The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on May 24, 1892 · 14
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 14

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1892
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r" 14 THE EXAMINER, -SAN FRANCISCO: TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 24, 182, The Logan (M " tiazette." F. fi. f't'fttKLL' was horn Ju Portsmouth,, O., Ausruftt 13, ISA 7. llti received a common ccU'rul c.Ii.rutloii i in uie punuc tcuoois iu Snlf 1'oriMnouiU, aioi com t ttiencfd the study of law In ih ttfflce f A. C. 1 "a Thotnpmi. ex-rnenil-t-r of ! ConjrreRa froth the lNnls- lu lwiT. He vas Htiinlt led lo the bar In lMii ami located fu Lot-'MU, here he was married. lh"7 .i comment'--! the niiltiUiUioti of thn roKMt ii'tiette. wiiii h pa per he coMfnuti to con- duel, and edit. In 1hK Ik mirrliaeii the Oiarlcti- too (W. Va.) Hate Tribune, wlili-li Is now a flourishing daily and t illt t'dlti d ty M r. Pursei!. Mr. I'xrseM whs recently chosen i halnnan of the Statu HVpunllcnn Central t oumiiUet al the State Coovcu-tlou bold Id Cleveland. The Albany "Adroeate. Crailii E. Reid. delegate from Nortbw est Mla-shert of fourle. 1b the senior member of tbe publl the Alhany. Mo., Aaro-He Is a native of Ohio, but moved to Missouri when a hoy and learned to set type. In 1 K.sfi he eManlfshed a r ftperln Madison, but told t In 1Sss7 to take a place In the Government Print lnE Office at Washington, where he remained two years. Returning to Mia-fwK he became editor tbe Hnnif Pre, at La Plata. In 1!0 he estah-llnhed hie paper, the Ad-TOi-aie. In Alltany. A year ago Mr. Reid conceived the Idea of estahll shins t college at A many under me control or tn dUt i hurrh 8onili, and his efforts have been cesful that the Int-iiiuttou m assured and opened this coming autumn Met host! SUC- will be TAe Sara una (J) "Journal" Fkavk S. Gufenlkaf Is a native of Minnesota, Dd Is thirty-two year old. In 1 st'.T his family moved i . to Savanna. 111., where his f J ' VJerr""5. C7 father tMaMls-hed the Xf X$V1TJ-V cW,,,,n Tttne. Young l3 -aSfei"- -rf Greenleaf learned ihe f$tS ' printer's trade In that om- e. aua lour yers later became a i artn-r In Ihe bnstnesft. The Tirnts waa aoid In rrut in Oci her. mS,". Green!ef A Sou began the Journal, and a veur later tbn junior r,w.x mem her of the firm y full control of the bust-ffti& nesa. He has ouiducted lI.the paper ever tlm-e and has made It a feuecest fu country Journalism. Mr. lireenU-af became a member of the Illinois Pres Arjsovfallon In lsw, and wac elected Third Vlce Freaident at tbe beginning of the present year. The Stithratrr (Minn.) .WetHffr- Victor C. Skwabd. editor and publisher of the Ft Ul water .K'w"--r, waa born In Wabash, couuty. Jnd . .July 10. lMi. His parent, who now reside l Ventura In this 8tHt, tettled at Mankato. Mitiu In 1 S.'i.V where their s n served an apprenticeship In t he Indfinirnt office. He waa a member of Company I, One Hundred and Ninety-eighth Ohio Vi'lunteera, ami after bit dlacharpe prepared for and entered WeMrn l;carve Colleue at Hud-ton. O., but was not graduated. In 1k;k he returned to Minnesota, and itp was for a time co:iueetd with Ihe St. Paul 7i-pairk. in l;tl he surted thR Redwood Falls Mail, and was e'ect-d .ludnof Probate the same year. In A7. h" purchased the Stillwater Mesenyrt w hlcb he ha-j conducted succehbfully. The lhadteootl I.) Times. Pobtkr Warnkr, ptibUsher of the Stark Hilt TmK,&, iK'ttdwiHid, lb a native of Amherst, Mass., and wan born In IKM,, Two years later bis parents went to Chicago, where 3..,, 'tlV' feehool education. He en- In M hf waa badly wounded and waa dl-chatL-ed. In IsTO he went to Denver, where he occupied prominent position on the staff of the r-'? irthxne Htm Time for six -yF W-fc f-'ver broke out In the 'T ' BIRCH H1lln Mr. Warner fell vlfilrn Ui the excitement and went, to DeadwoodwHh a newspaper outfit. In April, 1877. be launched the Daily Tune, with full Atociatcd Prest dispatcher, mid It has since then tailed prosperously under his management. The (oiioii CHy, (fol.) "I'llpprr." Franki in Piiritr SiifF"B ! the pitluir and pro-itrirtor u( the Vlwi'tr, puhlUheil t Cuiiua Cliy, Col. jie iii naiiteui inwa.mta Ik liemly thirty-rivn yer of -co. When he WAt ihfru-t'D he whs o tlirown upon Ms own re- tere.l a printing otlioe as ; devil." When he bad completed bin trade he j. wurkeu rk a jftitrneyinau printer until lxxo, and then became an editor and puiiilatier on hh count. In Ikhh fir wa elected H Mr. She.- jSai I Treslilpnt s of the Colorado State Kdl- tnrtal AKr.ot'latlon. having held theotftceof vice I'reMilent for two terms. This Is the fifth time that Mr. Mii-afor h heen a dele-pate to the session of the National Kdltorln! Association. Mr. Sheafor l known as one of the must active and earnest members of the association. The Rampthire III.) SegMfr." The Hampshire Rrffteter la partly owned and mn-ttged by C. U., who was l.rn In tbe Nutmeg rotate thirty-alx years atto, Mr. Hai kua waa (trti'lu-au-d at nltie'een from a business college at 1'ouKlikeepsle. K. V.. and be then taught school three years In Keedlntn Bounty. Coun. In 17M be emigrated to Illinois nd was turtle teller In a bank at Maretig . n0 filed that posltlou until when he established the Kane Comity Bank at Hampshire, where he now resides, HhyIii? a ilklntr for news. paper wnr Mr Hackns Martcd the Jttiitirr. an Independent weekly. In lSf.V and the pnper t no-owned by Hackus Brill, who have made a success of their titidertnkltiR. Mr. llai'Vus Is also prominent In local afialra and is Treasurer of Hampshire. The Vtntralia (Kan.) ".faurnal." A. 3. BtnciiFiltl.n of the Ceutralla Journal Is Kentucklan and grew to manhood in that btaie. He served in the cavalry f Ihe I'uioD army two yeara. snd after the war aettled in Indianapolis. In IsHm be moved to Kansas mid was appointed station aircnt at Centralis, on the Atchison and Pike's Peak Kallrosd. After two venra be engaged in mercantile pnrsults until two years ago. air. mrenn Held waa Vw r din new- jfiK IliUch Interested paper work d tneae years, and ttnilini! It " more congenial than tnv- Vll l 'A. tllln else, he houKht the 7- "tf-KH. Centralia Juunnl two years ago and cba iir '1 It from a KepnMlcan loan IndrpcEd-tn parr He has Blel with eousloerable success In bis work and Is a delegate from the .Northeastern Kansaa Press Asso-clatloa. The Sturgeon (.Wo.) " Lender." Oar. D. Orat, tbe youngster of the Missouri Preta Association, is oue of the younirest dele gates In nttfn.t..i... hi. A) f'f''!!ffA convention. He edits the brlt:htet countv lasers In Hint state. Mr. t.rsv is twenty-three years old and Is a native of MIs-ourl. Whea be was nf. teen he hevaa t learn