The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on May 21, 1961 · 35
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 35

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 21, 1961
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CHINATOWN VA1TS Gateway Arch clayed Again ' .. ., , rfr . i ',. " - - " fS - "i ' " " f 7 ; I ! h-4 a ARTISTS SKETCH OF CHINATOWN ARCHWAY . . . gateway would $pan Grant Ave. at Buh St. Inscriptions read "The World li On Family" on one tide, and "AoZon United for llarmony" on the other Another delay has slowedlSince only $35,000 was made construction of the long-awaited Chinatown ornamental archway at Grant Ave. and Bush St. Because funds are short and not all materials needed from Formosa were available, the sponsoring Chinese Chamber of Commerce submitted a new set of drawings of the arch to the City Art Commission. "The commission approved the new drawings with a few recommended changes," reported T. Kong Lee, chamber president. "Now we plan to return the sketches to Formosa. available for the arch by the Board of Supervisors, we re hoping that the Taiwan government will donate the authentic materials needed," he said. Lee said that Formosan tile, two carved "good luck" lions and a special wood which lasts for centuries will be brought from Formosa. He said that foundation materials will be obtained locally. "We haven't been able to get a complete estimate on the costs," Lee added. "If It exceeds $35,000, I may have to seek contributions." Lohman UC Post Confirmed Joseph D. Lohman, Illinois State Treasurer, and Univer sity of California officials, yesterday confirmed an ex elusive Examiner report that he would be appointed dean of the university's School of Criminology. "I have made the arrange ment, contingent on orderly settlement of my affairs here, and no date has been set for my going to Berkeley," Loh man said. He said he would discuss his resignation with Illinois Governor Otto Kerner next week and would be at Berkeley in the Fall semester, even though his present term as Illinois State Treasurer extends into 1982. Lohman, a former Sheriff of Cook County, is a foe of capital punishment. He was the only Cook County Sheriff who never presided over an execution. The last dean of the famous criminology school was Or lando W. Wilson, who re signed last year to become Superintendent of the Chi cago Police Department Religion Out SAN IUAN (P. It.), May 20. (AP) The Puerto Rico house of representatives voted last night to ban use of religious symbols on elec uon Dauots. ine move was aimed at the Christian Ac Uon party, which used the rosary ; nd Greek symbol for Christ last November on the ballot. The Inquiring Photographer Should Men Buy the Food? S. F. VISITOR QUEEN'S PILOT 'You Still Fly Nepal By Seat of Pants 9 Man may have hurtled the earth in a space capsule but he still must fly Nepal by the seat of his pants. This was the statement yesterday of Squadron Leader Peter Langley, 36, a 6,000 hour Royal Air Force veteran who is here visiting his sister, Pamela, of 1835 Vallejo St. Several months ago Langley was selected as the pilot to transport Queen Elizabeth II "over the hump" from India to Nepal. WORLD WAR II FLAXES His first job was to take out of storage in England two United States C-47's, relics of World War II. These were re-furbished and flown to India for the February-March trip to Nepal. From Feb. 13 until Feb. 28, when the Queen boarded his plane in Benares, Langley flew through Nepal "The terrain is such that you can't fly over the moun- tains," he added. "You have to fly In the valleys. You can't use radar. All the flying is done by map reading and knowledge of the topography. WORK OUT PLANS "We spent our time getting our bearings, landmarks and