The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on September 3, 1953 · 22
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 22

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1953
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THREE ASLEEP M SEED FOR THEFT W One Said to Have Confessed String of Burglaries A string of burglaries and at least two Automobile thefts were declared solved early yesterday when a Daly City patrolman found two men and a, woman asleep in one of the stolen cars, Arrested by Patrolman John Coleman were Manuel B. Ro inero, 20, of Monterey; John F, Hale, 20, of El Cerrito, and his sister, Mrs. Mary Ann McMillen, 23, of El Cerrito, who Sunday arrived here from Japan where she had been with her Air Force husband. CONFESSION CLAIMED. In arresting the trio Coleman claimed solution of the burglary of the home of R. B. Hamill, hardware store owner, at 305 Verba Buena Avenue, St. Fran' cis Woods, in which a large quantity of sterling silverware, miscellaneous jewelry and other silver articles, a large quantity of clothing, and the car owned by Mrs. Nuriel McKean, Hamill's mother-in-law, were stolen. According to Inspector Al Eirdsell of the San Francisco police, Hale confessed to the Hamill burglarly, three other robberies in San Francisco, and the theft of another car at .Willits. Police said Hale admitted the burglary of the Truman L. Park hurst home at 2089 Twenty-first Avenue on August 20 in which jewelry valued at $150 was taken; at the Irving Westound nome, 7'uerntos Drive on August 24 when he took jewelry valued at $150, and the William Malone residence at No. 1 Gabil Ion Way on August 27 when clothing and jewelry valued at $600 were stolen. JV03IAN FREED. Mrs. McMillen was released after questioning. Hale in taking full blame, said he and Romero first met in Lancaster where they were serving terms of burglary. Both are out on parole now, according to BirdsalL Hale said he met Ro mero again after coming to San Francisco two weeks ago. He said he stole, an automobile in Willits and used its plates on the car taken from the Hamill home Monday night. Both Hale and Romero are being held on suspicion of burglary, suspicion of auto theft and on the technical holding charge of en route to Sacramento. According to Birdsall, Patrolman Coleman spotted the car at 2:45 a. m. parked off the Coast Highway near the entrance to Thornton Beach. He recognized it as one described as stolen. Investigating he found the sleeping trio and most of the loot from the Hamill home. He, said Hale told him he disposed of the clothing by Belling it to passersby on Third Street at Howard Street. Strike Settled After 14 Years CHICAGO, Sept. 2. (AP) A fourteen-year-old strike ended today and a persistent picket who had been pavement-pounding past the place for twelve years said, "I'm glad. It was getting kind of monotonous." The AFL Auto Mechanics Union started picketing the Peterson Chevrolet Co. on the South Side in July, 1939. Alexander "Scotty" Orr has patroled the walks in front of the salesrooms since 1941. The union paid his wages. ntLBmiR FAST ASPIRIN j msim 3 1 Are you wearing an ordinary TRUSS THAT FAILS to hold GO tea renders LIFETIME protection. monc CK UAftANTCC $11 GRANT ILOG. . I0t$ Marlat St., San rWitc. hen HEmlock Mill Daily HS, Satirday ' t rf i 4 i A : - s lilllili , , rj! ; . FltAGRAXCE QUEEN-'" w.u... .k.... Queen of Fragrance for the cotmetie show in the St. Francis Hotel ea September 13 is cenf ratulated by Joel I. Green, preii-dent of the California toiletries representatWes. Dr. Sox Backs Milk Fund Urges Public Support