The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1947 BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Polish Leader In England 'Phantom Killer' Wounds Couple Hooded Negro Beats Pair in Tourist Camp; Man, 45, Near Death TEKARKANA, Tex.. Nov. 10. lUpi—jiitcry townsfolk latched their windows and kept them 1 tlrn- flrnts close at hand today alter leammn that the "phantom killer' € n claimed five victims since Fcb- ry, 1946. apparently had struck .in. Meek Wellborn, 45, latest, victim "t Hie. hootied killer, lay near death in a hospital after a vicious beating with a hamincr. Hi.s companUm, Mrs. Grade Evans, 31, suffered a fractured skull. The hysterical woman told lice that their assault, MU-JI iliem in a tourist cabin early Sun- ila.v morning. AMliough Mrs. Kvaijs desc' of ihe mail wn.s .somewhat incoherent, police said It matched that of the killer hunted since he took the life ot his first victim 15 months ago. Mrs. Fvans said their atacker was A • | • *y I * * D *.*. Tl a nr-cro who wore a white mask j Aft IITIQ IS in Z.OO LlVltlQ Better IhOn wih holes cut out for the eyes. Police said the phantom killer wore] similar garb. Staiustaw MlSsolRjc'/.yk. Polish opposition leader, kisses his wlfe'j' hand at Kenton, Middlesex. England, after his arrival in England. A RAP plane new him to safety after he fled a death plot. tNEA Radio-Telephoto). Few Firms Ease Installment Plans Mo*t 'Hold the Line' After Government Lifts Credit Controls Ry IIN'ITKII PKKSS Retailers, banks and ionn companies, (or the most part, "held Die line" diirini: the first week alter the government lifted Its! controls on consumer credll, R; survey showed today. i Comparatively few ivjerchfti)ls buying- For this reason, plu.s short- BKCS and consumer resistance to high prices, there »'«s no rush to : buy and only nominal change In total sulwj across the country. Government, controls were til effect for six years and set the »mount of down [mvments on most UiltiRs a man wanted lo huv. These I ended Sunday, Nov. 2. Official regulations culled for 33 Ii3 i»r cent Shelton Motors Employes to Be Feted at Banquet Bnnnford O. Slielton inrt til employes of Sheltoti Molor Co., Nash dPiiler her«, will tw honored st'» banquet ,t the Hotel Noble tonight when Mr, Shflton will b» presented with th« N«3h ID-Point Select Denier Pl»qur. 'The nn'iud Is presented to service, out lined by Motorn. They are capital, (loot M>»« location. IrtenlKlcBllon, • pptirince.! service, parts, n«w car showroom' used car dl«i)!«y (icllltlM »nd »c- i eounlinR. R A. Kolb of Memphis. N»sh zone manager, and Frank ThoniRii MempbU district nmmgrr, will al- lend Die baii(|ucl, (lv«n by N«*h Motors, PAGE THREI I She snS6 the man demanded money and thai when Wellborn ordered him out of the cabin, the assailant pulled out a hammer and struck Wellborn on the head repeatedly. When Wellborn slumped to the floor unconscious, she said, the iiiun | grabbed her and attempted to rape her. He struck her several times f h (he hammer, she said, 'olice and .sheriff's deputies examined the' blood-spattered cabin i carefully today for additional clues ' to the attacker, but said they had found nothing. The phantom left a blond-smeared trail as he fled through the window of the tourist," cabin and escaped over a fence at the rear. Mrs. Evans said she took Wellborn to the tourist cabin because "hi- was not able lo drive." "I heard a noise outside,' but I thought '- came from next door," she. savd. Then, suddenly, n Negro with a white cloth over his head came through the window. Wellborn ordered him out, but the man demanded that Wellborn give him some money. •'Wellborn ordered him out again, and then the man pulled out a hammer and hit Wellborn with it again and again." she said. Atlantans in Slums, Councilman Says a minimum monthly payment of ' »S. but officials said II wan loo early to del ermine the ramlta. ' Two of Clite»(!o't leading deparl- Priioners Recaptured By Poisemen in Texas TEXARKANA, Nov. 10. (UP)-Four Inmates of the Federal Correctional Institution near here were back boliliut bars today, following (heir capture lii Cass, County, Tex,, no 1 me 36 hours after Ihey' suwcd their way to freedom. The mrn offered no resistance when stir- ; NOT fOKMf.ll BY KKA The suml of Ihe desert Is nol un • nflent sen deposit, n is formed right in the ijp.wrt by heat, cold. «nd wind. Constant contractlonnl expansion, due to cold nlRhts and hot days, breaks up Ihe rocks and UIB wind grinds them lm o . sl md. {*/«>>? WATCH <,„<( JEWELRY REPAIRING in /ff^/ The call of a bull elk—» hlgh- 1>ltcher, .shrill, Miucnllng noise—can be henrd for « mile. Relief At Last For Your Cough Crwmtilston relieved promptly be- C*UM it eoei right, to the sent of tho (rouble to help loosen and expel Kcim laden phfcRiu, and nl<) naturo to nootlie and heal raw, tender, in- nAincd bronchial niucou.i membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a botUo of OrcoimMon with the un- derntnndlne yon mint Jiko the way It quickly allays tho couch or you ure to have your money back. CREOMULS1ON for Coughs,OiestCold^BronchiHi The American meadowlark is not a lark at all. but a relative of the crow and bluejay. BY Al, KliKTTNKR (Unlleil I'ress SUff Cnrre.spnnilentl ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 10.