The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 12
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TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Anti-Communist Leader Flees Reds in Hungary; Smuggled by Plane After Escape to Austria (EDITOR'S NOTE: Clinton B. Conger, .United Press manager for Germany, accompanied Zollan Pfelffer, Hungarian anil-Communist leader, 0.1 hit secret flight to the Unit«l States from what lie refenxi to u "the shadow of tht noose" In Budapest. During a brlel stop In Newfoundland Confer was able to flash hit New York office with a news 'beat on the fact that Pfeiffcr and Ills family were mnKln K a dramaUo duh to WasJilnglon to continue (lie right against Commim- lam In Western Europe. Now the transAtlRiHIc plane has readied La- Guardia Field in New York, and Conger Is able to 'reveal further detail* of the Hungarian leader's escape.) NEW YORK, Nov. 13 (UP) — * Zoltan Pfeiffcr and his family arrived cafely on American soil yesterday at the end of a secret flight from Europe where the anti-Coms munlst leader said he had escaped i "from the shadow of the (Commu- > nlst) noc*e" in Hungary. i It waj 1 ' a -cloak-and-dagger flight from the Communists who have finally muzzled their Inst. opposition In Hungary. Pfelffer was a i .tifhtlipped myslery man-until the ' e«w of the American Airlines flag- i ahlp •which .brought him from ' Frankfort told him that In another hour he would be safely down on a U. .8- airfield at Stephenville, ; Newfoundland. Then his worried face relaxed, he took a look at his sleeping wife and daughter, peered at my business card again and motioned me to follow him to the rear of the plane. •'. : "I know nothing since I went underground eight days ago. you understand," he began. "I cannot talk politics until know I do not know what has happened to my .party, to my country. I can only tell you why I left." He said that the Hungarian Communist Minister of the Interior, Laszlo Rajk, had "run amok" late, ly in his determination to suppress nlsts burst Into lib party rally and broke It up with crowbars, spades, and bicycle pumps. Pfelfler was unconscious for two days and hi bed for two weeks. Then lie rose to lead his party back Into opposition In parliament. The strongest politician In Hungary, Prime Minister Ferenc Nagy, had been forced out of office tn June. The battling priest, Bela Varga, hit the underground trail that month. Deszlo Snlyok picked up the torch for a while, then himself went underground. Pfeif- ler was left alone to play his hand as best he coukl. Works Way to Austria Last week; In farm cnrts. on foot On trains, disqulscd by thick glasses and covered by a huge coat.- Pfellfer worked his way toward the Austrian border. Finally r« received word that his wife. Magda, together with their blonde daughter, Mngda, 5, had reached safety in Austria. The next night, by way of towns and means he will not disclose, he too reached Vienna and safety. "I cannot tell you how, because it would close the roads-and hundreds of lives would be lost. Yes. I heard about the company" of Christmas Cheer by Churchill ' THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1947 This is the cover of » greeting card, painted by Winston Churchill that friends of the former prime minister will receive this Christ- mas. It is a view of Lake Geneva, with the small island of Choisi in the center, which he painted during hi« 19<« visit to Bursinet USS New Mexico Is Blockaded On Trip to Scrap Heap Grave the last opposition to the alleged Hungarian soldiers who surrend- coalltion government actually rim ered In Austria. They helped cover ' by Communist Vice-Premier Mat- my escape " ' ft.,- rehear , stuoen e "of . The only part of his future he knows so Jar, he told nvc, Is his duty to warn the new world against the Eastern "democracies" of the old. "I did all a democrat of good will could do,", he said, "Finally it reached the point where I was to make » speech In parliament, but decided I could not. Opposition had "" d llts Partlnmentnry aide Laszlo on a sll "P'' cssccl manifest they were -« th ™*h Amsterdam and party. The Communists hav e dropped their mask In .Hungary. "I played along right into the ihadow of the ncose — what more can a man do?" "No politician on earth can do anything against a loaded pistol," he said. But Pfeiffcr had done nil he could, well beyond the danger p-'"l. Tn : August when he campaigned In Csongrad, 300 Comtriu- . linue to America rather than return to Europe. Then. I urged, it would be safe to flic. I got nowhere. He would say nothing until Newfoundland was almost in sight. Walcr striders nre heavier thsin many other bugs and insects, but, can run about on the surface of the water with ease. BY LEO TURNER (United Prrw Staff (Jorresjxmdent) NEWARK, N. J,, Nov. 13. (UP) — The once-mighty battleship New Mexico, old and tired, sloshed toward Grave-send Bay today, within gunshot of Newark's waiting "Navy," while big shots parleyed In Washington to avert a "battle of Newark hnrbor." But the New Mexico's 'H-lnch films,, which once thundered for 19 consecutive days in the Pacific -war, wore their death shrouds. Her deck was empty. . .. The 29-year-old battlcwagon wallowed along behind tugs', towing her to be dismantled by Lipsett, Inc., In a portion of Newark harbor leased from the Navy. She encountered stiff winds 10 miles East of Fire Island Light/ and the Meseck Towing Company said she was only "holding her own/' City officials defied the scrip- ping firm to turn their harbor Into a "Junk heap." They said the Navy was taking unfair advantage of wartime agreement for part of the linrbor, still in effect because Congress hasn't yet officially ended the wnr. Mayor Vincent J. Murphy ordered the city's two (heboats, each able