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San Francisco, California
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an 3f ranrtarn xatttUtf 1 7 TWtday, Oct. l0 CCCC Movies Are Better Than Ever-Talce Your Family to One Tonight Clarke and Hal March. That's all I can say about thi one that Is good THE CAST. Film Clock 'Dancing Years' Rory Outrage" Offers Good Cast Calhoun Gets Role in Grable Film; Vocal Talent Discovered (Thttt timet tubjtct to ehangt At Stage Door WSm By SCREEN SCOU: by tht thtattrt, without notice.) "OUTRAGE," the Ida Lupino CI.AY "Prl Walti." Mala Powers is the youngster 10:10 p. m.

Saturdav noly. 1:10, 10:40. "THE DANCING YEARS," production at RKO Golden Gate, leaves me cold clammy. I do CIM.MA "Ne Way Out." 11 a. m.j 1:15.

in question; a decent young secretary, who is brutally assaulted Technicolor musical romance, is m. on the "Lord Johnny" company I.Syi IKF Deported," 11:15 the new attraction at the Stage New York is paying to the Douglas Fairbanks Sr. estate for the television rights to twenty-two of not consider it good theater, and certainly I do not consider it in 7:40, jpfROONEY KOX "I'll Hjr," 1:00, 4:, Door. In Europe? Irving Rapper, the director, Is said to be suing. In good taste.

This is the screen version of prrvlrw at :00. GOU1KS (iATK "Outraar," a 4:8. 7:41. 10:1 m. Doug's old movies.

New York, Bob Walker and Lee Most of us, who plunk down Ivor Novello's long run London Only two of the pictures were LA KIN "Part Willi." our dough at the ticket office. P. m. Mtunur only, 1:10. 3:03 10:40.

stage play. in sound, but the silent ones will Russell are together every night, bat not at any of the popular want to be entertained. ORI'HM "Wmnin on the Rub," 11:3.1, The drama, laid in an Austrian by a maniac, she retreats into a shell of shock, flees her, understanding parents and fiance. In the town of Santa Paula, California, she is befriended by a ranch family, the local minister, and finally, still suffering from her ugly experience, almost kills a young man. Miss Powers does beautifully be given a special musical back 3 tt-toi.

11:40 P. m. It would seem to me that Miss night spots. Where to go after village, Vienna and Paris, Lon LOUV 4.UHM "Kluht CrM." their broadcast In New York 11:10, 1:29, 8:07, 8:17, 10:30 don and New York, stars Dennis Lupino, a newcomer in the field of film production, could find a p. m.

Sunday night certainly was PARAMO! NT "Siirrrnilrr." a. m. Price with Gisele Preville, famed ground score. Well, silent or not, it will De wonderful to see that famous smile of Doug's, and watch his swashbuckling romantics all over again. iiw.

1 1 p. problem for Joan Fontaine and Parisian beauty. subject more suitable for juvenile and adult screen consumption Martin and lwl atata ihim. By LOL'ELLA O. PARSONS Motlo.

FKlura KdlUW Intl Mw ServJn HOLLYWOOD, Oct. Is the break Rory Calhoun has been waiting for all these months. He has been told that he is to have one of the male leads opposite Betty Grable in "Meet Me After The Show." The switch for Rory, from dramatic roles to the Dan Dailey type of light comedy came about while he was appearing in the East with his bride, Lita Barron. It was revealed there that he had a good singing voice which apparently he had been keeping a secret. When he closes in New York next month, Rory will head back to Hollywood a happy boy.

n. m. Humphrey Bogart. El Morocco, ST. HiAN( IS "Dark t'lty." a.

ai. than this pitiful story about The Stork, and 21 are closed to by her role as the girl in the case. 1:1.1. .1:47. 10:22 B.

oi. Tr Adiirtl Atti-ftctfoi "Music by Martin" i Fmldr Martin Orchntra STAliK IIOOR "llanrlnr Yrara." Bogey or is 21 on the list? of import are Robert i nniv 2:30. 111. REMEMBER lovely Dorothy teenager, criminally attacked by Others a mentally ill character. Clarke, STATU "Klyln HrllraU," 11:30, 2:20 Tod Andrews, Angela Baby, who joined them, suggest Reid and her dashing husband 10:.

1(1. TTI.INKWS "MlnuoiK from :30 a. ed Greenwich Village. Sym l.MTIII ARTISTS "Ktrr hall." 11 a. Wally Reid? Wally, of course, has been dead for many years, and it LAST TIMES TODAY 2 BIG NAME STARS.

4:43, 8:40, 8:3.1, 10:30 P. m. Scott will be the first Negro en-tertainir in Palestine when she goes there on her world tour early next year. She'll play her final show In Germany for our troops, and, believe me, they'll be in for a treat. That gal is something! Congratulations to Jane rowell and Geary Stef-fan.

