The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on August 7, 1911 · 78
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 78

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1911
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THE SAX FRANCISCO EXAMINER SUNDAY, AUGUST 6. lfllf. Social Events of Week -1 ----- . I j Theatrical Notes The Birth of a New Power By Max Nordau R. AND MRS. GEORGE FAl'PK anrouni'f flip engagement of thf-lr ilatisM'r. Freda K. Faude, (o Al J. Markgraf. Supper followed an evening of dancing and fun. The friends included; John ( ort will be in San Francisco at the end of this month to witness the opening; of the Savoy theatre. We are now witnessing a srreat event, less of what happens to all the others, from which later on will he dated, ner- seems a naradox. hut it is Flmrjlv The season will be opened AiiRUst haps. th beginning; of a new historic modern the employment of dynamic Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kumrnelshurg announce the engagement of their daughter Gertrude to l'avy Michael. They w ill he al home to their friends to-day from'; o'clock to 4 at 2?9 First vtnue. , Mr. and Mrs. Char lea Carillon of 4 (ITS Pevenleenih slrcel announce Ihp marriage of their daughter Km ma to Lester PtoiT. The ceremony, which took place at the family home last Tuesday, as performed by t lie liev. 1 r. Kaplan. The young couple will reside in this city. Miss Evelyn V. Pegal was given a urprise shower last Wednesday evening at the home of Miss Norma in Fast Oakland. On the 20t li Instant Mies Segal Is to become the bride of P. X. Williams. Cards and music furnished the entertainment, which- terminated w ith a delicious supper. Those who enjoyed the fun and frolic of the evening were: Tha Mines: Dillon, Jpm orl-n, Marcelline Ml- !1"ss. Mmam sh'im her. Kth Hriv. Anna l. '-ftt. Anua SciinnwaJner. Louise Lpfihail. A' I'auf ,laei Dunmorp, Ha .Tift Hitinsr". fitanv I.ieinfeM' n Aiid'er Ni,h..js. w!a Rla.'k. rhvln nrliptino Mets Talbot, 11i.iv.tbv Xlk.-r. Anita Hai-erieid. flmh t'pl;n. Rcnic iieMinan, l'i" a!dn t.pwt". Helen l'e Wolfe, Joyn Messrs. : St. Clair, Ra I'hrlps. G?:a!d HaMmgv I'liT Marsh. WaJter Moral nn. I.enrr fcmiih. Taylo' Hrctienkemr'er. Al .i.-nn!. Hilly heith. A'-i'l r'fla-o. Hair AnMt. B"b Aiani8. Rfjnb Torett, rhe!e lni'e. Armani McKensie. farml Pf-mard. A. ftnaw. V. Reott. HnrnM Pro'.en. Albert Wfiwter. 1', li'aea. Raymond Porte. I'tiil A surprise party was given to Ches ter Coleman by Miriam Fhrlich at her Flower of the Ranch," "The Traveling resilience, 12TS Golden Gate avenue. Salesman," "In Old Kentucky," "Polly last Tuesday evening. Games, dancing of the Circus," Rose Melt Hie, "The and musi- occupied the evening, the Three Twins." Billy Clifford and Iflth by the Max Pill Company tn "The Girl Behind the Counter." After one week, Florence Roberts will follow, under the management of Ernest Ship-man. Then T'ill will be brought back for three weeks In another show. Harry Corson Clark will be the next attraction, with his "Absent Boy." This will bring1 the time up to September 24th, when Walter De Leon and "Muggins' Davles will show themselves as stars In "The Campus," under the management of Charley Kavanaglj space was given to anecdotes and un and Ferris Hartman. "The House Next Door" will take possession October 2d. In succession will come "The epoch. How many are there among us laws of modern societies. That the, who are conscious or even have the association of workers does not pre-vaguest presentiment of the historical tend to believe in even the ghost of an importance of the present moment? Ideal Is evident to the most simple-France has recently lived through a minded observer, even to the one who week of tragical days of a great move- Is only slightly superior to the animal ment. On two of her most important world. railroad systems all animation re- A worklngman need possess only the malned suspended, while others were most rudimentary intelligence to be In danger of a similar fate. In these able to understand you when you say days when the press has reached such to nlm: "The welfare of the community a stage of- feverish activity, It was means nothing to you, therefore stop quite natural that considerable space thinking of it and devote all your was given In the columns of the news- effoits to i further your own personal papers to these events. But too much welfare, to get all you can possibly lay jour hands on. Get all the nnjoy- lmportant details, while little or noth- ment you possibly can out of life, and Ing was said about the profound iin- do so with the least amount of work portance of the whole movement. possible." By these great revolutionary at- Syndicalism has also a philosophy, as tempts In France the1 young labor or- has, Indeed, every movement of the ganlzalions have given evidence of masses. It is a shameless hedonism, their strength, and these associations but syndicalism