The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on December 26, 1956 · 27
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 27

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1956
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LOUELLA O. PARSONS Eva Bartok's Debut On Broadway Set By LOUELLA 0. PARSONS Motion Picture Editor International News Service HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 25. (INS) Eva Bartok makes her debut on Broadway this sum mer In "Queen of Clubs," dramatization of a Paris hit, which will be adapted by Ruth and Augustus Goetz," authors of "The Heiress." Elaine Fer ry, who produced "Anastasia" on the New York stage, is the producer. This will mark Eva's first appearance on an American stage. She planes out ' for New York right after New Year's to sign the contract and she may take her cousin, Andre Utasy, the Hungarian refugee, with her Just for the trip. Eva will play a dual role that of a high' society wom an and a shady lady, who turn out to be one and the same person; , . t AFTER ALL those harrow ing experiences getting out of the Cairo war zone just month ago, Ricardo Montalban is flvina to Japan Thursaay, He'll do one of the top roles in "Sayonara," playing the theater manager in the James Micherier story for ' producer William Goetz. . When I first heard that Ricardo was making this long jaunt to the other side of the world, I could hardly believe it. When he came to my home and told me about the terrible experience finishing "Son of the Sheik" in Egypt, he didn't care if he never left, home aaain. But this part with Mar lon Brando, Patricia Owen and the Japanese girl Miiko Taka in "Sayonara" is a gooa one and it's hard for an actor to turn down a good role, especi ally with Josh Logan as direc tor. WHEN BUSTER KEATON eot uo practically from his deathbed after Robert Smith told him he was going to act as technical adviser on "The Buster Keaton Story",starring Donald O'Connor, Buster mue knew what good things were in store for him. First, he was put into "Around the World In 80 Days" for Mike Todd, and the rouna oi appiause ne receivea at the premiere gave him an idea of how popular he stiu is, Later, at the party, Buster told me, "For a bit part, it certainly took a long time, we were in Colorado three weeks for just the part I played on the train." Now Paramount will pick up Buster and his wife's tab when thev tour Europe with "The Buster Keaton Story," climaxed bv a personal appear ance at the Cannes film fes tival. NOW THAT Christmas is , over and we are waiting for the New Year's happenings, let's take an over-all look at what's happened. There were to many parties, so many pre- mieres, most of us are going to need a rest. - ' Margaret Ettinger, Dorothy and John Haskell and Frances Marion had a three-way cocktail and buffet dinner, enter taining over several hundred auests in the three apartments and serving a different type of dinner in each one. certainly uniaue. Went to a party at the Bev erly Hilton given by Mr. and Mrs. Lew Chudd of Imperial records. They represent Fats Domino. Frank Ortega was at the piano. He's at the Captain s table and has recently finished an album of Jimmy McHugh's tunes. Mr. and Mrs. Voyle Gil- more of Capitol records were in the musical throng. Voyle is boss of the Frank Sinatra records. Mr. and Mrs. Beasley Smith (he is the head of Dot records and is the lucky man to have Pat Boone under contract) were among the guests It was quite a party. THE DEATH threat letter sent to Groucho Marx from Elvis Presley, fanatics from Brooklyn stating that Groucho wouldn't live through the holi days, might seem ridiculous if it weren t such a serious of fense to . send, such a threat through the mails. . , What inspired the epistle of nate was an interview Marx had with an English woman on his TV show. He asked her if she had ever heard of Elvis. Yes,', was the answer. "Have you ever seen him?" went on Groucho. ."No,", she. replied. Said Marx, "Well, you don't have to see him to hate him." That did it. Thousands of wild protests pourea in but only the mes sage from the Brooklyn "nut" and a similar one to the NBC network 'were "death threats. ; - . i ( ) ! i ' 1 : n JS5 MAT. TODAY Z:30 ENDS JAN. 5 Snll far All Prfrmane Stat New far Ntw Ttar't ! SHIRLEY BOOTH THE DESK SEV A Mw Cee f william marchant fbank'milan byron'sanders .fc HARWV ELLERBf GEARY WSEATS NOW OPENS THURS. DEC. 27 EVES. :30 MATS. WED.