The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1947
Page 6
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PACK SIX BIATHEVILLE <ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1947 Austrian Issues May Face Delay Soviets Position To Meet Opposition By Western Powers BY EDWARD a V. ROBERTS (United rress Staff Correspondent) LONDON, Nov. 11. (UP)—American officials believed today there would be small chance of the Big Four foreign ministers reaching an agreement on Austria in their conference beginning Nov. 25, if the Russians have their way about Ills order In which matters arc discussed. When Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister, A. A. Smirnov submitted a live-point .agenda for the foreign ministers conference to yesterday's session of the foreign ministers' deputies, Austria was the the last on the list. Ahead of the Austrian question were: (1) procedure for preparation of the German peace treaty; (2) the form and scope of the provisional German political organization; (3) the report of the Allied Control Council on German demilitarization, and (4) economic principles—the level of German industry and a reparations plan. The foreign ministers disagree so thoroughly on the first four items American officials believe it would be A long time before they reach the Austiian Question. Russia agreed at Uie end of the war that Austria should have its independence as soon as possible. But, according to American officials, Russia is novMlie chief obstacle to Austrian Independence. The Americans and British want Austria to be discussed first by the foreign ministers and may press their point, today. Whitehall officials also criticized as "Unrealistic" the (Soviet proi»- gal to delay consideration of reparations until after tlie ministers had handled the "luiolly but comparatively unimportant" questions about peace conference procedure and establishment of a provisional government. '"Reparations is the baste point of difference between the Western powers and Russia over Germany," a foreign office spokesman said. It was indicated unofficially thai American and British quarters feared the Rufislans.would use the delay caused by long-drawn-out discu.s: sion of their first proposals to push forward (heir policy of taking reparations from current German production. It May Be Cute, but Its Bumper Sure Is Repulsive^ », W-^.W.'» —- . T*-*-~-»-.— T~* *"- — »•-" - -" - »-1~'— *— - jf ^ " .' I ObMnation Dtck—<ie»ot«d to mtaurtflti. wworiwi c«nt»r>, etc Platform move! at comparable speed to coach cxcrpt in opposite direction thus enabling passengers to board or alight without cooch stopping—Escalator lakes them to main deck,then elevators take them from there to various decks for offices and stores. In Philadelphia, there's an industrial designer, name of R. J. Sigafoo, and one dark night lie dreamed this K.-ulgol up. It's -A trackless trolley five stories, one bargain basement and loading plal- form hiuh. It keeps lolling along, and people (those little specks down in the lower left central part), board it by stepping on a platform moving in the opposite direction. H tins a radar repulsive" bumper, stoics, offices, and all sorts of tfoodics on the observation deck. Sigaloo gives no Information on how to change ; tire. Negro Avoids Lynching by Joining Posse DANBtmy, N. G.. NOV. II. (UP) —Tight-lipped officers today refused to reveal the location of a 27- year-old lynchwlse Negro who calmly Joined an armed mob combing the hills to arrest him on charges of trying to rape a seven-year-old white Biri. Deputies said Harry L, Davis fell In with the armed mob and trudged over the hills with them for three hours before rlropipng out and go- inp. to sleep al-home. He was arrested when a neighbor recalled having seen him in the area where the girl was attacked. Deputy Sheriff Henry. Dunlap said the mob was still hunting with shotguns and pistols when Davis was arrested Friday night. Feeling wa.s high. He quietly look the Negro to Winston-Salem for safekeeping and Da- vl.s was moved again yesterday to an undisclosed jail. DunJap said feeling had died down today, but that no date for a hearing had bpen set. Doctors said the child was badly bruised by the attack but had not been raped. The child said a Negro man lured her into the woods by offering her money and then abused her. Bloodhounds Not Bloodhounds, Dog Expert Says; They're Half and Half ATLANTA, da., Nov. 11. (UPI— ] You know those bloodhounds you've read about and seen in movies sniffing the ground and