The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on March 17, 1936 · 15
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 15

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1936
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cccc THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: TUESDAY, MARCH 17. 1936 15 Books G. B. St em' i 'Monogram' ; Touching Novel By CHARLES H. TOWNE In writing an autobiography, the still young enough G. B. Stern has chosen to avoid dates (except indirectly), and to leap from one decade to another, and back again, with little attention paid to any rigid sequence of events. This may be as good a method to follow as the more strict manner usually employed. It gives a reader the impression that Miss Stern and he are sitting in arm chairs on a certain afternoon, and that the author of "The Matriarch" is refreshing her memory as one does in conversation, and telling only those things she consider of interest to her listener, omitting much, and often not supplying any missing links. I could not think of a better or more entertaining companion; and her volume, called "Monogram" (Macmillan), out today, while a bit slow in getting started, soon begins to race upon its way, gathering momentum and speed. Whether Miss Stern is telling us of Mrs. Patrick Campbell or the Marx Brothers, of her childhood or the Grand Canyon, she manages to be exhilarating and refreshingly frank. If, in her gazelle-like leapings, she does not hesitate on the brink as long as we should like, that is wiser, on her part, than indulging in long diatribes that might eventually lead nowhere. For instance, when she writes with such feeling and fervor of the Dreyfus case and what it meant to her, she says exactly enough. What did that sorrowful man, when the case was over and done, think of in the evenings, she wonders. And later on, with pride in her race, she voices a truth when she says: A Jew can cringe; an Israelite never. I like the informality, the casualness, the candor and simplicity of this book. Hollywood, Berlin, Italy, France, England and New York are in it, and if certain people of importance who are mentioned do not seem quite so important today, that is no fault of Miss Stern's. . I laid down "Take All to Nebraska" (Macmillan) with an intense feeling of gratitude to its author, Sophus Keith Winther. His book seems to me a perfectly rounded minor work of art. If it lacks one thing, it is a big love story. One must remain content with the quiet and toneless married romance of Peter Grimsen and his wife, immigrants from Denmark in the 1890's, who settled first in Massachusetts. Later, in 1898, they packed up and, with their then family of five children, trekked to Nebraska, with all their pitiful belongings and $350 in cash. Their troubles began. Knowing our language only imperfectly, they were glad to find themselves in a small Danish community. Their only little daughter died, storms destroyed their crops, the children were bullied and beaten at school, the rented farm on which they had lavished such loving care, and came to with such high hope, was taken from them. But their courage never really wavered. At moments they dreamed of their youth in the land of their birth. But they saw at once that the children would never go back. America, despite those first tragic years, had come to mean something to them all. There are poignant, beautiful JUNIOR DIRDMKN OT AMERICA PFVOTED TO TDK IN-TKRKST OF AM KMC AN V(U Til IN AVIATION. TODAY PILOTS OF MODUS TOMORROWS MODEL PILOT. By MAJOR BURDETTE A. PALMER, Air Reserv e, U. S. A. Junior Birdmen Field Director. BIRTHS - MARRIAGES - DEATHS Contact. Junior Birdmen! The latter cart of this month and during the month of April, there are some wonderful activities in store for Junior Birdmen who are members of our San Francisco Wing. On Saturday, March 28, starting at 10 o'clock in the morning, at the State Armory, Fourteenth and Mission streets, San Francisco, will be held the first novice contest, conducted by this Wing, in which any Junior Birdmen is eligible to enter with an all-balsa glider model or a baby R. O. G. stick model, providing he has never taken a place in any previous Junior Birdmen meet. CATAPULT CONTEST. The next day, Sunday, March 29. at Sunnwale. will be held our first catapult and tow glid er contest, also starting at iu o'clock in the morning, in which all Junior Birdmen members may compete. Events will be a catapult launched all-balsa glider, and a tow launched glider. In addition to these two scheduled events, you may bring any cf your outdoor models, and fly them on the field all during the day. For you members who wish to test out your indoor models, you may also fly them inside the hangar immediately following the official glider events. Flights of model aircraft other than 4those in the official events, of course, will not carry prizes. WING CONVENTION. On Saturday afternoon, April 11, will be held our second quarterly Wine convention at the High School of Commerce. About the 24th of April our first interscholastic meet will be held for all San Francisco school students who are members ot the Junior Birdmen, at which time they may exhibit any and all replica model airplanes which they have built. HANDSOME PRIZES. If you have not already received full instructions and your entry blank for the above meets, you may secure them by communicating with our San Francisco Wing headquarters, 616 Hearst building. IF YOU INTEND TO ENTER THE NOVICE CONTEST SATURDAY, MARCH 28, OR THE CATAPULT GLIDER CONTEST MARCH 29, SEND YOUR SIGNED ENTRY BLANKS TO HEADQUARTERS, 616 HEARST BUILDING, IMMEDIATELY. THESE SIGNED ENTRY BLANKS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THIS OFFICE BEFORE THURSDAY, MARCH 26. There will be handsome prizes and certificates of award presented the winners in both these meets. HAPPY LANDINGS! BRIDGE TRAFFIC Board Asks Cleary to Report The Board of SupervisorsS. Leavy make a "complete in- called upon Chief Administrative Officer A. J. Cleary yesterday to prepare an engineering report on the problem of