timing worked out." Langley had nothing what ever to say about the Queen but he talked freely about Nepal. "It is a completely prim! w1 If ill tain tnitrmitA Lin TETER LANGLEY . . piloted Queen "over the lump" tive country," he said. "It has only been open to outsiders for a few years but now there are quite a lot of tour ists there. "The only drawback is the hotel accommodations. They are extremely primitive Most visitors o ily stay over night. CANNOT US5! JETS "You can't use jets because the airfields are extremely short and very high up. Two of them were just earth strips." Langley said that in Pokhra Queen Elizabeth reviewed the veteran mercenaries, soldiers who fight for other countries. Langley was with the first RAF glider squadron in India during World War II. He particpated in the drop of supplies at the Suez Canal. He spent three years flying Europe's VlP's for England. RECEIVED CROSS He established the RAF psychological warfare squadron in Malaya. He received the "gong," or Distinguished Flying Cross, from the Queen for this project. Langley, his wife, Mary, a former RAF nurse, and their two sons, Shaun, 5, and Stephen 3, will return to England next month. Aclrcss, Pianist Wed at Vegas LAS VEGAS (Nev.), May 20. (UPD Actress Lola Al bright, leading lady of tele vision's "Peter Gunn" series, and pianist William Chadney were married here in a private ceremony today. The couple, both 36 and both married for the second time, were wed by a Lutheran minister, the Rev. Thomas Daly, 10 minutes after Chad-ney's divorce became final at midnight. Sunj.y, Mayji, 1961 cccc .2F.xamtnrr-Sec. II 7 4th & Market and 7th & Market WfkiU)i 7:30 a.m. to ;30 p.m. ftiwit ft a.m. to 11 Sunday t 10i3O am. Ut :3s p.m. Saturday a.m. to li 3.00 p.m. to 1 p.m. , il p.m. PRICES EFFECTIVE SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY W rmri tht Right to Limit quantities NO MAIL Ok fHOHl OnUS til Ait meter:: lie (Asked at Geary St. and Grant Ave.) By PAUL OLSEN DIANE LEVASSEUR, airline stewardess, 715 Bush: "I think they should both do it so she ,r- can buy, and he can help push the basket around. That's togetherness. Women spend more time looking and picking over vegetables, and that doesn't seem like the kind of thing a man would like." if ' for bargains LESLIE WATSON, secretary, 1237 25th Ave: "If the wife works it's a big help when the husband can do some of the shopping. From what I've observed, men tend to be ex travagant and impractical, and they don't know too much about prices. But they're smart, and I'm sure they can learn." S, ' V 0 . .1 rv. li i J . V? it t urn p mm wimn tfk ttmf ijm.-mjgm 'w ilml i iMMHl .aMfcL-.iii L S3IITII IlItOTIII IlS STATIOMJtS DOORS CLOSE FOREVER WEDNESDAY, MAY 24th, ? P.M. LAST 4) DAYS Sfartlnq omorew, Monday, o f:30 a.m., tti Mlr Invtntory f SMITH BROTHERS STATIONERS will b nductd 10 from ordinal price Mck day til wld. EVERYTHING MUST 60 . . . OMic Statiomry and Sasplitt. Art Supplii, Girt Worvt, ftrtttina and 6ift Wrappinot, ENTIRE STOCK SACRIFICED REGARDLESS 0 LOSSI I MONDAY 60 OFF t 30 t.m. nll f t.m. TUESDAY 70 OFF J0 a n. antll 1:30 p.m. WEDNESDAY 80 OFF Opta t 10 m.m. WEDNESDAYS 90 OFF Until p.m. ITEMS NOT SOLO IY PM WEDNESDAY AT 90. OFP WILL EE DONATED TO CHARITY cmammammmmimBmBtamammrarAWFrBt STORE flXTURES AND EQUIPMENT MUST IE SOLDI W)H MarHieat Coth Rtahiart Caaatan I Toblat Card Racki Infar-Comt Stock Cart lookheepiaq Mottilna - B Petting Macnina 200 ft. af WoM SSelvma and Drawari Flaaraiicaat Liakt POturai Vanatiaa I indi OHiea Chain CariMtina Mirren Tima Clock Harrina-Morvll Safa Pestini troy Laddart EH. JOAN ADAMS, public relations r e p r e s entative, Sahara Hotel, La; Vegas: "I don't think they should be-cause many of them, through expense a c c o livi have de veloped