The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1947
Page 12
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FAUC TW1LV1 (ARK.) COURIER FRIDAY, NOVEMBER T, 19« Experiments May Deve/op Fue/ /or Airplanes Made From Metal Instead of High-Test Gasoline Or will It melt, or crack, or rcfius to ivmctiont i T)i«r« hav« been experiment* with a nrnlvod chemically bond- Ing meial with ceramic*—china- w»r«— to produce a synthetic material which they are oiling "cera- mal." experimentally, the*« e,er»- ma';» will retain their chap* and ' properties at temperature* which melt toe moet hcat-recistant of all. netallio superalloyi. That mean* that U the metallic fuels can be jucce»fully traiu- Terred from the te«t-tube to the runway, and If the ceramalt e»n be adequately fabricated Into airplane parti—then, maybe, w« eaa let range far In excess of today'* record*. And one lut look Into the haay future. While pointing out thai lome metal* are far more" affect Ive combustors Hi in the beat avla tlon gu, the NACA add.<i that nu clear energy would be 90 millions times mote efficient, J The familiar tank wagon from which high, test gnsollne is pumped dlu . ted ^* *",* uwT'oMiucleiir'eni' • ! Mb aircraft soon may be replaced with a,conveyance for a new-typ* gy «* an airplane fuel? i ..,,,. Probably, says the NAOA, thei j knl made from metals, according to scientist. . ^ som ^ worll go)ng on „„„_ , - Oftk R. I rive " i By RICHARD KLEINER tolflc compounds of boron, for «! .• NEA Staff Correspondent ample, contain many time* the enl - .CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 31. (NEA) ergy of aviation gasoline, * I —-America's airplanes may some Boron occurs in nature a* boric \ day fly with fuel made from jnetals, acid and borax. There are lari>o *, tostead. of high-octasie gasoline. tteposils In the western United •V. [ And th« Jet engines thai fly them States, and much In Canada and Firebug in Memphis Has 'Irresistable Urge' faff-Hartley Law Strengthened by Decision of NLRB WASHINGTON, Nov. T. (UP)— "he National Labor Relations ioard ruled yesterday that all labor unloru must comply fully with the non-communist and financial Hint provision* of the Taft-Hartey Law If they want to preserve existing bargaining right* when their prccent contract* expire. It* ruling wa* embodied In a de- :uUon Involving the United Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Worker* (CIO>. Th« board denied the union a pUce on the ballot lor a collective bargaining flection at the plan;, of ftlgmund Cohn Manufacturing Co., New York city, becau*e It failed to comply with th« filing provision*. The union hax held a contract with this company. -k * your wedding-present Spode, may be made partly of china, llfco r^eni. Europe h"as some deposits, notably in Tuscany ,ln Italy, but Tlioee possibilities were revealed if it came to a boron race, th< i during a recent public inspection Western K| mlsphcrs could hold j of the vast Flight Propulsion Re- its own. search Laboratory of tile National arc Sxlpcr i 0 r to gas from the stand- Advisory Committee on Aeronau- Besides the heat question metals tics at Cleveland's Municipal Air- 1)OU ,t U ( density. Today's planes are . por^-the first time outsiders were n ni it c d i n range by fuel capacity, j permitted to view the tremendous .,. hjey mllst c jt|,c;r make slops or car} «xperimenlal plant. ,- y wing-tanks, which slow down the, j Research In flight propulsion Is speed. Metals, more dense than the \ today directed at three objectives liquid gasoline, would consequently i —to increase the speed ot plnnrs, increase the range at the samd ; lengthen the range, and to accom- time they Increase the speed. | plish the first two with Incxfxsiulve ' Obviously, then metals would i and non-strategic materials. make Rn iri CH i j ue |. At present, 5 Increasing the speed • of Jctpro- their use as a fuel is confined to S pelleri planes Is primarily a tniest- the laboratory. It's possible they \ Ion of increasing the heat gene- will never be an adaptable lunl. or i rated by the fuel. The search lor they may have to