The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on February 28, 1961 · 22
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 22

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1961
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Page 22-. Examtarr, Fib. u, m cccc Candide: A Witty, Literate Musical By STANLEY EICHELBAUM IF YOU ARE an admirer of Leonard Bernstein's enchanting and lilting music for "Candide," then I heartily recommend the fine production that the Company of the Golden Hind has just opened at the Bella Pacific Theater. Though it is done with a single piano and only 11 performers (most of them in multiple roles), the musical still comes off as a rich and pleasurable experience. Rachmael ben Avram decided to stage the show like an ambitious dramatic reading similar to the concert version that visited the Opera House two years ago and it worked beautifully. THE SINGERS appear in evening clothes and perform with props and bits of costumes (hats, veils, masks, etc.). There is no scenery to speak of. Ben Avram moves his cast around with graceful ingenuity on a series of platforms so that the show has a brisk style and even a sense of grandeur. I am convinced that this adaptation of Voltaire's bit- TURA SATANA, "Mis Japan Beautiful," headllnei show crt Preildent Follies for two weflla ("lh- w - 'I- " fjhti- '1:3 v e .. I; :.vv ' I ; 'J'? Eleanor Powell Returns AFTER 14 YEARS of retirement, the popular film star, Eleanor Powell, has emerged for a stage engagement in a musical revue at the Sahara in Las Vegas. Miss Powell, Hollywood's top female dancer of the 1940's, opens tonight at the Nevada spa. "BUS STOP," William Inge's drama, will he staged by the Ross Valley Players at The Barn in Ross, beginning March 9. iMAiORiC AUDITORIUM, ina world I Greeteet Gotpel Smgr iiaEidlia iciclxscisi Ticliett, ll.jO. 3 00, I V), i.00 Sherman Clay, EX 7-0717 niLUHM a. MNU AITNACTION i mm TONITE AT 8 Eves, at 8 (Sun. at 7) Mats, at 2 Wed, Sat, Sun. Ckildraa Under 12, $1 00 II parfi. if accompanied - ,- by a adult. .waiwn mm ja 'lUI!fcV.i(StAH r STAGE HURRY! LAST 8 DAYS! Alee GUINNESS M, MILLS "TUNES cf GLORY" DOOR iMaaon Nr. Geary L7U M767 Sol Hurok prerrt Franca CorB N. Y, Mat. tanaatlon ISIlMrr-RaW 9m I fa WW FiKtfl CSEElfll "Candide" Bella Pacific lonard Beratteln'a mu- ileal baaed on Voltaire's novel: book by Lillian IMIinan; lyrics by Richard Wllhur, John Latnurhft, Dorothy rarker: a Golden Hind production; directed by Rarhniael ben Avram; musical direction by Paul Vermel; piano accompani ment bv lon Jonna. With Kolwrt Hush (Can dide), Kathryn Da Haven (tuneeonde), Aldo Cal- ragno (I'an t Ion), Ku Slarck (Old Lady), Ron Mitchell, Warren Austin, John Mcllale, Elinor (ef- fert, Henry Dreger, Carol LaSalln, Louis Itcthen- court. Ing and pessimistic novel will some day be recognized as one of this generation's most important musicals. Though a handsomely lavish production failed on Broadway five years ago (because it was too off-beat), the work has already won an army of ardent supporters. Certainly, the score Is Bernstein's finest to date and the lyrics are the wittiest and most literate ever written for the