bounding along hot on the trail of some escaped convict? Well, they're not bloodhounds nt' all. It all came out here today. Chances are what you saw were Cross-breed hounds—half red bone hound mid half July hound. Tlmt'.s what Atlanta dog expert G. R. Leo says. It took a Canadian prospector, more tlutn 1,000 miles from home, to get the true word on those so- called bloodhounds. A. V. Seymour, gold-hunter from Suribury, Ontario, figrred he could use some bloodhounds up there <n the wide open spaces—hunting lost trappevs and such. He'd seen some of those movies and read some of those stories, too. so he came all-the way to Georgia to get some genuine .manhuntln^ bloodhounds. He went to dog: expert Lee. Lee talked him out of 11. Bloodhounds aren't what they're cracked up to be, told him. No tenacity. a real manhunter. The Canadian prospector decided Lcc ought to know, because Lee furnishes all the bloodho—opps, we mean clogs—for official nmnlnmliag expeditions by Fulton County an.l Atlanta Police. So Seymour bought a pair or Riiarantcpd manhunting crossbreeds. They're on their way to Canada now. Anyway, from now on, if you sec a hound loafing around his kennel, leaning against the doghou.-;L door and showing a shocking lack of tenacity and stamina, that's probably a bloodhound. And when you sco one of those hounds all oiUhuslnUc, leaping and braying at the heels of an escaped convict, you can be pretty sure tha: he's a—you know. RAPID GROWTH California's redwood trees • wll sprout anew from the stump of a No stamina, parent tree .and have been known | What Seymour needed was a good to reach heights of 80 feet in 30 j crossbreed—half red uone houn.l years. and half July hound. Now there's From where I sit.../y Joe Marsh 'Rolling Saloon' A headline from the BatesvuT* RECORD — "MINOR TRAFFIC itlSHAP UNCOVERS 'ROLLING SALOON' " — present* another classic example of how pro- •htblticm to not prohibiting SB. "dry" Independence County. Bfctmville police officer!) recently urceted » former taxi driver following » traffic accident, fmiiul that: he ted been drinking ami (hat Ms automobile was truly a "rolling saloon." The driver wfl.i ftned for driving white dnink »od Joe poswefflDg whiskey (or t*ki *• a "dry** eonnty. This case is typical not only of prohibition's failure in Independ- ence County, but of all other "dry" counties in Arkansas. From where I nil, legal control of alcoholic beverage* IB the-, answer to iMMiUenglnK and Iniv enforcement problems. Ami legal control provides taxes tlml help ojwrate our welfare prognun, our tulKirriilosts sanatoria anil our public .schools. Bootleggers iSon'l pay taxes— Just as prohibition doesn't prohibit. ARKANSAS CQMMlTm, UNITED STATES BftEWIRS FOUNDATION HACO tOYO, STATE DIKECTO* ... 402 PYRAMID ILDG. r LITTli HOCK AMI Dragging Anchor , Disrupts Phone Lines to Canada DETROIT, Nor 11. (UP)—Bell Telephone repairmen worked today to restore telephone service to Windsor, Ont., after a freighter dragged anchor and severed 62 local cables and cut off 40 long distance circuits In the Deli oil River. All telephone service to Windsor was cut off yesterday when the Benjamin J. Fairlcss, owned by the Pittsburgh Steamship Company, dragged Its anchor across 100 telephone cables. Partial long distance operation was restored by rerouting calls over a Windsor-Detroit tunnel cable. Complete restoration of serv- • • Ice was expected late tomorrow. TO-HMBCTMIT MOTHERS A Conriise educational booklet oat ; p|.4»%^lai cp»,4 newborn care Attorney General Rules on Sale of City Property LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Nov .11.— UP)—An Arkansas city may .sell or lease city property not needed ! or municipal Uinclions but It has 110 legal right to give fuvny such property. Ally. Gen. Guy E. Williams sale] today. In an opinion to City Attorney G. II. Burke of Marifmnn, Williams cited a Supicmc Qourl ruling hold- • ing that property essential to the j proper exercise of municipal func- j lions cannot be cli.spo.sed of by the city. However, he explained, .prop- ! LTt\ lirld for 'general convenience, ' pleasure or profit inuy be aold or Jeasccl so long as the transaction is The pinnacles In Stvnd Creek Val- Jcy, Ore., arc the result of years of erosion* mode In good faith. The Mariarma property in question was a community house. Plane Flew Itself All Right, But Landing With No Pilot Was Too Rough TUSKEGEfi, Ala., Nov. II. fUP> — A Negro flying student here decided today that those airplane salesman who say "this plane will practically fly itself" might be rlght^except on landings. Arthur Howard was giving a small private plane a final checkup before taking f>tf. With the throttle wide open, he got out to check the propeller.. He gave the prop a spin and off (he plane went. leaving Arthur standing there. The pllotlcss craft taxied down the runway, took off. did a neat turn and disappeared toward the Southeast. Searchers later found the plane cracked up on the ground near Fort Gaines, Ga.