to train 10 powerful streams of water on an invader, to keep the New Mexico from entering the harbor. The fircboals were ordered to challenge the New Mexico with "flags If by day, with lights if by night." The 624-foot New Mexico weighed 30,600 tons. The 33-foot fircboats weighed 11'tons each. All Night Vigil The tireboat Michael P. Duffy chugged wearily to its berth at 'I a.m. yesterday after an all night vigil, .ilthougli the New Mexico was still far down the coast on iU voynRc from Boston to oblivion. The Duffy passed its sister-flre- catcr, the William T. Brcnnan, moving out in the misty' morning to tnke up the patrol. Their regular crews of firemen were augmented by city policemen intent on arresting the crews of the tugboats towing the New. Mexico if they attempted to run the watery barricade. The salvagers said they didn't' intend, to try to enter Newark har- •Hi Whjr? Because they're tougly covered with a •oft, S«htweight Weetinghoute Wectric Comforter 1 '. . *e bedcoverinj for wsrmth W»*<HK weight. Th« one Comforter \t all th«t'i erer needed even on the coldm night. Once the Automatic Watchman Control ha* b«n set it maintain* the selected warmth the whole night ttwovch regarelten rf *ant«« in FOCCQ temperature. Top it of q«ilted rayon satin, m Roac, Bfae or wi* matching undenide of nonaiip »puo faJH» that anchor* Comfortar »o *e b*«V. OuHr eorv cky-eteena beautifully . . . lnr*r warm*** *••* «f preahnmk mu«4in ie e*ti! T ramovabie fcr WHiiMf . Aprjeorad by Underwriter*' T_»bor« «ori«, to.. 77" T M" .rfW, fe, I Wo^t <*p off Ih* WJ. * H»rfiiMi. of tf*in rarwi ARK-MO POWER COMPANY bor today, but Public Safety Director John B. Ken nan, Mayor Vincent J. Murphy's sea-going chief of stalf, said he waan't going to be caught napping. The salvagers said the New Mexico woulci be anchored in Gravesend Bay, off Brooklyn, and 2SO Now She Sfiops Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache Vk "'«'"•. nrrilioi. puSce lu»d«ck« .r.i diuin.u. l HM A«*m*K Wmttkmmm . ,t fo, 5 °'* mr * tic ' ""* "uecM " J -<"'""£ ^ ton* of .water pumped. In to her bow to raise the »tern high enough to clear the shallow Newark'Channel. Meanwhile, Mayor Murphy and other New Jersey oftlclali conferred In Washington with Assistant Sec- rttary of the Navy W. John Kenny •ee if the Navy couldn't arrange to have the proud old lady de- it toyed elsewhere. Murphy said "I'm 'not going to' stand by and see the port of Newark become a perennial graveyard for Navy ships." He added that It wasn't primarily a fight with the Navy, but with the salvage company. The Navy agreed. "The Navy Is not directly connected," said Rear Admiral Russell S. Borkey. acting commandant of the Third Naval District. The city's two fircboats weio manned with a police sergeant and two policemen on each, as well as the regular crew of firemen. 'They may decide to arrest the crewmen on the eight or nine tuns that are towing the battleship," Fire Chief Charles Burnett said. 1 "It Is my umtcrstandlne that the channel Into the port Is port of the city." HEADACHE I'M. CAPUDINF FOR LASTING KITCHEN CONVENIENCE * GENERAL ELECTRIC wmi AUTOMATIC MSHWASUCT •Ml DISPOSAL!.* WASHES ALL YOUR DISHES-The G-E Amnn**; Dishwasher washes ill your dishes, glassware, silverware, pots, and pans io a Few minutes. Simply pens ifac eooiroi bar and 1« the dishwasher do the rat — xitomnictllv. Your dishes will be hygirairaMr and sparkling rfmn—with- out i trace of grease. DISPOSES OF «AIWASe—The-Disposal!, aesipwl far ready installation in the G-E Eleark Sink, ihreds 'ill rood waste, and flushes it down the drain. You can ititfct about garbage cans and garbage rxion becauM food waM* i» d» ooaed of while k U still fyetiu Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. r of all 'Ayes Y OU look over those long, clean lines, free and flowing as the wind —and you say "Aye!" to that. You slip behind the ready wheel, settle yourself in deep, soft cushions —and once more the "Ayes" have it. You finger the little buttons that run the door windows up or down, test out the control that at a touch positions the front seat for you—and those things win your nod. INow put foot to treadle. There's the quick answer of eight big Fireball cylinders, tossing down a challenge 4o go adventuring. Look over the top. A pull on a knob will swing it back out of the way- yet you find it tight and snug against the nippiest of November winds. Make a little test run, picking out roads not noted for their smoothness. They're ironed level by four coil springs, cushioned by Safety-Ride rims that get 25-lb. softness from standard 30-lb.-pressure tires. You test the wheel, the brakes, the room, the road-hugging steadiness. They all win "Ayes" as America's most wanted automobile shows why it is just that. Centered here are all the good things you, want in a car— including style that stands al! alone for sheer beauty and as a forecast of coming things. So why hold back? Be J as smart as those who've gone before you and get your order in, with or without a car to trade, soon as you can. ' > ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE A FINGER TOUCH — and the door window runs up or down automatically. Similar controls raise or lower tht lop and adjust th» front seof. —, When better automobiles are built BUICK will build them •k AIRFOK. FENDERS * FIREBALL POWER * ACCURITE CYUNDf* BORMS * SHENr ZONE «ODY MOUNTINGS + rUTIWBGHJ PISTONS it BUlCOli SWINGING * FUU-UNGIH JOKQUt-WK tHOVt * Pf*Mf-FWJM STKRWG * SAF(7r-ROE ttMS if SrtPON PARIONG BRAKE * OCEPHEX SEAT CUSHIONS * CURL-AROUND BUMPERS * TEN SMART MODELS * »OOY BV FISHER Tun« in HCHir J.' al NeSvorfc, Mondays end Frldoyt LANGSTON-WROTEN (0. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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