The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 2
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MOB TWO BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS GOP Candidates Hit Money Policy V«to o* Of A PrapoMl For ExtaiiiM ColUd Blunder Body Tossed Overboard to Get Rid Df Sharks Trailing Survivors' Raft five-man crew. •f IANIM3* •. BXUN • , : *tlWr. l»- (UP) — — Thi i<*nlifl»th»Uon-» economic pollcta *w» voter new (In y«- twdajr from' t»o ~a*owed candidate* lor tht i IMnftHrM • tutfajenUal . DO- •HmMmij Harold K Stautn and Oen. Robert •*£ *»&; ;•• '- - '; •• BtuMh laid ppttldent Trumaii's veto*. SPA extension bill last ye»r wu • larf«lj r*aponalble - for eurnat toirtnt i prtoe*. That veto, he nid, Wa« >th«'treat«rt economic blunder In Uit'hitiory of our country." '»•-.•'.'•'"''• Taft, wbo Uchalfman of the Sea- ate OOP. PoMey. Committee, charged that there' !• Dp, single official in ttte administration .who takes an "overall look »t Hw price, problem." He propoeed 'that '.. Mr. Truman make one man respotialbl* (or co- ordinatinf all ^ policies, affecting prices. ..' ' '/.••••' .'.',' Both Staoeri apd Taft urged •tabliahment of cbnaumer credit eontroU 'wh'ich expired ' Nov. 1 The former Minnesota 1 governor THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1947 r BY RANK EIDGE (Vattt* Pr«M Staff KXY W*8T, FU., Nov. 11. (UP) —A reacued *eaman, lone survivor of a wrecked ship, Mid here today, how- the body of a dead ship'* cook we* .thrown, over the tide to get rid of man-eating sharks during two' harrowing days on an improvised life-raft. \- -.. ••'"';.' Dent'on O. Ebanks, . J6-ye«x-old fuvl mate on the motouhlp Louize J., said the cook's body appeased .the (harks and they disappeared just a few hours before his makeshift raft broke to pieces. • The seaman, who said he was from West Bay, Grand Cayman Island In the -British West. Indite, was picked up late Tuesday about 30 mile* off Key West by the liberty ship Oliver Loving. Navy and boast puard boats and planes still searched vainly today for the rest ; of the sunkei snip's Ebanlu, recovering In a hospital here from severe sunburn and exposure, told of the last cruise of the M.-tpn freighter. About a day out of Miami, headed- for HavtnaVCuba, she ran into a' storm Sunday night, Eubanks said.' Heavy" machinery on deck broke' loose/ crushing the ship's only life raft and finally i.maihinj a hole' In the side. When she began to cink, Capl.- Randolph Sodden, also, of .Grand Cayman Island, told the crew to "jump fpr It." included this proposal In' his six- point program for aiding western Europe ind at the same time reducing food and clothing prices at home. . ' He also called for wage Increases for white collar workers, support for th e voluntary food-saving program, and a'"vigorous" government drive against monopolies, hoarding and profiteering. Ebanks skid the captain went over the side but."I-think spine maonln- ery hit him and we never saw him again."; ',•.'<•'. Ebanks and the other three crewmen lashed' a hatch coyer to a ladder to make a life-raft and also went over the side as the ship went down, They had no food or water, the mate said. The other three crewmen were all Cubans, listed by the ship's Miami Seamen Rene A, Sabatela, 25; Carlos Caballero. and a cook known as "Juan.',' Six Shirks Follow They drifted all night and when day broke Mondny they saw six sharks following Iheir flimsy raft. The largest was about seven feet long, Ebanks said. "A ship passed us pretty clow on Monday night," Ebank* aald, "but apparently they didn't *ee u* and went on by." The sharks kept trailing the rait. About that time Juan went "out of hU bead." JUxank* caid th* cook knew no English but one of the sailor* laid he was talking non*en*e. "about an hour after the ship pasted a broad |rln broke over Juan'n face. What a look—I'll never forget it. Then he said something In Spanish and hU 'head dropped on hi* cheet. We knew he was dead." Eoanks'said the' shark* were'stilt with them Tueiday morning when they slipped Juan's body over the side with piayers (or him and themselves. : " "After that we never uw Juan or the shark* any more," the mate said. ••-'•. A few hours luier the ra(t began breaking up and Elunltc told how the Cuban .seamen attached themselves to logs drifting by. He said he clung to the remains of the raft and drifted away from the Cuban*. ' • . Thai evening Etanks said another, ship passed so close "that I s»w a inan'biil I didn't know If he saw me." "I began to pray but It looked (AS. Aid Kills Initiative of Communities NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 13. CUP) —U. 8, Rep. bte> Kefauvrr, D.. Tenn., today warned cities not to let Increaeed aid from Uie federal government kill their own community Initiative. He .spoke -at a luncheon meeting of Die National Municipal league. Kefauver, In a talk on "Cities and Congress," took the position that If live city ind federal government are both able to handle a particular job the pity »hould ije the one to do it. . Kefauver described the "let's wall Jim Brown's NOVEMBER SPECIALS Value! Savings! Slatw Surfaced, Asphalt Armour Coat ROOFING 90-lb. Roll E-Con-O-Me Roof SAVE R Size Asphalt Dreadnought ROOFING 55 Ib. nio Only / High Quality 3-IN-1 SHINGLES Per Sq- Brick Effect SIDING nac 105 Ib. I 85 PerSq. Point Edge ROOFING 105 ib. PerSq. COAL HEATERS 4995 Cist Iron Pot COAL HEATERS Brick Lined Firt Pot 3995 **£ C&) BJythevill* Phon«584 like she would pass me by. Finally I saw her turn around and come back and I knew'God answered my prayer." He said "after about an hour that seemed like eternity" he n taken aboard the freighter. The Two CUban seamen and their floating log had disappeared, he laid. or Uncle BUB" attltuoe as an "un- lealthy trend." More than 100 fed>••! agencie* are not concerned wltji nunicipal activities, he said. However, Ketauver, who has announced as a candidate for the Senate next year, said housing is * 'primary example of a problem requiring federal aid." He scored Republican action that he said weak- ined housing measures and rent control. Kefauver said greater aid for veterans Is 'needed. PROMPTLY rdfem surface CQHGESnONof CHEST COIDS l Tract l_ •UtOM MUSTEROlt Firemen Make Run A slioi't circuit in wiling und«r (he dashboard did only minor damage to a car belonging to W. E. Justus at 1411 West A»h thii morning. Only about two Inches ol the -•* nh*. MrtM efMONTItr. FEMALE COMPUIHTS Arc you troubled by dUtr««c of ftmale) functional periodic dliturfe* •nce«? Doei thl* znmk« you luffw from p*lu, reel to runout. Ur«d— at iuch tlmei? Then &o try Lpdifc K Plnkbun'a Vegetabl« Compound to rell«T* Buch tymptom*. 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