The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1947 BIATHEV1I.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Russian Claims to Bomb Secret Causes Whale of an Explosion But Many Still Discredit Reports !!>• HARRISON SALISBURY i *'1"> know the atom brel nsrccd Foreign News Editor) " lat R |ls sla Is capablo of producing - isescuer Demonstrates Rescuing day was: Has Russia eot the atom bomb? In Paris today the newspui>cr L 1 - Iivtranslgcant claimed It had the answer. In a copyrighted dispatch allegedly filed «from Prague It as- *j)rtrd that the tlussians made •Wieh' atomic bomb explosion test at Irkuuk at 10 a.m. last Juno 15. The L'lntransigeanl report was 'inly one of scores which have circulated around (he world since last Thursday. Was there any more substance in this rumor than any of the others? Viachcslav M. Molotov. Russia's scholarly-appearing foreign minister, seemed to be assured top honors for the year's best propaganda speech. Speaking in the nrnale K»ld, wlille and crimson Bolshui Thtu- lor In Moscow last Thursday .Molotov spoke one cryijilic jihrase which has been ecliociiiR anil re- eeholilff around the world ever since. What Molotov snki was simply that the atom bomb secret "lias long since ceased to exist." Atomic experts immediately said believe she has this tusk. The yet. accomplished most optimistic guess on the probable date for the the scientists was J950 and iliost first soclet atom bomb given by of them thought It would be more years than that. But In the propaganda field, both scientists and diplomat.* agreed, Molotov had succeeded In produce Ing something like an atom chnin i reaction. Bradley Chuckles Over Comment On Montgomery BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Nov. IK— (UP) — General Omni Bradley chuckled yesterday when asked If certain p.-yts of the diary by Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.. concerning British Field M a i s h a 11 Bernard Montgomery were reported accurately. General Patton, whoso contempt for the British commander wa.s: ex.,„ „„,....„ .......vuiuu..,,- suiu., pressed throughout his published that there was no doubt, of the pre-1 diary, reported that Bradley said else truth of these words — that, 'hat n "dagger-like thrust" on the In fact, there had never been any Germans promised l>y Monty would "secret." about the atom bomb. Instead, they sai<t there was a whole scries of secrets, thousands of them which constituted tlfc atom f mb "know how" — the dlffer- cc between n principle 'and Its actlcal application Despite tills common sense reaction countless attempts have been made to "interpret" Molotov's f meaning. And these attempts have '• been inside information on the "Russian atom bomb." The Daily Worker. New York : organ of the u. S. Communist Parity, said, flatly yesterday that Russia has the bomb. A nationally known U.. S. columnist reported that he had "inside dope" that the first Russian "Los Alamos"- test would he conducted next Spring. All of these reports were Imprecise In the source of their information L'lnlranslgearit's report, for example, was a copy-righted dispatch from Prague, signed by "Johit\ Origg." Prague newspapermen said they hart never heard of John Grin .inrt ,no one in official or unofficial, tunrlvrs had any knowledge of Hie Irkutsk report. In serious scientific circles there was no inclination to believe that Hussia actually already lias produced an atom bomb. Professor ,M. L. B. Ollphant. Britain's leading atomic scientist, said frankly that he was "very du' bious" about the latest report. His be more like "a butter-knife thrust." "I don't recall saying that." he artnixcd, "hut t might have at that." Bradley, here for an Armistice speech tonight, implied Hint he would write a book on tile Furo- pcan campaign "I declared during the war that I'd never write nry memoirs—if the others generals and* writers got everything down right," he said. He added thai details of the Bulge Battle and Antwerp and manj of the others have not been recorded comprehensively for history yet. He refused to comment on whether he would become Army chief of staff when Gen. Dwight Eisenhower retires next year. The present head of tlic Veterans Administration said that.Con- gress undoubtedly will take some action next year to help veterans more under the G. I. Bill. Aptly named the HRP-1 Rescuer, this helicopter demonstrates Its rescuing capabilities at (he Pisscclci Helicopter Corporation plant at