Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1895
Page 3
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Do You Know? THAT Two and Two Are Four? Of Course You Do! Do You Know that Shoes at two dollars a pair Are Not as Cneap as Bey Would be at ONE Dollar a Pair? Or course why don't you buy yuu du! Ther SAMPLE SHOES? They are the Best and Cheapest Shoes oa e:irth EAST BODND SHIPMENTS. E*et bound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 64 589 tons, against 55,424 tons for the preceding veek. Tne roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, 4.104; Wabash, 7.128; Lake Shore 7,151; Fort Wayne, 5,869; Pan Handle, &, 676; Baltimore &Obio, 1.815; Grand Trunk, 7677; Nickel Plate. 11 566; Erie. 12 058; Big Four, 1,550. Sbipmenta were made of the following articled In tone: Flnur 5.652; grain and mill eMiflN, 28735; provisions lard, etc., 13 602; dressed beef. 7,206; butter, 1,413; hides 1,001; lumber, f> 573; miscellaneous, 1.407. VANDALIA. BRIDGE BUBNEP. The bridge of the Vandalia railroad across Riocoon creek, near Jessups. In Parke county, was destroyed by.fire yesterday. It ia supposed that the Qre originated from sparks thrown out by a locomotive The north bound passecgsr train due here at 10:45 a. m. did not arrive until 3 p. m. A PUBLIC BENEFACTOR. PROFESSOR MSSI "N'S GREAT WoBK AMO^G THE SUFFERING. flOn Men's litfp or Congress, solid HQ(| as a rock, worth double. 73c 48C 75c I/adieu' 'Donprola slipper?, others ask $1.50 for 'em. Children?.' kid button shoes, sell el.tewhert) for 7ijc. Boys' veal calf shoes that wear like iron, worth $1.50. 75C I lOc $1.23 $1.19 tidies'kid button shoes that you've buen paying §1.50 for Infant's button shoes, worth four times us ruueh. Ladies' fine kid stviisli toee, cau't bo equaled for less than $2.00. Men's calf shoes cost other dealers $2 wholesale. These Are No Baits! Ow whole stock runs that way Everything guaranteed and your money back if you want it. For Men's Shoes SEE OUR Spring Goods! Prices are advancing but we hold thotu down. WflLK.ER & Rf\UOH 420 Broadway, IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It will pay you to be partioular as to whose seeds you buy. Wf 'ire now in the market with a full line of Landreth's seeds for the seaso i of ISO,;, aud 1 wish to .<ay to the curdHuers aud otbers using seeds, that while L.iudrt'th'sseeds iii-iy by a litrlo higher price then some others they ».re always fresh, olenn sind true to name, und us we handle no other seeds except chose grown by Landrotii & Soos of Philadelphia our customers may rely ou celling nothing but t.ho very best. I believe that ihe cost of the seeds is uothiugr compared to the crop, aud when a person has the trouble Co pur out a g-itrden. he should use nothing but the very best, We handled Lundreih's steels fnr four years and have never heard a slngm oouipluiut; in fu,ot, our ciititoiuers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever onrticuliir, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of «11 the i;ai-denors aronud Logan^port as-well as many from a distance. Our f-ade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have beeu in the business? We also have a full line of garden tools and fluid seeds Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years in the occupation of seed growing. S P. Buah, superintendent of mo live power of the Pennsylvanlasouth- western system, was in the city yesterday. John Sennett of tho Pan Handle boiler shop, has gona 'to Cleveland wnere he will make a trial au center fielder in the bass hall club of that city. What seems to have been attempt at wrecking a Pan BUndle train was made near Hartford City Tuesday when the engineer of a freight train found an old tie on ihe track:. Toe train was stopped before it reached ihe obstruction, otherwise a calamity might have resuHed Pan Handle engine 516 has come out of tho shop and wont out on No. 3 this morning In charge of the regu'ar crew Engineer J H Williams and Fireman Tnos Mmnem&n. Sae ia the first lo comotlveon the Chicago division lobe equipped with the new regulation cnime whistle adopted lately by the motive power department. A party of Vandalia officials etop- ped over In the city yesterday mo