(UP.—. Wlmt'.s the use, folks? Come* now a Bent who says a lot of us have been just wasting time Retting where we are because we'd be loLs better off right back in a cage with the monkeys at Municipal Zoo. Puleeic. Councilman John A While What's the .;ig idea! H took us humans a lung time to get like this. We've learned to knot a lie In the dark, we know all nhont the new look and what it looks like, w* could even tell you a thing or two about atomic energy and we are now living in houses with hot and cold running water. Don't you talk to ns about monkeys being better off, councilman. You shush up. That's just it, says Councilman White with no intention of shushing. Houses. And he's talking here right to you, Mayor William B. Hartsfield. "Ther are approximately 100 animals, including monkeys, at :!\e Atlanta Public Zoo. and they live in much better quarters than 162,000 people of Atlanta," says the Councilman. He knows. He's taken a census of the animal kingdom and whalY more. He's done some comparing oi living quarters. He's been everywhere except the lion's den. Studying Slum Clearance White is chairman of a special slum clearance committee of the Atlanta City Council and that's why he's digging np all these disturbing things. Are you listening, Mr. Mnyor? This fellow has sure been studying those animals. " a "We all favor sanitary condition? for the animals," he says, "but nol for the people who live in our slums." What's more, he says, there Is no disease, no crime, no delinquency- juvenile or otherwise—and no fire hazards at the zoo. nut the houses of the slum dwellers are different and he thinks Ihe anhimjs wouldn't ' dare swap places with the folks who live In some of them. While dosen'l like the action his committee has been gelling in cltj Council, HI all. Like Ihe time. hV says when Ihey tried to put. through a measure to employ five health anil five building inspectors to help with a cleanup program In the slums. That got all kinds of opposition. \i,\ laments, but when Ihe zoo asked for three more laborers to keep the home of the animals cleaner, thev were appioved in a jiffy. Councilman White Is mad. If.-, people or monkeys, says he with a battle cry look in !Us eye. And he's in favor of the people. "The public Is entitled to know- It some of their elected officials think more about the added comfort of the animals In Ihr 7.00 than they do about decent living place for: one-third of the people In this ' city. ' All right. Mr. Councilman. You go right ahead with your campaign for the people. And when you hear ot a vacancy at, the MO, will you please let us know? Many businesses sairt they feared a return lo "easy payment plans", might result In'runaway Inflation; or that Congress would clamp on new controls, William Danders of the Indianapolis Retail Merchants Assoola- tion said Ihe consumer "must nol be pcrmllted to buy promiscuously — on a dollar down and the rest, j when you catch me basis." Some litrrc:um Ki-pnltrd Some merchants in scattered sections of ihe nation retwrted some j increase. In sales volume, nntl a hgln j demand for easier credit, but .said | that, generally the situation was static. Credll terms may be eased by the trade associations, they said'. if strong competition develops, and they believed there may be a Ren- erai change across the nation when Christmas Inlying starts. In Detroli, ih c president of the Retail iUrrohants Association said there seemed to be no apixtrenl difference at all In sales and buy- Revealing Facts On Fistula-FREE Revealing Facts On Fistula - Free a* \\* V>;*\HG >* v^ \VCKS b**' ^,- •^5tri, l ^*'*f- Uon'l Uirow -7 iji^'r-^ii. It mvnvl It r >7 *J/?:."-, cn " "" '<•Pitt' ^ *?. jiulrt'd - - - iu ]r>w coal loot >'nclorv trMHril itxurru. mMlll[urlm*r« |>niVnll woi-k uiirniuntlfmnllv inninuiierd. Com* In Today For An Appraital . « and Used Electric MOTORS Suited to nnv use. Come in I/HO to I'// ixiwer si/.e.s. Supply (s Not Unlimited Medlin & Lane ELECTRIC COMPANY 12!) 