The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on February 17, 1951 · 14
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 14

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 17, 1951
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'AKDUMD. 70WM V 1 ' y 1 n HELEN HALL 'H.M.S. Pinafort" at Lido Heinz was in a pickle! "Who," we queried, "Pardon, WHOM have you for the Newspaper Frolic this year?" George Heinz, for the uninitiate, is the young man who directed the California Centennial's Commission for the past three years and is northern California's most prominent producer of shows. The Frolic is touchy subject with Georgie boy. Until his star is signed, scaled and ready for delivery, he's as loquacious as an Eskimo with lockjaw. But we persisted, knowing that Heinz had just returned from a five week pleasure and business trip (frolic -wise and other) to New York and Chicago. We were also aware that he had talked with Jack Benny, Danny Kavo fiinenr Roeers. Celeste Holm, Abe Burrows, Vivian Blaine and Janet Blair while in the East. About the Frolic? "Saw 'South Pacific In Chi and K W quoteth he, "Janet Blair does a much better Job than inary Martin Tnuntrv Girl is best show in Gotham. Charlotte Green wood's killine 'em in 'Out of This World.' Mike Todd's 'Peep Show' Isn't so hot. 'Guys and Dolls' Is great." We're persistent, remember? "Now about our Frolic star?" "Know what my biggest thrill was? Meeting the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. What nice people. Night club business in the East stinks." Persistence, you see, pays off! So in a week or two or three, when his Frolic star is signed, sealed, etc.. we'll know who wLom he s..c - is! & GAB'N'GOSSIP ... a "Lucky" boyby for the Larry Chings Tues day at Stanford Hospital. Stork said "Boiinngggg!" at 7:11 a. m. Pop's Sinatra of Shanghai Club ... a boy also for the Jimmy Amos.' Mom's Mary Mammon, ex F'bidden Citv chorine . . . who is the stunning blonde sitting ring side night after-night at Sinaloa? Pays no heed to the floor show until handsome Saul Martinez sins THEN! . . . Billy Eckstlne and Joe Louis promised Connie Jordan and Leomine Gray they d attend the Sunday afternoon jam session at the Say When tomor row. . . . Wanda and Ray Goman, the Gay 90's kids, have a new "chee-ild," a talking Mynah bird. Their 'family' consists of a litter of hamsters and a Mynah bird. Now about a Goman Junior? . . . satirist Ray Bourbon, at the Gold Coast, has been offered leading role in Lee Shubert's "Crinoline Girl," set for NY in Sept. COLLETTE LYONS, now touring the service renters in Europe, is wowing the boys with a ditty titled "I'm The Toast Of The Boys At The Post." It was written by Lestra La Monte, Finocchio's show produeer. . . . The Yachtsmen, packing-em-in at Duke and Larry's, picked their title when they went "sailing" on the General Frank Cox, bay pleasure boat! . . . Rusty Draper, who's pretty good on TeeYee and at the Rumpus Room, is a fan! Early most every eve, Rusty dashes into the Burma Club, listens to the Four Aces, then hies out Geary way for his RR chores. Thinks the poker-titles are wonderful! . . . Newsman Johnny Singleton makes his vaude bow next week end at Downtown Theater. THIS we gotta see! Andy "I'll Try Anthing Once" Wong starts his complete-operetta-in a-nitery idea Thursday. Opener is "H.M.S. Pinafore" with Helen Hall starring. . . . Eddie "Bozo" Miller, the Oakland "Diamond Jim Brady," made one of his infrequent expeditions on this side, at the Beige Room. Check for his party, $10. In