The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on October 13, 1907 · 31
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 31

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1907
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L THE SAX FRANCISCO EXAMIXER- -SUXDAY. OCTOBER 13. 1007. SUBURBAN INVESTORS ATTRACTED BY SITES BEING OFFERED ON TOLER HEIGHTS More Than Seven Thousand Persons Attend Opening Sale of Property on the New Boulevard ;: ; .1. - '...-f".'' .T:' ":'J: T-v' :v : -v , : ;-.y,. ....... v ..... .. . :-; ...... . ............... . v.. , .... ... , . ,. . . . . . . v t -. . ..,.t.-. , , ....... , .... y;,..,, -T'n- . 1 :. ' ........... , - . Panoramic view of Toler H eights, the highest land in the town of Elmhurst, fronting on the new Foothill Boulnwd, zvhich zvas throivn open to the public last week. - LOTS IN HAY WARDS FIND MANY INVESTORS IN WAGE-EARNERS Desire to Own Their Own Homes Appears to Be Growing Among Working People In, the Bay Region Hayward is offering1 many exoep-tiunal real estate attractions these days, the influx of Investors anxious to acquire permanent borne sites increasing1 in volume almost dally. Like all sections in this part of the bay region, the climatic conditions and Inviting surroundings appeal to a large class of investors, Hayward being a natural community for homesteads. Harry L. Holcomb, president of the Holcomb Realty Company, discussing the realty aspect of this suburban district, said: "It is a pleasure to sell property which starts a person on the road to making money. So many thousands of salaried people and wage earners have an idea that because they cannot command a large sum of money It becomes impossible for them to purchase real estate where the values are constantly increasing. Then , if you can fro a step further and Induce these same people to locate on the property, even in a very humble way, In a surprisingly short time where they are thrifty the humble home becomes surrounded with beauty in the way of shrubbery and gold-making fruits and vegetables. "I met a man the other day who decided to start out for himself, and today he has Just such a home as I have pictured above, and one remarkable feature is that he has saved enough money in rent and otherwise practically to pay for his home. On top of this he told me with a good deal of pleasure that he was now able to make a hundred per cent profit on his investment. He has done so well that he is now about to dispose of his property, purchase a larger piece of ground and do it again. "In our Hayward City Tract we are offering to-day remarkable propositions, the prices including surveying of the lot, grading, crowning, rolling, macadamizing, curbing, cement sidewalk, ornamental trees, with water, pas and electricity right at hand. Furthermore, the lots baok up to 20-foot rear streets. The climate is ideal, the soil very fertle, all within easy walking distance of a Carnegie library, schools, churches, banks and mercantile establishments. In fact, this feature of the property, being at the door of a little metropolis, makes the Hay- , Wflril City Trart exreptlonally deslr- able, because a great many of the lots which are being offered in different parts of the country do not have any of these advantages. A contractor secured an order to build Bome artistic cottages on this property and since then he has decided to locate his home In the same neighborhood. In fact, his home is now under construction." Russia's "Undesirable Citizens." ' Speaking of the recent loans to Russia, the American "Israelite" says; "It la pleasant to note that after the bankers of the entire civilized world had tacitly agreed that no further Russian loan should be placed unless it had been authorized by the douma, that those who ignored the understanding and committed a fresh crime against the unfortunate Russian people are neither Jews nor Christians. The Bleichroeders and Mendelsohns who allowed themselves to be used for this infamous purpose are the hybrid offspring of apostates from both religions, and neither is responsible for their offense against humanity. They are in the superlative degree 'undesirable citizens.' " Horse Ate Love Letters. A certain Stamford horse, that until yesterday was never suspected of being anything but a staid, sober old steady-goer, has worried the Stamford girls by breaking open a letter box and feeding on the love notes contained therein, declares a Stamford dispatch to the New York "American." Business letters are not molested. The owner is keeping a close watch on the animal to see what effect the love letters may have on his system. The postofflce people are pointing to the case as an example of what Is likely to happen if people continue hitching their horses to letter boxes. The horse Is suffering nothing more serious than what a veterinary called the "ecstasies. The announcement of the White Star Line that, beginning with June 5th, they will transfer their Wednseday fast mail service from Liverpool to Southampton meets with vigorous opposition in Queenstown. It means fifty-two less steamer stops at the latter Irish port and the curtailment of the tourist trade from the United States. Plymouth, England, Is to be substituted as the port of call. . According to an official statement, the Chilean government receipts for 1906 exceeded the disbursements by tS.001, 4i0 United States prolrl. BIG BLOCK OF HOLDINGS DISPOSED OF AT I INITIAL OFFERING OF SCENIC TRACT Real estate openings reoelved a new mark when Toler Heights was opened to the public last Sunday. The property Is located Just east of Oakland on the new Foothill boulevard. The land is high and sightly in fact, is