theater. If Lillian Hellman's book seems a trifle overloaded, it is because Voltaire's original defies dramatization. We follow the foolish and simple-hearted Candide around the world from Westphalia to Buenos Aires as he undergoes one natural or man-made disaster after the other (a shipwreck, an earthquake, a war and so forth). He is convinced that there is human goodness left on earth, but is forced to change his mind. THE GOLDEN HIND performances were generally excellent, especially those of Robert Bush (as Candide), Kathryn De Haven (as his fickle sweetheart Cunegonde) and Aldo Calcagno (as the optimistic philosopher, Pan-gloss). The supporting cast was no less outstanding and highest praise is due Ron Mitchell, John Mcllale and Elinor Geffert for their various roles. There were a few careless unsubtleties. In such a top-notch production, they oozed out like molasses. Sue Starck, as a worldly old woman, sang wonderfully but she overdid her bumps and grinds in the "Assimilation Tango." And, is fhe same way, I saw no reason for Warren Austin's tasteless mugging in his characterization of Cune-gonde's epicene brother. He might have made his point without being grotesque. This is the third Inge play to be produced by the company. TWO MORE weekends remain for the run of "Sight Unseen" at the Richmond Community Theater at the Village Playhouse in Point Richmond. The comedy about ghosts, which plays Friday and Saturday nights, ends its engagement on March 11. "Twelfth Xighf is the next production. Sat,, Miroh 4, 8:30 P.M. Mon. Ihru Frl. Cont. From 6 Sat. -Sun. & Hoi Cont. From 1 Pn!u!r Prlem' MELIHA HERCOURI ,N STELLA Plut Ingmar Bargman'a "SUMMER WITH MONIKA' OPEN MS P.M. fS&Si&&S&Z!it$s&izit( 1 TAPAfi I LfQUM Pranea Duval Afnt Poll CP" I JO. CinamiSctyt 1 Tjjicij i -V VV- Jk. ' Jrl ? i'' .v.v.v.'jjj. jj.- im-A-.lf.AvJ.-.-.-.VAV.'.v.'.'. -r ... , . .wJ..V. .W.-M. .ttbo lllfll I ' .t3faaraiAdtit ESKIMO DESPAIR . . . Anthony Quinn In 'The Savage Innocent!," a film about the frozen North, Friday at Paramount. SAN FRANCISCO THEATERS NASSER BROS. THEATERS NEW MISSION M,S',T?2 JACK T.KMION A RICKT NELSON "WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY" Story of a Small B"T i Giant Doll "BIG JEEKR" W4 "ItLl'FTRrNT FOR ROBBERf "FOXHOLK J CAIRO DAY A I Polk nr. Clf. OR 4-2131 KwIAL rnntlnuouiD&llyfroTnl Elttabath TVMR-Eddl USHf.H "BUTTERFIELD 8"- BhrwB si HX(MtBS and KiXO r.H, la Colorl tOHS OHFGM)! to "THE CAPTAIN'S TABLE" miowii a I:Sn-fl:J5 10:00 P.M. Start Wed ' SONO WITHOliT END" "I'M AIJ. RIGHT. JACK" ALHAMBRA JACK I.EMMOV A RICKY NELSON "WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY" Shown one only at H:45 FM Angle lMrUinvon-Kirom lntltali(( Jr. "A FEVER IN THE BLOOD" Shown n Htllf) m-.