The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on July 20, 1956 · 33
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 33

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1956
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Ask Receiver for Comoro's Vegas Hotel CARSON CITY (Nev.), July 19. (INS) Creditors filed a petition for reorganization in bankruptcy today against the trouble torn Stardust Hotel, the Ias Vegas spa built by late West coast gambling kingpin Tony Cornero. The petition charged that the still unopened Stardust, long the' white elephant of the glittering desert gambling strip, Is, more than a million dollars In debt. The mammoth, 1,500 room resort, now about 80 per cent completed, was the cornerstone of Cornero's dream to 'go legitimate" In Nevada, where gambling is legal. Cornero died of a heart at tack last year while shooting dice in another casino, and his brother, Louis Stralla, was elected president of the hotel corporation. The creditors charged that the $7,000,000 assets of the hotel at the time of Cornero's death have been depleted. The petition said it would require $1,500,000 to complete its construction, but foreclosure is threatened because of an overdue bank note of $530,000.; some 2,800 persons throughout the country re portediy invested in the re sort. The petition charged there never has been an ac counting of those funds. Other, hotels on the Las Vegas strip have met financial reverses, but most have re opened under new management or have abandoned their gambling operations and ex pensive floor shows. , United States District Judge John Ross appointed Paul Mc Dernrott, a former member of the Nevada tax commission, the State's gambling control agency, as receiver. 435 New Polio Cases in Week 4 , WASHINGTON, July 19.-! (AP) The States reported 435 new cases of polio last week, the smallest number for the comparable week in six years. Illinois, with severe localized outbreaks in sections of "Chi cago, had 104 cases. Operation Parts Siamese Twins SAN DIEGO, July 19. (AP) Surgeons separated the Hutchens Siamese twins today and said that, despite complications, they should survive. The outcome of the surgery on Gary Neil and Lary Dale Hutchens, born July 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hutchens of El Cajon, was announced at 9:09 a.m. The operation "had started shortly after 8:30 a.m. "The twins are holding up the hospital announcement said. Wife Case Knifer Freed A Los Angeles bartender who inflicted two minor stab wounds here Wednesday on a man he accused of running off with his wife was freed from jail yesterday 'after the victim refused to prosecute. Principals are Joseph Korak, the bartender, his 39 year old wife, Marian, and Thomas Lawrence, 34, of 14 Woodland sidewalk of the 1000 block of Mission Street, accused him of running off with Mrs. Korak tioaa, t amax. According to police, Korak caught up with Lawrence on a and then stabbed him in the O.Sxamtnrr See. II Friday, July 20, If St 9 cccc . leg and groin. Korak was jailed on suspicion of felonious assault, but yesterday Lawrence and Mrs. Korak appeared at police headquarters and insisted they had no desire to sign a com plaint. Jessel and Joan Busy; Trpth Off HOLLYWOOD, July 19.- (INS) Comedian George Jessel and Hollywood Actress Joan Tyler have called off their engagement because of their conflicting careers. C. of C. Backs 6 Propositions State Propositions Nos. 5.. 7. 