be confined to \ greater combustion 'vetiicency has emergency use. s led the begin experimen- T |, e greatly Increased combus i Ration on metals as fuel. They are, (tori temperatures, experimental as I fheoretically, 'far superior In this ij, ey arei po, se M , 0 tlier problem | respect. for the aero-scientist. Will the air f Metals, In the form 01 dust, can plane's combustion chamber staiu $ be made to burn very rapidly, even up under the scaring heat of wcl' >. to the degree of an explosion. Me- beyond 1500 degrees Fahrenheit! MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 7.. (UP) — Robert Bruce DeWese, JO-year- Id son of Bruce DeWese, credit uanager of Memphis Publishing 3o-, wa* In .police custody today :hnrged with arson. Police said, that DeWese t»d confessed to setting four fires In- iluiltiiK ..last night's three-alarm [umber yard blaze. Dajnage there was estimated between 115,000 and 150.000. Asked why he started the fires i said: • "Goodness only knows. I have an urge which U Irreslstable." New E»l*teo on Which AdmlnMra- Hon hM been commenced. Nolle* Is hereby ulven that the following Is a ll*t of estates of deceased persons upon which Letter* Testamentary or of Administration were granted during the month of October 1»47 with the date of the granting o [ , ucn i e (. tern and the name and address of the executor or administrator. No. 1836. Estate of Olive Lucretla De«n, deceased. Letters testamentary Issued to " Elwood Deen, of Blythevllle, Arkansa* on October 13, 1M7. ' Witness my hand as such ClerK and the *eal of said Court this the «th day of November, 1M1. ELIZABETH BLYTHE County & Probate Clerk. Retd Courier News Want Adi. Gunmen Steal $5,000 In Noon-Hour Robbery CLEVELAND, Nov. 7. (UP) — Three gunmen held up the State Savings and Loan Co. here during the noon hour yesterday and escaped with an estimated* $5.000, scooped hurrtdcly from ca*h drawers. The holdup trio escaped In a 1945 mnroon \sedan which police said probably was bearing stolen license plates. To love By EtHEL HAMILL J Joel, remember?" Now, why «» earth had she said 'hat? She certainly hadn't intended to say it— hadn't intended even to think' it. It would sound to htm as.if she were nostalgic'for those old days, which of course she wasn't. "Those were the ''aysl* He wai nodding. "Good days, Cam." ..., rtnvckter •( ike l>r». !• «»*»»iz»-* '** find J»«i 'C'onror •MOMK lh* zrtumlnc •Indmtk. Jorl, tvhon* CHMI nd<ireJ T«l<<r» »he TIBB »H|1 ta.. hl*;b Mchnfll. hnd hern t«* »Anr to finish cullrje** four yenrm •Ko. Now he l« b«ck »* * vet- .*r»». <;MM. whn hnd hnd In* •anrtr fllrintlon» during t)**- *TJ*r 7rnm nn«l hurl hren inkrn nr- TlnH«ly. by »1 l«n*t one boy whr» •lie drdM T t MCIIH <• br — Cary Karlow« ( wfci»>** dtHur-nncr came *« her «• bin d*Alb — i" nan rn- •••nc^-NbT'. "She W^TII* Joel ihe b •• loHfC^r IM t(*vr with him. T* brv »»rprl»e, Joe-t ••y» ke In, wife dw*n» T t fll In I* kid , : l*d. A wife dw*n» T t fll I* pt«n» t« linlofc •ckool 'fr, . of * w**ltky frPBhMB* ••<! . IfvlnK !• ike l>rBn'a b«nnekold. x 9k* enjnlra • rfflte »•! At Jwel vrheM CIIHI tarni MM down. Cnm Mtrtn Jorl mm. «k* mmpa« HCXI dnr. •nd . l« dl««i»|iolBrcd ^Thcn be ioe*m't mmlf. ber for another dntr- Bat Joel h«» recognized tbal ' C*M mejika d»girr t* bla plum. He Tlfllt* £.•• I^Hdlow, vrk« !• ^ eh lid blle Oi« Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Lei M remove the water from your tlrev and fill them wilb calcium chloride »ntI-freeze solution. We will be glad to make an appointment to care for nil your trie ton at your farm —thus saving you time, REMEMBER WE SERVICE ALL MARKS TRACTORS Russell Phillips TR ACTOR CO- 5o. Hiway 61 Phona 2171 FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Impufeiv* Youth "You've dona so much for m« that I wonder, if I brought my husband in, could you do anything about his sn«ar?" AND DID- 6HE EVER. MAKE A STRIKE.' PKISCILLA'S POP The Informer By AL VERMEER Cam turned in dutifully through the gracious arch between hall and jarlor. The least shn could do was o speak to her house guest on ;ne way upstairs to a steaming