-'H I'M StarU Wfd-"THK SUNDOWN! RS" "THE MARKIAGL (iO HOl'M" ACTDft Castro-Mkt. MA 1-6120 VV' "( IMif RHII.I.A ' tr.HHV Lr.WIS and ,l WVNN "(iOI.I)KN AGE OF IOMKDV" WEST PORTAL E Li PI D C W' Portal Ave. SB 1-9504 ErnrlKC rinemaScotwl Color! Fnll Atnrmphnnle 8nondI -"SONG WITHOUT END" Dirk FOOVRDB CAFlt'INE Khowa onra only at 8:35 PH "I'M ALL RIGHT, JACK" Peter SKM.KR THRRY-THOMAS Ian ( AKMK HAH, Shnivn at :45 nnd 10:45 PM StarU d. "( ' A K It V ON, Nl lli:" "A KFVUK IN THK RI.0OI) " SAN BRUKO AVENUE DISTRICT AVCkJIiC Baa Bruno Av. nr. (Silver I 'H1S JUniper 4-0076 "WAthlEST SHIP IN' THE ARM V" Jark l.emmnn, nhoun Kt K:5 I'M -;i WORLDS OF GMJ.IYER" Kerwin Mathewa. at 6.50 t 10:15 FREE DINNERW ARE to the l-ajlei! PARKSIDE DISTRICT PADVCinC Taraval-lSih Ave. lAKIVJIUC Park free! MO 4-1026 Nominated for S Aeademr Awmrda IWI Pleural IHrectorl Screen Plsyt Beet Aotreea ttopportlnc Aetreaal "THK SCN DOWN EKJt" In Colorl Robert MITCHLM-Deborah KERR "C rVDER FEIXA" Technicolor t JERRT LEWIS and ED WVNN '9nndowneri,' 8:5U-Clnder(rMa,' 7 A 11 DOWNTOWN CTDAaJrN Mkt. at 7th. UN 1-8234 JAMES CAGNFV In SHAKE HANDS WITH THK DEVIL' "1HF, REBEL BBELI"-Rna Moreno PURACCY Mkt.-7th. he 1-5221 tMBMJJI t Tei-hnlrolor Hits! Rock HI DSON-Cornell BOR( HERS "NEYER SAY GOODBYE" At 11:15 AM :50-:25 10:in PM LAN A TIRNER-JKFF CHANDLEK -"THE LADY TAKES A FLYER" Klm at 1:10-4:45 and 8:40 PM Stftrte Wrd. "GOLD OF 7 SAINTS" "WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMV" CCOIIIDC Maket-5th. OA 1-8868 C jy U I'VE Student PrW! 2 INGMAR BERGMAN CLASSKS! "Wild StrawherHe"-"The Maitlrlan" ICLCnCYVd TftiiMfouiH: Fabled Trtttoiire at the I hlna Seaa! "WONDERS OF HONG KONG"- "Baton Sport"-"97th Day"-Nwa! DrJjEi I Powell-Mkt. BU 1-9B39 rwYYCLL -ti nnel op love" nORlR DAY A RICHARD WIDM4RK "INVITATION TO THJK UANi t" pinnA( Market-4th. SIT 1-5S14 rAKKU) ltt Tlinea TonlEht! Oi r I'dllcy: Hare and I nimual Ellma That You Caonot 6ee Elsewhere! "NAKED SIN" (Filmed In a Nuillst ("anip'l Plus: "MFXIf AN Bt RLEsQl E" i Hot 8rot Behind the Border!) 'CI TEST LITTLE M DIST" iRompin in the Nude!) FOR ADULTS ONLY! DCEqi CCC 3rd-MI. DO 2-491 8 rCCKLCdd FROM THE P4t.ES OF VOI R FAVORITE MAGAZINE. Te THRILL AND DELIGHT VOL I Glria A You Like to See Them! NEW SHOW I WED.-FRI.-SI NDAY ( untlnuone from 10 AM-AdulU only! H08 HILL UAn I Cal-Maaon TU 6-2600 INWOnlLL PETER SELLERS ' "BATTLE OF THE. SEXES" TEI'RV-'I HO.MAS A A LA. STAIR SIM "SCHOOL Kill S( Ol'XDKELV "Batle," H:40-".School," 1:IU 10:20 Wed. Ky Kendall "LIS GIRLS" "RELI CTANT DEBCTAN I E" MARINA DISTRICT MARINA Ohettnut at Ste.ner WA 1-1234. open 12'45 DIHK BOG4RME and CAP! f INK 'SONG WITHOUT END" Color! Efrene F,lmlallt, .Ir. Anre IMrklneon -"A FEVER IN THE BLOOD" RICHMONDSEACLIFF 4CTAD Clement-33rd. SK 2-26S0 JIAIV "NORTH ta ALASKA" JOHN WAVNF-gTEWART GRANCIR WALT DISNEY'S "JINGLE CAT" Starts H'ed "SONG WITHOl'T END" "LNDIR 10 rtAG4":harlei UugDtoB rwrzm J. MISSION DISTRICT fBAMn Matlnf Dully at 12:45 AT 2-1515. Miilon-23rd "THE BIO IKCfH" In fntnr! VICTOR M.VITRE RED Bt'TTCINS "AL CAI'ONK" with Rod !tlT GOLDEN STATE THEATERS D OW U Ulialnn wtr 22nd VIVWTTn Opao 1:15 P.M. Dally Mark WRKftT-Brodarlolt RAWrofcD GOLIATH AHD THE DRAGON Angta nicklniKm-Ilfram flmhnllut, tr, "A 1 EYitK IN THE BLOOD ' U A I LIT Halrht at Cola iiMiuni "CTNTtraKrM.A" 4FRRT LEWIS and ED WVNN "FLAMLNO BTAB"-Elvla PRESLF.T PAI AB Powell and rnlumhiia Aa.MVC PITKR SFI.I rns "THE SIOI SE THT KOAKKH" hhimn at 1:15 and 1 0:;t.1 I'M "IIIR MAN IN HAVANA" Alee Gulnnem, at 5::i0 8:50 r.M CI DCV 1970 Orean Ave. TRB-SSnO 2 In inpnianipe-Cnlur JAUK l.f:1MON-K( KY NKI.SON "WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY" Mark FORKST-Brorferlck CRAWFORD "GOLIATH Jb THE OKAGON" IRVING Irving- at 15th Ave FREE PARKING "I'lNliKKKELrV-JERRT LEWIS FLAMINU BTAR"-Elvle PKt.NI.KT ft D A U A n A Minion at Ocean URAnAUA nnemaSrope! Tolnr! Mark FORFT-Brodertck CRAWFORD GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON Ifrem Zlmhallt. Jr.