teaches and realizes are the work of the general union of the philosophy of enjoyment as Mo-laborers. This latter Is, In my opinion, Here's M. Jourdani speaks prose with- afTair terminating with an elaborate Frederick Bowers In a new play. This nothing but the typical incarnation out knowing it. Betle. Mabel Larre bee, N nrma Beetle, Ethel Griffon. I'lair Senai. Brehn V. Vtraey, Bmma Mr. and Mrs. Mraaia: Kins;, Hade IMHHX.W. Inland Kine Riif.'pll Larrabee. Stanley ';il, MekiH 1--HC. Hto Williams. Pet X. Hcvper. Mr. J. Bernard recently entertained at their residence, McAllister street, a number of little peiple to celebrate the birthday of their daughter Sylvia. Small Miss I-ernard received many beautiful gifts. Painty refreshments were served, and each guest received a pretty souvenir in honor of the occasion. Games, music and dancing ended a happy afternoon. Mrs. William V. Shea gave a luncheon followed by a garden party last Saturday afternoon at her home in Fair Oaks. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brand gave a tnuslcal and supper last Wednesday vening at their home in Buchanan street. The affair was complimentary to Mrs. Frederick Carter of Honolulu. The musical honors of the evening were divided between Mr. George Von Hagel, the noted German cello player, who is visiting in this city; Mr. Brand, pianist, and W. Schmidt, violinist. The rrogramme. which was well selected, was rendered with the skill and technique of the true artist. Afrs. II. C. Barrow of. Los Angeles "Was a luncheon hostess at the Palace Hotel last Tuesday. The gtiests included Mrs. P. Amirnux. Miss Queen of Los Angeles, Miss Blanche May Hill, Raymond Geller and Volney Amlraux. supper. The Kh-'ich. Miriam 1-enntin. Ktliel Msiik. Era Fhrlich, I'anip n.iwaid. Sarah an i Jarri: k. Anna Flnllch. Fstlier I'ael. Lilv Srieokv, Anna Hnstnmi. Jnrah (iliinflhett. Pauline Pi stnim. lmrjip Mpveite. Rerlha I'chn. Ma Ss-heenfeld. Ftelle ' hn. Hehf -a Seieiukv. Mr. 1'nleman, Mrs. J. Kbrlich. Mrs. R. Colin Mi. He'en Hfizcoitz. Mi, lioae guests were: terenky. Hand Hammer. Al t'ohn. (Jodfrey I.eier, Bob Thai. Leon Ahfr. Ma'irire Levv. Morris (nldman. Han.T Coleinan. Emeat villi. Al Quinn. Wiii Hitaei', Abe l-eiser. Nate Beiliner. Arthur t-ando. He-min Zei-'inn. France (V.lrman, Memn Coleman. J. Ebrlirh. H. O'bn. Arthur Heixwilz, Jack Is a list that at a dollar should do a representing the movement of bodies When the workers began to organize big business which, according to the theories of by trades, the bourgeoise, wno were A . Kant and Laplace, produce new world masters of the law nnd had control of formations outside the confusions of government nnd administration, did not To please an author with a stage chaotic matter. understand what was (?olng on.' It production of his work is a difficult Superficial observers still' continue favored this evolution. It granted the feat, yet Ernest Shlpman. the manager confounding "syndicalism" with social- laborers the right to organic nnd of "The Rsirler" rnmnanv h. r ism. and socialistic writers and orators unite, authorized the giouplng of the of The Bairier company, has sue- favorhs confu9ion, whlch , the re. unions Into a national organization, ceeded so well In this respect that 8Uit 0f superficial observation and lack placed labor exchanges at their dis- Rex Beach, has agreed to two compan- of Judgment, because it tends to con- posal and helped the work financially, ies of "The Barrier" being launched solidate the . idea that the power of 1 do not blame the bourgeoise for socialism is decreasing and passing in- tins, i no nm wan. r.. j . to the hands of syndicalism. But in would have been able in tne lone run reality these two movements have only lo refuse to grant the proletariat labor one fact in common they both spring exchanges ana sunsiaiei". i '""- next season, and furthermore has given Mr. Shlpman the first refusal of the 'dramatic rights to his latest serial. selves upon the goldef hrone of King Louis Philippe. All oi l sense of value is upset and the new masters establish their own way nf valuation according to their Ideas. Thus is the relation of syndicalism towaid the State and society as existing to-day.. The syndicalists are out for plunder and respect nothing their enemies venerate. Ton may talk to them of country, of duty, of law and order, and they will only shrug their shouldeis at these words which It nve no meaning to them. It Is as If you had given Ghengis Khan the sealed charters of the cities to protect tli em against, his violence. But, among themselves, they maintain strict discipline. They despise the worker who will not Join hands with vhem and consider It n mortal offense if a working-- mnn opposes a strike and lakes sides with his employers against the syndi cates Socialism Is the Intellectual work of learned men trinsplantil into the bosom of the masses. It is of ortl ticial origin, r.nd this alone makes