The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1947
Page 7
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VOXBAT, NOVEMBER l«, U 4T football Play-off flans Take Form Chicks' Opponent To Be Selected B V End of the Week WUh all bul nine of Ihe 21 hl«h l"' oyl district champions decided |'«i with pairings made in all inrec brackets, the Arkansas High •chool football play-off picture ap- ™ied somewhat clearer today with nij^reok's games expected lo dcf- ?'W> dctrrmlne contenders from ne remaining districts. Officials of each district will ga- ner this week to certify their rep- lesentatives in the p!ay-of( and the l-xecutivc Committee ol the Arkan| a * Athletic Association will meet Little Rock Saturday for the rpose of inviting two Double-A |chpols and one B school to send <>eir trams Into the 21-game play- Play-Off Starts Nov. 21 First round play in the run-otf [•'"1 8« underway Nov. 21 with Jo'ir games slated. Officials of the •chools involved in the first round ••allies will get together early next l.'eek to decide the site for their lespectii-e yanies. I Members of the AAA's Executive I'Ommittce made only one drawing •or pairings In the play-ot land that Tr.icket will be used in all these I'visions, Donble-A. A and B Teams lopresonling these three divisions In • ''strict Three will meet teams from |)istvict Two In the lirst-vmmd plav. I The Blytheville Chicks are tha •indisputcd AA champions of District irhree but there, still is some ques- |ionsiirroiinding the oilier two di- S? in Class A, the Paragould Fags at present arc holdin" the Inside track and appear as an almost ••ertaln shot 10 take the crown but • n order to do so they must get by |:oniing this week. And in Class B Ihe Earie Bultiogs could win the litli! by beating Lepanto this week, llowever. the sbawnee Indians of •tamer and Memphis Itill have a chance. I Chicks lo Participate I Jnst who Ihe Chicks will play in Ihe first round will nol be decided •intil the Executive Committee in- 1-ile.s two teams. There is no Doul)le-A representative from District TTwo. According to reports that have been received here several teams liave been ; mentioned as possible liil-ins. They include either North tittle Hock or Little Rock, whichever is not chosen to represent District Five, Hope, Texarkar.a, For- llyce, and Hot Springs. 1 In the other divisions, the District 3, Class A, winner will meet peebo in the first round pairings fieebc received a clear cut claim Jo the District Two title several Iveeks ago when this team defeated Batcsville. And the Class B cham- liions will meet either McCrory, .ndt^tas or Baltl Knob, which- I'ver team is determined as the Dis- Irict 2 winner this week. I Play In the play-off will extend I lirough Dec. 15 with the chanipioh- l-hip game in each division .slated to be played on that date. Winners t>f first round play will wait a week, likippiiig Thanksgiving Day, Before resuming semi-final play Dec. 5-6 •"-antding to the rules o'f the play- jPiams involved will be allowed play their regularly scheduled Thanksgiving games. Bi,rntKYn,r,B (ARic.y COURIER Owls Throw Razorbacks Dick Hoerste, at right in '° '' 0 '" " (NEA Telephoto.) NO. <i, ,« nice Ow,, pushes over ,, °»» , 7 the R,ce 0*1.. Big Nine Bills Decisive Gome This Week—Michigan to Battle Wisconsin Gen. U. S. Grant. U. s. President. Is buried on Riverside Drive, Clar.-.- Inont Heights. New York City. BV STAN OPOTOM'SKY (United Press Siwrts Prller) NDVV YORK. Nov. 10. (UP)—Con| fcrence lootball championships .still ! dandled in the balance today even though two week-ends were spent in Ihe crvicial month o! November, hut the Big Nine billed Iti decisive game for ll-J» week. That's when mighty Michigan, Notre Dame 1 . 