the printer s tiaile In the of. fl'-eof the re at Louisiana. Mo., and four years if "'- ftie p he took charge of paper he now con trols. He Is a ComM'tent man In all detriments M newspaper office, and takes pride In bis work. 4 V VOW K O si Cambridge tK Jfieronia.u" M ajor Avo la a native of Ohio, and was JilHsT born in lsi'.t. Ho grew upon a farm, hut when he waa eighteen he engaged 1-1 tnaw-l.t.irF IJaa at 1 1 . TTeV wards maniiKed toacijulre m vniit -Ibc fii'it mii'ii aiiu waa admitted to the hr In ih72. He practiced law for a nnnttn-r of years and, drifting Into journal Imh, be he pan the publication of the Citizens' fresg at Caldwell, which hoc a me a prominent Democratic paper. He fold the Press In H4, and In 1KM, he. boui'httlie old estuhUhed Jfrrrsnnian at Cam bridge. which he iiwns and edits now. Mr. Amos Is an ardent tariff reformer, and bis editorial work on that atibjoct has attracted considerable attention. The Jeffermonum has a Kihtd circulation and is one of thq tnstitutiuua of t a st em Ohio. The Taeoma (II atth.) " ITemt Ceast Trade," Orvo Strong, publisher of the West Coast Trade at Taeoma, Is forty years om ana uy oirta a re no. avlvanlao. At the ae of sixteen he entered ft Michigan print Inn office as an apprentice, and four years later branched out luto the publishing buM-nes.6 on his own account. For two years he published the Tribune at Lanton, Mich., and established the Sfwt at Nashville lu 173. After an experience of seventeen years In MlehVan Mr. Strong came West and founded the paper he now edits In lacoma. which Is having a prosperous career under his manage ment. He Ij also a member of the Tacoma Hoard, of Education and President of the Washington Tress Association. He was a delegate to the iNfUioniu Association trom Michigan lu ifS, and again last year from Washington. Ttte Chicago Juitttia." Mips Cakolink A. Hri,ixn. the founder and nrn-ayer of Ju.stttta a semi-monthly devoted to the inter- eMsof women. Is a native jC& .Ti-aP ' --p-j haratoga. N. Y where fi VSXxTTJll her lather was an editor X Ari.W tl I and itulUber for titty 2 VL- . .. ... . miss minug nas rontrltutor to Si -ata ' newspape papers since she was years old. for years she did edt- orlal wtrk for the Sara- ga .futtnel. She went to Chicago In 184. where site quickly became prominent In the cause of woman u drape, hue wag one of the charter uietn ber of the Illinois Women rtes Association, and was a delegate to the aiHnal Kdtt'-rtal Association In lHH)ud now represents thst bodv In ilil city. ,fnti4ia was founded la l7. and br'des its inausgeinent Miss IluHng does mat n spt-ciI writing f(r the leading Chicago dailies The Umrwtr (ld.) Time." Qri-n' A. H-'ler. one of the proprietors of the TVn-aw Ti'tuA, was brn In Ohio to 243. He be gan newspaper work In i.'7, and has been unusually -successful as in editor and publisher. In 1S-1H he formed a partner-ship withtieneral Keuben W'Hllariis, and the two are st.H together tit the ownership of the Times. They first publlched the AorA- ern lnitnnniM In 1 hTS they bught the tort fift; Wayne tiazette snd con- -'I'-t, du'ted It oue year. They now the Inrlhiria. htpubiieai, a tlottrishlng ' weekly, ns well as the Tnnen. Mr. Hosslrr has been member of the national rational Association for five j earn, nd BavstiiHtin his day tie baa ,0,.n on thirty-seven editorial excursions. He in prominent lu all the leading fraternal socle tie. The Ureenraitle. (lnrl.) Star-Prr,.." Frank A. Aenold, proprietor of the Mar Prrta, now Id tbe fony fiftU year of his age. has been con- nectea witn wewspap"ra as reporter or editor for more than twenty-five years. In 1S75 be. began the publication of the Star. Like other newspaper adventures, where tne atippiy of will was reater than of currency. M 7t J 'Mr- Arnold-stask was not 'hlraMi- l"'it for a time, i,- tV Mi 1 "li"" lfprotbl. Wi V'' b'"' "tx,' Anally came L -mx" and still abides, in 1HH2 3JiLS& had a hyphen end purchase of the Ye, established In IttfiR. Under Mr. Arnold's mauage-lnent ihe Sutr-frrs has proven a valuable newspa-pr property. In 1hk9 he was chosen Secretary of the Democratic Kdltorlal As-M-ailon of lndtuna. In 1m;0 he was elected Vice-Pretdent, and In 1m.i1 he was elected President of the same asst-eUtlon. THE EXAMINER'S Classified and "Want " Advertisements. Advertisements for tbese columns are ebarfred by the line. Xo advertisement figured at leaa than two lines. in estimating the cost count eleven words to the first two Hues and seven words to eacb 11a, following. Advertisements for these columns must be paid !u advance and may be left at tbe Kxamihbr Business Urbce. 756 Market street, corner of Grant aro-bue, or at any of tbe following BRANCH OFFICES: Corner McAllister and (loupa. Corner Valencia and Twentieth. few. Comer Ellla and Leavenworth. 8W. Corner Sixth and Folsouk Oakland HI 8 Broadway. CLAKSIFIEU ItUSlKMS UIRECTOKV lav iTAtj baicotitrjina i names itf house gentrallif reyrded as cwrtrey refmftlc. ATTOKSET S-AT-LAW. . V. llotre Co., 850 Market at Advlee fro,. CLEANING AND DVEINO. The P. Thoinns farialstn lyeina;aut damn In a; Works, -il Tenth street rlUBRKR STAMPS, f . A . K llMfcBM. A t m.. hansom street 1 'ilktimi mitiii:s. 10LI1HN ATE LODtiK. SO. :10. F. A. M. Cslled tneetlne Tills! tTuesrlnvt A ESIXB, M) 24th, at 7 :31) o'clock. U.'-J. "tf GKO. J. HtHIK. Secretary. A7 OTICE MKKTISt OF STOChUoLDKKS OF A' the Callf.irula Midland Hallway Company Notice Is hereby given that a meeting of the stock-boldera of the California Midland Hallway Company has been called and ordered by the Board of lilrectors of said corporation, to he held on TIT.S-DAV, the ath day of June, A. D. 1x92. at 2 o'clock r. m.. at room 17 of the 6a 1 Francisco Stock Ki-chatige nulidlni. No. :t;il I'lne street In tbe city and county of sau Francisco. State of Calltornla. said place of meeting being tire principal place of business of said corporation, and at the building where tbe Board of Directors thereof asually meet feaid meeting Is called for the purpose and object of considering and acting uiain a proposition fr luc aald California Mid and Hallway Company to create a bonded Indebtedness In tbe sum of seven million Uolle-a, and to authorize the. Issuance of bonds In an amount not to esceed seven million dollars, said bonds to he tu denominations of not less than flvo hundred dollars each, and to bear Interest at a rat not to exceed ten f JO per cent) per cent per annum, the payment of said bonds to be secared by a mortgage or deed of trust of tbe corporate property and franchises of the said corporation. That seven million dollars Is the amount of the bonded Indebtedness which It Is nropoaed to create. By order of tbe Board of Directors KENNf TR WILLIAMS, Secretary of tbe California Midland Hallway Company. Dated San Francisco, April 22. ls2. I Al;KK,it LolViErSo. 