the old days, he usta tip the hatcheck girl that much! . . . According to a national trade magazine, Lucca dinery sold more wine last year than any restaurant in the country. Headman Pierino Gavello buys it by the carload! v v MUSICAL NOTES . . . Shirley Coriett's inked Larry Darnell, sensational new Eastern singer, for a March 2 opening at Long-bar Showboat. . . , Due Friday ; Len Clancy's Club Hollywood, on Mission, "Ella And Her Fellas," new musicrew. . . . The Playboys, with Bob Brittan's pianoing, new dance tune outfit at Cafe El Portal. , . . Most earable thing in town Eddy Howard's dance music-songs in St. Francis Mural Room. . . . The Four Freshmen are catching on at Fack's. George ndros has tied them to a string of options so-oo long. . . , Kim Kimmel, the organ wiz, opens at Reno's Bar Of Music Friday. . . . Blackhawk's music fare is tough to top. Benny Carter, the "Mr. Whom" of the sax, and his quintet and the Dave Brubeck Trio, tha's all! . . . Don Johnson Trio in at Paul's Village, over in Richmond. . . . Jimmy Nelson's new "scat" singer at Longbar Showboat. . . . Bob Robinson, one of the 365's Redheads, is a Godfrey Talent winner. This trio of musical carrottops are proving a riot at Bimbo's. THE NEW SHOWS ... the zany Wiere Brothers opened Tuesday at the Mark Hopkins. Their tomfoolery is refreshing, well worth a Nob Hill visit . . . over at Aca pul co, Zarco and Delris head Freddy Mottle's new revue. They're the team that taught An thony "Valentino" Dexter how to tango. Spectacular seems to fit them. Bobby Garay emcees-sings smoothly; pretty Gloria Fadilla dances; Picante's Rhumba Band bat out the show-dance tunes veddy well . . . SCENES ... Ed niond O'Brien, Alexis Smith and Joseph Calleia getting all the eye tention at Alfred's ... at Cable Car Village, the curvey 'conductorettes' atwitter as Wil liam Holden "He's so hand some!" spends the eve listening to music of Lewis and Sanchez. A ba& r A m n: : ...J BENNY CARTER Sax King and Quintet at Blackhawk . . . Yvonne Giuntoli and family the Pop part is 365's Bimbo-celebrating her 19th birthday at La Scala. . , . Balalaika's Spyros Stamos dedicating his Gypsy airs to Elena Nlckolaide, the famed soprano. & First anniversary Wednesday for Wilbur Stump and Joe Payton at Blue Note . . . and a happy ninth anniv to comedian Frank Payne and his Madonna, Wednesday. . . . DiMaggio's, on Fish'man's Wharf, making bid for dining trade with a "No floor show-no dancing-no 20 tax" slogan . comes the sunny weather, comes El Nido Rancho's Sunday ayem breakfasts swimming parties, over Lafayette way. Yippee! Come on Sol J ... Coffee Dan's will be open every eve for the late crowd hence forward, with comic Rick Conway topping the talent . . . TOPS IN TOWN . subtle (?) songs of Carroll Davis at the Chi Chi Club . . . pheasant- chicken at Domino Club . . . su perb dancing of Toy and Wing at Forbidden City . . . Chinese food at Mei Ling House on Sutter . Windy Abernathy's organing at Misson's Surf Club ... and that's IT. See you next week. COFFEE DAN'S "S.F.'i Famous Landmark" NOW OPEN EVERY NIGHT FROM II PM to 6 AM new show starring RICK CONWAY Hollywood's Fvoriti Comedian Varnadine Gala Batty Ann Cloyd Casay Pit O'Garrin Charlia Jonai Eddit Liggini it piano HAH 'N' EGGS STEAKS CHICKEN A LA KING 430 MASON ABOVE GEARY P THE SHOW OF SHOWS LEOMINE GRAY AND HER TRIO Plus 5 Knights of Rhythm JAM SESSION Sunday From 3 P. M. OPEN EVERY MITE! CONNIE JORDAN Bonnclng lay of Sonq t-kmr J n' hi t ain mm. I I " " 1 POLICEMAN'S CRASH PROBED An investigation