The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on April 22, 1954 · 31
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 31

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
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Barry Sullivan to Succeed Fonda In 'Cairie Mutiny' on Broadway By LOUFXLA O. TARSOXS Int'l !Ves (Servlre Motion Plrture Kdltor Copyright, 1054, by Int'l Srrvlre (Reproduction In whole or In pari ttrlrtly prohibited ) HOLLYWOOD, APRIL 21-Barry Sullivan takes over Henry Fonda's role of Lt. Barney Greenwald (the lawyer) in "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial" on Broadway when- Fonda leaves for Hollywood to star in "Mr. Roberts." . As "Caine Mutiny",, is ex- LiMiffc I I HENRY FONDA pected to run the rest of the year, the whole Sullivan family will be packing soon to live in New York. Barrv hasn t appeared in a New York show in twelve years and it must be comforting to move into a proven hit. He heads east as soon as he finishes "Strategic Air Command" with Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson at Paramount. CLEO MOORE is such a good actress and so pretty it's too bad she's getting so much silly publicity as "The Kiss Girl" re sponsible for Chicago disc jockey Jack Eigen, losing his job because of their long smooch on a TV show. The Moore girl doesn't need this type of publicity for her career is really in high. After making three movies for Pro- THE MOST disappointed girl In our town when she could not go to Mexico for "Vera Cruz" was attractive Mari Blanchard. There was a little thing like a TV clause in her U-I contract that kept her from playing opposite Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster. Now, as a reward, Man is being discussed for the Marlene Dietrich role in "Destry Rides Again." This was a western, which Marlene made some years ago, and it's in line for a remake. So many of the good old pictures are being remade these days. HERE COMES another lawiuit against Paul Gregory. This time it's Russell Birdwell, hit present agent, who has filed suit against Paul Gregory and Paul Gregory Aitoeiates, Inc., for over $300,000. Through his attorney, Floyd Schenk, Birdwell will claim that he had S per cent of "Caine Mutiny Court Martial," and before it was paid he was arbitrarily dismissed and his deal with Gregory was called off. Schenk will claim that Bird- well's contract was for five years and that he had three years more to go. hectic stories that came out of Rome. "Many of them were not true," Shell told me, "and Vit torio and I are all through. I want to forget him. "I know one thing, I'm one actress who wants to stay In America. I love It here, and will never leave my babv again. I came home to find her a beauty with blonde curls, and she's walking now." Shelley has been offered "To Dorothy's Son," a picture to be made by the people who made "Genevieve" in London. "But I'd have to be In England by the last of May," she said, "and I don't want to leave home again so soon." SAW ENOUGH of -"Caine Mutiny" to say "From Here to Eternity" has some stiff com petition. 1 don't know when a picture has held me so spell bound. No wonder the Navy group in the Pentagon rose as one body and applauded when Stanley Kramer showed it tn Washington. Harry Cohn can feel pleased with himself. He carried home most of the Academy Awards for 1953, and "Caine Mutiny will make him a strong 195b contender. , Theres a surprising new comer in Robert Francis, and again in attractive May Wynn As for Humphrey Bogart, his portrayal of Queeg, the men DOROTHY LA MO I R HI MPHRFV BOGART tally disturbed captain, is the best thing he has ever done. Fred MacMurray as Keefer, who turns out to be a heel; Van Johnson, the hero and Jose Ferrer in a terrific scene as Lt Barney Greenwald, the lawyer, are all great, great, great, So is Max Steinefs musical ducer Hugo Haas, Cleo has beeni3Corc and Jimmy McHugh's signed to a long term contract bv Columbia Pictures and they're planning to give her a big build up. When C'leo first arrived In Hollywood she was so afraid she wouldn't succeed she stocked up on canned goods for montns, spending her entire salary for the hoard against a "rainy day.! Civic Opera Sales Soar