The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on October 2, 1957 · 19
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 19

San Francisco, California
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Wednesday, October 2, 1957
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Pay totd qU - By Dwight Newton Thoughts While After 16,0UU miles of globe-trotting, we've been squinting at American television again, here and in New York. The first "Du Pont Show of the Month," Sunday, was a tedious, 90-minute marathon titled "Crescendo" featuring solos by singers who have appeared to better advantage on the Ed Sullivan or Steve Allen shows. The idea was for Rex Harrison, davins? an extremelv silly ass of an Englishman, music as Deuea oui Dy tuiay Arnold, Sonny Jamesv Carol Channing, Lizzie Miles, Peggy Lee, Mahalia Jackson, Julie Andrews, etc., etc. The expected brilliance was dulled by stodgy continuity, cornball dialogue and black-clad stage hands who acted like undertakers in search of a funeral parlor. The over-all effect was dreary, tiresome and seemingly endless. No wonder Ethel Merman ducked the show when she saw the script. "Wagon Train's" second show indicated it will be a Western series with a flavor of Eastern dramatics. The story in which guest star Ricardo Montalban foiled a town boss had a realistic plot, convincing characterizations and a minimum of the triteness one usually expects in these outdoor oaters. I hear the first show, with Ernest Borgnine, wrung praise from surprised American critics. Show is ably anchored by permanent stars Ward bond as the Wagonmaster and Robert Hor-ton as the Frontier Scout. Tonight's program will co-star Michael Rennie and Carolyn Jones. (Channel 4, Wednesdays, 7:30 p. m. Competition: "Big Record," "Ida Lupino Playhouse" "Badge 714" and "Disneyland.") "Harbourmaster" can be written off as routine cops-and-robbers stuff in a watery setting off the coast of New England. Barry Sullivan who did "Man Called X" and apparently likes this action-adventure money enough to risk his dramatic reputation on a second series, plays Capt. David Scott of Scott Island. In Opus 1, aided by Paul Burke formerly of "Noah's Ark," he nabbed some heroin smugglers with no strain on the imagination of his writers. (Channel 5, Thursdays, 8 p. m. Competition: Groucho Marx and "Thursday Theater.")" ' "Perry Mason" has a luxurious hour in which to move around and develop murder mystery suspense but the show I viewed was just a slow prolongation of the usual half-hour agony. Raymond Burr, down a hun dred pounds from his once periormance as Perry Mason. It wasn t enough to hypo a script padded with lengthy, irrelevant conversations. Best segments were the looiproot on television. In er's Niece," the murderer, the least suspected member baturaay, b:JU p. m. Competition: "Sheriff of Cochise, 'Death Valley Days," "Silent Service" and "Water front.") SPECIAL TODAY: uraves), Channel 4, 8:45 a. m Premieres for "Walter Winchell File," Channel 7, 10 p. m.; "Vagabond" Channel 7, 7 p. m.; "Harbor Command," Channel 4, 6:30 p. m. . . . Returning