The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on July 1, 1965 · 32
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 32

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1965
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Paqe32-&.MxamtttrrT.ur.j.y1ju!yi1i96S 5C2H iorge i By JEANNE MILLER His appearance is far from laughable. In fact, clad in white tie and tails, with a dead-pan expression and the dignified stance of a serious musician, he is rather soberly impressive as he strides on stage toward his Steinway. Yet Victor Borge, who opened his latest "Comedy in Music" on Tuesday night at the Circle Star Theater in . San Carlos, is convulsively funny; with material that wouldn't get a chuckle if you or I were to deliver it. "Excuse my back," he remarks to one side of the arena theater. And then, REVUE THEATRE - presents 4& M.IMIHM.IMI.'.l.mUM.inMnH San Francisco Theaters Today I A- DOWNTOWN , EMBASSY TRUE STORT Of THE SCREEN'S FIRST SEX SYMBOL J Carol LYNLET-Efrem ZIMBALIST Jr, ; Ginfe BOOKRS Barry SULLIVAN "HARLOW" SHOW AT 12:19. 4:SO, liBS ANTHONY QUINN LIU KEDROVA Ternnleolnr Adventure of Ptraee and Romance nn the High Seaal : "HIGH WINDS IN JAMAICA" SHOWN AT 10:13, :23. 8:28, 10i4T rCAIIIDC ilkt-Bth OA 1-8886 ESQUIRE 007 la Back! Two James Bond ThrlUerit SEAN CONNERY "DR. NO" "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" DOXAEI I PoweU-Mkt. SU 1-9839 rVjWCLL Susan Haywaxd "STOLh.V HOURS" In Color I COI LD OO O.N gDiGIW' CT A rmrtftO Maaon nr. Oeary 3 I MUtUWWn TU 8-4767 Matinee Kvery Day at 1:40 pan, "LORD JIM" Colori PKTER O'TOOI.E James MASON-E11 WAI.LACB Dalian LAVl-Jack HAWKINS Shown at 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 vn a wi n Mkt at 7th UN 1-8234 9 I KAD U Richard Wldmavrk "RUN FOR THE SUN" "JOHNNY COOL" - Henry BHt nerei Err 3rd below Mission rECKLC33 ConU from 9:45 am Girl ns Vou Like to See Them I Vnv l'nhnrkahl Ariulta Only I NEW SHOWS WED., tRI., SUNDAY MldalKht snow r.yery mow TFirKIEUt llkt-Sth YU 8-2400 lELEHCTTJ Teehnleolorl "DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK" With! LOC1S ARMSTRONG Aleol "STAIXION9 ON PARADE" Extra: "STRICTLY SYDNEY" - No e A vrTV to Turk near Market V7A I CI I OR 6-2577 Cont. 9:45 am "TOO YOUNG TOO IMMORAL rl.L'SI GAYETYOIRLSi nan (? Market-4th SU 1-581 rAKI) Open 9:45 a.m. World Premiere 1 Tne hoi ti Censored "THE SWIN'GIN' NrRSES" "RK.ll LIGHTS OF TOKYO" "THE LATIN QUARTER" In Color! Adults Only! GOLDEN STATE THEATERS nMlkl Phone MI 7-899 UKWnn 2 in Color! Doors Open Dally 1:00 JAMES BOND IS BACK J "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVW Shown at 1:40, 8:00 and 10:09 "DR. NO" at 8:55 and 8:15 El D C V 170 Ocean Ava JU 7-1000 CL KCT First Rob! Richard Burton - Enraneta Taylor "SANDPIPER" Vfrcr't Rntherford In Aiattia Christie's MURDER AT THE GALLOP Band" 7, 10:35: "Gallop" 9:10 GRANADA UISSI0N SVJJmo Spencer Trary - Milton Brla "IT'S A MAD, MAD. MAD. MAD WORLD" Sanrtv Sander - Charles Se "TATTOOED POLICE HORSE" "Mad," 8:30; "Horse," 7:10, 11:00 PALACE Powell -Columbus Hilarious Omedr! "If A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" "Tattooed Police Horse" - Disney" "Mad," 6:0S, 9:30; "Horse." 