The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1947
Page 10
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PAGI BLJTHBV1LLB (ARK.y COURIER WEWI 1 MOWPAT, WOTEMBBR », 1MT Little Likelihood Of Cholera in US N« Epidemic Suck As in Egypt S**n iy HMlttt Official, BT DOBOTIIT WILLIAMS fnm Staff Cwrttponcfent) WASHINGTON, Nov. W. (OP) — «l>* TJ. 8. Public Health Service is •oBfldeot there Is little likelihood ef • eholen outbreak in this country similar to the epidemic In cf HeacTStart . for one thing, the government htt erected too many safeguards and precautions. Dr. Gilbert L. Doonahoo, chief of the Public Health Aerrice's Foreign Quarantine Divl- •ton, »»T» that the last case of cholera la the United States was reported July 10, 1911, when an Italian woman in Boston dfed of the ailment. How she contracted the disease to a country which has been free from cholera for years Is still a mystery. It was believed she may have visited in Italian vessel which had aboard a cholera yictim since there hid been' an epidemic In Italy that Summer. Now the public health service — a* It has for years— examines all tea and air travellers from cholera areas. It also requires all persons to show proof of vaccination against cholera before- leaving the Infected region. The malady attacks the Intestlon- M tract and, like typhoid fever, is contracted through Infected food and water. Piles spread the disease. A precaution, aimed at destroying all possible disease carriers, Is the retired spraying of the Interiors of all airplanes entering the United States with a special mixture el pyrethrurn and DDT. Even If a should get through these barriers, Dunnahoo believes American public health measures would Isolate it quickly. The United States, as are other nations, is lending its help to Egypt In fighting the .present outbreak. X«&rge amounts of vaccine have been flown to Egypt to rid the suffering. Already the disease has claimed thousands of lives. Hobo's Life Not All Loafing Jeff Davis Soys Livestock ST. I/3UIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Nov. 10. (UP) UJSDA) — Livestock: -, Hogs: 13,300; salable 13,00; market active; barrows »nd gilts, steady to 26c lover thin Friday's av- trtce Sows, steady to weak. Good khd choice 180 to 300 Ibs., »25-S25.- .45; top, »25.'2i; hut majority a $». 160 to 170 It*, f 24 25-$24.75 1>0 to ISO Ib*., $22-24; 100 to 120 ft*., flB-tai. Good Sows, 450-1U5 down, »23.»-«2450; over 450 Itw »31.75-»Z3. Stags, »1T.50-*21. Cattle: S.SOO; salable 7,500; calTM: 3,000, nil salable. Market a- % 'bout steady on all classes; relatively little done, however. Quality ot «t*ert mostly medium lo good- Berend oonaignmente cashed from $21.-»36; good heifers and mixed yearlings, around »24.-»2«; medium, $16.50-122; common and iiiedlum beef cows, $13-»15; a few good kinds, $1 and above; canncrs and euttcn, largely, J9.50-J21.50. SURRENDERS (Coritlnu«d from Page 1) •Is, 111, UeeMes to Surrender ' Moieh said lie drove about aimlessly all Friday night and finally abandoned the ear yesterday afternoon near Mendota. Despite a four- ;tate polite alEirm lor him, he walked through the city of MCIIJ dota, took a bus to New-Mllford, about eight mile's south of Rock- jorri, bought sonic new clothes, and then walked the remainder of the way back here. "It was my kids made me come back,*' he said. "I had to see them. I hod planned to support them after the divorce. I'm still deeply In love with Kit. I'm sorry the shooting took place. 1 had no Intention of shooting. And I didn't really think I Had killed either man." He first went to the home of his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams, believing his wife anc children were there. Terror-strick- cns they refused lo let him enter and called police. By the time officers arrived, Marsh was gone. Early yesterday, he went to his parents' home. They called police and Marsh surrendered. His wife and Mrs.' Anderson, who had been placed In 'protective cus- otly, expressed relief'at trie news. Mrs. Mnrsh had sakl she hoped he would kill hlihsclf. Marsh said he "felt much better" following