shows: "Ozzie and Harriet," Channel 7, 9:30 p. m.; "Armstrong Circle Theater," Channel 5, 9 p. m. CONTRACT BRIDGE Slip by Defense Insures Contract By B. Jay (Top Record-Holder in Masters' North dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH A A 8 7 3 V J 10 5 K 2 A A 10 8 6 WEST EAST A94 4. J 10 3 2 92 VAQ8 764 AQJ7843 4 J4 A952 SOUTH 4 K Q 6. K 3 10 9 8 5 K Q 7 3 The bidding: North East South West 1 1 2 NT 3 Pass Pass Dble. Pass 3 NT Opening lead nine of hearts. In a recent team of four match, the bidding went as shown. West might have had his ears pinned back if North had stood for the three dia- mona aouoie. not mat wesi could be censured for the 800-point penalty he very likely would have suffered his hand was certainly tempting to bid. North's takeout to three no- trump was doumtui procedure, True, he had a skimpy fing bid to begin with, but were should have oeen no;tract doubt in his mind about beat- Ea'st should reason that de-mg three diamonds, in viewjfengive pr0spects are poor un-of South's two notrump re-n0. wnst hue two hpart. On rponse. Also, there should ve Deen, at the same ume, considerable doubt that three gnotrump would be made, and iNorth should therefore have to be exposed to American vast bulk, gave a sterling courtroom scenes, usually "The Case of the Sleenwalk of course, turned out to be of the cast. (Channel 5, World Series (Yankees vs. Becker Individual Championship Play) settled for the sure penalty. The nine of hearts was Dpen ed and declarer made the proper play of covering with dummy s ten. It was at this point'that East had to make a crucial decision. After considerable thought East played the queen of hearts. This measure would have proved eminently sue- cessful If South had won the trick wlth'the king. East's A-8 would have constituted a ten ace over dummy's J-5 so that the heart suit could be run as soon as West took the lead with the ace of diamonds However, South gummed up the works by refusing to win the queen of hearts with the king. East's queen held the trick and he could not prevent declarer from winning nine tricks three spades, a heart, a diamond, and four clubs. The upshot was that South scored 600 points for making tnree notrump. Subsequent analysis revealed East should have defeated the contract. His best play is to allow dummy's ten to win the first trick. Against this defense declarer's cause is hopeless. The best Soutn can do is snare eight tricks. As soon as he leads a open-iHiomnnri Wpst win and re- turns a neart to break the con- ;thjs basis he can signai heart strength by playing the eight, TOMORROW: A slam that in 'difficult to make. Distributed by Km Feature aynd., ir. . : 9 PEGGY LEE Tedious Marathon TV-Radio Highlights (For program information, see log.) TV 8:45 a.m. (4-3-7R-8-24) World Series (COLOR): Milwaukee Braves -New Yor1: Yankees. 6:00 p.m. (7-8-12C-13-47) Boxing: Del Flanagan-Yam a Bahama, middleweight bout, 10 rounds. 7:00 p.m. (5-10-12) Big Record: Patti Page hosts Julie London, Paul White-man, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Johnny Mathis and Fernando Lamas. 