-SAT. 2:30 No On Seated Puriiifl FIRST SCENE fravts man mmsi LEDERRMacLAINE-GINGOLD "IT -A K&iMCI KATTIUN I JUST RECEIVED an auto graphed copy of Henry Mna't book "Gloves, Glorv and God" ana i haven't had a chance to read it yet. The story of this ex-prize fighter, Henry Arm- strong, is being produced by Tom Tannenbaum, son of muyvr uavia lannenoaum of oaveny mus. Armstrong is . the Negro boxer who drank himself into . 1 I U4.rii I I ml n:. mn tm i if. ntv i i .ft NELLIE ELY IN PANTS. . . . David Niven makes the twenty-five thousand mile dash, with a cross global stop enjoyed with Cantlnflas, Mexican comic, in "Around the World in 80 Days," Mike Todd's conversation item of epic proportions, which opens tonight at the Coronet on Geary Boulevard. oblivion, then reformed and turned minister and now oper ates a youth center in Glen dale. Eartha Kitt will play one of the leads in the story and that should please. Henry. SNAPSHOTS of Holly wood collected at random: REPORTS ARE that Dick Long and Mara Corday were married in Mexico over the weekend. Dick was formerly married to the late Suzan Ball. MAY WYNN and Jack Kelly have dated the stork. PRETTY Joan Weldon was at the Luau with Dick Cohen, Beverly Hills tax accountant. IMMEDIATELY after the Bill Dozier party Friday night. Director Alan'Reisner left for New York to see Glynis Johns us expected they 11 be mar ried any edition. That s all today. See you to morrow. ,w.J.,D.e.U954 cccc 0.3Mxamtarr Sec. II 7, AT THE ST. FRANCIS Williams' Drama of South Tells too Much By HORTENSE MORTON PLAYWRIGHT Tennessee Williams, given to whistling "Dixie ' every time he sits him self down at the typewriter, has written another drama about the sordid South. Sordid as exploited, liter- arily, by the author who seems to view any sign of life be1 low the Mason-Dixon line, manners and mores,' with the same affection meted Siberia by the rest of the world. The movie is "Baby Doll," daring Hollywood achieve ment So daring that it could hoist Hollywood on its own petard and frustrate the film industry s oft expressed am bition to produce more adult and realistic pictures of healthy genre. In cahoots with Elia Kazan, Pfi7 of tkAogiKt JToon Funnier than the Pulitzer Prize pJay7V tAVv N Marlon Glenn Machikrix! O biiAriuu rUliD KY0 r fc JS. . A U M LINEMANnnPr nA Mrrwwu no . . . r.wwLWn J )m WKAMI -Nijika KIYOKAWA-Mllsuka SAWAMUR IM CINEMASCOPE AND COLOR TOM and JERRY CARTOON yw ALCAZAR TONIGHT at 8:30 SPECIAL MAT. FRIDAY at 2:30 EVENINGS (EXCHT SUN.) AT 1:30. (NO PERFORMANCE TUES., JAM. 1) "lav' ':''-:-:-.v VIVIAN BLAINE by MICHAEL V. GAZZO i, X MASK HCH1WAN ' HARIIY CUAROINO FRANK SIIVERA O SHOWS T ' - NEW YEAR'S EVI s. -to- JL. 7-30 and 10-30 SEATS AVAILABLE J ,CHA pound Gala Premiere Tonife 8:30 Benefit World Affairs Council Regular Engagement Tomorrow with Holiday Matinee 2 m MICHAEL TODD'S 2nd BIG f"" J lFF WEEK! fe f .1 DEAN omiL JERRY f- MArTnN:lVVlSt OAVIO BRIAN . MAY WYNN U FILM CLOCK BRIDOK "Th Phantom HorM." 6:13. B.13 ana ju:is p. m. OINKRAMA-ORPHKCM "Seven Won ders of the World," 2 and 8:30 p. m. CLAY "A Kid for Two FarUilnfa." 6:13. 8:30 and 10:15 p. m. CORONET "Oklahoma," 2, 8:30 p. m. FOX "Th Girl Can't Help It." 12:40. 4. 7:25 and 10:50 p. m. ESQl'lRE "Friendly Periutelo n." 12:10, 3:40, 7:15 and 10:40 p. m. GOLDEN GATE "Written on the wind," 11 a. m., 1:57, 4:54, 7:51 and 10:48 p. m. LARKIX "Rlflfl." . 8:10. 10:20 p. m. LOEWS WAR HELD "Tea Home of the August Moon." 11:43 a. m., 2:16, 4:49 7:22 and 9:55 D. m. PARAMOl'.NT "Hollywood or Suit," 11 a. m., i:a, :oi, 7:33 and 10:55 p. m. RIO "Ballet of Romeo and Juliet." e:i3 ana v:zu r. m. ST. FRA.N'CIS "Oklahoma Kid," 9:41, 11:51 a. m., 2:06, 4:21, 6:36, 8:51. 11:06 p. m. STAOk, 1wK "The Breve One." 1:10, 3:05. 5. 6:53, 8:50 and 10:45 p. m. UNITED ARTISTS "Klnf and Four Queens," 12:05, 2:35. 