The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1947
Page 15
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1947 rfLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Classified Advertisements Wanted, Male MAN WANTED ' TO SUCCEED T. Vmicc for 1500 laiully Huwlclxh busl- aes* tn worth Peinlscot Coimly, no. Product! told 30 y«»n. Permanent if X °u ire t hustler. Write RawUlKh'i. AKK-210-UJB.-MemullU, Telm. or see W. fl«rbour,-.«10 ,'UlUr. «. aiithnllle. ** . . • . 11110-1:1 We have opening lu our office for •Mliuiu book-keeper. Would like lo p>v« young mem Hint U liners*led lu Aiming to b« atitllfkd to be office •rfariager, A noartflftul chunce /or * r* 0 0<l man, CI..1 Tom A. Little fir., Phone s«l, Shelion Motor Co. ^ )1 M-ck-18 A. c. Koelnick placed a Want A'cl in * Email town newspaper for a waieh- TiaXer, II wu answered by a man named Richard W. gears. This waa the rnodest beginning of the partnership of Sears-Roebuck, which today ip«ndB orer 915,000.000 for the Purchase of jiewlpaper advertlslnR. Loit and Found 76imd-2 napdy plgi. Owner cootacl "Herbert nolce. - 1 ibout SO It): Forshce. Lo- 10!31-r>k-ll!4 1,0*1- Rfeward • for 19 jewel Indies Klein WAtcri with 3 diamond setting, hllver band. Call 2257. ' llllO-uk-16 Notice Gigantic Church Bazaar starling at 10 AM-AVed., Dec. 3 Feati.ring: Beautiful hnnUworfc. pillow baby clothes, aprons, etc Also: Homemade cakes and candles Food booth with every thins Iresli from the country LOOK the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST - Fewer Raines Better prizes (none less than (5) SenoaUounl new, 1 blntfo cards OuiKO fitartltin promptly at 8:00 PM All at the Legion Hut Sponsored by Ladles of th« Catholic Church ll|ll-ck-13|ll Wanted to Buy /LJ? H £, S1 PIII CKS PAID FOH fs- SM'n^f UV ANV AMOUNT KROM A POUffD TO A CARLOAD Jo* Hester's Grocery SOUTH 61 KIOHWAT DII.OW SWIFT OIL MILL PHONK S«3J 10 I0-pk-ll]10 Lute model piano. Call 044. WANTED 10.000 POUNDS PECANS Don't Sell till you Get Our Bid BlyUieville Curb Market 130 Eaal Main M. Priori* »13 10il4-ck-ll:S4 WANTED to buy form tractors fttltl machinery. State prlc? Slid condition. Cle« Musjwmmn, Oscpola. Iowi\ Senator Urges (ncome Tax iPo//cy Change urn,E.nocK, Aik.. NOV. 11.— (UP)—U. S. Sen. John L,. McGl«ll«u was scheduled to leave Arkansas lo- dny niter predicting llmt Rfpiibll- caiu probably will Incorporate Ills community protirrly amendment In lax legislation lo be introduced In Congress at Hie next »esslon of Cojisress, He delivered an Armistice ^Day address at Paragould befor* leav- I Ing [or Washington. Arkansas' senior senator declared here that "no lax bill will get by the Senate without the conmuin- ity proper tax provision." and snld that "the Republican Party will be compelled to accept this provision." Such a plan would allow husband iu«l wife to divide llietr income lov lax purposes. Wanted to Rent 1«0 acre* or more of land Best ol references Charles Malonn. Rt l BraBK Cltv. Mo 1015 pic'11115 Supreme Court Rule* Out Interest on Fine WASHINGTON, Nov. for i brick «ddllloB to the plunl I at 1909 West Main; e»tlm«lexl ccwl. ' 15,000. one-halt room fiamq residence nt one-half 100 inflame reslrtfivce t>t 909 south Lilly; «tlm»t*d co«t, I *1,500. The (a:uljli on (111 picture fmmiv, can be removed by nmblug with 'i clotli or sponge moistened with turpentine. (UP) — Private Rooms Clo&e kitchen. la. Nice furnlehed. bedroom, pclTlleges. 