SEASON TICKET sale for the San Francisco Civic Opera's fifteenth annual season has reached the $300,000 mark, according to William J. Zwissig, general manager. The festival will have its gala opening at the Curran, May 17, with a brilliant new production of "Brigadoon." May 5 is the deadline for the season ticket sale. A season ticket includes, in addition to "Brigadoon," three other mu steals, "Porgy and Bess," 'The King and I," and Mary Martin in "Peter Pan." Tickets are still available and can be ordered by mail from the Curran. Producer to Be Speaker KENNETH MacGOWAN, not ed stage and film producer and former head of the film depart ment at UCLA, will be presented tomorrow evening,, on Art in Cinema at the San Francisco Museum of Art in a talk on famed film Director John Ford and "The Tradition of the West." The film "Young Mr. Lincoln" will be shown. A VERY SUBDUED Shelley Winters refused to discuss V'.t- torio Gassman and any of the 1 1,.- II ETA SIGMA I'll I Knrnival Kapors ami Klvcr Kuliips CARviVAL and BAZAAR CALIFORNIA HALL mn POI.K STRKET SATURDAY, APRIL 24th Continuous 2:30 to 12 P.M. ' ' Two Features . "SASKATCHEWAN," robust romance of the northwest with Alan Ladd and Shelley Winters, is at the Coronet with "Gypsy Colt," based on an Eric Knight story. Western Bill "SHANE," starring Alan Ladd, and "Escape From Fort Bravo," with William Holden, make up the all-Western, color program at the Balboa Theater. song, "I uant tie neve That You're In Love With Me," which is the theme song and runs all through the picture, and is sung by May Wynn. SNAPSHOTS OF Hollywood collected at random: The Milton Berlcs will head for Hollywood as soon as the show closes and they'll rent a house here. There should be no more denials from Dale Robertson and Mary Murphy. They were at The Encore, and apparently are together every evening. The De Castro girl is yesterday's news Odd coincidence Is the fact that the apartment occupied by Lance Reventlow on Havenhurst Drive Is the same one Cary Grant lived in when he first came to Hollywood. Lance sees Ills ex-stepfather all the time. Judith Anderson plans to fol low Charles Laughton's lead by going on a nationwide tour doing readings from the Bible, Dorothy Lamour is the only one in her family not sick, so she's chief cook and bottle washer. When night comes she's so tired she thinks she's never had it so hard. Circus week sheriff, Ray Ryan, arrested Aly Khan and Gene Tierney In Palm Springs because they weren't arrayed in western garb. The Prince paid a fine and went out and bought himself western shirts and a cowboy hat. Congratulations to Irene and Robert Andrews, the writer. They celebrate their twelfth wedding anniversary with a party at the Mocambo Sunday At the Captain's Table Kirk Douglas was turning on the charm for Pat McMahon, a New York model. Russell Nype and his socialite wife, the former Diantha Man thers, are expecting a baby in September. He was formerly in "Call Me Madam" on the stage with Ethel Mefiwan. The Chuck KwfSns (he's MCA vice president) weomed a baby girl at Cedars of Lebanon their second child. That's all today. See you to Three Guest Leaders to Aid Jorda By ALEXANDER FRIED THREE GUEST conductors will aid Enrique Jorda, regular conductor, in the 1954-55 season of the San Francisco Symphony, it was announced yesterday by the Symphony Association. Jorda will conduct the great majority of the season, from No vember 11 to April 23. Bruno Walter has accepted a return en gagement for the short interim in Jorda's schedule. One program has been assigned to Earl Murray, the orchestra's assistant conductor. Another will introduce to this city Thomas Scherman, con ductor of New York's highly- praised Little Orchestral So ciety. Besides soloists already an nounced, Jorda, after a series of local auditions, has picked Donna Turner Smith, pianist, as a Bay area artist particularly worthy of a symphony engagement. She made an outstanding hit here in a recent solo recital. Other soloists will be Pianists Myra Hess, Clifford Curzon, Alexander Brailowsky, Gina Bach-auer, Rudolf Firkusny, Grant Johannesen and Leon Fleisher; Guitarist Andres Segovia; Violinists Yehudi Menuhin, Josef Szigeti and Zino Francescatti, and Lucine Amara, San Francisco soprano of the New York Metropolitan. OPENS 10:45 A.M. Jff M .... ''V. ' . 