its success doubtful. Syndicalism, on the other side. Is born anions the masses It Is a natural product, and therefore has far bettor chances of holding out nnd becoming a success. It would be foolish to expect to see this movement Mop or disappear. F.ven with force you can do nothing against it. The workers have loarned statis tics. They count themselves and see that they are in the majority. They have learned to understand the ma chinrj' of the State. They see that a few people Issue orders, which the many obey because of their respect for old traditions. But those who obey fire people of HOW GRACE BENSON BECAME FAMOUS FOR THE BEAUTY OF HER , HANDS AND ARSIS Free Prescription That Can Be Prepared at Home Without Expense. Coast w-ill be re-vlslted by the So. 1 company next season, while a number Coleman. Chester Miss Alice Polan was the motif of a lawn nartv iriven bv her friends at her summer home in P.oss. The two company will be organized to cov- giounds were decorated in Japanese er the Eastern and middle states, fashion. The guests were attired as ' Geisha girls." The company in- Lawrence D'Orsay started the Amer- el uded : the "Ne'er Do Well." The Pacific from the proletariat. On every other that the bourgeoise did not try to op- their own class, and If they ceased to . . ... ... ... , nolnt .vndlralism differs from socialism pose syndicalism, because they did un- obey, the State would be only a small . J . , . n. irhat it mpnnt or would irrnnn nf minljrr nnd rouru ilors nun vnv ulicii o " r'i' i. w i.. - , The educational work of the social- eventually lead to. without any more power than mario- Utlc nronaaranda. which awakens in What Is especially alarming about nettes whom everybody would laugn at, c. on.plnuan. of their syndicalism is that it appeared and strength and which has taught them to suddenly manifested Itself in the same m.nift their wants snd claims in an manner as has done every new torce mii have iriven the In history. wneiner we mum i ... Grace Benson, famous for the marvelous beauty of her hands and arms, in a recent Interview, says: "If I could tell every woman about the prescription that has. caused all this talk about my hands a.nd arms they could every one of them make their 1-ands nnH arm lust as beautiful as mine. I am glad to have the opportunity to fc-ive my recipe free to the world. It will help every woman to improve her personal appearance." When I asked her if she would allow rue to publish the prescription, she quickly answered: "Certainly, only too glad to have you do it." Turning to a desk, she wrote it on a clip of paper and har.fled it to me. Here it is: "Go to ai.y drug store, get an empty iwo-ounce bottle, aiso a one-ounce bottle of Kulux Compound. Pour the entire bottle of Kulux into the two-ounce bottle, add a quarter of an ounce of witch hazel, then nil with water. Apply night and morning.'-' She further said: "This prescription y nmivca lmc nniii 11 aiini'aiciii aim ic- rrnoves all defects, such' as freckles. tan, sun spots, roughness and ruddiness. A single application works a marvelous transformation." Whers low collars are worn it can be applied to the neck with equally as startling results. It is absolutely harmless, and will positively not stimulate or produce a growth of hair." Mierseft Maffgnnl. Irene I-ane. Maude -Baldwin, Klleen Iieutch, Claire A dinner was given Munir. Harry Kari-on. William s, Mamini. Albert Feie-snn. Peter Hay, Clarence lean managers upon their extravagant """ bunion, accelerated vaslons of foreign conquerors, as when eareer rtf navlnr hlo-h alaila n. . ... . . , lha ynrman. InvndpH Tnerland Ullfler John career of paying high salaries for European artists. D'Orsay had be come a favorite in the English Metropolis. His connection with the nobility Block was a strong asset. In addition to .voL.tlnn but It Is hv no means tne isormans invaaea r.nBiaou certain that socialism or trade union- William the Conqueror, or the Man-ism Is the father of syndicalism. In ehus invaded China or of the time trade unionism you often see a faint when the Third Estate ;rth resemblance to the old guilds; that is the power of the clerg.v and nolo sav. in spite of all revolutionary hlllty in France, the process has ever with Mr. Block were: M59r&: Flock. Jark Blo-k. Mot-ius Bio!'k. Robrt Bernard. Milton Young, Pave Tlie Miaaea: Aronaon. Etta Ritoher. Bertha Riock. Hannah Block, Esther isms of his clique of titled associates, as no actor had ever succeeded in doing. their power, who have descended upon those In possession, measured their force of resistance and taken from them what they were no longer able last Sunday at his home in Broderick tnlg D'0rsay could act. He had learn i rhodoinontades. a historical continuity, been the same. It has been the assail-strett. Those who circled the tabl. . tn .... ,af. . .. . )P,nll,,i,m. But no mat- ants, reckless and fully conscious of ter what may be the origin or syndicalism, It has received its first training from socialism. Now, however, It stands r,n Mm own feet and scorns the very Klrke La Shelle, then at the height idea of tutorship. It Is rapidly getting io uciniu. .. . 