was under way yesterday to determine why no citation was issued in an Oakland accident involving an Emeryville policeman Thursday night. Investigators also want to know why an off-duty highway patrolman took the Emeryville policeman from the accident scene, gave him some coffee, and took him to a hospital forty-five minutes later. The Emeryville policeman is Leo Neuberger, 43, of 4318 Essex Street. His auto collided at Market Street and West MacArthur Boulevard with one driven by Jerome Hunt, 20, of 875 Fifty-fifth Street. Both men suffered minor knee injuries. A witness, William Holtsman, 4027 Lincoln Avenue, said Policeman Neuberger went through a red light. Allen W. Turner, a California Highway patrolman off-duty, who lives at 933C West MacArthur Boulevard, a block from the accident scene, and who knows Neuberger, heard the crash and ran out. He said Neuberger had been drinking, but was not drunk, and that he 'took him home to give him some coffee. Then he took him to Permanente Hospital. It was there that Oakland traffic policemen Richard F. Verwar and Vernon L. Peters met Neuberger and agreed that while he had been drinking he was not drunk. They gave no citations to anyone. Yesterday Oakland's chief of traffic inspectors, Wayne Petteys, said Neuberger would be served with a citation for failing to observe a red light with the notation that he had been drinking. Bar License Appea Montclair Residents To Fight Permit Attorneys for residents of the Montclair residential district of Oakland announced yesterday that they will file a petition for a writ of mandate in superior court, in an attempt to reverse a board of equalization ruling which approved operation of a bar in the area. The attorneys, Alan Lindsay and Darrell Edwards, said the petition will be filed within the next thirty days. The board in Sacramento on Thursday overrode protests from scores of home owners, who objected to a license given to A. J. and J. S. Flagg, former part owners of Tahoe Tavern. They plan the bar in connection with a restaurant at 2062 Mountain Boulevard in Montclair, The residential area, in the hills behind Piedmont, has a self contained business district with an off-sale liquor establishment. It has never had a bar, however. Northern and Central Califor nia householders will begin paying higher gas rates tomorrow. The raise of about 11.5 per cent will add 40 cents per month to the average bill. It will affect 1,030,000 P. G. & E. customers in thirty-five counties, including residential and commercial users. The increase is an interim one and will be effective until the California Public Utilites Commission acts on the P. G. & E.'s application for a permanent in crease of $18,158,000. If granted this would mean a 27 per cent in crease over present rates, of $1.20 for each customer. Tomorrow's increase is the third rate raise granted the company in the past fifteen months. It was foueht before the PUC bv the cites of San Francisco, Oak land, Vallejo, Carmel, and Alameda County and by San Joaauin Valley communites. The new rate will mean an ad- ZARCO & DeLORIS BOBBY GARAY LAVISH LATIN REVUE MEXICAN AND Dunrlnt from 8 AMERICAN lilt show 0 IMNNKRS Banquet momi I'KOM MX 25 to 250 Mottle's 4CAPULC0 Tunnel Strip la Lafayette Reservation Lafayetta 3711 CAFE LA RUE Ul SUTTER ST. Beautiful Atmosphere. Eicellent Food. Bottle of Wine FREE with Dinner. Open Sundays. LA SCALA S. F.'i Leading Italian Restaurant featOred on our dinner FRESH CRACKED CRAB Broiled fittuks Roast Beef Veal tscalopplne Marsala Medallion