8:38 CTDDA Junlpero Serra PL 5-1435 Walt Dlsney'a "CINHKREIXA" T:on and 10:00 "NKIHT PASSACE" 8:30 MATINEF, TOOAV 12:30 NASSER BROS. THEATERS NEW ROYAL k&Tl Hz Taylor - Richard Burton "THE SANDPIPER" Honrs Open Dally 12:30 First Show fetart at 1 :00 P.M. Every Seat a Kiff klnf Chair loga ALHAMBRA Polk at Green PR 5 5656 JAMES BON II IS BACK TO BACK! "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" Bean Connrry Ursula Andrew "DR. NO" NEW MISSION "'Si-J-liSi James burner - DIK Vnn Dk "THE ART OF LOVE" Tony Randall - Shirley Jonea "FLUFFY" CACTDn Caatro-Mkt MA 1-6120 J I lW Sean Connery -FROM RI SSIA WITH LOVE" "Ilt. NO" -Both In Color! SAN FRANCISCO THEATERS ALEXANDRIA '"SSiSE: "WHAT'S NEW, PCSSYCAT?" Peter O'Toole - Uraula Andreas DAI BOA B.ilboa-3Sth BA 1-8181 DAkDUA Twa James Bond Rita! "FROM RTSbl A WITH LOVE" "1)K. NO" Both In Color! COLISEUM cltaV:XrZ "THE ART OF LOVE" Elke Sommer Tony Randall "FI.l FFV" Does It with a courtly bow to the other side, "Excuse my front. That's the way I'm built." BROAD, LUNACY From here on in, the Danish clown is a one-man musical comedy. As often as you might have seen Borge, his marvelous change of pace from high-style comedy to broad lunacy is always unexpected and original. He kids the pants off the old masters, he takes on President Johnson and his family, he jokes about income taxes and most of all, he ribs his side-kick, pianist an original tatrizal musical ravw In the FRANC'SCSN ROOM SIR FRANCIS DRAKE Hotel (Cor. Sutter & Powell) Nithliy o. Mon.. 3 p.m. !)) Frl. t St.: 9 II a.m. (I3.00') RESERVATIONS: EX 2-7755 'plus tex GENEVA-MISSION AMAIUN John Warns a i a a wAa.. OfiK JTI R-1174 SAN BRUNO DISTRICT 1 VEUIIC B. Bruno Ava. nr. illver AYCNUC JU 4-9976 lean Conner Ursula Aadreee "DR. NO" ihown at 7:00 and 11:00 Sean Connery - Lotto Lenya "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" Shown at 0:00 I WEST PORTAL DISTRICT IrlKC First Run! jmne w. Portal Ava. SE 1-9504 Jamea f Jarner - Dirk van Dyke "THE ART OF LOVE" hewn at 3:20, 7:00. 10:30 Tony Bandall - Shirley Jones "FLUFFY" - , t HA K 11 aAA KOMUND-itA uirr CT A D Clment-23rd SK 2-26S0 91 AK -l Ja-nea Bond HIUI Bean Connery Danlela Blanrhl "FROM lilSIA WITH IX)VB" riR. no" Bean Connery Ursula Andreas Russia," 8:50: "lr." 7:00, 10:40 aeieMyMWeeeeV MISSION DISTRICT GRAND Mlnslcm-23rd. AT 2-1515 Cont. from l:oo p.m. HELD OVFR 2nd BIG WEEK! "CINDERELLA" Shown at 1:50. 5:10, 8:30 "3 LIVES OF THOMASLN'A" Shown at 3:10, 6:30. 9:50 MARINA MARINA Chestnut at Btelner Open 6:45 WA 1-1234 "ART OF LOVE"-Jamea Garner "FLUFFY" - Tony Randall INTERNATIONAL THEATERS DBlnr E Geary-Blake. SK 1-3212 DKIUV7E Winner 3 AmdemyAwards "ZORBA. THE GREEK" CLAY Fillmore at Clay Telephone FI 8-1123 PETER 0 TOOLE a JOSEPH CONRAD'S NOVEL "LORD JIM" Shown at 7:00 and 9:30 LARKIN Larkin at O'Farrell Phone PR 5-3811 HURRY! ENDS THURSDAY! Jeanne Moreati Jean-Paul Belranndo "BANANA PEEL" 6:25, 8:20, 10:20 Friday: "TUB AMOROUS GENERAL" "THE WROVG ARM OF THE LAW" METRO Union-Webster. BA 1-8181 Kim Stanley "SEANCE ON A WFT AFTERNOON" Anne Bancroft "PUMPKIN EATER" ti licit U A I I Larktn off Geary MUdll n ALL Phone OR 1-4800 Jane Fnnda In aarm'a "CIRCLE OF LOVE" ihown at T:15 and 10:35 "THE LOVK OODnESSES" ihown tonight at 6:00 ft 9:10 DDCCiniA Chestnut near Scott nbjiuiw WA1-2931 Amerlraa rremlere! "CRAZY PARADISE" Iff RromjTWit1fd for ChlckMia Open Noon Daily - Adults Only RICHELIEU kYYI Exerrnt from 15 Ralletn "PI.ISETSKAVA lAN ERS" Plus! "SANIH! FOLLOWS THE BUN" SURF Irving at 46th. MO 4-6300 Last Tlmea Tnnlrhl! "l.Omn.I.'fKW Of THE l,(IMI DISTANCE R!NNF.R"-7 ft 10:45 "THIS SPORTIVIJ LIFE" 8:40 rrl.: "MY