The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY. NOVEMBER 10, 194T CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •wt'lon™ 1 * "** ""* '" coll ** :uu f» 1 "Minimum Oftar»« 1 ..,..' j toe j "me per i72T ...:::.........:' IS? J I <n«t pet lint per dar Uc * Ilmea per lint per flar ..,.,. »c • ] met per line *tr day 7e l» tlmtt per line par day , le Month per line toe Count fl'e araratt trort> lo th» lint Ad ordered for thrM «r al> tint* and •tapped befort uplntiev will k* charted lor the number ec Una* tbt »d t». Paired and adjuetment of Mil mutt: All ClaacJfled' Advertising copy «ub- Kltted by peraont iMldlnK outalde or -*n« city muat be accompanied hy ct*h ^•ftee may k* tully computed from tne ;BS>'a table. . „ AdrertlUnf order for irref ultr lautr- •wn« t&kea the one tlmt T4tt. *o reaponalblllty will be take., for More than one Incorrect Inttrtion of •nx eUtalfl*4 m4. ' All ada are restricted to their proper classification. style and type. The Courier reaerrat the rlsbt• to edit or reject any ad Cocrf and Wood BLYTHEVILLS (ARK.) COURIETt NEWS a» your MM btctn «•* anaur ru« '.«4 u* nu Tout Ma Fboot M* fa* •» Hytbe»ll!« '-* tilf-tk V "Plenty of Dlinois coal" •-.,.• At HESTER'S Coal Yard PHONE 3186 FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service 1. Highway 61 18 M-pk-llIM Apartment For Kent Light houeekeeplBV room for rent, rhene mo. • .l|[tf Apartment* Wanted Veteran art* lamlly deeperetely In need of 3 room or more apartment or hou«. Writ* Bo« M. CHj. 11 T-Dk-H Coal Prep«r« for the cold dSys and nights 'ahead by ordering Great Heart Coal for stove or grate :. C. ROBINSON LBR. CO. rhone Ml Business Service Directory Abattoirs Hog Killing Time •JK Jult -Around the corner. The Leo B«llt Butchera Abattoir la better •Miulppexl than ever to give prompt •ervlce to custom »U\i(hterlng. This buatnee* la now owned and operated by Joe Qude, phone 3M8. llH-uk-11 Auto Supplies and Services Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade' Auto Salvage *. Rtcbwa; •'. Phone 3TJI5 llll-ck-tf -We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS - L«t your next tires b« GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE '• Modinger Tire GoL'% - : Expert Radiator Repair for Less . We here the beat In radiator repair uipment. Let our traced mea boi: •nt ana reejeJr Tour radiator toe Tou Quick g«rvic* Kckup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co DOUOLA* LAWaOK. lift. Phone 1111 «il ek n Material LUMBER FOR SALE If you own your lot we'l .furnish th« lumber to built your house and you can pay monthly liKe rent. 0. S. Rollison Mill On Camp Moultrie Drive Nights & noon phone 3309 \; GOVT. USED ^'Insulation Board Special Sale 3c Square Foot Do jour own conerwee wore and em «**t •.'CO* Crete xauer by flay m bour »!,,„, 48£ BOI M« BlMhetllke INSULATION Consult us on the beet Un« to use end the eheapesv w« to apoW It. ». C. ROBINSON LUMBIR CO ' llll-ck-3 Business Opportunities Foods POK TH« FINCST » N FORSYTH'S GROCERY * Uarlet Phone 2137 - 621 - Lake FRM DEUVZRV POB (AI.Z: Apple Bamaln Truck- i. Golden Dellcloua 50c and Me, Oolden k -WlnesapK No. 1. packed .