n- log on a tour of Inspection of the Michigan Division. Tho party which took dinner at the Murdock consisted of N K. Elliott, peaeral superintend* en'; IN W. Taylor, general freight agent; G. W. Schwariz, traveling freight agent; A M Snoyer, superintendent telegraph, and W. F. Brown, general passenger agent. KOYT 10 Cure IHicumillNm. AKAQO, Coos Co., 0 eeon, Nov 10, IS .93 I wish to inform you of the great good Chamberlains Paid Balm has done my wife. She has been troubled with rheumatism ot the arms and bands 'or six months, and has tried many remedies prescribed for that complaint but found no relief until she used this Pftin Balm; one bottle of which haa completely cured her. 1 take pleasure In recommending it for that trouble. Yours truly, C. A. Bullord, Fi'ty cent and $1 bottles for salo by B. F. Killing Druggist. HI* Medicines are Marvi-lM Su the IVojr ofKflVcilDS Cure, Mr. Georgt Lodge, the well-known real estate dealer, Tr,lrd tnd Federal streets, Pnilaclelpbla. is cot only one of tho most prominent real estite brokers ia the city, but is the general manager of the new underground system of electrical propulsion, which is destined vo supersede the overhead trollev. Redd what he iay.-l '•Ever since 186S I have been e. great Sufferer from sciatic rheumatism. There were times when ihe ex« cruciating paio cearly drove me insane, and I was practically helpless. Upon a friend's advice I was induced to try Munyoa's Rheumatism Cure After taking a few doses tho pain lefc me and I have not had the slightest symptoms of any return ot the disease. I have recommended this remedy lo several of my friends, who have also been cured." Munyon'a Rheumatism Cure is guaranteed lo cure tho rheurnaiiftn in «ny oart of tbe body. Acute or muscular rheumatism cured in from one to five days. It never falls to cure sharp, shooting pains In the arms, legs, sides back or breast, or soreness in any part of the body in from one to three hours. It is guaranteed to prompt'y cure lameness, stiff and swollen joint; 1 , stiff back and all pains in the hip- and loin*. Chronic rheumatism,, sciatica, lumbago or pain in the back aro speedily cured. Munyon's Uomccoavh'c Home Remedy Company, of Pniladelpbia, put up specifics for nearly every dlsense, which are sold by all druggists, mostly for 25 cents a bottle. Those who are in doubt as to iho nature of their disease should address Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolutely free of all charge. Tbe rtmedios will be sent to any address on receipt of retail price. A. Ooo<I Notilrcit Imp. That imp of good caiured, harmless deviltry, "Peck's Bid Boy," will appear at the opera house oc Monday, March 25. together with his pa, his ma, his chum, and last, but by no mc-^ns tbe least, his girl. During his etfiy here he will bother his pa, make love to his girl, get his chum into scrapes, make the policeman's life a harden to him, and play tricks upon the German groceryman. until tnal gentleman bee mes frantic. All lovers of fun should see him, and all people who have a fit of ihe blues should eee him too, for wi'ih his able assistants tbat boy can knock any blues higner than the figurative kite. If you want to have a good time go and see "Peck's Bad Boy;" but If you like melodrama and poetic agony, stay away, the Boy won'c suit you at all. Annwi-r to a ((uory. In answer to a postal card that I received through the mail, asking --if during the lecent cauvass we found any Jewish families," and signed: ••Ooe of the Chosen." I will brUfiy state that I had 1G Jewish families reported to me and they were counted in tbe miscellaneous r.olumn —Chairman Canvassing Com. jr»mi<M A Home'* "Shore Acrr«." Mr. Herne has clearly demonstrated in hU interesting play, "Shore Acres," that it if not accessary to have an in- tricfUe plot and a scries of thrilling and startling climaxes to gain the ap plauss of tbo tbeaire going public With but a single exc piion tho scenes Interlined "Celluloid" "Collars and Cnfls turn water like a duck's back and show neither spot nor soil. They arc not effected by perspiration, and always look as if right out of the box. When they get soiled vou can clean them in a minute by simply wiping olT with .1 wet cloth. These are but a fcv, •••>' die .