The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1947
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1947 JLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER Classified Advertisements For Sab, Misc. .Studio uprl«bt plane. C»ll Z780. 1 -' - ••• ' . llll.plt-l 400 wncret« block*. IJo Mch oh»» •llsht, Phnm 1SW. . r .- •-.,'. UllO-Dk-llll? One JO'/cubic foot d«_ 'IgerMlon boi. «ns cull. Southern Ice Cream -Co. ' 400 West Ash _H«/p Wanted, Malt A. a. Racinicfc. placed & \Vuut Ad m small (own newspaper fur a watch- tuaH*r, it waj «n«wered l>y » mau amed Richarei W, Bears. Thl* wa* lie modest be^lnnluK of the p*r- smii ol Sears-KoeUitck, which 10- wncts ovtr 115.000.000 (or th« haa* or newspaper advertising i chm cabinet: household Telephone room/ bed room '>ul.t»: kil- coolc Btove and otlier 1«- 'Apt. 112, A'.r Bale. In Black coin purse contain Injr watch 2362. or near Poftt Office. Phone 802 _. _ iilii-pk-14 One Butane gaa tank 1000 gallon nee used only one season, one Butane IU tank 450 gallon slue, new, will sell al blK discount. Tom Little Realty Co Phone »»t, • lllll-ck-18 TarptuHne. all popular sizes. Best prices, ull or trade. Slbert Huffman'a »*ap Shop. Complete Cherry. home rurnUhluK*. 100 W lllll-pk-14 One Super-Ftx on heater, l milo- mfitlc oil hot water neuter. Both at sacrifice. Complete with fluli Phone 2050 Illll-Dfc-M We hate 25 used'radiator In-several •Izcs. These «re new style radiators an<1 hare been used only short time Will sell at a bnrrrnln. Tom Llltle Realty Co Phone 861. lMll-ck-18 Hot Point Electric stove. Table-loo model. Deep well cooker. Rood condition (50.00. Chaa. Brl&ht. Phone 3566 _ _^ lllio-pk-llln MaytaK washing machine. Call 869 HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOft FE- CANS; W« BUY ANY AMOUNT PROM A FOUND TO A CARLOAD . Joe Hester's Grocery SOUTH «1 H1QHWAV BELOW SWIFT Oil. M1U, i FHONK a YOUNG MEN 1»-2S. neat appearlnn 'RKE TO 'i'KAVEL to Florida. Call- ornla and return. Transportation paid or by National Organization. Untwlni ccoutu 1160 month to «tart, See Mr. Emerson. Hotel Noble 6:00 to 9-.00 p H ially. No phone calls. 11112-pk-n Help Wonted, Female J YOUNG LADIES 18 to 'a. ueal ip«»rlns FREE TO TRAVEL, to r'lor a, California and return. NaUona Organisation. Cars furnished. Drawing Account $175 to slurt. School Training See Miss Ktibnnks. Hotel Noble 5 to » PM ilallf. No phone calls. llir.l-pk-17 Lost and Found Found-2 sandy piss, about 50 Ibs Owner contact Xerbcrt Porahee. Lo ce : 10i3l-nk-lll4 Lost- Kcward for 19 Jewel ladles E •atch with 2 diamond setting, silver band. Call 3J51. Il!10-pk.l8 | Wanted to Soy IOilQ-pk-11110 Lat« model piano. Call 644. 3-uk-lO WANTED 20.000 POUNDS PECANS Don't Sell till you Get our Bid • Blylheville Curb Market 130 E»t U«ln (t. Phpn« 873 WANTED to buy farm tractora and machinery- St:ile price and condition. Cleo ftlusselman. osceola. Iowa. HJ-yiX-12,8 Robinson Honored At 'Rookie of the Year' CHACAOO, Nov. 13. (Up) _ Jackie Robinson, (tar flr«t mail of the Brooklyn Dodgtri bu«- ball team, will be presented the Louis Comlskey Memorial Award tonight as baseball's rookie of the ye»r. He was selected In i nation vole conducted by the Chicago chapter ot Iht Baseball Wrttert Association- Wanted to Rent 100 Herts or,mor« of land Best of references Charles Malone Kt I Bragg City. MO. 10115 px 11115 Read Courier News Want Ads~ Notice p- yon need for woe rcnair business. All in good shape. 