'yw4. pfc":.. .. V THE OLD LAMPLIGHTER . . . Phil Silvers, cutup supreme, is holding forth on the United Artiste Theater screen in the filmed version of hit musical stage hit "Top Banana," in color, "The Golden Mask," with Wanda Hendrix and Van Heflin, completes the new program. Musical by College Players THE FIRST Northern Cali fornia stage production of "Paint Your Wagon," California gold rush theme musical comedy by Frederick Loewe and Allan Lerner, will be presented by the College of Pacific Players. Un der the direction of De Marcus Brown it will be staged at the College of the Pacific Audito rium, April 30, May 1, 7, I t and 15. Curtain time will be at 8:30 p. m. Wayne Morrill is musical director and Betty Hackett will be in charge of the dance routines. GEARY a1;6 8:30 MTINKKS SATIRDAY 2:30 WENDELL DIANA ESTEU.E C0REV-LYNN-W1NW00D in Sabrna Fait 4 oMANnccQMini'StMvMiimai MAUCMH WHIP UWIS MAUICI 8ANNERMAN 'TONGE MARTIN MARSAC AND MARSHALL THOMPSON CUHHAX Tonight-8:30 L4T TIMES Sat. Mat. A Night SEATS NOW For All Performanrea i An Fvpninp with W Beatrice lime l&jjwith Reginald Gardiner OPENS. WED., APRIL 28 ONLY 2'2 WEEKS w,A":.t. SEATS NOW No Hhnnr Pnr 411 PprfiinimniT. Ornr MAURICE EVANS DIAI-RflF0R MURDER NOW! I Bob HOPE Joan Fontaine y RobertRyaw Jan Sterling jACK-cmotJ-Offtmm liiiikklild Whor did the theater employees ( .31 v "THIS IS WORK?? HOPE ITSTAYSj NEW wonder of the entertainment world ! Will Nt U (kiwi ii tajf ttt ttiittrt ii Korlhen California mm EVENING PRiaS-8 30 i.m. Daily Except frl. t $.1. FRIDAY it 7:00 1 10:00 f. m.-SUNDY .1 2, 5 1 1:30 f si ORCHESTRA S2.6S -BALC0NT $175 Fir Ulirnaliei thm MA. 1-5000 matinees j a. wed.-thurs. sat. ORCHESTRA $1.75, IALC0NY $1.30 (Nt Man. Man., Tuts, ir Fri.) 2 MATS. SUN., 2 t S a n. SAT. EVES., 7:30 t 10:30 i. 0RCH.S2.6S, At. J1.7S I RESERVED SEATS ROW 01 SALE If . . 1 . J j j ' 1 1 BOX OFFICE OPER II into l:Mi I HI . U M PORWH TFr.HNlCOlOR fl0j ' 2 I TlCHNICOlOK , WAGNER LEIGH C I kM El IHAoUH UEIiOPHONlC SOUND ir EXTRA CINEMASCOPE "BOY'S CHOIR" CARTOON maSc OPE PAGH NArOEN STARTS WEDNESDAY CINEMASCOPE CRECORY PECK "NICHT PEOPLE" f-iriCMA 4th Big Week BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR rV.S .1 "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" Closing Concerts 5. F. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Guest Conductor BRUNO WALTER Soloists Brunetta Hatxslinl June Wilkins Cesar Curil Mack Harrell Stanford University Chorus Harold C. Schmidt, Director Tragic Overture ' Brahms German Requiem Brahms Te Deum Bruckner OPERA HOUSE: Tonight 8:30, Frl. 2:15, Sot. 8:30 Tlcketa: Sherman. Clay ft Co.. SU. 1-1331 HURRY FINAL 8 DAYS! DAILY FROAA 1 P.M. POPULAR PRICES JULIUS CAESAR Eves, b Sat. & Sun. 1.10-1.35 S II FFATCRE AT STAGE DOOlt 1:15-3:25-5:35-7:45-9:55 Mason nr. Geary. YU 6-4767 , Larkln nr. Geary PR. 5-3811 BOX OFFICE OPENS 8 P.M. THE HlLAIUOrS NEW BRITISH COMEDY wTICHNICOLOB "A HOWL KKO.M START TO 8. F. Examiner "CLAY r I Fillmore at Clay FL 6-1123 BOT OFFKT! OPENS 8 P.M. t'AROI RFKO'S M4STKRPIECK OF PCSPENSEJ mmmm FILMED BETWEEN THE B&RLIN BARRICADES - "THE MAS BETWEEN" JAMES MASON CLAIRE BLOOM HTLDEGARDB NT.FF Little Fugitive' Unusual and Charming Story of Small Boy attiFranrfHrnTTxamhtfr 3T Thursday, April 22, 1954 CCCC . A FILM of genuine charm, for both adults and youngsters, Is "Little Fugitive," currently at the Vogue Theater. It is as full of surprises as a little boy's pockets. When you learn that the Na tional Board of Motion Picture Review rated it one of the ten best films of the year, the news doesn't surprise, Added to this tribute Is the Venice Film Festival award for being the best American film of the year. Written and directed by Ray Ashley, Morris Engel and Ruth Orkin, the story is one of telling honesty, almost a flashback into the youth of adult beholders. And Engel's photography, which depends on angles and not tricks, contributes to the feeling of authenticity. Drama concerns a small boy and several hours in his life hours fused with fright and fun. Richie Andrusco, minus his front teeth, is the youngster. A red-haired Brooklyn kid who was discovered, by the