\Jvautagcs of \ve;iriug Hie "Col.-:.<...•>; ' Collars :tud Cuffs. There urc many .libers that you will readily discover '•'.:? first time you wear one. They arc the only waterproof inter- niicdcollarsaii'dcutis made. Desurcto ••^: ihe genuine with Uiis trade mark TRAOf .. "//# HMCVS werrt/cf- WHULC'HT IT)' offilNS Lnnra KOS.M. Miss Laura RoSo, aged IS years of Noble townchlp, died at her home at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon of consumption. Tbe funeral will take place Friday at 2 o'clock from Shiloh church. The Rav. A. L, West officiating Foglesong Bros, have charge of the funeral. Harrison. 617,623 Broadway. George WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted, ChenpCottaRes Foraue. Wanted Lots toil Acres fpr Sale. Wanted Small Farm* For 5nle. Wanted Buslnesi Blocks For Sale. Wttulwl to Etchatieo i-arnw for Cltr Property. Wanted Merchandise 'o Tr 'dfl^or Farms. DDRK35 31. 31. GORDON. Spn Block logaiuiport, Indiana. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 20 .KROE'rER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 813 Broadway. ,'...- :,•. •• • '•.- •';•;,••,';•'.'' ''•'•• -.;.'•:. •••v.'.-:','.-;...v!,'.vA./-','..--- ; -.,':.' •"'•, •'•-• ••r--. |iK i '- v --^''^7^ All kinds of nobby caps just re ceived at Otto's. New clean stock of May garden seeds at I. U. Crawford's. Advance sale for "Shore Acres" opens this morning at 9 o'clock. A social will be given tonight by the Methodist ladles at tbe home of I. N, Crawford. Insurance and Loans—A few hundred dollars of local funds; also Eastern money tn any amount, to loan on mortgage security—S. M. Cloegon, No. 319 f wrl Death of William William Mitchell, aged 54 years, died Cuasday, at Poplar Grove. Tbe funeral will occur today. Several weeks Hgo Mitchell's leg was amputated by Drs Stevens and Lybrook. He bad not the strength to survive tbe operation and steadily weakened until death occurred. He leaves a widow and twelve children, four of whom are girls. ^ Sleepless >"l^ht*. Who. but those who have had the unhappy experience, can tell the bor. rors or appreciate the unhappy experience of persons troubled with sleeplessness? The damnable hatred o! all the demons ID bell for mankind must surely be appeased by the conscious. DOSS of such human suffering. The long, dreary, unhappy hours, who can describe tbem and why Is Itnecessarj? If you have ever been troubled you know what they are, and if you have been spared you have no interest in jhe knowledge of such suffering. Mrs. A. Bateman, Romulue, Mich., after describing her suffering from sleeplessness extending over a period of e'ght years, receiving at times only about twelve hours 1 sleep in a week, writes of Dr. Wheeler'» Nerve Vital, izer aa follows: "I began taking it In common doses and the first night I elept eight hours and a nap the next day. Every night since I have slept eight or ten hours. On, how thankful I am for having bad Br. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalize? brought to my notice and for the benefit received from It. Stop nnd ihlnk, eight years of sleep-- leesness and cured in a day, does it not seem like a miracle?" This medicine is equally as effective in Curing nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleeplessness, mental depressions exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For tale by Ben Fisher, Drug* ' Ia the fall of 1893 a son ot Mr. T. A. McFarland.a prominent merchant of Live Oik, Suitor Co., Cal., was taken with a very heavy cold. Tbo pains ia his chest were so severe tQat he had spasms and was threatened^wllh pneumonia, His father gave him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which broke up the cough and cured him. Mr. McFariaud says whenever his children havo croup be invariably gives them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and it always cure- tbe^f He considers it tbe best cough remedy in the market. For sale by B. F. Keesling, Druggist. Oeltrick—<»ray. Mr. William S Dsitrick and Miss Ida Gray both of C.inton ton-nehip. were united in marriage at the home of the bride at 7 o'clock laat evening. A large number of friends and relative present. Have You Kidney Trouble? Have Ton Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or "Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Soli by BEX PI SHE It. io "Soor.' Acres" run along ae smooth- iy and q'ljc.tly HS tho waters of a tiny brook. Its characters come and #o »s ono m;iy eeo them fa daily life, «cd ',hc.nks to Mr. Uerne's ability as a fine utage director, they act accordingly. The play will be at tbo opera house Friday night, March 22. _ -•.;uTi{»d inside, if you desire pcrfoct :;iiirfaction. Made i" all si/csai:d all •-.vies. 3f yo 1 .! c:m't pet thc:n at tho d?n:cr<, wcV '' ' "'.' sample jiosiOTKl, on iccci;' 1 . <••' : Colhu"s, -5 cc^ts o.".c!'.. Cud:- .- • .-illspair. Stateside, .•iiid \vhcilicr you \vaat n stai^d-up or l-'-::ov.-cio\v:; collar- THE CELLULOID COMPANY, .?.r-vJ3 llron.lway, BEW YORK. ANOTBER ALLEGED FORGERY. All|Krce. Tbose who have used Dr. Discovery know its value, and tbOtie who have not, have now tbe opportunity to try It free. Call on ibe advertised druggist and get a trial bottle free. Send your name and address to H. E Bucklen &Co., Chicago, and g-et a sample box, of Dr. King's New Life Pills free, as well as a Guide to Heahh and Household Instructor freo. All of which Is guaranteed to do do you good and cost you nothing at B. F. Keeslinc'e drugstore. lleiil Kxtuto 11 nil Lo*u Office. I have opened a real estate and loan office at No. 400 Broadway, up Btairs, Log-ansport, Jnd., and would rei-pect fully solicit all persons desirous of purchasing or selliog real estate, or borrowing or loaning money, to give me a call. Will also attend to any business on- truated with me before city council, county commissioners, city or county officers. Will also attend to the adjustment of accounts, s'etvlements, etc. D. W. fOMLIXSON. Thin One IVdn ITtifircrt in 1SHS. mn .Tor- dan He<-lii Allejten. Jordan Hecht turns up another alleged forgery, and through bi§ attorneys, R. J. Million and T. J. Tuley, has entered suit in attachment against— Silas L- Ttmrnonc, demanding $200. The defendant is eald to have property in White county. T itnmons is not to be found at present, il IB said. Eccht alleges that In 1888 the defendant, since departed, gave him a promle»- eory note, upon which tho signatures of John W. Hlnkle acd Martin A. Hlnklo wtro dllached and that the signatures were not genuine. A Proiionccl J"ar»ouB|rc. A coratnittee ol St.-tiulcoV Lutheran cburcb in now considering the erection of a pareocage next to thecburch, or should It be Impossible to purchase an adjacent lot, p operty will bo secured elsewhere. Ds , CHICAGO. CmcASo, llaxch 7, 180J. UKAK IK— Uy attention was first callea to j. SI SAN-.IAE last rear in the case of Captain _. _ Broslus •' Terre Haute, rnd.. wh > was attacked In th s City with acute nephritis and cystltb (in llammHtlon o! the bladder and kUnpis) After prescribing tbe usual remedies *IUiout avail San- Jak was SUSK -sted, and 'hi Improvement was so marKed aner tbe lira-, dose, and aeomplet- c'ire fuilowfd so i-pe<Klllj, th;it I at once commenced an InveaiiitfUlo oT Its merits and hive since prescribe^ It in almosi even" fcnowu form of kidney bladder, urethr >J. vaginal and ea'airaal troubles, followed in each instat'C-" by the hapuies: r&.uJts. A case of fnuresL-dnvoIunran fluw of orlne) In my own family was very mucu Imp'ov^d by a few doses, and radically cared In less tban a w«.-k Kroin practical experience In a nninDer of bad ca'esof Icucorrtioeaiamfreetosiiy taat 1 havo found no remedy tuat Is PQU il to SiN-JAK. And while I huve never before given a professional lurt'irsement to H proprietary remedy, I say unhesltatlncl; and >ltlioiit reserra Lhat . consider jAN'-.liK a veritible boon ro hnmanlty and alter applrtng It to tbe surest pro'«.<slooal tests, am sar w! li confidence, it is better than it la recommended to be. I sbslloontmne to prescribe It In all cases of eenlto-nrtnaryorcatarraai troubles. In-preference to al- oUier ioio'.7ii remedies. ft a yrjtfit TOXIC, SA.N-JAK can be relied npon fnllyand entlr-ily. The delicious taste of the mwlldne Is Js* In Iti favor. In prft-crlbln? it for children. lamat »resentusl"cSA.N-JiK as an Beware ofOlnlmciitH for CainrrliThiit C-nial» 3I-r«-«rj'. As mercury will surely Destroy ihe sense of smell andooin|)letHiyderittii;ettiB whole system when entdrins li through the mucous surfaces. ;ucb artidesshjuid n-v«r beus d except on prescriptions :rom reputable phjslcMns. as the danmge tht-y will d i li ten fold w tlie good you can posM- blyrterlvfro.u thfm, Hall s Catarrh Oore mun- of.