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THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: TUESDAY. DECEMBER 21. 1937 cccc TO But Says LIQUID REFRESHMENTS DIO Darrell Donnell The Hourly Log 1 Boake Carter IF YOU'RE CHOOSY- Station's License in Peril Because of Mae West Skit Forget the Hysteria. Those American Demands. Dollar Diplomacy Again.

SPECIALTIES 8:30 p. KPO "Hollywood Mardl Gras." 6:30 p. KSFO- Caravan. Does the State Department 1 DRAMA 4:30 p. KSFO Helen Men-ken In "Second Husband." 8:00 p.

KPO Death Valley Days, "Family Silver." 9:30 p. KGO "Arturo Tos-caninl, the Man." DANCE MUSIC 10:00 p. KFRC Pearl's. 11:00 p. KYA Sinatra's.

11:30 p. m.t KSFO Young's. OlO SAY ss? tsES 8:30 p.m., KPO Russ Morgan's music, a thriller. Al Jolson's Show. SPORTS 8:00 p.

KYA Shrine East-West football rally. Disney, Snow White Creator, to Put On Program Congressman Urges Revocation of Permit 10:15 p.m., KPO Shrine East- the griddcrs of the East-West West football rally. teams will stride across the stage Musical stars will include Gyula Ormay and his "Good Morning WANT to get this country into a war? The astounding behavior of the men In this department In Washington provokes that question. First: They insisted that our vessels and troops stay around In a war zone. Second: Four vessels, including a gunboat, are bombed.

An apology, indemnifi-1 cation and punishment of the Ing officers responsible are demanded by us. Third: The Japa-rnese authorities, aghast, shatter precedents right and left In their efforts to apologize, make amends, promise indemnification and punishment of those guilty of the attack. Fourth: Official Washington says that is not enough. Fifth: aging no more van from ten cents to a dollar or the hard-to- Tonite" orchestra; Griff Williams and Buddy Marino of the Mark Shortwave Log Hopkins Hotel, Beryl Cameron Freddie Nagel of the St. Francis, together with his songstress, get ducats.

Sociological note. Away down South in the land of Dixie, the girls are purchasing specially embroidered "Big Apple" pink panties! By DAKKELL DOVNELL The Associated Press reports that Representative Connery, Democrat of Massachusetts, demanded yesterday that the Communications Commission revoke the license of the radio station from which an Adam and Eve broadcast, featuring Mae West, originated last week. Connery declared the program was "indecent." The Communications Commission already has ordered the National Broadcasting Co. to submit a copy of the broadcast as well as copies of the contract be Gracy Joyce; pianist Otto Clare, the Shrine Band, the Chanters broad- and Arabians. personally authorized cast of this program?" This is a big Disney Day.

Walt KYA starts the rally at 8 p. m. KPO broadcasts the event at The present scrutiny of radio 10:15 p. m. Official reports later claim that Disney, creator of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," now appearing in The Sunday Examiner, is presenting his famous animat the bombing was not accidental, but deliberate; that after the Earlier In the day KYA broad Tuesday, December 11.

MORNING 1:13 Kndand. f.sG CM (15.26) Oliver Twit-" Dickeng drama. 00 Holland, PHI (17.7 lit Popular variety program. 10:15 England. GsF (15.14), GSJ (21JU) Concert presentation.

11:20 England. GSD (11.75), GST (15.14) Keyboard Music Thru th Ages. 11:43 England Gsf) GSG (17.79) "World ffaira." J. L. Bnerly.

AFTERNOON 12:20 Fngland. GSG (17.79), CSI (15.28) This la England, talk. 1:23 England. GS1 (13.76), CSF (18.311 NBC Milltarv md 4:00 Germany. DJB (1.V20).

DJD (11.771 Light concert presentation. 3:25 Cterhoslovakla. (II.U.1A (9.S5V Popular "old-time" music and song. 3:13 Germany, I) II (13.21)1, DJC (0.02) I L. Stadeinann.

cymbalist recital. 4:20 Fngland. (13.18). GSO (13.18) "As I See It." talk. Wells.

casts the arrival of the teams In bombing planes machine-gunned ed color picture at the Cathay the United States ships. Sixth: Circle Theater In Hollywood. Sacramento. Governor Merriam will greet the players, Coaches Andy Kerr, Bernie Bierman and programs by the Communications Commission, church groups, and Congressmen, is keeping the "Vox Pop'' boys on the anxious seat. The radio men-on the-street have to beware drunks, wise crackers, and even innocently spoken double entendre remarks by serious minded individuals who are being interviewed.