t NCLE" A W. C. FIELI THE MOVIE 1034 Kearny SU 1-3S63 lAst 7 Ifaya - Enili Wenneedsy '( HRONI LF. OF A SI'MMER" "FIGHTING SOI'TH VIETNAM A Communist Props rsnda Film "Last Year at Marienhad TftUft niA Union-Flllmnre IWI1W lIV JO 7-3600 WHIRLWIND Shown at 6:30 and 10:00 TAWED 245 Mission SI IWITtH Tel. Mission i-1100 "EL GALLO DE 0R0". eolores) OTRA C.RAV PE LIC II LA ARREMOS SAB. no.M Y LI NES a la 1:00 P.M. VOtfillE Bacto-Presldlo. BA 2-S1S1 TWV7UC n son and Color! "I MBtEIXASOFt HI RROI KG" Winner-I annes" Grand Prix VODV 2789 24Ul St. MI 8 7337 Wln MIS-1R12 HIHI.K PmwiHAMA A COI.ORKS .! AOAI.AIAKA EN VERA NO" "BCENOH III AS ACAPI I.CO" iirir-ifi huij'vij'v DQOVE IN THEATERS CI D AkirLin El Camino-Hlckey 6 RAnUnU So. S.F. PL 5-5000 feter fwiiere - peter O'Toole "WHAT'S NEW, PI'SSYCATT" Jack lemmns - Virna Uel "HOW TO Ml RUKB VOI R W IFE" GENEVA Next to Cow Palace Free Heaters. JU T 2884 THR HAliril'ER" "AMERICANIZATION OF EMTI.T" LilCCIOKJ Outtenhern off Mission MldSIWn JU 5-1234 Free Hesters Peter O'Toole ss "I.ORn JIM" "FOI'R fllR TIXAS" Again! Leonid Hambro, who Joins the star in fractured piano duets in the show's second half.. With a gremlin grin, Borge banters with the audience without ever making them ridiculous. And he heckles latecomers with droll courtesy and a worried frown. NO ACIDITY Yet his outlandish humor has no trace of acidity and his sharp wit is never wasted on anything blue or tasteless. And his suave, continental air is a wonderful contrast to his slapstick gyrations as he slips, slides and falls away from the piano, until' in desperation, he brings out seat belts to anchor him to the piano bench. And beyond all this, his music is delightful, whether he is playing Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude," ("I always play it at race riots") or wondering who FRIS. AND SATS AT 8:40 P.M. "GUYS & DOLLS" Featuring! Nick THOMAS Sieve BRADLEY Maxine OREES Carol NELSON FRIDAYS SATURDAYS 8:40 Tickets 2.50. All Seats Reserve Boa Offlca ODent I p.m. frla. A Sats. WOW.1 NOW.' n I I TT L7 w J LJ J timely expose ... A bizarre story g that will make I I III ri itJALL BRAND 9m k a ( I Ik a mi m NOTHING ELSE ucFINITcLT FOR n SEEING IS BELIEVING DON'T MISS IT! 2ND "THE mmmmm niiiu; minimi mmiimimiitiii lieeeeseeeessasje. -r-rTf. Li Teetotaler PAMELA TIFFIN ... a temperance lady of Denver, in "The Hallelujah Trail," John Stur-ges' new Cinerama comedy of the Old West, with Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick and Brian Keith, opening a roadshow engagement tonight at the refurbished Golden Gate-Cinerama Theater, formerly the RKO Golden Gate Theater. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiii wrote the Tchaikovsky Concerto. ("Why is it obvious? Did Warsaw write the Warsaw Concerto?") For a rewarding and hilarious evening, sprinkled with some pleasant piano selections that display Borge 's musical virtuosity, bring the whole family to the Circle Star where he will remain through Sun-Jay night. Ar Bibbidi- SMAGIC if 1 TOT DISNEY m I li I 3 y Xjk-, TECHNICOLORJ vi-Cerr .SSI ,j '. I I iJsJ'JU I OPEN 1:00 I y-Hillt.l I CO-HIT t-!iVKr3Tr J "'"TAIMIP PSTWTT" 0PEN 12:4 UHlflUl'l 1 CO-HIT giej "I Llvsi ef TjiosiMlst" OPEN 12:41 CO-HIT 'Ward ef All Bain" 3 act 9ft T&wu She's a wild queen ... A 5he s a wild queen your nerve-ends tingle. SHOWING p LxT!S3 NEWEST ADVENTURE (Call theatre for correct title) 4v fl i LIKE IT