Tenderloin of Beef Boneleita Jumbo Squab Bluffed with. Wild Rice. Sauce Chateau Canpucelnoe and Cafe Eepreita BEST LUNCH IN TOWN! TUES. THRU FRI. $1.00 312 Columbus Av. EX. 2-0831 WE PARK YOUR CAR! SAN FRANCISCO'S FINEST FOOD SINCE 1907- ' -9 Mil V V3KILL - - - -CABLE CAR COCKTAIL LOUNGE Havt "HIGHBALL NITEFALL" 21 MAIDEN LANE "ASK ANY OLD TIMER" RATES IIP I ON San rtmrtaro Beamtarr 1 4 Saturday. Feb. 17, 1951 CCCC ditional $7,000,000 annually fof P. G. & E. A raise of $4,000,000 was granted In November 1949. Last March a raise of $8,800,000 was allowed. mm MEET ME AT 3 For LUNCH ind DINNER AFTER THEATER & SUPPER ENTERTAINMENT DANCING EVERY NIGHT INCLUDING SUNDAYS AT LOWER PRICES PRESENTS FOR LUCKY LADIES EVERY SUNDAY Special Attention Given to Large Social Affairs and Parties 50 OSGOOD PLACE off Broadway between Sansome and Montgomery DOugl.t 2-8375 I 5 1 l at . I YOUR GRANDFATHER'S FAVORITE COMEDIANS CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT FIRST SHOW t P. M. OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Sls MISSION'S MOST UNUSUAL COCKTAIL LOUNGE WINDY AIBERXATIIY AT HAMMOND ORGAN H0NTZ THE MUSICAL 2777 MISSION DOG NEAR 24TH STREET W ' VVi rl w x iit i mm v J m a THE MIKMA CLUB Is Holding the Best Hand In Town.' THE F4MJK ACES RUIIMA CLUIl Jnt"ua Entertainment ISO Goldfa Gale Aye. FAMOUS FOR MIRTH HKU H Operatic Entertainment n'telv COLORPUr, EUROPEAN ATMOSPHERE -COCKTAILS VISIT OUR BOCCE BALL COURT K22 ItllOtmVAY Sl llrr l-507 m YAMAT0 SUKIYAKI HOUSE OPEN AGAIN! 711 alilornia Nl, alllrr 1-9124 t,r HKOV DINNER feature Impnrtrd Klkii-Maamnme Sakr Wine , ;l IHM.Mi HIMIM I ATKK TO 1'KIVVHi f AUI IKM AM) BA.NUjlM (OMhKM'tl,, fHKM H A ITI.1 u belmcHcc OPEN EVERY DAY II A M. TO IS P H.-SUNDAYS AND Specialisin la HOLIDAYS 1 TO 10 PM.-LUNCHtON 11 A.M. TO 3:10 Charcoal Broiled P.M., $100 UP-DINNERS J to 10 P.M., f 1.40 to $ . Snake. Chopi COCKTAIL LOUNGE ALL BON DLL) LIQUORS 50c Private Banquet Roomi 330 Sutter St. Ph. SUtler 1-4262 a Salarin and Sea poodt MONA'S CANDLE LIGHT 73 Ireadwoy EX. 2-U23 featuring ,ia ,ia.ssi: kay kaiiol kay scott B SHOWS NKiHTLY OS THK HOl'R feTAHTINU :00 P. M. THEY'RE PACKING TIIEJI IV... W ('a S air ji m a 1 w . w m 'At -a Hi THOSR Sinr-SPLITTIXQ COMKDIANg clvii nnnr-is tUlSFD riKS. 487 BROADWAY Ml.. !0PS STEAKS-C! BAY CITY GRILL 4S TURK ST. OR. 34878 EW TIV0LI HRSTAI RANT S. ri 1 CHOICE FOR i.oiji;ts 4 PR1VATR ROOMS ACCOMMODATES IS TO ZOO 1434 Grant Avt. DO. 2-7023 its' IIa- ... cMMu KTAII I.Ol Nt.KS l:HTl MKNT P'.' I J- W-'Vl "-"1 IIM.K IIIKT float Star Frt Hart d'0itvre S f. 7 P.M. KEARNY and SUTTER 200 Svtttr St. II tl.l- IIVIIM M 41. I lK t ' me f- rff i ' ' -- S Iff iiT' AHHKM t SPEtlALIEIG 1.1 SIIISII Ki ll til iLhaLhbelll.lrurk LU.tM kTLAhs Enjoy Dinner TONITE AT THK IX JAIIDIJV Rrtaurant and Cocktail Loung Complete Dinner $1.70 VP With Freth Cracked Crabl ( HAKIOAI. HltOII.KI) FIMIII 26 CALIFORNIA bT. OA. 1-8578 set I Me Help rour husinfsi to grow. Ada Ilka tliii havt brouKbt raiulti . . . tha coat la low. Tel. SU. 1-2424 MR. RALPH W. BRILL 3:30 to l':IS and 1:30 to 8:30 Looking For Something Different? WE SUGGEST SUPERB DINNERS LA CASADORO In North leech 720 BROADWAY above Stockton JACK The Singing Bartender Operatic Arlat Starring MX OASTOM a VVONNE CHAVEAO a CHARLIE WHITE a NORMAN BENSON a MAKIO PEKO.M NO COVKIt OR MI.MMIM CHARGE Excerpti from Operas Wed., Then., Frl., Sat. Nlgnfi , , , i: jo re i .jo r. m. NO COVER CHARGE BEIGE ROOM New Location! Rroadwaj at Powell GA. 1-13.1 iivc Aii i dc rri i c M VUU TTII.U DC UULLJ 1A A CM AND