112 S. Lilly. _ ll-7-plc-15 One 5 H. P. Sea K'n- oulnoanl motor Hnd boat: one No. 5 Uivlerwoori Iv.iewr ter. stand ana swlv-1 chftlr M_l "I'*. _ __ lllll-pk-n Help Wanted, Male Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM-Wecl., Dec. 3 Featuring: Beautiful handwork, uUIow cases, baby clothes, aorous.eto. Also: Homemade cakes and candles Pood booth wltli everything freali from the country LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer names Batter prizes (none less tlian *5) Sensational new blago cards Bingo Btartlnu promptly at B:00 PM All Rt the Legion Hut Sponsored by Ladles ol the Catholic Church Ulll-clc-iaiu MAN WANTED TO SUCCEED T Vauire for 1500 family RftwlclRh busl- Jiess !n North Pemlscot Covinty Mo Products sold 30 years. Permanent If you are & hustler. Write Rawlclch'B. AKK-710-123S. Memijhls. Tenn. or we W, Harbour. (JlO Lilly St; BlythevUte, Ar «i , 11110-13 We hare opening in ook-keeper. office lor assistant book-keeper. Would like to nave young man that la Interested In l*Rr_ilnBi to, be 'qualified to~ be 'Off Ice manager.' A/wondertul chance for & good man. Call Tom A. Little Sr.. phone 861. Bhetton. Motor Co. lllll-ck-18 Private Rooms Close in. Nice furnished bedroom. XUchen prlvllegea. 218 B. Davta. i H|ll-pk-14J Steel Oil Barrel Racks' An? Slie T. L MABRY MISSOURI ST. PH. 3627 Hardware Mutual < Insuranct Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings lav Nel Cosl ProUcllon For Service W. L. TAMKE toa t. D.vlt St., p. O. Box «S1 Phone 41«7 Blylhevillr. Ark. One bedroom, phone.:3731: Girl* wanted. R6*m and board, blocks -oc Rlce-atlx. Phone 3757. •One bedroom. Phone' J7J1. • ••'.. - llllO-Dk-13 Bedroom. 3U N. Mlnth. Phone 313» V 10123 ck 11122 Dial 2231 Vbr Free Delivery on AH Staple and Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henley 2016 West Main SI. .^ Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Let us remov? thr water from your tlrra and (ill them with calcium chloride unit-freeze volu- tion. We will be glad io makr an appointment to t*:ire for all your tractors at your farm — thus »a.vii)E you time. KF.Ml.MtU.K \VK SKKVICK ALL MAKKS TRACTOKS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. 50. Hiway fil Phone 2171 To love By ETHEL HAMILL ikiited by NtA S£IVKE, INC *• Itr « TTilk «Drln K Ikr IVtl- ronr Unncp at the Kjm. Cam. ••rrweri tor Rlawnr, cxiircla Joel 10 ""Ake J*vr t* her. ImifrBd. he ^•Kh* •! her aft » ••trmnr 1a- talr.." mmym hp remember* her wbeM. Hurt. CaH rnvfcea baek « to .the daaee aloae. Later, tired >aH ap«et. >kr nakea «t> e>c»e t» Bel awa? from the .!•« line, • eek» Milllade IB Ike deeerled okawer rooM. XIII TITAUR1NE had not noticed her cousin's departure from the crowded dance floor. But that was practically the first thing she Had failed, to., not.ce about Cammie since that dramatic moment when they had met face to face near the door «nd she had realized that more than Herbert Powell's prowess *s a debater lay behind Cam's «udrlen change of mind. So dear Miss Austin was really all but tor Joel, was she? Shagging along spiritedly in the embrace of some nondescript new itudent, who certainly was not Important enough to raise her stock if they happened to be noticed by any of th« Eta Mus—but laughing and flashing her 'ark eyes at him like twin spotllghU. because others in the stag line mu«t bt impressed with what a gay Itttle jthing this new Blair girl was—the •tenator'sx-daughter realized that RTie was