The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1947
Page 6
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FAGK SIX C. of C. Directors * Okay M& A Plan Operation of Short Lin* Railroad by Rock Island Favored ROCK, Ark., Nov. t. (UP) — The Arkansa* Economic Council - state Chamber of Commerce yesterday urged the adoption by Federal District Judg« John B. Miller and the Interstate Commerce Commission of the so- called Rock Island plan for re- h»bll!Uting the Idle Missouri and ArkaiUM~ Railroad. The action came In the form of * rwolution adopted by the cons- oil's board of directors The resolution urged that the ICC and Milter approve the plan which calls for operation of a major •eprxnt .o( the road — between Sellgman, Mo.,- 7/irt Helena — by the Chicago, Rocs Island and Pacific Railroad. The plan has been passed by t*ie receivers of the line and U to be presented to the ICC for approval. At a luncheon, members of the oouncll heard U. S. Sen. John U McClellan predict that favorable and "expeditious" action will be . taken by Congress on Arkansas' flood control program. "We are determined that when public expenditures are made for th« development of our natural wsources — soil conservation, reforestation, forestry preservation . or development of water resources — that Arkansas shall be dealt with Justly," McClellan declared "There is much Justification for the belief that this general program now has the popular approval of the Congress and Ihe nation and that it will be carried out as expendltiously as economic conditions and the fiscal affairs or our government will permit," he added, In other action today Ihe council's board adopted a ' "blueprint" for community development," designed to supplement the famous "Arkansas plan" of industrial dc- Ytlopmeivt. The board also voted to set up an affiliated association. called the Associated Industries of Arkansas, to. represent manufacturers In matters of public policy and to provide assistance In solving mutual problems. The board re-elected major o'ffl- dals, including o. Hamilton Moses of Little Rock as president and Clarence Byrns of Fort Smith as ehairman of the board. However, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS loteC.o/C. 4sfcs Selection Of Power Sites LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. f (UP) —President O. Hamilton Mo«* of the Arkansas Power and Light Company has come out In siip|x>rt of a move to tlie effectiveness of the Arkansas River Basin Association. The mova wns Initiated lust night by members during a meeting of lh« Arkansas Economic Council In Little Rock. Tlie rcorRanlTatlon was set forth In a resolution calling for increased efforts to Ret conftres- slonnl and for (he river basin projects. Moses Mid there Is an urgent need for development of power potentially aloiiff the Arkansas River. "Power loads," Moses explained, "are about to outgrow power faclll- les, and therefore It Is highly urgent thai It be determined Immediately which hydro-electric damn are going (o be built." Chairmen were appoint*^ to set up organization commuters In 17 counties along tho Arkansas River. The chairmen are: H. D. Farmer of Crawford County, C. r. Burns of Sebastian County, Jack Paul of Franklin, Dr. C. H. Dean of Logan, Howard Gray of Johnson, Recce Caudle of ['ope, F. s. Meek of Yell, H. V. Ormoiut of Convay, H. E. Van n.-ilsem of Perry, R. W. Currnn ol Pulaski, M.T. Rudder of Jefferson. Ben Morris of Lonoke C. T. Chancy of Arkansas, Jack Danle of Dcshn, Clove PrcwlU ol Drew Sam J. Wilson of Ashley, and E T Horner of Phillips County. 