4V, , ., it is a nam "n , h .., has attacked has everything at stake and In which defeat means absolute annihilation to him, physically and morally. Those who make the atiacK 11.1 I w Inl.i'MalUnflU tart th was written to p'".'- ..". . ---- General f eaeraiion ci uernian "un it has Its it of his power, conceived the Idea of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Hirsch, who have bringing him to America. Augustus been motoring through Southern Cal- Thomas gUrprl8ed the world of letters ii'M met, aie at ujeir .Masonic atniua home. Mrs. A. S. Hanuce accompanied them on their southern trip. The Menorah Club, auxiliary to the P'r week salary and a good slice Willing Workers of the Bush Street lne pronis to transplant i ursay away from socialism, which makes vain efforts to follow it and not to get out of touch with It. Socialism was a monumental theory by his very excellent play "The Earl before It entered the arena of practical of Pawtucket" It fit D'Orsay and cost Ia Shelle $800 of to inarmen and with Lasalle. own world system and philosophy; i,., it. nnrn Athlon, estnetlc and es- Tempie, announces its initial cotillon u. n w aw-uuipiuneu, ana cnat.Piogy, and endeavors to form a to be held at the St. Frances on Thursday evening, September 7th. El Dorado Parlor. No. 62, N. 8. G. W held a public installation followed by new frame for the existence of man as an individual and a citizen. The association of workers nas no are absolutely devoid of the inherited almost sacred respect for existing Institutions, which is the most efficient bulwark of existing society. The most sacred symbols, formulas, rites and sentiments are ridiculed and recklessly thrown over by the assailants. They do not understand tnenj and merely laugh at them. In Rome they pull the beards of the senators the tremendous success of this farce of "high life" is now a matter of history. Too much prosperity spoiled m , . -a . . . . BUIUDUU10 CnilRlB ... Illff I PR' A 1 n-n 1,117 mil'. I HI rBB. wn inursnay evening or last ween - 4 Kl "H :,,7 :,..'.' ,t,,.i. nf offloe: thev l'J"icirn aiiBiiRrinoiu, iur yvniic ma and it QOCS nOl Ivy lO emueinou u wmi niiiinuc, mji. i.. - - - play wm in the aenith of its success, .nV nretensee or make It appear beau- Invade the temple of Apollo at Delphi; --J .i u i i. 1 a Ann a. . " . i i j.jiij tha o tftrs hroak mp an entertainment and dance. Portola -'"" " proms in tifu) Dy gmootn worn, u .nu.v.uU- . , ,v, an take nocs- Parlor. N. D. G. W., were guests of the onn week. closd- "inlands pour- allstlc in all Us alms, which are to se- s atues of the gods and ake P"" evening. The following officers were f"1' hl nA cure th. well be.n.of .ch of it. mom- sion of the treasure n Je, u.alem It is not given to all women to have installed hy Deputy John Dryden of " i-uminu.n, uui rawiucm got. bers dui. it is u '" "" ' ,.."' . , (" ,.h,eh nnlv the hiirli tiricst as many birthday, as Mis Mary E S-nford Parlor: the camphor bath and the most tempt- It ha. realised that .so ated egotism ."P to -Mch on o he hijrl, priest Peyton of Stockton he has eraoe- Junior part piwident, r.eorse W. Hall: president. Ing offers from producing and stock has no chance of success and that to bad c""' nrl tit. . , ! "', .'e. 'laS. Ba5e r. A, B.itert: ftrat president. Elmer Hartf..; managers all over the countrv. could force Its way through it i.iust organize through the church of hiphla ijat-sc'i me roui --score-ana -ten eecond te-r rreHlnt, l-ank Burk'; third ti- . , . . , , , :, their horses to the altars. iiivn it The subordination of the individual roaring, overflowing current they rush nraranlzat on. Ill wntcn eacn into uie inner.-, o.... . " .1. Bright in Oakland. mark anH it so hannenp.t that th. r,. president. J. Condon: marshal. Chria Sneezei: nt arag u rrom tne sate or tne K.lrK tne masses.,. ,or., .. . v. : . . , re ooidtn aecretarv. i. W. Keetran; financial aeore- I Shelle estate. It remained for John k.u, iw.o jni "i'i- aim tan. Tli.maa Ca.;y: trraaurer M. C. Iiw: tnu- , .. W8JI visiting at the home of Mrs. J. tee. Edgar Letev; ot.,n. aentinel. J. McKibbcm; -url 10 8u.t"e" nere ry omer 10 ,,,,, f rea-ard- dirty and unkempt, thev iiiHiiager lanea ana inis season iiiemuc, v,v- -- - l"ntll a few ln"'ie eiinnei, n. iroarnej. J,ears ago Miss Peyton resided In this The annua, m!dflumrner outIng of the city, where she had many friends. niernberf) of tne Aiumnl Association of Mrs Bright summoned the most inti- the Oakland Manual Training and Corn-mate of these to her home and the mercial High School will be held to-nowers. the gifts and best of all the day. There will be a tramp to the Mulr love bestowed upon her dear old lady woods from Mill Valley. All members visitor