The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ETA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1947 VA Let 'Security' Proposal Slip Out Agency Set Up Own Plan for Censorship Without Authorization By JAMES O. AUSTIN (Unit** Pre» Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Nov. 11. (UP) — The Veterans Admin 1st rail on tinlntentially brought government Mcrecy proposals Into Ihe open when ft set up, prematurely and without authorization, ils own program for censoring Information. It. called Ils program one for "safeguarding "information for national security." H was based on ' a sample proposal for classifying | Information ax "top secret," "sc- [ c'ret," "confidential" or "restricted" that was sent out to all executive departments nnd agencies by the Security Board But the Veterans Administration took the sample lo be White Home UKASE and set up Its own program. The resulting protest from the press i resulted In abandonment of the j "security program" in Hie veterans administration last week on direct. order of Qen. Omar Bradley, Vet- ' erans Administrator. i The VA security program tall- | e<i a "gag rule" by the American Society of Newspaper Editors, turned Ihe si»tllghl on wtiat might.; have happened If the original pro- ; posals had been extended to every ; department and agency of the executive branch. The State, War and Navv departments long have fovind U necessary for national security to classify its documents and files. Bui VA was among the ninny other agencies which never before had heard of classification. Here, chronologically, Is the story of VA's ill-timed venture, into classification of Information: On March 22, 1947, Mr. Truman Issued his presidential directive tettlng up the loyally program- A part of this charged the Security Advisory Board of the Statc-war- Navy Coordinating Committee with writing minimum ' regulations for the classification of Information. Only Sought Comment In July, the board sampled every executive department nnd agency with 1U own set of definitions for security In the "top secret," "secret," "confidential" nnd "restricted" categories. The board asked .eif the departments and agencies lor '•^ comments and suggestions '$£• But the Veterans Administration, t?i ; taking the-sample as a directive. c.:n put Its own security program into ?$ effect on July 29 In "Circular No. ; That document snld VA con' sitiered such matters as veterans' records, legislative Information, inspection and Investigative Information, administrative matters, and classified material received from i other sources, to be eligible for restrictions. The press moved In on that one. Tlie ASNE In a resolution asked President Truman to halt VA's action, and to stop such extension 1 of the "gng rule" to other ngen- - cies; to stop a threat to freedom of the press. An official of the Security Advisory Board said that the Veterans Administration's notion presumably was a "mistake." adding: "We sent a sample of the proposed regulations salt Summer to all branches of th e executive department, asking for suBSest'ons • and comment. We did not advise any of these agencies to set up the program — that Is outside our province. "VA apparently took it upon Itself to establish the regulations. But I don't believe they did It with any thought of a 'cover-up'." R. P. Bronson, assistant veterans administrator for contact and j administrative services, gave the ' United Press another version. He said he had set up the program on the "suggestion" of the Security- Ad visory Board. "We went ahead and nlti as they suggested," Bronson said. But he declined to say whether he thought that institution oi classification throughout the executive department, would lead to abuses. Classification Necessary "It is not up to .me to comment on that." he said. "The classification system is necessary to es- Curious Spectators T Curious spectators inspect damage of this B29 which crush-landed In a stubble field near Wilbur Wash Five of the seven man crew hailed out when the plane tr:, -eloped eiieine trouble Just un miles- from it« home base at Spokane. Two were injured but not seriously. (NKA Tclcpholo.) iHbllsh minimum regulations throughout the executive branch to permit a freer exchange of highly secret Information." The Security Advisory Hoard, meanwhile, .sensitive to growing press criticism, announced on Ocl. 28 an amendment of its dc-finlllu:*. It took out of the security regulations any reference lo "admhils- i trallve I'lnburrassment" as a reason i for restricting information. H like- ' wise deleted reference to protec-, tlon that should foe given "govern- ' mental activities'' on the grounds ' that disclosure of such "might cause serious Injury to ithcir) interests and prestige." j Even after these changes, VA j still stood pat. It indicated that ! it was hot invoking the contra- I verslal "administrative embarrass- i menl" provisions, and it hinted House of Commons Asked To Check Possible Delay In Socialization Program LONDON,' NOV. II. (UP>— Tile government formally asked Commons yesterday to restrict the Jegls- latlvo power of the House of Lords program for "safeguarding information for national security." First Brndlcy called In his branch public relatiohs directors for a lu'o-dny briefing to tell them that the four .classifications on information could be only by the (rtiicf security officer with Bradlcy/.s consent. Then, coiifcklcrlng tiie . touchy mutter further, Bradley revoked the order contained In "Circular No. Gl." His office disclosed that to prevent the upper chamber froir delaying the Labor Party's socialization program. Hcrl>ert Morrison, deputy prime minister, moved second reading the government's bill to halve the two-year period by which the Lord may delay legislation approved b Commons. Morrison's motion to ad vnncc the bill will put to a vote tomorrow night. A government victory appeared certain. David Maxwell-Pyfe, former attorney ' general and conservative member of Commons, accused the government -of provoking a constitutional dispute, by proposing the Lords reform bill, in the midrsi Oi the most serious economic crisis In Britain's, history. Court Affirms Missco Award Against Frisco LITTLE ROCK, .Adk., Npv. 11.— UP)—The Arkansas Supreme Cdurt yesterday affirmed a Mississippi Circuit Court, judgment awarding »4,000 damages to D. E. McCarii whose son, Raymond, 17, was klllccl Feb. 2*, 19*4 when his car was struck by a freight train of the St. L/niis San Francisco 'Railroad *t Luxora. 'Ihe ruling upheld the lower court which said proper warn-ins; was not given »t the crosslnj. The high court also ruled that the Federal Employers Liability Act designates authority to the state to determine the venue of a personal injury litigation. The decision came when the court reversed Pike Circuit Court which had awarded $500 Judgment to Thomas Sanford for injuries suffered while employed .as a section hand on the Murfrecsboro and Nashville railroad In 1946. The high court said a 1939 law provided that damage actions for personal Injury should be brought in the county .where the accident occurred or where the in- J • :1 person resided. The court nil-' eu that the trial should have been held in Hcmpstcad county and said Sanford could pursue nls cause there. court and the Mai thereof this I day of November, 1947, HARVEV MORRIS, Cleric Reid & Roy, Attys. for Plff. Oscar readier, A ay. ad Lilem. 11:4-11-18-25 LET US DECARBONIZE YOUR OIL HEATER New KlentiUc method eliminate* all carbon . . . creates new efficiency. Phent M»2 for prompt •ervlce. The word ''atom" was tnhcn from Uie Greek "atomr- 11 which meant "Invisible." • 0 XrS.o^\o W ^°r* l£ ^,, .o^ ^lut a er Barnacle Soup . 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