face to face with a problem which was going to need serious weighing. Somehow, at some momerit during the past few hours. Cammie seemed to have come awake. From being a pretty sleepwalker, she was very much the old Cam Austin who had queened it over Carter for the two previom yeart. And th« reason (or the sudden metamorphosis was Joel, nothing else. Cam had realized she was in love with Joel, , nd tna , , abu _ lous green dress was the opening gun in a campaign to unround the poor man. L "Much good will it do berl" else. "She never took herself se- •iouslj before Darn it. If I'd known she was going to walk out on me iusi because—" "We're noping in the familj :hat Herben rowell will make her lorget." Maurme murmured piously "Forgei about Gary Mar- tragic death, you know. Herbert is perfectly devoted to Maurine whispered grimly to ner^ ntr anti oerhaps It she does marry him—the way Unple William say« hand fell on her partner's she w '"—" self. A shoulder. "Cut, please," Joel said". * • • wHE didn't even tother to say u goodby as Teddy, like a man released from the stocks, scuttle oft* toward the sidelines. Joe) had T'HE.Qbw o( Maurine's voice kept on In his ear. running a light footrace with the music. Dimly, tie realized that the girl In his arms was worrying about her ecu- Wall, so was Joe 1 Worrying just come in from outside. She'd good and Vard seen him pause within the frame of the big door, scan the crowd for an undecldec moment and then head straight for her. It was a good omen. Mnurine thought id <T»,«i !»«« ^ J » . t . ,, , Q G«; 'W "^' <--MUIIIUJ»UIII .11USI she intended to take full advan- even worse than He'd guessed! tage ot It. Smiling her prettiest, she looked up a! him "I thought you'd forgolien me. Where have you been. Joel?" An Instant later, she wished in* had never thought oJ trie Professor Powell? Great Scot, f Cammie was even considering anything serious with a suiflcrj ow) like tlial one. then the damage to her equilibrium .nust be dlscouragingly he answered, tion. For. with casual honesty. ___ _ "Outside. Wilh Cammie. We'rfad things to talk over, and it cooler out there." And more romantic. Maurme froze, and it was an effort to keep the meltingly gentle look even on the surface of her dark ;yes. "I can't imagine what she got io lore about." Joel was saying, as they danced, "^ne was furious with me. And for no reason!" The smile crept back to the cor- nerj of Maurine's lips. "Really?" - ."What's happened to her sense of humor. Maurine?" "You mean—she seems to have lost,!!, since—since you knew her before?" Now Maurine was moving carefully, feeling her way toward something she dared not be wrong about She was like a hunter on a dark forest path, alert for the first rustle' of leaves or tl.e softest snapping of a twig. "But ot course she has. Joel. Poor darling!" "Why can't she laugh?" Joel prodded, although It sounded more ai though h« wer« asking himsell the question than askmz anyone He became aware, belatedly. lhat the murmurous sweetness of Maurfnt'i voice had broken iti swarmlng-bee rhythm. She bad tensed In his arms so that the al tered feel of her dragged bark hi« attention even from the [ar fields where It had been wandering. ' } Up and over his right shoulder !, her face was turned, and the slightly parted lips ano the slowly crack-up of the control behind that otherwise Immobile mask. Joel ierked around almost automatically, seeking what the had seen. Up among the