Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1895
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER THIS WEEK ON WHITE GOODS Toweling and Lace Curtains.beau tiful Diiuity ami Nausook for the comiu K se» h on. Best value in Towels ever offered, and LH.BB Curtains at unheard of prices. The pattern are entirely new, nnd chalky cannot be beaitn. p a AUo a hanviso'i'6 assortment Of Htr'iit-d m.d JotK-d Swipes for curtains arid sash doors. Pnblbhed every day In the week {except Monday, t,i the LosiflSPOBT JOOHNAL to. fWCOKPORATltl). Losnnsport, Indiana. CAPITAL ___ $200,000 J. .F. ,J..i.H«,N, Pl'-KS. H.T. HKiT . W. CM.™-- . VICK John*™ 3. W. CII.TJ. J' W. 11. Elliott. W.H.S»KI«r. . Elliott. Bay and soil Gov-rnmont Bonds. Loan mouev on personal SHCtiritj ana colln-temlH. Iwue npf-cial cer- tlfluatus of deposit r,eH.riu;,' » ner cuni when loft one your; 2 pir cent p«i annum wh.sn (k'portited 0 months. Bores lu Safet> Deoosit Vaults of thl« bank for the deposit of deeds, InHunuicP polieinH, mortgages und !K v,ti;.Hbl,*, reat«d at, Iron; *•' to 41'"! P<-r yw ___ _ HOYT'S Sura Cure for Piles. DAILY JOURNAL W. S WRIGHT A, HABDY C. W. GRATES B. BOYEK PRESIDKNT. VIOI SlGBETAKT. pplee per Annum price per Month W. 3. WllHlMT, C. W. GltAYKS, S8.OO BO 1C Editor Bnsimss THE OvnciAj. PAPKB OF THB CITT [Altered as .lecgnd-clusfl matter at tha Lo K an8- nort /oitt OUlce, Kubianry 8. !&»• I D. 3. MlHIiri. For Sole by BcnFlslier. lake Erie & Western, I'i<ru Union Station, ..sowto points In the United luuudu. SOUTH. Arrive Depart.^ ft^fflsz 1 ^*™ vl5s l £ |SSffl#—?*5S XOttTII.I Arrlva. Depivrt D Dul'.y d. pt Snndsiy, ruSumlivys. Hii. ns Mo:»iw, TuesiUiy, TtuicsUw and iSutur- S-Btu, I.ulliiia. C. V. UA u5, KD, ' The Ideal Wheel. Take pts-urp and Joy as you pass along; tiive n ipplmvis to clillslren and wile A bicycle makes lite one glad song, Call ami see The Eagle. Spaldiug, Royal «>nl WiQtoa bicycle. The lightest in] weight and running, there'si uothins? boats theiu. BURGMAN CYCLE CO. Headquarters o!! tb* Blcjclo Jlessensor Service PHOSE 80. WANTED. Lock Draper P. WEDNESDAY M011N1NO. MARCH 20 Highest of all in Leavening P'owet— Latest U. S. Gov»t Report Baking Powder Trip. dUaotrous effect of like Gorman- Wllsnn tariff on farmon-i, causing losses on wheat corn. wcol. hogs, etc., ba.s been comtnentkd upon by the Journal. Thut cluiry product have also beu-u made lu*a valuable owing to the great decrensu in tbe asporti of butter ar-d cheese is proved by ibe following from lha last issue of tho American Econo- CULVER ACADEMY. A Xew and. llnudcome IIiu>-< to be Built at Once. Indianapolis New?: Sinnn tb«s burn ing of toe Culver Military .v.«ierny at Marmont, Lake Maxinkutnee, ba» been busy preparing plan- for new bullditrgs The pli'-ns we/o finally Hgreeti uuon &nd approved by Mr. Culver, and now tho ground baa been broken and the building v^illbe pro- cceded with. Tne new buildiojr will cot be on the site of tho old on». I', is will ba one-s:ory cloisters. Oo the right will be'vbo private apartments of the principal and faculty, on the left will be the senior rooms and the junior roams will be SL". the back. Tne lower floor all around except, the front, will be given up to ihe lecture aad class rooms. The rooms are to be in SBlB of two for each iiuceat. Each boy will have H. private bedroom and a study. The dialcg-hall, laundry uni kitchen will be in another building. The contract calls /or one half of the building i.u hf lituebed by September At thai time there will bs accommodu- Home Testimonials. Recovering; From Cons-amp- 1 Tried tion in South Bend, Ind. I have consumption: nxve Nwn sick over a year: haw trt™ m^iifliKS tliiit "> >' *' w «''"' Ui«> pe*i on eVrtl, iind eniplojed two or ll,-h<»i p'^'" 8 in lliis city, but witnout any Iwielit: ». * 8™"" aMycrowtniiweaKor. cousatKl nil day Mi»l n't"' and vom Wd nearly evenUH K 1 at-. .....l »us dizzy when t stood up m.iU I IVMUI treattcent wuh Dr. & Cluj Toda. at aB i.