84 from Hungarian Army Surrender to Austrian! VIENNA. Nov. a. (UP)—High Austrian officials said today that 84 Hungarian wldicr.5, Inducting one officer, surrendered themselves and Iheir arms last night to Austrian border guards at Fclbacli, According to the Austrian sources, the soldiers said they had deserted the Hungarian Army "for political reasons." They wore said to have entered Austria through the Russian Zone and to have "made their way" to Ihe British Zone, a few miles West of where they surrendered. two new vice presidents were nnm ed. They were Ewing PveatL c Searcy and Dnve GrumlfWt of Lit tie Rock. of With the Courts Chancery Burtte Walden vi. Edith Walden, suit for divorce. Murdoclc Acceptance Corp. vs William A. While, Milled and dismissed on motion of plaintiff. Most Russians Believe They Have A-Bomb MOSCOW, Nov. «. (UP)—The Russian who hoard Foreign Minis- Ire Viachrslnv M. Molotov's speech Thursday firmly believed today that his country has the atomic bomb. And the average Russian was Just short of being elated about It. Molotov said the secret of the bomb "has long ceased to exist." But no Russian questioned could read that any other way than that the atomic bomb Is a weapon that Russia now has as well as the United Stales. Since the Russian reads In his newspapers (hat Ihe aims of the Soviet Union arc entirely peaceful and that the aggressiveness of the "imperialists" was based upon sole possession of Hie atomic bomb, for pence. Three representatives Russians put It like this:, An elevator operator who was disabled In the war"Thnt's the best thing I could hear. That will make the warmongers think twice." A clgarct stand girl—"There won't be any war now. Now everybody can be nfr.ild of the bomb," A school teacher—"Now we have it too. America may think again about atomic control and disarmament." Tramp Cargo Vessel Has Engine trouble MUSKEGON, Mich.. Nov. 8. (UP) —The tramp cargo ship Jupiter, in distress for a time with'an engine breakdown near the rocks ol Little Sable Point, radioed today that slie had anchored offshore and was temporarily out of v (langer. The Coast Guard dispatched the cutler Sun Dew from Milwaukee to standby .to assist the Jupiter until repnlrt could be made on a broken engine pressure cylinder. Read Co-.irlcr News Want Ada. ^" By ETHEL HAMILL © JWltHthkH.bc^DistrifcMfJWMeAVIV ToTove: M "?•}• , I said THE STOKYi O. tkt .prnl.i ««r «>> collrrtc Camellia An.ll... 4»*hl« «t <fcr »rf>n, U i.n.ird <• ««4 Jo?) I ,.»,., .mo** tke ntvninir •tMdCNIi. JotJ, whni« CNM ad«r*4 when »hr WJ»« allll »«.. N» It, |. tuck .. j, , r f. , «r»«. C», wk« h«4 k>d loo •.••y flirtation. during lk<- w«r 7r>r» »4 Mud kcr» lukcn . r - rioBvly kr K( IrHMt on r bor wh«K • kt *J4»-t >ic» 1. b<- — (..rj- wkK.< In.oTn.rr to ker »• klK ricmk — U »ow r«- ••••"-•kT. Sk« »»r>. Jdf] .k« !• »• iBKJrer !• IBTF' wllk klM. T. k« ••rprl.f. Jo,] ,,r. k<~ I. Kf«d. A vrtre 4eeM»*t fh Into kl« »!••• t*| CluUk Hcliool am kf» p«k«latrHe« iillowHiicr. Mnnrlnr KVatr. •••Kklrr 01 H wr«Hkr •«••(•* »ad C«w T » voHaln, IB • XreMkin» ainri IjTlnfc l« the I>eaM T i kan»ekold. Ske I* oat r* . •<•»* krr >w» AS Cam passed the little telephone booth at the foot of the stairs, the bell of the squatty black instrument which rested on it began to clamor. Cam veered around fusal formed ilsclf on her lips, with no real thought behind it. "I'm terribly tired, and besides that—" "Don't start telling me again that you've sworn oil dates." He sonmlcd hurt, now, and plaintive. "You may even think you're through with men in your life but—" As suddenly ns that, tlie truth