7:00 p.m. (7) Vagabond Premiere): Bill B u r r u d hosts travel film series. 8:00 p.m. (7-7R-13-47) Disneyland: "Saga of Andy Burnett" debuts with Jerome Courtland, Adele Mara. 9:00 p.m. (4-3-7R-24-Kraft Theater (COLOR): Sal Mineo stars in "Barefoot Soldier." 9:00 p.m. (5-10-12) A r in-strong Circle Theater (Season Premiere): "Buried 2,000 Years" with Joseph Yadln. 10:00 p.m. (7-12C-13-47) Walter WIncheU File (Debut): "Country Boy." RADIO 8:45 a.m. KNBC, World Series: Milwaukee Braves-Nei York Yankees. Dwight Newton's Examiner Schoolcast (KNBC and KALW-FM, 10:15 a. m.) will not be heard today because of the World Series. It will be resumed on Friday. RADIO LOG 5:30 A.M. CSFO nil Brooke. E.N BO 6:46. newe. KCBft Bill Weaver, farm report wbh XTana iope u e. KOBV Muilcal Clock to t. 5 A.M. KSFO Don Sherwood f t. KFRO-Rlee and Chine. KN BO Farmer'! Dlfeet. HCBS BUI Weaver. KOO Ernie fllmow HLX Newt cycle. BROW Kay Teager to SL KSAV Bruce' Rooit. laVA Red Ruah to 10. 6:30 A.M. KFRO Newti 0:35, Rlie asd Shine; 6t5, newe. KNBO Doug Pledger. KCBS Bill Weaver; 6:66, newa. RLX 6:45. eporti. &SAT 6:66, newe. , 7 A.M. SU1V Frank Hemingway; T:15, Break-feat Oang. KNBO Newe: T:06. Doug Pledger. KOBS World newi; 7:18, California newr: t:38, uiok ooarrey iporn. KOO fcrnle Simon; 7:16, Cecil Brown. HXS Newa; 7:15. weather; 7:25, Date-book. KSAV Bruce' e Rooat. 7:30 A.M. K FRO Breakfaat Oang; 7:45, newa. KNBO Newe; 7:35, Doug Pledrer. KCBS Newa; T:45, Harry Babbitt. KIM ITrnU Slmnn tn 0. &LX John K. Chapel; T:45, Bud Foi- ter, eporta, 8 A.JL KFRO Cliff Engie; a. 15, newa; S:30. eporta; 8:25, newe. KNBC Doue Plertiter. KCBH Road Show; 8:10. QuyCherney; :1B, newe. BXX Bill Dorala: 8:15, financial newi; 8:20, State newi. K.IRS George Huge to 10. KSAN Jumpln' George. 8:20 A.M. Krkn Rlbie lnetliuta K..SBO Newt; 0:45, World Seine to 1 1 :4B. KCBS Our Cherney; S:45. Howard Miller Show. BXX John K. Chapel; S:45, B1U Lawa, aporta, 9 A.M. KRFO Dick Cook to 13. R FRO Newe; 9:15, Robert Hurtelgh. KCHn Wendy warren; :io. oaca- el age Wife. KOO Breakfnst Cluh. KLX Newa; :05, Bell After Breakfaat. ir a tiewmorne to iu. KWBR Unity Viewpoint KOBY Ted Rogeri to 11. KSAY Willie Bryant. IkEAR-rM Eighteenth Century Concert 9:30 A.M. RFRU Beea Bye; 9:35, Barton-Bulck. KCB. Helen ".rent; 9 45. Our Gai Sun day. 10 A.M. KFRr Political: 10:15. Tello Teet. KCBS Nora. Drake: 10:1s, MS rer- Klna ROO Her "Oecor" Anderaon. KMT Spiritual Jubilee. KLA Joha K. cnapeil iu:ia, Anne Traux. Station Channel No. KRON (3) KPIX KGO-TV GD KQED C0 KSAN-TV O 6:25 A. M. g-(6.50) Invocation, Father Matthew C. Carolan, SL Monica's Catholic Church; farm flashes, news 10 Thought for Today (6.30) focus on Farming, John Mackenzie 7 A. M. (353-24 Today, Dave Garroway, News Cg 10-12 Panoranw Pacific, Newt 7:30 A. M . 