handling vehicular traffic from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. A specific request was made for cost estimates on construction of a proposed subway from1 "the vicinity of the bridge terminal" under Market street to Union Square. LENGTHY DEBATE. On another bridge front, the board referred to its welfare committee a proposal that San Francisco pay $200,000 for constructing the Presidio portion of the Lyon-Lombard street approach to the Golden Gate bridge. Lengthy debate on the matter, in which Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss and General Manager James Reed of the bridge district participated, was featured by Supervisor Alfred Roncovieri's demand that Controller Leonard passages in this touching novel. The smell of the earth is in it, the eternal struggle of man to get his living out of the soil, and there are no cheap compromises. I wish the author, whose style is a triumph of simplicity, the wide circle of readers he most assuredly deserves. vestigation of the bridge dis trict's books." REPORT DISPUTED. "They say they have no money to build this portion of the approach. How do we know that? I'd like to know what the bridge district has done with Its money from the beginning to the end," Konco-vipri said. That the city should not pay the $200,000 was the opinion ot Cleary. Strauss and Reed both stated it was not the bridge district's responsibility. Don't Be Dicourged Try Herb For stomarh, liver, anemic and skin disorders, kidney, enema, neuralvla, nervousness, coughs, piles, dizziness, headaches, neuritis, rheumatism and other ailments relieved. Consultation free. Prices reasonable. Dear Sir: I had been suffer-Ina; of an acid condition in the blood which raUFed unsightly pimplus. hix weeks' use of Chan 6 Chan herbs cleared my skin of those pimpleaand corrected that acid condition. MOXA FHANfT. 11,14 dough St.. S. F. The Ordinal CHAN THAN HERB CO. IBM SuttT St., 8. F Calif. (Pe sure of rleht name and address Estab. 2S years one location. Ph. Ft. 3051 Oakland Firm: 2340 Telegraph Ave. SUPERVISORS' DAY Proceedings Summarised t riparv to furnish engineering1 report Following is a summary of- ,-mr'0tf0 naIlnf , from san business transacted by the Board of Supervisors, Monday, March 16, 193b: A Postponed sale of $1,500,000 tax an-ftcinatt notes, and rejected bids thereon, ,,mm receipt of advices trom City Attorney and local bond attorneys that such sale sl"ould wait upon decision cf State Supreme Court In Berkeley School rustnet case. C He-referred to welfare commute. : Petrosal that San Francisco espend JJOO.OiHI for Presidio portion of I.yon-lxmlbard ap-preach to the Golden Gate Bridge. authorized addition to salary ordinance of one phonographic reporter for District Attorney's office, at 1150 a month. Authorized City Attorney to compromise clatm ofrW B. J. Sullivan for MO. and claim of Beth M. Tremont for SoOO Authorized lease of school land. Tehama street. 207 feet southwest from First '"Mithorlied renumbering; of certain entrances on Twenty-fifth avenue and Twenty-fifth avenue north. Established various grades on M-Kin-non, and Newcomb avenues, and Selby and Toland streets. Authorized acceptance of deed from James H. Morrissey for certain land required for widenlnB of San Jose avenue. Authorized purchase of lands for Nineteenth avenue widening- Authorized refund of six duplicate and erroneous payment! of taxes. Authorized lease of building on Cortland avenue for library. Authorized acceptance of certain lands for widening of Parker avenue. Authorized purchasing of land for the Grattan scnooi piajaruunu 'on problem of handling traffic from San Francisco-Oakland Hay Bridie, and also cost estimates on construction of subway from bridge terminal to Union Square. Authorized reduction of sidewalk wlrttns on Bay street, between Th Embnrcadero and Kearnv street, between Kearny and Hyde streets, between Larkin and van Ness avenue, and between- Van Mess avenue and Fillmore street. Referred to welfare committee Supervisor Shannon's resolution that Mayor Rossi be requested to appoint a special events committee to attract tourists to San Francisco. Committee to meet 4 p. m. Thursday, March 10. Received General Fang Chen-Wu, who made a speech praislnc democratic aplrlt of American government. Requested City Attorney to ask the State Railroad Comml'alon to make a full Investigation of monthly charges made for hand-set telephones In San Francisco. Referred to Public Vtilities committee Supervisor Shannons resolution urging the Public Utilities Commission to hold hearings on abandonment of street car lines on Taylor street, as an important arterial for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. , Referred to streets committee request of Chamber of Commerce for comprehensive traffic survey in San Francisco. Ref-rred to committee Supervisor Frantk Havenner's resolution requesting Mayor Rossi 1o appoint a citizens' committee to arrange proper celebration upon opening of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. ., rtuf of resuect to the memo ries of Municipal Judge Io A. Murasky. mm. E rim j.u.i n in iAi Kfftf m hjLmmJ 56250 RECENTLY Marcel Bastian Jr. 80 Ninth Ave. Standing alongside parked car . . struck by another automobile Regular daily home-delivered subscribers ol The San Francisco Examiner are privileged tn buy The Gold Seal All-Coveraqe Policy 6 months $1.25. Les E J Per Than 9fL Day Mail this coupon for hill information. Added to'er0fJix?or wage scale, and ll.rh.el J. Ry,n city employee at i f, and Industries to include g-unlte Industry, and to raise acale for cabinetmakers. Authorised City Attorney to compromise claim of Lillian Kins.Mon fer $375. Approved supplemental appropriation of fS.000 for County Jail foodstuffs. Amended salary ordinance to Include one general clerk-stenographer for Board of Supervisors, at $1-50. Confirmed sale of lot f!. assessor's block 2341, tn August Hallsren, et ux. Requested State Highway Commission to make reconnaissance survevs of Shoreline Highway, and to reconstruct a sector At the north end. in Couiltv. Requested Chief Administrative Officer tached to Janitorial staff. Advertisement LKM'IPI - TArH.FTS SALVF - NOSE DROPS SALVE tor COLDS 5c 10c 25c SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER. Reader's Service Dept. Third 6 Market Sn. San Francisco, California. Pleate send mc application blank and hill details regarding the Gold Seal Accident Insurance Policy. Name Address City Births. BARBER To the wife of James F. Bartjer, Priest Hiver, Idaho. March tt. a son. BEKNAL To tha wife of Albert Bernal, 808 Guerrero St., March 1, a son. BORli To the wife of Anthony Borg, 1777 Revere ave., March 11, a son. CAi.LAliH.N Tu lhe wile of Theodore Callaghan, 160 Hazelwood ave.. March 1U. a son. CAIU'ENTKR To the wife of Otha G. Carpenter, 13t5 Pine St., March l', a son. CLARK To the wife of Bert Clark, 2107 Vincente Rt., March 10, twin sons. DILLON Tn the wife of Joseph M. Dillon. 