1 ; only major threat for the mythical national crown, meet.s Wisconsin. The Wisconsin club, 46 to 14 victor over Iowa Saturday. IB unbeaten in league nlay although a loser to California in an IntersectiomU game,, earlier this season. Michigan beat Indiana, 35 to 0. Saturday to remain undefeated and untied for this game which decides who goes to the Hose Bowl from the Mid-West, 1 On the Pacific Coast. Southern California downed Stanford, 14 to 0. to continue moving toward Its conference championship, but it will fake the game with UCLA Nov. 22 to : tell the final tale. UCLA, 27-7 winner over Oregon State Saturday, meets Washington this week, while Southern Cal Is off. ... Georgia Tech continued to rule the ro»st In .the Southeastern Conference after. a non-l«ajrue 18-14 win over Navy. But this week Tech plays Alabama, and Harry Gilmer is just the boy who could produce an upset. Mississippi state is 'right even with Tech as far as the SEC race goes, after downing Auburn, 14 to 0. State plays unpredictable LSU this week. In the Southern Conference, Duke remains the top team, since the 28 to 1 loss to Missouri was not a league game. Duke meets South Carolina thus week. Washington and Lee •and "William and Mary are the two major threats, and they clash Saturday. W A: M beat VMI. 23-20, and W & L lost to Virginia Tech, 27-14, Saturday. Also Duke must lace North Carolina later in the year. SMU Meets Arkanui SMU, conqnerer of Texas, leemc to be in the titan of the Southwest Conference after a follow-up II to 0 win over Texas A and M, but the crown is hardly cinched right now. SMU meets Arkansas, IB to o loser to Rice, this week while Texas, after downing Baylor 28-7, faces TCU. In the big six. it's .strictly « mutter of who wins the Kansas-Missouri j game. Kansas assured that setup by handing Nebraska a 13 to 7 lacing —the time a Kansas team has done that since 191G. Kansas plays the Oklahoma Aggies and Missouri meets Oklahoma, the one team which has tied Kansas, this week Oklahoma downed Kansas State 27 lo J3. this week. Penn is tho top club in the Ivy League, still undefeated and untied. Penn bounced independent Virginia out of lhat select circle Saturday with a 19 to 7 game, and now faces Army, which is still smarting from Ihe 27 to 7 loss to Notre Dame. Vale, the top threat in the Ivy country, lost to Brown, 20 to-14, and now meets Princeton, 3-7, conqueror of Harvard. Notre Dame plays Northwestern 7 : 6 loser lo Ohio State this week, and elsewhere: East—Bo.ston U. vs. Kings Point. Dartmouth vs. Corned, Harvard vs Brown, Maryland vs. North Carolina, Navy vs. Penn State, West Virginia vs. Virginia. South—Georgia vs. Auburn, Twin vs. Boston College. Southwest — Bice vs. Texas A and M. OurTrugk Accessories Have The _ . INTER NATIONAL TRUCK W« jrind bi.kc drvms jo rhx ,ho« He likt p,«<K,, in cyUnder,. Th. fo.l. „ la.,,, | inio |ir< . ^ d - imooih. fofr ped«I. HQ3SUFI We hart e»ch, n{ , cnburmn ht Imttnxiod.t Ttucki. Rebuil; w f»c- cot, L.nd.r.1,. Delfre, „,, e . « t*rfbrm.ix» tod tcooon.,. Q«ick „«) For r«Ji«or (rilta, lli«>,ii i . Grilk £7rro'*VM*iV; II,.om of air og.lnM wind.M.W. Adjuitoblt w p,,,. tkelly any angU. 3/2 SOUTH 2»P ST. f>HONE863 15 Games Listed On Bulldogs' 1947 Cage Schedule STEELE. Mo., Nov. 10.—Conch Carl Richardson of the Steele High School Bulldogs today announced Bulldogs' basketball schedule lor the 1947-48 Mason. ' The schedule Includes eight home games, seven on the road and participation in two tournaments. The Bulldogs have only one date left to fill, he said. The schedule follows: Nov. 21, Alninnl at Steele. Dec. 5, Stanford, Ark., there Dec. B. Warden, there. Dec. 12. Bragg City at Steeli. Dec. 16, Decring, there. Dec. IS. Warden at Steele. Jan. 2, Cooler, there. Jan. 6, open. Jan. 0. Braggadocio at St«eie. Jan. 13. Holland, there. Jan. 16. Deering at Steele. Jan. 20. 