3 Sacramento ' 7:30 a.m., News, Weather, Sports g) This Morning, Charlie Dugdali, Faye Stewart 10 Kartoon Karnival, Ranger Roy 8 A. M. (5) 3-24 Tic Tac Dough, quiz (3)10-12 Hit el Cosmopolitan (8:15) love ef Life 8:30 A. M. g 3 7R 8 24 It Could Be Yen, quiz (8:45) World Series, (COLOR), Milwaukee Braves vs. New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium 8310-12 Search tor Tomorrow (8:45) Guiding Light 47 Cartoon Capers ' 9 A. M. (g Adventure School, Marion Rowi 10 Gene's Breakfast Party 12 Shopper's Showroom 47 Amos n' Andy 9:30 A. M CS-10-12 As the World Turns, drama 10 A. M. (ZH10:25) News (3) 10-12 Beat the Clock, Bud Collyer 47 Mr. District Attorney 10:30 A.M. S)-1Q-12-12C-Art llnkletters House Party (J) Cartoon (10:45) Jack Lalanne 47 Movies for Mom, "Men of Conflict," Edward Arnold, Susan Morrow 11 A.M CB-12-12C Big Payoff 10 My Little Margie 11:30 A. M. (33 10-12-12C Verdict Is Yours, courtroom drama (TJ-Mornlng Matinee, "P. J. Rellly and the Lady," Thomas Mitchell, Ann Harding; father and daughter reunited after series of misunderstandings K S F O K F K N I ln,nrj K C B V K G O T oo r-ROORAMS LISTED BFLOW for Weaiwuday, Oetotwr . The Eaamlncr Hiumti no rveponelblllty K.IBS Al COVRll to 1. KYA K. 1. Able to 3. KSAN Dr. Dan Cueter. KEAR-FM Morning Concert. 10:30 A. M. KFRO Hlt from ihowa. KCBS Vount Dr. Uaionei 10:45, Road of Life. KLX Thle li Popular. 11 A. M. kfrii Sam Unveil 11:05. Gabriel Heatter; 11:10. newi; 11:15. Queen for a Day. KCBS Newa: 11:05, Right to Happl nee; 11:16. Second lira. Burton. KOO Bhopper'e Mike. hl.X Jonn M. Chapel llilS, suite, Kitow Walt Jamond to 3. KOBY Jim Wayna to 1. KEAK-FM At the Ballet. 11:30 A. M. KFRC Queen tor a Day. KCBS Strike It Rlch 11:46 But tram. KSAN Hardy a Farty. 12 NOON KSK) Del Courtney to 4. KFRC Newe; 13:16, Art Baker I Notebook. KNBC Newa; 12:15. Ranch newa. K( iis Newa; 12:15. Here'a Weaver. K;o News; 12:05, Club 810. KI.X John K. Chapel; 12:15, muelo. uLARtwi Meridian concert. 12:30 P. M. KFRC PeraonalUtei In the newi; 12:45, Headline Newe; 12:50, newa, KNBC Carousel. KCBS Houaa Party. KLX Mueic; eporta 1 P. M. KFRO Bins Croibyi 1:18. Lawrence Welk. KNBC Newe: 1:08, My True Btory. KCBS Arthur Oodfrey Show. RLX Newe; music. KJBS Dave Jama to 3:30. KOBY Ted Cooper to 2:30. KSAY Rruce'4 Rooet. KEAR-FM Fortran for Orchestra. 1:30 P. M. KFRC Newi; 1:35. Rosemary Clooney; 1:45, Tommy Doreey'i Orchestra KNBC Woman In My House; 1:45. Pepper Young's Family. KCBS Arthur Godfrey. BXX Mueic 2 P. M. KFRC Nat "King" Cole; 3:15, Ray Anthony. KNBC Newi; 2:05. Listen Ladles. KCBS Arthur oodtrey. KEAK-FH Silver Curtain. " 2:30 P. M. KFRO Newi; 2:35. Benny Goodman's Orchestra: 2:45. Pat Boone. KNBC Bandstand. Kt lS Bill Weavef KAM Hardy'a Party to 8 hoY Top Forty show to 6. 3 P. M. KFRC Oab-te; Heatter; 3:05, Jackie Oleason; 3:.' 5. "nay Lombardo. KNBC News; 3:05, Bandstand. M IV Bill Weaver. KLX Id ue) a. krow Dick Whlttlngton to 8:45, RVA Hawthorne to 7. KSAY Jim Fenoolph to T. bJCAK-FX Afursooo concen. TELEVISION LOG WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1957 Station Channel No. KNTV (San Jose 11 KSBW-TV (Salinas) 8 KCRA (Sacramento) 3 KBET (Sacramento) 10 KOVR (Stockton) - 13 Progframi luted below are eompllhl front luormttlon received from lelevlilnn elation. The Examiner uumei no renponaibiltty for rore cauaril i lint minute chanee. 