1024 Branil ave., March I'J, a son. FETTER To the wife of William M. Fet-, ter, Vendome ave., Dnly City, March 12. a daughter. FOLK MAX To the wife of Robert O. I Folkman, $'.'0J Anza St., March 11, a daughter. j GOI.HKN To the wife of Walter J. Golden, 2275 15th St.. March l, a son. LEI K.VHKliC.KU To the wiie of Kmlle : Leuenberger, 17 JU Broadway it., March 12. a son. Jf ALLEN To the wife of Howard J. Mal-len, 3747 Divisadero St.. March 12, a son. MELZER To the wife of Clarence W. Mel-er. KSfl Hayes St., March 12, a daughter. Ml'SCETTI To the wife of Anthony Mus-cetti, 141111 Shatter ave., March 11, a son. NICHOLS To the wife of Edward R. Nichols. 574 2d ave. March 11, a tuu:hter. NIEVE To the wife of Herman M. Nleve, titi" Brussels St., March 12. a pin. N1S1CH To the wife of Anthony J. Nlslch. 2T fith ave., March 12, a son. NYOARD To the wife of Einar Nygard, (MS Golden Gate ave., March 10, a daughter. OWENS To the wife of Beauregard R. Owens, 715 Baker at.. March 11. a eon.. PETERSEN To the wife of Carl M. Petersen, 351 Valley at.. March 3, a daughter. RIX To the wife of Norman M. Rix, 1370 California St.. March 11. a daughter. SILVA To the wife of Raymond T. Silva, 2391 Bryant St., March 11, a daughter. STRAND To the wife of Arthur K. Strand. 2 24 DA Clement St., March 11, a daughter. THOMAS To the wife of Stanley Thomaa, 218 Bonview St., March 12. a son. VERONA To the wife of John N. Verona, 322 14th St . March 11, a daughter. WARD To the wife of Alvin M. Ward, 443 Silver ave., March 10. a son. WINN To the wife of Harvey B. Wynn, 1220 Pine et., March 10, a daughter. The Examiner extends con-gratulations and best wishes on their contemplated marriage to the following: Notices of Application to Wed BAVMOARTEX-SEAHLHS Frank Baum-s-arten. 30. 471 3Nth ave., and Mary Searles, 29. 3U35 Pacific ave. BANDER AS-JOK1MN Joseph Handeras. 20, 570 Linden St., and Mabel Jordan, 10. 73 Shotwell st. DeLOAEZA-l'ETTIUKEW Richard M. Pe Loaeza, 33, 12N0 O'Farrell St.. and Katherine Pettigrew. 2S. Belmont. Calif. ESSEN WANGER-HKSKETH Richard Ea-senwanger. 31, San Leandro, and Dorothy F. Hesketh. 20, 112 Otsego ave. HIGGINS-HKOWN James Higgins, 21, and Julia Brown. 21, both of 1000 Paire st, HERLINti-MENDENHAL Otto Herling, 31. 208 Pacific ave., and Wllm. Men- denhall. 25. 2H11 ltilli at. IMSHE.NKTRKY-7.ACHART Dmitry M. Imshenetsky, 32. 5 Buena Vista ave., and Ailausla 7-flchai-v. 20, til Lloyd st. KLEIN-STEINHOOK Morris Klein. 44, 030 Fillmore st., and Gussie Steinbock, 30, Sacramento, Calif. KLENK-WHITE Victor C. Klenk. 2f. and Mary I. White, 3. both of 025 Taylor st. LVCCHESl-LfCARTNr Fortunato Luc-cheai, 32, 558 Greenwich St.. and Pella Lucarinl, 20. 10 August alley. MOREHorsK-HANSEN L ester Morehouse, 40. 3.'l"2 24th et., and Bertha Hansen. 24. 3,152 24th st. OV1 ATT-iniiEK Julian S. (viatt. 33. Los Angeles, snd Thelma Dudek, 28, 1a Crescenta. Cnllf. Rl'BEN-COHINTH Leon A. Ruben. 25. and Katharine R. Corinth, 22, both of Berkeley. Calif. SMITH-ELDKEDCE Bernie A. Smith, 2(1, 375 Oak st.. and Leola Eldredge, 24. 1087 California st. TARDOSKY-MnctiLYNN Gus J. Tnrdo-skv, 28. 700 Lnmma st.. and Dorothy MaoGlynn, MB, 210 Hyde st. WEST-COLLINS Cecil West, 25. 2fl Colonial way, and Margaruite Collins, 21, 08H Post St. Marriage IJcenses Issued. BLOTCKY-FRIENDLY Clarence I. Blot-cky, 47. Oakland, and Emma H. Friendly. 47. lSUfl Ootavia st. CAMM-HINDEN" Alfred Camm, 50. 6 X.glee ave., and Hazel Hlnden, 43, 4 Naglee ave. CASSINELLI-TOCNG Joseph Casslnelll. 48, 1021 Mason St., and Antonette Young. 43. 230 oak St. FUJ1MOTO-NAHATOSHI Mikio Fujlmoto. 26, 1430 O'Farrell at., and Dorothy NaK-atnaht, 23. 1830 Slitter St. GIAMBKl'NO-AllTAET Galen Giamhruno, 21. 444 Aslibury St., and Georgette A. Artaet, 23, OS!' Jackson st. GETTLK - KICK ENH A CHER Robert A. Gettle, 24, and Dorothy R. Rickenbacher, 21. both nf 32011 Army at. GARB A RNTO-TOM ASIAN Ernest C. Oar. barnlo, 20, 205O Franklin St.. and Charlotte Taniasian. 23. 475 Fulton st. GRANGER. ERK'KSON Harold P. Gran-irer. 35. Boston, Mass., and Edith M. Erlckson. 83, Lvnn. Mass. HORR-LEW18 Francis Horr, 20, and Plivllis Lewis. 28, both of 70 Waller st. JAI'CH-WALKER Charlie Juuch. 24. 710 Ellis st., and Alberta Walker, 10, 334 Leavenworth st. LINDSAY-.NEWKOME Andrew Lindsay. 27. and lna Newsome, 21, both of 2737 Clav st. LAWSON'-MOHR Even M. Lawson. 55. Dallas. Tex., and Dorothea E. Mohr, 38, Los Angeles. Cal. LTNDHuLM - POZAR1CH Walter Lind- holrn. 35. Oakland, and Julia Pozarieh, 27. 1345 Sarr.miemto st. LKVIN-GOLDWATER Sollie Levin, 20. and Kvelyn Goldwater, 22, both of 721 10th ave. MOHTAMKR - MONTGOMERY Herman Mortamer, 27. and Marjorle Montgomery. 24 both of Portland, Oregon. NORGAHD-McIVER Forres Not-gard. 20. Ukiah. Cal., and Isabel Mrlver, 22. 830 Slirader st. XIEL8EN-CHRISTENSF.N Jorgen Nielsen. 28, 58 Landers St., and Ruth Chrls-tensen. 20, 182 32nd ave. STOLOWITK-A1L Harnett Stolowltl, 6J, 1555 Oak St., and Riva All, 68. Portland, Oregon. TYNAN-HEARD Jack Tynan, 24, and Louise Heard. Hi, both of Salinas, Cal. WALTZ - JOHNSON George Waltz. 27. 532 22nd ave.. and Olive Johnson, 23. 