21. 22 and 23, Wardell Invitational Tournament (Sr. Girls Jr. Boys). . ' Jan. an. Holland at Steele. Jan. 30, Stanford. Ark., at Steele Feb. 3, Hayti, there. Feb. 6. Cooler at Steele. Feb. 11, 12. 1.1 County Tournament. Feb. 20, Braggadocio, there. Tech-Alabama Game to Top SEC Grid Card ATLANTA. Ga,, Nov. 10. IUP) — Missihsippl's ncbcls, paced by Charley Conerly who Gen. Bob Neyland called Ihe "best back I've' ever seen", broke a 45-year Jinx Saturday and may break nn even longer Jinx—the winning of (he Sonlh- caslern Conference championship by an Oxford eleven. It all depended on Alabama whipping Georgia Tech this Saturday in Birmingham nnd on the. Rebels'be- ing able to dump their arch-rivals —Mississippi state on Nov. 20. Indications were thai was Just how it might turn out. It was what the Monday quarterbacks were lalk- ing about anyway. For Georgia Tech—the only unbeaten SEC team—was facing an almost unbeatable Alabama team. The Tide, nftcr a bad start I his year, has four straight wins and a week o! rest. Thnt, coupled with the arm ol Harry Gilmer and the bruising Tech has taken In her last two starts, should decide. The Engineers came back "on n fumble and nn acioss-the-lield pass by Red Patton. H Bessemer. Ala., freshman, lo win in the last five minutes against Navv Saturday lli to 14. Patton—who once signed a grant- in-aid contract with Alabama—and another freshman back, Bob. McCoy, were the Tech heroes against Navy. Whether they will be primed for Alabama is uncertain, But the game will highlight Ihe. SEC card this Aggies, Clcnwon and Fiorina. Auburn. Chattanooga nnd Tech arc still ahead for the Bullrtogsf The Gator Bowl Invitation not official bid. Butts said, but up. patently cnme from officials high enough lo be considered in the same light. Papooses Seek To Fill Open Dale Little Rock Gridmen Cancel Game Due to Conflicting Schedule nivii K -,.. c " lllWl ' n . Pi'hicliml or the HIMlH'Vtl!,. Junior Iiljjh School, an- noum-Pd lh!s morning that the !'a- Poose-Kxst side uiiie H «u-k Kiimo wlic-diilrd for nuiuy nljtiu | ms wen cntirdlGd. Mr. Cnlilwell said that lir received nn (irul raiieollnilmi ( ,f (]„, Rnmn while attending o,r. mci(.\n K o( the Arkansas Education rtsxncla- llon In I.ittlo Rook last weekend nnd Hint officials of the- Little Rotk school gave a mlxuiiln scho- dnie KS the reason for cancellation. However, he slated dial efforts were being m nde ( o fill the o\in\ dale with another Little liock team. Tli n West side HCIUB, ir .slate champions, may come hule for a Bflmo either Thursday or 1-rlday nlKht, ho snlcl, but lii lh« event that Ihe Hears will not bn «l>li> to n>mc. other schools will Lie contacted. Both thfi Paps nnd the Chicks will return 10 the practice field this iilU'inoon to Mtni-i preparlni' for I heir Rnines this week. The Chu-ks will meet Ihe Halc.svlHo I'loncm In Dati'HvllIc Prldny night < hicks In Plnv Uiid'.svillr Airordhiij to Coach Firman •Nig" Byntim. the clilcks ore |i«l- ly well iHiilsrd up after last week's pnmo with the North Little Rock Wildcats. L, w. r-ltzlniRh. a first string guard received a knee injury in the first, hnlf of Friday night's cnme that may keep him osa of the Dittcjivllle «iune, Conch liynum snld. X-ray pictures of the Injured knee have been made but the report on the pictures has not been received, he snld, H. C. Alien and Captain nilly Wnyne McFarland are also suffering from Injuries received in the gnme, he snld, Allen rc-in- Jureii his ankle which was hurt in the Siiblnco game nnd Me Farland Is a "little briilscij up", Coach Bynum stated. ;rhc team as a whole* was prelty well shaken up In the North Little nock gnme. he. said, but nono of the injuries are considered serious, PAGE ravmr Since its founding In 1851, tho University of Minnesota has conferred only 21 honorary degrees. weekend. Tech should be a. little stronger. Kullbnck Prank Zleglcr and Center Lewis Hook, both of whom missed the Navy gnmo because of injuries, will be back In the lineup. The,, Rebels, who have never won an SEC tide—mainly because they have never before been nblc lo de- teat Tennessee defeated Tcnnt'ssen Saturday 43 lo 13 nnd will wnrm np for Iheir season finale two \vcek.