12 NOON g-3 7R 8 24 Queen for a Day, Jack Bailey (33 3E-1 0-1 2 Brighter Day, drama '12:15) Secrot Storm, drama (73 Fun Time, Waldo 12C Take Iwo (12:15) Secret Storm 47 Cartoon Capers 12:30 P. M. 3E 10 12 Edge of Night, drama g)-3-7R8 24-(12:45) Modern Romances (53 Hollywood f.':i,iu, "Speed Limited," Ralph Graves; detective is kidnapped (J)-My Little Margie 12C Filmfare 47 Movietime, U.S.A., "Quick Money," Jack Carson. Fred Stone 1 P. M. fj$3 3E-7R 8-24 Comedy Time (23 News (1:05) Beulah (53-41:15) Science, "Life en Other Worlds," Carlos S. Mundt, S.F. State College 10 Nontime Movie, "Scarlet Down," Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 1:30 P.M. 3 Valley Playhouse, "Commandos Strike at Dawn," Paul Muni, Anna Leei "Gold Diggers of 1933," Dick Powell and Ruoy Keeler (33 3E-7R 8-24 T r u t h or Consequences (53 Money Tree, Sandy Spillman (23 Stu Erwin (1:55) News 12C-TV Cookbook 47 (1:45) News ' 2 P. M (33 Golden Gate Playhouse, Part L "The Amazing Mr. Williams." Melvln Douglas, Joan Blondell) a butler enters (duties (53 10-1 2-1 2C Garry Moon (23 Life with Elizabeth, Betty White 8 Gold Coast Matinee, "Lifeboat," Tallulah Bankhead (53 World of Ait, Joseph Fitzpatrick 24 Playhouse of Stars, "Chines) Stick". 47 Favorite Story 2:30 P. M (53 10-12 Arthur Godfrey (23-Korla Pandit (2:55) News 12C Strike It Rich 13 Open Pulpit (2:35) People, Places end Things, Bill Ring 24 My Little Margie 47 Douglas Fairbanks 3 P. M 3E News (3:05) Feminine Fancies -(33 Golden Bate Playhouse, Part II, "Campus Honeymoon," Lei and K L X T K K KK R AS V OT AS WT YM K K K J L I 8 O B S. K E Tj,,ll!ml,ll,IMjMI,1llMIMIllll.lllM.Mllllm M WO ICOO 1100 I7CO 1300 1400 f tomplM from Information revived from radio ttallona. for rrrora ranerd hy laat mlniile chancre. 3:30 P. M. , KFRO Newi; 3:35, Scoreboard: 3:40, newi; 3:45, Here a the Aniwvr. KNBO Road Snow. KCBS Jane Todd. KOO Ernie Simon to 8:30. KJBS George Ruge to 0:JO. 4 P. M. KSFO Bob Colvlg to 8:45. KeRO Fulton Lewis; 4:15, Frank Hemingway. KNBO News: 4:08 Roed Show. KCBS Housewives Protective Letfua. KEAK-FM Composers' cornet. 4:30 P. M. KFRO Tello Teet 4:45, Sam Hayas; 4 '.oo. newe. KNBO Newe; 4:38, Road Show; 4:46, Alex Dreier, KCBS News; 4:35, Arthur Oodfney, 5 P. M. KFRO Newet 6:16. newsreel. KNBO News; 6:05V Hal WOlf, sportll 5:20, Road Show. KCBS Edward R. Murrow; 8:13, newi. KLX Newi; 5:18, eporti. KOBY Roulna to T. KEAR-FM Potpourri. 5:30 P.M. KFSO 8:45. Simmon's Sports Roundup. KFRC News; 5:45, Best of All. KNBC Rond Show; 6.40. Open Road; 5:45, newa. KCBs Tom Harmon 8:41 newi; 6:55. Point of Law. KOO William Winter; 6:46, Orral An derson. KLX John K. Chapel: 6:40, Bud Foster; 5:55, weather, sports. 8 P. M. KSFO Bob Coivig to 8, HUtC News; 8:05, Bill Brundlge; 6 15. Hehlnd the Htory. KNBC mi; 6:05. Ira Blue; 6:15. Road Show. KCBS News: 8:15. Iwell Thomas. KOO Id ward P. Morgan: 8:15. newfi 6:20 sports; 6:25 Jim Lewis. KLX Feetival of Music. KEAR-FM Dinner concert 6:30 P. M. KFRO Virgil Plnkley; 6:45. San) Hayes; 6:55. mime. KNBC News; a 35, Baet In Mueic. KCBH Herman Hickman, sports; 8:36, Amos 'n' Andy Music Hall. KOO Jim Lewie: 8 55, newa KROVf 6:46, Kosarv Hour. 7 P.M. KFRO Oabrlel Heatter; T:05, iporti; 7:10, music. KNBC News; 7:05, Operation Brother- hood. KCBS News: 1 Mi Mastere of Meloay. K(, Jim Ameche Show. KI.X ""semei ot Music. KROW Music. KYA Vol'' Your Choice. KOBY J like Hoi nerenade to t. KEAK-FM Concert ravorltea. 