1 24.V0.0.T. .v;,, -Nominations for otllcers for the tyVHrZ. enduing term: also other Important 4'5?H3: business; officers, iiieiiil.pps ,ito. -W.,u, lug brothers cordially Invited to attend THIS (Tues- -j, , .on, k , . tr-nx. jty order . u. fcAMCKL, N ALL, liec. Secretary. The im Ail 1 ri J). T-i V .-'Afl 1-. j ... j .. iex . ..... . 1. j. . jov,-.r,- . .1 , ...Vswt r-J 11 RtfTllW NOTICKS roiitlimed. VNtHKNT OICIJKU OF FOKKSTKUS.- tetV' Comptiiilons of the Forest, liiillorm Hank aud -luvenltes, will hold the lUih An- Jf I nual Keunlun and Picnic of the Order at New bchuetzen l'ark. Sun Ki.tael. MONDAY, May :4tMh. Hound-trip tickets. Including admission to the Park. ?oc; Children. 25o- Itoais will leave TI-buron Ferry, finit of Market atreet, at 9:20 and 11:20 a. 1:30 p. h. bUty valuable gate prizes and a lung and interesting game programme. (lALKHUMAN CLl'll. TWKSTV-.' sUlh Grand Annual GRtbeilug lie- cepiloli at Mechanics' l'avllinn on vX VVrDNKhDAV KVKMKti. 2.rith instant, ''fci? A full corp& of elub pipers lu costume aud the 1'ark Band will furnish choicest selections of music. Grand March 8:H0 p. m. Admission checks, admitting gentleman and ladles. 2o centa eai b, to be obtained at the box office: bat and cloak rooms free. AV. C. BUHNKTT, Chief. Thomas Wilsow, Secretary. try Dlnua forget the ijoth Orand Annual GameB at Shell Mound hark, baturday, 'Jhth Instant. fl-HK CALEDONIAN CLUB OF SAN JL Francisco. Grand gat clans In the garb of Auld Gael, S ATI- DA V. Mav -2H. lsiM'2. at SHELL MOUND PAKK. Berkeley. The Club Is deter mined to make this, tbe Twenty-sixth Annual (lathering and games, the grandest and most enjoyable event of Ihe season. New game will be Introduced never before seen in America. A large number of exiting events are open to members of (later Caledonian clubs from all parts of tbe wns-ld, who will receive over $2,!l!0 In cash and other prizes. Including two handsome gold medals, value f 200 eacb. for long-distance race; also a long list of games Is open to allcomers, for which there are large cash, as well as other valuable prlies. Scottish national dancing by expert clansmen. Lada snd lassies in costume. Delegations from all parts of the United States and Canada will be. present to take part on this auspicious occasion. Tito usual highland welcome Is extended to all. Dancing In the two pavilions from 1 1 a. to the music of the celetirated Park Band. There will be a full corps of Highland pipers. Games commence at 9 a. m. sharp and close at fl p.m.; no Intermission. Trains connect with Oakland ferry every half hour. Admission Adults, 50 cents; children, 25 cents. Be sure and buv vour tickets for Shell Mound l'ark. W. C. HL'KNKTT, Chief. Thomas Wilsok, Third Chieftain. UNITV KNCAMl'MK-NT. No. 20. I. O. O.ft ? F., mteis TO-NIGHT at H o'clock. V F. W. AUMSTKONli, Scribe. LOST AMI FOINU. Alli: A1N-TWO HIIOGIKS FOIt 9ALK CHEAP. KINO. 314 Golden Gate avenue. IOUND-THK BEST VABIETV OF MUSICAL 1 Instruments In the state: low prices; large stock; satisfaction guaranteed. I'lONKKH MUSIC STOUti, C. C. KKKNb. 3 Third St., corner Market. IOST-A PURSE CONTAINING- TWO PINS, i pearls and diamonds, genu scarf pins, chain attached. Liberal reward. licturn to G. S. Johnson. HMO McAllister street. IOST-A LARGE GARNET BREAST FIN i riease return to 1121 Alabama street and re ceive reward. I OPT ON SATURDAY, A MAMOND SOLI-i talre esr-drop. The tinder will bo suitably rewarded by returning tbe same to Ihe drugstore, southwest corner an Ness avenue and Futtdn St. IOST-MONDAV EVENING, ON M'ALLISTER-i street car, pair of opera glasses. Return tu 17H5 McAllister street. I OST STRAYED ABOUT SEVEN PAYS AGO, J Collie Bitch, i) months old. black, tan aud white. Return to A. LACRolX, Presidio Nursery, Steluer street, near Union, and receive reward. IOST-GOLI) DIAMOND LOCKET. WITH I'RES-i eniatton Inscription. Finder return to 33 Geary street and tecelve reward. I OST MINIATURE PIN SURROUNDED WITH J small diamonds. Return to G15 Leavenworth street and receive liberal reward. I OST ON FRIDAY, AT ORGAN RECITAL IN J First Congregational Church vestibule, a purse, with owner's card, etc. Please return to-tHO Mason street and receive reward. IO8T-8MALL WHITE SPITZ PUPPY. THREE J mouths old, from 2311 Clay street Suitable reward for return. I OUT ONE PACKAGE OF PHOTOGRAPHS J near Murphy Building. Beturn to SCHIISSLER BROS.. 27 Grant avenue, and receive reward. I OST BLACK AND WHITE COW; BRANDED II J on right blp; mark on both ears. Return to Twenty-eighth street aud Washington avenue and receive liberal reward. IOST-A DIAMOND BREASTPIN, AT SARA-J toga Hall Monday evening. May Btb. Return to 1109 Oak street and receive liberal reward. STOLEN-LARGE BLACK HORSE WITH LET-7 ter P on hip; one white hind foot; also wagon. li cense No. 13.5tio. .1. SCIiliOKDKK, owner, Bay State Market, 1300 Stockton street. AV1LL GENTLEMAN WHO FOUND OSTRICH feather boa near Cliff House Sunday kindly return or send addressed to MRS. C. ;u. TAYLOR, 2 Post street. (! REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEAD. C"Oo Ing to the arrest aud convictlou of the party who poisoned my fox -terrier dog " Lark. D. J. DICK. 14 Third atreet. ANY PERSON KNOWING PRESENT WHERE-ahotita of Fred C. Jenkins, formerly clerk In drug stores In Taeoma and Portland, will please write to JOHN K. v ALLACE, Ashury park, N.J. A LARGE VARIETY LADIES' AND CHIL-dren's vacation hats; prices to suit the times. THE 11KK HIVE MILLINERY, 39 sixth street A NY RESPECTABLE GENTLEMAN WISHING iV to marry wealthy ladles send 10c for details to MRS. HERTZ, box 2311. Examiner orbce. WANTED PUPILS FOR U AIR DRESSING 1, aud manicuring at MME. ROBISON'S, 0 Kearny street; ten lessons In class, f 1 60. MARRIAGE BUREAU. 28 GEARY; ESTAB-Ls llshcd 1U85; send 10c for details; confidential. AT THE SURPRISE MILLINERY. 1228 MAR-ket fctreot, near Jones, they are aelllng misses' white leghorn hats for 25 cents. APHTOLINK WAFEHS AKK GUARANTEED TO produce flesh, develop the bust and make tbe face look plump and youthful; S2 per box. by mall or express; ssraples free. ATWKLL MEDICINE Co., 23 Kearny street San Francisco. DVICB FREE G. W. HOWE CO, ATTOB neya. S5t Market Read ad. busineas personals A BARBERS AND MEN WHO BHAVK, DO you want the lineal razor strop on earth ? Then send your order for Wilson's world renowned shark bldedouhle strop; aavo 3 to5 times the hou-big; $2 00 eacb by mall on receipt of price. WILL ft FiNCK, agents, HIS and 820 Market street BARBERS. NOTICE G. N. W. WILSON HAS left tbe city for aome weeks. All mall orders will receive prompt attention, at usual, grinding excepted. TJARGAINS IN JEWELRY AND WATCHES. J) FRANK CRUNEK, Jeweler. 