-Ante nirklmna "A KH KK IN THE BLOOIV A ki ATrtH Geneva Ave. Mlilnn ni'ii-wi .IA1IKS DKN "ItHlll. WITHOtT A rAftiH" Ma'lnn ll'nndn-" I'HE W il li ONF" TONIGHT 1 1AMIIV NIGHj! DALY CITY CCD!? A Junipero-Serra. TI. 5-H55 JERRV LEWIS and ID W N N "F LAMING STAR-Klvia PRESLEY TONK.HT IS FAMILY NIGH11 SAN FRANCISCO THEATERS coliseum Ctos;yj "W ACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARM V" "IKkl 3 WORLDS OF HUlll.H" U CTR f Unlon-Webater. BA I-8I81 m a, 1 iv w iiii kv ivrmnv "WACKIEST SHIP IN THE AKMV" "1 M ALL U1GUT, JACK" RAinOA Balboa-38th. BA 1-8181 VMkBWA "FACTS OF LIEF" BOB HOPE A LUCILLE BALL "MGHTI IGHTFRS"-RnhKit M,i,.l, ..mill r-i-i 1 i--u-u-j'v-i.i INTERNATIONAL THEATERS KHlnfiP Geary-Rlake SK 1-3212 BfllWV7C s. HI ROK Prewm, rie-iro t a rein-rrancia Duval-Afro Foil "Tost A"-Complete Opera in Color! IADIUJ Larkin-Geary PR 5-38M T""",M. FROM A PM "NEVER ON SUNDAY" A CARNIV AL OF CAREFREE GLEE! THE MOVIE irKMKeerny . -H21j8 LOTTK T.ENY.V In KI RT WEJL S "THE 3 PENNY OPERA" Seatlfl only at Feature lime! IITV,IAI Phone KI 6-1123 FOREHTO ROSSELLINI's "GENERAL DELLA ROVERE" Vll'orlo DeMCA-Hannea MESSF.MFR PDFCiniO Cheatnut near Scott . ""i-IV W J 2929. open 6:45 MELINA MKRCOl'RI (That "Never on Sunday" Girl!) "STELLA" AIko "SUMMER WITH MOXIKA" Dirt l-'nion St. at Fillmore SK 1-321? .- DARIMi SAMI RAIS! " A V E N Gl N (i SWORDSMAN" "BOLD SAMI RAI" CUDS Irving at 46th MO 4-6300 l"Vr OPEN 6:46 P.M. "GIRL OV THE '1RD FLOOR" MARINA V LADY PETER VAN' EYCK "EERNANDEL, THE DRESSMAKER" VnrlllC Sarramento at Preeldlo 1 WVJUC INGMAR BERtiMAN'S ACADEMY AW ARD ONTENDER! "THE V IRGIN KFRINU" ITeeeeeV'eVMeVMMMieVV El DArjrUn JuniperoSerra KL JACK I.EMMON A KICKY NELSON "WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY" In Color! Kl.ltWLN MATHEWS In "THK :t WORLDS OF OI I.LIVEK' f CkJCV A Next to Cow Palace UCIlCl A Ptaria 6-4 . Jl' 7 2SS4 Ir.-e ln- ar Ureter: 3 1S( Hil: JACK I.EMMON A RTCKY NEIlN "WACKIEST SKIP IN THE ARMY" IN COLOR' HICK SHAWN Ir "3 WORLDS OF OI I I. IV ER" Grrsory Feck-"BIG (Ol.NTKV" MISSION Atrin CLutl nhTP off "l-inn Mi.lon Ml M?.H I ree In er Meelerm: Mert VIAR S KIGt.EsT I.AEF K10I! "CARRY ON NURSE" Xlvla rrealey-'-rLAMINQ STAR" Pocng Fun of The By MARTIN RUSSELL AT THE END of the second act of "The Trodigal," Agamemnon's death cries thunder across the stage; his wife, Clytemnestra, beats her breast and laments her qualifications as a murderess; daughter Elektra howls unmodified accusations in all directions; finally Orestes appears somewhat affected by the proceedings. "You seem to be more interested in family affairs," Cassandra, the prophetess from Troy, remarks. It is an hilarious moment, demonstrating playwright John Richardson's ability to poke fun at the classical drama while he uses it to the full for his own theatrical" purposes. Comus, the