-ictured by K J. Cbener 4: Co.. Tol do, 0., contains no mercnry, and Is tiiKen Internally, acting directly upon tb-j Mo id and mu.'ous surfiicw of the system. In burog Ball's Catarrh Cure be sure younet the genuine. It Is taken Inte.tjally and made m Toledo, Ohio, b/ F. J. Cheaey it- Co Tes-tinionials free. by di'Oiiflsts, nr'.c^ T::. p^r bott'.e. Tlie Funeral orT. C. Annabel. Tae body of Tnurman C. Annabel, brought here from Goodlaad, Ind. yesterday, was laid to rest at Mt. Hope cemetery. An escort of Masons ascompanied tbe remains from Good. land, and the local lodge, of which he WES once a member, had charge of tbe burial services. The Cass county bar was represented at the fuceral. which was held at Mrs. T. fi. Wilaon'a residence on Eel Elver avenue. Fr« rUl«. Send, your address to H, E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample bcx of Dr. King's New '..ife Fills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy ia action and are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headache- For malaria and liver troub.es they have been proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every Bucklcn'K Arnica Snlve. '/be best salvo in the world for cuts bruises soree, ulcers, salt rheum lover eorea, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup_ tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It IB guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25.cents per bor. For sale by B. .F. KeeslinK- Who Mlgned Hie ftond. Lewis Porter's $1.000 bond waB signed by Mary Ann Porter, Abraham Porter, Martha Porter, Martin Porter, Marion Flory, Isaac Reed, Jacob Owens and Patrick Casey. Mr. E. F. Keesliog druggist, desires us lo publish the following extract from a letter of Charles M. GutQeld of Reedley, Fresno Co., Cal., tbe remedy referred lo and wants his- customcre to know what a splendid medicine His: "It is with pleasure I tell you that by one day's use of Chamberlain's-• Cough remedy I was relieved cf a very severe cold. My head waa completely stopped up and I could not sleep at eight. I can recommend this remedy." A cold nearly always smarts in tbo head'and afterwards extends to the throat and lungs. By using tbit remedy freely as soon ae the cold ha» been contracted it will cure the cold at oace and prevent it from extending to the lungs. Amclent anil A<r*plcd ScottUb: Kite of Frt» Jlisonry of Indlmnt, I,,dU»«polI«, «*rch 26-JS, 18»5. For the above occaeloo the • Vandalia line will sell on March 26th and 27th, 1895, excursion tickets from points in Indiana to India.napolis. lad., with return limit cJ March. 29. 1895. For full particulars call on oearett Tandalia line ticket agen;. or addrew W. F- B -unner, Ass't Gen'l Agent, St. Louie, Mo. and Skin Ointment , Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter; Halt- Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Jfipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Pi]d~. Tlurrw, Frost KiM, Chronic Sof- Eye? and .-lanlated Ey> Lida, Tor. sde Ly druggists 3- .15 cents per box. alterative to skin diseases, aau in s«v*rj cases ot j "eusLcnuus substance and to hi purely «?.»«!L!«?PA. 1 »TSr5L^^!S"!l Ir ,? 2l_',°: ! vegetable. They do not weaken by! F( their action, but by giving toce to Btomach. and bowels greatly invigorate flMPDoeihat [shall continue to use it In similar j cases, r«5lln>: confldc-iit that 1C ftLl mea: all the Indications in rach ca* » Yoors sincerely. fSienad) ' '«JKO W. SSTDZR. IL D. • ChlBto.HI. TO HOUSE -ATIKR8. For pntting a horse .' • a fine ditioa try l>r. Cady-'.- Condition Powder* They tone up the syitc^ aid digexico, car*;' , T, i i oe » . loss of appetite, reliev: x»nstipatioa. eonwot-• the system.. Beealar size 25 cents per y, M£id*xt and Destroy worm, git' ' box. Sold by B. F. KeeiUnjr. Drug-1 «.* life to mn old or c/er-worlted hoim . . ' ... • - ••'' - 1 ^^ . _ __• . •••.•' '.••_•

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