GLAMOROl'S REVIC STARRING Jackie Gordon Featurlnr Mr. Laurio Knifht VIENI-VIENI 1313 STOCKTON ST. nr. B'way EX. 2-tflO LA FAVORITE S2S Pacific G A. 1-9.10 Exclusive French Cuisine Featuring Charcoal Broiled N. Y. Cut Steak Best Caesar Salad in Town TURK -POLK STS. fifatPR$-388 Unfit AVfea Cafe & Portal RV t.OI.DKN UKTK PARK COMPLETE DINNERS from 12 noon till 10 p. m. nmi to Thr FI.AVHOVS Mlhllr Ti C0CSJt l0UNJI $K- 1",51S t TH-rW Fulton at Bth Ave. rw arivala narklnr anar. Fminiil. l. . .h... 1 1 41 IA-t IIM IM.M AI, ijSLt 8 9 8 9 8 Ri-R "BIGGEST LITTLE PLACE IN THE WORLD" 8.8 8 8 8 811 8 8.; BROILED STEAKS J LACHHAWK 200 HYDE ST. NO COVER OR DOOR CHARGE Presents Greatest Musical Skew In See Francisco! America' l.rratet Kav Mar IIKMVY i:aiiti:ii iad HIS QUINTET WAVE iiitriti: k TRIO JAM SESSION EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON FROM 3 P. M. end DINNER ffm (he Fmmm$ Cmppmrrlmm Open Etory Dav trrpt tuna Contlnumia r ira H:30 A. M, len Moaaaji ta batanla nroaMicmn mt H-urn- no. 2-H2H BOOooOOOOOdanoft UE PARK 1QVR CAR 8 S8B8AtoOAAB ta t A. M. jj I nmily -n OO IHnnrr I 540 Pacific SU. 1-0081 l.M ATIO.! THK I V! MIVtTlOV l. KKTTI.F..1IK.T MQV! TOY & WING CHARLjElOW' V II V( t. MAKS m .m I.KtHt HI l. J hill hivlJi U lii I ,m nttul U. i 1 hk s:Ar .t mammw-e mm mM m m tw-f f i II TJkA lM I r M La mm-M avVaamaftfJlimr VA 1 & 1 W1 Mm A . Wm immm W I 1 i ' 01" itfBla? if irliJ CARROLL DAVIS A GREAT SHOW! Bob Hammi Lloyd For ftnr.r Star -At tha Hammond nrr. in ri mohti I Tht Dwight Fiskt of 0 Wt4 Cotst ANDY MAREFOS- QLUB CHI CHI 447 dw.y. DO. 2 4 TnUJCD P A C C i; Ave. Full Ceerse Italloe Dinners Week Days Senders and Holidays ln f1, KiiwMrt Arrwnimfflsitin. nek t nil IMifign. ( n4 Mm.Aym pippi( HoIiJii Tony and MARIO'S S48 GREEN ST. ItrTMtrN l,Ktr AVO (TOt KTO FOR FINE FOOD SERYED RIGHT RESERVATIONS GA. 1-iffl "THE YACHTSMEN" Doncinq-Shows-No Cover Chg...645 VALENCIA DUKE & LARRY'S KRKM h PARIS It ESTAIJ RANT 242 0'Farnll St. Phont SU. 1-9436 'Dine on the Sidewalk of Paris' Lunch 80 o7 Course Dinner SI. 69 ttaaaurt Room Avallahla (or Larsa or Mnall fartiea "World Famous for Sinlina Steaks" KISIIKHM AN'H WHARF t HH MOMItU - , i .,.- I. I,, ,-i . Broiled Steaks it Lynch I Dinnef risliormou's Wlmrf Jna A Hot a. Mir. OPPOSITI PIER 4SA PRospect S-7J49 ; Pishernen's Grotto Jiff piaCS WtT nviwnirii, ' " v Whrr rm fpr u4 towr dJif room M. GERALDI 4 SONS No. 9 Fishermen's Wharf ta, i HEW JOE'S 5IA HRIIT IMITATED. BUT NEYER EQUALED Established If2l St AfrillatrO ilk Aar Mrr Rntaaraal i hmim:m ti, i iik. It K II AN A.AHt Hit A A Bit of Old San Francisco ERNIE'S fwo foe XMtMoQ-Sf'fJ'fJfSf:: i I mmnmm v; . p 1 w-j7Tt Ih CrIB IKST W 518 3 HA fj W''J'. ,f Q ft fixity I IgnehioR S47 Montgomery Street Cocktails Dinner Sut See lla Ma'krmHna EXbreoh 2-fl44 MARGE KNAPPENBERGER... invites yon to enjoy Breokfost Laach Dinner Daacino, ot Rustic, Western EL HIDQ RflHCHQA; IMM-; nu aw v 4 HHI M amf nir i tom Since lloS Tht Ptnintuli'i Fivoriti Dining Findmooi SVPERB CUISINE StlXUIST RlMtW A I III.ARI T. i yogi's AUI. RrwiM. Rn tl o .Wl aa MartinrW lark t lti Catherine ROONEY Z OPtN Fvr PAT PTR H.NCH-lilMSt-NirK8 tfiata 0'e Stoo aoi Bar tor Partita a" Bnauet ?l TRINITY Pt.. i-P HI W TTIR fX J-JS I tnis:s- INIWITUWX TfT'V 1 I W.el-i'lil.'Li.l IJ.J llMiJ P:j"l DINNERS PRO -M.85 DINNER IN THE OLD WORLD TRADITION GYPSY MUSIC from o.JO DANCING from 10 No Cover Che,. Mm tin i, iis ri itihi it. t:ni i mi it ST J II U FN ?wr 2 y;zr,?yy7?7syz f IMh imiu II oil N m t

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