For Campaign Health and happiness of thou sands of San Francisco children has been improved by the Saints and Sinners Milk Fund, Dr. Ellis Sox, director of public health, said yesterday; Urging public support for the campaign to finance tne pur chase of 1,000,000 bottles of milk for underprivileged San Fran cisco school children, Doctor Sox stressed the importance of get tine children In the habit of drinking this health-giving beverage.? His statement was issued as Suzanne and Sharon Colombat, 11-year-old twins who are head ing the Saints & Sinners corps of junior campaigners, visited his office. He said: "During the last five years the Saints t Sinners Milk Fund has provided millions of bottles of milk for undernourished children in the San Francisco schools and this has resulted In Improving the health and happiness of thousands of our children. I urge all San Franciscan to support the milk fund.". The campaign, with its goal of 1,000,000 bottles of milk during the next school year, will con tinue to October 3, Campaign headquarters are at 657 Market street, in the Palace Hotel building. Death Takes Architect Mrs. Geraldlne Frickid Passes at 51 airs, ueraimne u. jrnckie, a well known architectural de signer, died in Marin General Hospital yesterday at the age of 51. Mrs. Frickie, a native of Oak land, had worked as an archi tectural designer here for twen ty-five years. She helped design the Roos Brothers department store. Her home was at 276 Cascade Drive, Mill Valley. She is. sur vived by her husband, James, and. a sister, "Mrs. Claribel Wiedemann, of Palm Springs, Calif.. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. tomorrow at the Church of Our Savior, Episco pal, in Mill Valley, . RUPTURE We want you to try a JiEW method of Rupture Control that will absolutely hold reducible rupture in normal position giving Nature a chance to repair weakened muscles. Lifting action of Sykes Control" replaces Hernia in comfort and safety at less cost than any other method which CosmeticShow Sept. 13 An anticipated 3,000 store owners, buyers and merchan dise managers from northern California and Nevada will gather in San, Francisco Sep tember 13 for the annual Call fornia cosmetic show at the St Francis Hotel. The latest in cosmetics and perfumes for fall and winter will be exhibited during the six day show. More than a million dollars of business is expected to be transacted. Selected as "Queen of Fra grance" for the snow is joan Weldon of San Francisco, now a Hollywood starlet soon. to be seen in her first movie, "So" This Is Love." The show is being spdnsored jointly by the Northern California Cosmetic Club and the California Toiletries . Representa tives. Fisticuff Case Dismissed Judge Rejects Charges In -Showboat Melee Battery charges based on fisti cuffs which highlighted recent unsuccessful efforts to refloat the river boat Fort Sutter at Aquatic Park were dismissed here yesterday. ' Municipal Judge Charles S. Peery, in ordering the charges dismissed, held that the three principals involved were: mu tually responsible. The complainant was Earl Duff, employed by Promoter Barney Gould as a nightwatch man aboard the boat. Defend ants were Tom Anderson, one of Gould's partners in ' the showboat promotion, and Frank Conley, a bulldozer operator employed by Anderson. Duff had charged the two men struck him as he sought to halt bulldozing operations last July 26. Anderson and Conley told the court they struck back at Duff after he came at them swinging a length of two-by- four. Former Coroner's Aide Is Suicide Mrs. Agnes Ruth De Rocca, a retirea clerk in the coroner's office, was found hanged yester day, m a Fourth Street hotel room. Deputy Coroner James Pri- deaux said Mrs. De Rocca apparently had committed suicide because of ill health. That was her reason for retiring from the coroner's office on Au'eust 20 arrer nine years. airs, ue Kocca, 61, lived at 1326 Hyde Street. She had registered at the hotel at S3 Fourth Street under an assumed name, Old St. Mary's Players Pnaeni "Gramercy Ghost" John CC Hlm Direct .y P L Hatertr Friday aat) Sataraay Evtaiaat, Saatambar 11. 