tastes beyond their own pocketbooks. Besides, women are more economical in everything, not just shopping. They stick to the family needs." MRS. RENEE STOKES, airlines reservationist, 925 Bayshore Blvd., Burlin-game: "If me woman . ,, is busy in the home, then definitely. But it doesn't hurt to let him do a little shop-ping any- way. Then he'd get what he likes to eat. It may not be as economical, but it makes for a happier home life." DYKE MCMILLAN, social worker, 824 Valencia: "I have to, because I'm a bachelor. I do not exactly Y '1 A i el i Ir a if k - Tun but it's a necessary evil. I cook about half of my own meals, and when I do I eat quite well for remarkably little money. My favorite dishes involve chicken and maybe some day I'll have a little chick to help me." CASH ONLY ALL SALES FINAL Panaaal Check, accepted. Na refunds. Na archangel. Sola kald pariwont to Licansa Na. 234 at tka City af Oakland, granted ttio day af April 24, ll. fx - 1721 BROADWAY OAKLAND 10(1 L COSSACK It ASSOC lialdatora4a-ckeraa SERAPIO ZALBA, social worker, 415 Hiller, Belmont: "My wife turns out some master- pieces in the kitchen, and I believe the artist should b e allowed to choose his own materials. Also, she's a good shopper. When I shop I buy things w don't need, 10 I can't t use her budget money." 4 ''fit Hubaclicr Heads GM Branch Here Elmer R. Hubacher has been named general manager of Cadillac's San Francisco factory branch, according to a joint announcement by Frederic H. Murray, the di visions general sales man ager, and Harold G. Warner, Cadillacs general manager and a vice president of General Motors. Hubacher succeeds Louis J. Fazackerly, who will become general manager of the company's Los Angeles factory branch. A onetime commercial airlines pilot, Hubacher joined Cadillac in 1947 as a salesman for the Don Lee organi zation. In 1957 he became used car manager for the San Francisco branch and later the same year was named general sales manager of the Los Angeles branch, a posi tion he held until this announcement. Fazackerly joined the Don Lee organization in 1937, has held various executive posi tions in the Cadillac organization, and since 1957 has been general manager of the San Francisco factory branch. He succeds M. S. Lester who is retiring under provisions of the General Motors retirement program. Blessing of Pels Today At Missions The first annual Blessing of the Animals will be held at California's twin missions' at noon today as children bring their domestic pets and farmers their livestock to be, blessed by the Padres. The twin missions are Mission San Miguel, near Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County, and Mission San Antonio, near Jolon in Monterey County. Children of the lizz re asked .to bring their pets gaily decorated, in keeping with the early Mexican cus tom of festooning the ani mals with colorful adornment. A prize will be given for the best decoration at both missions. The blessing, which will be on the front steps of the missions, is a custom dating back several centuries in Spain and later introduced in Mexico and, in turn, at the California missions when the Franciscan padres founded them. Thus, it is ont of the State's earliest ceremonies. Car Display Today Hillsborough's fifth annual Concours d'Elegance open at 7 a. m. today as over 100 cars go on display at North Hillsborough School, including antique autos and sports cars. The festival and car show benefits the four Hillsbor ough schools and enables them to buy "extras" such as films and projectors. Various Hillsborough groups will run concessions throughout the day. A don key baseball game between Hillsborough fathers is planned for 10:30 a. m., and a fashion show at 2 p. m. An art show also is planned. Cars will be judged at 10:30 a. m. and prizes awarded at 3 p. m. Among the novel events will be a contest to name a baby buffalo just flown in from Wyoming. Prizes will be awarded for the best name. Monday Stor Heun ?:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Afetv FRONT HOOK Longline 2" ELASTIC stay down band NIPS m WAIST MINIMIZES FULL FIGURES Banishes midriff rolls. Perfect for full figures. 