Morton, Pa. Kive men'climb'up a ladder as the ship hovers over the Held. The ship i: first transport helicopter to join the Nnvy. PAGE Small Tornado Hits Florida, Severe/ Hurt PANAMA CITY, Fla., Nov. 12 (UPI —Several persons were hurt yesterday, none seriously, am-, a liumoer of buildings were unroofed when a small tornado struck the community of Ebro near here. The sheriff's reported that six persons received minor injuries. About eight roofs were blown off homes and buildings, and two small structures wer6 blown down. Th6 tornado was the of a series that has struck Florida during the past few weeks of storfn- 'iisoii weather. iiiK Into the Little Rock trade area will be set up here with M. U. Vnn. kirk, marketing specialist of the Department of Agriculture's Pro- lucllon and Marketing Admlnls: rat ion , In charge. Big Four Deputies End Peace Meet Without Agreeing LONDON, Nov. 11. IUP) — Bit Flour depmle« yesterday wound up Ilicir consideration of a document on the preliminaries of drafting the German |ie»c« settlement, without weoliiB on *ny ot tin otiUiUndlug polnls of difference. The delimits agreed to op*n today iiwir iiLiciLwlon of the »(tend» of the Nov. -a meeting of tht Council of Foreign Ministers, with Soviet proposals to I* considered first. The document, on the Otruian diadlnn was referred lo (be deputies by the Council or Ministers after the Moscow melting last Spring. A. A. Smtrnov, Soviet deputy, stuck dosRcdly to the stand th»t the His Pour idone should prepare the draft treaty. He would not. usieo that any lesser ullied power* should lie permitted to co more Ulan "express tticlr views" on the questions In which they wire isiUr- ested. Robert. Murphy, American dele- Rate, drew a sharp reply from Sinlr no\' when he protested that Russia was depriving the Allied b«- llKcrrnlti of lh»lr rirtH to pMiiclp»t« In (he peace i«ttl»mtnt. Smlinov .said the accusation wns unfounded American officials believed the dinner would be small for the Council of Ministers to a^rcd on Austria If Die Russians had their way about the order In which mutters were discussed. reaction . similar lo that of most atomic scientists in the United States and Britain after Molotov'.s original statement." ~'" With few exceptions the Child Falls in Well MUKFREEEBORO, Ark., Nov., 12. (UP)—Funeral services were conducted today for Wallace Lee, four- year-old son of Mr. And Mrs. Eulie Lee of Pike City, who drowned yesterday when he fell into a well. 8-29 Crash Investigated OKLAMOMA CITY, Nov. 12 (UP' —Two boards of Inquiry were named today to investigate the crash of a B-29 superfortress in which two army fliers were.killed and Jive pc'rcohs were irijliicd a'fTinker Army Air Field yesterday. Body Found in Cemetery Identified by Police CHATTANOOGA, Tcnll., Nov. 12 (U)—A body found Inst Saturday In a secluded section of the Forest Hllle Cemctary was Identified yesterday as that of Mrs. Thelma Sel- del, yj, mother of four children, wno had been ml.^'.mg since Sept. 24. Detective B. E. Smith had said Saturday the woman apparently had been beaten to death, but yesterday police said they had-no new clues In the case. The body wns found by a Negro truck driver. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WilWl CabwI- M'« JM. 04 «i ' Tht UT« »hould pour out about 1 plat* ol bi « Hi* lou> ^ou, bomU .VOT 4t,.~t I hi. bil* ti not flowing duly, JOU r food mny not HUM. ItniyjiutdKiyl. U» bow«U Tbm !** blo«» ui> ynw Y»ii nt «oi>- «U|HU4. Yw iW «,MT, wak ud t& world loolu punV. It l«k(i lho« mm. mill C.iltr'i Ultl« Uttr Pilli to (M UM« 1 plnu ol bill flow- Ini firty lr> »k> ym (Ml "up .od up." fM.MietH. lotoy. (Nrti.. In m ,kf., 1» • "«» Iniy. *•!< l«r OuMc'l UtU. Line Statt Oil and Gas Commission to Meet Mj DORADO, Ark,, Nov. n. (UP) —Meld rulu (or Uif fast-develop* Ing Wesson ol! field of Ouachltt County wlll'M dlMU.vs«d al a si*- clkl oil ajid ga.vcommission meollin here tomorrow. Th« commission will contlder Miicndlni the nil* which »ll«wi one ««ll to each 30-acre drill. ln| unit. Beware Coughs |-g_ _.