8. First Hume 21 SO FOR SALE 4-in. ConereU S«w«r TiU Concrete Culvert Tilr Size 10 in., 36 ia. . A. H. WEBB Hwy. «1 >t Stalt UM Phone BhrtbMlll* 7U 1 Have On Hand At Ail Times Several tnvclori and . . , both new and used ones . JOHN VKERE, FARMALL, »nd other makes. Also, I have lor sale at nil times 10 to HO h«ad of imilcu. Terms can be arranged. Will trade for most anything yow have. F. C. CROWE 1 Mile S. of Itraggadocio VETERANS It: is our'purpose to train men to become Rood mechanics or to prepare tlicni for a business'of then- own. We honestly believe that our facilities are the best in the South for training men in Hie following professions: BODY ANO FENDER WORKER AUTOiMOHIUC I'AINTER AUTOMOTIVE E!,ECTR1CITY SI'ECIAUZKD AUTO MECHANICS Phone 3G-7J-I6, or write for free information about classes starting soon. Draughon's College of Mechanics, Inc. 2M-I Madison Avenue Memphis, Tenn. Airport News BrcaiiKe of the number of near- accideim that have occurred on Municipal Airport ramps due to cars being driven along them, air- pniL ofHciiiU today nskcri the cooperation of motonsLs in keeping thrir automobiles off the concrete ramps, The ramp.s have long bcoii used as .short-cuts by many drivers in gelling to the main hangar. However, these ramps are taxi-ways for planes and the presence of both air- crafi and car.s has resulted in a number of near collisions. Paved roads lead from either air base en- iratice all the way to the mnin han- gir and Hood Flying Service office, Seven planes Innded here front Manila yesterday morning and pilots and passengers held a breakfast at ihe Fly-Inn airport restaurant. C. V. Scbau gh a nd Dr. J. P. Browns on flew lo Memphis yesterday in Mr. Scbaugh's Navlon". L. S. Hartzog flew to St. Louis in his Brllnnc^ yesterday. Nubcrt Porter of Jonesboro landed here in a Stinson yesterday. Two other Jonesboro pilots. Goffrey Push and Elton aPttcrson, flew over in the Jonesboro Air Club's Cessna 1-30. Oihcr t ransicnt pilots landing here duving last week were Tommy Willmms nl PorlmjcviHe. Mo., Chni'lc.s Boycl, hend of tho Association, said there had been 111 lie public response io release ,of ihe controls. "Not- insitiy merchants," he said, "have changed l.holr tornis [•ndicnlly- Most, firms nre deciding that so lony us business comes In well on Ihe pre.scnl terms, why changes?" Salt Lake . City, Indlnnapolls. Minneapolis and Dallas said they noted an In dcinnnd ror cosier credit terms, although cities were the exception to the rule. Several big mail order houses —- Rearx-Rnbuuk, Montgomry Ward nnri SpieRels reduced their credit terms to pre-\var levels — 10 per cent down and up to 18 months to pay on large purchases, 12 months cm .smaller purchases and u :i i: I i I s The Thornton A- Minor clinic, Suite 1172, 920 McGce St., Kansas ) City, Mo., has H new Illustrated FRKE BOOK on Flstuln. Piles, other rectal or colon disorders «nd associated ailments. Writ* today. FK££ TO EXPECTANT MOTHERS Hyiiip n PT-10. and Dr. John Viin Hcnstor of Smithvillu, Tent:., in » SHllson Voynfcer. To show our interest in the welfare of expectant mothers we are furnishing, without cost or obligation, the booklet MATERNAL and NEWBORN CARE, by .-,,, outstanding 64 pages of educational tcxi will. 29 illustrations, charts and graph.. A helpful guide for all expectant mother*. CITY DRUG CO. Ed Williams, Druggist 101 Eatt Main St. Blythevillo, Ark. Open An Account At DRElFUS NOTICE In following Hie pattern set by bonks throughout the United States, this Bank will be closed ell day - * ARMISTICE DAY Tuesday, Nov. 11th In Observance of a National Holiday The First National Bank The Only National Bank in Mississippi County BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Call 2397* —FOR— • Bob Powell • T. W. 'Hop' Neil We specialize in house wiring, farm wiring, mo- Itir repair and appliance insinuation. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Illylheville, Ark. H-flLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. M fl I M ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 69] 2617 ' — 2611 — 2611 — 2611 IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN A FIRST LINE TIRE ... GET THE NEW HOOD 400 " cs • Washing • Road Service • Lubrication • Esso Products Also ' Goodyear and Firestone Tires WE^CLOSlT^ui^YS K> K> 201 West Ash Street Did You Say Service? Service is more than a woj'd repented, here nt NU-WA. Service to us menus fine CLEAN- INCi AND LAUNDRY picked up and delivered nt your doorstep. Service liere, means satisfnctioii lo every customer. U meftlis that you can trust every carmeut to us ,inrt have them returned spotless, unhnrmcd nncl ready for immediate use! Dial 447 4-447 5 Vor Our Pnnblc Scrvlff NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS 220 North Second Street fQ* KC/U $tt you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer •hone 3479 Blylherille Ark. 112 VVltaat SM.

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