12. II, It, 2S mni I. Cartala 8:36) 014 Sr. Mary's Tkaatra CaHfafat mm4 Craa Atom - Tlekett S1.23. tat Included. TU -43a mr EX. 2-644 Here to. Eternity' Preserves Realism, Greatness of Nove By HOUTENSE MORTON A GREAT BOOK has become a great film in the transference of James Jones' "From Here to Eternity," off the printed page on to the giant screen at the Orpheum Theater where it will probably run from here to eternity. This is Hollywood answer to those carpers who are always wondering out loud why Holly wood doesn't make more realis tic pictures. If It's realism these fussy characters are seeking, here it Is . . stark, raw and earthy. Readers who found it difficult to put down the tome are going to be pleasantly surprised with Daniel Taradash's screenplay which plays on characteriza tions to the point where Jones' people are as he conceived them human beings with every weakness, known to man from the time of Cain. Taradash hasn't "prettied up" any of the persons involved nor has he done a white wash job with one eye on censorship. Dia logue that was unimportant to the importance of the book has been skilfully eliminated. It's a splendid piece of screen writing. Director Fred Zinnemann need no longer lean on the lau rels he reaped for "High Noon." His guidance here proves he is not a "one picture" director and that future Zinnemann films are to be anticipated. cast and story? set in pre- Pearl Harbor at Schofield Bar racks, Honolulu, the dramatic events swing around Montgomery Cllft, GI with a chip on each shoulder. A good bugler and an outstanding boxer, he was done out of his bugler's post and was responsible for the blindness of another fighter in his previous outfit. He's a man full of emotional nettles. Unfortunately, he rates Philip Ober as captain. Brass-happy and a chaser, the officer is determined that Clift will resume his fighting activities. Swing-man is Burt Lancaster, sergeant with a healthy dislike for his superior officer but an old-time Army man who fights for his men. Also, he is having his mo ments with Deborah Kerr, as the loose moraJs wife of Ober Cliffs determination not to succumb to Ober's boxing team plan nets him every evil in the book including murder and death, Startlingly fine performances throughout are the measure of the film. Clift scores as the sensitive private whose professional life is no more complicated than his personal life a love affair with Donna Reed, as a harlot deter mined to acquire a large bank account and retire to a life of respectability on the mainland Frank Sinatra surprises with one of the most believable per Ticket Sale For 'Kismet' TICKETS FOR "Kismet," new musical with Alfred Drake .and Doretta Morrow, are on sale at the box office of the Curran where the production will be gin its local engagement on September 14 as final offering in the San Francisco Civic Light Opera season. Produced by Edwin Lester, the operetta has a score based on the music of Alexander Boro din as adapted by Wright and Forrest. It features Beatrice Kraft and a group of Jack Cole dancers. "Sword and