(>. Other bargain*. Quirk action. COWAN ORCHARD. CARTFRVILL«. ILLINOIS It 8-l>k-lS Fresh country eggs, direct rom poultry farm. PicVardV Jrocery. 1044 Cluckaaawba. 11-7-C.V-12-7 PHOKE 2003 LUTTRELL'S GROCERY AND MARKET for STAPLK AND FANCT GROCHRUT* • <JOAI.ITT MKATB PROMPT DBLIVKRY ' We appreciate your business 30* NORTH SIXTH * 10:8 ck tt Fuels I Sell that Stuff" Kerosene and Fuel Oil Call 2089 .".. G. O. POEJZ Your Source of Dependable ; , Service ; • Office RR ati,Cnerry 10.8 ck tf Insurance Pujtection against all INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance OLBNCOC KOTCL BIJX3 U4?W. ASH ST. Household Goods Venetian bllnda nowiln atock Ready""de K M. Bllnda. Dee I Paint Store IN K Main 8t phone 4409 • ti24-ck-ti L«of» Money to Loan Do you need • loan to repair or remodel? Ko down Mymeat. no mor- tace. BO reel tape PHA APPROVED RATS Sra, ASK TOR OITAILS Max Logan, Realtor hont 1034. • Ljncn Buliains Blltharliu Ark i-V-ci-it Loan* MONEY TO LOAN We loan racmer on farm land and City property We tl«o b\iy ant** CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building tn ck u MR. MERCHANT One of the best OPPOR TONITIES for incre*»in,r BUSINESS is tht regular ijs« /4*r CUssified Advertising. Tleaders in a buying mood turn to the Business Service Directory for the name* of reputable firms. ' Musical Merchandise WOMCM'B OfTORTUHITY TO OWN HKR OWN B W. timla wu to operate exclualre Womea'a We«r a 11l-u hm )I.OO* c »»u wtreii lor merthinaiae, nijplla» Me tZ personal Intenlew writ* Pamlae Core . Tt, la. 7. renn>. llll»- B k-U • BEAUTIFULLY RECONPITIONED PIANOS FROM f 95 UP PIANOS Moreland's Music Store 315 S. Second-Phone 4222 100 MILES FREE DELIVERY GUARANTEED FROM 1-5 YEARS \ loai-pt-iim ARREST BOTH OF THESE OIL WASTE • POWER WASTE WITH A COMPLETE SET OF NEW GENUINE FORD PISTON RINGS BRING YOUR FORD HOME TO PHILLIPS FOR THE BEST IN AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS! ompany 6th at W»lnui Phone 4453 IMr kale - lulenmLlk>uKl Uoinblue on rubber wllb u.olor. M Allla Ji Chalnera Combine. Karmall M tractor Jn rub! her J>armall M Tractor ou iubb»r wlln 4 row cultivator. IM7 interne- ttonal i. T truck, •ouVh.m 1 JoV <l«m. cviltl«l»r. K H10 rarm.11 ciV- ton Picker luouutedoa racmall H V» clo it.l /ovlr " h " 1 «»««•. ItW-l'i ion Hord tr\ick, mew en«lne. • bottom luternatlonal DIM plow A B Khode., 0»rm,lier»Ttlle. ale' phone'' Fornttr't Column 1W ACHK rAltai • -room houae, a barm, coaoret* aMo -*, ".il"")! lrou » h ' *Uh windmill, • II fenced, all in cult] ration on blacktop roM, W» M re. J. • «on,7. »lke.. ton, Mtaeourl. IO,U pk lliJJ PM4 mltliator, breaker, dlak and kreaklnt plow, rarmall Imctor. Ooofl condlilon tuA.ta. I.. V. Ikellon, Half For Salt, Cart, Truck* 1044 model ollT»r-7» trector with cultivator, t>la,nter, J-r»« nlnAle-bual• er and eitra let ateel wheele V. ( Blankauhlp, Dell. Art. IMO one ton IcternatloBal. sew H«ke body phone J01». lain ck II 1041 Dod«e Army mmhulanra. fair condition.' New tlree,. Priced ration- able, prime lit, 11 T IDEAL HOMES I «0 Acre farm. »l mile at Manila food tmpKxemenU. Priced tt.soo. JOO AC»« LJtVM, farm en food road. 1 new Urit cob. blettoeit dwelllac. Modern, batft. tltc- •neltr. Buu»a iaa lyitem. hoi and oold water, an Ideal farm home. Price • I t.MO. 1M ACRaT r Altai Modern hone, BuUue au, eleulrlclty on lood roan,.plenty other bulldlnm. Near, Manila, priced lo Mil. Thli prantrty ahewn by appointment only, Ala« ather farnu antt lrla«| city pro~'CHAPIN & TIPTON Manila, Ark. Phone 72 Musical Merchandise PIANOS: NEW AND USED at Brooks Muilc Store. 