The State Department grows Well -here's mud in your eye!" On the "Mardl Gras" program, KPO, at 6:30 p. Mickey Mouse more indignant, prepares fresh protests, announces the situation Fred Swan. and Donald Duck will appear on tween the sponsor and NBC, and names of stations which reproduced the program. Connery, in a letter to Frank R. McNinch, commission chairman, said the commission was derelict in enforcing the Communications Act, and that he had received a "volume of complaints" against the program which he termed is more serious than ever.

Sev the program. The arrival of the teams at Sacramento will be heard on KYA onth: The Japanese Navy makes ag alb alia an official apology to the United at 8 a. m. Oddly enough, according to the i States Navy, an unparalleled act; By Bruno Leasing- Japanese citizens stop United Bruno Sails From London About of a Mile States citizens in Japan and apoV ogize; children collect their pen At the Sound Of the Chimes Add chilling wintry blasts Parts of it ON BOARD S. S.

FUSHlMHmodesty will permit. nies and give them to United States Ambassador Grew; au thorities repeat over and over W. J. CAMERON tacking some Christmas cheer to his regular again their horror and insist that Sunday strafing of the adminis at will not happen again. Eighth tration.

Can Christmas be as The State Department disregards gloomy as Cameron's voice in these actions. Added to all this are scare headlines of pure emotionalism; H. G. Wells, the novelist and sociologist, is announced as "speaking on a subject of his own choosing." KGO, at 1:20 p. m.

Highlights of Station KYA Appropriate Christmas numbers will feature the Uncle Harry Amateur School each evening this week when this popular show comes on the air via KYA at 5:30 o'clock. Tonight Rosemarie Catalano will play "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear." Other numbers rounding out this youngsters' program will be little Jewel Maloney with "The Shadow Dance" and Laverne Donnelly singing "Remember Me." were rather libelous. I've really stayed in one place for two weeks at a time. But considering how all the passengers on the ship enjoyed this singing especially, their song, "We're Four of the Three Musketeers" and how touched I was by their courtesy, I shall not sue them. Clarence Winchester, editor of the Argosy and an outstanding poet in England, said, when he heard that these lads composed all their own songs, 'They're damn clever." So say I.

calls for boycotts, chain letters, "Vox Pop" interviewers many a shocker drops from the lips of highly respectable matrons who have an unhappy habit of saying some harmless thing, then laughing, all of which twists the thought Implied. Incidentally, our prediction Is that when the Communications Commission scrutinizes the ill-starred Mae West script, the readers will find the sketch Innocuous enough In type. In radio it's the voice inflection that determines the meaning. In the name of a splendid cause, the Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children, Lloyd Yoder, manager of the National Broadcasting Company in San Francisco, and former Ail-American football star, stages his annual two hour East-West football show In the War Memorial Opera House tonight. Before applauding thousands, anti-this-and-that parades to "so indecent it violated the sensibilities of even those who are familiar with the burlesquing of historical events." Hp announced he would demand a congressional investigation of the commission at the next session of Congress.

"It is time," Connery wrote to McNinch, "your commission either functioned In the Interests of the American people, or admitted your Incompetence and permitted the President to place men on the commission who will function In the Interest of, and for the benefit of, the American people, rather than satellites acting for the additional enrichment of the private few." Also in his letter Connery asked: "Is It true the president of the National Broadcasting Co. augment the growing hysteria of official Washington. It is the same human rabies which gripped officialdom and dlcates? You won't be surprised, but 400 radio editors voted a slab of pine America's most outstanding radio personality in the Motion Picture Daily poll CHARLIE MCCARTHY, of course. HILDEGARDE, sensation of European night spots, is giving up hev NBC network spot. For some strange reason she has gotten no place, sustaining, or commercial, and wants out.

