The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1931
Page 3
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JON DAY, MAY 25, 1931 (AKK.) COUWKK NEWS D RIDGE pj, WM. E. MrKKXNKV i given you a double raise mil yiti Secretary American Krlil^e League I'old good outside strength, occa- in our previous article wo dis- sionally you will rcbld your Ijiir- cus«:d t'-e b;cid!n:j <jf four-card card major. suits ahead of five. No', only riu?s When holding Iwo five-card siii's, Hie bidding o[ tour-card suits ahc-ai Hie liigiier ranking of the t*o pl of five give partner an accurate p:<:-.should l)i bid (list. SupiiMin? yg;i O j n lure of your r.aml. bill it also 0:1- ""Id five hearts unit five dlam;:i.t; Commencement Address at Shawnee Given by Broujh JOINER, Ark. — Dr. Clmrles H. lircu'jh dellveic-d (he commencement :u!i!:e^s lo the llilrlei'ii graduates of Sliawncc high school In At ve >' s n <lcnnl W <lsle:islvc you would open with 111? iM.irl sii't . Four-card ii.its are generally en the next round show (he dia- rcnllnnrd frnrn \:r!3 -.vii-.c-;! the mnl conic-1 bv a candidate. juiictim John Heardcn of - .vil'o, .shown on the face of strcnjcr than five-card suits, cspe-, i)iond sull. partner will assume l!ia' - rctiiri'.-.' n have been elected daily for defensive purports. Su;.'- you hold four hearts mid five dtv a substantial margin, a'ose nnd posing yo'j hold four dlanrjnds ID . monds. Then en the next round l!ir<v| (hat"he whheci tu contest t ne n «>. kl "S n »d five spades to i.-.c rebid Ihe heart suit. As the reblds id urns from ll'.e Wilson box. king, Jack, leu. Under the olj sys- of four-card suits are verv HIT declared the invcs- b-j (-xtend.Hl also lo ol 'bulditi^. you vvosild ' j partner a spade and if ;!ie bi:ldin;| hold five o-;-foh and Misniln boxes. i d!;l not yet too high, you wrjuH he three Irae.s were sent for, show your diamond suit. I!, lio.v- Iho board, a few rain- ever, (he opponents finally hou.;ht :: nf cci:ifi-'»iKr. dcidcd lo B" lh-' contracl aid II was your parl- furlhcr wl'.h Ihe mailer lhal ner's oiwniivj lead, I'c would un- now kno.v tint yo' ris r.irl five dim -r.d:; lit bvl lo meet a-.'.niii Thursday 1 r. m. At ilial time, ii in an- piio'l, fni't!<fr c-Honiion \vili be in charges relative tn<tlH! ccim- board election,-and 'a 'decision y bn f.;:llicr.m;ii!; in Ihe Shaiv- le< t. 'him Sh.wiLCe llallots Illegal our il'jtaU'd candidates lu: the iwur.-c Cisliict board, E. M. Nor- J. A Musi:k. Dr. n. L. John- anrl \V. U. IJiiikcll, are eon- liin liio election ol John \V11- fci'. n. lio!l, L. R. Biownlce and S. llarr!tcn on grounds lhal Ihe oti iri-d were iilciMl aiid lhal !:ll vntrs wcr' ca'.t nnd cuunl- for their opixmenty. fames of Oie four eonlestnnts . Ihcse cl Leslie E. Speck and N. R'. Hos:y, who were Reeled the board, were printed on the olf, llii'y having filed noiiihial- pelltlons a? minlrt-d hy law. prior to the opening of the ion. or shortly alter it opc-n- II was brought out at Satur- hearinir, Ilio names of Wil- Bell, Brownlee and Harrison typ?d nn thr ballots in Ihe "es left o[i?n for the writing i.ii ?s. This, it wp.s maintained C'jnmel for the conicstants, h the L-ailcts illegal. was also charged in tile com-' nl lhat Iwo of Hie eleclion wrrv; candidates in Ihe ol- that Mr. Deli's name ap- rcd on the hallol as a candi- e for Ihe county