-TtU II ch«? " M.. South Bend. Ind .January •-••>. IS'-'.""' 1 ' l ™ £, (diced to sari tim eri'.'itly lwi'*lH«i In e\«T) rv i"ect and c»n se^. Uiht 1 am K«ni»S ixiterevrrj da* ana i cau now sl^i M Mfcht an.; ^P my food down, ami my skin is clrarer and 1 am itft- UassaonKer every u^. 617 N.Emeri k Si.. S i Ui-iid. Ind. Better in Eight Days. I am treatlr ^ xvm. Dr. =-. Ol«y Ton,! -\« nori i Mlclituil street. S'III-H -lauary -1. and :im S«seJio Wlhat tin- Liotiilna in ni> Momac j Is hHlierhlidlean br--aihe beit.T: ( f' l ' ir> IV xvltll Dr. j. CI,o Tod,! 1 <°<MI™M •' t) " lll J-ui '*' Bend. Hid. Them AJ1 Without Help. I bad bladd«r and kidwy troubles, rtc.. and stiff* «i dreadfully. Havobwnnndertlie trest- irriu ot Dr. .S Clay Todd slnw Jim. 12 and am utaned io siiy much Iwiwr mid Have less burnlnt; In mv limbs and t«>t. H D - *'«^H*«Jail. 20. ISMa. ]S T o Nerve Stimulants. nr < Cwv Tortd does lint use rwrve stimulants. 4iiHi •!« -n-chnlne pvo.-lilmte*. mix vomlca. J« rlcltv o"lQort' £>cause there Is reaction to h^ fle V of ml nem> sUim.lam* ami n-ryou* e- aotlons art' In themselves forms of dbeasa that ure moaldltUculi to wiueoj'. No Nerve Depressants, No Nervines. —•• Full* 'Worn ol .-very l.«tt physicians In order to curfa'iioi-vedlsfa.-eislven nervine or nerve, da ur-s ant. soi.!ftlili'..' l!«« .le>tro JS ^*"*™ iiiKi-r nr •* Oinv Torfd's remedies areUifferenl ThMX cur,' llHM'.Isw'isi! Of ILe nen'tf Without MlIDU- l;o.',du or ciri-w.-su "• Chicago. 1 or salesmen nt nnce. Enclose The Pacific KrtlniiiK Co., Cleve ..,„,. that tho markets of tho world are waiting anxiously to purchase our supplies ol farm products, it is well to let the farmer* know what enormous quantities of our butter they are purchasing under tho Gorman tariff. The groat iacrense in thia branch of our foreign trade can be seen from the fol lowing figures, showing our exports for the seven months ending January 31, 1895, as compared with the sevon months ending January 31, 1892, as follows: I3UTTKK AND CHEESE EXL'OBTS. Seven nionUi.^emlln^JinuHry^l. .892 t!53 w Si)., Ab'i'W- "liero is another Usiance where wb find that, with tho markets of tbe vorld wide open to us, our export trade of American products has fallen off, the shipments of butter during the seven months showing a decrease of 2 20-1 000 pounds and the shipments of American cheese showing a falling off of 4 51-1.000 pounds. The buyers of dairy products In foreign countries ist ha-re forgotten that our wall of Protection has been broken down, because we are hardly letting ourselves •ut to such advantage as the Free Traders promised tbe farmers when soliciting their votes before election. There is no theory about our duiry export trade. It is a condition that confronts American farmers—a oondi- lon of smaller exports under a Free Trade Tariff." AFTE?. many weeka of balloting by tho DdUwaro Legislature for a United Slates Senator without change the deadlock was yesterday broken, and 't Is likely that a selection will soon be nade. ' The supporters -of Anthony Slgglns, whoae term as Senator ex- plred with tho,last Congress, yesterday with but a single exception deserted him and caat their ballots for a dark horse. It is probable that Addicke, the other leading candidate, will lose Dome of his votes and a new man be chosen. It IB full time that this protracted contest was at an end. Anthony Hlggini was a creditable representative of Delaware In the Senate, but the state has other Republicans who would do her credit In the same capacity. COPIES of the new fee and salary law are In demand now, very few county officers being familiar with tbe contents. It gives treasurers..