7:30 P.M. KFRC 0rinmtere; 7:55. newe. KNBO Newi of the World; 7:45, Life and the World. KCBS Robert Q. Lewie. KLX Festival of Mueic; 7:55, newi. h.l.AN 7:45, Dr. Dan Custer, Lynn Wilde, Richard Crane; vets find ways to circumvent college rules (2) 7R-1 3-4 7 American Bandstand 12C Arthur Gud'iey 24 Bob Cummings 3:30 P. M fJ3 3E-10-12 Strike It Rich 11 (3:45) transition, "Grape Juice" 12C Cinema Capers 24 Stu Erwin 4 P. M 3E Llberace (J) Golden Gate Playhouse, Part II, "Against the Wind," Simon Sig-noret, Robert Beatty: English saboteurs in wartime Europe (3 3ig Movie Matinee. "Highly Dan gerous." Dane Clark, Margaret lockwood 8 fun CiuD, looney lunes, "Little Rascals" (53 World at Art, Joseph Fitzpatrick 10 Movie Matinee, "Finger of Guilt," Philip Reed. Robert Lowery, Hit- , lary Brooke 11 Western Caravan, "Border Pharv torn" 12 Webster Webfoot end Popeya 12C Love of Life 24 Stories of the Century 4:30 P. M 3E Redwood Camera (4:55) Search tor Tomorrow (2) -13 D You Trust Your Wife? quiz 8 (4:55) Watch the Birdie 12C Open House 24 laughland (4:45) Roy Rogers 47 forty-Niner 5 P. M 3E Life With Elizabeth -(33 5:15) Fireman Frank 8-13-47 Wild Bill Hlckok, Guy Madison, Andy Devine, "Halley's Comet,' 7R Inside Your School (5:15) "Jungle" 11 Double Bar Ranch, "Days of Buffalo Bill" 12 Al Radka s Open House 12C Goldie's Gang 5:30 P. M 1 Popeye, Skipper Stu 3E Uncle Bill Show (3) -Popey (33-Rock 'a Rally (2J-813-47 Mickey Mouse Club, music, cartoons, stories 7R Komic KarTiivaJ (5) Portrait la Music, "Adventures In a Perambulator," John Aides Carpenter; Howard Hanson conducts Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestra K K KK Y W E R A B E E t R N K K K K S X T O A R I B N XMY I5O0 'W0 8 P.M. KSFO Pared of Hlti to 12. KFRO Horatio Hornblower; 8:25, music KNBO Newi; 8:05, People Are Funny. KCBS News; 8:05. Backstage at the opera: n:nt. opera Preview. KOO News; 8:05, Jim Lewis; 8:25, news. KI.X Symphony Hall to 11. KROW 980 Club to 10:30. KSAN Hellenic America. Ka.AR-FM Symphony. 8:30 P. M. KFRO News: s:35 Family Theater. KNBO Newe; 1:33. Pauline Frederick at the U. N. KNBO News; 8:35. Stan for Summer. K(l World Tonlghti 6:50. newe: :03, Todeya Record. KOO Party Line. KSAN Greek American Hour. 9 P.M. KFRO News; 9:15, Fulton Lewta, KM BO Newe; 9.06. Polka Party. KCBS Tune Taoia. KOO Jim Lewn. KNAN Jumnin' Oeorte. KOBY Night Club of the Air t IX 9:30 P.M. KFRC Evening Serenade. KVBt; Dance Time K HH Boeton Rlackle. KOO Newa; 0:35, Jim Lewis, b SAN Hardy's Party to 1L 10 P.M. KFRC Top tunea; 10:15. Cedrlc Foster. kNHC News: 10:16. Dance 'l ime " 14. KCItS News: 10:15. Sports. Don Kleio. KOO John VanderccK.k; 10:05, newa) in:is. Jim l.ewla to 12. KJBS Meiody Lane. KEARFM Gold Curtain. 10:30 P.M. KFRC TTealtb; 10:45, too tunes. K( HS Klarllte Salute. KROW I'at Henry Jazz Show to 13. 