218 E. Davis. IliU-pk-14 The Supreme Court ruled ye.steiduy that the government cannot collect interest on lines imposed on farmers who exceed their crop acreage and marketing quotas. Justice Hugo L. Black delivered the 1 to 2 opinion. Justice Wiley B Rntledge Joined a dissenting opinion by Justice Harold H. Burton, The case Involved w. Clay Rodgers, who exceeded his acreage and marketing quotas on cotton from his Chlcot County, Ark., farm in 1940, and from his Tunica County, MLs. r (arm in 1941 and 1942. The Federal District Court for Eastern Tennessee ordered :i penalty lino of about ^7,000 plus six per cent Interest. Black said the penalises were'nil right but the Interest was not. On« bedroom, phone 3131. Eisenhower's Views Asked On Air Power WASHINGTON. Nov. 1! (U) — President Truman's Air Policy Commission called Gen. Dwlijht D. Elsen- hower, army chief of stnfC, to testify today in public hem-ings on tin nation's ah jiower needs and present strength. Elsenhower, was the first of It witnesses scheduled to appear on i the subject ot national defense re- I quliments. The commission said its! hearings on other aspects of aviation I were concluded. These Involved aircraft manufacturing, transportation, private Qlrlg wanted. Room and board. 3 blocks of Rtce-Stlx. Phone 3757. • ' ,'; llllO-pk-13 Phone 3731 i H|10-Dk-13 Bedroom', 314 N. Ninth. Phone 2338 10122 pk 11122 room for rent/ Light houBekeeplnr Bowling Alley Opened ;. A regulation irKpin bb\vlin|r alley has been opened In the 500 hlbck'oTi Bast Main Street by E. B. Chitwood. Tlv- only bowling alley' Blyttievllle, it-his four alleys. Approximately S300.0M worth of buggy whips are belrrg produced annually even today. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Suvlngs Low Net Cost Protection Por Service 4« E. l>»vl» SI., P. O. Box 411 Phone 41J7 BIjtheTllle, Ark. commercial flying rmd federal regulations. Nearly all who have testified liavr pictured a declining ah- potential for national security purposes aiul the military officials were expected to corroborate their views. Adm. Chester w. Nimltx. chief of naval operations, will testify >n Wednesday. Let us remove Hie waler (ram your llrm mid fill them with calcium chloride antl-freeze nata- tion. We Hill be clml (o make un appointment lo care for all your Iraclnrs at vour farm— Him savlni you time. KEMEMRKR WK SHKV1CK ALL .MARKS TRACTORS Russell Phillips Two Building Perriiits Issued in Past Week Two building permits were 'issued diirlnfi the pnst week from the office of City Engineer Joe Carney. They *cr e issued lo the following: Arkansas Ice and Storage Co., To Lovel By ETHEL HAM1LL dki Ho.u. l»c : Di»ribu»il br NEA SERVICE. INC. fit . er »f the d- J»*-l (,'«*• . . HM adored wkm •!>«• WM nlllt I»»inr in ftnlMh collef;? four yrnr* • Ko. Naw he tm bark an M veteran. Caw, vrh* had had torn maitny.niTtmttomm dKtlnjE lb> war years and had been lalcrn torn **-Tlomly by at tta*1 one boy *inry Marlowe, vrfannr Innvrnncc came I* her o* mlm death—!• now r*rMance-ft»7. She wnra* Joel «hc lm mo laager In lov« fit !