ON FILM BEFORE! MATURE ADULTS ONLT ... Mtea mm m ."i m. i ii I ADULT FEATURE TOUCHABLES" The Burtons' Sandpiper By STANLEY EICHELBAUM Life can be beautiful and very adulterous in Big Sur, particularly when Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are playing Adam-and-Eve lovers, innocently gravitating toward a tragic fall in a paradise of crashing surf and panoramic headlands below Monterey. "The Sandpiper," which opened yesterday at the New Royal, El Rey and Geneva Drive-In, is probably the best soap opera I've ever seen. It has been endowed by producer Martin Ransohoff with the breath - taking scenery of Big Sur and the expensive talent of the Burtons, who are always a joy to watch. TEAR-JERKER But in this instance of a spectacular tear - jerker about a beatnik painter's romance with an Episcopalian clergyman who happens to be married, the tritely - contrived story is rather difficult to digest. And the Burtons, who are unquestionably dynamic performers, deserve something more than a trying little tale of adultery that many will identify droolingly, no doubt with the stars' off-screen image. Miss Taylor is cast as a fancy pants non-conformist a noble savage with a Thoreau complex and a nine year - old illegitimate son. She communes with nature, lamenting the cor- Ists.F. 9 u -A' Hi rr- war iJ'a so f5?paw sv, t ill A J NT I L. U f AAinMlTP JFZ x: I rrTtR. t-tr-T-M 0 tarMiOol -!Wa M r- ------ --di U sZvTnZ Arricn '7&GIRL INAPAITOENT D' ' It , 1 ft rf y 'ii- i , tot ' V yy "h' -'' s ELIZABETH TAYLOR IN '7HE SANDPIPER" A bewitching non-conformist painter of Big Sur ruption of man, who is not as free as the sandpipers she paints, because she is too misanthropic to put human beings into her work. THE WIFE But she does allow herself to have an affair with the headmaster of her son's school. Burton plays the headmaster a minister who is disenchanted with the fund - raising chores of his job. He therefore finds sympathy and a warm bed in the elegant, beachfront 1 l:i mm li. I' hi;i 1111 lUNIWOII Winner "tail Picture of IMS" Award ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL Starring Ivy ling, Pe LI Ll-hua Run Run Shaw Presents gjarai Eeitmenceler 2nd Feature: LOVE ETERNE Matinees Saturday. Sunday A Monday W at 7 THEA Bauble danger! Boehls! Dcabla exxitcmest cilil3CCltOSll JAMES BOND Sean iM uonnery n JAMES BONO tnV "Dr.No' 6 Q IWfliWeTS DR. NO SEAN CCNHERY.JAMES BOTiO .UPSUUUNORESS JOSfPHWSOUH JACKlOSOi BFBWPOlfE n mm mweeeiw. oi w mwm m see I sua wwitmiTHIWTglS TCTIICTllir ESQUIRE f Txt I BALBOA I GASTRO i I Balboa & 38th I Castro & Mkt. B-8I8JAI-6U0 Market opp. 5th CA 1-8866 GROW?! Mission-22nd Ciement-23rd SK 2-2650 Ml 7-6995 ALHAMBRA Polk St. at Creen PR 5-5656 ' -'& J t - Hi, 'WlM t . 2 5- . shack that Miss Taylor calls home. Both declare themselves innocent of sin. And under the wide, open Big Sur sky, they are emancipated and free as the sandpipers they envy, until Eva Marie Saint, who is the minister's wife, discovers that something is not kosher. Despite a candidly - out-spoken and sensually-charged atmosphere, in which Miss Taylor's near-nudity figures prominently, the film offers nothing inspired or original. The dialogue by Dalton Trumbo and Michael Wilson (from a scenario by Ransohoff) is arch and phony, rambling into dusty philosophical corners to emphasize a lesson in be yourself individualism. Free yourself of convention, Miss