5:15, 7:53 and 10:35 D. m. VOGUE "La Stda," 7 and 9:30 p. m. responsible for the commend able "Waterfront," and by way of Warner Brothers, re' leasers of the film, Author Williams has adapted one of his .shortish p 1 a y s . in "27 Wagon Loads of Cotton," and come up with the new offer ing at the St. Francis Theater, As in "A Streetcar Named Desire," and in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." brainchildren of Willims, it deals with a covey of characters and a way of life in the South that would make the most evil post-Civil War carpetbagger detour to Okla homa Territory. Simply, it reveals the trag edy of three disturbed charac ters: Karl Maiden, owner of a cotton gin mill which is in the financial red, married to: Carroll Baker, a vapid cirl Trio Heads Gate Story ROCK HUDSON, Lauren Ba call, Robert Stack, and Don .thy Malone head the cast of "Written on the Wind." at RKO Golden Gate. The Technicolor production is tne story of the degeneration of a family of great wealth and of a man and woman secretly in love, whose lives are caught up in the tur bulence and almost destroyed by it. "Man in the Vault," with William Campbell and A n i t a Ekberg, is the companion feature. SPECIal SHOW! NEW TEAK'S (Vt (PIC. Jill) 1:00 8:10 . Il:9 ' SPECIAL INOWS NEW YEtt S DAT (JAN. Ill) 100 . 1:00 8:18 TODAY 2 SHOWS MAT. 2:00 EVE. 8:33 Tbt NEW... the 3rd CINERAMA! s SEVEN WONDERS s a niWORLD r It mm through the rMtest wonder ... wiu nivii ei howm in xr emii ; THtATM IM NOKTHIUM CAUIOIIHU Men. Mm. Ik. Sl. Ordk '1.73, lot. 'IM luck Sea. I H.I.W.H.Orct.tiS, let. 'US eitftvro sian now on uii mii oeoi.i nuiD NOMenr ok omci arm lOwalra N. , CtOCKHt 0 MONTOOMf ir cimni io omci, 14 eowfu MUNft't OAKIANO a tllKUir Fr hfermiriaR MA. 1-5000 i 3 years his junior, and, Eli Wal lach, dashing and youthful manager of a prosperous syn dicate mill. If this didn't already con stitute conflict, we have Maiden committing arson and destroying his competitor's operation, and Wallach in retaliation setting out to get friend ly with the moronic girl bride. In plot, the eternal triangle has been done many times, Obviously and stupidly. Here, it is done too knowingly. De cency and discretion go by tne Doards. But, no one will gainsay the importance or talent in wri ting, directing and acting so evident in the drama. Miss Baker, thumbsucking and cradle sleeping child bride is a neophyte actress of unusual capacity. In "Giant she displayed a fine artistic ability. Here she proves that it wasn't just a fluke or a win dow dressing eye-catcher. Maiden, as the lecherous spouse, is reprehensibly excellent And Wallach, the flamboyant cotton picking straw boss is colorfully strong. As a brow beaten poor relative, Mildred Dunnock scores mar velously. It's too bad that all of this. talent, in front and behind the camera, couldn't have been channeled into a more uplifting and inspiring drama. OPEN 11 A. Mr""' Clark ' Eltxkor Q.VtLS jpJUUCEX Ok) ev Oeun ! mmri Exciting 2nd Hit! Tomahawk Trail niifc. m mm no it TLCHNlCOLiOF? ROCK LAURm 'rSeCTVDOKOTHY HUDSON -BACALL- STACK-MALONE - Robwt Khh Omit Wmtarm Itany Shtnooa OOUCUS SIRK CEOROB ZUCKEHMMf o AUERT ZUOSMTTH lllUJftM UMPBOL - KAKER SKMSTE- WMte-Hlt Suoponoal ATODEKTTAnffiVflUlT' Jt:1i r.M. i Vt. (renin fcw .J4, OBBP 1 ult rtfi I 'THE YOUNG GUNS R ml Timblyw-Clarii Telbor PRODUCTION OF TENNESSEE - BOLDEST STORyi 80 dc TODD-AO ( Toronet ) V w GIAKT HVD.eW FIRST M.J Orch. Ugt! Mifi. 2.21 Eil. Hih. Call Theatre fr Information Seats Now en Sale at Theatre lox-efflce, Sherman Clay's AD Ticket Agencies Sec. 27-21-21 Sua. I Jan. 1st Em.: 1:30PM Sun. thri Taort. H.-$it. Ew. Spec. New Teir's tn 1:30PM 1.50-1.10 2.29 1.S0 2.20 2.7S 1.11-2.21 2.7S 2.00 2.75 1.50 2.00-4.00 S.00 WILLIAMS liHHP WRti'' :-'-:;J 1 V''- ':y . , - " S '' ' 4' ' v : C ' " " - v1: (ill prices lcl. hi) THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN 'BABY DOLL' SAY... SENSUOUS DRAMA AND A DARING HOLLYWOOD ACHIEVEMENT Hortense Morton, S.-F. Examiner "GRIPPING AND SHOCKING - LOADED WITH FINE ACTING!" Bob Ml, S. F. CU-BulLti "AN ENGROSSING AND EXCITINGLY THEATRICAL FILM! Pa'ne Knickerbocker, S. F. Son Francisco Critics' Council names Carroll Baker 'BEST ACTRESS OF YEAR no- WARNER BROS. IMMtN KARL MALDEN CARROLL BAKER - ELI WALLACH Story and Screenplay by TENNESSEE WILLIAMS Directed by ELIA KAZAN -A NEWTOWN Production iislTnlr UN 7-9890 MARKET near 6th DOORS OPEN 9:30 A. M. turns IaVM ruu JuautLJi wm david mm ft iimwaauHMi

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