Rose" THE ROISTERING royal times of Henry VIII of England spring to life in the Walt Disney production, "The Sword and the Rose," Technicolor ad venture tale at the Alexandria with Richard Todd and Glynis Johns In leading: roles. Crown Billing DESERT ADVENTURE In 3-D and a floating: ' musical about a showboat company bring: melodrama and melodies to the Crown screen In "Infer no," rith Robert Ryan, Rhonda Fleming and William Lundig-an plotting triangular schemes, and "Cruisin' Down The River." Irving Screen AT THE IRVING are "Dan- perous When Wet," with Esther Williams and. Denise Darcel heading the aquatic set, and "Pickup on South Street." where" pickpocket Richard T5dmark and espionage agents tangle. British Favorite With Film Fans NARDIA GRAY, starred with George Cole and Oscar Homolka m the British comedy, "Mr. Potts Goes to Moscow, at the Larkin. is listed second only to Joa.i Greenwood as a favorite of the English picture fans. Houdinf and Bombay Wa terfront will have final show- Slings tonight. formances on any man's screen, as a persecuted soul, who finally cracks under the strain. And, Lancaster contributes a double edge performance in a double edge role. HIGHLIGHT SCENES include ... the sneak attack on December 7, 1941 . . . final scene, aboard a ship headed for the Stales, between Miss Kerr and Miss Reed (this scene will make every writer jealous of Author Taradash) ... the ugly fight between Clift and his tormenter Ernest Borgnine, sergeant responsible for the death of Sinatra ; . . these are just a few. There are many more gripping moments. " As a great picture this is the end. "THK PtBUC DEMANDS AXOTHKIt WEER!""- Hans Christian Andersen n nnn MASON at GEAR! coming STAGE DDuR " 8-4767 RACHEL L. CARSON'S w " mm BAIL? FKOM 1 P.M 'THE SEA AROUND CS' g rm g'Mf A V mmmm"R iii":TatOBto Teieil ram."""" ' RECOMMENDED TO BROAD-MINDED PEOPLE! r:"2r the seven deadly sins BOX OFFICB Bfll'HF.LE MOROAN GERAED PHIUPK-NOKL-NOFL OPENS S P.M. TSA MIBANDA-V1VIAXE ROMAM E-FRA.VCOISE RON AT "aBaBiBBBiB ANOTHER BRITISH COMEDY HOWL Y Alt Kl IV ENGLAND'S NEWEST AND EliNMEST LAUGH RIOT S"foii; "MR. POTTS GOES TO MOSCOW" BOX OFFICB Funnier than "Tight Little Island" and "Langhtrr In OPEN'S 8 P.M. Paradlw" with Purge Coin . Ndla Cray - Qicar Homolka .fdr iaT vnM w i m xLuvi ' Ti, w venire eennet "e Ferruceie Titiiavim Berlin iiriur Teday (rem 4 P.M. IB t . ARTHUR Flora Robien Kathleen Bjren- Teiay ram I a m. IT0PAY DOWNTOWN BABTIM a ilarket-4th. SU. 1-581 4 IWnlWfcM East Tlmea Tonight 1 S BIG l.MTS! FOIt ADULTS ONI.V 1 "MALE AND FEMALE" (Sensational! Daring! Revealing!) J "BORN TO SIN" 3 "STARS OF BUKLESai'E" 4 "BATHTUB BEAUTIES" (Now and Then B "OUEENS OF BURLESQUE" (Eafitern Burleaque On the Screen COMPLETE NEW SHOW TOMORROW "A NK.HT AT THE FOLLIES" "OVERSIGHT GIRL" ' "BODY BEAUTIFUL" "HAREM QUEEN'S" crni ivirasfSt, at 7tt PR. 6-3200 JIRMnil BARBARA STA.VWVCK "LADV OF BURLESQUE" GEORGE SANDERS In "LURED" EkiDACCV Mkt. at 7 th.. HE. 1-5221 EriDMjJI Tallulah BAN'KHEAD "MAIN STREET TO RHOADWA1" CORNEL H1LDE - SHIRLEY BOOTH "TARE ME TO TOWN" - Technicolor ANN SHERIDAN . STERLING HAl'DEN' SHOWN ON OIR GIANT TRI MAGNITUDE SCRFEV NO GLASSES NEEDED! TCI CaJCACMkt.-5Ul. YU. 6-2100 ItLtntlTJ IV COLOR "CLIMBING THE MATTERHORN" PETE SMITH CARTOON SO JEVENTS DFWAEI I Powell at Market rWTTBa.1. "PAULA" LORETTA TOt'N'G & KENT SMITH "BACK STREET" CHARLES BOVER NOB HILL NOB HILL California nr Mason TECHNICOLOR! "1,11,1" W th LESLIE CARON MEL FERRER-JEAN PIERRE AUMON'T Plua OUTSTANDING SHORT SUBJECTS MARINA THEATERS MARINA Chestnut at Stelner WAlnut 1-1234 STRAKGER WORE A GUN" -3-D! Will Be Bhown at 1 :00. 