The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1947
Page 8
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rut* TOUT •LYTHBTILLE (ARK.)' OOURIKR -OT5WB MOOT)AY, KOTTMBBB 1* 1MT Ohio's Once S/eepy Town of Miamisburg Gets New Sfort Wit/i Arrival of Big Atomic Plant . * What'* nukint MUmUburj (row Vein* at thin guarded m»in (iU of the Mound Hill atomic enerir plant Although 1U products will be (or peuc, It will bt one o( the bMl-fBarded plant* In th« IL 8. By NKA Setvte* MIAMISBURG, O., Nov. M,— (NEA).— Tho ntom Is' making * boom town of this city of 5500. Already the population has Jumped to nearly 1000. Men and machine* are gouging away at the once-quiet hills outside of town building a $5.000.000 plant lor atomic energy research and a. power plant to supply it, Mlnmlsburg residents »Iready are looking for «tiier new IndurtrfM they can entice bite the town iww that greater pw*r will be available. Others arc nti no happy. "This twwt used to be serene. Now look at it. ll's a boom town. Mlnmis- burg is not geared to such activity. "And atomic research — can you call the atomic bomb progress?" Actually the pUmt here, operated by Monsanto .Chemical Co. for the Atomic Energy Commission-will be concerned primarily with peacetime uses of the atom. ScienllsU; hops to develop Isotopes as new tools lor medicine, biology, agriculture and Industry. The Atomic Energy Commission loots the bills; Mousanto's contract is non-profit. But regardless of the future good that may comn from the experiments here, the new Industrialization of Miamisburg is a dlf- c]uletlng factor In the town's life. There were no homes for the 2500 construction workers that came to build the atom and power plants. Many commute from Cincinnati and other Ohio towns. To ease the situation In Mlnmlsburi; itself, the AEG hauled 350 government-owned trailers from Oak Ridtfc, Tcnn., and hns established a regular trailer city outside of town. Tlie Influx of children overcrowded schools until Kenneth A. Dunbnr, AEC aren iminiger, secured H $20.000 grant from Washington to build several temporary additions to the grade school. Things may quiet aown a little after construction of the plants In completed: But to run them, a total of at least 576 employes will bo required. With llieir families, they will permanently Increase the [Kipulatlon here. And if other industries follow, Miamisburg will have to forget it ever was a quiet, sleepy little town, In the days before the Atomic Age. An earthen barrier protects Mound Hill's atomic activity from prylnir eyes. Beyond the wall over which these steps lead, much of (he plant Is behijc built underground. 2 Louisiana Towns Hit By Tornadoes; 2 Killed NEW ORLEANS, NOV. 10. (UP) '—Two Louisiana communities dug out today from tornadoes that left four persons dead, two missing, Injured nl least 12 and destroyed or damaged nearly 100 houses last. The twisters struck separate blows Thiii-Mlny night and Friday at Gallano, La.. 50 miles South of New Orleans, nnd Red Bayou, La., about 300 miles Northwest of Gal- Tlie dead were Identified as Mrs. Henry Dano.1, 23, Bnyoii La- Fourchc; Miss Frazle Pltre, 41, Mrs. Danes' sister; Hugh BartleW, 30. Red Bayou, and itn unldentl fled Negro of the same town. The united Stales now contain.- about 20.000 motor courts, everaglng; 'I't rooms each, along 1U principal highways. To Love" ETHEL HAMILL © fftmlm Ko«««, l«c ; By J ^ HtA SUVtCt. IHC uti appreciative wolf whistte when Sam 's big f ootba 1 1 ha nds firmly separated them and assumed con- ol. "The lady in green," he rhymed, s the slickest I've seen." "Very gallant," said Herbert^ te frost pattern all but visible i bin tone as he lapped Sam'i THE STORY i O» the ope umellli* AII !>*•»». In nm • Ko. N**v hv !• back •*'• vcl- . «rav. C«H, Tth« hud had !•»• •«n(ijr ntrtKlIonv durlRjt the w»* y«-nr» MM 4 hnd *»crn intern «•- rlomiilT bjr at !»•( one lM»y IT he* • he didm't MPN» la be — Cmrj Marlvwe, wh*** (Mvranee CMPIV t« her •« bl» denth — !• ••«« ro- mmmct-m*r, 3he warap Joel kh* !• »• lonrer !• IOTC with him. T* her *iirvrJar, J«xl »*JB br l« IT>«rf' A wile d ***»*'( til !•(« hi* pin** t» flnlxh *ekno) on M> ••h*l*leiicv ullnwnncc. MnnrTne Blair, Aan'ichte-r nf a wrnlibjr •FBatAT and Cjivt'a cownln, la a frrahMtMB an 4 llvinK la the Dcaa'a hoHacholrf. H'heK Mnn- riae r«J«ltn Joel late lnkinar hrr 1* Ike Wetroa«e Ilance, Cam la )ea !