his surrender nnd con- "es.slon. congressional decision ett lonj- range aid. This figure WM broken down as follows—»42,000,000 for Austria, $328,000.000 lor Prance and $227,000,000 for It»ly, This Is slightly smaller-than the t«42,OQO,- 000 previously estimated u needed for emergency »UJ to the ..three countries. " , i 2. First year of Marshall plan- Marshall said he could estimate with reasonable accuracy and assurance the- amount required for the first 15-month, period, April 1, 1948, to June 90, from 1949. Subject to final checks, Marshall's tentative estimate wai "something under $1,500,000,000 for. the last three months' of the fiscal year 1048 and somewhat less than $6 000,000,000" for the fiscal year end- Ing June 30, 1949." This would be a total somewhat under $7,500,000.000 for the Ilrst 15 months of the Marshall plan. 3. The whole Marshall plan- Marshall will not recommend that the Congress appropriate at one time for the full four-year period But on the basis of present Indications he said the estimated cost to our treasury may be "of the order of magnitude of $16,000,000000 to $20,000,000,000. Marshall stated that hu> estimates were subject to later pos- Although she is only 5 months old, Sharon Kay Boyd's hair is over three inches long. Above, she sits patiently in her Gahanna, Ohio, home as her mother, Mrs. James F. Boyd, combs her thick locks. Joiner Child Dies in Hospital in Memphis Funeral services for Marllyan Joyce Pelts of Joiner, nine-year dd daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pelts who died Saturday a'- Methodist Hospital In Memphis, vere held this afternoon, 3 o'clock, at Hrst Methodist Churoh in Joiner. The Rev. Mitchell Sanford, pastor, officiated, assisted by the- Re L. T. Lawrence of Osccola, pastor of First Presbyterian Church. She had been III two week. Other than her parents, !>'.,e survived by three sisters, Linda Sue, Judy and Bonnie Felts, all of Joiner. <UP>— Tftkc It Irom Jeff Davis, being king of the hoboes doesn't menn less work, It means more. Davis, who stopped off here on his way to Cincinnati headquarters of the Knights of the Road Fru- lerntty, said his duties as life-time ol the hoboes entailed considerable office work. 'The Grnncl Supreme Knights pay dues nnd the re are 2 ,00 0 of them," he snld. "We havfi 48 laymen representing 'the states, also representatives In all United States possessions. I htive 14 assistant secretaries and It ttoesii't seem enough,' 1 The hobo head, just turned 85, admitted he was paylr 'for train tickets in his travels and not resorting to the time-honored "rid- ng the rods." Claims Travel Record "Its against my better judgement, lowever, to travel Inside trains," :ie said. "In the 53 years I've been sitting the road, I've traveled 2,28fi,000 miles, made six trips aroiuul jhe world and only paid for 00,000 miles of the distance." The king said he believed he. was the world's most traveled individual "There are only four of us In the higher-travel bracket," he satd 'The Duke of Windsor. Elcnnor Roosevelt, Bellcvc-H-or-Noti • Ripley and me. * v "The Duke hns gone' about one and n half million miles. Rlplcy's only gone a million, but Eleanor !s my closest competitor. She's »gonc over two million, if her milage reports in the papers nre correct." Stand on L ill) or Speaking for his fraternity members, who number 1,020,000 according to his Cincinnati flics, Davis said in commenting oi\ thr* political scene. "We're not, exactly opposed to Senator Taft. We are opposed to labor regimentation and regulation. If they regulate labor, they'll be regulating rood." x Today there arc a few members of because it has a hard-wax finish! GRIFFIN TW WUr toirtx, At longcr-Usting tVu *«•< aurriN A»c TPAX SHOE POLISH •onfcirn more fin«, hard waxes th« give »»• «•«», brighter, kxigw-ltsting shine*. Vm GWTTTN A»C WAX SHOE POLISH for rix *i« that )l*yi! tUCK, MOWN, TAN, OXBLOOI hi Hw »ojy-opening eon f And for quick and easy shines us* '• ••H-polishing GRIrflh UQUID WAX Never Too Old wortint In «ach . country through th» American ambauador "became it li euentlal to maintain a single