2" elastic stay-down band around bottom flattens diaphragm, nips-in waistline. Front Hook; Easy-on Easy offl Embroidered Nylon Marquisette butt cups (broad cloth lined) with Nylon Sheer upper cups. Vldt cotton Batiste elastic back, lightweight spiral bon- vi for ctttfreU White only. Sk xs B cup 38 to $ C cup 38 to 52 Available in D cup 33 to 52 $3.50 Budget Corsets Lover Floor f (it .fcil SS Otary tlire to Merkot Ordtr ky mail or phone GA 1-4571 Flnsi tdJ 25c for regular delivery SOt for COD. p'.us 47 talet tun PAPER NAPKINS Embosted 80 Req. 2 for 25c 2515c Foitorla Automatic Toaster VCcallf' daaminq chrama with Toait Control and Rt-Haat far cala taoit. Yaar ftyaronttt. 2-SLICE TOASTER 777 Reg. SALE I 4-SLICE TOASTER Taka aithtr J ft! 2 ar 4 tllcai. I 13 J Rag. IMS I f Wa rawrva ttia right to limit quantitlai ALUMINUM Waterte$ COOKWARE Quality oluml. f . ..m wun Burn n praef plattit T - I Hi andlai. f.piaea at Includes 7- and in. fry pom, 2-qt. pot, qt. louctpan, 3 covan, dou bla ooiltr, tqa poackar, frta Brilla paa a a d raclpa bookltf. Reg. Priced 11.95. Merrill's Discount Price 8 88 mm 6-TRAHSiSTOR POCKET RADIO Complete with earphones and battery east, of fQQ Req.1.95 Merrill's 1 Discount Price.... Imported f-volt transistor batteries. fl QQC Discount Price for WV ELECTRIC FAN SALE 10-in .8 Rg. 6 4 . . Osclllatinej Fan, 10.95. Merrill's Discount Price Table Fan, I -In. Merrill's Discount Price Reg. 95 6.95. 95 nLLEll rAlLn Lined or unlined Reg. 10c 5c BUBBLE BATH Flower Girl 20 Bath Pkg. 60 Envelopes ........ 79c DERMASSAGE Medcated skin treatment Free dispenser econ. size 1.59 DENTURE KIT Ora with unbreakable plas- OOtf tic denture cup. Reg. 1.34 OC MBHaasHaaaaiaii CREME SHAMPOO Formula 42, Lemon- PQm hed. Reg. 2.00 3C Fcuntafn Syringe 1 M lla' BOAT CUSHIONS U. S. Coast Guard approved. Anorttd colon. Raq. 2.7?. Morrill's 4 ftO Dlseaunt I 90 Frica I BUOYANT YEST Tyaa 1 Modal AK1. Ap. prevtd. Adults er chil drta. Morrill's Discount Prica 269 VlaHe PICNIC COOLER .. 1.93 Impact Resistant 'oraiaaaat Insolotioa Kaapt lea 4S Haars U-9art Capacity 5.9S Value a... ... at Merrill's, en 049 I DAR-B-Q GRILL Chrome legs and trill. 14" site. Re 098 Low Prict.. em BATHROOM SCALES By Dart Modern design. V year warranty. Reg , Q99 mvrriii i wit m count Price CL0SE0UT0N SUNGLASSES French sanglide and American Colobar end Wl Use Rite Men's er women's. Values to 2.95. Your choice of Merrill's Discount f&flr pric yic Frae Mve-Poek with Famous Box Ciqars De Luxe Penatella 50 cigars, plus uiscaanr Price Taps ... SO cigars plus S-peck. 47 O'Mount Prlea ... L VITAMIN C 100 mg., 100 Tablets Reg. 89c 3 i 1.00 BREWER'S YEAST & .... 59c IT Iraoksida 4 71 Straiah, I ML CORH J WHISKEY 7 ipfrraarsOld -i-i'Tl W PROOF ; ikAW s;fc, ...Mm Pg,arfinr-ia ! )trrrltr 1 FILMS DEVELOPED in by 10:00, out b I standard block end 9 fl Gearonteed 1 I Merrill's Dis J Ramambar, al your SeoHish Princa l' tntowtt Sato Old Mr. Imm Wkiskias "'S lottlad I Scattoad i TO woo' If m YODXA 90 WOOF PINT Merrill's pfU Discnnt Price.... T T Irs. .4' HALF PINT 'Merrill's pill Discount I Price.... I Fant, Fmtt, Fast Serrlre AND PRINTED IM ONE WORKING DAY I 5:00. Reg. er Jumbo siso from any white 4- or 8-eieossre roll. first quality, fast, fast service at count Price of picture Pack tka tame day any work I f day w by 10, at ky I.

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