dusty rafteri, close to the wooden celling which arched In shadow over the dance floor, he caught the merest quiver of movement. At first he thought it was a liltit animal crouched , on the beam. It was no animal. He realized, almost instantly as Mourine had realized It uhat the color ol the moving thing was wrong for that. Its texture was wrong, too There was an. almost liquid ruddiness In the way It rippled into view and then as soundle? retreated. H* thought simultaneously of mollcn copper and a snake's dickering tongue. The rafters would be dry. under the dust which draped them. rTa It* r<mtlnn«4lt ^jdt j.OUT OUR WAY i — ! -jf Gulf Courtesy ; if That Good Gulf Gas | Tires, Batteries I Accessories [ Discount Rale lo Tnickerp ] Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m j Weckenrls Free Delivery Call ^*U 1 1 PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 l(M'l Chirkasawba Bv I R Willinmc T£Ll-N\e, _ r MftRCH w •» FA£e vww ^flprfU'toP 0 ?'*"- 1 * 0 ^CLftSSIFY MO FACES, WRWA SEEM WAiP«ue AMD}, MNSOR .'—^T DO secou_e«s WHEN SHE SEriT <Z\ HO\v5ENle<?, rVUZZ HOOPL& SOT SOCIABLE SOU IM SEKRCK OF He ORCXD MER eve GLep, 6AIEFOL GLWJ6 SHE'LL HAVC ALL Of OUR HOSSES TKYIrJ" TO BUCK.' HOLD 'ER HEAD UP-- DOMT LET 'ER err THAT IOWN: MIST' CURLY. DISH MULE facnr A RUBBER K\OUF, AW IF YOU THIUK I'M 6CXK1' TER RIDE THE FACE UPTIME By MERHIU/BLOBSra 'KKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS SCARLETT OHARA Acr 1t3 BB <.VOIU<IN(5. BUf HE GOUOG WITH THE MM TRUSS ? QUlCKCSr \VAY TO A . IS Tt> LET M!M SHO\ Off HIS , MUSCLES/ "Yes, tin dresses are longer, but a fellow can't holp turning to look at those crazy hats!" I'RISCILLA'S I'Ol Knrwnrtl Alnrtrh \!, VERMEER yes, the teacher- ssld stie could keep her eye on me better, that Chimes Mops Up «>• MICHAEL O'MAI.I.KY and RALVH LAME ang the Mil at I313.1hin£j were auiet niue. Tcoouiet. HINTS It FT THE PROMT DOOR.' HE'S GCXMO IN THCOUOH THE fflEKH HM-M. NO AN5WK... THAT'S ODD. ANO THF DOOR'S UXKED/ NOW IO SNtAfC CXIT THE BACK WAY WITH THE WASH TUBHS It's the Dlnmond Bv LKSSLIE TURNER 01)6 THIM65 CERTNk! IM NOT COMMA LET ». PAIR. Of HOUN6 GOATS GUWv UP THE NEME5T SNMCH I EU£R PUUEO'i NA PROPPED SLWIW •iOUK POCKET, FIND r\ MEW INTEREST SNOtllDEK CASE BUT WHICH BRKT MOD WHERE IS IT NOW? me WISE, uncut EUtLV TOWH,..,BUrsoi5 THE A* WS TKWN S«EDS THRU THE GWWRWIG K|«f Siormv Forecast By FRED BARMAN UTTLE CEWEf? It LOOKS UKS 50 SlI-L HUPPS FRAN WHILE rllR. DAD'S A\-JAt AT AO THINKS THAT , ONLt REASON WITHOUT A FIGHT.' TROOftLE AH&A.P.' Foo/.y Explains By V. T. HAAILIN 0£OLA:SAKE5 ALIVE,'I OH. HELLO. VWUi IN KOO DiDT/rooZY/ tVE TOU >>«ivtf y-^BCEN TRYING v HELP AU.EY our HB JAM, BUT IT'S NO SO.' I TRiEO TOO, A4 OOOO FRIENDS MUST. »'J7 MY B£ST EFFOttT WA5'A. BUST! 1 G5A89ED DAME.TH 1 LITTLE SNIr", BUT SOMEHOW SHE StM ME TH' SLIP.' OW. *" If .BUT I Al N"TX IF OOfS DUM3 \ NOT' WITrf ME IN WO**I»O AV0UT /CAME SHOOTS Off I THE PICTURE Y£U OH.HO/ WILL \TKfT Vt LOUT. I HER MOUTH, I wStv WON™ JU, ALHV BE ) ITV WHAT ZfL ( JU-5T A» WfcLL X; HANDLK • VlLL DO WHEN \ STABT HEROIN 1 . J f COUSIN 1 * «ME FINDS OUT/ v. SOUTH.' FREE ESTIMATES ON » PAPERHANG1NG » PAINTING Interior or Exterior Painting Phone 3885 Russell Price l !• \ Service Station I " State Line i (Aroiiiul the Curve) i N. F. Richards i New Operator • Featuring: BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES Settled By EDGAR MARTIN

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