<>••. She acccpln Ilrrbrrt IcrailKed *• wla Joel bark. { XI if AM was o«t of her terry-cloth towel and slapping fragrant jpowder over herself with a gigan- Jtlc puflE when she heard the front 'rdoorbeU ring. Maurine's light 'slipper heels clicked down a fligh • r o< polished treads to answer it, ;The big door slammed, sending .inuted echo shuddering through Ithe house. Joel an^ his date were ;off to the Welcome Dance. Her heart, being beyond thi •reach ol reason, contracted pain jfully. From her closet she drew thi 'dramatically lovely emerald satin evening gown, exactly matched t the hue of her eyes, which hai hung there in its shroud ol whis perjng tissue paper ever since certain evening last spring; th evening before-the morning whe a long, legal-looking envelope ha arrived at the dean's house specia delivery. Her silver-gilt hair wa already'drawn high on her hen in a coiled braid like a czarina crown. Her mouth was a co< 1 curve of scarlet. The reflection which swept lo ard her oi>l of the pier glass in ic lowei linN, as she came down IP stnirs in iinswer to Herbert's ng, was glamorous enough to waken lender yearnings in any HE eage, the olt\ wooden struc- lure which had served Carter a gymnasium in bygone days, f as lighted like a birthday cake as am climbed the sloping campus /alk at Herbert's side. Inside, rows- of paper lanterns rung from Ihe dusty rafters. A ig crowd was dancing already nder the bunting streamers let- ered Welcome in Carter'i blue «ri gold. "Herbert!** Cam's breath caught she paused ai the threshold, let- ing the special excitement of the ccne eddy over her while her es- prt surrendered his pair of faculty ickets. He turned back to her, milling imugly. "1 told you it was ridiculous, your pretending that you didn't want to come to the party. 1 "But it's just the way it usec o be when I came to my first one "t hasn't been like this since the year Joel was a freshman!" "Joel?" Herbert picked up bis ears almost visibly. "J-just a boy who catnc here to :ollcgc the year betor* 1 entered He left after that first Christina recess. Aren't you going to asl me to dance, now Dial you T ve got ten me here, Herbert?" Herbert had taken only half i dozen steps wiUi^ her before an alien hand was tapping his shoul der. The new man, Alnc Knox started to say, "If you don't loo just like Isolde of .he Whit Hsinds, straight out of an old tap eslry. Gorgeous!" — but he ha gotten no further than "Hands when Hi grabbed his arm an took her over. She whirled mlo Hi's embrac »nd he was puckering hi« lips fo "Slop looking oud, Professor," This- ta fun." like s storm Cam coaxed. |HE music of the Troubadour* •*• stopped with a last derisive wiling. As the crowd o/ dancers roke up and began Lo drain to- ard the four corners of the lloor, am glimpsed Joel and Maurine or *he first time. They were a ozen yards nearer the doors than ersell and her escort. She linked arm casually through Herert's and began to move. Poor imb, he never even realized that e was being maneuvered. 'Look!" gasped Maurine's voice, reside them. "It's Cammie!" 'Don't ! know it?" Joel an- wered lightly, with that sugges- ton he so often gave t'.iat laughter •"as about to split through the thin iaper screen of whatever words ic was saying. "Haven't I been taring?" Cam turned Herbert ever so ighlly and they paused face to ace with the other couple. "Slar- ng, Joel?" she demanded, in soft challenge. "Did you like what on saw?" "I'm still not sure I'm seeing it." A compliment was implied, but his grin told the world not to take it seriously. "It could be a mirage of heaven. Are you the girl who sed to wear a red wool coat?" Maurine scowled faintly. The grimace gavt her a fleeting but definite resemblance to Herbert, "Cam, how did you get here?" 'Herbert brought me," answered Cam demurely. The music started up again. Dancing feet began to whisper across the pine flooring. Before Herbert could say a word or move a muscle, Joel had swept Cam into his arms. He was dancing her away without a backward glance, and his grin blazed bright and audacious above her. 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