Sad but true, youthful ticket scalpers hawking radio tickets outside the doors of the CBS theaters are aver spread to the mass of United MARU. A merry party on board last night to see us off. Charles E. McConncll flew over from Ireland for the occasion, and, as the Dublin-London service was suspended on account of fog, he flew first to Liverpool and then took another plane to London. I'm sure he would have flown via Bermuda and Timbuctoo had it been necessary.

But there certainly was a fog. The ship was warm and brilliantly lighted, but as I stood on the chilly deck peering into the mist, watching ghost-like craft moving slowly, warily along the Thames, I had grave doubts as to whether any of my friends would turn up. But they came, every single one of them, and we had a wonderful dinner party which gave me mingling of two sensations: gratitude and humility. (Between you and me, I wouldn't have traveled that long stretch from London to the dock where the ship lay, through that log, to see the King of England off.) 4 :20 v-'paa. JJ (11.80).

J7.K (lS.Ue Pon.tlar native -nu-'r ren.pfot, 4:40 England. GSD (11.75). GSO (15.18) American Cabaret Varietv. A Germany, 1MB (13.20). DJD (11.77) The Ale-name peasanti-v.

talk 5:30 Yeneriiela, YY3RC (5.80) Musical and variety ehoie 3:33 England. 19.31), GSO (15.181 Vincent Ladbrooke' orchestra. EVENING. 8:20 GSC (9.38). GSD (11.73) "Gower Reel." musical.

6:43 Germany. 1MB (13.20), BJD Musical presentation 7:00 England. GSC (0.381, GSD (1L73) Potiiourrl themes of London. 7 JO Boston, WISL4 U1.79WLIt- terary srlep.lors. 7:45 Italy.

2R03 (9.633) "Around Italy with Music. 8:00 New Jersey. V. 9. vTJXAL (17.

78 Man About Town. :13 Italy, 2R03 (9.033) Tuesday aym. Phony, 8:43 Germany, DJD (U.77V Th Art of Ceatmg Bells, talk. 9:13 Germany. DJB (l.VJO), DJC (6.0J) Hsns Nissen.

baritone. 10:00 Germany IMF) DJD (11.77) Waltzes and Marches. 11:00 Tahiti, F08A.4 (7.11) Varied trustee le 11. -OO British Guiana. VP3THE U3.He Holden Cincinnati, Ohio.

W.U. (6.06) A Salut to Latin America. 17:43 Japan. (l.Vliil The Imperial nng and nuirale. 'Let's Go Places' Narration by Shea Exciting events In early California history will be dramatized by William Shea, when another adventure story of pioneer trails is heard over KYA, tonight at 7:15, on the "Let's Go Places" program.

An interview, featuring Claude Wilson, used car manager, tells of motor values, in his department of the automobile business. States citizens in 1916 and land' ed us into the World War, with its chain of debts, ruin, misery, death and suffering for twenty years thereafter. Well, the party ended the captains and the kings departed and I went to bed at 11 p. m. The ship was due to sail at 5 a.

m. and I wanted to be in good shape for the English Channel Is the State Department quite mad? What we are doing is growing hysterical over a situation which TOUMY'S ILfl)(K DN UftAUDIMD we knew in our hearts was incv itable. If we left ships and men and the Bay of Biscay. It was 9 a. m.

when I awoke and my first thought was, "What a steady ship! Not a bit of motion." When I looked out of the window I found that we were anchored in the Thames in a thick fog. in a war zone, sooner or later STATION AVKI.ENT.T1IS KKOW Top Tunesj 8 43. KGO Agricultural bulletin; Wine- Kre- I island ficrnader. I 45, U. M.

Marin Hand. Ma aterpleces. IKS FO Ca ra va K1A American Parade. KFKC Frank Bull they were bound to be hit. There on length wiener hl.

Mtorka; U.45. rhythm. KSFO Margaret Puiim, is no zone of safety in present Meiers K.vrU. Its Dance melodies KYA. S.

F. ri- I wrote the other day about a 1 'MO KGGC Lectur; 45, AIM i of Today. 112(1 KRE Concert. 1 liLS Jan's Journal. KROW In Italian.