made Miss Peyton's eighty- a nd their friends are Invited to attend, sixth birthday the sweetest in all the Tne trampers will be led by Captain long list of memorable celebrations. Alfonso Kogers. who will take them , " a aainty luncheon in over the nrettlest trails to the "woods. seat theru- Lawrence D'Orsay will be seen again in his' greatest success. The company opens in New Tork under Cort's direction, and will travel as far as San Francisco. Final arrangements have been completed between Charles Frohman and Columbia Theatre. Beginning Sunday Opera." by the Children. night August 13th. this piay will again Miss Kathrlne Couric arrived In the visit San Francisco. The cast this sea- rty yesterday to prepare for her lilg son Is practically the same as or tasi production of the "Baby (Jpera. 1 ne year and will again be headed by Pearl proallctlon s to be given for charity. ?Indel'r: OALimTera Rlrhird "d from flve hundred to one thousand Sir A. W. Plnero. the English play- ar.i,.t phil Branson, who will be re- children will participate. wright, for the American presentation mhered from the old Tivoll opera which the 'following friends nartini. -i .V .i , , .. t, o . 1 e c ... of the newest Plneio comedy, "Pre- .,,,... rnit Wreinn Grace Walton. Isa- to Go on I'otir. ' ' t ' - . . v. . - a L'dio iii iaxc ij 111c muea- . . ....., v.... v ,,i s i , . nuiiui u umi a ello UM auigan, rrancis vja-i 1 1 . u, .ujd tint work in comedy since "A Wife ,,.. Charles Pierson. Estelle St. This is the Plnero Clairi ,iames W. Ashler. May Hilda lito boat. Marrih. Ew M. Sanchez. J. II. AnltTson. Alma Bright, J. A. Fated lleadaraes ; , Jfawe. E. A. Jialton, Jennie ithi. Leslie Mea chain The afternoon was the occasion of a fcaupy reunion of old friends. :k The eighty-eghth birthday of Mrs. E. Brilliant and Leo Mendelssohn. AMahood was prettily celebrated last A trolley ride was given by Junior Without a Smile.' A., on last Saturday evening. Court. Pride of California, No. 1, K. of -omeay Dasea on ine inciaeni or tne King 8nd James Graham ;. The com- "Illen kiss; ana trcserving Mr. fan- mittee in charge included- Chairman mure is tne account or tne busy aa- It has been tounu necessary 10 Bn (Jeorge Harris, William Garven, V. Da- ventures of an entire household to keep Bt, additional performance of 'The .I, tnmca Tohin I Cnhn m Trleher S from notoriety the indiscretion of mar- Havo:" to accommodate the large riea jonn i-anmure, wno wnn only number or patrons ot tne uoiuinuia. partial success, steals a kiss' from his who were unable to purchase seats Tuesday evening at the hnn.e r.r i,r The voung ladles of the Deutscher wife s maid, '.losepha. The piece ran (luring Henry Miller's two weeks en- grandson, E. V. Gracia 132 Hamilton Club have issued cards for a dance for ever six montns at the Comedy Thea- pagement in H. S. Sheldon's gripping avenue. Glen Park district. There was next Saturday evening, to take place at tre, London, this season. In this conn- piay. Mr. Miller will give an extra an old fashioned flarty with Mrs Ma- their rooms, 15 Stockton street. try it will be produced with a special matinea of his tremendous success dur- hood as the guest of honor The'huge rast of American and English actors, ,nK tne week's engagement of "The cake which occupied a 'large nortion Mrs. M. Friedman and family of 1520 October I3d. Knd of tne Bridge," on Friday after- cf the supper table was ablaze with Geary street will hereafter reside at eighty-eight colored candles. Mrs. Mahood led the Virginia reel which opened the dancing programme of the evening. Among the guests were: Gracia, B. N. Mr. and Mrs. Binning. J. H. Mr, and Mrs. CJrada, Joseph E. Blnninff M.ini.rliB (Sracia, J. Kinnin. Marion QnAi, rVirui M. Rinnin. Mildred "iracia, Elsie E P. Mahood. Mr. and Mm ijracia, Irene E. ,1. J. Gracia. Harel A. Mahood. Paul Graaa, ?Van-ea M. Malirt. Beatrice Gracia. Erne Jr. Mahond, Mjv I, Grana. Mr. and Mrs. Mab-vi. Wiiliani Frank Sr. Mnhnod. Alfrwi 5" !. ?'l?i" C Mahw-I. Mr. and Mrs. Oracm, illiaro Williim Sr G-so,a. Mr. and Mrs, Mahl. William Jr. Frank G. r,'w-m. Mrs. irraria. Irene Hsinil. Bernir Binning, Clamnre Mortenson, F. A delightful dancing party was given in honor of Mrs. C. B. Fletcher last Friday evening at her residence, 400 Locust street, by Miss Delia Lar-ton and Miss Francil Ellis. Among those who enjoyed the evening were: Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Merran C B. . !,!..!!. J. fVmith. Mr. and Mrs. Iiohse. Mrs. E. Rbert , h-isrs: Ellis. Mr. and Mrs. H. Tris. I the National Guard of California, has taken up his residence at 2713 Sacramento street. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Colombat re turned last Tuesday from their Euro- Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Taylonof Ken- FRECKLES W'lkmnn. A. L I oncrier. R. !hcrujan. Ev 'asnp. T. Pavis i. Gajni. C The M l.i's : Irfyjf, lV-l'a Ellis Fraxu-Jl J-'-endixon. Anna Abrams, A. A pleasant "at home'" was given by Mrs. Charles Cheffers at her residence. 