724 Washington, treet above Kearny. CALIFORNIA STATE DETECTIVE BUREAU, Theodore C. Melzler, Superintendent 40 Phelan building, San Frauolsro. Reliable evidence furnished in both civil and criminal cases. All business conducted on mutual honor and Btrlctcst confidence. Best references given. DR. BRYANT'S SPECIFICS A SURE. POSITIVE and permanent cure In short time for chronic and private diseases; no charge for examination or consultation; 4 bottles of aperiac for seminal weakness and nervous debllltv. f 10: sent any address on receipt of price. 1 170 Market st, office No. 23. 1.-AT PEOPLE RAPIDLY AND 8AFKLY RE duced by Du Hols' Antl-Oheslly Tea; If 150 a package. A. H. SMI f H ft CO.. 1300 Polk street KA-TI-LA CREAM CURES POISON OAK. chapped bands and Hps, keeps the skin smooth. La Belle keeps the hair In curl 5 to 7 days; 50c, $1. N. KATE GENTRY. 131 Post street. I OST A LADIES' GOLD HUNTING WATCH J and double gold fob chain, with Initial M. on outside of case and an Inscription on the Inside cap; valuable to the owner. The Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving tbe same at the ottlce of the NORTON TANNING CO., 312 Clay at.t aecCharlet L. Field. MRS. ALICE GRAHAM AND MISS RAY JO seph (formerly of San Francisco) have opened halrdresslng aud manicure parlora at 1 15d Broadway, Oakland, rooms it and 7t bleaching and dyeing atpeclalty; prices reasonable. 1 PARTNER WANTED IN SMALL CARRIAGE shop; wood-worker preferred. Inquire at 1219 Pierce street. fllWO CARPENTERS WILL TnE GENTLEMEN J. who called at tbe Examikfb office on Sunday night a few weeks ago with Information of puhllc interest, and who promised to return the next evening, please send their addresa to this office aud slal where they may be been r - ri v v.''j ; ar-svi, . vvs-- th t zjt. si s r r"rr 1 r frr""-'r a e ici "Nov tK 4'4utinud JR()F. LOVE, 139 POST AND 6117 SUTTER streets, teaches all kinds of dunces. 7 ANTED GENT ROOM MATE; NORTH MAR- ket street Address J. C, lwx 247, Examiner. "OUNO WIDOWER WHO DESIRES HOME X comfort wishes to correspond with a. lady of means; strictly confidential; object matrimony. Address box 167, Examiner ottlce, San Francisco. UIMMvKa I'KHMIV.US. WORD TO THE WISE. When you want pure teas and coffeet at reasona ble prices come or send direct, to any of the thirteen city stores of tbe Great American Importing Tea Company and save all commissions. Having forty-five successful stores on ibis coast la ample proof tbat they have the facilities for selling, and do sell, the best teas and eolfeea for the least money. Just now they are giving away to each purchaser a cake of delicious cream chocolate. A NT0INETTK LADIES. HAVE YOU TRIED A the famous French Antoinette preparation for restoring, preservlug aud beautifying rue complex ion, removing an racial Diemisnea, leaving tne akin smooth and transparent; no torture, no steam, no poisons: gray or bleached hair restored to Its origi nal color; these preparations are now offered to tbe American public for the first time; analyzed by the best doctors and chemists beret use my Wrlnklelne and have no wrinkles. Treatment dally for the hair and complexion, from l a. m. till & p. m. MME. MARCH AND, 120 Kearny street, room 59. A LL LADIES USE MRS. FULTON'S PERSIAN beautltler, cream of lilies, blush of rosea and cold cream for restoring and beautifying the com plexlon; It will not peei or make the face sore; It makes tne skin smooth and wmte; itair and complexion treated at my parlors, 422 Post street A FINE LINE OF FRENCH FLANNELETTES at 100 per yard; very cheap and fast colors. CHICAGO STORE, 2111 Sixth street. LL LADIES! ALL MEN! READ INFALLIBLE 1 DR. A NTH AN'Scard In "Physlrlnna." this paper. A T THE HYGK1A ELEGANT LYING-IN DK-iV partmenl; 404 Eddy street, S. F. ; stall trained nurses; no piihllcaty; best care given mother and child; physicians may attend their own casea. Address DR. C. C. VAN DERBECK. A2 50 FOR A DOZEN CABINET PHOTO graphs; oue colored free: tlrat-clnsa work guaranteed. WILSON'S, 22 Kearny street. NNK JEN NESS MILLER ON L T AUTHOR-L Ited agent In S. F., at MRS. OBEIt, 332 Sutter. LL KINDS OF CARPET SWEEPERS REPAIR-L ed and for sale, ut B. FIGEUS, 310 Sutter at. , 4 DVICE FREE ON ALL LEGAL MATTERS 1. Specialty, marriages annulled, quick quiet; suits commenced lu any county; collections, claims, damages, liens, attachments, etc., enforced; legal documents prepared; aults of every description defended or prosecuted vigorously; terma reasonable; no charge unless successful; 8 criminal and civil lawyers, practicing lu all courts; established 10 years; references, banks and business houses, u. W. HOWE ft CO., Attorney and Counselors at Law, 850 Market street, corner Stockton. AT M. FRIEDMAN ft CO.'S YOU CAN nUY ON the Installment plan dress goods, silks, sealskins, sealette cloaks, carpels, furniture, lace curtains, ulctures and mirrors, hlauketa and folrllnir- beds. M. FRIEDMAN ft CO., 22S-230 Stockton street and 237 Post cor. Stockton; open evenlugs. ATTENTION BAD TENANTS EJECTED FOR f 10 and all costa paid; collections city or country. COFFEY'S COLLECTION CO.. ril9 Montgom'y. lJOUGHT-SEND YOUR OLD GOLD AND S1L-I ver hv mall to the old, reliable house of COLE-M AN, 41 Third st., 8. F.; will send by return mall tbe cash; If amount not satisfactory will return gold. IOLDINU-BEDS; EXAMINE OUR No. 2,0115 mirrored with large plate. 1Hx40 walnut, nak. cherry and Sixteenth Century; cash price cIbh-where, $o0i our Installment' prlco reduced to f40; country orders promptly attended to. M. FRIED. ia, n co., 22s and 2:111 storkton and 2K7 Post st. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE U8 COME AND SEE; service of distinguished physicians and medi cines all for $1. ALKAH DISPENSARY, 1634 "oisom street. ; a , 4 POSITIVE CURE FOR CATARRH. BRON-lAcbltls. Asthma. WILSON'S Inhaler. 229 Kearuy. JUNE STYLES. BI'TTERICK'S PATTERNS; catalogues free. DEM ING. 124 Post St.. 8. F. NEW MILLINERY STORE; LATEST NOVEL-tles lu Tarla millinery; prices made to suit popular favor. MRS. A. M. QU1NN, 11S8 Market street, S. F., next door to the Maze. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PAYING NO HIOH rent; $50.1100 worth of gold and silver watches. Jewelry, diamonds, 30 per cent less than any other muse; diamonds, pearla. rubles, precious stones, gold, gold dust sliver specimens and flue watches purchased at H. M. LEWIS' Pioneer Jewelry Store, 655 Clay street, third door below Kearuy, eouth aide; established same store since 1849. HITENING ROOMS, 1 UP; PAPERING rooms. 