11 P.M. KFItO Newt Wheel KCBS Dancin' with Anson. KLX Newe Cycle. KSAN Chinese Hour to 11 11:30 P.M. KSFO Music to 6 K( BS Muslo 'til Dawn. KLX Bud Foster; 11:45. 11:50, music. sportat FM LOS KALW (917 Megs.) Dally 9 am. to 3 p.m (Monday through Friday). KPFA (B4.U Dally 9 a m. to 11 p no KSJO (P5. 3) Dally 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. KF.AK (17.3 Mrge.) Dally 8 a.m. to midnlRht KCHS-I M (98.9 Megs.) Dslly 3 pm to 10:30 Dm.: Sunday 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. K"BO (fln.7) 3 to 10 p m. KHKi (103.1) Dl!y 7 am to mid light. KRE (1099 Mrge.) Dally 9:b? pm to midnight! Sunday 11 e.ra. to mid nigbt. KOO (103.7 Megi.) Duplicate a bl schedule. Station Channel No. KFItE (Fresno) 12 KMJ (Fresno) 21 KJEO (Fresno) 47 KIISL-TV (Chico) 12C KIEM (Eureka) 3E KVIP-TV (Redding) 7R 10 California History I2C featurette (5:55) Movie Guide 24 (5:45) Today in Agriculturs 6 P. M. J Captain Sacto with Popeye 3E News 16:10! Weathei (6:15) News, Doug Edwards (4-News, Tom Franklin (6:15) NBC Newt (5) Newi, Fort Pearson (8:15) Newt, Doug Edwardt Q9 8 12C-13-47 Wednesday Night. Fighti, Del Flanagan. SL Paul vs. Yama Bahama, B.W.I, 10 round middleweight bout Chlcage (5 Discovery, "How De Yon Know? Bird Identification,'' Mary Lola Grimes 10 News (6:15) News, Doug Edwards 11 Kartoon Kapers 12- Russ Powell Reports (6:15) News, Doug Edwards 24-News (8:15) NBC News -gj for Kids Only 6:30 P. M X-Sky King IE European Report (1:40 Tele-news Weekly Q) H-'bor Command, Wended Corey in Tories at the harbor toilet (5) Hawkoyt and Last if the Me-aicans, Lea Chaeey. Joha Hart, "LaSillo's Treasurt" (7H6 50) Hank Weaver, sports JR Star Periormance, "Man In the Cellar" 8-(6.45) Ringside Review Q Hop, Skip and Danci, "Cobbler" Dick Ford 10 12 I love Lucy, Lucille Ball, Oesl Arnaz 11 Three Musketeers, "Marshall and Milady" 12C (8:45) Sports Notebook 13- 46:45) Outdoorsman, Bel Lang 24 Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal, "Jot Milton Story" . 55) I Wonder Why, chTldrsi's film 47 (8:45) TV News Roundup 7 P. Irl-S-Waterfront, "Captain Without a Ship" S)-10-12-Big Record, Patti Page, Julia London, Paul Whlteman, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Johnny Mathis, Tht Coasters,' lot Goodwin, Fernanda Lamas (J Vagabond, travel film, I til Burmd 7R Frontier Doctor, "Illegal Entry" I Robin Hood C5 Portrait hi Musle, "Let Part-aeurs," Meyerbeer, Joseph Lt-vlne conducts Ballet Theater Orchestra 11 tarry Movie, "Night Train," Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid 13 Last of the Mohicans 24 Sabrt of London, "Deep In the Heart of Chelsea" 5J Operation Success, documentary film 7:30 P. M (333-24 Wagoa Train, "John Cameron Story," Michael Ronnie, Carolyn Jones, Claudt Wins 2) Ida Lupine Playhoust, "Witn All My Heart" 7R Cartoon Time 8 TV News Digest (53 Spanish Without Tears, Ernesto E. Cota, Consul General ef Mexico, Or. Joseph Raymond San Jose State College, "Phrases en Hours, Days and Months" 32 Guided Tour,, travel film (7:45) Air Force Digest 8 P.M 3E 10 12 12C T h e Millionaire, "Story