107 Eaxt Main, nijthevllle Telephone'Sll. Music InBtrumenta and supplies cf all ItlndB. GiiRranteed radio repair ll!5-ck-tt Insurance First National Insurance Agency BILL WIU50N FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phont 2311 Pianos NEW AND USED Music Instruments BAND AND STRING Radios & Repairs WESTINGHOUSE .„• HADIO^ COLUMBIA AND VICTOR RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main. Telephone 811 . ii::-uk-tr PHONOGRAPH In Good Condition Playa tbrotigh radio connection / Price $15 Phone M73 between » »'.m anil 8pm 10.23-ck-tf Notice Service* 'For Fine Workmanship" Glass Cut to Fit . ANY PATTERN: ' FLATI O1.AS8 MIRRORS BTORK FRONT* PICTURES WINDOW GLA8B DESK TOPS •Safety and Crystal Auto Glass Arkansas Paint Glass and Wall Paper Co. Do you vt»e6 a. ti\ic»» ' ' Do ron nred a traclort / Do you need a runaboittT Do yon need a mobile powar - unit? "GBT A JEEP" AT Poole Motor Comunny Xllla Poole, Owner * Operator •ovvlh »Rh«aj 61 a» Kteele. Mo. Phone ataele 4a) 107-rk-H for 5o/«, Farm* Land For Sale IN PEMISOOT COUNTY 2-120 Acre Tracti or land on extra |OOd erpreM land. 3. 4 room liouae on I: J. « room houaea rm the other, theae all belnt wlted 3oort barnk. la on farm to marXet road. Priced at 9300 per a^re. would Hilt anronk looilna for a alee bane. 4-80 Acre Tract, N**r H*k«r.rkll«. Mo. <>(xxl orpr»M nfl. (t^od ImproTCtncaU, kn« flood oads. 297 Acres I mile totith of KiKhWftr M. 7 hou»«* »n<i s burr* iuv> p*r acre. Will ftvr to •«« to »ppreolnt«. 700 Acres II ha\it«», 10 burn*. ttU erprmt Imnrt: on farm to m*rk*t rotd. All in cotton th!» y*»r, Ko b«tt»r Unfl In tk)Mth«n*t UlMOUii. rrlcvd t» ••U. For $«/•, Farm 80 ACRES LAND * "So* ACK > ES"'CL6SK TO Mloola. toad lend. 80 ACHES,,.IO1NS the abort tract. Two houtee '*6oV'AX:RES ON GRAVKL ' with D\cm hoin* fttid »ll *Qod trn- ftnt hOh..>M. Thli f.nn h»» p«rfrcl \ 6tf.\n\n*. i ml It fro/u concrete hlKh- , ""'S—80'ACRE TllAC'l-S -, , to Inivtrance conniaiii' Small down pajrmenl, l« yeftra on the TWO 120 ACRE,TRACTS can be aeparate or aa one trad. On •ood road, > electricity In all hotitee If interested see RUSSELL RIALKS Or R. M. Reck Rialcs Land Co. In Hale Tiuildini? serous from City Hull—Pltone 105 X MAIN PIIONK 2272 10118 ck lljlt 1421 Acres-Good Cypress Kind with 30 hotiM.1, «nrt U h«rn« on gr»Te\ roAd, Alt good alfAtfft lund. 1185 for quick •«]«. Thin farm can be ahown by C «, OoHod»T or A. T. nnil Raymond X«rlii. BlkMton, Mo. IN DUNKLIN COUNTY 559 Acres Ther* IK about 300 fccrM in cultivation with * ttnarU hoM»*« anrt U Kotxl cvprtRS land, Located J nitlr* Routh HtKhwar H. I»t of FloodvaT. Known as Dr. Vlckery I>*nd, NEW MADRID COUNTY 448 1-2j Acres * ^ I I mile north Mil of Maiden. Uo. Extin «ood cypreaa land, ins an acre. ThlR Iniid can b« aliown by A T Enrlj or W .0. Alexander at Ualileu. Mo. Real Estat* Invest your CASH IN COMFORT Bur- » clean used car rrom Pool? Motor Comp»n)' with easy monthly tallmenta Poole Motor Company SOUTH HJGHWAT 61 STEET.E. MISSOURI PHONE «TI«L« « idiio-cit-tr Until further notice the Mirror Room, Hotel Noble, will be closed for public dancing. 