came clear to he;. Through with men in her life? Was that what she had been telling herself? And had she really believed il? But I do want one man, she thought, astonished. I want Joel! I love him, ! really love him. This isn't like those others. This isn't just a romance. I—love—him! In the parlor beliind her the piano had slopped its airy tinkle. Footsteps on the worn parquetry told her that Joel and Maurine were headed now out toward the veranda. He must be leaving then. you'll pick me up then. Thank you, Herbert." JpLUNG across the bod in the cool front bedroom which once had been lined with her dolls and teddy bears, she could give way at last to exhausted and frightened—yes, nnd rueful—tears. She hadn't wanted to fall In love, heaven knew! She hadn't intended this to happen—not ever! A soft knock beat at her door, no lourtor than the beat ot a bird's wing against a window casement. Cam checked her breath and lay where she was, silent But the door opened anyhow. Maurlne's dark, pert head appeared around the edge of it. "You're not taking a nap, are you, Cammic? I just wanted to tell you something wonderful! That absolutely gorgeous Joel Conroy has invited me lo the Welcome Dance, so I'm afraid I'll be out again tonight. it"_ s he added dutifully—"you and Uncle William don't mind?" "We won't mind," Cam snid, in a fnr-away voice. "Yotraren't upset or anything, are you.Vlarling? i mean, 1 know Joel used to bo your beau. And I wouldn't for worlds break up anything for you. But when he „ ,, wi . ^,,,, , tt;l)nl aiuuim OL . , . 'asked me, just now—well, I didn't mefhanically, to lift the receiver , n ,T™,, r helr VOIC « I see how I could retuse without oft its hook. ! '"V, ,,"??• , ! seeming rude." -Hello?- 'i to asl ; "* t 'o S t h3 " S wM* r ™"5 n,J°^!r- '^"^/"P »'. the dance," said be "Cam?" It was Herbert Powell. Tve been calling the house all afternoon, but you were never t" er «—as usual. Did your cousin give you my message?" "Maurine? She—she forgot to mention it, I'm afraid, Herbert. She seem* to have quite a good deal on her mind, right now." "But this was important. I've been trying to ask you to go to the welcome Dance with me. That's tonight, you know, at the baseball cage. I didn't mean it to be » last-minute invitation, but—" Cam scarcely was listening. The Welcome Dance! A year ago, her day would have been built around it. ThU year she had forgotten ihere was to be a dance. "Will you?" Herbert sounded •ke s child nagging for candy. Tm sorry, Herbert." The re- ----- ..,^_ , Joel, dear." _ , rnigN have been the voice oi the turtle, so much did trial Honey-suckle accent embody all that was spring and romance "I'm ever so surprised t mean, that you'd ask little freshman me when the college Is lull of real^glamor girls like Cammie." "I'm a little surprised to find that I'm going to that shindig, myself," Joel conceded, lazy and good-natured. "But since you suggested it—why not? We ought to have ourselves n time." "Oh!" breathed Cam, softly. "What did you say?" crackled Herbert's voice instantly. "Bad mn n ..<- A :"" connection. Camellia. down for dinner, will you? I was Inking a nap. I need one!" When she awoke, she felt considerably rested. Running the water tor her tub, she examined her reflection In the bathroom mirror with critical eyes. -(I had been a good many months since she had cared how she had looked, since anything so personal as her likeness in a sheet ot glass could seem important. Well, tonight Joel Conroy was due tor a surprise! This image peering back at her now through the rivulets of steam already clouding the mirror was not the Camellia who would Cam spoke firmly, clearly. "I said your arguments are too persuasive to withstand, Herbert. I said I'll be ready at 9 o'clock, if I couldn't sweep into the Welcome Dance on (Herb Powell's arm an hour from now. That Camellia—she swore it with all the ardor ot a gypsy oath—was going to be something! (To Be Continued) p5!I T ^^^f^\^^^ 5 " 0! ^^™^ e ^^o^i ; M ). &£%?