of Roy Delbrldge," Harry Guardlno, Jeanne Cooperi vet uses windfall to avenge treachery -Badgo 714, Jack Webb, Sen Alexander (2) 7R 13 47 Disneyland, "Saga of Andy Burnett," Jerome Court-land, Adele Mara 8 Sheriff of Cochise fj) World ef Art, Joseph Fitzpatrick, "Sell Portraits In World tf Art" 58 KSAN TV Presents 8:30 P. M (3Q 3-24 Father Knows Best "The Awkward Hero" G5 3E 8-10-12 12C I've) Got A Secret (5) Current Issue, R. A. Landor 111 Search For Adventure 5J Building America, documentary 9 P. M (3) 3-7R-24-Krart Theater (COLOR) Sal Mineo, "Barefoot Soldier," Civil War love story (5) 10-12 Armstrong Circle Theter, "Buried 2,000 Years," Joseph Yokin; discovery ef the Dead Sea scrolls PIT !', ll'e'"" a ''"SOEr"'' .Mx3Jtitrtrr See. I 19, w.d.. Oct. 2, 1957 ir CCCC TY TEE-HEES C2)-1347-Navy log, "Phantom J M (.gmmanuai 8 Tennessee Ernie Ford (J) Books and Authors, Jack Geohegan Interviews Artbtr Foft 11 Wednesday at Nine, "Scotch oa tht Rocks," Raymond Huntley 12C Fashion Show 52) Bowling Timt 9:30 P. M (Z) 13 Onie, Harriet Nelsei 8 Dragnet (5) Opera for Today, "Staging Hit Opera" Boris Goldovsky, Chatham College Opera Workshop 47 Christophers 10 P. M 3C Redwood Spotlight (3) 3 8 24-TMs It Ytur Lift, Ralph Edwardt (5) 8lg Hit Movie, "Falcet Taket Ovtr," Ceorgt Janders, lyni art (2)-12C-137-WaltK WmcheR Flit, "Coantry Bey" 7R Newsbeat (10.13) Late Show, "Hidden Room" 10 Great Movie, "Seventh Yell," James Mason, Ann Todd 12 Big Star Movie, "Footstep In tht Dark." Errol Flynn, tirenda Marshall 10:30 P.M , 1-News (10:33) Thret Star Thta-' ter, "Hit Man I Lore," Ida Lupino, Robert Alda 3E Lawrence Welk Show 3) News, Btorgt Martla Jr. (10:35) Giant Movie, "Mr. Reckless," William Eytht, Barbara Brfttet, Frtnk Jtnktt adventnres tf twt . artdtvll an field worker (23 10:30 Report, Chartat Mergsnj n0r45) Confidential FDi I Tht Unexpected II Tht Whistler, 'JanctMed Flight" 12C Confidential Filt . - 13-1 Ltd Three Uvea 24-MaJor Movie, This rs My Lovt," Linda Damelt, Rick Jason, Dan Duryea f 47 Movleland, "Africa Screams," ; Abbott and Costallo . 11 P.M (ZHIIilS) Few Star Playheest, "sucetM ittnr , 8 Final Edition 11N.u,a 12-Nita Wirt (11:05) Transatlantic Televiews .tM tl 111... I M. ,M uu news, neainer, oporu wiiisi Movietime, "Cookin Up Trouble" 13 Oan Smoot Report (lid 3) Overseas adventurt 11:30 P.M 3E News, Weather SH1 1:45) Owl Theater, "Murder In tht Muslt Hall," William Marshall, Vera Ralston; blind man Is tola witness tt chorine's murder (11:00) Newt (5)-Net (11:35) "Diamond City," Diana Dors, David Farrar, South African diamond strike brings power struggle (jyAUASi Movie, "TraH tf Bit Yukon," Klrby Brant 10 News 13-411:43) Final tdition 24 (11:45) Newstimt 7R Lett News 24 Tonight, Jack Paar 47-Newt 12:30 A. M (3) News Bank America Awards Listed High school ttudentt may compete for $54,900 in cash in the annual Bank of America Achievement Awards program, it was announced here yesterday. Twenty outstanding seniors will receive top awards of $1,000 for scholastic achieve ment and citizenship. 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