3745 Sacramento bt. Divorce Cemiilalnta Filet ADT.ER Abraham A. vs. Ethel R. A MM ANN Gerta vs. George J. HI KNS Henry vs. Mary. PEIUj Gladys, vs. Jnhn. OA1.LEJA Virginia Marie vs. Paul. DI NK Pearl vs. Lola K. FKl'DNKR George vs. Inez K. KARt'OV Anna vs. Alexander. KLK1NHEKG Eva vs. Moe. MAiiNTN Leopold vs. Eva. PETERSON Pearl vs. Henry L. SHl:r.KlFF Edna vs. Mnurice. SCHEPP Noble O. v. Evelyn V. Interlocutory lierrees tiranted BARTHOLOMEW Stella from William. OAHCAt'HK Carlos from Matild Vasquez, COOL Vera from Ray. FU11S Edward H. from Leon J. HEHSH Asnes Ann from Harry W. LJ1HETICH Anna from Nick. STOVER Frances from Roy. TATULOFF Marie from Alexander. LOSE IN CUT The United States Naturopathic Association lost another round in its legal battle with California officials over the 1922 Chiropractic Act yesterday before the United States Supreme Court, Associated Press dispatches from Washington stated. The Court refused the associa tion's request for a mandamus order directing Federal Judge George Cosgrave of Los Angeles to grant an injunction against enforcement of the California law. The motion contended the Cali fornia law created a "monopoly of one class of persons, and cre ates an unreasonable discrimination and an unlawful abuse of the interest and property rights of another class." Federal action was sought fol lowing the arrest of several naturopaths upon the complaint by the State Board of Medical Exam iners. ERSKINE Isabella from William 0 cruelty, Blll'CE Frank E. from Elsa R., cruelty. MAY Charlotte C. from Eugene S., cruelty. Ml'RItAY Elva from Teres" A.. Jr.. cruelty. SANTA t'l.AKA COIATY. Deaths. GILLETTE Tn San Jose. March 14, Wal lace Levi Gillette, aceri 7i. HOOD In Sunnyvale, March 14, Lydia Hood. COZZO In San Jose. Maxh 15, Do- niencto Cozzo, aged 62. ESCOBAR In Ran Jose, March 15. Frank Perelia Escobar, aged 40. P.OHJNSON In San Jose, March 15, George L. Robinson, aed 50 TONKIN In San Jose, March 14, Charles Tonkin, aged 85. WHAT'S DOING TODAY SAN FRANCISCO ROTARY (MB l - 1 1 1 I ... . Ilnll OA VN KI1S' ' J.KAI.l E J.nncheon. Palace SAN"V'KANClCSn REAL F.STATE IM.tKD Luncheon. Palace Hotel. SOCK KT . (ll.l B Luncheon. Palace Hotel. DKIKI) FKI IT ASSOCIATION Lunch. .in !.).. lintel. JVNIOK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Luncheon, Palace Hotel. CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Luncheon. Palace Hotel. PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS' RlREAl Meetine. dinner. Palace Hotel. PASSFNGFR AOFNTS" CLIB Dinner. William Tsvler Hotel. CHAMBER OPERA Veterana Auditorium ALAMEDA COINTY ' Oakland Deaths ANDERSON March 13, Thomaa Anderson, aged 71. BELLVSF, March 11, Carmela Belluse, aged 6T. CARDWELL March 11, Eatrell Card-well, aged 64. DAVIS March 13, William Haynea Davis, aged 79. GAMBA March IS, Rosaria Gamba. aged 84. JOHNSTONE March 12, Andrew E.Johnstone, aged 60. LAI'GHLLN March 12, Myrtle Estrella Laughlin. aged 69. LOGAN March 12. Peter Logan, aged 62. OLSEN March 11. ahra Olsen, aged 62. O'DAY March 12. Denis O'Day. aged 83. PINKERTO.N March 13 Alonzo A. Pink-erton. axed 67. RYAN March 13, Julia Ryan, aged 66. Rl SSELl, March 12, Hugh C. Russell, aged 00. ROBERTS March 12, Jane Ellen Roberts, aged 84. SHEFFIELD March 13, Mary Sherwood Sheffield, aged 84. STR1CKER March 13, Clement C. Btrirk- er, aged 74. SPALTY March 13. Jacob Spalty, aged 41. SCOVILI.E March 12, Clarence R. Bco- vllle. aged 31. WILLIAMS March 10. Laura Williams, aged 70. Births ANDERSON In Oakland, to the wife of Hugo Hyharlh Anderson. 18211 E. 57th ave., March 2, a son. James Hugo. Al.HANKSK In Oakland, to the wife ot Joseph Albanese, 2320 03rd ave., March ", a daughter. Marietta. BKLVEL In Oakland, to the wife of David Tullia Belvel. 3003 Gallndo St., March A. a son, William Charles. BENOl'N In Oakland, to the wife of Isaac Benoun. 3501 Foothill blvd., March 4. a son, David. BERTACT In Oakland, to the wife of Hcslin Henry Bertaut, 1813 7th ave., March 1, a daughter, Annette May. COLE In Oakland, lo the wife ot Evan Ward Cole. Box 3, Alvarado. Calif., March 3, a daughter. Nancy Mae. CONNORS In Oakland, to the wife nf William Francis Connors, 1700 85th ave., March 1, a daughter CRVARICH In Oakland to the wife of Michael Crvarlch. San Pedro. Calif.. March 1, A daughter, Matilda Josephine OAKLAND In Oakland, to the wife of Kenneth Gordon Darland. 3721 Allendale ave., March 1, a daughter, Diane Joyce. EVEltETT Tn Oakland, to the wife of Kenneth Ebenezer Everett. 3019 Webster at.. March 3, a daughter, Alice Jeanne. FERNANDEZ In Oakland, to tha wife of Alfred Fernandez. 430 23rd ave., March 1. a daughter, Patricia FREEMAN In Oakland, to the wife of Leon Freeman. 821 Poplar St.. March 1, a daughter. Genevieve Adelene. FREEMAN In Oakland, to the wife of Klden Lloyd Freeman, 8305 Iris St., March 3, a daughter, Judith Claire. FRIER In Oakland, to the wife of Robert Hacon Frier. 183 Perry St., March 8, a son, Laurence AVillard. PIPIONE In Oakland, to the wife of Joseph Charles I'lpione. 1010 Kalns ave . Berkeley, Feb. 28, a ion. Norman Joseph. SHATERIAN In Oakland, to the wife of Arthur Shaterlan. 455 00th St., Feb. 27. a daughter. Beverly Jean. SINN In Oakland, to the wife of Frederick Patrick Sinn. 4151 Pennlman ave., Feb. 28. a son. Frederick Jean. TYREF In Oakland, to the wife of Paul Tyree. 1820 Pth ave.. Feb. 27, a daughter, Marilyn Lee. Notices lf Intention to Wed LERMAN-niHIN Victor Lerman, 35, Woodrow Hotel, Oakland, and Mollle Rubin. 27. 001 Scott St.. Oakland. MAYER-MI LLKU Hay E. Mayer, 25, 3104 Grove t.. Oakland, and Audrey H. Miller. 22. 2800 Grove St., Oakland. Nl'NKZ-M ART INEZ l'asoual Nunez, 30, 016 Seventh st., Oakland, and Mary R. Martinez 27 033 Seventh St., Oakland. WINDEHS-SH I NNKY Robert T. Winders, 25 41 HO Opal Bt. Oakland, and Tressa H. Shlnney, 20, 3807 Manila Jive., Oakland. HA YASHTDA -K AN'EKO KenJI Haysshl-da. 20, 1713 Oak St., Alameda, and Fu-jie Kaneko. 25, 647 Mandana blvd., Oakland. OLSKN-RODRIGVES Francis W. Olsen, 27, 220 East Twenty-fourth St.. Oakland, and Bertha J. Rodrlguea, 23, 2130 Thirteenth ave.. Oakland. FEKRKE -MADSEN Frank E. Ferree, 23. 2354 Frultvale ave.. Oakland, and Mar-Ian E. Madsen, 21, 2120 Frultvale ave., Oakland. DANNEK-ALDEN' Harold C. Danner, 27, 404 Moss ave.. Oakland, and Ruth M. Allen. 