__« m3fa That Hang On Crmmulrton nU«M promptly b»- C*UM It rat itebt to thi naiaf th* trouble- to help loown and aptt turned broocfaUt mucous mam> bnnw. T»ll TOOT dnicctM to nil yoa k botUi of CraomaMon with the understand! nt you must like th« way II quickly allajra th« Much or you *r» to U»t»rour mootr beck. CREOMULSION for C««4w, CKnt CoUt, Ironckitii LET US DECARBONISE YOUR Oil, HKATKK N'ew iclrnllrlo method eliminates all carbon , . . creates new *ffl- rhone UM t»r »r»pl RADIO REPAIR 1 AND I DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL, RELIABLE WORKMANWOT. PHONE 2642 \Vo call for and Deliver FRED CALL!HAN Electrical Appliance Co,. Aathwiwd Motorola Ra4l* Salea »»4 Serrlm IN SMth rint it FRH TO EXPECTANT MOTHERS and newbor To sliow our interest in the welfare of expectant mothers we are furnishing, without coat or obligation, the booklet MATERNAL and NEWBORN CARE, written by an outstanding specialist. 64 page* of educational text with 29 illustrations, charts and graph*. A helpful guide foi; «H expectant motheri. CITY DRUG CO. Ed Williams, Druggist 101 East Main St. Blythtville, Ark. Fruit Inspection Set Up LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 12 (UP) —A permanent office for Inspection of fresh fruits ftnd vegetables com- COME IN AND SEE THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY GROUND GRIP TIRE OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Hundreds ot Held tests prove the new Fircston« Champion Ground Grip Tractor. Tire cleans up to lOOr- more cflcctlvoly, mills up to 62?; more, InsUs up lo 01 T« longer and gives a smoother ride than any other tractor tire. No broken center tire can duplicate this performance! The greatest advancement in power farming since Firestone put the farm on rubber! , -r»c Firestone Oiampj«i Growwi Oip tractor tire, engineered and bw'tt lor maximum efficwncy ami service on all surfacru, mivfin^ from concrete to soft mad. TV pvtvM orrrerf, Triple-Hi^ceH ta»etwii bars IJOO, . tire windled • k>« Hft*. CATALOG SALES DEPARTMENT Phone 2442 A. 29.75 your" Christmas Dollar Wards Catalogs 0. 11970 You'll find that gift selections in both the big Christmas Book and W»rdi General Catalog are budgtl minded. Buy more for lew by shopping from your Catalog Sale* Department now! If you don't have copies of these two ift packed catalog;, cither stop in or call our Catalog Sales Ue^artmenl for them: A. Women's 17-Jcwcl Bu- rrn. 14K yd. gold CilM rasr. 10% 'Fed. Tax incl. 45T1585T 29 75 i C. Cloisonne-effect dreis- er Ml. Mirror, brush anri comb. Blue or rose. 45T6J61T S. Men's 17-Jcwel Buren. 10K yel. rolled gold plate rase. 10% Fed. Tai incl. 2075 case. 10% J •15 T 127T D. Htavy-weight Sterlini DinnerKnives,forks.20% Frd. Tax incl. 36 PC. set. 45T7972T ||970 C«1«loB Ordws Plcttd Today I. tift\ Quality Fruit CaV« —lavisli wiln carefully sclcclcdfruiH.53T9102— S-lh. Gale—in Tin 319 F. Good Quality Choc* lale< in true fruit Karon. Silver coloredeift»Tapped. 53T8930-2lbi. S? DeHvery in IFew Hours * and Used Electric MOTORS Suited lo any use. Come in 1/30 to l'/j horse powff sizes. Supply Is Not Unlimited Medlin & Lane ELECTRIC COMPANY 12» S. First I'lione 2ISO FOR Concrete S«wtr TUc Concrete Cahrert IB* Size 10 faL, M ta. A: H. win Hwy. tt al Mate UM tU MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 I Have On Hand At All Tim* Several traclon and equipOMB* . . . both n*w and UHdonw'..;: JOHN DEXRK,' TJOOUU, aad other makei. Abn, I. have for s*l« at all tli&H TO to M \rnit tt mulM, Termi can IM Will trade tot moat you hav». F. C. CROWt 1 MiU S. of Braggmdoeie FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Call 2397* -ro»— • Bob Powell •T. W. 'Hop' Nell We specialize In ho«M wiring, farm wirlnf, no. lor repair and appllaaee installation. BOB'S Electrk 500 N. Fifth St. Blytherlllt, Ark. H-fl LTCRS OURLtTY SHOC SHOP I Z 1 W M a I M ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing point 12-48 inch CONCRFT1 CULVERTS plain or reinforced OsceojaTile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone «1 2611 — 2611 — 2611 — 2611 IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN A FIRST LINE TIRE . . . GETTfiENEW 5 • Washing • Road Service N • Lubrication • Esso Products Also I Goodyear and Firestone Tirei i WE CLOSE SUNDAYS s r< WILSON AUTO SERVICE 201 West Ash Street Did You Say Service? Service Is more than a word repeated, here at NU-WA: Benrlce to us means fine CLEANING AND LAUNDRY picked up and d«- Itvcrcd Rt your doorstep. Service h«re, means satisfaction to every customer. It means Uiat yon can trust every garment to us and huva them returned spotless, unharmed and ready for Immediate use! Dial 447 4-447 5 For On Do*M* Serrlei NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS 220 North Second Street Still & Young Motor Co. Linco/n>A4*rciiry Phene 3479 BIyth«Tille Ark. 112 WaJMt ft

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