10-25-ck-tf Why spend monry- Swap with us Elbprt Htirr/nan'K Swap Shop 40:. E Main, Phone 859. f 10 22 rk U Limited Stock Electric Skilsaws Now available at Planters Hardware Co. You'll fifid what you want — if you are interested in Buying City Property or Farm Lands List your property with [me if .you are interested in 'Selling! "AN OLD BOY WHO WILL \VORK HARD FOR YOU" JOHNNY MARR Real Estate Broker 112 South Second Phones: Office 4111 - Home 2596 ^ 10»-ek-ll;29 On a d.ill drow.y day In the otrice or t weekly newspaper »t Callendur, Ontario, the telephone tinkled lazily At the other end. the voice or s very nervous m»n Inquired In a halting isshlon: "How much would H cost lo have an Announcement mit In your paper about live babies bcliiK born?" That, was the modest manner In which Ollvn tHonnc tow the world th»l hli wire hart Riven birth to rive daujzh- Photography ODD SIZE FRAMES MADE TO ORDER FOR DIPLOMAS. PICTUR**. O'Stcen's Studio li;<-pk-L!24 SIX POSTAL CARDS AND OH« 8X10 PORTRAIT il «5 O'Steen's Studio S«rvicts and alretched laundry Done, nu w. vine. 3U9. 118-pk-Ii ..'et" repaired, qulcx service. tuire.Rt««il. than, MM, B | R i,t W»jh np{ and IronlnK Kovmh-drr or ClulMud. <»,,1U S , ni) nlankeli. Ohllil- 8 l"v "' WII1 ' e Bcllc Orcfii. 1112 CHARLES WTTNERI**.™? IJJMRBTMPWT.. Slor «. Swap Column KNEEHOI.E DESK 14950 ROLLAWAY BEDS Kl »5 STUDIO COUCH »5 K1TCHKN CABINET IH 95 Swap us something and save money at ELBERT HUFFMAN'S Swap Shop «3 K. Main plione 859 iri-ck-u Trees and Shrubs 320 Acres Little River l»n II uyprew land. * 398 Acres OB Highway 8 *a ter*. doo<I loRtny iund iimr Xut Vrktr.t 5 ftn AC re. 300 fccrM In uiilti?*- tion. c»n bt »hown br L«wl* Bton.;. Lllhourn, Mo. Phone^ND. 10. A. T. AND RAYMOND EARLS Bakersville, Mo. Po&t, Ottlce Br*g(( Olty. Mo. Telephone Ul?. Xeanett _ _ _ 1117-pk-u ' • FOR SAL! 2«S acrea >i^ mile* Weat KewanM. New Madrid county. Mo. Beat land Eood Improvement*, (rarer roea elec- trlcltr Price MOO. *» acre* MJalnlnR abort. Highly Improyert. Qrayel ro««. electrlrlty Price «200. AFFLICK A HOUCHINS Phone 3131 er 2933 For Sale —City Property Newly Decorated 4-Room house, welt built, close to bun line, quick possession. MODERN DUPLEX in new section of town. Horn* »nd investment combined. Will curry FHA or 01 loan. $1,000 will handle. COMFORTABLE 5-ROOM dome with Rood rantnl house in rear. Both houses hnve modern bath. Can finance part. MODERN HOME built, of beat material. Gas floor furnace,.attic fan', com-' pletely insulated. Exclusive restricted neighborhood. Can finance at 4%. MAX LOGAN' Realtor Lynch Building—Phone 20IM E. T. Hubbard, Salesman Phone 4129 11-lO-ck-lf The only Kelr.airtlce laundry In Kennett K. Uo.. for >ale. Kaa live Tnor automatic weatieri, ha» KOCK! location. Billlnea* la already •etnbllsbed. located at lot Harrlaon at. Plione 795. ll|IO-pk-13 Remodeled all-room nouae. front • net back porch, full lot, Ilia south ka 5iret, Blytheyllle. Arkanru. For >lorec] owner. Call at above number. One ejrocerjr atore on J.'iXllS lot, leXX) It. new bulldlntr. nice ntock or Krocerlea and enulpment. Write or call Mra. M. I,. Meador. l^achvllle Ark Box 121 or phone 123. ^^ ^ \ FINEST Memphla <;rown az«le«> at Ifss nrlrw. AclTlce on t>]»ntln; ahln- mcnt.s made of fmall sizes Beautiful Azalea GarflcnK. 