21. 2420 Curtis St.. Berkeley. PARSON Ml'RlLI.O James J. Parson Jr., 23. 108(1 Pecan St.. Ileaumont. Texas, and Alberta D. Muilllo. 20. 0240 Her-zng St.. Oakland. KI'TTNEn-SHARKOCK Nathan Kuttner, 35. 12110 East Twenty-eighth at., Oakland, and Nova Sharrock, 21, 1019 Willow st.. Alameda, ENGLKR-PK ARSON Ernest T. C. Fng-ler, 25. 8015 Iris St.. Oakland, and Evelyn F. Pearson, 25, 2040 Frultvale ave., Oakland. GOI'LD-JECKELL Elmer H. Gould. Jr., 28. 142 First st., Napa, and Laura B. Jeckell. 23. 1048 La Loma. Berkeley. SNYDKIl-SMITH Thurston Snyder. 26. 41201 Gilbert St.. Oakland, and Verna M. Smith. 23. 3 Estrella ave.. Piedmont. GARLINGEH-KATICH Hoy l. Carllnger. 21. 2208 San Pablo ave. Oakland, and Anna M. Katlch, 10, 2120 Brush st Oakland. COSTADOM1NGOS George Costa, 24. and Eleza Domlngos. 20. both of 1061 East Twenty-f'iurth st . Oakland, Dl " KOSEK-WH1TK Ja-k A. Du Fosee. 25, 2130 Eagle ave., Alameda, and Aull L. Wntte, 20, 1201 Buena Vista ave Alameda. Marriage Ureases Taaued HAWKES-DIMOND William J. Hawkes, 20, San r ranclsco, and Sally Dlmond 28. Oakland. RILEY-CRAIG Edward T. Riley. 25. San Jose, end Marlon tralg 22, Oakland CKIM1.VS-ADKINS James T. Orlmlna. 37. and Bessie I. Adkins, 34, both Oak- Ifnd. JOHNSTON-ROWLEY William R. Jnhn- stnn. bO, Pittsburg, and Myrtle Rowley, 63. Oak'.md HERSEY-GOAn Fletcher A. Hersev. 75, and Mary Onnd. 73. both Hayward. FISHER-RICHMOND Thomas. .N. Fisher. 25. and Gertude E. Richmond. 23, bolh of Rerkelev. JONES - GI NTFR Gerald L. Jones. 20. San Francisco, and Beulas Gunter. 22, Richmond. Divorce Complaints Filed. LTGOTNP Ollta vs. Edward F.. cruelty. ANOHEOTTI Adam vs. Marie, cruelty. ASHLEY W. vs. H.. cruelty. DOWT'iN Louis J. vs. Wllhelmlna, cruelty. MENDONCA Jose vs. Manuel D., desertion. GAII.HlS Magdalen vs. Joseph, desertion. Interlocutory Divorce Ierree Granted. MEADDOWS Vivian from Hilary, cruelty. JONES Katherine E. from Leonel P., desertion. APPLEGATE Ethel Mae from Leroy R., deseitinn. PRENHAW Phyllis F. from Marvel J crueltv. PEi'HTKL Fred P. from Alice, crueltv. PARKER Mary R. from Joe Lee, cruelty. RHl'E Norma from Jack F. crueltv BROWN Elsie E. from Frank S . cruelty. SALE John L. Jr. from Edna M., deser tion. WAGGENER Anita Bertha from Orval E.. cruelty. HEATH A. from F.. desertion. MrNElL Georgia from Henry, desertion. SHIRAZEE Doris from Allen A desertion. Final Divorce Decrees Granted. MILLER Marjorie Meyer from Leland K cruelty. NICKERSON Kathleen from Roscoe Wayne, cruelty. HARBIN Helen from Fred, crueltv. RODR1HCEB Bertha from- Firmino. cruelty. TAMANE May from Bert M., cruelty. FRANKLIN Leona (rem R desertion, A FREE BOOKLET. The Examiner has printed a booklet which contains many very appropriate forms for "Cards of Thanks." These cards are now being published extensively in place of sending out Individual letters. The booklet also contains "In Memoriam" verses and correct wording for "Mass Notices'1 and "Tombstone Dedications." Call, write or phone The Examiner. 81'tter 2424. for a Free Copy of this helpful booklet or for further information. Drat! AHKKN, MICHAKTj AU.KAAERT. RAYMOND AN1XTER, I,OUS H. ANTONIO, HARRY ASKER (Dumontlrr) Rose A ernes 65 yeAif . BIRD, GKORGINA BVRTT, A OA M. COCKROFT. J.Ol IS F. 78 year. PATRICIA J. DAVIKS, WALTER K. 65 J9r DEHRICK. FREDERICK JR 35 yeari DIETRICH, HENRY M. KMKRY, WIIXARD J. ESI, IE FEKMING, JAMES HENRY GREEN. MARY GFRTRIDE ORIFF1N. WAITER C. HANN0N, MICHAEL J, HANSON, GEORGE C, HKATiKY, CHARLES F. HIGGINS. MARY E. JOHAXSiON. HANS 1'8 years KKELY, MARY FRANCES IA1M)N, MARIE A. MENDENHALL, JESSE V. MIDDLEHOVK, GEKRETT E. 54 years Ml RASKY. Jl IXiE LEO A. ROSA, JOSET-H T. SAKI BHI, RAFAELA 86 rears SCHM1TZ. FRANK J. SHi:rHERI, MARY JANE SMITH, INEZ A. STl'MPF, JOHN M. STI RTEVANT. JAMES F. TOLBERT, CHARLES AT WELL W ATSON, MARY -89 years W ELCH. JAMES J. WHIPPLE, HARRY J,- 77 years WILSON, SALL1E BIRDE 40 yeaw WOOD, LOl ISE W. WOLYEHTON, FRANK YOCMGi WILLIAM J. AHERN In this city, March 16. 103(1, Michael Ahem, dearly heluvM husband of the latp Norah Ahern, lovinH: father of Mrs. Mary liehi. James. John and Thomas Ahtrn, bcWived grandfather f Thomas Ahern Jr., lovinK father-in-law of Thomas Held and Mrs. Thomas Ahern, a native Of County Limerick, Ireland. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednesday), at H a. m.. from the chapel of H. F. Huhr Co., "Oil Mission at., near "Mh. thnee to St. Kevin's Church, 710 Cnrtland ave., where a requiem high mans 'will ho celebrated for the repose of his soul, Oonimencln- at I:.10 a. m. Interment, Hob- Croiw Oemalery. ALLHGAKRT In this city. March 15. lHUfl, Kaymond. dearly beloved husband of Frances Alleuaert, beloved son of the Ifftr Charles' and Louise AUeBaert. loving brother of Amedee, Joseph and Leo Alletraert, Mrs, Richard Fisk and the late Valere and Maurice Allegaert; a native of Helfflum, Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral today (Tuesday) at a. m., from the Chapel of l"nlt'd I'ndertakers. KHK1 Van Ness ave. South at '2'2i st.. thence to Mission Dolores Church for hle-sainf? at 10 a. m. Interment, Holy Cross Cemetery. AN INTER In this city. March 16, lO.'W. Louts H, A nix ter, husband of Evelyn An ix ter. father of Julian, Leo. Ivan and Louise Marjory Anixier and Mrs. Kae Herelson, brother of Isaac, lien and Kaymond A nix ter ; native of ISan Francisco, A member of l'acif ic I.odRe No. 130. F, A A. M.: Islam Temple, Mystic Shrine and Itinuon arior No, 1'2, i, S. I. W. Services at 10 a, m. Wednesday. March 18, at Gray's, Divisadero Btreet nt 1-ost. 'Entombment, Portals of Eternity, ANTONIO In this city. March 14, 1930. Harry, devoted son of taear Antonio, beloved brother of Mrs. Carrie De Hooper and Mrs. Hilda Burtrom; a na-tiv nf Louisiana. Friends are invited to attend the funeral Wednesday at 1 ;30 p. in., from Zion A. M. K. Church, 167 Geary st. Interment, Olivet .Memorial Park. Ite-malns at Butler Funeral Home, 3114 Sutter st. ASK ER numontir) Tn Oakland. March J 4. 