5 up. GEO. HART MANN, 513 Third. Cil !XO I'ER DOZ. FOR CABINETS, FULL C? liOW length, at GODEUS' Art Studio, 10 tith. 1d( MEN WANTED TO HAVE THEIR OLD OO bata made equal to new. 314 Sutter streer SPKI4I, MITKEs AD TENANTS EJECTED, tf4; COLLECTIONS made. Pacific Collection Co., 52S California st DR. RICORD'S RESTORATIVE PILLS; SPE-citlc for exhausted vitality, physical debllltv. wasted forces, etc. ; approved by tho Academy of Medicine, runs, and medical ceienritiea. sold by J. G. STEELE ft CO., 633 Market street Palace .Hotel, San Francisco. Sent by mall or express. Prices: Box of 00. 1 25: o f 100. 2: of 200, 3 50: of 400, tu. Preparatory Pills, 2. Send for circular. J ANDERSON. CARPENTER AND BUILDER; office aud store fitting a specialty. 020 Washington street. . T AMES' SAFEGUARDS. SEND FOR ILLU8-IJ trated catalogue. Acme Rubber Co., 235 Kearuy. "f ONTHLY PERIODS RESTORED WITHOUT ill. pain or medicine; MRS. DR. SCHOLTZ. specialist In midwifery and ladles' complaints; private home In contlnement 2420 Howard street T-E PLUS ULTRA. 1' Tbe model of a newly Invented bridge Is on exhibition at tbe Junction of Mnrket. California and Drumm streets; the inventor calls the attention of all who may be Interested In bridge construction, aud solicits their attention, as he Intends to offer for snle his patent rights, either for California or the Pacific Stales; those contemplating the acquisition are respectfully requested to send written proposals to the 2llth Instant to PAOLO BR1TVH II, southwest corner Francisco end Dupunt streets, San Francisco. 1"IUVATEiOMK ?N ColmNEMENT. ec.i Folsom street. MRS. M. E. ROGERS, midwife. aPlltri'l LI'I a KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. I Arrival extraordinary of the world's most famous medium. M lis. DR. K. SHERMAN of British fame, known as the child medium of England. Blessed are tbe peacemakers For they shall be called the children of God. Remain not In darkness and ignorance, but seen ye tbe light of knowledge and learn what the mysterious future holds forth for you. Like a bright meteor flashing across the darkened aky. this brilliant little medium from across the ocean falls in your midst to dispel tbe heavy gloom and bitter woe from tbe tbouaauda of blighted hearts. Do not allow skepticism or silly religious scruples to stand In your way. MR. DR. SHERMAN Ts recognized by the press, medical faculty and acleatlsts generally as the most celebrated medium of modern times. Lifting the dark veil of your future life she gives you valuable ADVICE and AID In all affairs of life, of private as well as of business nature, as, for Instance, pertaining to Love, Matrlmouy, Friendship. Business, Lawsuits (Contested Wills. Divorce, Damage Suits, Claims, Collections, etc.), Journcya, Speculations. Option Deals. Pending Pension Claims, Mining. Races, etc.. etc., etc. She discovers lost or stolen property. Suds burled treasures, preveuts sickness and misfortune and reconciles thoe separated or estranged, tbua also restoring lost happiness to homes. 11 la needless W say that she In all cases GUARANTEES FULLEST SATISFACTION. Her reveistlone are certainly wouderful and are acknowledged to be ef the highest order. She advises you with a certainty by a higher than he-man power aa to the proper courae to be pursued lu life. Her descriptions of your friends and euemlee are as real as though they stood before you. Hours, ! a. at. to M p. M. strict N. B -Perfect satisfaction guaranteed by mall. Sendstamp for Illustrated pamphlet, with, special term. This Is Miol nine's first visit.- Mlts. DR. F. SHERMAN. HOTt'FarreU at' R FI H I T I A 1,1 sn -Con II 11 11 erl. ALL CHALLENGES ACCEPTED M US. E. A. ROY. Ihe celebrated English trance clairvoyant; every hidden mystery revealed; kelps all who are In trouble; never falls; gives wtvlce on all points of Interest, busineas transactions, love affairs, lain lly trouble, aiock speculations, lawsuits, lucky numbers, lucky days; locales diseases, hidden treasures and restores lost affections, hrlnga ihe separated together, makes speedy and happy marriages with the one you love; tells If the one you love is true or false; baa lucky Homau-Egyptlau talisman to help all out of trouble, and shows plu-uresof the one you will marry. Send for large Illustrated circular: Inclose stamp. Address MRS. E. A. RoY, 637 O'Furrcll street. ATTENTION! MRS. DR. FARNIIAM, TEST and business medium, tells your entire life; dealing with, past, present tind future; none can excel and few can equal the power site possesses In giving advice on losses, marriage, divorces and deaths; advice given on murks, lucky numbers, mines, etc.; consult her before going elsewhere: hours 10 to 8 p. u. 1007 Market nr. Uth. Open Sundays; letters an8. ATTENTION! SEND 1. LOCK OF HAIR AND date of birth and get your fortune written. Ad-dress MME. DE CAMoB, Golden West, Ellis street ATTENTION FRED EVANS. THE WORLT renowned slate-writer 1242 McAllister at Cf iWKIff.T fiVPRV mtirirsj- vvntA'B Viu. lamed Beeress; 625 Geary street; fee, tl. M RS. KIMBALL, TEST AND TRANCE MEDI- um: sittings tl; clr Mon.. Frl. eve. 142 7th st. MME. DR. ATLANTA, GENUINE BUSINESS and test medium; tolls entire life from cradle to graves names future husband or wife; gives date when things are to happen; every hidden niyatery revealed. Fee, tl. 1234 Sixth st. ; open Sundays. M R8.AITKEN. BUSINESS AND TEST MEDIUM; clr. bun., I uiirs.;eve.t sittings dally. 715 Post. 31 RS. J. J. WHITNEY, CLAIRVOYANT. TEST medium and life reader. 218 Stockton street. M RS. SHAFFER, TEST AND BUSINESS MS dlutn: slt'.3gs dally. 228a Sixth street M ISS BLANCflARD-CLAIKVOYANf' MK-dltttn. 201 Powell street; first floor. SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHS. 2 WEEKS ONLY, BY M US. L. CARTER, 10 Sixth street; 10 to 4 L,.IIIVOVAN-rv ARRIVED MRS. PR. NEWTON, I'HRKNO-physloguomlst and clairvoyant; without asking question the doctor will tell your full name, your occupation, whether you are married or single, what errand you came upon and will answer menial questions; she will tell the condition of every orgau of your body, what diseases you have a tendency to and how to prevent them; she tells your entire character, disposition and habits and looks clalr-voyantly Into the future; men who wish to regain the vigor which they possessed at twenty can do so by consulting the doctor: satisfaction given or no fee received; letters answered; hours? 1(1 to 5 and 7 to 8 p.m.; fee, tl and upward. 9l5 Markot street, parlors 1 and 2. AUOU8TALEOLA. FORTUNE TELLER; M AGIO charms; love tokens; true pictures of future husbands and wives free; teachea fortunes; fee $L 2320 Mission street, near Twentieth. L-ORTUNE TELLING BY CARDS; LADIES, CO r cents; gents, tl. 308 O'Farrcll at, upstairs. M ME. MORE AIT, OFFICE 78 FOURTH STREET, lonune-teiier anu me reader; tee, 2S cents. TI ME. DR. ANNA THOMAS TELLS ENTIRK i"A life, past, present future: mistake Impossible; consultatlou In all nffiilrs, uothlng excepted; names given; valuable advice and sure help; restores lost love ny sympathy; tee if 1. letters tVJ. ;io Kearny st. WILL CALL AT YOUR HOME AND TKLL your fortune by cards: ladles COc: gents tl. Address box 251, Examiner office. AMIIIOL4M.V.; PAST, PRESENT AND FU. L ture; horoscope cast PROF. HOLMES, 11 Scott. 