4!2 Nineteentli street, on the after-tioon of last Wednesday. The house Tis prettily decorated with palms, flowers and ferns. Mrs. Cheffers was assisted in receiving her guests by Mrs. W. J. MeWhinney and Mrs Charles H. Cheffers Jr. Among the guests were: Mesdames : G'.imi, E. Irwin. W. Alton Mrt.'nlloch Fitieibbon. J. T'lllum. Eeln Ettiof, Miliie JicTV HinneT. W. J. rh'ffers. Chaa. H. Jr. M is -Fii .gibbon. Adtle Ettiiig. ,i!T K"ting. Vi, l-hpT"". T.ilr chttTers. tiiadva A birthday surprise party wa given Montcalm Street, on Friday evening of last week. Among those present were: Jamieson. E. Mrs Miss Lucy Marshall at her home. 312 osi ers of the Mexican gunboat General luerrero. r.ow in this harbor, vis.: 'aptain H. Rodriguez Malpica. Lieutenants Rafael Carrion, Casimero Ald-retn. Valentine Manzalvo, and Arturo C. Troncona, and Surgeon Gustavo Cacho. The most interesting features of the evenings entertainment were moving pictures r,f Cncle Sam's Boys on the Border.'- "Life Aboard Warship" and "Tie Pallirg of the Fleet From Hn"ip?(in Road".' In addition ther were o'her performances on the same lines Th. guests enjoyed a buffet sjpp.r. r.oon, August 11th. the St. Hilaire Apartments. Dr. Ludwig .Wullner, the' famous Lleder Singer, with Conrad V. Bos as When the Nora Bayes and Jack Nor-Mrs. Caroline Gruenberg. who is vis- lllg accompanist, will open on his ex- worth organization starts its road tour itlng Lake Tahoe. will return to San elusive vaudeville appearance for the it will have a railroad equipment sec-Francisco after an absence of nine rirpheum Circuit September 4th. ond lo none In the country. It will months traveling. consist of a private Pullman for the .?. . Richard Bennett originated the role exclusive use of the stars and their Captain S. O. fruqua. I . 9. A, detalle.rl pf jeffergon RyQr )n "The Uon and ret1nue of six servants, a special Pull- i.y lii? nar ueaiiiiiTun iui umj "tin Mouse." th. nlav in whleh that man and nrivnie coach for the com- talented a:tor will conclude his season pany, two baggage cars for the pro- at the Alcazar. This character was ductlon, and an automobile car for the largely Instrumental In establishing stars' auto. This heats the late George Mr. Bennett's popularity In New York, Cohan equipment by one car, and that where he portrayed It throughout an was received with awe by the natives entlra vaar "The TJnn and the nrhAv.e ,h nl. vA pean trip, after pleasant visits to rela- Moue.. , to follow "Arms and the ' fives in France and England. m.- the Siitter-street theatre. Concerts by Mr. Fannin. Cecil Fanning, baritone, will make a A limited return engagement of "The four to the naat in arlva raeltala esrlv tucky. with their two small sons are Gir) )T1 tn Taxi . announced for the next year. visiting Mrs. Taylor's sisters, Mrs. - i . . . i n i ai Grace Partridge Hays and Miss Jennie Partridge, at their residence. 1S3 Edge-wood avenue. Mrs. Taylor will be remembered as a singer of some years ago. Many social functions have been planned in her honor. The Taylors will 1 emain here for several weeks. Miss Ma'el Farrar and her brother. Wayne, left last week for Chicago, their future home. Mrs. Flora Nathan and Misses Ruth snd Hilda Nathan, who have been traveling In Europe for the last tnree months, have decided to return to San Francisco by wav of Pi.'.na. Japan and the Far East. I'pn t .er return they will take up their borne at til" old family residence. 512 Devisadero street. -Jc Miss Ethel Levir.tln snd Mis Anna pernensky are spending a week at Guerneyiile. John T Maintic'd. general freight claim agent of the Western Pacific P.ailroad. is makirg a .our of the Northwest. An Interesting smoker was given last week by the Army and Navy Club at their headquarters in Post street. No table among those attending were the Mle: Arrrxtfmf Freda PoMer. Anna B'-'ler, GertnMe Frtvrt Eena Mal-iel r"W, GiHi! ntif-h. YeMic 5feteec. Pear. The friend of Bertr'urd. TyHe lip-p-hicd. cltetT ti.venwe!!. Mortimer Rr,'l WaTle Rr.hre". Carl I'ieis.n, A-tiiur Mas torik possession nf hr h"me 'n Po-lcres street last Wedreday everln:. lurpnting her with a delightful party. New Drug That Quickljr Removes These Homely Spots There's no longer the slightest need of feeling ashamed of your freckles, as a new drug, othine double strength has been discovered that is a positive cure for these homely spots. Simply get one ounce of othine double strength from your druggist, and apply a little of it at night, and in the morning you will see that even the worst have begun to disappear, while the light freckles have vanished entirely. It is seldom that more than an ounce is needed to completely clear the skin and gain a beautiful, clear complexion. Be sure to ask for the double-strength othine, as this is sold under guarantee of money back if it fails to remove the freckles. Ayrcv1 Bt.. retail