11, 13, 14 and 17 won the en dorsement of directors of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce yesterday. . - At iha nma tima iht rllran. tors voted to oppose Proposi tion No. 18 on the Novemoer 6 ballot. The latter measure, would oermit justices of the peace who are not lawyers to be blanketed in under certain circumstances as municipal court judges in new court districts. ; ffflk,& '4M. goddgO fgi7q0 ... ''JL .V. . "Mb,:.. SANTA CRUZ COUNTY SANTA CRUZ COUNTY SANTA CRUZ COUNTY SANTA CRUZ COUNTY I) t , . U V U VJ . . lNiiM t Hip33 SONOMA VALLEY OF THE MOON BUTTE COUNTY SANTA BARBARA COUNTY LAKE TAHOE SANTA CRUZ COUNTY LOOKING FOR SUN? SONOMA MISSION INK Phone GR 4-3600 or PR 6-2033, Son Froaeisco VERDIER'S 'In the YALLEY of th4 MOON" KLi VEKAMU ket. SoaM Boyea 8priaci. mi... m niiHa Ruft fur a rrrffrt vacanoa ui men- ktlon. Filtered Swimming Pool. 6pcio L.w 8hdo Tnt. hat. Mtj. "Tfc vHr" r Ni( tly ilanrlnc. All Rrrfllo tlrllltkl. brt olf. Dork-tail bur. Air conditioned Dining Room. 3 meali daily. Cottarn Wit or Wit holt Bath. 36th Mason. Write lor f olden, Verdler'i, El Verano, Cil. Ph, Wcbater 8-2026. NAPA 'VALLEY RESORTS-NAPA COUNTY For rran tin Fo lb Enttro FamllT Away AnmrluB Plan. Delicious Food, Barbecue. Cocktail Lounge. Television, Folk and 8uan uaneutg. Mineral nairn, Ummm nlff Th.I. E-iahlM VIILaM PmI. j"-T-TTTfT Muure. Bnnenlaed Children'! Play Period. a, P P Q Meet hue at St, Helena by appointment. AddrrM Cefc B. Belbd. prop.. Aetna Sprtan, to St. Helena, caul., or pnooa . neteas , BOTHE'S PARADISE The) Pfam Wot Vow VmIIm. rWh rsmfTM. AiMrirsu - . . as I BIjIIoa niLrlmar Tamaia atdtd f AtrCll Mill, or mo 'b,. a jrKnn Bothe. Owaert AMUSEMENT PARK NAPA. CALIFORNIA For reiorvauonB .in. v.j F.u.. - "V On Wrtway 101. mltot North of tea Rafael I 1 t hoar from a. F. Mancho Rafael PabHa tuimmhig aaL Beautiful cocktail loanra, DrUclous Food A neon Weeke' OrehMtra, nlrlitr. Finf-Penf, 8anbahln, etc. a Room (7.7S per day for two. Free iwlmmlai for roan (aetta. Free TV la Oweat VICHY SPRINGS BIG BASIN STATE PARK BIG BASIN LODGE SUNNY VIEW LODGE tha Clant Mwooda ""'. JJSL aaillafi aaekal tPA h b, p; a w aV ry l aa an a mat u - - SS.'Slarf Bomb. Cfje. Mop. Orcjr, Store. paacMF, ruKina-, .7.". a cam or rn. Haaater. UeLaxa CaMaeje. Olaaif A iraaaat. toenail umn Hikiac. Flealac. New m- yni awlmfniBC POOL Ad 4 reel Boalder Creek. OaL. or Ph. FEdemJ 8-6070. HUMBOLDT COUNTY EUREKA INN Highwif 101. Eve.., Cilfonh 27S HDes North ISaiFrudxi eeutifnl English Stylo l Heart of ledwood tmoire Bihiea loetino, 6oH Dencina CoeMeil Loonqe CoHe Skoa Delicioin Smorgeibard Uncheoa end Oinnert Fro f arkinf Icnmw tlftfl. Naily UHt $9 fmr 3, $10 for 4. AH Prlvtrtt laH J. p. OfRca, 101 Caary Srraat, Phaaa 6L 4-MN ar tk HW mutt MfW KATUttt MM MON WOU0M4 CAAOVNt MOM femiry aim rofat itManbM nml SprugSi k.0. lea S4, ticaartiaa tarlaaj. Cel., tm riidiii- JBAriUM MMf3L I - -jt- iv.v MARIN COUNTY 8. F efflee, BOS Dear Street lift. 4-3600 Operated Geo nee T. Thorn Hotel Oaanpaay rOS Oearr Street aw ar PR. (-2033 I A So thrifty to have your Examiner delivered each morning! Call SU. 1-2424 now. Southern California moat pop ular reaort. uverntajtit motorists-room a and houaekeeplna cottages Ideal for familiaa. Private beach. Swimming Pool. All aporla. Wonderful food. Cocktail Lounge. Reasonable ratea. You will love every minute of It! Santa Barbara niRAHAn Detect Heroi S. F. Telephone EX. 2-4330 CALISTOGA MOUNT VIEW HOTEL tat i m Hmtetw rt Pat ap A llnmfnrt A.U VBHBVWtj utiMPiAtJit Plan Natural hot aulDhur Blla aral mmtmr in atVatrV room. Nr. Mild B&thS. liodcrmt fUUt, Fr Parking. J. B. OblMlfOp rr Ptu 1-6877 CJItoftw Cat. HOT SPRINGS i mmA ....nil irua.f R.llaf at ...k.l... .. NariirAl HM Mineral Bathi, Maaeaur, Nurae, 11. D. Speclai dieta Caoina ana coiiagea irum J2 