KLS Hobby Club; 9.15. music. KRK Community Players in "Dr. Faustus." KQW News; 9:15. Heldt's orchestra.

9:30 P. M. KYA Stars Over KPO Good Morning Tonite. HJHfi Dunce: Aubrey sports: 8:45. news.

I-oiix, pianist. KKOW Famous lives; 8:45, KLh Tango tunes. musle room. A iKIA Music Art Trio. Labor talk; 8 45, KYA Danret 4:15, new.

I news. KPO On Hollywood; 4 15, K(JV Sports; 8 45, news. piano dun. I Kt.O Wtatsrn Education And the Yacht Club Boys came piano; 13:44 pewlyweds. Star Kl HI Health; or-ran.

KLX Guitar duo; 13:45. almanac. KGGC Christmas program. hJH New; 12:46. dance.

IhKOW Hhythtn: 12:45, to sing a farewell song which 10 A. M. I lowj they had composed for the KSH). s. KGGC, S.

KKK, llrrk. KJIIS, N. KttW, S. J. KGO, link.

KPO, K. KM. A. KFRC, S. F.

KLS, Oak. au.i 2St. 2117 111 KIH.5 4111 2.11.2 LV 1 Romance Caatlea occasion. program. ny, Pmlth' raillo ill i.l KGO "Arturo Toscsnlni, piano, 7.1a.

Lei's Plaee. i KPO Bob Anderson, reporter; 10:16, Wild. tiHIl ti 1(1 lilO concert. the Man." dramatic; 9 46, Mardi KPO Hollywood 'We know that most people long for KGO Crosscut Gras. I 1 P.

M. KYA Trie Olr.lei 1:15. Women's Inalitul ef th Air. KPO Stringtlmt; 115, "Ouldlna; Light KGO General Hugh S. John r-rorram.

IIMnl below arej Bob; 4ra-, rnmnilril from ratlin otntinn The chance to travel afar; But the man we've written this KHir "Party Llnra." son, commentator; Kldoodlers. KSFO Caravan, KFRC Ed Lowry's "Sing- day warfare. Had the State Department and Mr. Roosevelt withdrawn ships and troops week, and weeks ago, when they could have been withdrawn with perfect dignity, the Panay incident would not have happened. But we blandly ask for special dispensation and then grow furious when a gunboat is hit.

Take note of Great Britain's protests to Japan. They are far milder than ours. Britain may lose thereby a little prestige, but -e's an old-timer at this game of -i statecraft. She's fool enough to jeopardize her wnole internal economy because mntlc; 10:15. atudm (lata.

The KmiiiiIiht aiiMimr no for errors larest'KUO Club matinee: 1:.15, KFKC Concert orchestra. Studio. KKOW Tunes. KLX Piano and musle varieties. KJIIS singing Announcer.

4:30 P. M. KYA Dance. KI'O llendrik Wlllen Van Iion. commentator; 4 45, William Primrose, I nnmi wimii 111 -I ft American y- netia jrom innon.

raiit-tl by Ihni rhahget. time." KROW Where to Go; 7:18. tlnl.ln.nn eiyn ano are; In Italian. KGGC Co net rti 7:15, thick fog in London town. There, however, you had a sense, no matter how distorted, of distance and dimensions.

Here it is entirely different. You are detached from all the world. Strange, intangible shapes loom unexpectedly out of the gloom and, as quickly, vanish. On our decks sailors are ringing bells to warn approaching craft and all the officers are on the qui vive. Somewhere, in the distance, the bell of a buoy keeps ringing.

A dismal note indicating that the end of the world has come. I could not have sailed from England on a grander day. That is, if I sail. The fog may lift at any moment or it may lift in three weeks. Only, I'm wondering if any of KI.X Music; 10:15, S.

weather, news. KJHH News; 10:10, organ. 'f. Lucky Girl MitiC Modern KROM U.nce; 1:15. serein is r.i vi 1 natler.

I'nlvenlty Explorer. KSFO Sandman Serenade; 11-45, F'lorlto's orchestra. Kl RC Page from Experience; 9:45, Feld's orchestra. KGGC Dona ef th Pioneers. KKOW Peacock Court.