ajtwitft fw "VmklsPc1. Ltnf'ey & V;-h-., Coffin- Beddioftmi Con p&ny, who4 m ! diitr. but or. Miss Enid Brardt. the gifted young-pianist, contemplates a tour across the continent this fall. STOP PDLLINi GRAY HAIRS Mr. Nettie Harrlarm'l 4-DaT Hair Color la the one aimiile, aafe and certain remedy for stopping premature Oray Hair. I'tilllittr tliem out. will only stimulate the growth acd rnilse their return in ever irjereajuntf" ntimbej-a. IId net eiperiment with new things, but. try this old reliable romed.v. It ronlalna no Sulphur, IssA or other harmful in-irredient ai.d arts Quickly anil aiuvly. Tliere me no disappointments in store for users of Mrs. Harrison's 4 Day Hair Color. It is a simple ant cleanly preparation made pectall.v for application In the priracr of the home the erralioo of a Hair SpecJaJist of 25 yea-s' enwi iencr. Thmisnds of satirled users will testify to it rldiisive merits. Interested persons may obtain a l"iee Sample and Boo on Hair Oilture by addrewing Mrs. Nettie Hamsoo San Francisco. Regulaj size bottle with complete directiona $1.00 at fir.t-clas dnis-rUta. CONSTIPATION Inward Piles, Fullness of the Blood in the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust' of Food, Fullness or Wight in the Stomach, Snur Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering of the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vision, Dizziness In rising suddenly. Dots or Webs before the sght. Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficlencv- of Perspiration. Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the tlde. Chest, Uimbs and Sudden Flushes of Heat. Burning in the Flesh. A few doses of aeiway's will free the system of all the Sbove-named disorders. 25e a box, at druggists, or by mall. BAOW4T A CO, 5S Klin St., . Y. Insist having "R ADWAY'S" rills. Refuse substitute. Mil 5 X jtmr drryrirletfoT it. tk. f1 a cannot snppiT tb ARTEL, arrm no " UinteretiQf! and thomJd kao" fcltont tna won tier fill , MARVELWhiriinflSpr.y lent. It cl.i -T am ML V IV Hi Attier hat Mnti atjimn far ?Ilnstrtd boo Tri. 1 ftvM full r.fcrrtrnlr mfi rt'rfVtlont la l.V le to Udjn, 3lAnr.LSl. fc Owl iruA Cb. bu TiuolM and Beauty Hints To tlie Beiiitr Ktitor: Tan you tell me of any harmless way to incnase tlie bust? I do not want any more fleh on tlie bins or other parts of lny body, but I am so Mat i-hpsted 1 would try -any-thiiiff yon thmiRlit would gire me even iwo or three incliea moie development. ,a it. The only thing I know of that will develop the hut without increasing tlie size of tlie hips, or without putting on fleh where not needed, is a prev-ription put. up by The Dr. Kelly To., especially for small and undeveloped breasts. It is the disiiyv-ei-y of a woman physician whoie prti-tice was huge ly among her own sex and in mist cases increases the hurt measure four lo six inches in a month. hend Hc tn the Pr. Kelb Co., IVpt. 24S H A. Puftalo. N. Y.. and they will send you a trial paclsnce of the tjentn-.tnt without chaigp. This is said to be nf great value in cases of arrested development of the bust nnd will give a full, beautiful form wlihont anyone knowing that tlie treatment was urd. Many mothers have told me that after the baby-had been weaned, the hrvants hei-ame flabby and shrunken, but the use of Dr. Kelly's pve-erirtion made them full and fiim. Do not. use pads or bust forms as they never lock natural and have a bad effort upon the general health. Neither would I recommend ordinary flesh builders or tonics, as they Increase the hips and limits and with the present styles the foi-m should be slender everywhere ercept a generously developed bust. To the Beauty Editor! How can 1 restoie the youthful color and looks eif my hair': It is eettina gray and streaked and makes me look much older than 1 am. MRS. (1. P. W. Many women ask me for some piacticnl and safe way lo restoie the color of their hair and my invariable answer is to get ,Vk: or $1.IHI worth of Queen gray hair remoter from the Owl I bug Co. It ii tieifeotly harmless, restores Ihe natural color with one application, leaves the hair sotl and liuffy and its use e-annot be detected. BETTER THAN SPANKING Spanking does not cure children of bed-wetting. There Is a constitutional cause for tills trouble. Mrs. M. Summers, box 2H4, South Bend, Ind., will send free io any mother her successful home treatment, with full instructions. Send no money, but write her to-day If your children trouble you in tills way. Don't blame the child; the chances are It can't help it. This treatment also cures adults and aged people troubled with urine difficulties by tlay or night. Mrs. S. f!. Trevethick. 