* per cent, on delinquent collections and sheriffs the fees on business sent from outside the count j. Boy ood this thor e are no fees. The salaries are more fairly divided than under the former salary law, and the law as a whole is decided improvement over the law of 1331. SENATOR MORGAN of Alabama, chairman of tho foreign relations com- rntttee, favors the annexation of Cuba, He said to a reporter one day this week; "I have always been a Cuban innex&Uonlst. I am in favor of pur. chasing tho island or of any other just method of acquiring it from Spuln. It, Is an important island for the United States." A SEW TOKK town has just re elected to the thirty-first consecutive term as Justice of the Peace, one James Doolittle who, it is said, in all the years that he has occupied the office, has never had a trial. BUILDINGS FOR CULVER ACADEMY to be moved further around the lake, nearer to the cottage owned by Mr. Culver. There will be no more wooden buildings. The n D w academy is to be of brick and aione, und will resemble, when completed one of the colleges of Oxford University. Indeed, the principal idea of the new building is taken wholly from Magdalen College. It is to be built in the form of an tions for;ninety students. When the buUdlng'is Bnished 150 pupile can be laken. TDe building completed is to _ost about $200 000. It will be built entirely by Mr. Culver. •Mr. Culver has also given his house on tbe lake for academic purposes. His idea is to have a girls' seminary started there. The girls' school will probably be put in charge of a lady from Bnatoo, wbo will be asked to give The Thimble Club met at the real, denca of Mrs. John Blarkley yesterday afternoon. The home of Hugh Smith on the corner of Heath and Bates streets is being remodeled. The funeral of Miai Mary. Mackln' will occur today at 9 a m., from St. Bridget's church. Mr. and Mrs. James Hanson of High street entertained a'small company of friends laet night. William Smith, living four miles west of town, entertained the Bridge City drum corps at his sugar camp Tuesday night. A pound party,was given Monday night In honor of the Rev. 7,. I. Z-s ohiel of the Evangelical church. The offerings were numerous. Thomas "(Skinny") Welch, has been arrested for an alleged assault on Michael Fahlbush, jr., and will bo tried this afternoon at 2 o'clock by 'Squire David Laing. The young son of Mr. and Mra. J. H, Williams, whose condition on account of injuries received has been very critical, has In the last few days shown marked signs of Improvement, and In a short time will probably be restored to health again. There was a good attendance last night at the "package social" at the residence of H. J. Helt- brlnk, on the corner of Twelfth and H'gh streets. The social was given by the Building society of the English Lutheran church. A good crowd was present at the social given at the Association room* by the L. A. of the Railroad Y. M. <J. A. last night. Judge D. P. Baldwin's talk on • -How to Become Rich" was heard with pleasure and profit. The social feature of the association work is not the least of those that have brought about its great success. Mothers of Ailing D»nj;htfr>. Every woman above 15 years of age should read the book "Advice to Mothers Concerning Disease of Women and Children." published by the Zoa-Phora Medicine- Company. Send to the secretary of the company, H Colman, Kulamazoo, Mich., or ask your druegist for a copy. Sold by B. F. Reesling and Coulson& Co, »w W»verl»'« {•••tmaater. A new postmaster wad mpp« inted yesterday for Mew Waverly. 