1 iUfi, Hose Annes, beloved wife of Frederick Anker, lovimr mother of Mar-eolla R. Schaller and Madeleine Williamson, sister of C. H.. J. J, and James McGurk and. Mrs. Margaret AutruMllne, niece of the iRte Tllcht Kev. Monslirnor Connelly; a native of California, aged 65 years. Friends art respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Wednesdav. March JR. 10!fi. at 8:;i( a. m. at the Fruitvale Chapel of Clarence N. Cooper. Frultvale ave. and E. It3th st. : thenre to St. Elizabeth's Church where r reinipm hi-h mass will Ire xung for the repose of her soul, commencing at H a. m. Interment. Holy Cross Cemetery. BIRD In this city. March 36, 1036, i;rtrirfna Bird, beloved sister of Hettie ("hadwlck, Mary Ford, Elizabeth Ni.-hnl-aon and Henry liird, dearest friend of Winifred M. Gibson; a native of Victoria; H. c. (Victoria. B. C., and Seattle papers please copy.) Friends a re Invitpd to attend the funeral Tuesday, March 17. lf.'Hl, nt 1 P. m., at the mortuary of Julius S. Godeau, Inc., 41 Van Ness ave. Bl ItTT In Oakland. March ft, 3 H30. Ada I M., beloved wife, of Frank M. Hurtt. I momer or Airs, i'nullne t, arson, tfauirh ter of Mrs. Bessie S my the, sister of Mrs. Roland 1'etty of Oakland. Mrs. Harry Mason and Claude L. Kmythe itf Los Anprfies and Mrs. Jack Newman nf Wilmington. Mass.; a native of New 33 run sw irk, Canada. Friends are Invited to attend pervices T uesday afternoon. March 1 7. at .1 .30 o' the Chapel of AHrt Brown Co.. 347H IMedmont av9.. Oakland. In-tombment, Mt. View Mausoleum. COCKROFT In Oakland. March 3 5. 3936. Ivouts F., beloved husband of Maht I Cockroft. loving father of Mrs. Tlmda Whitmore. Mrs. Charlotte Tilden and the late Irving' Crckroft, and son of Martha Ann Cock reft; a native of Illinois, aged 78 years 11 months ". 7 days. A member of Transportation Club, Commonwealth Club and Outlook Club. (Los Angeles papers please copy.) Friends are Invited to attend the services at the Mt. View Cemetery Mausoleum Chn pel. Wednesday. Maruh 18. 1U3H. at 3:4JS o'cloek p. m. Friends may call at the Cathedral Chapel ot thA Grant V. AllHer Mnrtunries. Inc.. 2850 Tplecrnph ave., Oakland, until 1 j p. m. Wednesday. COM: In this city. March 16, 1936, pa- tricta J. Code, beloved dauwhter of Kllia j ST. and Catherine Cod1, sister of Richard and Tarry Code, and pranddnntrh'T nf Frank and Emily Code; a nativs of San Francisco. Calif, , Remains at the mortuary of Barry A McDonald. 766-770 Valencia st. Inter- ' ment private. DAVIES In Oakland. March 16. 1936. alter E. Da vies, beloved husl-and vt Annie J. Davles. !oving iatheT of James ; 8. Teddy, arand father of Jack S. and Robert Franklin Teddy, brothor-in-la w of Mary T. Haldeman: a native of , Kng-land, ased H;i years 7 months 13; days. A member of Oakland Iodse ! No. 171, 3. F. O. E., and Oakland ; Jodff No. 324, L. O. O. M. j Friends are Invited to attend the ; services at the Cathedra! Chapel rf j Me rant P. f iller Mortuarte line., 250 Telegraph avenue. Oakland. Wednesday, March 18th, 1)36, at 4 j clock p. m. DEHRICK In Panta Barhara, California. March 14. I.Uti. Frederick Idnrk Jr., dearly beloved, husband of Jessie Iedri k. levins s,m of Capt. Kred and the late Lena Ied:ich : a native cf San Francisco. California, aed 35 years. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services Thursday at i p. rn. at The chapel uf H. F. Suhr Co.. 'JPIH Mission st.. nr. Mnih. Inierment, Cypress Lawn Memorial l;ark. DIETRICH In this city. March 16. 3936. Henry M-. ritarly beloved brother of Oust ave R. Dietrich and the late Edward C, Dietrich. Funeral servu-es will be held today (Tuesday) at 2 o clock p. m., trom tne mortuary of Halsted ft Co.. 1133 Sutler st., near I'olk. EMERY In this city. March 16. 3936. Wiilard Leslie Emery, beioved husi-und of Carrie Emery, hiving father of Wiilard Leslie Kmery Jr.. son of Mary and the late J . William Emery and brother of Mary Ethel Llnery; nati'e of Maiden. Mass. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services at 1 o'chvk Wednesday afternoon. Manh 18, at Gray's. Divisadero street at Post. Interment private. FLEMING In this city. March 15, 1036, James Henry, devoted husband of Ida Fleming,; a, native of Massachusetts. Friends are invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednesday). Mart h 1 18. at 11 a. m., from the mortuary of O'dhaughnessy, Roche, Monahan Co., 3300 lHth st., at Dolores, where ser-vices will be held under the auspices of Fail-mount Lodtfft No. 435. F. & A. M. Interment, Olivet Memorial Park. GREEN" In this city. March 14. 1936, Mary Gertrude, beloved wife of the late James D. Green, loving- mother of John and Gertrude Green and Mrs. H. F. Brockbage. Bister of Mrs. J. J. Hanley. Mrs. E. S. Devine and the late John Cronin. grandmother of Robert and James Brockhase. A member of Catholic Daughters. Court St. Francis No. f50; Holv Rosary Sodality of the Star of the Sea Church. Catholic Ladies Aid Societv, Branch No. 2. St. Charles Church; St. Vincent's Alumnae and South-of-Market Girls. Friends are invited to attend the funeral Wednesday at 9 a. m., from Mc-Avoy-O'Hara Co., Geary et. at 9th ave., thence to Star of the Sea Church, where mass will be celebrated at 9:30 a. m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. GR1EF1V In IMedmont. March 35th, 1936, Walter C. beloved hushand of niancne A. Griffin and father of Walter C. Griffin Jr. A member of Euclid Lodge. F, & A. M-, of Brooklyn. N. Y. Services Wednesday afternoon, March 18th. at 2 o'clock, at the Albert Brown Chapel. 3476 l'iedmont avnue. Oakland. H4flV in Vhoenlx. Arisona, March 14, 1936, Michael J. Hannon. beloved hushand of Katherine Hannon, levin father ir- XoiiiR Smith. Mrs. Mary Noon, Mrs. Katherine Aekerman. Mrs. Gertrude Gilpin and Thomaa M. Hannon, Drotner of John T., Daniel and Thomas J. Hannon. Mrs. Annie McGrath and Mrs. Bridgie McLilligett, a native of Ireland. Friends are invited to attend the fu-rnal Wednesday. March 18th. at Old St. Marv's traullst) Ohuich, California at Grant Avenue, where a requiem mass will be offered for the repose or nis soui, commenclnB at 10 o'clock. Interment, Holy Cross, HANSON In Oakland, March 3 4. 