been soaked for IS to 30 minutes in a little sherry or orange Juice. Golden glow salad is a gelatine salad made by adding 1 cups grated raw carrots to 1 pint lemon llovorcd gelatine. Add also \^ chopped plmlento, 1 tablespoons canned crushed plncaple • and 3 j tablespoons finely cut celery. j MONDAY: Put the pork bo IKS | to cook right after breakfast cov- rlng them with cold water and add- g an onion and a handful of celery ips along with 2 teaspoons salt and whole peppercorns. Cook slowly In covered pan for 2 hours, then rain. Put 3 cups stock in a saucn- ifi, add 2 large potatoes cut in mall dice, a can of cream style com nd 1 onion cut fine. Cover and boll enlly until the potatoes are soft, tir in 2 cups milk and 1 tablespoon ornstarch mixed with a little cold vater. Let boll up. sprinkle with iiiuced parsley and serve very hot. Stuff cooked prunes \vllh chopped valnut meats and serve 3 on IcttucR urrounded with the rest of the "rushed canned pineapple, well drained. Serve with cream mayonnaise, or cooked salad dressing. TUESDAY: Boll aim mash three >otatocs on Monday i and keep in the refrigerator. Shape these into flat cakes and saute until brown on both sides in a little hot bacon or pork fat. Slice 3 hard cooked eggs Into 2 cups thick white sauce and pour over the browned potato cakes, Melt a pack- of processed American cheese, or 1 cupful cut into small pieces, In a doublee boiler with I cup of milk. diced leftover potatoes, 2 cups white "Pickle packers have packed move >lcklcs lhau In any previous packing Krlod. ycl It-appenis possible that he present pickle pack may be expended before producers cun pick and packers can pickle Ihe 10481 planting. "Acconllnn lo the picture portrayed at Ihe annual meeting ol the National Pickle Packers ASM- clnllon In Chicago," the magazine reports, "pickle consumption In Ihe year ended Scpl. W.cllinbed to a record 9,196,280 bu., and demand Is growing at a rate of about 1,000,000 bushels a year. The carryover from the 194« crop was only l.WI,- 306 bushels. Whether tills will he enough to last until the l**T crop of pickling cucumbers can be cured and placed on (he market Is question. "The 1917 InUke of cucumbers for lies! I'rifcs Kirby Drug StoreS always ask for RADIO REPAIR I AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OH MODEL. RELIABLE; WORKMANSHIP PHONE 2642 \V« cull Coi- and Deliver FRED CALL!HAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service 100 South First SC FOR SALE AIRY PRODUCTS teaspoon Worcestershire sauce and ',-: teaspoon salt. Stir until thick and smooth and pour over thick slices ol broiled tomato as a hearty luncheon dish. Reheat potato chips In the over and heap these around the tomato Add n teaspoon sugar to Brussels sprouts while.' they^, arfj. bollinE "and note the difference" In flavor—be CAKE HIT OF THE MONTH! SNOW QUEEN Delicious lemon filling topped with marshmaliow icing. Special Malted Milk Icing—Rich in Flavor 69c ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY/ Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY ...AT YOUR STOKE * NEW ^ and Used Electric MOTORS Suited to any use. Come In 1/30 to l'/2 horse power sizes. Supply Is Not Unlimited Medlin & Lane ELECTRIC COMPANY 112!) S. First Plume 2180 Concr«tt S*w«r Tito Concrete Culvert Tito Siz* 10 in, M to. A. H. WEH Hwy. n at «Ute UM Phone BtjtbcrM* 7U DAIRY PRODUCTS THE MEASURE OF QUALITY We Feature: Homogenized MILK GREEN'S DAIRY Distributors *.,':''" " •" rhene 2361 BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 How to Enjoy Your AT LUNCH AND DINNER p. e '»« in PI Us MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN PIGS IN BLANKETS i Mayrosc Link sausage in a fry pan over slow heat. Prepare baking powder biscuit dough; roll out to thickness. Cut into squares measuring about 2','« inches. Place one Mayrosc Pure Pork Sausage diagonally on each square. Moisten opposite corners of dough with water and pinch together above sausage. Place on a rack in an open pan. Bake in a be; oven, 450° F., 10 to 15 minutes. REMINDER: The name "MA.YROSE" idcnlllei «sl qualily m«at product*, such ol... Mayioift Slk«d Bocon, Mayroie SmoV«d Beel Tongue* and Moyraie Pyrt lord. AlV for Ihem by nomt... HAYROSE. Da your part in sup porting the Citizens' Amaiing Gift Offer! ^ ~ - X Jfa#dy ###/?&& -, AWM/MM FREE ESTIMATES ON » PAPERHANGING • PAINTING Interior or Exterior Paintingf Phone 3885 Russell Price FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Cail 2397* -FOE— • Bob Powell •T. W. 'Hop' Neil We specialize in hooM wiring, farm wiring, motor repair and appliance installation. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. , Wytheville, Ark. Regular 65c Value • Heavy gauge pure aluminum • Wide bottom prevents tipping • Double-lipped for pouring • Cup graduations for measuring Special Introductory Offer.. For Limited Time Only! To get this handy saucepan simply mail lOc plus 8 credit coupon and Special Blue Ribbon tag fr«?ra a 50 ib. bji^ of Omar Wonder Flour to Omar Premium Service, 2902 Leavenworth, Omaha 2, Nebr. . . . HURRY . . . THIS OFFER IS LIMITED! Offer Good Only With Spetial Blue Ribbon tag Found on SO LB. BAG o On display at your grocers rioun WINNER OF OVER 14,000 IAKING AWARDS H-fl LTCRS QUflLITY SHOe SHOP 121 W M « I N ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 — 2611 — 2611 — 2611 IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN A FIRST LINE TIRE ... GET THE NEW it HOOD 400 it ^ • Washing • Road Strvica n • Lubrication • Esto Products Also , I Goodyear and Firestone Tires 5 jW^LOSE^NDAYS11 SERVICE 201 West Ash Street Did You Soy Service? ' Service Is more tlmn ft woi<l repented, her* nt NU-WA. Service to us means lino CLEANING AND LAUNDRY picked up and delivered nt your doorstep. Service here, means satisfaction to every customer. It means that you can trust every garment to us rmrt have them returned spotless, unharmed and ready tor Immediate use! Dial 4474-4475 i) ' For Our . Double Service Jf NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS 220 North Second Street Still & Young Motor Co? Lincoln-Mercury Deafer. Phone 3479 Blylherilte Ark. 112 Wttant St

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