channel of responsibility for IT. S. negotiations with other government*." "• Grants 'and loans—Marshall did not estimate the possible mathematical division between these two types of aid but Indicated that In the early years at least the overwhelming bulk of the help would be grant* and aids. He proposed grants fo r quickly consumed items such as food, fertilizer and fuel, repair parts for capital equipment and some essential raw materials. loans, he said, should be made only to cover capital equipment and raw materials which will directly produce a means of repayment. He urged encouragement be given to early initiation of private financing and the widest possible use be made of International bank resources. Fiscal reforms—The United States will insist upon commitments by the* European nations pledging themselves to adopt monetary and fiscal reforms; develop production to reach targets set especially to? coal and baslo foods; cooperate in reducing trade barriers. Purchases outside the Unltcc States — The administration wil urge congress to allow the use of American funds in the Marshall plan for purchases outside the United states of commodities not available here in sufficient quan- weed »li)c mad* from sea-1 in th» textile tadustrr of-tht Atwill find an Important place lure. STOP GAP AID (Continued from Page 1) choice in both domestic and foreign afairs—would be drastically | curtailed." • .; Large Sums fur Italy, France Marshall broke down the European nid program into three sets of figures as follows: ' 1. Stop-gap aid—A specific request, fos $597,000,000 to meet the situation until March 31, 1948, by which time Marshall hopes for n slblc revisions in the light of the Hnrrlmnn committee report to President Truman, released on Saturday. The llafriman committee proposed a program of $5,750,000.000 j tVucs?"Marahali 'did not specifically ^','-. th L r l rnsL .?' ei ! r , a j;, c J,- a . four - ycar I dear with the problem of using such money to buy such commodities as Argentine wheat which now sells or between $5 and $6 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Private Rooms Close kltclicn In. Nice furnished bedroom l>rlvlleees. 218 E. Davis. One bedroom. phone 3731. llllfl-pk-lll total of 12 . to 17 billions. Marshall told the committee that the administration has Breached the following tentative conclusions on the Marshall plan: Administration—"Strong central adminifilrative direction" and "a ..high degree of Integration irf"our operation Vjoth in the United states and overseas" will be necessary. He called fo r unity-ot" command, full use of existing governmental aycncies and "widest practicable flexibility" both In operation and in use of funds placed at the disposal of any organization set up. He did not chose between a separate executive agency, a governmental covporation responsible ' to Congress and an existing governmental agency. * Top representative abroad—In addition to director of the program at home, the administration will ask for designation of an ambassador at large for general coordination of operations in Europe. Personnel abroad — Negotiations with recipient governments should continue to be handled through American embassies and legations. per bushel. Girls u'Hiitcrl. Ttoom find board. 2 blocks of Rlce-Stlx. Phone 3757. Oils bedroom. Phone 3731. llUO-Dk-13 I LET .US DECARBONIZE j ', YOUR OIL HEATER • i • I New scientific method eliminates J 5 iii carbon . . . creates new effi- i Bedroom. 3V4 N. Ninth. Ph6ne 2338 _ __ __ 10J22 pk 11I2J ciency. service. Phone 230£ for prompt homekeeplnK room for rent, ire Wanted to Buy HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOB PECANS WE DUY ANY AMOUNT FROM A POUND TO A CAHLOAD Joe Hester's Grocery SOUTH 51 HIGHWAY BELOW SWVTT Oil, MILL PHONE 2032 _ 10110-pk-llllO Lute model plnno. Cftll 664. Mrs. Esther Greene, Portalcs. N. M., llsplays her latest patchwork quilt vhich she made during the past •car. Tile occasion was her 103rd" jirthday and she personally greeted over 125 guests during n three hour reception. Except for her hearing, s. Greene's faculties are ns sharp