The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1947
Page 2
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PA01 TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER It, 1947 Churchill Flays Labor Proposal War Leader Declares Arriee't Government It • Dictatorship • 1ONDOH, HOT. 11 (UP)—Winston Cfaurenffl Mt ft tlekbed'Waimt ht» toctor'i ftdTiae ywterday to denounce th* labor government In Common§ u an Incompetent dlc- tetonhip that thrutned to lead Britain le bftnkrupter »nd »t» atlon. Showing little effect of the cold which had kept him in bed' lour day«, Churchill tore Into the gov- •rnmcnfi attempt to limit the House ul Lord* T«to power over Commons" legislation to one Instead Vovy's Personnel Boss Shatters Tradition, Wins Designation as Friend of Enlisted Men of two • Churchill thouted down repeated attempt* to heckle him. They were ltd b? Prim* Minister Clement Alt It*. Churchill pounded hU dispatch Va and iraM«d hi* tlnter at th (ovmiBMOt front bench as If at « ob«tr«p*rou» youngster. . TIM government, Churchill char- 1 had. As A&sl&Uu fed to leading the coiuervatlve at- i Personnel during tack' on th* Lords' measure, was trying to mike' the conaervatlve- By DOUGLAS IARSEN * NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. 12. (NEA) — A nervous yeoman poked his head out the door at headquarters' office. ie said the Admiral coming down :he, hall, turned to the persons In the' office and in a loud stage whisper said: "Pssst. he's coming." .A second later the grinning Admiral opened the door wide enough to poke his head through, and whispered Just as loudly: "PsuL, he's here." That's how Admiral Louis Emil Denfeld took over us Commiuider- In-Chief of the Pacific Ocean Area and the Pacific Fleet, at Pearl Harbor. This same 'genial informality, in sharp contrast to traditional stiff Navy pomp, has marked his career from the start; In nl probability, It will cnrry over to the Office of the Chief of Nnvnl Operations If he succeeds Admiral Nlmltz in that post. They say of the Admiral that he's the best friend the sntlor ever Assistant Chief of Naval during part of the war, and then boss of personnel when the war ended, he did more lo Itn- domlnaUd upper hous* ineffectual »nd powerle**. "By ttilt acheme," he cried, 'they i hope to substitute the will of the ' foremment for the will of the people. As a fnebom Englishman, what. I hate Is a dictator whether it be * Hitler or an Attlee." Appearing unexpectedly In Commons today, Churchill. wa» crieered by both sidw ol the house. , "Yesterday, the leader of the bouse dt«d me as a witness in this ease," Churchill told Commons. "Therefore I thought ,1^ my duty to come here and testify, yet I must admit under some protest from my medical adviser. "I Uk« to feel that what I thought right M year* ago. the great party which I DOW lead and th« famous party which I then served and, also I believe, the mass of the nation acw also think light." Churchill urged approval of an opposition motion to reject the reform bill on grounds thut It was Introduced without a mandate (rom the nation, destroys constltutlona aaf eguards, and distracts the nation's attention from Its economic Both the opposition motion and a government motion for approval o the bin on Mcond reading were to be Toted upon tonight. wASKING ORDER In the Chancery Court Chlckaww ha District. Mtelaslppl County Arkaaaaa. James ICaneell Plantlf TI No. 10.JW *flarllyn UanceU Defendant "* The defendant Marilyn Mancell ia hereby warned to^ appear within dan In ttJE ^Mlt named in ' prove the lot of the enlisted man than probably had ever been done before In the Navy. He helped get pay raise, cut across tradition to ve them many new new privileges, id Improved anti Krcntly bvoad- ned their training. He also gave enlisted men a chance to rec- mmend a new uniform. In his home town of Wcslboro, [ass,, where he 1 wns bora April I, 1891. Denfeld Is called nffec- onalely the "Gardening Admiral." neighbor there tells: "The only lime we've ever seen Im In uniform was when he came ADMIRAL LOUIS E. DKN'FtXD: In his home town, Ihey call him (he "Hardening admiral." Although Denfeld never- did fit of Naval Personnel. He received the pattern of the stern, bridge- the Distinguished Service Medal fo pacing sen cnptnln, when he was the way he handled this vital Jo graduated from high school the untl March, 1045. class yearbook predicted he would Straining to get away from become an ndmiral. He already Washington desk, Denfeld got his respect and confidence of Congress had his appointment to Annapolis wish with a vengeance. He was sent; as much as Denfeld. They like his latf a Ship Conc/derea' letter Than None HONOLULU, T. H. (UP) — It seem i there are quite a few per- KNI* Interested In buying only h»lf i ship. The resting stern half of the banker Fort Dearborn, which broke in two last March several hundred miles from Hawaii with a loss of several crew members', has been offered for sale by the C. ». Maritime Commission. Several bids were made, one of them nald to be »60,000. The stern of the ship was towed to Honolulu harbor after the dls- ut«r. DIDST SEE EACH OTHER William Henry Harrison and his wife did not see each other during the time h* was President o( the United States. Mrs. Harrison was ill at the time of his Inauguration and never reached the White House. Harrison died one month after taking office. West on Highway No. 1* from Lcachvillt, Arkansas. Application is Jor permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of January, 19M, wid t» expire on the 30 day of June, !