hoard, thus it illegal lor him lo be n didate for the Icca! Ixrard. lhal Harrison was disqualified bc- sc lie ' a constable and dcp- sheriff, and lhal many illegal rs were cast n:-.J ccunteU. i;i; votes chst by husbands their wives and votes cast by s who had not paid or had messed their poll tax. •JT'L. Browniee of Bassett was -:ed on the stand and testified It he had cast his wife's vote 1 woli ns his own, saying that ; a regular custom at Bassctt also testified that part of the c only one or two of the cloc- i ji:d£e> were pres?nt during votinj, and that two of th •5CS '.vcre candidates in tiie clec- 1. Mr. Harrison testified tha' J also cast his wife's ballot, am •lumber of residents of the dis- lt testified lhat the four names c typed on the ballot. Cooper declared rhat he di' want to cnnpcl a new eiccticn thai unless the board found I clients ware the properly elccl- liiieiubcro of the Shawnee board I would te forced to do so. SlIOV.'INfi .SIX-FIVE UISTKIJIUTION In the SHUO i:nr.:ier, i:i fa p.-r cent of t'r.c KH<X. you ra:i s'i:i-- partner when yoi: lioltl n siv c i-d , and a fwE-t-ar;l sill!: e. g.. you >:n]; blJ, airJ this; six diamonds and hearts. Yn doubtcdly o;ien v.lth a sjinde, the tir.;t suit you liail bij, airJ this „ „.,„, ^ might, be the only opening Ilia;: bid The dlaiiiond"suit firsl.'on 'lir w-oukl allow the oppanenu la go, nc xt round yrni shox Ihe heart su'i B3mCl Ithfii on (he next round ynu rebid _ However, uniler the writer's sy.v ! lh" dlamnnds. 1'frlner' ii-jtnrnlly ..-•r.i of bxldiii';, it you had bid a' makes Ihe follow.!)',' de.-lu.-tions - li-mon:! llrst and a .sunk- later «;:... ft-':™ you bid u Jlani'rn.l. he T. yonr lurlner would definitely kw..- s ,,ined dial 11 was n four-eird .vii: '.iiiit your dlamon.1 sull was a four- tlirn when you shw Ihe lieaii sn:i :ai.n;r a:i:l Hut yr>ut spi.ic suit w.r, that gives you foir dlnnnu-ls and .u !:asl five curds lomj. thcrcfure five hearts. Whi-n you rcbid the d!'i:i<: proper cp:-isiug would be dia- moiuls you showid him at least i monds. An ace km;.suit four times five-card dlomnnl suit, but If yiii will Iwo Inck-i ajainsl an op- held fi ST hcnrU nil five diamonds p-inenl's declaration a B reat deal yen would have bid Ihe luarts li'-st mire often than a fivs or si:i-cir:i why therefore dM you bid th- ilia-' suit headed by ace, kinj. Very s:! momte first? Sfmiily because yo'i dom v.-ili Ihe second lead of the must have had six diamonds an.1 four-card suit be ruffed, whilo in five hearts. TELLS STOIff.OF Hayti Society—Personal t':c audltciium hcrv Frldiy, May | ! 2-'. U.plomas wore preienicd by, Qiatlflciir of -Death Cai' AIlss \villic Lawson, county super- ., . ., ' . Makes full Confession to New York Police. NEW YORK, May 25. IUI')—'Hie int^nt-'^nt of .schools. Tlie iinnual bafciilaurcate serum, i was delivered Sunday, May •I !)•• thi.' llcv. Oiillowiiy. Lrjsltc N. aiicck was vakdklurlnn >l me ciiisj, and Sue Sanders Ihe cciifesslon of ll:e cliauireur of the '• •ilutaloiian. Oilier members of awomobiie in which Vivian Clordon : the class are Avis Newlon, IxiuLse.rcde lo hi'i <!eath left, iwllce said, i and Alellavce Tine. Kliia Mae Me- only Ihe I'MablMiriicnl of n inollvj| c'lilrld .'. Mr.H. Carrie Kllcn llur- for (he cnuu- (o complete t^e so- mat, Ora nosey, ilnzel Holt, Wood- lutloii of one of New York's most :ow Min.'