is UIDSD of many a woninn 50 years roungcr. (NEA Telephoto)/ MARKED. The dog's head butterfly has nn excellent likeness of n. dog's head on each of its front wings. Even the cyespols arc In the right, place. the the itchy-foot brotherhood on road, Davis said. "During U«s war a lot of our knights enlisted." he added, "and more went into defense, work. After VJ-Day, nil the knights wanted to hit the road again, but \ve dissuaded them at the annual con-1 ventlons. Each year we've agreed! to spend nnother 12 months in re- j conversion work. | "Of course as soon as (he work ' : is finished we'll go back to our WANTED 20,00(1 POUNDS PECANS Don't Sell till you Oct Our Dlc4 Blythevillc Curb Market 130^ Main St. Phone 873 >_ - 10324-ck-Ilf2-l WANTED to buy farm tractors ml machinery. State price and condition, Cleo Mussclmim. Osceoln, lowji. 1 ' ll!8-pk-1218 Wanted to Rent Unlurnfshcrt hoiiBc or nutriment bv niliMlc-niscrt. Christian couplo. Mni\ employed ns insurnnco nielli. No children, no pels. Will bo pennn. ncnt. Write p. o. Box 913. Blythc- 1117-pk-ll vlllo. 160 ncre« or more of land Best or references CKnrlcs Malcmc. Rt. 1 Brats Cllv. Mo. 10'15 nlc 11115 FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North L;tke Street PHONE 2391 Buses to— • ARMOREL' • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connection PRESGWTiQHS Fresh Stock Guaranteed I5«s1 Prices Kirby Drug StoreS always ask for AIRY PRODUCTS ...AT YOUR STOKE AlRY PRODUCTS THE MEASURE OF QUALITY We Feature: Homogenized MILK GREEN'S DAIRY Distributors Phone 2361 CUan and WOK floor* bonding vpl The 'KonderJjl. b»ck-tnving Bruce Doozit is here! Used with famous wax-rich Bnico Floor Cleaner, the Doozit whisks away dirt nnd dullness . . . loaves wood floors and linoleum spotlessly clean, lustrously beautiful. •rot« Dooift $1.89 Exfrs Pads ..'. _I9 C Brut* Roof Cleanw 68c qf. OFFICIAL OPENING BlySheville Sanitary Supply Company It's something new and different for the people of Blytheville and surrounding terri- ttory. WHY HUNT OUT OF TOWN? Wholesale Direct to You— Janitor Suppliei Brooms, Brushes, Pails, Etc. Mop Wringers Toilet Tissue Paper Towels Sonp Dispensers Chnmols - Sponges Soaps Rug Cleaners Soap Flakes Green Jelly Soap Scouring Powder Mopping Powder Laundry Soap Liquid Hand Soup Floor Maintenance Insecticides Self Polish Wnx Tcrrazzo Scnl Gym Finish Floor Oil Dressing Mnrble Duff Spray for All Inseclj Ronch Powder Bug Juice Industrial Supplies DCgreasers Acids Special Cleaners Special Brushes Oil Dryers Cleaning Machines Restaurant Supplies Liquid Soaps Dishwashing Powders (Hand and Machine Type) Floor* Cleaners Floor Waxers Disinfectant Blytheville Sanitary Suppy Co. Highway 61 So. Blytheville Phon. 4157 Rte. 2, Box 537-A Just ask... we iUt* to f*y YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER . FURNITURE GENERAL CONTRACT 122-W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE PURCHASE COBPORATIOH NOTICE We Will Be Closed Every Monday Beginning Nov. 17th OPEN EVERY OTHER WEEKDAY FROM 6 A.M. 'TIL 11:00 P.M. SUNDAYS 11:00 a. m. 'Til 10:00 p. m. SYCAMORE HOUSE Arkansas-Missouri State Line Now Owned and Operated by Mr. and Mrs. C. Raymond Van Horn BUY high quality economical CONCRETE deuced READY-MIXED To Farmers: We can supply Ready-Mixed Concrete for any kind of job—foundations, sanitary dairy barn floors, feeding floors, to pave a muddy barnyard or other farm improvements. Prompt, quick delivery exactly where and when needed. Our Ready-Mixed Concrete is uniformly dense, endur- : ing and strong—as you expect of good concrete. The "mix" is right for the use intended . . . accurately proportioned I at our central plant. Even a small job gets the benefit of large volume production. Concrete is the modern way to build nresafe, long- lasting improvements, moderate in first cost and requiring almost no maintenance. It is truly low annual cost construction. ' If you need help we can put you in touch with competent contractors. HUGHES & COMPANY Contractors FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK.

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