«•. Elvis A. Hill Applicant. NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Kotlce It hereby given that the undersigned Jvaa filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the state of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous' or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as approximately 4 miles South and I|4 mite Old Bull Survives as Young One Perishes HIGHMORE, S. D. CUP)—During South Dakota's recent worst prairie i fire In modern history, Elmer Fol- stich had two purebred bulls, of which one had to be saved. j One was old and the other young I and husky. \ Folstich left the old and crippled bull to die In the flames and brought the young bull along with him. But the crippled bull found refuge In a green weed patch and the young bull died of exhaustion and suffocation. from Dututh. Minn., whore he to take part In one of the tough- lived with nn uncle mid ntlcndetl eat operations of the Pacific war high school after his father died, i as commander of a battleship divl- After graduation (rom Annnpo- slon supporting the Okinawa land- lls In 1912, routine tours of duty | Ing. As soon as the Island was se- evcntually gnve him experience In I cured he led part of the fast task practically every branch of the Nrwy. force which struck at the Jap home He commanded a sub In 1823, was on Islands. For these Jobs he got a ft destroyer In the Atlantic during! Gold Star In lieu of a second Le- World War I, did i» stint as a re-iglon of Merit. cmlting- officer and was aide to the | When the war ended It was al- clilcf of the old Bureau of Naviga- mo .-it a dentl cinch for Denfeld tlon in '29 and '30 and to Admiral; to get tile tough Job of directing ,ome one day to marry his child-! »'«» Chief of Navnl Onerallons. .ood sweetheart, Flaclinel Metalf. Usually the minute he hits own he's in old clothes In hfs arden." LONG-RANGE PREDICTION The Admiral's favorite story of linself concerns a Wcstboro nclgh- wrhood lK>y. Denfeld \vns putter- William D. Leahy when the latter demobilization as Chief of Naval Personnel. That tills job was done Just before Penrl Hnruor, Den- as well ns it was. with the pres- fcld w<\5 commanding a destroyer I sure of US. parents and' Congress Informality, un-pompous attitude, and honesty. When he arrived In Pearl Hnrbor to take over the Pacific Fleet, he said: "We have Just ended the most expensive war in history. Therefore it is particularly necessary lo keep expense Incident to the national defense at a minimum, com- .menaurate with efficiency." Many Congressmen lauded . him for this statement, made at a time -hen most other military men were omplainlng about budget cuts. NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder A Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 2T3 So. Franklin Blytheville, Ark. OPENING TONIGHT THE NEW ll\o i wmyn i MOX THEATRE Moin at Twenty-First Street Our Feature Presentation 'STATE FAIR' with Jeanne Grain and Dick Haymes CARTOON and Selected Shorts Continuous Showing From 7:00 P.M. Visit Blytheville's Finest Theatre - Bring the Family! ng in the garden as usual In old clothes. His fancy dress unilorm was hanging on the line getting Its division in the Atlantic. At the; for speed, is considered mainly a outbreak of war he was Chief of I result of Denfeld's great ability Slaff and Aide to the Commander, I as an administrator. Support Force, Atlantic Fleet. i Even before Hint job was finished, Besides being, one of the most Denfeld wns drawing the blue- jjopulnr top officers in the Navy, • prints of a plan to streamline Navy Denfeld wns recognized us one of the shrewdest and most abe administrators In the service. Key training and conform it with developments In scientific warfare. Announcing It he said annual airing. The boy gazed In to this talent Is ability to work , "We plan to keep the entire awe at the mass of gold braid, sword i will) people with a minimum of ' rmval service acquainted with the and epaulettes on the line, and friction, plus a keen analytical: latest practical information on asXed'. "Say, mister, did George Washington live here?" mind. He wanted to stay where ji nuclear physics, electronics, ]et pro- the shooting wns, but was ordered p U ] s ] O n and guided missiles." to Washington as Assistant Chief F EW military leaders enjoy the iber, HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Peterson, deputy. C. P. Cooper, Any. for Pltf. M B. Oook, Atty ad Iltem. WAKN1NG ORDER la the Chaaeerr Court, Chlckaaaw- ba DMrtet, County, Arkanaaa. Juanlta Anrin Plaintiff, TI No. 14*07 Donald B. Arrln Defendant. The defendant Donald B. Arvtn is henby warned to'appear within thirty daya in the court named In MS caption hereof and answer the complaint et the plaintiff Juanita. Arvtn. ' Dated this I S.j of November, 1MT. HARVEY MORRIS. Cleric By Dorothy Conley, deputy. C. T. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. «d ». Oook, Atty ad Iltem. 1115-12-1»-3« WARNING ORDER la the Chancwy Court, Chlckasaw- ' District, MiMluippi County, Bdwtrd Riak Plaintiff. •n. Ko. Wm Opal Risk Defendant The defendant Opal Risk Is hereby warned to appear -within thirty days ' in the court named In the caption Iwnot and answer the compliant of tht plaintiff Edward Risk. ' PaUd this IS day of October, 1947, HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Peterson, deputy. Attorney for Plaintiff: •Doyne Dodd 1012-2»-U|5-13 PRESCRIPTIONS Fr«»h Stock Gmrmntc«d Beat Pric«a Kirby Drug StoreS SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDED WHISKEY. 86,8 Proof. 65% G SeJBiarn-Disiilltis Corporation, Chrysler Buildiiif, N 1 Ford-trained Mechanics know your Ford be«t. They'll give you immediate skilled service that saves you time and money on any service job, large or small. Factory-approved Methods gave you t; m « and money because they're planned by the men who made your Ford to do the job better, mor» thoroughly and in less time. 3 Special Ford Equipment ••» designed by Ford Engineers to help make your Ford run "like new" again. Save* you time and money. Genuine Ford PailS-the same kind that went into your Ford when it was new—are made right to fit right and last longer and save you money —cut down the need for replacements. We FORD DEALERS know your PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Give Generously-Give I\JoW to YOLR Community CHEST toy Scouts of America Girl Scouts of America Library Awociotion Goodf*llows — American Legion Blytheville High School Band P. T. A.»* Elementary Book Fund Social Welfare Contingency Fund Maple Grove Cemetery A««ociation Ccncer Association Blyrhevillt "Y" Infantile Paralysis Glee Club

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