.k.^cll Hughes. Ham uiiirdeis. ii-idi'Diir. and Siililey Ilauison. | Alter lu-in^ quesi:oned IS hours Tiie ii:-v. Mr. Cliinowuy gave the j Harry Bc!i[;tM. n]| as Harvey, CDII- nvu::ilij:i ill the coiniueiicciuvm! fesseil lie drove the car In which the read li.iircd wuinnn was strangled. He ininert Harry Hleln as llw most cases the second lead „ dv , United States Navy. ,„..,, .„,, „.,.. . , „ a " i In order to familiarize yourself nart- "««,cl Ud *\ ^e'c'u-^uu 1 ! VV "" this <™^ M <»^ ^^- "« '^ -we , v.rv considerable debt t)":n THE HIO'HEST OK " 1^^.^^^^°" . (lcal Rllt . of ^aliludO ID the great American TWO FOUK-CAKD SUITS There v;us special sir; by a quatlel nnd a solo by the :i.i'u i ..ICUIT, Miss Mary llhkc-! actual klllir, bin said Samuel i Inn n. Special awards to 51 pu- j Ciieenbeia. alias (Jrccnliiuier lielp- pils uf (lie sihcol were made by I cd pill a clothes line arcund ;-er nl Pyie. I neck and slraiiijle her. t Sleln ah,..idy LS Indleled for th; killing and C'.rvcnberi; will be arraigned today. Schllllel. .u-:-ordlnj{ to iiolh-e. IniJ a complete story. Burglar's Lost Shoe Leads to Capture ST. LOUIS. Mo, (UI>>— Police here faced Ihe task of (he Prince Charming of the t;ile of Cinderella \iwi tt-hcn a burg'.ar in his haste to cs-ap? approaching olfi- Ilc said In ' ccrs Iost llls stloe '" « home he Was -.burglarizing. Alined nith the burglar's shcc, the offic-rs broadcast nn alarm. SI'KECH I'HAISINT. NAVY ' On May V5. 1917, I'rlme Minister David I.loyd George, in Hie course of a speech in the House of Commons, referred lo Ihe work of tVc i several hands .viHi n pirln:-r and pi:.,;le fcr lh;. effective /v :r< " v l!;ll i">es lair;' police , try bidding tie hands back .iv.-t they have remit red u:id the craft r . rctsti a "' : '»' who was slrolL'ng im .-.i ii U t i_- u -------- p ----- ^-^.. .... > uit.. ijjx; i i.iuu lira ui:u uiu tl,llu Wlit-n holuin 3 two biddab.e four- . forth until yoi become thorou s hly Ihcv have rlaortl at our disposal. ca.d suits, bid the higher ranking familiar with :our-flvs and six-five New that the Air cr lean M the two first Wailc it is (rue bidding. in ,,, c war ,, ls nation Is to to make -,r- se ! "oiiS ai suTco'"olnT 1 rivt thal ' ^ lCOi)yi ' lsll(l I!> ; 1 ' NEA S< ' rvlec ' Inc) "»«mcnts 'for ('he" protection'Vf MnH.Mir .^1^ v^i^i.— —i.; ' " •- |f '' " L! 'e t u!.jle innriiic than u \\as Hi.) Cors !nr Pec-Wee Coif |b:5"r:." RIO IDE JANBino. Brazil. (UP) I The American djstroycrs were as- bidding ihe higher ranking oui first he shoul-J give coiuWeraiion | ...„ _ ,,.,,,,,,, vv ,. ,„„„. 1UI ., . lo the fact that both of your bids!-This city is sn pro-wee and .min- fi-ncd tc. work hand in hand wilh na> be loai-carc. iu..:. j iajui-e rjcif rnnscious lhat it is Ihe British Equadrons. They lo-'V: i-oiir-carti suits are very seldom breaking out ill over with putting lurns with the British boats in all ebid excepting a four-card major , pastures. fr(:n one course, laid roulim leaded by ace. king, queen or tic?.' f]i;een, jock, ten, If partner Ins out IIL'.V wart: of p2trol end convoy. rnnths ago, llicre are The American bD.ils, though net as tV.'O 37 in (ctive oi>eration. experienced as ths Englisli boats . down an avcmio with only shoe. They died the shoe on.' fit. Friday evening Miss Clmidle Mnr- shal entertained wllh n party honoring Miss Kthel Dart of Piaffes wlio is vlsilln.; here. I'arl of I lie evciihig was spent in dancing mid playing various panics aflcr which Ihe hcstt>« seivwl di'llghlful re- fiTshmenlij »f iiot cliocol.ile and cake. Then the young pcopie nisoj enjoyed a hoy ride lo Slcele. ' The guests of the evening were: ' Misses I,ouiH> Oolden. Ixiu Annu l'ciidorgr!i!u.