3936, George C. beloved husband of Carrie C. Hanson, loving father of Mrs. E. L. Anderson, Gladys C, Lloyd W. and Bob W. Hanson: a native of California. A member of E. H. Liscum Camp No. 7, u. s. W, V. Friends are Invited to attend services Tuesday afternoon. March 17th. at 2 o'clock, at the Albert Brown Chapel, 3476 IMedmont ave.. Oakland, HEALEY In this city. March 36. 1936, Charles F., beloved husband of Matildn Healey, beloved lather of Charles H., Angela, Harry W. and Helen M. Healey, and brother of I.ouis and Mary Healey; s; native of Pan Francisco. Cal. A member of Golden Gate Council No. 34. Y. M I., Widows nnd Orphans Aid and Mutual Aid Associations of S. F. F. D.: the Veteran Firemen's Assn. and the David frannel Club, Inc. The funeral will take place tomorrow (Wednesday). March 3 8. 1936. at H 30 o'clock a. m., from the Memorial Chapels of Carew & English, Masonic at Golden Onto ave.; thence to the Church of St. Thomas the Anoatte. 40th eve. nnd Balboa, where- a requiem mass will be offered for the reposo of bi aoul, commencing nt 3 0 o'clock. Interment, Holv Cross Cemetery, GOLDEN i! ATE COCNCITi No. 34. Y. V. I. The dt ficers Rnd members are reouested tn assemble at the funeral parlors of Carew & English. Tuesday evening. March 17. at o:io o ciook. io recite the rosary for our late brother. WILLIAM GILMOKE, l'res. HIGGINS In this city. March 14. 3 936. Mary E., dearly beloved wife of Joseph J Higgins iovina: mother of Joseph J . Higuins Jr. Mrs. G. L. Lfghtfoot, Mrs. G. W. Varnhol7. sister of James and William SexsmUh and idolized grandmother of Mrs. R. De Martini. Mrs. H. A. Marks and George W. Warnhols Jr.; a native of Canada. Funeral Tuesday at 1 p. m., from Gantner. Felder, Kenny Chapel, 1965 Market street, at Duboce ave. Entombment, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park. JOHANSON in this city, March 15. 3936. Hans Johanson. dearly beloved father of Osch r O. Jobanson, beloved brother of John Johanson; a native of Sweden, aged OS years. Friends are incited to attend the funeral services today (Tuesday! at 2 P-m.. from Anderson's. Va lend a st. at 2Jth st. Interment, Cypress Lawn Memorial Bark. KELLY Tn thla city. March 16. 3936. Mary Frances, dearly lelveit wife of George F, Kelly, loving sister of Anne Jl . Bacon and Catharine A. Byrne, devoted aunt of AIicp K. Schleef, Catherine M. Byrne and imelda M. Vargjs. a native of San Francisco. A member' vt CM hotic Daughters' ( "ourt, S. F.. N. 1.13. and Catholic Ladies', Aid Society, Branch No, '2. Funeral Wednesday, at 9:30 . m,. from Gantner, Felder, Kenny Chapel, 3 965 Market afreet, at Duboce ave.. thenca to St. AKnes Church, where a requiem mn ts will be retcbrated at 10 a. m. Interment, Holy Cross. C. L. A. S., BKANCH No, l2 Officers and membera are reouested to assemble Tuesday evenlnr at 8 p. m. to recite the rosary for our lute past president. Sister May Kelly, alsn to attend the mass Wednesday at 1 a. m. MARY McGOWAN. Pres. LYDOX In this city. March 16. 1936. Marie A.. hHovpd wiff nf Thnn'ps 1'. Lvdon, loving mother of Eugenie M. Ly-don. and sister of Joseph Jlaats of Fairbanks. Alaska; a native of San Fran-cisi o. Friends may viw the remains nt the parlors of Comisky & Connolly, 1 1 5! Valencia st., between 2"d and 23d sts. Notice of funeral later. MF"DENIIAT.I In this city. March 3.V 3 93 1. Jesse V.. dea rly beloved husband of Irene Mndcnhntl, beloved son of Emma L. Mendenhall and brother of Boy Mendenha II ; a native of IJver-more, Cal. A member of Berkeley Lodre, B. P. O. E.. and Alumni Assn. of l C. Friends are invited to attend trm ftt-nfral services 'i uesd:iy, at " o'eM.-k, at the Chapel of Halated-Dierks & Co.. cor, Divisadero and McAllister s's. Interment. Cypress Lawn Memorial Park. MinW.KHOFF Tn Orvi!. March 36. lO.'lrt. Gerret K. Middl-'ho'f. beloved husband of Laurie M ;dri!ehof f and brother of Mrs. William A eh i son ; a native of California, aged 54 years. Funeral servhvs will be held Wednesday. March 3 Sth. at 2 o'clock p. m.. at Chapel of Hamilton & Riley, at Oroville. MI 'RASKY In this citv. March 35. 3936. Jmis-e Leo A, MurAsky. beloved hushand of Norma Dearborn Murasky. lovrg father of Stanb y J . Murtsky, beloved son of the late Judce Frank J. and R'se MurasUy and brother of Ruth M. Fresno, Edith F. Murasky and Mrs. Cyril B. 1 Leahy ; a native of Sun Franc isco. A member of Tinne Irwin Post 93, Amer- , iean Legion: Voiture C7 Forty and Eight, McOuaide Post, V. F. W.; South of Market Bo vs. San Francisco Lodge No. ''6, ! L. O. O. M. : Gold-.'n Gate Aerie No. (U , , F, O. E.: Castro Parlnr No. ?3C. N. S. j g! W., and th Alumni Association of ! St. Mary's Collect ! The fnneral wll take pi a tomorrow i (Wednesday Msn-h IS. 1 936. at 9 o'clock a. in., trr.r.x th. Memorial Chap- 1 els tf Carew A Enish, Mascnic at GoMen Gate ave : thenre to St. Brendan's Church, Rock a way ave. at La-runa Honda blvd.. where a requiem mass will be offered for th repow r-t his soul, cnmmencinsf at 9 30 o'clock. Interment. Holy Cross Cemetery. Members of Irw:n Post B3, American Legion, are rnusted to as- ; smbie a Th Memorial Cha-tls of Ca-' rew & Eaah. .Lidvinh' at Gu't in Gate ave.. this (Tuesday) evn:n?. at S o'clo- k for services for the late Judse Leo A. Muraskv. SOUTH OF MARKET BOYS. INC Officers and members are respect fully reouested to attend the funeral of our late brother. Judge I.eo Murnsky, PETER R. MA LONE Y. see, KAY SCHILLER. Pres. ROSA In Sausalito. March 15. 1936. Joseph T., beloved hushand of hosa Fiosit. loving fa ther cf Joseph T. Rosa Jr.: a native of the Azores Islands. A member of Sausalito Council No, 14. U. P. E. C Friends are invitM to attend the funeral Wednesday, March 1. 1336. at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the Star of the Sea Church. Sausalito. where masa ir;il he offered for the repose of his ou!. Friends may call at the mortuary of Keaton A Dusel, San Rafael. Interment, Fernwood Cemetery. Bausalito. SARlItlU In this city. March 15. 1936, Kafaela Sarubbi. dearly beloved wife of the late Pietro Sarubbi. beloved mother of Kai'hHlr 'ns ri t ;no. Rosaria Antra and the late Frank and Joseph Sarubbi and Anna Basuinn: a native of Italy, ased 8d years, 2 months. 