KI.X News; 9:45. Your Kpoltlon. KW Pages from Experience; 0:45, Feld's orchestra. KI.S Henry E. Burke; 0 45.

Hawaiian Echoes. KKK Concert music. 10 P. M. KYA Wrtftllng.

KPO News: 10:15, phrlns sports. KI.X News', 7:15, musle. of Kt.O News: 4 45 fi.i... iM.S in Italian; I .10, rui- for jKl.V Mule; 1:15, 1(115. women "Sing KR Verona Hull; I favorites.

KI.S Journal; I Cal Kintr. 10:30 A. M. KSFO Helen Menken In1 "iueee. "Second Husband." Ed Lowry KFKC News: 4:40.

tim. 1:45, song for Isn't like other people are. It must be very distressing For a feller like Bruno Lcssing, 'Cause he says 'au before he says 'hello'! They keep tellin' about Magellcn and his pal, Sir Francis Drake, But when it comes to covering ground, Lessing takes the cake. We'll bet that nobody you know Travels half as much as Bruno. KI.S Jungle Jim; Jan's Journal, 1:30 P.

M. 4-45. Radio Camnua. 7:30 P. M.

7 A. M. KYA Miiclrnl ('lock. KiiBt full, KM (I ild West Revue. KKOW Vernon MnritHn; 7:15, Clock.

KFKC lime and Shine; 7:25. etocke. I Eye-t tpener. KISK Melodies; 7:15, newa. KJH.S Alarm Klock Klub.

7:30 A. M. KYA Mimical Clock. KI'O Org-an; 7:45. new.

KtiO First Call; 7:45, Hoeia and fultar. KSFO Wild West Revue. KFRC Kise and Shine. KKOW Commuter-' Clock. Music; 7:50.

Blocks. 1 KYA Serentlei 7:43, Nor. fo ki'ii nth.r Wife: KYH si 1:35, of one small incident. To go to war, or risk war, over Mor. 1:45, msn orrtnn, KPO Hollywood; East-West football rally.

iKGO Music. I 10:45. Ju.t Plain Hill. orehealrai Kl.O- "Su Blake," dra-' Klerlenee. nun R.h KPO Mary Marlin; Ira Blue.

1:45. Koo Celia Gamtia, I Bob Anderson, reporter linlst. Vlo-KSFO News; 10:15, Art of Conversation, KFRC I'esrl's orchestra; 10:15, Nelson's orchestra. Ikkki -Arnnirt flrlmni' a KGO G. W.lls.

Irom KSFO Calling All Cars I i r.mtlc:, London; 1:35. club ma KFHC Witches' laies matter of a sunken gunboat and three private oil company tankers which should not have been where they were in the first place had the State Department been thinking of the people of tinee, 10:45. On Hollywood. KROW Italian: 7:45, Bible khiih i.ance 7'F(I nlUSlC. XllO Witching Hour KFKC Myta Klngsly 10 45; Merrymaker.

KKIIW Music. rnu- KGGC Serenade; KSFO "David liiru dramatics: 1:45. organ KFRC Third Alarm; 1:45, Sortino'a orchestra. S.F. Civil Service Vacancies Listed Civil service commissioners yesterday announced vacancies on their eligibility rolls for electrical Inspector and supervisor for, equipment and supplies.

The inspector's examination will be held January candidates for the supervisor's post will ba tested January 14. Palace of Fine Arts to Be Lighted Christmas will enrich the natural glory of the Palace of Fine Arts. For four nights, beginning on Christmas Eve, colored flood lights will throw their brilliance on the beauty of the Palace, and that beauty in turn will be reflected in the floodlighted waters of the lagoon. Along the west bank of the lagoon, bathed in multi-colored light, will be twenty Christmas trees, lighted and decorated. Hun K.IIIS Alarm Klock Kluh sic hits.

45, ki Women's Feature KI.S Eye-Opener; KI.X Melodies; 7:43, on my iricnds in London, gasping, coughing and sputtering in the city fog, are envying Bruno Lessing because he is sailing along a sunlit sea. If so, they arc missing a good laugh. nielo- KKOW Dude 1:45, music. the United States is the surest KJIIS Dance; 10:45, He's been to places where even Gulliver didn't go Oh, there was much more to it but I've quoted as much as my KGGC Sons of ths Pioneers. KJBS Clssslc Hour.