% hence by meeting Chnllnnoogn Saturday. Mississippi state meanwhile runs into a tougher foe—LSU. and but for Ihe Tech-'Bnma scrap this one would tnke the s]»tllKht. State, once Ijeaien tills seastiu nnd with Iwo SEC wins without loss. Is In second place In the standings. Georgia Rsceives Bid To Play in Gator Bowl ATHENS, Ga., Nov. 10. (tJP)_- Coach Wallace Butts admitted today that his Georgia Bulldog's have been invited to play In the Gator Bowl at Jacksonville, Fla., New Yesr's Day but so far he has turned dawn the offer. "We haven't built np a record worthy of a bowl bidi" Butts said."Right now all we are interested in ! doing Is improving our ball club lor the remaining three games of our schedule." This could have. been taken to mean that Butts may be Interested! I later on—ir Ihe Gator Bowlers still j are «nd if Georgia shows np well the rest of Ihe season. OeorglR hns lost lo North Carolina. Kentucky and Alabama while, defeating Fnrman. LSU. Oklahoma I "Men, that 'hidden ball' play is mil—you ju hide the quality of a foullmll from 111' HARDWARE!" st can'l I'.BMU) •LYTHEVILL1 LEGION ARENA WRESTLING LOWEST ADMISSION PRICE ANYWHERE! RMTTC<] Scat* on Sale al the Ugton Arena from 6 p. m. Every Monday u . ., ,„ . ADULTS 45c — CHILDREN I5c Monday, Nor. 10th cr»i included* _ . __ _ __ BOX SKATS 15c EXTRA TAG MATCH ; vtrtui BAD BOY BROWN and BILL CANNY ALSO TWO 1-FALL, 30-MINUTE MATCHES Big Jim Spencer Yl. Bill Canny Jim Ccffield Bad Boy Brown Only 20 Teams Hold Unbeaten, Untied Records NEW YORK, Nov. JO. (UP)—Noire Di»no had Its very legitimate aspirations today for national championship honors but what wus there lo do about Wcsleyan and Trinity of Connecticut, tho Monlclair, N, J,, i'oachera gnrt the Southern Oregon CollcBo of Kducallon? They, like tho Flghlln 1 Irish, w e r« also un- uenten and iintlctl, TJio perfect record list ilirink lo 20 tennis over the weekend with only five falling by the wayside. And iilong with Notre Dame at the lop of the heap were such other mnjor learnt M Pennsylvania Pcnn State, Miohlijan, Georgia Tech, Southern Melhodlsl and Ulah. Tho weekend casualties weto Vtr- Klnlti among Ihe "big boys" tho CavAllws nropplnR a 19 to 7 decision to Pcnn In the only game between perlect record sqnnds, Middle Tennessee State, Vnlloy Olty, N D Tcnchcrs, Knst Texaa Slalc, ami Hanover. AL least one learn was certain lo fall out In < the coming week since the. "uatllo of the year" In Connecticut pitted wily Weslcyan against Trinity In llu> only incctln' <>f tin 1 iinbeuien. We.ilcyan, which won its Hin straight game, without a defeat Saturday In toppling Wll- imms, i^ to 0, also Insist that it lin« the nation's longest whining streuK —Intacl. The Wesleyans dropped Ihch last. i;ame In 1042 nfler \vhlch tliey won their flunl gnmc, then suspended football during the war years of 1043, 1014, nnd 1045. Last year they w'on all of their games and they are unbeaten this season. • Also "stringing nlon B " were Missouri Valley of Marshall, Mo., with '•11 straight triumphs nnd no detents since 1044. Southern Oregon College of Education- with u straight In two years nnd Upper Iowa, which hasn't |>liiyed In I wo weeks with 11 New Theater Manila's Finest Shows KVKltV NIGHT Box Opens Week »».YS 7:M p.m iMallncr. Saturday & Sunday 8»t.