20 days. A member of St. Anne's Society of ?S, Peter and Paul's Church. Friends are invited to attend the funeral on Thursday, March 19, 1938. at 8:45 a. m.. from the chapel of Valente, Marinf, Perata Co.. 649 Green st.; thence to SS. Peter and Paul's Church, where a aolenm huh mass will be celebrated for t repose of her soul, commencinfr at 9:20 a. m. Interment, Italian Cemetery. SCHM1TZ In this city. March 15, 1936. rranit J., dearly beloved husband of Ella SchmfU. son of the late Frank A. and Emma Schmitz, nephew of the late Eugene and Julia Schmitz: a native tt San Francisco. A member ot San Francisco Court No. 10. I. O. F. Friends are Invited to attend funeral services tomorrow iWednesday) at 10 a. m.. at the chapel of H. F. Suhr Co., "919 Mission at., near 25th. Interment private. SHEPHERD In Alameda. March 13. 1936, Mary Jane Shenherd, beloved wife of Al Shepherd, loving mother of Ed Shepherd, daupbter of Mrs. M. E. Finn and the late Michael Finn. Funeral services were held Monday, March 16. 1936. at McAvoy-O'Hara Co. SMITH In this city, March 16. 1936, Ineat A. Smith, beloved daughter of Ernest R. and Anpie E. Smith. lovin sister of Mrs. Zellah E. Johnston. Mrs. Lucretia Her rises and Dorothy Whitmj Smith; native of Iowa. Funeral service wilt be held at 3:36 Wednesday afternoon. March 18. at tiray's. Divisadero street at Post. STl'MPF In Naval Training Station. San Diego. March 15. 1936. John M. Stumpf. son of the late J. M. and Denna Stumpf, cousin of F. Stumpf, nephew of N. Stumpf, Funeral notice later. STI RTEVANT In this city, March 15, 3 936. James F., beloved husband of Evelyn Sturtevant and lovirff father of M rs . A Ibert E . Pea sy and the la t e George E. Sturtevant and brother of Mrs. Jenny S. Macmillan and George A. Sturtevant. Friends are Invited to the services today (Tuesday) at 2 p. m. at his late residence. 14S6 Funston ave. (Martin A Brown's,) TOLBERT Tn Berkeley, March 35th. 1936. Charles Atwell Tolbert. beloved husband of Nellie S. Tolbert. father of the late Beatrice Tolbert Butler; a native cf Oh'o. Friends ar invited to attend funeral services Wednesday, March 3 Sth. at 10:KO o'clock . m. at Chapel of Edward E. Niehaus Co., 2t?40 Grove, at Derby st., Berkeley. WATSON In this city. Mamh loth. 1P36. Mary, dearly beloved wife of the late John Watson, loving mother of Mrs. F. C. Fall. Mrs. J. H. Rumrill. Mrs. C. W. Walker. Mrs. J. I Denker and the late John. Arthur. James and Robert Watson; a native of Ireland, asted Kit years. A member of Seven Pines Circle. Ladies of Gv A. R. Friends are invited to attend the funeral Tuesday, March 17, at 8:30 a. m., from "Wieboldl's" Funeral Parlors, 835 Valencia st., bet. 19th and 0th sts., thence to St. Anne's Church. 13th ave. and Judah st., where services will be held, commencing at 8 a. tn. Interment. National Cemetery. WELCH In this cTty. March 16. 1936. James J. Welch, father of Mrs. Vernetta M. Donnatin. Remains were forwarded to Los An-(Teles. California, for funeral services and interment. (Halsted & Co. service.) WHIPPLE In Oakland. March 16 1936, Harry J. Whipple, husband of the late Macsie S. Whipple and loving father of Mrs. Evelyn R. Dunstan and brother cf Mrs. Alice Mallard and grandfather of W. Elwyn and Margaret S. Dunst.n; a native of Michigan, aged 77 years, 8 months, lfl d;iys. Friends are invited to attend the services at the main chapel of the California Crematorium. 449i Piedmont avenue. Oakland, Tuesday. March 17, 1936, at 8 o'clock p. m. WILSON In this city. March 16. 1936. Sallfe Birde Wilson, beloved wife of Dean Wilson, loving sister of Jessie B., Mary E.. Charles L. and Wm. E. Bishop, and Mrs. C. B. Turley; a native of Kentucky, aged 46 years. Funeral services will be he'd Wednesday. Mart h 1 Sth. at 11 o'clock a. m., at the mortuary of Halsted A Co., 1123 Sutter street, near Folk, under the auspices of Presidio Chapter N'n. 4S1. C E. S. Inurnment. Olivet Memorial Park. WOOD In this city, March 13. 1936, Louise W. Wood, wife of John R. Wood, mother of Mrs. Frances Tyler Ivvick. Louise and William B. Tyler; native of New York, Funeral and interment took place Monday. WOT.VERTON In this city, March 14. 1936. Frank Wolverton, loving gon of Mrs. Clara Andrews. Funeral services will be held today, Tuesday, at 10-30 o'clock a. m., from the mortuary of Halsted & Co., 11S3 Sutter st. near Poik. Y01NC. In this city. March 15. 1936, William J., beloved husband of the late CVrtrude I. Younir. and loving father of Elmer J. Rnd Allan J. Nelson; a native of Boston, Mass. F"iends nre lnv'-.1 a'terd the funeral tomorrow i W-Mnes-lay at 8 45 a. m., from the pariors nf M-Brearty A MiCormick. 643-645 Valencia, between 3 7th and lSth sts. thence to Corpus Christ i Church, wh-ire a requiem high mass will be of'ered for the repose rf his soul, commen.-ing at 9:30 a. m. Interment, Holy Cross Cemetery. In fflrmnriam ABRAHAM In sad and loving memcrv f M u r ry A h r h ;i m , who pa s s e d away aich 37, IS''-1 4. Our Anel from t: has gone, rnty he be at re.-t and In pea re. ami beneath the sradrw cf Thine A Imightly Wins may his soul be en-shrippd in h i!!ps?s WIFE. CHILDREN AND MOTHER. (Cariii nf eljattks MIR PHY The family of the late Anne Murphy desire to express th-Mr sincere thuiks and appreciation to their many fronds and relatives for their kindness anil svmp.vhv. rIsj the beautiful floral o'erinrs ter.cVred durrrs their recent b'i-eAveTp'it. We ftNo w;h to think the firm cf O'Shatrhressy. U-he, Monahan t-r tht ir m.inv acts of k -mines? and sympathy e-wr.p'd. THOMAS ANT JAMES FA LLC N AND FAMILY. , J. C O'Connor Co. FUNERAL DIRECTORS US Trim rffTnti-d In the nrinl. Klnd'T nd liisiilflrd rondiir of hiirisl KTtr J. C. OTIINVftR -IK. Mnar ,V4? Vale"'! !t. rh MArkrt S JuliflES S. (nod can. Inc. W. Godcatt R. Ockrnl San Francisco: Oakland, Calif.: 41 VAN NESS AVENUE 2110 WEBSTER STREET HEmlock 1230-1-2 Hlgate 4045 i i ykrai, miti'XTOiis "Our entire beautiful Colonial Building devoted to ethical servic" "Reasonable Prices Prevad" L)

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