50 day European plan or S6.50 day American pi an. weeni s niununj writ or rn. a-ezuju t,aiiiota. BROCKIW IDEAL FOX NOKEYHOOHEKS ROT SniNGS WARM WATEI POOL lE.UTIfUl COLF COURSE fISHIHS Phone Brockway. Liberty (-33S3. ar Write for reaervatlona, Brockway, CaU. or aea year Travel Barren. LIVINGSTON'S MOTEL & APTS. Rnuth Shore of Ijike Tehna Fnur blacka from all Stateline Amusementa. Beach and Boating Privllegea. Cablna and 8ingle Rooms with Kitchens, write Box itt, Ktatellne. Calif. Phone Kimball 4-3t43, or Nebelhorn Stateline Totira, S. F. WEst 1-6903. CONOLLEY?S HIJOl INN Oa Highway SU South end of Lake Tahoe. New Mortem Hotel A Cabina. European plan. Dining room, ? coffee ahops. cocktail lounge. High claaa American Fnnrf a Evnlin nrlental fliehee hv HORACR FONO Of FamOua CONFUCIUS RES TAURANT IN OAKLAND. Conventlona welcoma Phone Kimball 4-3441 or write Bijou. Lake Tahoe, Calif. After aeaaon ratea. SACRAMENTO MOTELS wwhtowh I2t Street I llockt North of State Capital TWO NEW MODERN MOTELS Phone Gilbert 1-7471 or Gilbert 2-075T . LAKE COUNTY ii. Sl3 KnW i.mi' : ItAV SPECIAL (week daya 428.70 5 PAY SPECIALS (Sunday to Friday) $44.00 1 DAY SPECIAL Any 1 Umyt.) S62.7S. See your X ravel Agent or Ph. 10REST LAKE 1. Write Cobb P.O. Lake Co.. CaL MOUNTAIN HOME RANCH la the BMaatalaa. 8 mllea from CaUatoga. Hotel, rattle rabtaa. Ainericaa plaa. ocnelika. Swlmmlag. Honea. Ftahlng. Ratea for eatldrea. Write Gauatoga. Cat Pa. Calletotm 1-1105. APaAkie CBBIaJr" C American Plan Three Meala Dally . . . One of ADAM) 5rKlr1V3. the moat popular resorta m Lake Co. A modern i . h niMinln. riannlnsr. cocktail lounge. ADAMS SPRINGS boa.ute of t dining room where the FINEST Of FOOD IS SERVED: Drink ADtlS WMNOS FAMOI . MINERAL WATER ... On High-w 29 take Grevhound Bui direct . . . Make reservatloni NOW. Phone Adama Springe Na 1 or WnW ADAMS SPRINOS RESORT. Lake County. California. LAKE COUNTY HOBERG'S Amona the Pine Lake Caaaty'i Most Beautlral MEW Volt Coane Tha largest American Plan Reaort In Lake County Dancing nightly to Walt Tolle- rai'a Orcheatra. Horses. Tennis. Til Swimming fool. Lawn Bail rant, rina forests Greyhound buses direct. Bee your Travel Bureau, ramimes miercnunge-able with Seieler'a Write, HOBERG'S. Lake CoaatytCaUt. ar Pboae Hoberg's 1. SEIGLER SPRINGS TW YacatlM Place of Lake Cossty NEAR NEW GOLF COURSI. Americas Plan Excellent Food. Swimming. Indoor and outdoor. Table Termta. Cocktail toung. dancing nightly. Hot mineral Datns. Untnrhnat iMaa aaA Dkniea weeklv. Orevhaund busea Senrloa facilities Inter changeable wttn BobSTg-a. ratronla. your Ttaaal Asaot, Paona Saisler SprUica L wmaawsw NOW OPEN Per Year Neat Wnkaal ' HARBIN NOT SPRIIIGS Laka Ce.'a rinest. Natural Stress leas.. Bet Pluate SwIiuBriur Paet, Sum ". Plas Peeda. Ceektalt Uuaga. Eatet, IaeL bmsbj, Slagla lJj per day, M4JO aeTweek. Deukle M per day. 1M per week. M. S. LaU O. Boeta. Preaa, klddletews, CaUt, HOWARD HOT PBBIaJrC 9riirtW W erld'a greatest Uaaabt- ajpxxAf ADCU aatloa af Natural Mineral NUlT WrCn Bathe a Drtaklac Waters f..r you. H :h. Opea Air Mineral Water Swimming Pool. Radloaettva i and Sulphur Baths. Wholesome : aod. Marvrloua ;llmale. 0a 8aalecka. Eveithlmt for ur health. Ratea by Day. Week ar Month. Three Ueucioua steaie. nravee v.rir Papnaa Bros. M'ddletowa. Cain., or pa, BROOXDALE LODGE Barnty Morrow's World Famous Where Has Brook Rubs TVaugk taa Die lag Beoen. Host romantlo place In all of the World. Home of World's Most Unique Wedding Chapel Famous for Honeymoonars. weddings our specialty, uancing, entertainment. Cocktails. 