•<• ml* pl»B 1* fl»r«h »ch*ol' v^rMKhy » t m a ( a r t ,aad CAM'N •fiMMt*. Jm a frpMbiuMa M»d living tm (he l>«an'B houvrhulil. U h«-« Maarlae CBJntea Jacl inia lalcinc her *• (he Wcleomrr Uaacc, Cmmt lm jealoa*. Sh* Accept* Herbrri Poivell'a iBTll«tIo» heravIC. de- i«rminrd t« win Jo*) bark. The eld Aunln KlaMor veemK .lo he fr orfclAK when .ToeI nwcep« ber • vt vnia Ihr daace fl*«r, • * * XII At/^UT, 1 * • demanded one of the excessively young freshmen, a nice-looking kid who obviously had not yet begun to hack at the soft blond fuzz..on.' his chin with a razor. "Go away, son," Joel said dreamily. And a wide shoulder swung between Cam's eyes and _the young, .disgruntled and lust a "litlle frightened face. The would- be cutler-inner vamsted. "That was rude. Joel." 'Tm going to'have to be rude time after time," he answered, unnbasneo. "il I'm to nave any chance to talk with you In this mob. I ttll you what. If TOU don't like me to put up signs saying Keep Off the Grass and Beware the Dog, we could gel out of here." And somehow, even before 'ie had snid it, he was elbowing a p»th for them through the crowd. Then they were past the Bright rhomboid of light cut away from the doors. They were strolling slowly through the dim, warm night Cam was increasingly and deliciously aware of the hard compactness ,f his presence there so close beside her. "Il'f beaiiUful oul here, isn't it?" she murmured. Because she was afraid that unless she said something the silence might hum with thinjs it w'as not yet either right or wise for her to say. She «aw him tilt back his head and turn it slowly from side to side, until his gaze had swept the whole wide expanse of stars shining over the campus, "lank .iow the floor of Heaven is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold!" he quoted, softly. It was going to happen, now. In her heart, she knew it They had been walking slower and slower, ur.iil. in the shadow of one of lh« massive old elms, they ceased movinr altogether. Joel was turning toward her. his beaten-bronze face tosi to ner in the thick-iextured darkness wilh which the ancient tree had sheathed ilsclt. Simply, without fanfare of restraint, Cam lifted her mouth to him. Then Joel laughed. A deep, husky, amused ch'jckle. . "That was belter than a circus! His wide shoulder, shook. • • • IT was so diueient from ll\e soft, hungry words she had expected him to speak. Bewildered, ;hakcn Cam stared up through the gloom and struggled to read the expression on his los? (ace: fought piteously to foctu on what must there, rather than on what she nad hoped for. "W-whnt do you mean? What's better than a circus?" "Why that civilian wolf pack back there in the Cage, of course— the way TOU tool 'em all! You look so darn glamorous the boys re all mistaking you for a femin* alale." He chuckled again. "Oh, Cammie! 1 can remember you when—dressed up in old ski pants and taking bumps on the ice at Miller's Pond. It's so funny lhat He might very well have gone on right to the ttnisli of whatever he had started to say. But Cam did not linger lo lind out She urned from him sharply, and her jreal emerald skfrt" billowed about her like a small but storm-lashed 'ea as she raced back along the lark grass. Scarcely had she 'crossed the hrcshold before masculine arms lid arounrl her. She vvas dancing igain. Wilh Sam? It didn't mater, because by-the time he had pun her out into the center of the loor somebody else was' tapping lis shoulder" arid pre-empting his lace. f « • * ' PT musl be midnight. Site seemed lo have been spinning around he waxed pine floor forever, like ;omc green satin top which lacked even the sense to run down. The nusic. the voices, the laughter had >ecome a blur of sounc and Ihe jobbing'paper lanterns a kaleido- icope of many-tinted light. Forever . . . forever forever. . . Shi was dancing again with Hi when, suddenly, she could stand t no more. Something inside of !ier snapped with an almost audible twang] and she gasped and snatched at the (irst hackneyed excuse that came to her mind. 