the highest land in the town of Elmhurst. More than seven thousand people. It Is estimated, viewed the sightly tract on the magnificent new Oakland boulevard. The accommodations provided by the Southwestern Securities Company, which is handling the tract, were crowded to their utmost. Street cars bearing large banners announcing the opening connected at Elmhurst with a large number of gayly decorated auto- I.etters of Garibaldi. The Olornale d'ltalla publishes several hitherto unpublished short letters of Garibaldi, written by the famous general to Mrs. Caroline Glffard Philip-son, a rich . Englishwoman, who had developed an entliusiam for the destinies of Italy, and almost worshiped Giuseppe Garibaldi. Inl866 she went so far as to charter a vessel to save Garibaldi from the surveillance of the Italian government, but, as a matter of fact, only succeeded in getting him Into difficulties with the police. One of these letters, dated October 20,1870, reads: "I was favorable to Prussia, when she combated Bonaparte. In overthrowing him she has been the cause of great happiness to the world. To-day I am with the French Republic, for I regard its cause as the cause of human right. And I do not doubt that the generous minds In England will ultimately share my opinion." Amount of susrar received In Port Louis, Island of Mauritius, for the pe riod August l, 1UV6, to March 31, 1S)0, was 2,448,334 bags, against 1,858,851 bags during the corresponding eight months of the year previous. The exports of the 1906-6 crop totaled 158,-601 tons. Of this over 60 per cent went to India, 22 per cent to South Africa, while Canada and Australia each took somewhat over 3 per cent, and Great Britain i 1-8 per cent of the shipments. The Rand gold companies of South Africa paid dividends during the year 1K06 to tne amount ot sz7,086,838. This constitutes a record. The total dividends paid since the South African war, says Reuter, amount to $97,855,-432. South African mines not In the Rand district paid dividends last year amounting to $823,374. One diamond mine paid $1,265,000 dividend; the coal companies $601,100, and the financial corporations $5,862,000. In proportion to Its size, the horse has the smallest stomach of any quad- rnped. f SUNNYVALE Down the Peninsula 38 miles, only 50 minutes from 3d and Townsend Streets, offers more for the investor than any point on the Peninsula. We can prove this to any one that cares to investigate. Look at the Facts: Over $616,000.00 spent during the year for factories and business blocks, exclusive of residences. Here is the list: Joshua Hendy Iron Works. Century Paint & Roofing Co. Libby, McNeill & Libby. ' Johnson Traction Engine Co. Hydro-Carbon Companies' Refinery. Roberts' Brick Store Building. Sunnyvale Canneries. Muender Block, Templeton Bldg. , Ryan Hotel, and Post Office. No other town can show such a growth. A weekly payroll of over $12,000.00. Over $1,000,000.00 worth of green, dried and canned fruit ' . handled. All of this, when a short time ago, Sunnyvale was a.grainfield. . Elevation 93 feet. No fog or frost. The key to Santa Clara valley. ' Here is the place to" buy lots, as we are sure, during the coming year, to f , double our manufacturing as well as our population. The most beautiful spot in the valley. Live oak trees, magnificent orchards, fertile fields surrounding Sunnyvale. Come in to-day and make a start. Large Lots $100 and Up On Terms Sunnyvale Land Company W. A. GROSSMAN, Manager 32 Montgomery St. Phone Temporary 4255 mobiles? At the traot the visitors crowded hastily Into the office of the Southwestern Securities Company to make their reservations as rapidly a.j possible and it is said the contract sales made aggregate $200,000. The crowd began to come In at :30 In the morning and the day, which had threatened to be cloudy, dawned fair and bright, revealing from the heights the beautiful vista of Oakland, Fruitvale, Elmhurst, San Francisco bay and the Mils. By noon Toler Heights tract, in every portion, was thronged with visitors. The activity of the sales was totally unprecedented and far excelled the hopes of the company. Buyers from San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Elmhurst, Fruitvale and other cities were shown in the addresses of the purchasers which were compiled at the close of the day. A Los Angeles real estate dealer who has handled soma of the biggest real estate openings In the southern city stated that never In the history of Los Angeles had the first opening of any tract been attended by so large and representative a crowd, or had he ever known so large a percentage of actual buyers. ''I handled," said he, "a big tract at the Kedondo opening, near Los Angeles, which was the biggest real estate division ever opened in the Los AngelPS district, but this opening up here beats it all." Other visitors expressed similar surprise at ths size of the crowd. At noon the tract showed up like a barbecue festival. Dinner was served frpo in thp trnts. the band struck up ' some lively airs, and hundreds of small boys sold popcorn and peanuts to the good-natured well-drt-ssi'd men and women who made up the throng. Toler Heights Is one of the finest suburban tracts that has been opt-ned to the public in a long time. The entire tract, consisting of over li0 acres, lies within 26 minutes of the business center of Oakland. Grading and construction teams were busy on the tract yesterday and within ninety days the streets will be completed and water pipes laid, whiU) work will have begun upon the street car line right through the tract for which a franchise has been applied for. "The size of this opening and ths character of the buyers are an