group that presented the play on Saturday night at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, was apparently well aware of this. THE ACTORS combined this grasp of the materials Intent with generally pleas- J9 tiBAn ' sam, you FILM 'CUSSiCS SUBURBAN THEATERS EAST BAY MIiWAIgWJHW.BIfd'fcsl NAPA ALAMEDA A I AkienA LAkehurat 2-4433 ALAMEDA rtnrmBSranel Color! "SGNO WITHOtT ENI" DIRK BOGARDK and CAPITINB "GOI.n OF THE 7 SAINTS" CLINT W ALhFIt & ROGER MOORE NEPTUNE t,ntTiVn,uR: "PLEASE OON'T EAT the DAISIES" DOKIS DAV enr( HAV1D NIE.N "THE MltKlMHN" Glenn FORD Shirley Mwi.AINE ANTIOCH CTA L Li rhona PLaleau 7-2303 d I ArViM WALT l'lNEV "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" "FRECKLES"-! itiemaSrope! Color! ewwWWrxrrwrWeVTrTVi BERKELEY DCDICI CV Bhattuik at Hade OCKIVCLCl THornwall t-4300 "SONO WTTHOl T END" riKK BOGARDK A CAFl CINE CALIFORNIA KtttrMVi5 DOORS OPEN AT 8:45 PM Leslie Cnron-"GIGl"-ln Color Leslie Caron-"LILI"-Mel Ferror Start Wrdneodnv: WALT DISNEY'S "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" imiTEn ADTICTC TH 3-1487 MINI I kU I I J I J open (1:30 "GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON" In Color! with MARK FORREST Rnht. Hutton-"JAII.BRKAKERS" OAKS Salnnn at. The Alnmeila Phone LAndscnpe S-1836 "VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED" "THREE CAME TO KILL" 1 1 f Trt 3-6267. Universlty-.ahMtnek WW Dnnri Open :4H PM WACKIEST SHIP IN THK ARMY" WORLDS -OF GULMVER"-Coloe! eenaev CONCORD CaJCAaJ Mulberry 5-5411 fc'NSMIN Held 0e 2nd Week! VVAJ.T PISNEY'S Teehnlrolnr "SWISH FAMILY ROBINSON" LAFAYETTE DADLf Lafayette. ATiantlo 4-4r33 rMKIY "OCEAN'S 11" Frank HVATR A-Pean MARTIN "IT STARTED IN NAPLES" LIVERMORE VIKJE Hilltop 7-25-lS-Oiien 6:45 'lltr 4. Aor TIMES TONIGHT! LET NOMAS WRITE MY EPITAPH" "DESIRE IN THK. Dl'sT" StnrM Wed.: "THE SI" N DOWNERS" BREATH of S V N P AL -Sophia Loren OAKLAND FOX OAKLAND COMTM'OI'S DAILY FROM 12:3(1 PM Barbara Steele "BLACK StMlAV" Shovn At v':00-5:00-B:0(l A 11:110 PM Alao "LIT ! LKN HOP O FIIt. ItKO IW" PARAMOUNT 20lT0u DOORS OPEN AT 12:30 PM AT RLGlLAft ADMISSION PRICES! "C AN C A N" Frank SINATRA-Shirley Mael.AINE Matiru-e hevalter-Louis Jourdnn Shown at -J:4A-4:t-1 t H:.!0 PM ' Plua "CRAZY FOR UtVE" Starring RHIGITTE BARDOT Shown at 3:20-1:20 11:15 I'M n AVIP 17th and Telegraph Ave. IVV'AIC open dally t 12 Noon HELD OVER! 2nd BIG WEEK! C'ary GK A.NT-Deborah KERR "THE GRASS IS GREENER" Robert MITCHI'.M-Jean SIMMONS Technicolor! Teehnirama! Added Suiijeite! Cfllor Cartoon! TOft TW 3-5505. llth-Broadway I W a Cont. Daily. Noon to 5 a.m Beet Movie In A&ee'-Dorothv KIlRallen THE WORLD Or SUZIE WONG Technicolor! with WILLIAM H0LDE.1 and NANCY KWAN rTBlalfM A 1 E Grand-M' Arthur 7IMINI hMnl. GL 2-35S6 "A IN TIE MAME"-P.oallnd Hnell Shown ONCE ONLY at 9:30 I'M "NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS" Andy Griffith, ON E Only ut 7:30 PM 9ADVWAY Inema. GL 2-3S9l" rAIrTTAI park Blvd e. lth8t i ogrovev3Ky "inr. iitmi ' -'LOV EKS At J IIILVES"-8achaGuitry DlCri kir VI T Piedmont at 4 1 st llfflWHI OL 4 2727. Op. 6:45 "WAtKirsr SHIP IN THE ARMV" JACK I.EMMON. RICKEY NELSON "3 WORLDS OF GI U.IV ER"-4 