-Siin, I t,,m. C'ont. Showlns 900-Pound Moss Of Muscle to Fill Mot Ring Tonight R will b« brawn agtlngt brawn at the Legion Arena tonight when BlK Jim Spencer and Jim Cofiletd tnk« on Bill Canny and Bad Boy Brown In Ihe lag maVh feature of the American Lejlon'i wrcstllns program. The total weights of these four grapple™ will near the 900-pound mark, Their weights will range from Cnnny's 217-pound frame to Brown's 230. Bolh Coffield and Spencer will weigh In at close lo IBS pounds. This lussle hat all th« prospects of being one of the roughest ever singed here and It U expected to develop into a «mnll undeclared civil war before the night Is over. All four of these grapplem cm- ploy similar wrestling tactics, the art of using the fist where It will do Ihe most good, No member of the quartet Is a fanatic when It comes lo abiding by the rules ol Iho spoil and none of them have too much love for anyone that does. In the two one-fall preliminary mulches which will precede Iho main event, Siwncer will bailie Canny and Coltlelrt will USco on Ill-own. Starting time Is 8 o'clockk Kdltr to Coach GirtS SUnley Keller, kxal -,, IT rnthUftiut, antwunc** todttr >••> W had taken over u eoteh'tt tfa* ritzpatrlck Jeweler* (Irta bcdntWl team »nd thtt UM tcwn would k*> fln pr»ctlc« tonight. Mr. Keller ttat«d tlutt h« hM wveral girls lined up for th« t«*m but more »re needed. QlrU lntcr> esled hi playing on the t*ua ibouU report at tn« Army »t wren o'ckieJc tonight, he »ld. He stated that h« had booked a few game*. ^ss==saag^ RITZ THEATRE . Manila, Ark: The Mnrlncs liiive fouuhl In every war Ihe United States has waged since HID Rcvohillonnry Wnr. in n row. Tho Midwest still led the wny wllh Fi-vcn "honor roll" teams but I'etvnsylvimliv wna the top slalo \81lli thrrc schools, I'cnn, Ppnn Stato nnd goo<l old West Chester Tcachera fresh from n 41 lo o victory over the linger Heavers ol City College, on tho unbeaten list. The EMt nlso had seven (cams on Iho "honor roll" whllo Ihe Southwest nnd the Fur West contributed two each. Ihe Sonlh one, and Ihe Rocky Mountain Region, one. .ELLOWSTONE BOTTLED IN BONO Tonight"WYOMING" wllh William i;ii|,,u Also Shnrl Subjects Tuesday 'How Green Wo» My Valley" wllh Wnlli-r lei-leil Shnrls KENTUCKY It'« STRAIGHT .. It's BOURBON H'» GREAT1 100 I'raof Sour Ma«h Wkitketi AT YOUR PACKAGE STORE _ Also Ulack [.nliel—DO Proof Hamilton,, Inc. '• ! ''J)isfribu(nr, l,il(l« K,ick. Monday ind Tuesday Open* at <:30 p.m.; Start* 7:90 p.n TONIGHT "One Mor« Tomorrow" with Ann Sheridnm Dennli Morgan nnd Jack Canton rur.mount News, Also Short* Tuesday 'The Goi House Kids" A)l-8Ur Cut Serial: "Thn Sea Honn«» Selected Short* Take A Tip From C O L L I E R Bring It To Us! isJustflrov/H/tAe Co* COLLIER'S MAGAZINE Take A Tip From C O L L E R S Bring It To Us! COLLIER'S HAS THE IDEA WE HAVE THE KNOW HOW Blytheville Motor Co. Recommends Preventive Service For Your (Jar! 1. A Boiling Radiator Is a Waste of Time Rlcnn Hie Radiator Runt Inhibitor Check Hose Connection* Arirl Anti-Frceze 2. Not to Have Full Service is Useless Inspect Spark PliiR» Replace If Necessary fnsncct Wiring Inspect Battery Adjust Tlmlne Check Generator 3. All Movino Port* Need Lubrication Charge to Winter Oil Lubricate Front Wheel SS"rr ml5 " --- = Ma, 4. Leaky Muffler Risky Business Inspect M"'r>rr nnd Tall Pipes for Leakage No Chnri;e for Tnsocction Replace H Needed 5. Good Trortton Is Vital Alifti rro-il Whf'-k '5,000 ml.) Inspect Brake Lining Balance AH W!'«»l« Inspect Broke Fluid Insp-ft TJi-fi cheek Chains 6. Cfotir Vision Is Necessary No ChKrye for tnsMcllon of Windshield Wiper Blades Replace I{ Worn 217 South Second Street Phone 4422

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