4:00, 7:00. 10:00 "FLAME OF CALCUTTA"-Clor! Will Be Shown at 2:45. 8:4(5, 8:15 DBECiniA Chestnut nr. Scott rKCaiUllS WAlnut 1-2929 BESERT SONG" GORDON MarRAE Will Be Shown at 7:00 & 10:00 P.M. "UNDER THE RED SEA" Will Be Shown at P.M. Only MISSION DISTRICT tB AUPeSont. Daily-Mission ft 23r1 -"MAGNETIC MONSTER" RICHARD CARLSON JEAN BVIION "WOMAN THEV ALMOST LYNCHED" ROOSEYELT "SCARED STIFF" DEAN MARTIN and JEKRT IF WIS "49TH MAN" -JOHN IRELAND GOLDEN STATE THEATERS IIDTOXAU Sutter at Steiner W I IWllM "INFERNO" 3-DIMENSION! ROBERT RYAN Snowlnr at 3:28. 7:00 10:30 "MAIN STREET TO BROADW AY"-Color Showing at 1:43. 5:20 8:a5 O rAkl iliaalon near 22nd St. WKUVTfl -"lFERNO"-3.D! TECHNICOTflR! ROBERT RYAN AKo ' KI ISIN' DOWN THE RIVER" U A IrlUT Haicht and Col nA.lJn I RICHARD WIIIMAKK "PICKUP OX SOUTH STREET" YVONNE DeCARLQ. "SEA DEYILS" DAI ATE Powell and Columbus a,a. RANDOLPH SCOTT "STRANGER WORE A dUN"-3-D! "4.I.L I DESIRE- - Barbara Stannyek VCD HI 044 Broadway nr Stockton TCKUI Teleolione DOuglas 2-2S10 "TITANIC" with CLIFTON Wl BB BF.TTE HAVIW In "THE STAR" ELREY 11170 Ocean A v. PR 63200 y TECHNICOlAiR "INFTRNO" 3-DIMLNSION ROBERT RYAN-RHONDA FLEMING nunev' "SWORD A THE ROSE" RICHARD TODD GLYNIS JOHNS IRVING Irvine. Street at 13th Ave. ISTHER WILLIAMS "DANGFROU WHEN WET'M olor! AlM "Pit Kl P ON SOUTH STREET" GRANADA Mission and Ocean htrhard WIDMARK "PHriir N AOUTH STREET" TVONNK DeC ARLO "SEA DEVILS" AMAZON Geneva et Miction "THE QUIET MtV JOHN W ATSF. A MAUREEN O'HABA "ROAD TO BALI" BINO CROSBY DALY CITT ftll V IITV Mission at Floumoy a a si art miioav THE GREAT CARUSO"-Marlo I.ANf Gilbert Bolaw-"APAt HE WAR SMOKE" C0LM eCBB A 2710 Junipeio berra Blvd. JCIIVA Plata 3-1455 "PKKI'F ON SOUTH MRI ET" P.Ichaid WIDMARKl ."SEA DEYILS"J PARK PRESIDIO 4CTAD Clment-25raTBA. 1-2200 3 I AK "LIU" Teehnlmlor! I.eli raran-Mtl Ferrer-Zfa Za (.ahor "IT HAPPENS EVERY THURSDAY" Jreia YOUNG A John f CRM THE Rome Movie Will Open STARRING Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, "Roman Holiday," produced and directed by William Wyler, opens tomorrow at the Paramount. The comedy romance tells a story of a young princess (Miss Hepburn) off on a spree in Rome, Then love, in the person of Peck, a newspaperman, enters the picture. Filmed in Rome the picture boasts world-famous land marks. These include the Roman Forum; the Castel Sant' Angelo; the Pantheon and the Piazza Del Campidoglio, the city square originally laid out by Michelangelo. Sharing the bill will be the Technicolor cartoon "Johnny the Giant Killer," which won awards at both the Venice and Trieste film festivals. ' a -v e. MB9 1 v ttifl?rtf?rj and ntuil H HANK ALL-TIME TECHNICOLOR HITtl Jeaa Simmeni. Drberah Kerr, David rarrar. Kabu II 'BLACK NARCISSUS" David Nlvtn, Kim Hunter, Raymood Musey, Mariue Oonni "Stilrwty II a t a I K1 SAN FRANCISCO THEATERS AARAUCT Geary nr. 1st Ave, bVKurici j-n suspense hiti "INFERNO"-Robt. Rjan-Rhonda Flcmlnsr Jeanne Cralne-'DANUEKOLS lltosiu ALEXANDRIA ofcVVVrS "SWORD A THE ROSE"-Richard TODD Barbara STAN WTCK-"ALL I DESIRE" iJCTDn Union-Webster. BV. 1-81S1 mE lW ."SWORD A THE ROSE". RICHARD TODD GLTNlS JOHNS "AM. I 1ESIRE"-Barhara Stanwyck' LI A D fi I kl ri Dlvisadero at Hayes 1 IMIiWIMWTHB IJESEHT SONG" Kathryn GRAVSON Gordon McRAE "IT HAPPENS F.VFRV THURSDAV" LQRETTA YOUNG-JOHN FORSVTH E DAI OfA Balboa-3Stli-BA. 1-8181 UHLUWM TIM FLY THRILLERS! MAX ON TIGHTROPE"-Fredric March KIRK DOUGLAS-"THE JUGGLER" VOGUE Sacramento at Presidio FINAL WEEKS 'roRBIDDEV GAMES" Oacar Winner! REMARKABLE MOV IE" Life Mai, NASSER BROS. THEATERS NEW MISSION''UISJ MIWI ON OI K HUGE PANORAMIC SCREEN 3-D' "STRANGER WORE A GUV'-ColOr Ditney'a "SWORD A ROSE" Color. FREE PARKING AFTER P.M MEW Ell I aanBBW-? '' a a a a n a wk. 1-2HD0 3-n! "STRANGER WORE A GCN"-Color "CHCISIN DOWN RIYEH"-DickHayme nAV4 Polk nr. Calif. GR. 4-2131 iw ma Continuous Dally from 1 "PICK! P ON SOUTH STREET" Richard WIDMARK Jean PETERS AUo "MAIN STREET TO BROADWAY" ALHAMBRA Polk and Green PRosnect S-565S OIV OUR HUGE PANORAMIC SCRF.KX 3-D! "STRANGER WORE A GUV"-folor lllanrv'a "SWORD THE ROSE" a" A CTD rS Ca'stro & Mict. MA 1-61 20 """nw RICHARD WIDMARK "PICKUP OV SOUTH STREET" Gordon McRAE-"DESERT SONG" WEST PORTAL DISTRICT EMPIRE WTPortal Ave. SE. 1-9504 :i-D! n.n .i.ii! mr;;ri woke A GUN" TECHNICOLOR! RANDOLPH SCOTT Will Be Shon-n at lt:Hn in-4d "MAIN STREET TO BROADWAY" Tallulah BANRHEAD-Shlrley Booth Herb Shrlner-Mary MaHln-Rex Harrison Will Be Stio-n at 8:35 l. m. nnlv j 3-D 3 Stooge Comedy! ."SPOOKS" ! Will B 8hivn-n at 8:25 m. BOX OFFICE OFENS AT 6:30 P.M. SUNSET DISTRICT CIIKICET lrvTfig at 46th. JTO. 4-8.100 "CANYON PASSAGE" DANA ANDREWS SUSAN HAYWARD "FRONTIER GAL'-fVONNE DrCARLO SAN BRUNO AVENUE AVENUE San Bruno Av. JU. 4-937i KM HlK It iniIRK " rl( nl P (l SOUTH STREET" Ann Sherldan-"TAKE ME TO TOWN" iKWOWW-WM-a-WMl FOX WEST COAST THEATERS CINEMA Market Nr. 8H . Phona UN. S-bsoo lilSTl,r.HB PREFER BLONDES" TE(HMCO!X)R! MARILYN MONROE JANE RUSSELL A CHARLES COBURX EL CAPITAN tS.isT MTKEET TO BROADWAY" Tall nah BAN'KHEAD - Herb SHRINFR "DANGERol A iRoSSIN(i"-Jeanne Crala mnrv-a Terhnlrolnr TRI F-LIFE short "PROWLERS OF THE EVERGLADES" iliU.rA KKINW AFTER O P.M. , DADICiriC Taraal rt lot li Ave. I lr.JIWt-HKM;RT SONG" Jvamryn GRAi SON Gordon MrRAF Al.. "Plf KUP O.N SOUTH STREET" KIDDIE MATINEE TODAY I-:30 ROM A A THE JUNGLE BOY" "SANTA FE"J also ARTOON - i"- ii-irij-)jnTj- DRIVE-IN THEATERS ELBANfMn Dme-la-Junlpero PL. A-n(M)0 n-DIMENSIOVI EXCLUSIVE s. F. DRIVE IN SHOWING "STRANGER HORE A GUN" TECHNICOLOR! -RANDOLPH S( OTT s1VORD ft ROE" . Richard Tod TERRACE DRI VE-lN JU. 4-5S00 Aleman pr Rav'thare n 1 1 r, n iih iiih ifiM".i ainp' SL'SAN HAYW ARD-ROBERT MIT HUM -"SEA DEFIES" -TEC H.NICOLOR! TVONNK Itrf ARKl A ROCK IIUDSON GENEVA ",uriieTari3 50 Geneve RENNIE Jeanne Craln-"D ANGEROl S I ROsslXG' wait imn- oVORD A THE ROME' niCMAKlI TOIMI aid GLYNIS JOHNS MISSION DRIVE-IN ATOP GCTTENBERO OFF 5300 BLOCK OF MISSION STREET JU S-1234 "RIDE. VAQUFRO". TECHNICOLOR! ROBERT TAILOR. AVA GARDNER HOWARD KEEL A ANTHONY UINN "MAIN STREET TO BROADWAY" Tal'iilah BAN'KHEAD Kerh SHRINI.R New Star in 'Path of Hope' RAF VALLONE, who plays the leading role in "The Path of Hope," opening at the Rio tonight, is an actor who has risen from the "street" to stardom. He was the film critic for a m at EAST BAY OAKLAND T.n Hth fcroadwa: I U "MASTER OF BALXANTItAE TECHNICOLOR! ERROL FLVN.V HOOT FIRST" . JOEL McC'REA DOYIC JTth and Telegraph Avnue RUAIC "THE MOON IS BLUE" William HOLDEN-Mftxele AleN AMARA. DAVID MVE.V DAWN ADDA.M8 BERKELEY BCD! CI CV Shattuck at Haste DCKIVCLCI AShbetry 3-43O0 'THB .MOO IS Bl.lfc"- William HOLDEX-Maggle MeNAMARA DAV1U NIVEN DAWN AUDAMS "Langbeia Btor "-Medal of Honor Film bo. or r h K rn.. at a:ia r.M. OAIC Solano at The Alameda WAR Phone LAndJcane 6-1S36 "MASTER OF BALLANIKAE" TECHNICOLOR! ERROL FLVN'N Anthony STEELE & Beatrice CAMPBELL "SHOOT FIRST" JOfcl AlclKUA CONCORD CaJCAtJ Phone Concord 7623 EN CAN JEFF CHANDLER GREAT MOCX CPRIKING" Gene RELLV-"DEVIL MAKES THREE1 PITTSBURG Eal E i kl 323 E. lOth-Phone 2-4764 tllCMrl "stranarr More a Gun" 3-DIMENSIOM RANDOLPH SCOTT Also "COUNT THE HOURS" r A I ICrtDkll A Phonr2V2001 