KKF; HHrlMii Minstrels, KI.S Valley Church. K(JW Magic Hour. IteurBO rtlHIiewi, umo. way for the United States to ruin Success. KRK Music of th Masters.

Witches' Tales. 8 P. M. K(i(iC rin Money 10:15. WPA program.

Inorta: 1:45 music. KRK Walt music; KKK Devotional; 7:45 Just About Time, 8 A. M. KY SHRINK EA'T KHT I'llllTHAM 10:30 P. M.

herself financially and wind up in a dictatorship to control the fin Unl VWOOrt lui.vt.v KYA Shrine KYA Wrestling, KRE Hired Man. KI.S Health; 10.45, melo KPO Shrill East-West no n. Tr.A ANHIII, Al dies. 2 P. M.

KPO Amos 'n' Andy KI.X Junior Citlsen. KJIIS Newa; music to 4:45, KKIC Music; 4 45, Open House. KGGC Studio; 4:45, con- KROW Melody Sketches; 1 45, Going Placea. KI.S Gnesa Time; 4:45, Broadway hits. 5 P.

M. KYA Ballads. KPO Municipal government: 5:15, Behind the Footlights. KGO Husbands and Wives' Forum KSFO Edward O. Robinson and Claire Trevor in "Big Town." KFKC Kaye's orchestra, KKOW Johnny Jump-Up; 8:15, Ted Wsrren, KGGC Amusement Guide; 5:15.

tunes. KI.H Dane music. KRK Talk of the Town; 6:15, music. 5:30 P. M.

KYA t'nele Hsrry's ansa. trtir srhnnlt 5:45. religious. KPO Kelsey's orchestra. KGO Cliansonette; 6.45, Safety First.

KSFO Headlines: 5 45, moving stars of life. KFRC Jimmy and Gyp; 5:45, Orphan Anni. KROW Yule tidings; 5.45, "Speed" Glbaon. KLX Stewart Hamblen. KGGC Lecture; 5:46, Irish mass of disillusioned, embittered people after the war is over.

We have nothing to gain by of It A. M. It.lJIM I II. KI'O Financial; 8.15, ar 'KYA Peggy Weed Cslllnsi On' 2:15. Don Whitlow of.

the LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON KG(JC Land of Whatlslt: 8:15. Bsnnl Wslker's nmuteurs. ea 11 'KYA Melodies! 11:15, Kt.O Norman Sheer, plan. ficial hysteria over the Panay Hollywood football rally. KGO Music; 10:45, Grler's orchestra.

KSFO Art of Convenstlon; 10:15. Garber's orchestra. KFHC Williams' orchestra. KKOW American scene; 10:45. Club Cabana.

KI.X Piiino. iMtiy. KPO Nellls Revtll; 2:15, pisno duo. KSF'O Heat tergood Baines; KW1.II K.w,rt.r: KPO Fun In Music. affair and everything to lose.

In snnsh: on Holiywooo. C.IK 11 Grave Ldy KFRC Tune Twisters. of Millions; Folk Frolic. KFKC Songs: 815. "This ,13, ninij mill' Music: news.

Sids of iiil" dramatic. JY. oi 1 1 -1 ft KSFO Follow the Moon fact, we would stand to lose the three most precious possessions we have Life, Liberty and the KGGC Wsshington Post Parsdel 818, pnilon KLX Tunes; 1:15, N. T. "Llfs of Mary Both- Real Lit Stories.

KFRC Merrymakers: talk. stock. KROW Commuters' dramatic. Johnson Family; V-I DU CrtMnel hvmns. 11-1 ft House Und viaed.

new. krf: Mus 0 porirsiis; o.j.o. KJHS Dance 8-1R wiiji'i KROW Your Know. 8.15, -v, hat pursuit of Happiness IN THE UNITED STATES if we went to ar with Japan. organ.

KI.S On Hollywood. KQW Tuns Twisters. KJBS-KQW Magic Hour of Classics. KGGC Organ. KB Organ.