•&!&£ WE LfcST ACT Iri THE COM.&DV •&? OF STAM.P5 Z <- 5=3fiS£Sg^TS^^ ^2$"** ** Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY FREE ESTIMATES ON • • PAPERHANGING • PAINTING Interior or Kxterlor Painting Phone 3885 Russell Price RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OH MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We cnl] for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and ScrvlM 106 South First St O.e Man Winter Is Just- Around the Corner Let us remove the water from )our (ires and fill them with calcium chloride anfi-frccie solution. We will be glaii to make an appointment to care for all your tractors at your farm—thus saving you lime. KEMKMBKK Wt SERVIGK ALL MAKES TKACrOKS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. 50. Hiway HI Phone 2171 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 194T FRECKLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Ha> He Got Money T On,eoow! \ Go vou TWO peooie WOLVES SNARL-I VOUK. INK? OVER Mr / PENCILS, YUMMY/THATS FOR ME! YOU TIE THAT: I WHAT DO VOU IT'S JUST LIKE » ' J SUPPOSE T(4EV WOMAN / ^/\ SEE IN HIM? COM. IMfirilMMIinCe. l«. T. M. »CC. U, J. PAT. Of F "We'd better quit that food saving idea of your* if you expect me to grow into these old panti of Pop's!" ' GULF Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. F. Richards New Operator Featuring: -fa Gulf Courtesy •^ That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Matt cries Accessories Discount Rale to Truckers Open B:()n a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phono 2013 3011 Chicknsiuvha LOOK- MOTHER'S HIS > HE'S. ALW, THAT'S Nk3T FAR-HE'S- ALWAYS AGOOT TEM KMLES AW-\Y VVHEM EITHER ONE OF US- TALKS TO HIM--IM TH'SAME KOO!~\.' HE PREFERS HER TO A REGIXAR &-XNVC.' SHE'S STILL TALKIMG TO HIM AND HE'S A MILE AVM-XY BY NOW /_r»i ifV ilL 1 !!)'/ I /_j_ ; ' : -• i '"' >~iiLt_r\ i \ i n-t j.<~.«. CLO&EP POOS, CtOSEP MIMP .._ _^ y< >"<""r Offer Rejected By AL VERMEER 'Vou needn't be jealous 1 ^ ' Jenny Lu sure is /ucky! She's got a little white mouse/ Til bet she'd gladly dear: You've got a brother and she hasn't! exchange her- /itt/e white mouse for your brother! By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE ==SE: OPERATOR NO. GET SOME ROPE QUICK/AND GIVE ME THAT KEY . IT'S A KEY, AUNT IOCBETW WASH TUB US It'll Sloiy Him Up Ry LESSLIE TURNER WELL, C,\KOL./BM>DV, IF I GET THE TW1HS HOWE HOW DID SOU I THIS TIUE, I WOM'T LEAVE R&WH TILL MMiEOUT IM \THEVRE KT LEIVST TWENTS-ONE! THE DIWER WtTrt ID RMHER FORSET ALL THAT HfrPPENED, BUT THERE'S OME WVU= ITEM. I'W AfRWp WE CWT 1GNOKE! TOMMS WENT 1MTO THE LOUNGE ANP- WELLi TAKE A LOOK FOR VOURSEUF. _- THE PORTER. (VND CONCUCTOE. \NORKEDfRS fW CONCERNED. HE'LL LIKE TR03P.NS TO6ET WEAR. THW CUSPIDOR. TIIL IT OFF! I HOPED /~-7 WE 6E-T HOWE! •JOU MIGHT HAVE RED RYDER nd No Foolin'! By FRED HARMAN 'EOrO'-f foRGET THE MEXT FRASS CAS fiAxe \eor5' IF YOJ ^A-JS^ESJ.lFlGHr,' •) = •' 5TAY Our yDA^SCE F tH15.' XEITHE-PLOF So Now What? By V. T. HAM UN 5HE5 5HS SHOULD SH£S CAUSED EVERYBODY / YEH. r KNOW OF IT.' ^ BUT HOOTS AND MI:T; By KDGAR MARTIN OVi CWtC* ,0\}0? OKftV

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