31 HH. L. 8. BOWEKS. WARHOK SEKKKSH, 105 Stockton at., cor. O'Karrell, parlora 6 aud 7. 3J MK. WALTERS, 317 TEHAMA ST, NK. 4tb; fortunea told; ladles, 25c: gents. &0c: open Sun. ETHEL V tR NO N ELECTRIC TREATMENT. 35. Taylor street rooms 3 and 4. A REMOVAL. Ray Messing and assistants to 203A Powell street, parlors 6, 6, 0. Royal massage. AMAHIE SCHMIDT GIVES ELECTRIC massage, alcohol rubbing and steam 4hUlis. 124 Sixth street first floor, front. A DOLLIE DIMPLE AND ASSISTANT. VILLK de Paris Hatha, 28 Ellis st, rooms 1 and 2. VENUS GIVES ALCOHOLIC ROMAN BATHS, Rooms 1 and '2, 28 Ellis street. R08IB LEVY AND MAY CLIFTON; MAS-L, sage. 7 G rant avenue, parlora 7 and 8 YOUNG WIDOW DOES GENTS' MENDING and gives batha. SO Third street, room 3. MASSAGE PARLOR TO LET ON FIRST floor. 33 i O'Farrell street DDIE HALL AND YOUNG ASSISTANT L Sponge batbs. 121 Montgomery St., room 13. . NNIE DARLING AND ASSISTANT G1VK a. artistic massage. 12 Mason St., room 2. FRENCH LADY CURES ItnTTUM AT1SM BY i aiconot irotiimenis. ttzo ueary street. KIBYL M. JOHNSTONE, 131 TAYLOR ST.! MISS PEARL GIVES ALCOHOLIC BATHS and massage. 19 Sixth street, room 2. RRIVED A YOUNG WIDOW FROM AUS-L tralla; massage, 121 Montgomery st, room 18. YOUNG LADY ARRIVED WITH ETHEL; alcohol baths. 158 Third, room 9, second floor. MAMIE KELLY, FROM CINCINNATI! MAG-L, netlc treatment M3X O'Farrell st, parlor 4 N EASTERN LADY ELECTRIC MASSAGE L aclentlflcally given. 17 Third street room 2. B IRDIK TROY. JUST ARRIVED; ARTISTIC massage. 3 o rarrell, parlor , second floor I) OLLIE MERTON, 00 THIRD STREET, ROOM l ; magnetic treatment. IVA EDWARDS AND YOUNG ASS'T FROM Li Chicago; magnetic treatment. 35 Taylor, r.l2. E Va MAYHEW ANU VIOLA LESLIE, BUPfi- liur uinsBwi'ij. ! iiuiiik,'(-mtjr.y, imrmrB ii-ist. E1 JiLLA HOWARD GIVES ALCOHOL BATHS. 82 Geary street, room 19. fRANKIR WILLIAMS, RETURNED TO 22 L Ceary street room 30; alcohol baths. 1,'ltFNCH LADY GIVES MASSAGE. 148 EDDY . atreet, room 3; hours, 10 to 9. GENTLEMEN'S MENDING DONE BY A YOUNG Eastern widow at 29 Kddy street room 15. 11 AZRL ROSS ANU ASSISTANT. BPKCIAL m as-8 ape. 313 Kearny mreet, second floor. 31 B9. WILSON RSMOVKD TO 130 EDDY BT. give maafc?- nourn m to in. 31 IS8 ANDERSON- NOW AT 106-- THIRD ST.; room n; atcoDoi nana nihtmig nuMH'. 31 31 SS THORNTON HAS RETURNED. 705 MAR-ket street parlor 111; magnetic treatment ISS IDA POBBINS AND ASSISTANT, 110 Grant avenue, room 5: massage. 31 ISS ANDKURON, NOW AT 100, THIRD BT., room H aiconot nana-runnim? masept ISS 8HKLDON lU.f IfUNrki liTl MONT-Komery street, parlor 6. 31 31 ISS KOSIE WATERS GIVES MASSAGE. 139 tayior street, parlors l-z; noura to iz. MAUD, IRENE AND HAZEL; MAGNETIC treatment 110 Ellla street, room lrt. ri'HRF.E YOUNG LADIES; M AGNETIC TREAT-X ment. 1 1 Taylor street room ft ROSE CLEVELAND OF NEW YORK; SUPK-afi rlor massage; J artlMa. SK.Ii Martlet, r'tn 12. It) 1 MONTGOMERY STREET. I'Altl.OltS 8 aa 1 and9. FLORENCE ANDERSON, formerly of 1 Flfih street, gives massage. MONTGOMERY; ROOM L widow from Europe; sj 19: YOUNG sponge baths and 11 MONTGOMERY ST., HOOM 23 AYOUNO t 1 widow gives baths and royel massage. 1)1 n O'F ARIiELL-l) L I Mutants: salt t MMh. HANSON AND AS-ater: vapor t mh: mn.ssife. it,. ALL LADIES WHO NEED INSTANT AN II painless relief for Irregularities or otner conditions, should consult the most experienced and only reliable female pbyalcian; my celebrated treatment Is guaranteed to restore every case at once, iroin whatever cause; no Instrumente or bad aftereffects; safe and sure at ad periods; ladles sick or la trouble can receive confidential advice free; private borne wlih every com tort for patients. If desired, with best medics! attendance; special care given by Ihe doctress to eacb case; pills fl. Call or write. DR. M. STM ASSM AN. fllii Post atreet I-TKIHCAI. Continued. A BLESSING TO LADIES INSTANT RELIEF for uio ut lily Irregularities (from whatever cause) can be secured at oiflce of the longest-established aud must experienced ladies' physicians n ban Francisco, who rostore all casea at once by an Improved end painless method, superior to all others. Ladles wuo are sick or lu trouble will save time and money and be assured of honest treatment by cuusultin the doctors before calling elsewhere; patients who bare been Imposed oiniu or unsuccessfully treated by others especially Invited. Board aud skillful attention during confinement fu prlvaie house, separate from office, where ladlos will And all tbe comforts and privacy of a reflued home, wltb the attendance of regular physicians, competent nurses and a mother's careful aud kindly supervision. All treatment warranted; advice free aud confidential. DR. M RS. II A VE N. 22S Post Bt : hours 9 A. a. bl 8 p. at ANEW PRoC-KeS-THli LATEST INVENTION by Dr E. Vice, the celebrated female physician of Berlin, where every woman can be her own physician, alwaya and at any time, for irregularities or any other condition with safety; no medicine need be taken: restores always In 1 or 2 days; uo matter from what cause; can oe sent aud used at home. AH cases guaranteed. I am the only agent for California of the genuine new process; can only be bad at my office. DU. POPPER, specialist for female troubles, and MRS. DU. M. HAGEN, 305 Kearny street Be cot deceived by self-praised advertisers. ABURB. SAFE AND SPEEDY CURE FOR ALL Irregular or painful monthly periods from whatever cause; no Instruments used; a home In confinement with best possible care aud comforts; having bad long and successful practice 1 can safely guarantee every rase; a sure preventive of Increase of large families. All female complaints treated with unexcelled, success by MRS. DU. OWYEB. 31 H II vile st. between Eddy and Ellis. A PROCESS THAT NEVER FAILS TO RESTORE every case of monthly or other condition In two days, from whatever cause, when ail other processes snd medicines have failed; no Instruments used; 30 years' experience; every case guaranteed; advice free; terms moderate; a flrsl-class private home for confinement. MRS. DR. DALE, 1328 Grove street, near Btoderlck. Pills, $1. 