9. N. Paiton secured the plum. for Vale." ' Three grocerie* and meat market*. Inquire of :. v;.; :^;- JL.;' No Cure, No Pay! itX DAYS ONLY IN LOGA^SPORT!, We Have tho Boeumenw to provo lh*i Zoa-Pbora stands at tbe head as a remedy for all complaints peculiar to girls and women. Modest ladies will not let their testimony be published in newspapers, but we mail in sealed leiters to ladles who request t. Zoa-Pbora Medicine Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. Tandalia Line I^»v Rate Fx<Mii>JonB, Aprtl S«l. »«•<! SOth, 1 «»•">• On April 2d and 30ih, 1895, the Vandalia line will sail excursion tickets to points in the South and South- eaet at OSB FAKE ROUND TUIF. In addition to the above, round trip tickets will be sold tc points in Arkan sas and Texas on April 2d, at rate of one fare plus $2. Liberal limits and stop-over privileges allowed. For full particulars call on or address any Vandalia line ticket agent, or W. F unnor, Assistant General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. THEY LOVE "THE THEATER. n»T»na ReilcleniK. Though F«w, Support Grand Opera for Month! »t » Tim* One of the oddest places In Havana is the theater. Here, as elsewhere, the men and women are seated apart. In some of them, at the end of each, act the house is emptied, and patrons arc compelled to purchase a ticket for every act of the performance. It is a sort of seeing the show on the European plan. In connection with the theater, however, it is worthy to note that, Havana is probably the only city of a little over a quarter of a million population on this continent thnt supports comic and grand opera ior consecutive months, with scats selling- ^or three dollars and upward, says the Eos- ton Transcript. The home of opera is the Tacon theater, which was erected in 1S37 at a cost of four hundred thousand dollars, since which time more than thirty-five thousand dollars uas been expended at different times in rc- pairin"- it. There are fourteen exits, and the seating capacity is said to be four thousand two hundred and fiity. \ visit to this house on an evening- when some favorite prima donna is to appear is one long to bo remembered. TlicrCrab" B* a f Jftiicrman. The crab sometimes catches a fish, and it catches it without hook and line. It lies in wait, perhaps in some creek, with its claws extender! in front, and oncn Perhaps a sell col of IriUiescomes alonjr. and it may be thatakillic on the outskirts of the school may swim unsuspectingly along through the clear water between the upper and lower parts of one of the motionless open claws of the crab. When it is well within them the claw snaps suddenly tog-ether and that particular killie goes no further. STonoy Com*a. Since the organization of our mint in _- nn •** ^_ ' • :_'X;4 rt * i^tljl 41 filfll dAS •'• PROF S. CLAY TODD, M, D. The Famous Nerve Special.