14711 Valencia at., near UCili, grcienil ag.nt tor San 1-Yanoiaoo. INSTANT RELIEF xSE DEAF, NEW ELECTROPHONE ACCEPT OUR OFFER TO-DAY 4 If you are deai or hard of hearing. do not fail in ..nil or write tei-rlay and get our latest lmpTnrcdt Electrophone on 'j 30 Days HOME TRIAL. It is a tiny, bnt vnwr- ful efrt tiiral device, a truly wonderful little intiumont, pr-fected. to mrh n de-(fref that many den peop) e -a n now h ea r the fnintebt sound and enjoy all thfc p lire f i hurih, puhlir gppaktufr r ordinary The Klettioplmne in le (oinrrsatjon It mag- flinmn inviMWe. I ALI.Y nEST. R FA THE NATt RAL HEAniNG-canied in the cloth- liig and Je.ircs l-rith tund" free. STOL, ELECTROPHOM'3 ( O., 817 rhelan Building;. Sn Francisco. aw. fflw.;vW-.31 A Beautiful Complexion In Trn Dnis Nadinoln CREAM The Complexion Beau tii ier Used and en-I'orsed by th usands. NADINOLA banishes Tan, Sallowrr.t, Freckles. Pimnles. Liver boots and other facial decolorations. Worst case in 20 days. Rids pores and tissues of impurities, leaves the skin clear, soft, healthy and beautiful. Directions and guarantee in each package. 50c. and $1.00 by Toilet Counters or MaiL NATIONAL TOILET COMPANY. Paris. Ttr.n. l-'r.i .side' hv The lvl Intr IVi. and. other. .fNSw - ,S:( j Yn v ' I . ft. ' TW V - NADINO'LA y VV ft Wii WB1 1)1 111 i Ki W M CM VI C9 fi B9 rtJV IfW n W wo Over-Fatness Shortens Life, Causes Heart Failure, Loss of Vigor, Kidney and Stomach Troubles. It Spoils Figure, is Uncomfortable, Unsightly, Burdensome. Do You Wish to Reduce Your Weight I Pound Daily? Picture 4kfi3L&!$L ' how my Perfected Treatment Reduces Fat Proof Treatment FF FF ' 7,T. urn Mmn Miiinfflm Vote what my treatment has done for others ; let it do the samefbryott. TTi ttm to !t prorTsn and frt tld ot sinpfrf?non fnt ! now. M1n Is tha reliable, safe and QitU liomn treat me at. 1 hare thouMnna of trtuuoniaJs ; hereareafrw: M. R k.iNti, Spuidiof Ar,, t m,-fo. wrl:i ; "By your f i-n'i- nirihod. I rrd.uwd S lb, eight yimrn nf thUnnunefa htvfo t aiaM to ounoe iiio Rde'imsliim alaa ourM I h&ro rtrcnnim-ii'le'i nu to wtnv. Tou Sr fmx Mtlivfamt-' A VI RF.W LOUOHRET, Runloir. rt'M 1 " ThrwTMri go, I roluccl IjO itm. by the Dr. BradJsrd Uwtl d4 aa flUS is thd best of hJJ. ni nn heartiiy rrcrtmmen4 the treatment to II V BiiL'RKR, Cto. writ-: hre ( 6 Ibi and rMu-t imiT hy t Wp!fb mmvh bMlff." MRS. E. II REYNOLDS, LrMrri, la . wtiM: Two tii I r"iia'"M 1 15 hi r our traia.iit; rHuced bait isarf from Mia. t M ta. nnd viin tVtHn U in. to 8ft tarhfn, Jienr frit bifr ta n) ht. Wtll abwrfutir oweT lciitra f Itiaairj," W C. VCTKCRV. wrt vi : I btr tot Mi hn., am woodfrfnMT (WR'M : I i ehmb nauRUini mw, VPS M F 5 vR(KN"T- Lor'fl. K H , writ Lxst tonnfr. I r UifA -rr S Ihr by ur Trauaf o : li it aiott wooderftal." FMHA SMIH, riinwn. n': I ten T tlw la krih-t nf r our Vihd : lwBiad it rrr fine. MRS J H W(MLnK10tiK, Galeaa. wr!l?a: Mr dcure A apmarmiic hate bo woDdfTruHlinpro(si Havetotii-rir lPOlb. ' SUMMEfi IS BEST SEASON FOR FAT REDUCTION I Heat ProntrafJoti, ftmtrok or Apnplei ruin quirk Ientt, or followed bT 8oftenln of tbe Kwwrt Liseae, Stomn h ( rniRpv Koo1 I'oimm.n. erre Kowel llor-ler. Oeneitl OohilltT anl Comile kin? of Vital Eniraf the trtoua trouhlea whi-b re mot ItahU to rmn-iipon the fat man or woman flumi? warm, hmnia weatUtur. Apart trom tbeM danger disorders, thre are ti'imemna leawr yet dMrvtintr inmntu aurh ai m m -Lnrath,(h ir.n'fr, orT-'i.MT'Twpnirannn,nrvounM!, hpadarhe. rtmtiieiiry.eie. PiT tfI C X Hot wenther in ery weakening: nnd ijrr; hi; fnrfat people; A a 1 Jar one wif. The twxlT lmi em Uriter. the fnt f park ml In mire CUiODTPM Cl l!jhilT (han fvr around the ntal ortana an1 OR-ron iroub-e is theiehT n v 1 Cili9 eoon. Rehahte tn(!r of infiiifA! at.thoriiira ant of leatltnfr inpiiratve cn,-pmea prove t bat. over-ntpnt Top:e iie mucrt earlier than ihnre who 'e lh!n fr ttt nornm. wJir!it. heit ifwniiVnrri 1a an a.r'Kr.owieriii'ivl It rninf health, fienre- ooninlevtrtn. torn ner and pea,,e of miurt. It nearer enre lt-tf Knt 1 rrn- w-rvaa lUe rr-on st"w oin T. I Knftw tn '" of my m"thrw1 fto welt that I will tm a proof tre LIFE! m mm m - h mm m-m fr m m m b m k. a ia jk t ... , - ' m m am, mmw tTaw W wwm m m m m w m w u mK-. '" i- miKirrn, HCieil I lnr , Kltf reiul, smr,raT.teei rtetn. In mny r wncM iitiiipti i one pound (tall?. t'orTenponflem ana irefttimrn wiu ct-nnae;ni:, nonv iy umi thni v i-h- hik ..(- f nm improvnn rn,,- unpanin" ui.lf Taa rhore to letl I,adie will And mine an uneqtnMed hHAHtttTinff rwiticwi ; do.ihle-rhtn and wrVnkl dmapear. Wc-.ijht rMuctton an teP4:tv inmtain-tt pnna:ieit. Kn;rtter. you pji? roh. nit fr tenting k : : It fre to tat people f 'nn r wonpnitw the eien;. Sent ntiTwher.. Wntr to-nsT and you -nil rw;T hr rn.rn msil my KKI-F KOF TKI-ATM td AKNTFE, a tiinn. Ide of T,'a.tnonial. a ;1 mr vrr inter-w-ng HOOK ON OCtSlIT, ahowiiig how to quickly a id Dr. M. BRADFOrt Df b Bradford Btd.. 20 E. 22d St., New York. VOTE. fr. B Tifnt fiiza'ir'''rVTt1 rrnrfil-Th-i 9""tt. ti 1 rwrrw4 p thm SmM vrF"f' men fr1. o Rlarrationt too ai m fci foott orflnrt ant kind vt nerne vnii like. K iir nmw rurmint, M-wiiuceiy nn cianeerona fit 3

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