makers of the film, while he was riding a merry-go-round on the board walk near Steeplechase Park. Suspicion almost nipped Rich ie's professional career, when his parents thought the produc ers were phony talent scouts out for a fast buck. But par en tal consent was finally secured and Richie seems set for a theatrical career If he so chooses. With good old American Brooklyn for its background, the story deals with the little brother pest problem. Left in the care of his big brother, small Joey is made the victim of a cruel practical joke . . . the unloaded gun, the shot and ketchup on the chest. When Joey thinks he has mur dered his brother, he flees and heads for Coney Island. Here the camera takes over, showin the wonderment of a small boy and his first experiences in one of the world's largest play grounds. And, here too, young Andrusco proves himself to be the most natural of kid actors. Other fine acting contribu tions are made by Jay Williams, as a pony-ride man; Winifred Cushing, the boys' mother, and Ricky Brewster, big brother who learned the sorry lesson that a joke can backfire. By HORTENSE MORTON. Big Cast of MGM Sars "EXECUTIVE SUITE," MGM filmization of the best selling novel by Cameron Hawley, opens Friday at Loew s Warfield. Produced by John Houseman, the production has the "cast of the year including Academy Award winner William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck, Fredric March, June Allyson, Walter Pidgeon, Louis Calhern, Paul Douglas, Nina Foch and Dean Jaegger. Film Clock BRinriE "A Qurrn'i Royal Tor., fl:4f. 8:.f0 anil in:3f p. m. "Th Royal Simnbony," :I5. 8:05 and S:5 p. mi CLAY "Tha Man Between," 8:10, 8:10 nil 101.V , CIN KRAM A-ORPHEt M One perform- anre, M f m. EL A PIT A N "KniKht of thu Round Table," 7:30 and 10:00 p. m. ESt I IKK ' Roman Holiday," 12:35, 4:45 and 8:55 p.m.; -Maiaa- 17." 10::5 a. m.. 2:45. 6:55 and 11 D. m. FOX "Hrinca allant," 3. 5:20. 7:48 and 10:10 p. m. GOLDEN GATE "Yankee Paaha.K 11:10 a, m.. 2:01. 7:ta and 10::t4 p. m. LOEWS WARFIELn 'Rhanodr., ll:47 a. m 2:17, 4:47, 7:17 and 9:47 p. m. LAKhIN "Onevleve," 6:15, 8:30 and 1 II: ' I) n. m. NOB HI Li. "Roman Holiday," 7:30 and 10:.0 p. m. PARAMOl NT "fmanoya's Blr Nliht.' ii:.(i,, o:it, o:u n0- J.l:u n. m. PHKMIMO "Cruel Sea," 8:40 p. m, RIO "Tha Perfectionist," 7:40 and 10:115 p. m. ".Secret of a Ballerina," 6:15 and 9:10 p. m. ST. FRANCIS "Knork On Wood." 11:47 a.m.; l:ftB, 4;UB, 6:0, 8:32 and 10:44 n. m. STALE liiuiK "Iiillin Caesar," 1:15, 3:35. 5:35. 7:45 and 10:00 p. m. UNITED ARTISTS "Golden Mask,1 1:5D, 4:15. 7:35 and 11 p. m VOfil F "Llttln Fugitive," 6:40, 8:19 and 9:40 p. m. - ROMANTIC ADVENTURE! ruxiiniro uM. CI lMIIIC i-T" ii ruMiriu Vankee Pacha S ' 1 H1 1 I1U,, . e.i..ktTECHNICOLOR r- ' CJ -r mm Tin iimir uimnuv.niu nimvri oiioiu rionr. ibbf i iuc 0U0MH WHDUI'HDDC LHnL One of these men will smash his way to success and power overnight! One of these women will make or break him...! WHICH ONE WILL IT BE..? f CAREER MAN... I YOOHS WIFE... young, ambitious, I f fearful y aV g burning with I I of losing I a big dream! I I her man! iT&Jr LONELY tU j f EFFICIENCY , r rJfelM t I '"T v' I g with an adding her secret J f machine for hvel f. ? j W a heart! ( " ' ' - stood in 4 I ?i'drf liH i' 'r&'Si $ I u , w the shadow I fc!fir 3 ffi'j h6r V ' ofthebW jJ I 1 amSces! ' I r i iT the . X'J f VaiI handshaker... 1 flf I 1 Vtimdhad lit M-U-M 'I Ai one too many! , . I V I bnngs THE MAN-ABOUT- TOWN... made money for women especially blondes! THE HAS-BEEN., j too old to jjrt fight... too tired to run! tether the biggest cast in years to bring you the year's best-seller! THE PRIVATE SECRETARY... sees all, knows all and there s plenty to know! STARRING ACADIMY AWARD WINNIR 1 I WILLIAM HOLDEN -JUNE ALLYSON BARBARA STANWYCK -FREDRIC MARCH WALTER PIDGEON SHELLEY WINTERS PAUL DOUGLAS LOUIS CALHERN WITH DEAN JAGGER NINA FOCH WIDE VISION SCREEN TIM C0NSIDINE terrify byERNCST LEHMA Based On th Naval by CAMERON HAWLEY frctd by ROBERT WISE Preducad by JOHN HOUSEMAN An M-Q-M PICTUM STARTS TOMORROW 11 A.M. AT REGULAR PRICES! miFSIJLl Urkt at Biith PRoipaot 110 LAST DAY! M-G-M'i "RHAPSODY" stqrrin3 ELIZABETH TAYLOR

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