2 e. u. to ft. B EST, SAFE, EASY CURE: LADIES: ALL ILLS. c only Die. ANT HAN.V29 Kearuy ;free; conlldent'l CAUTION TO LADIES-DO NOT BE IMPOSED upon by quacks who copy parts of the advertisements of Dr. and Mrs. Haven, and are presumably too Ignorant to write their owu; tfaOO will be paid for auy case of female irregularities they cannot cure. Ottlce, 22S Post S. F.. 9 a. m. to 8 y. u. IE M A L KTH REG U L A 11 IT I EsT RE STORED I N one day. from whatever cause: home patients visited: c.frec. MRS. DR. LAPH AME.II25 Geary.r.l (1ENTS SEND 25 CENTS, AND RECEIVE BY T mall receipt of sure preventive for Gouorrbca, Gleet, etc. Address box 23, Portland, Or. 1AD1ES! OLD DR. DIX'S DOUBLE STRENGTH J female pills never fall; they always have tho desired effect; try them (one box will bo autticlent). Sent securely scaled from observation tu all parts of the world. Address DR. DIX, 318 Kearny street San Francisco. MON T II L Y PE R l7)TsTcESTO RED AfcmCE BY ntedlcul electric treatment; safe, painless anr. guaranteed never to fall; ladv physician In attendance. DR. M. STRASS.M AN. 910 Post, street. MARRIED Oil SINGLE LADIES RF.OII1KING services of an experience and reliable female physician can consult oue who trea'ta all Irregular monthly nerloda (from any cause) without the use of Instruments, and guarantees a cure. Ladles suffering from any complaint should call or write, as a friendly talk costs nothing and may be of great benefit to them. Best of board and nursing during confinement. Infants adopted If desired. Consultatlou free and strictly confidential. 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. nil. mkai IS, 404 Golden Gate avenue, 8. F. 1" U1 V AT K HOM bf I N CON fTn EM EN 'l'T MON 7 Illy Irregularities cured In oue day; no medicine or instruments. German midwife. 12114 Mission. ""HE GAVI COMPANY'S CALIFORNIA FRUIT A Female Pills positively restore monlbly Irregularities (from whatever causei or money refunded. DR. JULES ROHAN. Medical Director; office. 123H Market street first Hour over J. J. O Brlen s store. w 'HEN ALL OTHERS FAIL CONSULT. FRER of charge. DR. or MBS. HAVEN. 228 PostS.F. 1111 Sl I ANN. AHK ADOF ALLIHKL1 ABLE. M.D. SPECIAL 1ST ! Ladles, ucar or.far.ln disease or suppression, any tlmeor cause, tho' all else fulhsure.quick relief :uew. painless treat meni; uooperallon.risk or wrong; euro guarant a, retired nome.out rromoiiice.withkind.Dest caretmost trusty,suoceasful physician; 30 y'rs practice ;uo 1 raud process, met hod, in vent Ion oruuacliery; te have no loss or regretcome here only and tirst.or If deceived by others; happy aid for those In trouble; teconndenttal; pills $1. safeguard (5: call or write case tuny, witn vio to 20 for warranted remedies. Consult free, Dr.4:Mrs. Anthan,229 Kearny si. ;9-H. The childless made parents; fat folks s ifely reduced. a SECRET CAREFULLY GUARDED FOR iV many years now utade known for the first time by an old physician soon to retire from a life-time practice among ladles; be sure of honest advice and a safe remedy. For particulars call or address DR. MENAGH, 1020 Market street, room 2. 1,'IRST-CLASS GERMAN MIDWIFE; PRIVATE home; confinement Mrs. Wegener.1009 Mission. AillRH! OLD DR. lIX'8lODBLKlif BRNUTH J female pills never fall; they always have the desired effect; try them (one box will be sufficient). Sent securely sealed from observation to all parts of tbe world. Address DR. D1X, 318 Kearny st, San Francisco. EF IN ED HOME DURING CONFINEMENT, wltb best of care; In private bottset separate from office. IlK. ft MRS. HAVEN. 22S Post st. 8. F. ItllMIMS. ANY CHILD KNOWS OAS IS DANGEROUS; by my wonderful secret application to the gums any tool h may be extracted or filled painlessly; 9 first prises awarded mo for best fillings, plate aud bridge work. DR. G. W. LEEK. Ii O'Farrell st CILT0N DENTAL ASSOCIATION, 808 MAR-ket St. (Pbelar. Building), positively extract teeth without palu wuh "Coltun Gas;" also perform all operations In dentistry. DR. CH AS.W. DECKER. DR. II. G. YOUNG; EXTRACTION PAINLESS; plate-work; bridge-work; teeth without plates a specialty. 1K41 Polk street DR. A. LUDLUM HILL, 1443 MARKET ST.; no charge for extracting when plates are made; old plates made over like new; teeth fromJS per set. EEK'B DENTAL COLLEGE: SMALL CHAKUK J for material. Room 107, 1170 Market street. NO PAIN: EXTRACTING OF TEETH MADE easy; 50c and H; artlllclal teeth from H: filling from $1. CROOMK DENTAL ASSOCI ATlUN, 759 Market street between Third and Fourth. O7 A SET FOR TEETH; AS GOOD AS CAN BE O i made: filling!. DR. SIMMS. 930 Market st HOI N KM TO I.KT f oil . SAI.F. KTC ' VITTAGE OF FOUR NICE ROOMS; LARGE y yard. 1519 Ellis street COTTAGE; 4 SUNNY ROOMS; 16: SO BON1TA street, off Polk, between Vallejo and Green. (IOTTAGE: FOUIt ROOMS AND BATH: FURNI-J ture for sale cheap, Box 233 Examiner office. ILEGANT HOUSE OF EIGHT ROOMS; LATEST 1 oiijiio, eiucuis! mijiii jniu. no minnmwiei. j"LLIS, 12043 ROOMS; RENT REASONABLE. J CH AS. ASHTON. 411 Montgomery street. 1 ELEGANT HOUSE (1018 SUTTER ST.. NEAR -J Hydei; contains 10 rooms and bath; fine ground; rent S2 50; water free; key at drug store, corner Sutter and Larkln. Apply E AS TON, ELD-UIDGK At CO, 1J0K HOUSES TO LET. ETC.. IN OAKLAND. . see A. Oakland Advertisements. fl KAKY. 321; 9 ROOMS AND BATH: SU1T-V able for business purposes. CH AS. ASHTON, en Montgomery street. II OITSE 7 SUNNY BOOMS. BATH. 710 JONES .Irani l,.l.i ,.,.. a 1, .! ili,iM HOUSE-SIX ROOMS; S.E. CORNER OF NOE and Ford streets; rent reasonable. VEW MODERN HOUSE OPPOSITE NEW A cathedral. IOJJ O'Farrell street; 9 rooms besides batb. laundry and male servant room on large floored basement; nrwly timed throughout : electric bells and apparatus for lighting gas: French range; all the latest Improvements; nice garden; f 65 only. Apply on premises 1JOLK. 1012-BKAUT1FUL SUIT OF TARLORS; sunny; all new. SIX-ROOM COTTAGE. STABLE, YARD, LARGE high basement o32 Shotwell street. fl'O LET THREE-STORY HOUSE. 270 BRAN-X nan street near Mall dock: store and four rooms end ten rooms upstairs. Apply 357 Brannan street. rflO LIT 5 ROOMS AND BATH: FURNI-X ture for sale at a bargain: best located beat arranged and most profitable rooming bouse In the cltv; southeast corner Market end Fifth streets. Apply to P. C. MOLLOY, 13S Montgomery street 818 PER MONTH: TO RENT 8 ROOMS. 842V, O Fourth atreet with yarit 8 "-ik 313 NATOMA STREET, FIVE M,l)Ua rooms and batb. f 10-23 Boss street ' rooms aud bath. CHARLES ASHTON, 411 Montgomery street HOI RK TO-LKT'Cotillnued. 8')f FLAT OF 4 ROOMS AND BATH,, AND )w two unlinlsbed floors suitable tor manufacturing; stable lur four horses and wagons; or t'.'O for flat snd slahle. 21 Colllngwood street. sr CHOICE HOUSE. 1712 SACRAMENTO ViWi street; 8 rooms; batb. FurulHliedl Moiiaee to Iei, V NICELY FURNISHED TWO-STORY HOUSE. Inclmlltig water, to rent; $30. 