-l.<iii!-a Hellc Alsup, Sa- lali West, cirailK M.u' Hariimn and Kllicl Dart of Clniilce. nnd MMSI.S. Iluiolil and Huddle Laconic. K-l- wnrd Kliourle, U. W. Allen, H M Dewese, Nwl Mor K nn, Claude Williams, Cinirley Halncs of Wardel' nnd Hilly Hopkins ol Chaffce. The H club, composed of lluytl hleli school girls, who have wot- letters hi athletics, enjoyed a picnic nl chute Sixteen Friday alter- u»n. tach member Ini-ltcd a guest. Games of all kinds wen- played until sup]>er Ihnc when appeli^liii! sandwiches, welner.s. pklile.s, marsli- :niillo«s, cuke and soda were served. Mrs. TflgK Sanders was hostess (o :he Ann Ciinnlnghain class of the Uapllst cliurcli nl her home nboul two miles north of town Friday nf- iei 1103H with twelve members prev cnl. This wns n business meellm; wllh Mrs. Hairy Galther, president. 'n charge. • 4 « Messrs. Dallas Rlmpklus, U?n Ray, Doyle Knell, J. D. Yuiing, Hilly Stewart, nil of Horncrsvllle, were here Friday vlsltlnu Cecil Hraiiiinni. Messrs. Wolf Khourie, Dan and Bob Dortcll enjoyed a (ishlng Irlp V'rldny and Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. I'fuil'sncnlH of LH- lle Rock, Ark., nre here vlslllng MM. Speaks parenls, Mr .nn;l Mrs. William Welter. Mrs. n. U. Crowe Is visiting Mrs. Tom IloK of Carulhersville. Warren Day left for Hoi Springs, Ai;k.. for a four «eeks vaoallon wllh his fallier, l.nteii Jlrrrpll and Ed Dall Icfl fcr Bt. [.ouh Riiluril.iy nflsrnoon lo return Hie car oi Koily Jubour wl!l,''i WPS wrecked al:out n week aso. The young men returned Jiome Sunday afternoon. Irfoiiard Hntehlson of Oklcoa waf heie Titosilny visiting lils sister. Mrs. O. 11. Marshal! of this city. Mis. liiifih IJonis, who has been vIsltliiK reiallvc.s In Memphis, re- (iiiiml home Saturday afternoon. Miss Uulse Keith of 1'arma .•.(Kill the week-nut l:ere wlllj MLss Kn/.- zif Stallliih-5. Clandle Mai shall nceompan- ed by Miss Ethel Dart of Chaftee left Jor Wnrdcll Sunday where ihj young ladles will visit Mrs. Charly. Hahifs. Mrs. Halnes and Miss Dart ure cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Sicv? Hill arul daughter, Vera Mnc, *cre in Memphis on a combined business an! pleasure Irip. Mr. aiid Mrs. Spencer Gotcliei and small daughter return:;) homt I-'rlday from St. Ix)uLs where lie/ have been visiting Mr. and M-3 Frank LaPoileUe. Mrs. Olcvc Duke and dauahter. Vlolel, are visiting relatives ul Pap- Inr niufr this week. Courier News Want Ails Pnv Thero arc more (ban 700 species of trees growing In North America above the liio Grande river. with which they co-operated, hnd a high average of results In submarines sk'lned. observations made and of wirelcr.s Vi.'.mdngs broadcast. HOW CARDUI HELK WOMEN 1"l WAS ims.Hlni; tliroiigh • critical tlmo In life, mnl 1 niirrcivil n b ii..i tli'al," mij'H Mra. Nnt How- nnl. or Qiillan. Tcxns. "I liiilirnvnl vi-ry iniicli II(|IT I l_iai! liikon C.