11 P. M. KYA Orchestras 11:15, Sinatra's orchestra. KPO Shrine East-West football rally. KGO Huven of Rest.

KSFO Henry King's or-chestra. KFRC News; 11:15. White- KJHS To the Ladies; 11 ID. Your Home. KLS Music Variety.

KRK Tango music. Let us reverse positions for a -la, atudio, KI.X Lost snd Found: 2:10. Helen Parmelee. pianist. KJBS Melodies.

KKOW Bible questions; 2:05, dance. KRK Opera Echoes. KLS Psychology; 215T 2:30 P. M. New? KKF Morning Watch.

KLS Hit Parade. 8:30 A. M. KYA Melodies. KPO Jlneletnwn Oasetle: S'45, Edw.

JIacHugh Gospel singer. KGO Piano and puitar duo; 8:45. Orpinalitics. 11:30 A. M.

8:30 P. M. KYA Shrine a t-W 1 1 1 football game rally. KPO Buss Morgan'a music, a thriller. fien had been at war with a neighboring country and a Japa dreds of San Franciscans, viewing KYA Lost and Found: 11:15, Deutsch's man's orchestra.

KGO Benny Walker'a ama nese ship had been destroyed by KKOW Bible questions; teurs. KSFO Al Jolson's show. KI'O General Federation of I women's Clubs: 11:45, KSFO News; Elma Latta Hackett. them. Suppose we apologized profusely, said we would pay, KFKC Mysteries; Mu- 11:05.

melodies; 11:0, rhythm. KI.X KI.S Studio, KJIIS Magic Hour. slenl Moments. KROW Singing Strings; promised it wouldn't happen In Italian again, collected money for the 8:45, WPA K(JW- K(iiC Newi the gorgeous spectacle, will remember again the days of the Panama Pacific Exposition, when the Palace of Fine Arts was its queen. Adding to the scene will be Christmas carols, with organ music reproduced by a newly invented chapel box.

The display, under the direction of the Exposi -I lance. 11:30 P. M. items. KHK News; 5:45, C.

W. Hammond. KLS Dance. 6 P. M.

KYA Newst :05, Lennox' nrrhest ra, KPO Bob Anderson, reporter; 8:15 musical. KGO Weber's orchestra. KSFO Silhouette; 6:15, George Jessel show. KFKC Jack Arrnstrenr; I 5, "Phantom Pilot KROW News; 8:15, Gospel Singers. KGGC News; 8:15, rhythm program.

F.dna Fischer, pianist, KGO Western Farm and Home. KSFO Singin' Sam: 11:45 news. KFKC Hostess: Hca trice Fairfax. HOW Music. KI.X Music; 11:45, Kew York stocks.

KGGC Sons of the Pioneers: 1 1 :45, pews. survivors and made sundry other gestures of regrets and all KFKC News: 8:40. Bess Mve: 8:45. Quartet. K1A Stewart Hamblen.

KJBS Just About Time: music. KKOW Cheerio; 8 45. melodies. KI.S The Rand Marches; melodies. KRK News; 8:45, smooth tunes.

9 A. M. kk'k News; 8 45. Songs of KYA In the Gloaming, KPO Henderson a orches i these gestures of ours were turned down coldly and bluntly the Tast. KI.S News: 8.45.

music. KtlW Concert music; 8.45 Musical Moments. 9 P. 31. tra.

K(H Organ: 11:45. news. KSFO Young's orchestra. KFRC Owens' orchestra. KROW Khythm; 11.

45. by Tokio as "not enough." The K.IHS Pnnce tion Preservation League, win KYA Job Finder; KYA Outdoor rnristmssj news. 9:15, KI.S Revue; news. KRE Top Tunes. revue.

11:35. Tree program!, t-mt hjhvwih laia Cbrlstiiiti Srtenre. KPO Vocational agricul' ture: 0:15. Cadets Guar I Bnminsi. NOON dance music.

KPO Death Valley Cays, 'Family Silver." mark, too, the completion of restoration activity in the Palace. This will be the third year in succession that the league, of KRF: Dance music. KLS Midnight music. AFTER MIDNIGHT KSFO Hour of Romance. KGO Bennle Wslker's ama- tet.