920 Army street; Inquire Immediately. PRE TTY HOUSE, COMPLETELY FUI? ntshed (wltb planoi: 5 rooms snd bath: to let at low price. Address COMFORT, box 275. Examiner. KEW8UNN YUWi6KOr'lO ROOMsT ELE-gantly furnished; will rent very reasonably for six months or one year to rcsioiislhle party. Call 113 Laguua from 10 a. h. to 1 p. at. II.LlS, 1312s, NINE ROOMS AND BATH; XJ handsomely furnished; suu all day; 1 to 4. 11 rRSALE-N IC KLYF UKN IS HIJD FLAT OK 7 sunny rooms and bath. 9011 Jones street, between Bush and Pine. Call st 908. 1URNISHED FOni RENT ONE OF THB bandsomest flats In the city; woodwork finished like furniture; attractive entrance; large hall; 7 rooms aud bath; large clothes closets; rooms deco. rated; electric bells; gas lighted by electricity; lrttb century and antique oak furniture; gas and coal ranges. 10211 Pine street beiween 1 and 2 P. . F'URNISHED HOUSE IN SANTA CRUZ; ONES month or more: location central: electric cars pass the door; double parlors, four bedrooms; large grounds; flowers in profusion: elegant piano. CAR-NALL-UOPKINS CO., C. A. Dept. 624 Market S. F. 1'URNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE TO let; 7 rooms; ou Oak street Particulars at L. LANDLER'S. 18 Montgomery street. "VriCELY FURNISHED HOUSE, NINE ROOMS 1" and hath, everything complete, for one year or longer; 6 minutes' walk from steam cars, one block from electric cars; rent moderate to desirable tenant. Apply to owner, MRS. s. U. GROVE, 810 East Fifteenth street. East Oakland. NICELY FURNISHED HOuiPi oT"6KV EN rooms and bath; flue location for renting rooms; rent reasonable to resismsible parties. 430 Kills street near Leavenworth. "VEW HOUSE TO LET. COMPLETELY FUR. 1 1 nlshcd. on reasonable terms to desirable parties, for summer months; very accessible; ell modern conveniences: hay view and sunny exposure. Apply st room 9, 303 California street, at 11 a. m. t0 R EN T TnV EST E UN ADDITION: HAND-X somely furnished bouse of 8 rootn; convenient to several car lines; reasonable terms. Address X. Y.. box 207, Examiner office. D'JA FOUR ROOMS. ELEGANTLY FUR-?'-" nlshed: piano; bath. 1516 Grove street l'uriilHlied Miin IVantod. A RELIABLE GENTLEMAN AND W1FB . would like to take care of a bouse; best of references. G. H 327 Lai klu street WANTED M Alt ilED COUPLE, WITHOUT children, dcslro small furnished cottage or flat; city or across the bay: rent must be reasonable. Address box 304, Examiner ottlce. V ANTE DF'd K OCCUPANCY ON JULY 1st, " a completely furnished house or flat of 5 rooms. Including hath: reuu must be reasonable; permanent parlies; must be north of Market west of Stockton. Address box 10.001, Examiner offlc.e. FLATS TO LKT. NICE SUNNY FLAT OF ft ROOMS AND bath; rent, f'JU. 1D05X Franklin street FLAT OF SIX ROOMS AND BATH; ELK-gant location. 379 Shotwell street; cheap. tlAPP, 524 FIN F. NhW DECORATED FLAT Of ' 0 rooms, bath, flue closets; renl $25. 14() l7so MT 1 4 11 ', 1?. L EGA NTF URN IS HE 1) FLAf from 3 to 5 rooms for housekeeping. 1"3o R S ALE O R II ; E NTCOS Y F U R NISI1E0 flat of o rooms and bath, very reasonable to re-sKinslble pttrty. 540 Hermann street cor. Fillmore. 1.1LATOF FOUR ROOMS. CORNER TWENTY fourth and Valencia streets; rent 1114. 13TlAT-18th STTliEAR VALENCIA CABLlj and eleolrlc cars; 5 rooms; all modern Improve-ments: runt, $20; water free. ii. MuELRO Yt Phelan Building. ,11 NK MIDDLE FLAT. SEVEN BOOMS ANU bath; 232 Grove atreet. I BURNISHED FLATOF EIGHT ROOMS: FUKNI-ture for sale cheap. (305 Natoma street 1MJR Nl S H E DF LA tTs I x"Tl(io M A NDB ATHt all new; Freuch range, etc.; no children. Call before 2 o'clock or in evening at SI 8 A Geary street IN ICELY FURNISHED FLAT OF 4 ROOMS; cheap. 1404 Larkln St., near California. NOVELTY IN FLATS; 3 AND 4 ROOMS; balhst all Improvement, to make a comfort-Sh!o home; (10 snd $20. M. J. MADDEN, 1(327 Folsom street. IV ATOM A, FLAT OF FOUR SUNNf rooms. SUNNY FLAT TO- LET AND FURNITURE FOB, sale cheap. 40Htj O'Farrell street ri'WO FLATS FLORIDA AND 24TH 8TS. AP-X ply to MRS. CAHN. 2743 Bryant avenue. fllWO NEW SUNNY FL ATSMODEItN CON-X venlences, 927 Golden Gate ave., opposite Jefferson Square, aud 23 Birch ave.; 2i)iuA $27 60. f " oTETFl7AT OFEIGHfl I I.IO M 8 AN DB AT H X modern Improvements. 1209 Folsom street. UPPER FLAT OF THREE NICK SUNNY rooms, completo for housekeeping, to let; 870 Seventeenth St., one block from Castro-st. cars. MINT AVE. LOWER FLOOR, DOUBLE PAlt-lors, kitchen; very convenient. 81 SUNNY HAY-WINDOW FLAT; BATH. 4 1713 Hyde street. li. FLAT OF 5 ROOMS; BAY WINDOW) O second floor; 14 Lewis St., near Post and Taylor; no children. irk MOSS FLAT, 4 ROOMS; SUNNY SIDE OF t3r sweet. Inquire of J. K AG AN, 1129 Folsom. I iUW CALIFORNIA, NEAR MASON TWO LOO ( nice flats, furnished for housekeeping; 5 and (1 rooms. OFFICIOS AND 8TOKKS TO LET. A."0 THREE . ADJOINING SUNNY FRONT s rooms; first floor; good location. 7 Grant ave. LA RG EF R ON TfTR S T FLOOItlo AND 13' Sutter street, with elevator; ouly $75. Apply to R. F., Immediately. 7fASONlC AVE., 1404, CORNER WALLER XT A Elegant parlor set; also an upright Harmony piano. 11 NK, 1025 If NICE FURNISHED FRONT PAB-lor and bedroom, suitable for dressmaking. (JHAKK NiCE LARGE OFFICE. ROOM 112, P Phelan Building; 1 to 2 p. m. mHHEE Suits of offices in ths nemt X Terra Cotta Building, 1 19 and 121 Powell street fllWO ADJOINING SUITS OF ROOMS, SUIT-X able for doctor, dentist lawyer, or any kind of business, at 31M Kearny street - "WO STORES TO LET. APPLY ON PhEM-X Ises. cor. 24th and Castro streets. T ANTED STORK WINDOW FOR CIGAR vt store, on north side of Mnrket street, between Kearny snd Tavlor Address box Until . Examiner. It OO 'I TO LET. AT THE 1RVINOTON, 418 ELLIS-TWO ELK-gantly furnished front suites; apply esrly; also single rooms; terms reasonable. T THE G1RARD HOUSE, 142 SEVENTH ST.- . Handsome sunny room, single and double t light housekeeping. If desired. M RS. PliAHL. V ISLINGTON HOUSE, 127 KEARXY STREET Pleasant stinnv furnished rooms, en suite and single; first class la every reaped: reasonable. VLAMEDA IPAHK ST.). THE PACIFIC HOTEL Sf ni2 lei rooms aud suits at low rates; broad- gauge train stops at the door every half hour. DKLPIII.fllOl'SE. !HKI KF ARNY. C0H. single snd tsinlly rooms; 23c to 60o per night; $1 25 to S3 per week; open all night. BURNETT, 1364 MARKET ELEGANT NEW building: modern Improvements: handsomely furnished sunny suits; alnglerooms: or unfurnished. Ii USH.814-TWO SUNNY ROOMS CHEAP, CIOIIN PL ACR, OFF ELLIS NICELY FUR- ' .' nlshed room with ase ef kitchen, to a nice couple. "1APP. 25 THREE J to let. LARGE SUNNY ROOMS (VPP. lO'.'S. BET. 25TH AND 20th SUIT OF ' furnished or unfurnished and slnrle: re.tns. able. K. ACKLKY. IDDY, 917 UNFURNISHED ROOMS (4: AND LJ bath; private house; splendidly situated. iMaaslfletl Advertisement cantlnued oat next page. , ,

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