VMhirwIMIIM CARIBBEAN" TECHNICOLOR! JOHN PAYNE "BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER" VrtS.IIE Phone Pittsburg 2-6450 WtfUs RICHARD TODD ninef' "SWORD THE BONE" Color Drnlsn Darcel-'-FLAME OF CALCUTTA" BERKELEY lllllTPn IBTI(T 3-: Unil CU Mm 14 Id Cont from " BAND H AOOV'-TECH ICOLO R ! FRED ASTAIRE C'TD CHARISE Alao-"bLI(.HT CASE OF LAUH Nl" FREB HINKS' KID SHOW SATl RDAV AT l!20 A.M. RICHMOND U.A. 8 til and Macdonald. EE. 4-6322 Matinee at 12:13 Dally "WLiI" ir.lH.MtUWKI LESLIE C A RON and MRU FERRER Alsn "FLAME OF CALCUTTA " - NASSER BROS. THEATERS ALAMEDA A I AtJCrtA LAkelmrat 2-4433 ALAMEUARii)K, yauuero" technicolor: Robert tailor ava gardner anthony quixv "city that never sleeps" MALA POWERS GIG YOUNG UArlllC Phone LAkeliurst 2-7337 T wwus , :i-iimi;nskm "CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" GUY MADISON & FRANK LOVEJOY "WOMAN THEY ALMOST LYNCHED" JOHN LCND anC AUDREY TOTTER NEPTUNE Central at Webater 3 Great (lassies "T RARER HOR N" HARRT CAREY A EnwiNA BOOTH "SEQUOIA" wltn JEAN PARKER ORINDA D I KJ n A Tunnel Highway at Orinda WKiniA Crossroads Orinda 2233 "MEMBER OF THE WEDDING" JULIB HARRIS A ETHEL WATERS "FLAME OF CALCUTTA"-Techiricolnr DENICE DARCFL-PATRIC KNOWLE3 LARGE FREE PARKING AREA NORTH OAKLAND Dl El") aJri KIT 41S Piedmont Ave. riCUMUnl Phone PI. 5-2727 "A- SON'ii TO REMEMBER" TECHNICOLOR! MERLE OBI RON CORNEL WILDE ft PAUL LISAS "HOLIDAY" :AR GRANT-KATHARINE HEPBURX DOORS OPEN TODAY AT :30 P.M. DOWNTOWN OAKLAND I I IV TUP ATrpTBr'dvsy at 13th bWA inEAICR TV. J-37S6 "S HAN F," TECHNICOLOR! ALAN LADD and JEAN ARTHUR "CITT THAT NEVER SLEEPS" OPEN DAILY AT 10:00 A.M. 4 MOULIN ROUGE ftE? "10 FIRST RUN HITS" (BURLESQUE OV THE SCREEN!) FOR ADULTS ONLY El DCV San Pablo Ave. near 35th EL KCl RIRLESOUK THEATER! ON OUR STAC''! I " RbON ! MARIE V O E BROOKLYN'S Hill NCI X. OMBSHELL (FOR ADULTS ONLY) CONTINUOUS 1 P. M. TILL MIDNIGHT 'Mi BLUMENFELD THEATERS SAN RAFAEL RAFAEL GLenwood 3-5442 1 by TECHMCOLOR! GRtAT SIOl.X IPKISIU" JEFF ( IIANDLLR-FAITH DOMLRGCE 'MISSION OYER KOREA" JOHN DEREK and JOHN HoniAK SAN ANSELMO Till Al BAIC GLenwood 3-5441 I AmMkrHI J ALAN LADD "SHANE" TECHNICOLOR! ' JEAN ARTHUR VAN HEFLIX Brandon DeHILDE A Jack PALANUE FAIRFAX FAIRFAX GLenwood 3-5441 CLOSED TONIGHT! FRIDAY: "LILI" LESLIE A RON "TONIGHT E 8IN(i"-Eii PINIA -k MILL VALLEY CEfMI filT PhoieTBUnlap 8-4S62 JCYWIM (LAKKGABLL "NE ER LET Mr, (.O" OKNE TIFRNEY A RICHARD HAYDN "POWDER RIVER" TEi HMCOLOR RORY CALHOUN-CORINNB CALVET LARKSPUR A D Ir Phona Larrpur 333 laAKIV nil.LI.AM HOLD EN "THE MOON IS BLIE" DAVID NIVEN A MAGGIE McX.AMARA SAN MATEO I AlID CI Phone LYtell 3-31 SO bMrtkU tn'ir k.r tec hmcolok: 'MASTER (F BALLANTRAE" ERR JL ELY NN' ANTHONY STEELE -SELECTED SHORT SI BJE( TS U A klOD 25tn Ave. Fireside 5-1610 MAlYWK J hT TECHNICOLOR! "T HINDER B A 1 " JAMES STEW ART A JOANNU DRU "1H 4.KEAT SIOIX I PRISING" Jeff ( HANIll.l K A Faith DOMES), I R Create your own opportunities. If you feel qualified for a better position, "tell the world" with an Examiner Situations Wanted Want Ad. Call Sitter 1-2421. I ir BLUMENFELD THEATERS anifranrt3n)ixaminrr 22 Thursday, Sapt. 3, U53 CCCC Turin daily, when Giuseppe de Santis gave him his first role in "Bitter Rice." Since then, he has made seven pictures, including 'The White Line," "Under the Olive Tree,'1 "Anna" and the current "Path of Hope," in which his co-star is his young wife, fiery Elena Varzi. J SUBURBAN THEATERS MARIN PENINSULA SAN MATEO PALM 17th and Palm. FI. 6-l.Olli Color by TECHNICOLOR! "B A N l A U O N" I FRfcD ASTAIRE CYD CHARISSE NANETTE FABRAY-OBCAR LEVANT