207 S. Barksdsle. W. C. Faul. we sell neat mow ll id-pk-n lo Typewriter TYPEWRITERS ROTA i. Smith. CoroD* and Remington rrnublc DON EDWARDS The Typewriter no N secnM at Farmers Column FOR SALE: W. C. Traclor, culilrator. hreaVlnjr ple». See R!l\ EatenKton. ».«»e achoot houie, Blyth-illif. Ml. 1 For i:ile-- "H" John tx-crc tractor, cultivator. «nd drill; I row A-O coinl>lnr: <0 moclfl Fnrrt tnitik. S« J. B. Bhlimaltfr. « mile North of Manna., 1!i miles 'r>M, of Poplar Corner, 1|i|0-pk-l7 ttn fm talt •otrtB n O Abraham 1,1-DC-W FARMS FOR SALE 320 Acres « mllcfl Mouth of BIKMton. MlMourl. » good black Mndy Io«m f»rm, *12J ptr »cre. carry.n§ m loan of »1« 000, itrlctly * good buy T«r Mme Rood ftrnkll home owner — located In * good comimmiir pe*r Rood »chool« strictly A b;>rvitla. 469 Acres » north of BkVfRloh. Mlscovirl. IftO HCTM or bUck land, iht t>fclnnce ol y«ry line brown Mndj loam, no HKIII luntl on the property, »139 p«r *cre, A f«x>d buy for my p*r*on interested In thbA filr.c tract, > 280 Acres we*), of SLXeftton, HLnsonrl. on HUn- wny 00 »t *IM Mr *cr*. » Ttry xood /arm in R good com en unity, worth more money than wo ire nsklnx for II. 160 Acres norllisvm or OLdeon. Missouri, nirlct- ly « fine black land farm nt »190 i>er tcrf. In * good comnmnlty. good schooli, food churches. Mil conT«n- l«ncff. itrlctly n ^ood farm worth the money. 240 Acres 4 ll! 1 " •outh of Klkr.uon. Mluoiirl. $2j,000 F A terj- §ood fRrm Tn K cood community, will rnnke »v fine combination row crop tnd lUeatocit r*rm. a very good buy, 800 Acres nlnck I,lttl» R.T«r land In a Rood comtnunUv. In en* m.le of a R ood small town at |12S per acr< If you like Little Hirer land. thU la It, 156 Acres on a JOCK! hL K ltWfty 4 mllen South of Moreliouie. M^MJiiri, T«ry fine modern home |U5 per acre, a fery fine hlsck Unrt tfitm. highly impTO7cd, In » good communH;. 640 Acres 4 mlln out of Slknton, MiMoxul a very fine bIJiok RRndy lotxni Mule River farm at 1135 per ncrt. cran't give pQM€.Wj]0n this rear, wondir- fnl farm. In a Rood community, one mlln out of K emull town. We h*ve &ftv*r*l other tract* of fa- rioud alzcs. These furms urd «s Rood • s you are purlnpr |2M per acre for In Wort he* st ArttdYis**. Come up «nd wok them «T*T. It will tre worth vfiur lime, Fred M. Cop>elQnd New Madrid, Mo. Telephone 33 For Sale, City Property PAGE NtNB SERVICE e PARTS • ACCESSORIES LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. I Wrecker. Teiar* Proaoci* Phon* 578 M Hr. Scrylc* Tlreg BRING U BACK TO CHEVROLET (OR SERVICE • PARTS • ACCESSORIES For Safe, Misc. For Sal* OM> NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS 'OFFICE One cHAh r«Kl*t*r and one aihllnx nmcliUie. T. J. Barnes, 1OA N. V™"k- lln. HU-ck-tf Help Wanted, Male MAN WANTED TO SUCOBKD -T. Vnnce for ISOO fnnilly R.iwlelnh bli«l- In North Peinlscot'county. Mo. Product* Kolrt 20 yearfl. Permanent If you arc a hustlar. Write R.