olor! TrtVCO 51st Telegraph OL 3-S022 I V hit Onon Onen 6 -15 PM lOlh Week! MELINA MI ROM RI In "NEV'IR ON Sl.NDAV" MOULIN ROUGE"SS Open l":in a.m. ADI I T ONLV! 2m TfiPlnn MLWTFH! TI MI'EsT STORM In "'Ill OM HFAlTIFs" . Plus "NAKED SIN" Renutiee In Nudiet Curnp! And Our "GIRL SHOW" j Lovely, Luscioua Laifiesl THE PRODIGAL' "The Trodigal" F. Conservatory of Musle A play by John Klchard-nn, presented by fnmu, Directed by Karle Marsh, net deftlgn by Anthony Martin, costume by Klvka Bern. Orlslnal acore by Kobert Sheldon. With Frank Smith (Orentex), 1'on Iloeilem (Aejluthin), Georee, Hitchcock (Agamemnon), Klleen Karle, Eva Hitchcock, f'aul Schumacher, Kthel Soko-nw, Thelma Gilland. ing performances. For, at the same time that they were enacting a satirical version of Agamemnon's return from Troy, they gave the event a lively spontaneity and local color which was more than pure history. It was a pity that Frank Smith's presentation of Orestes, the prodigal son who hated his father and scorned Aegisthus, the priest-usurper of the throne of Argos, should, after a good start, trail away into truculent mumbling. Some mate the ?anc4 too long' - S. ADULTS ONLY MONTH AU"JOaHII-404 ORINDA ADIUni TUNNEL HIGHWAY AT VJKIrlUA ORINPA CROSSROADS TELEPHONE (I.IFFORI 4-2233 "I'M ALLRIGHT, JACK" Peter SELLERS TERR V-THOM Tan CARMU IIAEL MarKHret Rl'THERFoRP "CONSPIRACY OF HEARTS" Llll PALMER SHOW STARTS AT 7:0rt PM PITTSBURG VOGU2 HEmpsteeil 9-9141 I Thriller,! "BLVt K SI'VOAV'-Berbara Steele "LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS" RHEEM DUCCaJ Calif. DR 6-4466 l n C C m 4 Mllea from Orinda CLINT WALKER -"GOLD OF SEVEN SAINTS' with Roger MOOR a; Plua WALT DISNEY S -"POLLYANNA"- Jana W YMAV Richard EGA.V Trre I ree Parkinf Area' HOW STARTS AT 7:00 Mf RICHMOND CfY Sventh-Macdonald. BK 2-3129 "v i Donre Open :4S-Park Free Rnmlind Rnell-"A1 N I I E M AME" "NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS" OVVev WALNUT CREEK EL REY Yellowstone 4-446S ( im-niasroi ! Color "THE SI'NDOWNERS" Roo.t MI'K HI M Deborah KERR trrirrXeWevweyWnrV FAIRFAX C A IDC AY GLenwood 3-6444 rAIKrAA CLOSED TONITEI ftarta Flidnyl "THB RAT RACE" Walt Dleney'a "TEN WHO DARED" LARKSPUR LARK Phone W A hash 4-3311 TERRY THOMAS "SCHOOL FOR BCOl NDREL8" . "BROTHERS IN LAW" eseveeei"seM'Me MILL VALLEY CCOIIfMA Phone Punlap 8-4862 JCyUUIA dirk ROGARVE "stisti nniioi r e.sii' CAPK INK and Genevieve PAGE wvseeeSeeeesiee,Veeseee NOVATO klAUiTA TWinbrook 2 2424 DWTHIw oina I.ollnhrlslda "WHERE THE HOT WIND BLOWS" "Day They Robbed Rank of England" SAN ANSELMO TAMALPAIS Tdo3v THE WORLD OF SI'ZIE WONG" William HOLDEN-Nancy KWAN SAN RAFAEL DACACI Olenwood S-.1440 tvATACa. Held Over 2nd Week WALT DISNEY'S "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" SAUSALITO aJABIeJ EDgewater 2-0654 mMrVIII e-CAN CAN" F-ank sINATKA-FhIrley MacLAINE Maurice Chevaller-IvOUis Jourdan erNeMSawweweeeae TIBURON Dl AVUOIICC GEneva 5-1234 rLAinUUdC Charlton Pe.toa "THK TEN COMMANDMENTS" 8hown ONCE ONLY at 1:40 P.M. ninieneai" NAPA IIBTAVaavl BAIdwIn 4-2355 WriWITPl WALT DISNEY'S "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" JOHN MILLS-DOROTHY MrGI'IRK NoesaeeeeeerSa