—CO miles away. District Hospital Conference Callcc In West Memphis Moody Moore, of Llltle Hack, dl rector of hqspitals, Arkansas Publti Health Service, lias announced llw a public hcnrlng will be held a Buck's Cnfc In West Memphis- Thursday night, for a general ills cusslon of the state hospital pint Mv. Moore will prcsUte over Uie mooting and will linve wllh him J. W. Coddlngton, economist, awl Lloyd Chadbonrcn, hosuitnl consultant. The Wcsl Memphis meeting is being held particularly for Hospital DistrictsS and G. District i is composed of Mississippi. CriUemieii, Cross. St. Francis, Lee, and Phillips Comities. ,The meeting, which will stall nt 7:M p.m., Is bcliiR held in accordance with the U. S. Hospital Survey and Construction Act, to provide a fail- hearing before the Slate ARCII- cy to every applicant tor i\ construction project. With the Courts Chancery Plcctiiftii Gin Co. vs. Cecli Mu- Cloud, suit. Tor foreclosure on cQiiip- ment. Glenn James Russell vs. Dor- otlicn Payne Russell, anil lor divorce. First government life - saving at at tons, vrtiich were Just boat houses, \vcte precAert nlbng Vne New Jersey coast, in 1848. Dial 2231 For Free Delivery on All Staple and Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henley 20IB West Mnm St. if Lots of Fun * * Open p.m. Til—• * CHITWOOD'S 10 PIN BOWLING ALLEY Regulation 10 Pin Alleys ALL NEWEST EQUIPMENT In 500 Block on East Main Street Phone 4929 To show our interest: in the welfare of expectant mothers we are furnishing, without cost or obligation, the booklet MATERNAL and NEWBORN CARE, written by an outstanding specialise. 64 pages of educational text with 29 illustrations, charts and graphs. A helpful guide for all expectant mothers. CITY DRUG CO. Ed Williams/ Druggist 101 East Main St. Blytheville, Atk. BETTER LIGHT...BETTER SIGHT DUST AND DIRT CUT DOWN LIGHT OUTPUT ... KEEP REFLECTOR BOWLS, FIXTURES AND BULBS CLEAN Use RIGHT SIZE BULBS TO GIVE ENOUGH LIGHT FOR THE VISUAL TASK AVOID GLARE... BY SHADING BARE BULBS AND USING I.E.S.STYLE LAMPS. GLARE IS HARMFUL TO YOUR EYES. EYESIGHT IS PRICELESS- GOOD LIGHT IS CHEAP! A 100 wall or ISO wait Inilb, nt tcasl. Is rfcomincntiert for proper Uclitlne wlille sowing, rciidinp, or performing other visual tasks. -SO- for the Sake of your eyes Don't delay. Buy some spare bulbs from Your dealer today! Ark-Mo Power Co. • lie big National Guard recmiliiig drive is in full swing. Thousands of young men are joining up in all Ihe stales, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. i It's a "big deal." Just think: a lull day's Regular Army pay for two hours of Armory training each week! Fifteen days' pay for the two weeks of summer field exercises! Expert instruction in technical skills! Sports . • . recreation . . . social events . . . new friends I All this and much more is yours as a Guardsman. You'll serve your country, earn good money, win the admiration of your community. Don't hesitate. Get in noiv, and move up faster I Visit the Armory nearest your home for full details. ' THE GUARDSMAN'S PAY For »<h 3-heut wnkly Armory Irolning p«ri»Ji frivol* Firil CH Cotp.,,1 d 1/5 12.30 2-66 3.00 S«rgmnt end T/4 3 33 Sloff Sttgxint anil/3 3 jj Tochnuol S»rg«ar»t 4.50 Mail.r ond Frrn 5«, 0 »onl 550 PLUS 15 doy,' p,y far 2.».,k lummtr Held lroinl»9, wit* lor>5«Ylty pay lor taO, J ,,« r i ol pre*[>M mlt««ry Mc<lM. NOW tur.iBu xmont NIW i*w- TOUMO Mm of ir This Ad Sponsored by BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 7 REAL REASONS WHY YOU GET SERVICE really know your car, inside and out. GENUINE MERCURYTfiRTS— precision-made to factory standards. MORE MERCURY COURTESY even the smallest job is important with us. MERCURY-STANDARD EQUIPMENT tools and test machines designed for Mercury servicing. 2 3 / s 5 6 7 MERCURY, SERVICE.SftVlNGS our interested mechanics do the job more efficiency, save you time and money. MERCURY; SERVICE; RELIABILITY our prices are established, ovr work done on time. MERCURY, VALUE .PROTECTION real Mercury Service protects your car's trade-in value. 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