KY Cn'e Continental KGO "Kitty Keene." dra-i 12:15. In Italian. matic: 8:15. Ma Perkins. KI'O Pepper Young; 12:15 KSF'O Fwimting the Blues; t.

Perkins. teura; concen. K-c-i, a 1 w.rr and Gang KI.X Music Art Trio. KRK In Italian, KLS News; 0:16, dramatic. KQW Jack Armstrong, serial; Phantom Pilot.

6:30 P. M. KY Music Caravan. KPO Hollywood Mardl KGO Night Club; 8:45. KYA Matinee.

KPO Martha Meade: 2:45, "Gloria Gale." dramatic. KGO Kogen'a orchestra: 2:45. orchestra. KSFO Good Afternoon, Neighbors: 2:45. "Hilltop House." dramatic.

KFKC Piano; 2:45, Young Wldder Jones. KLX Musical 2:35, 8. T. stocks, music. KROW Dance.

K.IHS Shew serenade. KRK Gypsy Fortune; 2 45, harmony. 3 r. m. KYA News! 3:15, Meditations.

KPO Science; 3:15, Rhythmaires. KGO Rakov's orchestra. KSFO American School of the Air. KFRC Femlnin Fancies; Christmas carols. KLX What's Jiw? 3:15.

music. KLS Melody. KROW Dell Perm 3:15, band nmlt, K.IRS New; 3:10, concert. KRE Music. 8:30 P.

M. KYA Clsbt 3:45, dsnre. KPO Women's Msgaiine. K(iO News: songs; 3 45, Betty and Escorts. KSFO Judy and Jane: 3:45.

"Wife vs. Secretary." serial. KFRC Christmas carols. -Midnight Club to 11 Edwin C. Hill.

iKGO Western Farm and i.i n's: tieiai which Frank I. Turner is president, has presented the Christmas KFRC "Sycamore Street, Home. dramatic; 0:15, studio. KSFO Msrv Lee Taylor KKOW Bible questions: Colonsl Jack Ma1 0:05, concert. owl program untn o.

KLS Revue until 3. KROW Night Club to 1. KRE Musical until 1. orchestra. KLX Nightherder.

KGGC Hobby Club! 9:15, organ. display. The music wiu ce unaer the direction of Kichard Aurandt, KI.X Women's feature. KFKC News: 13:10. stu- AdvtrtUesatnt United States would be furiously angry.

We'd say Tokio wanted to pick a fight. Yet, that is exactly the attitude official Washington has adopted toward Tokio. Get down to realities and forget the hysteria. No Japanese civilian wants to fight America any more than the average American citizen wants to fight Japan. Would it be too much to ask the Washington "statesmen" to shut up for a while and cease showing how undiplomatic and scatter-brained they be.

If they ceased arousing mass hysteria and promoting scare headlines-reason might be saved and the growing hysteria die away. Copyright Ledger Eyndicato KJBS Revue. dlo; 12:15. character md- Parade: 9:15, news. 1rllj KRE On Beauty; 9:15, KROW News; 12:15, Man concert.

on the Street. 9:30 A. 31. hubs s-ong hits. Holidays and jay lauahttr! 4 And.

always welcome A. check COLDS ml 1111 iv In. sum i.nriiiii kia- -Dance KI.S Portuguese. KPO Vauuero: 9.45, Home- KRF; New: 12:10. music.

KKF: Noonday features. makers Exchange 0) FEVER CJ first day. 1 tn KGO Hello Pesgy; 9 45. 5o 5mnryos5ord i BIT OF SWEDEN: chrtstmss dinner Irom 5:30 to I P. M.

ii Salter Street SC. I eten and Frlda Kttylenstlern Knylea KLS Lyrlrs. MrHrn T.ivln? Llquta. Tablet. 81.

Drop minutes Try Rub My-Tijm'-W orld i Beit Lmuriot KSFO "Helen Trent." dra- 12:30 P. M. matte: 0:45, Our Gal Sundav. KYA Concert. KFKC Piano; 9.45, Ws KPO Vic snd Eade; 12:45 Are Four.

the Neills. 'He's got one of your habits can't get the bottle away from him!".

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