They celebrate their first UnUAV tha DIIU 0UTD00I ICTKI IT! rMTi NATIONS "Mr. MO." 1:10 and uwmnii mi uie nwn pathy goes to I.ana Turner in the loss of the expected baby she wanted so much. I heard she hadn't been well, but apparently It was a fall Lana took that O-IUrta 10:2.1 p. m. is thirty-three years since Dorothy appeared in "The Squaw Man's Son" for Paramount.

TECHNICOLOR! VIM, IK "Salt to the IVrll," 8:55, 8:20 ateattntn :20 pm p. m. i mm aWaV Today Dorothy is back at that brought about the premature same studio, not as an actress birth. Buddy Swedish Double On Rio Program "NO WEDDING BELLS," writ NOTWITHSTANDING Agent wedding anniversary November 5. They have a date for dinner at this time, but to write some special scenes for the Perlberg-Sea bought a beautiful home in West XX "VV wood Village for his lovely Anita a quiet restaurant at a table fori ton comedy, "Rhubarb." Doro Charles Feldman's big denials at the time I printed that Joseph Schenck had personally bought Xi two.

Red Skelton can no thy, of course, produced many Louise and their babies. John Payne, In town, Is dating Elaine ten and adapted for the screen by Vilhelm Moberg. and "Teacher on pictures during tne years since "The Silver Whistle" while Darryl longer brag that he never uses screen makeup. During a comedy White, the former MGM secre she lost Wally. jnri prx ayi a Spree," a musical comedy, head Zanuck was in Europe, the play does belong to 20th Century-Fox.

routine In "Excuse My Dust," he the new all Swedish double bill tary, and a pretty girl. The Andy Devines celebrate their seventeenth wedding anniversary lw.n MCALLISTER no more With Clifton Webb in the star was supposed to fall through a door. The door didn't give, but at the Rio. There are English subtitles. than arrived in town than he this week.

Andy, who went to Red's nose did so it's a glamour 1 mm. ring role, "Silver Whistle" goes before the cameras January 15. Clifton leaves Friday by train checked in at Columbia for the lead in "Rookie From Korea." His New York for the Milton Berle makeup job for his bruised sehnozzola. Don Loper, who show, will be away from his OM'HEUM SLATES agent, Wynn Rocamora, practi I bride for the first time on that cally snatched him off the train PREVIEW TONIGHT date. Barbara Reed, one of XX for New York, accompanied by his mother, Mabelle.

They will then go to London where he will confer with Director Henry Ros and right to the studio. XXX the original "Three Smart Girls, This is the picture Sam Katz has been in Florida decorating the Boca Raton Hotel, Is back. Now he'll do a similar job for the Palm Springs Blltmore just In time for Its gala opening and her agent husband, Wlllard man is producing so fast it will ter, who is there with the Jimmy A preview of an outdoor ae-tloti film, In Technicolor, with two name stars, will be held at the Orpheum tonight at 9, to be followed by "Woman on the Kun." 1 be on the screen before you can say and spell Istanbul. Well, al Josephl, welcomed their second child at Cedars of Lebanon. He'll be named Quentin.

Hazel Stewart company of "No High way." most. November 3. That's all today. See yon to morrow! PAUL HENKEID caused a SNAPSHOTS OF HOLLY minor commotion when he visited UCLA a few days ago looking "It's better that the destiny of a marriage be in a woman hands than in a man's! -HARRIET CRAIG WOOD COLLECTED AT RAN DOM: Gall Bobbins and her hus HOLLYWOOD CTiintn for unknowns for his picture, band welcomed a baby girl this "For Men Only." The teen-agers in the drama class were excited WHIR mm morning at Hollywood Presby terlan Hospital. She recently fin and all dying to be chosen.

ished "Three Secrets." Is it true Paul's hush-hush film "For that no salaries have been paid Men Only," which he says has never been done on the screen, certainly has a provocative title. r7 I (ii mil' FOX THEATRE BARBARA STANWYCK CLARK GABLE TONIGHT Hes making it for the new company recently formed with Edward Nassour, and says he'll at 8:45 if CI ANT ST ACt SHOW! 1C At 8:00 I'D "Til 1:0010:30 P. M. A talk to any and all aspiring young i actors at the Nassour studio In Hollywood. That ought to be a DAT -As the ti DAREDEVIL AND THE LADY in I break for the kids who want to tf I It yaw get in pictures.