'Look!" she said quickly. "My slipper heel!" •What's the mallei wilh it. Cammie?" "It's come loose," she lied "I'll have to fix it. There's a cement floor back in the room lhay usetl to be the locker room when this was the gyin. A couple of good whacks on a hard surface will drive this loose nail back- in place for me." Before Hi could offer any assistance, she had slipped away from him. The music dimmed behind her. Sentimental, hopeful music. In her pre.'enT bleak despair, its implications were hollow and unkind. (To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopleiOUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams EGAD.' WMW TJESPeR^ THOUGHTS VJRlXCv; MtfSOUL' LOONUMS LftRSE 6EFOR6 IS THE VISION OF SHACKL A 30B IKS THE PQSTCFFCe- AMD ST/WOiNjG Uf> AT TM W . -^^-VIM"^ t)O>^> v T 1 GO CcOVlNG ~L Kl^CW! T 8^ SEEVilM 1 Tv-JO DA.VS fe S1MCE ,V\KZ HOOPLE S/W, WE ^5f "jA9Oh5,GDLOCA.TeTri(v.T BIG TOA.D"-— HE 8lNi • WARDER TO, CKTCHTHAIO A\'LECTR|C RfKSBlT-^^- SPBCK V4t ALU v SET TO SWLTO'EGVP 1 1 OS HOME.' 'STEM3 . J^ 5 3 Mi i* --Aa-»s 5s s*»-^'il SS^ .v^--^3b|1 ">^ -^-3* il-II JE'S 3usr .AT FRKCKI.BS & HIS FRIENDS MERRILL BLOSSEH Ml. MASOM AMD OlXOMi HOW'S TtlE OLD LIME "I60AV? GOOD BMOUSM .w, CAVCM you, CHUM .' W. L. TAMKE AMD \ , Dl^Of-J. MOWS YOU* MOW EVER. OO TOU H^ C i:.™.:?.* VTHINK UP SUCK ' DEVASVATIN L GOT MILLIONS OF EM, HOM6V CHIL6/ YOU'LL FIND us Oie Man Winter Is ' "T»ll Mr. Jones I'll pay him later—just remind him he wrvs always out of meat during th» war, and now I'm out of rnoneyl" Just Around the Corner I'UISCU.LA'S POP is is nothing! The other TRACTOR TO. 30. Hhvav 61 Phone 2171 FREE ESTIMATES IT'S THAT DETECTIVE, FLINT, OUT FRONT.' HE'S PAYING Off A CAB DRIVER ' PUr THE GIR1 INTHE-i VAUtT/ YOU GC BACK WAY.' GET TOUU CAR ID PICK ME UP IN THE NEXT BIOCK PAPERHANGING PAINTING DOWN THE STREtl BREAK IT FOR Mf, TIP VOURSEIF A BUCK, AHD BRING ME YMW'S li Interior or Exterior Painting Phone 3885 Russell Price WASH TUI5US ,KSS1JE TURNER HOLD HH FROi, TH' FELIER WDkTT WWW ir...BUT HE'S COWIM' TO SEE If HE CAM'T GET WWUOOrOUTrXTrWT CUSPIDOR! THIS 15 \MOr.W ML UER4 KI1JP J COWE HOME OFT6M WITH IWEIR. Of VOU! 7f EET HUN5 IPO THESE. H(AfA..,V)E BETTER TW<E OFP 1HH SHOUltiER IT'S IM TH Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) ,' N, F. Richards New Operator i Featuring: Gulf Courtesy That Good Gulf Gas Tires, RaUeries Accessories Discount Raie to Trnckerp Open fi:n« a. m., 10 p. m Weekends RS, WECON'VN.lWPKS OM THE VRWMiSIR. SOU'LL Hfcf \K T RID OF THKTFROSI SIWCN'5 EFFCRT5 ^RE W.STED. P.NO OOM DEPARTS. Bill HUPP FJOK. 3 VX)Nt)=R IF VtE'5 16 DEVLIN-, REP RYDER.' RlOE-UA 1 W s v l L:K£ TriAt.' E'JST; 5 WARNEO Btt-U H'jPP to jfiH FFJA.--5. WHT.BIU. tHif«IP J« YOO PICKARD'S GROCERY PHone 201.1 1011 Chicknsiiivba I GIT DISGUSTED WITH7HISTOWM, TOO, BUT I AIM'T MOTH LIKE THACT PER HOOTS AND HICK BUDIHKS KUGAK MARTIN- HOW-ftYSMVrt- D TO * 30 1 VOW ANiO'WWi IS .THVE. ?ROUO TWE.- MV OVD ,VOOViCb TO at TO ,,( ,,. EORM THlRTTY YEAR?.

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