neeVMeVMeveeaseeee BELMONT DEI kirtklT Phone LYtell 3-fl405 DCLMUni SIMONE SIONOKET "ROOM AT THE TOP" Plua "DOIJ.Y'S HOLIDAY" MeffeeWeeeevaerr BURLINGAME rNV Phona Diamond 2-5751 rUA "CAN CAN ' Frank BINATRA-Shlrley MacLAINE Shown ONCE ONLY at Ut.TO PM "I RAY FOR LOVE" gtarring BBIGITTB BARDOT Bnown At 1:00 an 10:19 FM Classics good lines were wasted in this way. The beginning of Act 3 a scene between Orestes and his low-born fiancee, Praxithia (Joan Sheinberg) was b a r e 1 y audible. Otherwise the cast especially Eileen Earle as Penelope, George Hitchcock as Agamemnon and Thelma Gilland as Cassandra performed with great zest. There was hardly a "sore thumb" amongst them. EARLE MARSH'S direction in the rather cramped theater left little to be desired. Even in crowded scenes, the small stage did not appear overlittered with people. And Anthony Martin's sets were simple enough to be effective, yet unassuming, thereby giving all the room to the actors. In spite of an anticlimac-tic third act, Richardson's satire provides an excellent evening of entertainment. His ironic evaluation of two conflicting political philosophiesas personified by Agamemnon and Aegisthus is witty and provocative. Knlckerbocker'Chronicle mum 10S ALTOS AITAC WHItacllff 8-5212 Ab I U GEORGE HAWILTON "WHERE THE BOY'S ARK" "SI NRISE AT f AMPOBEI.LO" MENLO PARK fllll TS Phona DAvenport 36760 VJUILU Noe In the :ird Week! I "CARRY ON' M K! " last. Ribald and Frhnloue! PARK Menlo Perk. PA 3-61 Rt TE( HNUOLOR! "C A N ( A N" Frjink SINATRA-Shirley MaoI.AINi; MILLSRAE kill I DD AC K1 Camlno-Chiidbrne MlkkOK ACphnne OXford 7-4444 CLARK GABLE "THE MISFITS" "A FEVER IN THE BLOOD" MOUNTAIN VIEW MT. YIEW 228 CUS "JOFRNFY TO CENTER OF F4RTH" Vincent Prlre In "THE n.Y" PACIFICA SEAYUE 'h"J, 164 enrffe Hamilton "WHILE THE BOVS ARE" Bhnwn ONCE ONLY at 9:00 PM "F.sTHLR AM) CHE KING" Kliown at :flO 10:10 I'M W'ed.:-"VTLI.A(;E OF THE IVVMVED" FBI ( KI.ES"-('lnenmSinpe! (olor! PALO ALTO EltJE ADTC riAvenport 2-9771 riMC AM) FOREIGN FILMS! "BEHIND THE GREAT WALL" "BLL K Ml'RDER AT ST. TRI.NI AN'S" STANFORD X'l'S ADPLT ENTERTAINMENT!! "THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG" William HOLDEN Nancy KWAN Shown at 1:20-4:18-7:05 m 10 PM Plui Academy Award Winning? "TIME OUT OF WAR" VA DCITV DAvenport 3-B41 1 TAK3III GEORGE SANDERS "VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED" "GOLD OF SEVEN SAINTS" REDWOOD CITY FAV riiont EMernon -2nfift rwA IN COLOR! Frank SINVTRA-Sh'rlev MacLAINE -"CAN CAN"- Maurice Cheva!irr-I,ou'e Jourdan "WALKING TARGET" RON FOSTIR MKRP.Y AVOFRS Shown ONCE ONLY nt 8:40 PM SAN BRUNO EL CAMINO Inrrld Berrman "INN of the SIXTH HAPPINESS" Gregory Peek-"THE BRAVADOS' vseeeeswee. SAN CARLOS ADI OC P"0" LTtt11 3-8031 VtfAIVliWJ Adult Entertainment! TECHMCOIJiR! WILLIAM Hol.DEN -"THE WORLD OF SUZIE W0N5"- NancT RWAN-Michatl WILDING Shown at 1:20 t !):50 PM I AIIDCi -an Carina. LYtell 3-3131 LAU KCk Have Coffee with Coffey! BOB HOPE LUCII IE BALL -"FACTS OF LIFE" AX THE 'FA RAGEV.Miria Schell ieiweeaesevMM SAN JOSE Cypress 71200 Rohert Mitch nm GARDEN Deborah Rerr-"THE SI NOnWNERS" "MARRIAGE GO ROI'ND"- STUDIO S96 Bo. 1st. CY 2-(577 RI RI. IVES "LET NO MAN WRITE MY EPITAPH" Merlon Brando-"On the Waterfront' SAM MATEO MAaJrVn 2.1th Ave. FI 5-1610 luHI'MII Held Over 2nd Week! WILLIAM HOI.DF.N in -"THE WORLD OF SUZIE WPN5" NANCY KW AN-MTCHAEL WILDING 8hov,n at 7:111 and 0:35 PM SPEf IAL PROf RAM FOR KIDDIES fcVrHV SAT1 RDAV AT 1:00 PM PROFESSOR TWIT! HELL'. FTNS HOOL FOR KIDS! DAI Li 17th Palm. FIresUle 5-1015 rAa.r bob HOPE LUCILLF. BAIL P.T'TH HI SSfcY "Facts of i irr" ghnwn ON'f F. ONLY at 7 15 P.M. "S NRISE AT t AMPOBEI.LO" Ralph BELLAMY Greer 4; ARSON Shown ONI E ONLY at 9 00 P.M. SAN MATEO Phnre DI 3-5651 "BLACK srNDAY" B'iown At 7:05 and t:05 PM "I irTLF, SHOP OF HORRORS" Shown ONIB ONLT at :45 PM -f m '" MELINA MERCOURI . . . itar of "Never on Sunday, " Greek comedy now in long run af Larkin. "BIO, SPECTACULAR PICTURE . . . BETTIR THAN TH! BOOK" H. Y. fo Ottt Prmlnf Pruentt KODUS EVES. 1:00 Except SUN. 7HM MATS. Wtd.-Sat. Sun. 1 am All Statt RMtrvtd Mall Ordara No Tlttt l OfflM t tliiru Clr Mi All THkit AiMtiM ALEXANDRIA Theatn Ocary at 18th Ava. IK 2-5100 ti M MARIN PENINSULA SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO STATE 8.8.F. JU 8-14.14 MAKI.ON BRANDO "T HE WILD ON T. " CLARIC GABLE "TALL MEN" SL'NHYYtALE SUNNYVALE "WHKRF. THK DOV S ARE" "HOI sE OF SEVEN HAWKS" ALAMEDA ALAMEDA DRIVE-IN Webeter al Alameda Tube LA 3 934 "MISIER ROBERTS" In Colorl JACK LEMMON-HENRT FONDA "THE SEA t IIASE" In Color! JOHN VVAV.NK A LANA TI RNER ISLAND AUTO MOVIE 3 BLOCKS FROM TUBE IN ALAMEDA tinned Tonight! Ktarta WEDNESDAVI "The Hunter" - "In Love War" E:LM0NT (Ti nl IT?" Belmont. I.Y 3-0074 3IAKLIIC 3iiiitshoi CLINT WALKER rOGER MOORE In "60! D Or THE SEVEN SASIITS"- W'ALT DISNEY'S Thrilling "JUNGLE CAT" Plus Disnev'e "HOI Nil THAT THOI'GHI' HE W AS A HAf tOON" FREMONT FREMONT Auto Movies Fremont Blyd.-Nlmita Krwy BY 3-0n n.n Miir ii JACK I.EMMON A RICKY NELSON unDi iiu 4kir r:m.i.ivirR" New Electronic IN CAR HEATF.Raj eeseee HAYWARD MOTOR MOVIES E Tennvson-Mi.etrm Rivd. LU 1-S97J "WACKIEST SHIP IV THE ARMY" JACK I.EMMON A RICKY NELSON "THE NAKED JCNGLE" Charlton HE STON -Eleanor PARKER eeesesexeie MOUNTAIN VIEW MONTE VISTA 0n&a7i "VILLAGE OF THE D4MNED" Jeffrey Huntcr-"KFY WITNESS" eeeeee." OAXUND AIRPORT Auto Movies 01th nr. Oakland Airport 1.0 9-3623 Clnird Tonight! StnrU WEDNESDAVI "AI N'TIE MAIE"-Rosnlinrl It.lell "NO TIME FOR SEIK.EANTS" STADIUM Auto Movies E 14th St.. 154th Ave. ELglon 1 T030 Gates Oneri -3n-8how Startf 7:00 LAST TIMES TONIGHT! "WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY" JACK I.EMMOV RICKY NELSON "ALL THE VOI'NC. MFV-Alan Ijidd PALO ALTO PALO ALTO Amarllln-Bayshort "BC ITERFIEI.D "WTO'RF THE HOT WIND BLOWS" "SWORD AND THE DRAGON" PLEASANT HILL MOTOR MOVIES 2040 Contra Costa Hiwav. MIT 5-8011 "WHERE THK, BOYS ARE" -Connie FK VNCTS-Ceorce HAMILTON KEY WlTNFSS".Jeffry Hunter SAN JOSE EL RANCHO! PvOlit Mltchnm "SCNDOW NERS" "MARRIAGE GO ROI'ND" SAN RAFAEL MOTOR MOVIES 8GLn3Rel ( IommI Timite' Ipen Fridnv A Snt.! "Inhr rlt the W lnd"-"t rowded Sky" lUWm MOVIE FANS your Favorfa Stars! Tj Bsifer Pictures! , Where to SEE Them! TODAY AT SUBURBAN THEATERS TONIGHT"" mm ...v ij AJim

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