Taylor seems to be saying (with a certain pretention), and you'll be as happy as the injured sandpiper that she nurses back to health. The stuffy and pompous minister who, quite incredibly, plunges overboard with the voluptuous artist, is portrayed by Burton with tame and wooden diffidence, as though he were SE1TJ aa JAMES BOND In me W3PtaiT7V.llffRTItffWrmj ROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE rZL mm bswch tmm maib'ik .JOHtNUHiWOOD e..umaBua ..HAfiSK SAiraWI-ltBEIfl II BBOCCOO Vitsaamjii. "-"umnnsTBTi iHMar THESsi r b no f 4-STAR I AVENUE San Bruno-Silvar JU 4-9976 PHONE YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE FOR SHOW TIMES faT7TTri7rXraT7:tTTTiTl "THI SANDPIPER," MOM an Pllmwayi prasentallon; produced by Martin Ransohoff) directed by Vln. ctntt Minnelll; screenplay by Dalton Trumbo and Michael Wilson; adaptation by Irene Kamp and Louis Kamp, from Martin Ransohoff stary; photoaraphy by Milton Krasnor. With Elisabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Eva Marl Saint, Charles Branson, Robert Webber, Morgan Mason, . Torln Thatcher, Tom Drake, James Edwards. At the New Royal, El Rey and Geneva Drive-In. now rather bored with the clerical collar, after "Beck-et" and "Night of' the Iguana." VOLATILE ROLE Miss Taylor, on the other hand, does rather well with her volatile, anti-every-thing role. And she Is certainly as bewitching a beatnik as I've run across, her chubbiness notwithstanding. She does, of course, have the advantage of Irene Sharaff's stunning wardrobe what the well-dressed struggling painter will wear. I did wonder, however, how she managed her delightful pad, real-estate prices being what they are in Big Sur. -. Several bright performers surround the Burtons, though the cast is not appreciably aided by the fatigued and dragging pace of Vincente Minnelli's direction. Eva Marie Saint is nonetheless impressive as the jilted wife surely the most thankless role in dramatic annals. Torln Thatcher is commendably stern as a judge who orders Miss Taylor to send her son to Burton's school, little knowing what sparks he is indirectly kindling. A SCULPTOR As a sullen sculptor for whom Miss Taylor poses in the altogether, Charles Bronson Is properly waggish. Robert Webber shows spirit as a cad who once sent the heroine through art school And Morgan Mason (the young son of James Mason) contributes an unusually relaxed and engaging portrayal of Miss Taylor's nine year old. Ransohoff's production is as slick as the ladies' magazine in which the story belongs. And Milton Kras-uer's exciting color photography does full justice to the stupendous contours of Big Sur and the more famous curves of Miss Taylor. She gave men a taste of life that made them hunger for more! M 6 M mo FILMWAYS escuer ELIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON EVA MARIE SAINT IN MARTIN RANSOHOFF'S PRODUCTION tH MNAVISION ANO METR0C0L0R O I NOW! O 3 SAN FRANCISCO Theater, Hp OPEN (:4i CO-HIT "MURDER AT THE GALLOP- T PH. 474-2131 OPEN 1:00 AtSO AT I CINI7 I COLISEUM Or he I I tiniii iiim ' iMa . if Ja m if it i T Justevhatfhe Docfor ordered! times fUNatNrght... Joparigesftjle! iWs PIUS! TORRID! "LATIN QUARTER" SURTIINS SCENES! TKfMltKC PcJUbiCEnTRE THEATRE P MAKKFTulQtffS aiouun ROUGE MARKET T JOKES 4th Nr. Market 781 MARKET ST. HE.I-4AO San rVoneiac surm I-5SI OAKUNO 6LM537 f

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