-vwIelRh'a, AKK-2lo-H3f,. MenliihU, Ten n. or see W. nnrbonr, 810 Lilly St. Dlytllevllle. Ark. ' 11110-13 inalcly A rooinN. tL K, ntlh. Call HIM. hents aporoxl- condLtLon. 3'jn 1117-nk-ll I^irKe Diio-Thenn lieater, plnra and barrel*. «'». 3U Soillli Flrsl 31. Rebuilt Army Ulioo »3, Army Uf ahoe pnckr HMlford'a Btioc 8>)QP, IIH1 a. flecond. Il[4-t>k-l2[4 Btudlo uprliiht piano, call 2780. 400 connrr.le lilucka. I3c each Chiu IlrlKllk. I'boiie 2.^06. Hot Point Klectrlc itove. Taljle-ton mtMlel, Dpep well coolccr. HOod condition tM.Oo. Chaa. BrLKht. t>honn ;.',9a 11110-plc-llln muctilTir. Cnll B09 K very Hi Ing you need for shoe repair business. All in good slinpe. 112 S. .Lilly. ll-7-pk-15 COUNTY OKALER BALICSMAN WANTED Tlnllcl M\t a Vnifclnc-iH of your own with Nationally Advertlfied nte Kxtlnt(ulah- er* benrlnK Vnclerwrltera*--T-abel, Sell To M jichooTn, fnctorLrn, Bervlc£ Ktatlonx. \v«relH)n.neX. liotels. reatftnrnnlR, pub" lie lintltutloiii. truck and • bua com- |>['.])lrJ), KralL) HeviUora. houne trallerjt, etc. CJipitble inutl c-Ull cilrn rcnl money, ithllaliitd In 1018. Wifle letter wlttl fltftll.* of n<re, , p>at experience etc. Tlic Fyr-Fvter company, • Dent. T-4. Daylon 1. Ohio. ll!l«-pk-l* A. C. VocliucK nlacrtt ft W(\'ilt Ad .\n a Mimll towii ne(v.iun|)cr for. n wutch- innhtir. H win MiKwcrrd bv > man iviiuf.<l IHrlinrd W. Brnr^'. Tbls wfl5 I lie mo<lr*l bpolnnlnv of tlie oar- inrr.ihlii nf Son r.i-ROPblicX. which to- Oav nnciKt-t over »1YrXtO.O<lO for th« purchaftc of newsnaner Advortlilnif. Lost orrrf Found . . -r conlrtcl IfcrTxrt K,Tr«tiee. T/i- nokc. 10'3l-pk-lTl4 See Classified Advertising on Page 10 Krw S-room hoiiae with bath. Ph X>. Al»o furnlturi. 413 K. Xrntuck^ St. l-pk-12 XUAI.l. BUBIHFJ15 NETTINO 1130 PER MONTH. »BOUT M.OOO WILL HANDLK TKVBNTO»T AND FIX- TUREfl. OWNTH l.KAVINO TOWN. | CKOICI CITT LOT 100X140 ON | TKI «H)T RMIDKNTIAl. UTREIST IN ' BLYTHEVII.LE. j • KOOaf KOUBf ' AMD *3 'ROOM KOUSl OH > ACRC8 OF GOOD' LAND. H rccAN Turns on HIGHWAY in. SHORT DISTANCr FROM BLTTHE- VILLaT. OOOD BUT. » BED ROOal HOUSE 140 HOI.I.Y. UOOEHN TO THE MINUTE HHAND NIW. « BIDKOOM HO08£ ON HOI.I.Y. rnicf MJOO. THU WONT LAST I.ONO. Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. Second Phone 4111 Residence 2696 An Old Boy who will work hard lor you For Sale . BROOKS GRILL Steele, Mo. Corner of Main and Highway 61. Both gas and electric equipment. Well established trade. Bad health reason for selling. $3900 phis stock inventory. Raymond Brooks, phone 203. H-S-pkil A flood »n the Ohlft lUyer carried away a three-room cottMe. The owner advertised \n a Cincinnati ncvv*- UHper. The collage w»i found atrMiil- »d on~in tllluopxilMted Ifef inlleft down Itie river ll WAX rr.slored to Hie owner aa a direct reAult o[ h1a Want Ad. Mort' money will b« »p»nt for CUuifltxl Arivertltlng this y»»r thin for *l«:p«rtm*nl lion »rtv«r- IWiiS. ^ A Reasonable Estimate That's what you get when you drive tn to our repair workshop for an estimate as ts what has to be done and how much it will cost. Your dollar will buy good workmanship here, loo! See Langstou-\Vroten the next lime your car needs repair*. UNGSTON-WROIEN CO. Dial 555 For Service Walnut at Broadway

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