amazingly pleasant surprise," said a member of the Southwestern Company yesterday. "We were expecting a crowd, for the property is a meritorious one. But nothing like this. We believe the investments made double the value of the property of thosa who bought." Toler Heights will mark a new and attractive suburb of Oakland. It already possesses all facilities of schools, transportation, churches and fine homes. The management has advertised the property widely and will continue until all the lots are sold. The price ranges from $400 to $1,200, at ten per cent down and one per cent a month, no Interest and no taxes. During the past week a large number of lots were sold in addition to those contracted for on the opening day. The Southwestern Securities Company the past week has arranged to give a free house to one of the lot owners, and this will Include all who have purchased lots already and the people who have arranged to purchase now and for those who will purchase from this time on up to a certain date which the company hns BPt CRAGMONT TRACT IS OFFERING UNUSUAL VALUES IN HOMESITES t J Berkeley Hillside Lots Are Proving an Attraction to an Increasing Volume of J Purchasers. I Cragmont, Berkeley's recently opened hillside tract. Is attracting many permanent homeseekers, offering unique advantages to this class of realty investors. The property la situated on the western slope of the North Berkeley hills and has one of the most distinctive sweeps of hill and marina panorama obtalnabla from any point on the coast. Eugent X Brock, secretary and treasurer of the Ferrler-Brock Company, agents for the property, points out that the unusual success met with in disposing of Cragmont lots is especially gratifying at a tim when thcra is a tendency toward a Blacken ing up in the Berkeley real estate market. Following an extensive campaign to draw attention to the tract the company succeeded In drawing great crowds to Cragmont and estimates that every four out of Are visitors proved to be Investors. From twenty to twenty-five automobiles have buen taking people to the tract every Saturday and Sunday, biit the crowds have continued to increase at such a rate that this service has been found Inadequate. Cragmont is the first hillside property offered In Berkeley on such exceptional terms, enabling many per sons to invst In this class of prop erty who have heretofore been exejua-ed from doing so. Many people with a small amount of money and unable to pay but small monthly installments, have been prevented' from Investing In realty altogether or have been forced to acquire an Inferior class of property. In Cragmont, on the contary, they have found a class of property that U always attractive, lots on the kill-side having an unexcelled view! ot t fan Francisco bay anil the Golden Gate. Cratmont, notwithstanding . these advantages. Is not so exclusive as to Bhut a man ot moderate means out. The building restrictions are placed at $1,000, which means that one can build a desirable bungalow and know that he will not run the risk of having uninviting shacks erected alongside of him. The Cragmont Land Company ihas arranged to have car lines run directly through the tract, the franchises for which are expeoted to be granted within the next few months. ' At the present tlmo the ears run within tour blocks at the entrance ot the property, i Building has already commenced at'' Cragmont, and it is believed that Spring will witness the laying of soores of foundations for new homes. The tract appears destined to become one of the most enviable residential sections around the bay region. GnmuT'i inrreaw of population In ths year a 105 to ifWyj vu 16 rT rfmt: PYajira'i 3 p-r cnf. SALADA BEACH and haDDV bach has commanded and held the attention of the wisest and most successful real estate investors, and appreciative dweller. Epitome of Salada's Attributes Tending to Make It so Popular SalarJa has now 1 ,600 lot owners. Handsome dwellings are now being erected and another $3,000 business block is near completion. The Ocean Shore Railway Co.'s Class A depot with telegraph station is being rushed to completion. Trains have been running to Salada for more than a week past. By reason of the demand for it on account of the buildings in progress and planned, a lumber yard already been established. We are spending thousands upon thousands ourselves in permanent improvements. Streets are already graded. We are supplying the town with pure sparkling mountain water, flowing from our own springs half a mile from the beach. Salada's surf bathing is safe, fishing is plentiful and hunting in the hills just back from the beach is ecjoyable. Salada is only 5 miles out of San Francisco the nearest beach town to the city only 20-minute ride by electric trains on tbe Ocean Shore Railwaydown the peninsula along the line of ban Francisco's wonderful expansion. There is no beach town on the Ocean Shore Railway that has made the actual progress or expended the real money in extensive and permanent improvements that Salada has. Where things are doing that's the place to buy. fVlAIL THIS COUPON OCEA SHOIIE LAND CO Fillmore St na Franrixro. Please msil me free maps and literature pertaining to Salada Beach property and free transportation to Salada Beach. NAME ADDRESS All trains are crowded with new visitors and intending lot purchasers, but we are willing to issue free transportation to old lot owners as far as the train service will admit, if application is made at our onices. 1803 1 Ocean Shore Land Co. OWNERS Fillmore Mission Street, Street, Francisco Francisco Ihas - raUSa7.- -VlKlfll I- ' ' J . , . vj

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