\t,lnl tor a while. Hlurc tlu-li, 1 Imvo lilvpn Cur- ilul In my rivu iluuKlilcrn. Aa <-ai-li one of Itu-iu nrrlve.1 B t M-ouiantmo,l, 1 K.IVO her Car- illil fur Kuvct.i] tikunlhti. 1 foiiiul tlu-y W*HO IOPH nurvoim anil Ml clroiiixr. Att at thorn JMIV.I ranllniir.l ll.j uihi of Ciinlul In llu-lr tiiMues. In my for linvliii; tukcu U." ,,., CARDUI SOLD AT DRUG STORES a my PRICE forovtr 40 IHILAOEI.PHIA. (UP)--Dr. Cy] H. Gordcn. 22 year old inslruc- of Semitic languages, the Uni- |sity of FiMinsylvania's ycuivj- arel:cslo;nst is about to leave Ba;-;i!ad having just been rip- lilert a fcllov: in the American lool of Oriental Research ol that life's all dressed up and linoney Icfl to go places •with. -Money t h a t he Iwoulil lii'vc spent on :> |r.o\v hut, had lie not ictsi enough to turn lilts l.T-'t yrar's lial over |o us, for ckvuiiiu;- AS LOW AS 75c You'll call Pontiac the happy medium .. . quality you won't do without, at a cost you can easily pay cleaning or stiff hiits •Men's women's linls ltolli. \\V. c;:ll for :;m :k'liver. Exaclly Lik<> I'iolnrc Above • consistiuij of 22x50 inch (Ires- w scr with 30x36 Venetian Mirror, JJed and Ni^jlit Sland, all for only - - Regular Retail Price S186.. r >0 1'honcs 1SO-730 Dresser top of 4 piece Walnut.Cenler top drawer V-matduxl Zebra. End lop drawers cross figured Orienl Wnlnul. Large drawers five ply reverse diamond cross figured OrientaWaluul. V-inai(>bed Zebra overlay. Base rail African Walnut. While oaltjrawer Ixtllonis. All drawers witli center guide and dust-proof throughout' HUBBARD WRNITURE CO. It lin't difficult to learn what most p«opl* want in a motor car. We aft want pretty much th» same fine, qualities—and we want them at a moderate price. You will find this combination in th« Pontiac—that fin* General Motors car. Thus, if it's a damp day when you first drive a Pontiac you will notice how snug arid dry it is tnside. The same with heat, cold and traffic noise—because PonKac's fine Fisher bodies are tightly insulated. Appreciating the comfortable seats, you will remark also the absence of road shocks. This it due to hydraulic shock absorbers and rubber cushioning at43 points In thechanis. When you first step inside the Pontiac you will see something unusual—genuine mohair or whipcord upholstery in the dosed cars; fin* leathers in open models. Even though you feel that most can • have satisfactory engines, you will be surprised at the smoothness with which Pontiac's engine does it* work. As you drive you will admire the quick pick-up and power of that big, easy-working motor. . Good looks? Smartness? We can leave the proof to remarks you will hear and the approving glances you will seel (Bodies by Fisher.) Possibly we are prejudiced — yet owners praise this car more than we would dare to. The values they have discovered will be clear to you once you have driven the Pontiac. Why not do that! Any Oakland-Ponttac dealer will arrange a demonstration. PONTIAC $ 797 MAKING NEW FRIENDS AND KEEPING THE OLD DKLIVEREI) Two-dtor Scdln or COIIIK-, rr]HL])|K-d anil iMivcrtil in Rlytlicvillr, SV^7. ,S|>orl Coupe, S837. Four-door Sedan or Convertible Omr.c. SSC5. Custom Stdan, SSJ7. All ears (quipped with Iront and rear bnmp«rs shr.ek absorbtrs, Hvc wire wheels and «tra tire, lube and lire lock. LEE MOTOR CO. niythevillc, Ark. .O A K U A N D SAND PONTIAC 6—TWO FINE CAB S

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