8wlmmlng Pool De Luxe Cottages in the Heart of tha Redwoods a the San Lorenzo Valley on Highway north of Santa Crux, between Ben Lomond and Boulder Creak in Btookdale, Calif. Phone FEderal 8-6433. Beautiful American or IN THE IEAIT Of YAUTIONUNI KfiL AQra KAsMrt ih in K4Hiwoou 09 miiM arouin 01 au r. uDiin Plaa Cotiurf and Roomt. Flltortd Swimmlnr Pool Town & Country. Lodge Dancing. Deliclou .Food. Guest Baioacuee Sundays. Cocktail Lounga Dicing Room Overlooking River, "or Reservations Writs Gordon O. Perry, or Phone Duerfleld 6 5011. Ber LcmonJ. California. DENTON'S MOUNTAIN INN Deluxe cottages in heart of redwooda Swimming pool, hayrides, beach plo nlcs, sll sports. 3 excel meals dly. Low Amer. plan rates. FREE picture folder. Dent. I. SOQl'EL (Santa Crua Co.). CALIF. Ph. GR 8-9995. HOLIDAY'S RIVER CAIINS Between Felton and Ben Lomond. Modern Hskpg. Cabina Nestled In the Redwoods on San Lorenzo River. Accom. for four, Hot Showers. Swimming, Boating, 135 00 per week. Address 2103 Highway 9, No. Felton. Calif, or Ph. Deerfield 6-5496 RIO NIDO ON THE RUSSIAN RIVER I"Msneri last al m Where Shall We Go This Summer? ten Have Knrythlag at All-New Bio Maa Rassrl aa fas Isssiaa Rhearl MaXIM HI4MTIT TO Ot4W.IT STIM'I OtOIISTua Sandy Beaeai Daadag Boatlag ISO Madera Honaekeeplag a Hotel Cottages MSIRVATIONS WRIT! RIO NIDO, CALIP. Pa. Ouaraatrilh) 1 or CaN 6A. 1-1S0I ($..! ANDERSON'S VILLAGE in no NIDO "AD Tm Nei b Tnt Ssltua" Completely renovated, furnished 3 or S room hskpg. eottages. NEW 3 room furnished cottages with refrigeration. Also hskpg. tent cabina. 100 yarda from Rio Nldo beach and concessions. New miniature golf courao. Greyhound buses direct. Rates 618 per we?k ana up. Bend for folder, writ xraak a uorotajr nevna. P.O. Bos 875, Rio Nldo, Calif. Phone Gaeraeville 118. ' fiIP GLEN 'ATTiflK CRAIG WW I IMVU AT RIO NIDO. Modern 3 A S room HousekeeMni eottaces with eleft refrtg- eratloa. hot water, showers. Wsekly and monthly rates. Bring ths family, tuaerre wow. c u. Koe, box 133. roooe cuarne-vlUe 110, Rio Nldo. Calif. BIO NIDO BUNGALOW TERRACE AVAILABLE NOW 4 rm. bungsktws for 4, 5 or persons. 3 rm hskpg. cottages for 3 or 3 persona Cat tag es with bedroom and bath for 3 tP 4 persona Ratea 66 per day; 838 per week an. Ph. Gaeraeville 15S or S. F. CA. 1SI&OS or write Al 'oweli, Rl Nldo, Calif. RUSSIAN RIVER GUERNEWOOD PARK HOTEL RESORT a. lrVU GUERNEWOOD PARK. CAU P. ' DANCING md FREE ENIBTAINMErtT lilly's leeek leys OroSertte t Fleer aWa Europraa plaa. Houarkeeptas eattacee. hotel rooms, ladivtdual baagakews aad cajlss. Near gelt, swlmmlac. baatlag. TelerHloa. Modera eerfea la vera. Phoae Gaeraevyie 117. Lower l-ake 6581 or B. 1. PU 8-3131. CAPITOLA SANTA CRUZ CO.UNTY Messini's Venetian Court Apartments CAPITOLA Bf -THE Sf A Oa tha BesWl mI River. Modern furnished noueekeeping apts. and motel rooms all sliee. VsratlonUMai Monterey Bay Located four miles south of Santa Crux. Boating. Kshtaf, Bwhsj-mine and children's nUvsroand and fresh wntss Pool, TiliBhsni Oreeawood M724. Addrsas P.O. Bos alt Cap! tola. Calif. New Haven Resort OUIRNIVILLI, CAMP. Completely reconstructed. Cool. o.ulet! redwoods, picnicking on creek yet only 300 ysrds from Johnson's Beach. (Directly across River on road to Vacation Beach). Single room to 6-room bouses. Reasonable ratea. ar aJe HIGHLAND DELL RESORT HOTEL On the Russian River Under new owner ship Refurnished. Southern Home cooking. European plaa (6 00 day A up. Weekly Rates Swim. Dance, Oolf near Wrna Monte Rio. Calif, or Ph Monte Rio a. So thrifty to hare yow Examiner delivered eadi morula: Call SU. 12424 bov. IK v rlf M r?5 ' ' .V .4 v: i - i ft ? 'A I t u

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