The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1947
Page 6
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(AKK.) - COURIER Truman f o View Security Move Long end Careful Look mt Proposed Restrictions Seen »T JAMES C. AUSTIN (VnMcl Prat SUH CarrnpMulrnt WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 ' (UP)— President Trum»n U expected bj hi* »sspci»t»8 to Uk* a long and e»r*ful look when it comes lime for him to »ct on proposals th»t would permit civilian *nd domestic agen- eitt of the government to put s^:T»cy Nctrlctioru on certain information. Widespread prrw criticism of a pi»n to permit a »ort of departmental censorship on information has b*«B met with the White attitude that the president wants fo »vo!d any "gag rule" that goes . beyond the real reqiilremnl.s of national security in military and International afialrf. Th« gag dangers were pointed «it bjr the American Society of arts' Administration prematurely set »ns' Administration pcrmaturely set up III own security program- without authorlatlon. VA Issued on July 29, and then canceled on Nov. 5. an order that some documents In lie possession could be clarified u "top secret." "secret," confidential" or "restricted." Thes* classifications nil menu «*cret as far as press and public are Security Advisory Board ot the State concerned. They were selected by the War-Navy Coordinating Committee. The board was ordered, as part of Mr. Truman's loyalty program, to draft minimum requirements for information security throughout the government. The Stnlo, War and Navy Departments used su<li rc- utrictlons during the war. Most other executive departments and agcn- «ies never heard of them. The ASNE called parts of thr proposals "gag rule" and asked Mr. Truman to ban thetr use In VA and to prevent their extension to oilier Agencies. The president was asked at his h«t news conference what action he would take on the ASNE resolution. He replied that there WAS no reason for him to act since the proposals had not yet come to him. He remarked that newspapers have » hnb- tt of picking up fragments of reports and from them setting up «*r»w menand then knocking them down. Jf« Further Comment Mr. Truman made no further comment on the mutter. But sources clow to him said he would examine the classification p] an very closely wh»n It reaches his desk. The boam wrote one sel of pro|H>- »»ls and then amended them on Oct m afUr press criticism thnt certain ««ctions would permit any execu- Mre branch which so desired to cov- «r «P possible wrongdoing. The baa*a of thl» charge wan centered on a phrase In the "confidential" category. This would have heU information to be confidential If a "would ••UM iwrlou* administrative embarrassment." The phrase wns de- lawa m .amendment. From Wit "secret" category—information disclosure would endang- «r the national security—SAB fielded to press complaints nnd cut out a phrase which could have cut off Information that would cause •'•emu injury to "any governmental agency." Such, the press Insisted, oould «•« any agency a chance to cover ap its shortcomings under the guise el national Mcurity. The revised regulations still would ware government department* with much latitude to determine for ttunuelves what information should welfare^' 0 '* 1 " ''*' " th * natlon " 1 It was «mpha*ized that the White. Houae has not yet received regulatlons-either original or am™^~?J, th ° U( lu lhe bo " d h »» roiitwi them thera somewhat clr- •ultously. After revision, th« classification »*l^* re ""' flrst to SAB ' S P al " «nt body, the Coordinating Commlt- Chicagoon Bares Secret to Aid Men Who Caused Him {Great Grief OHICAOO, Kov. 10. (UP)-*«m- u*l J. D» Rosa, SJ, Mid today hi* f«ar that he might be killed in combat without disclosing ht« «- cret prompted him to admit that he accidentally commlted a slay- Ing for which four Innocent men have been, serving life sentences. De ROM wu at Camp Joseph T. Robliuon, Ark., when an attorney for on* of Die men contacted him and asked him to tell the full story of how Anthony Benldct'to, a bystander, was killed wnen the four men held up a stort owned by De Rosa's father. "I realized I might go overseas and never come b«ck," De Rosa said. "I felt it my duty to tell the truth and do what I could do for 'the four men." The men—Bruno Austin, 34, Alex Shapiro, 34. David Sinneberg, 31, and Morris Jacobs, 31—have neivi-d their sentences for the robbery and would be eligible Tor release if exonerated of Benidetto's murder. The attorney who contacted him in Arkansas (old De Rasa that Sluipiro catne from a good family and deserved a break. De now radio repairman, signed tin af/lcla- e«. After that they were to go to he Budget Bureau, which will cer- liy that the project Isn't going to cost the taxpayers any more money. Then the Justice Department will ook nt them from the legal angle nnd forward them finally to Mr. Truman. Further Kevislonn Seen Mr. Trnman 1* represented as eellng that the original draft of the cgulnllons was not entirely in Uric with his Ideas of security. Some ources believe there may be still urther revisions before the document Is placed before the president. The Justice Department imcrU hat it has not yet been consulted ibout the program. Its officials say lint there are long-stnndlng laws which provide severe pcnnlltlcs for isclosure of secret matters directly concerned with national defense. In wnrthne, those penalltles range from 30 years to death. In peacetime, there cnn be 10 years imprisonment a 510.000 fine or both. For disclosure of other Information, the severest penalty under the new regulations apparently would be dismissal from the government Nothing could be done to the receiver ot such Information. The board's official viewpoint Is that in writing the regulations. It Is working for the nation's security —not ngninst freedom of the press. "We. were ordered by the president to set, up minimum remiire- menls thnt. would provide a uniform pattern for the handling of classified information In all agencies," a reprensenlnllve of the board told the United Press. "We dlri so. We were not trying to create new haz- vlt Wiat during a gun fight with tile hold lip men lie accidentally llred the shot that lilt Benldetto. The affidavit led lo a federal court heating last week al which lie Rosa admitted lhat he lied at the men's trial when he said he was asleep during the robbery. A« result, they art virtually assured of a pardon. H« said h« WM "mad"at the robbers for mistreating his parents during the holdup. "1 want the law lo Uilie Us course," De Rosa raid. "I'm not Kolng to hire a lawyer. 