IELM0NT BELMONT Phone LYtell 3-9405 WILLIAM HOLDE.V "THE MOON IS BLUE" DAVID NIVEN'-MAGGIE MrNAMARA "MAN ON A TIGHTROPE" Fredri" MAKCH-Glorla GBAHA.ME MENLO PARK D A D it Phone Davenport 3-6181 rAIl "THE MOON IS BLUE" WILLIAM HOLDEN.DAVID NIVEN MAGGIE MfNAM.lRA-DAWN ADDAM 111 II f Phone DAvenport 3-6760 VWIifU. Rlrhard ATT EN BOROUGH "B RTGHTON ROC K" "TOPA2" with FERNA.NDEL LOS ALTOS AITrtC WHltecllfriT5212 Mfc I W J CT4ISED TOMGHII Frit "WHITE WITCH DOCTOR" ' "THE GIRL NEXT DOOU" PACIFIC MANOR SEAVUE "Sharp Park-FL. 5-216' 3 by TECHNICOLORI "FASTER OF BALLANTRAE" Errol FLYNN't also Jeff ( HANDLER in "GREAT SIOCX UPRISING" FOX WEST COAST THEATERS ir BURLINQAME PENINSULA Phone nr. 3-1 S2I 3-DIMENSIONI "CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" JEAN SIMMONS "CAGE OF GOLD" SAN MATEO CAM ki ATCO Phone DI. 3-5651 JAM MA I CVS ERROI, FLYISV "MASTER OF BALLANTRAE"-Colnr! John Derek-'-MISslO.N OVER KOREA" SAN CARLOS "Thone LYtell S-5lin" CARLOS "MOON IS BLUE" WILLIAM HOLDER DAVID NIVEN "IT HAPPENS EVERY THURSDAY" REDWOOD CITY COV i Telephone EMersoa 6-467S rwA "THI N'DFi: BAY" JAMES STEWART A JOANNE DRU VICE SCAD"-1!dward G. ROBINSON" PALO ALTO STANFORD DAvenport 3-4100 CLIFTOV WEBB "MISTER SCOUTMASTER" "TARTAN AND THE SHr, DEVILS" VADCITV Phone DAvenport 3-6411 TArtaHl "STALAG IT' WILLIAM HOLDEN-DON TAYLOR "GREAT SIOUX UPRI8lNG".Color JEFF CHANDLER-FAITH DOMERUIK GOLDEN STATE THEATERS if SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO STaTI San FranclBco-JlfT8-1434 RANDOLPH SCOTT? "STRANGER WORE A GUN" 3-D! SWORD A THE ROSE"-Richard TODD SAN IRUNO EL CAMINO 0nu?NEl TecHnlrolori-AUn LADD-Jean ARTHUR CRUISI.V DOWN RIVER' DlrKHaymea MILHRAE MILLBRAE El SbTO7: "ANSA" ulth SYLVANA MANGANO Edward O. ROBINSON-" VICE SQUAD" nTKjllln; CONCOKD MOTOR IN By ilia Monument Open Dally 7 P.m. "MAIN STREET TO BROADWAY"-! olor Tallulah BANKHKAU-Heien haics "IT HAPPENS EVERY THURSDAY' Loretta YOUNG and John Y-ORSYTHE BARGAIN NIGHT EVERY FRIDAY EL CERRITO EL CERRITO JffSlS San Pahlo at Fairmont. LA. 6-T824 Gates Open 7 p.m. Show Starts at Duslc "I'ARMEK TASKS A MIFF" TECHNICOLOR! BETTY GRABI.E DALE ROBERTSON-THEI.MA RITTER "MAN ON A TIGHTROPE" . FREDR1C MARCH-GLORIA GHAHAMB OAKLAND AIRPORT AIRPORT Auto Movies 98th nr. Oakland Airnort. 1.0. 9-3622 "DANGEROIS H HEN WET '-Color Esther ILLIAMS-Fernando I.AMAS "MAN ON A TIGHTROPE" rrj:DRic march-gloria graham ALAMEDA ISLAND AUTO MOVIES 3 BLOCKS FTiOM TUBE IN ALAMEDA TITANIC" vlth CLIFTON WEBB Barbara STANWYCK - Thelma HITTER Aim 'SHORES OF TRIPOLI" LAST COMPLETE SHOW AT 1():,-(Q P.M. ALAMEDA DRIVE-IN Webster at Alameda Tube. LA. 3-9344 SOUTH SEA WOMAN" VIRGINIA MAYO-BURT I AM ASTER "TO HAVE AND H.AV. NOT" I-Tumohrev HOG A RT Lauren BACAl.t, SAN PABLO -j RANCHO DRIVE-IN 14th A Proadwar. Sun Paolo. BR. 4-6B4 "DANGEROIS t ROSSING" JEAN.VR t RAIN . MICHAEL RENNIF. "II.VFR C ITY . YVONNF. Def ARLO IELM0NT BBS 1 aaa a aBB BBB IklrlVKV 0074 )IAKLIIC""marilVn MONKOB "GENTLEMEN PRIFER BLONDES" "DANG.5ROUS 4 ROSSI N G"4ennne Cralll SJIMATEO. STUDIO BURLIWCAME DRIVE. IN Peninsular Ate. Between El Camtno and Bavshore. Dl. 3-S43S. Show Starts Duak. "FARMER TAKES A WIFE". Color BETTY CRABLE - DALE ROBFRTSOf "MAN ON A TIGHTROPE" FP.EDRIC M AR( H-GLORIA GRAB AMR PALO ALTO PALO ALTO DRIVE-IN Amarillo nr Bayshore. DAvenport 2-6659 "T RAKER HOR N" FDWINA IHHITH and HARRY CARET H.EUOIA" Starring JEAN PARKER SAN RAFAEL kirtTNB IIAVIEC S:uiRi ifaef nwiwn nwtiu CU S-6443 HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN" TECHNICOLORI DANNT K AVE jirANMAIBI tnj FARLET C.RANr.rR

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