JUNE HAVER WIILIAM IUNDIGAN y- WT Mr 4 I lr. Br fSi 11 DEEP IN CEMENT, a statue "7K DeHAVEN I of Joe Stalin was deposited by Michael prince, by courtesy, of -i-Vf DENNIS DAY HARRY JAMES CONNIE the Romanoff dynasty. This was a part of the ceremony of the HAINES 1 I ST laying of a new cornerstone for BOORS pi 3 BERRY BROS. a new Romanoff bistro. OPIH I 1 I 10 6 i I J3? Barry Ete The first lady of the theater and screen, Ethel Barrymore, laid the cornerstone while George I ictito Jessel made the speech in his Full-length Vl" cuiiit nxm iieihi usual witty fashion.

a. i In an adjoining empty lot, cocktails were served and Mrs. Edward Knopf remarked on what a wonderful place to have a party Lair Day lawn tllfjl I I jr MILE-A MINUTE ROMANCE no house to clean. The elite of FINAL WEEK! 2nd FEATURE Sd lovtd i though her lift deptndtd on it AND IT DID! MADNESS OF THE HEART' the village gathered. I talked WORLD PREMIERE FRIDAY CH1MTON IIUMTX 01 AN HESTON SCOII SAGGER OM vivk with Benita and Ronald Colman DlFORE IINDFORS Vl Sylvia and Clark Gable, Mr.

and Mrs. Andrew Jergens, Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks Kay Williams Spreckels, who expects her baby TO PLEASE fl LflDU ADOLPHE MENJOU Witt Gf Margartt Lockwood in a short time, and Constance Maxwell Reed Moore, who told me what a great 9 1 lob Llovd Pantagrcs is doing in Honolulu at the Triplrr Hospital, PrwdcKi and Lrrid by CLARENCE BROWN TALK ABOUT a windfall! A WE URGE YOU TO SEE IT FROM THE BE6INNINI! friday Feature. 11:45 A.M., in P.M., 10: Saturday A.M., P.M., 3:45, I OS, 11:45 EXra Added1 MGM TOM and JERRV mm down payment of $100,000 plus a percentage of the rental profits Is the nrice Associate Artists of STARTS TODAY TECHNICOLOR CARTOON Framed Cat'' A PETE SMITH SPECIALTY (Sb ess any too (ism "Taol Toppart" STARTS LATEST KOREAN AMERICAN PREMIERE I WAR NEWS SATURDAY! i dWARFIELD an at tola ra an ill W.lAMl'YF&'Ti 1S i Slrxvji-. i NNV1U OT "It's raw meat walur winchell SAMUEL GOLDWYN prtxnh ri lirllll a.

ft 1 "NtJ vmmm. Of 0.ected by HARK R38SC8 GOLDEN GATE I RKO STARTS WED. NOV. mmm ifc -m 4 Ld" Vi VAIwi ffiBSSOJOaiiili lmori EDDY POSITIVELY LAST 3 DAYS Do rrir Wkp I tr II I II i "-3024 ROMANCE ECHOING THE TRADITIONAL viT CHiYT A I CAIETT OF OLD VIENNA. jl VISm) LrnffiEKS WEEKDAYS 230 CtiO tMSf on si.k- r.t r-7h 1 1 fJKiH I 11 LJJ 's 1 Bette DAVIS Anne BAXTER XAmw" oAowTt I I SAitsun.


Ual. faraer. Hrrhtft Preculed SUOR ANGELICA Vlhrrs, UrowltT, O)oeu. OPERA HOU5C. TOMTE MV MARLOWE GARY MERRILL' IOTH THfATRES 1.mml tt i mmn Im Smm SADLER'S WELLS BALLET Direct r.a Ceveat 6ereea.

Leadol ail iali rrdmrlinntull length, t.t Hmllef I i mrT ef 1 mitttiv rrbetr OPIRA HOUSE, OCT. 30 ta NOV. 12. MATS. SAT, SUN.

rfiA-rt-jririri i Produced bf DARRYL F. ZANUCK w-Smfor scri by JOStPH NWNMt.TnU I La I Latra I Han U-' "TEACHER ON A SPREE" 1 mm StrraKfe Maeiral lamr4m Fog lia Tillrt "SO WEDDING BELLS" SUITS Still mt mm MH.O0 fat Imrt. niw-ra xvmplHM. Rt Offlrr. hrrmaa la.

SV 1-1131 AT OUR REGULAR PRICES TdMnDDn IMMORTtl eit rttl m. fMCF. FTI.M FFAT1VAL tllMH! TI4 la r.aHa rry luiiiuimuii Sterte Friday. Parawaeat, Oeklead Creen St heaterE HM el. i LA BOHEME 5van.

Grat. Dl Stefaan. Tafv. alemiw. ChaovaT OPr.R.

HOU5.E. On. IS i lar OWt: $ra. Clay. SIT.

Mill 5 SALT TO THE DEVIL 4 Smn. fm I IL TROYATOKc rr. lnfnHM. r. ia- 1 rt ti a r..

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