1 have nothing to hide. I only vmni everyone to know hov, our family has suffered becausi of these men." He said his «6-yenr-old mothe became blind and Is confined lo i wheel chair because of Injuries suffered when one of the bandits shaved her to the floor during the hold-up. His father. Cmcent, 65 has had chronic headaches since ho as blackjacked by one of the gang De Rosa said he felt bluer be- cnuse Hie four bandits "have become heroes in the eyes of some people' since the story of their mistaken ^mprisonment became known. Confederate Veteran, Who Was 105, Dies NASHVU.LE. Tciin., NOV. in (UP) _ Davidson County's olde.s Inhabitant, 105-year old w. A Ilulan, died yesterday. Hulnn, a native of A.shcvllle, N C., was a river boat pilot during the civil War anil haulwl supplies for the Confercdatc Army. Sunday School Teacher Dies of Heart Attack DEWriT, Ark., NOV. 10. (UPI — Funeral services will be held Wednesday for j. wirl Burnett, aged 09, former county judge and state senator, who died of a heart, attack yesterday while teaching his Sunday School class. He Is survived by Ills wife, a son and U-o daughters. ards for the press. What we soughl to do was to set up standards thai would permit freer Interchange of [restricted! Information among a] lhe executive oRcncles. "We do not set the policy on what material shall be classified and shall not be. That, like the pcnall- lles to be Imposed, is an administrative matter to be decided by the executive departments and agencies themselves. "Our concern or.d.s with writing the rules. Thnt Is why we cannot answer questions nboiit whether it is dangerous lo extend such snfe- ftuards Ui agencies which never before had them. We don't even know how ninny executive bureaus and departments classified their Information during the war." COtUMIIA llfWINO CO. ST. LOUIS Notice To Jeep Owners: Get Genuine Jeep Paris From Poole Motor Co. S-E-E The Mighty JEEP Despite the fact that our parl, department was tomplctely destroyed during th« recent fire. w« fil-e fully prepared to fill your JKEP parts needs. Two NEW JEEPS were dismantled for parts alone, and other parts were rushed from tht factory to fill the need. So if you need parts for your JEEP, bring it to «« . . . We'll fill U 18 bill < POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator »««Hi Highway 61 at Steele, Mo. Phon« StceU 49 Union Official Urges Fight Fund UAW Advised to Spend $5 Million to Repeal Taft-HarHey Labor Act CITY ' ' - . . U " itcd Al "° Wo '- kc ° .7™ s m '8 cd to <l<O* to build " ?'°°°'«» "MglH fund- for «. Pen! of the Taft-lfartley Act '"If »PPe«< by George A<1dr, UAW McrcUry-lrcaturci-r came "s 6 ' " ! °" s22m met In board —.. *«.-i. , n n i-xccuuve board preparation for a week-long convention, oixnlmr tomorrow n ,,d expected to be spiced with a tattle unit °' ° f U ' C "° w<lrful CIO Addes said at a press conference last night that oner- employers start using "the powers given them under the Tim-Hartley Acl "the union's recent struggles to protect Ivlng standard! "will dw« f imo Insignificance." He predicted that Die "real on- — sliuiirlu will come soon Roadside Caff Operator ' Uses Bullets to Silence Juke Box; Girl Wounded FRANKLIN, Tciin.. Nov. 10 (UP) — Miss IrU Overby, IT, of Bon Atiua, Is In a serious condition In a Nashville hoepiUl today because » man allegedly became tired of hearing a juke box In his MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 194T man, listed as quoU-d William fvey u " red lnto th * J u " u on « bullet "rW w . 0" rl ' v - , lv «y «ld he then car led the girl , mjje to the mMr, box " ^ Pleasant Recollections — S You can't buy thtml Thcj »rt all too precioui for «ny ippraitil on a luminary buis . , . bul yon can do Ihinijj today trial will in] j n j l« p f M Illclimtl lhe inspiring jnd comforting in- flutnrc ol thos< who now uniiciainj u»; ihosr wlio ihirf our thourhej, our >orrowi »nd joy». Thf (ruction ol i laraily moni|. mrnt now, whili ill ,,, la^rlhcr. will probably do mor* tlian an)-tKinj; «t<r lo hold th< powtr at todiy'i tclationship*. JOHN C. McHANEY & SONS "Your Monument Men" -, " fa 7--- "•" i.uiui: srxjn and ii would be disastrous If o tir union was unprepared." "'Tr'' 6 !! 1 "' 8 to stop tlle T «fts. - - "i" leys and the employers liom destroying our union •— '• • better start. no w („ , )rc he battle." Atlrios said The convention itself will h P „ ;!; ,. ° f iwwcr Ix-tween President Walter p. Reuther » nd the man e deposcrl. R. j. Thomas, now » vice Jresldcnt. One of (lie main points of contention will be whether to ,""„ non-Communist affidavits under the raft-Hartley Act. Reuther favors signing, bul the Thomas Vr- le<f by Addes, oppose it, "n effort to streiiKthcii his on the union, Reuther report- has marked Thomas. Addes another foe, Vice Presleiom '''.„.. J ' LconHr o. of Detroit. vors cts, In rrl|> edly and Rich for ( Th« comply, ef rBruthM, M o p i a n d Broomi It no furth« From you than your t«Upnofl«. Call YOUR FULLCM DEALER C. C. 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