^ of Graud Rapid,, Mich., Rooms 01 and 70 be at Murdock Hotel. Logansport, Indiana. From Wedr.es lay March 20 to Tuesday March 2G. My Charges are Moderate, ^nd safe to patients, for if you do not B et well you have nothing to pay " . Office hoars-J a jn to 8 p m. Sunday all but ebnrcb hours. Remember this! You are not to pay me one cent for my eervices until ai x months after having laken the last doae and call yourself well as I do want anything for nothing. If you c: ln nol be cured, 1 will tell you so. medtdn^ are Root, and Serb, and B.rks, used by the Indians in South Am*, ica and Ea^t Indies, where the professor spent many years in successful pr.c- tloe As these Indian medicines cannot be ob-.ainod in the drug stores the y miiBt bo ob-aloed of hlmssir, which- caa b 3 done at a reasonable charge. Scrofula OWSore,, Consumption, Fits, Nervous Debility, Dyspepsia. Koarln* in the Head, Belching of Wind. Impotence, all-diseases resulting from e»rly lodlscretions and excesses of manhood, Neuralgia Deformities of Child™ Catarrh Pa.alvsls,SaH Rheum. Diabetes. Brigbt's Disease, Goitre (big neck). Sa'net Rheumailsm. Liver, Kidney, and Spine Disease, Stl9 Joints and De- A UP a.lft Pomolfllnts &nd Irregularities, and a-11 Chronic l^ii* I^M Ca're" Consultation free and confidential. Medicine, sent every wher Home Testimonial-Gained 13 Pounds in 3 Weeks. I had consumption (cough, raised yellow phlegm, night sweats, and got no permanent help from physician) and could not eat anything. f™*"£^ 1 weighed 123 pounds. Nov. 3, I began treatment with Dr. S. Clay Todd at fhe Columbia hotel., Elkhart, Indiana. Sow I begin to weigh 136 pound, and eat three good meals every day, and feel Srst rate.^ ^^ Elkbart. Ind., Nov. 25, 189-J. Piles Cured for a South Dakota Man. Dr « Clar Todd had » p.'iilerit last wefk iifl^r- inn f'rnm Se bile." He In") been a w •-« a« ," g /o' "«" prtndMs Hotels foi.sullli- K :M t^ sur«on«»f Sooth Bend and wfa T bl> 109 Washington street. - zr.c tmalr ^n'«l to cut oC a oor, is mt stint-. Dm on consultlne Pr. S. C ^y Something Worth Beading.— No Humbug, No Miracle- I <;e<> my-fir in d'W bound, ard I owe to homanl IT io""l r ssiffwe.r myself In this Journal. I have , sirffcmAlxyarswlil) chronic caurrli. I Have trieo the be-i medical trwument In both Ul st;it£ aiid oiilo ud could llud i»o 7-eli**r. 1 3in nnw irilne »r. S. Clay Twin at present, M JUS Norm V.k-hlL'an street, this dtj. 1 can i-ay ihat I lly cur«J in debt <!ars. or itils <Jrwid tt«wr..CIay T<vld. Se doctor's boiine t s is Increasing so rapxll}. Consumption-Feeovering in South Bend. Iba-lconsuciciionofibfl lungs two rears; abscess on -Jir lones tbe doctors Sere said, i ons&nt pains in i.np, auo.t^art. also c<i»rrb very bad indeed; pains In nose, forrii-ad ano back of nead a "d nose sore all the Time. b^K-n t eatin-nt wUnDr• S ciayT<xlo,»iNoihMlcblann street. =omi iB*DO. Jan. 30. and bcc-an W get BKtrr 1m- m«Jinti>lj and urn todaj February o, very njucb better lantta. and aw glad DOB thai I did not co to California at -me or the tbre<- doctors, who Iran t*ll by my ctoitang irr^i^u me. rtu.jj--^. » --.* that I am getting fleihler. Jan. 30,1895. am ji'mob u . fui dkvuse- Tnonsand tlianhs w Dr. S. 'Clay Todd AJIIIAXAS HANAUKR, 3C2 Kurtli Michigan blreet, Feb. -4. 1S95. Soulh Bend, Ind, Catarrh. Tjnv -vreher. tbe crt&t evangelist, recoverfnic from .iurciidfu; case of catarrh, lie bas bten * sreat SGU*KT: Dr. S. Clay Todd. llv ucar Biviber;-! do tellevc that roedldne i ynuis wiU cure v ,\ camrrlj. I am b-Uer uowU . Yours liiJeso.', car* of J. H. WEBIK. Since the organization ol our mint tn w«ww«-«. : 1793 it has coined of gold $1,C13,405,-. p erma nent addr*«i, Dr. S. Clay Todd, P ;r^^;^H^;^,pss i ^ •„: .^,; ( , ; ,^ ,;',:^, Catarrh. Recovering in South Bend. I bad catarrb 15 rears, affecting my nose and errs terribly. I B»w **«n "ider l)r. S. Claj Todd'n ireainicnt since Jan. 22 and t m pleased to. .•ayllnjimiwofrointhe flnrt day and am now'S~ irnia.iiiK ™^*™ T - MBS. C. C. B^AHO.. • ; : ^O-Y-Iii-^^i^r 412 Wert DWrton 8U«t.: jan.30,l«95. South Bend, Ind. CROOKED LIMBS MADE STRAIGHT.

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