and—if she were lucky—half an Hour's relaxation. Maurinr was, indeed, perch'ed on the piano bench. But Ihe smile in her''lifting eyes was none too warm, despite the twiltery vivacity with which she called out, "Why, Cammiel You're home! 0 As for Cam, she had forgotten her pretty cousin already. The other person in the room,, unfolding from the polished curve of the instrument where ne had. been leaning informally, had caught her attention ns if with « pronged hook. Joel! He hadn't even mentioned, this morning, that he planned to see Maurine again so i -IX [A LL that afternoon, Cam worked *"• at the day nursery like an effl- •cient demon. Mrs. Balfour, trie JpresidenVs phimp wife, confided \ tin, one ot her' cronies, afterwards, I lihat just watching Camellia Aus~, 'itin in action made her feel as if ' ishe had fallen in the path of a (bulldozer. But despite the hours hard labor she'just had put in, 'am didn't look much like a bull- ner as ehe climbed the from jsteps of the dean's house, an hour (before dinnertime. The faint shadows etched around her jewel-hued became them .curiously. As she opened .the screen door could hear the light, swift e of a tune played on the piano in the front parlor. v lt spilled to meet her in a slur of brighl Only Maurine could be : that ga: melody in Wil- jliam Austin's academic, dignified parenlly delighted to see Er. Cam's breath caught sharply in icr throat. She had to swallow >cfore she could respond even vith a routine greeting. What was he matter with her, anyhow? Joel's discharge button seemed o wink at her, audaciously, as le settled back into th cruve of :he piano. "Maurine's catching me up on all the Hit Parade head- .iners I missed while I was overseas. Private concert in the dean's own parlor." "Joel's been tinging aH the choruses," Maurine dimpled. "Cam, you never told me what a voice he has. As soon ns he Learns the words, he'll be right up there in the swoon class. Why, he's dreamy!" Cam sharp sltng somewhere near her heart. "Joel used to sing better than anybody at Carter, the 1 autumn he "rst came here. 1 used to beg you to try out for the glee club ) cut in firmly, twtetly, "* her voice soft H * velvet glove but her dark eyes more like the steel fist 'traditionally within it. "I wish I'd known you back in those days. Joel. Cam'i lucky to be so much older." Joel laughed, aloud. "A tired old hag at 20, isn't she?" "Almost 21." Maurine was virtuously exact. "Joel—don't 1 remember hearing that you were brought up on a farm? A real, • _ . old-time farm like the ones my [ featuring: father's always trying'to help out? Just outside a tiny village called Acndia?" l At her words Joel's eyebrows crooked upwards in Crank amazement. "Now, how on earth did you know that? Nobody on earth ever heard of Acadia, except, the 317 natives who live there! Do you use a crystal ball, or only fortune-telling jards?" "It's not mysterious, at all." The girl at the keyboard had his full attention once again, ana her wisltul little smile was holding it as firmly as any steel cable. "I've just been asking questions about you—oh, here and there. I hop« you don't mind, Joel? 1—I just couldn't help it." "But who in Cartersville would snow about Acadia's being—T" "I found that out in Cam's copy ot th« Carter Year Book for the first year you were registered. And then I remembered there'd been a map of your section of the state among some papers of the "ena- tor's that I was helping him die. So I just sort of patched bit* together." As she stepped quietly oiit into the hall once more, Cam wondered whether either one of them realized *he had gone? Maurin* certainly knew how to keep possession of the ball—»nd how to run it lor * touchdown, tool (To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople THE TOVW CRV6R T£LLS US Soo« AOTDMAtn: BED vOiu. •* ' "NUV COST SLIGHTLY MORE HASS-A CHPiIri OF WE CX_T> OCFie IRE Hf>£ GONE OUT OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William THEY THESE DAYS ^ XX) CAW LEARM WH>CT He KMOWS IN HALF TH' TIME IT TTCK HIM-BUT THATS CUZ HE BULT TH 1 LADDER W£'RB CiOlM 1 UP OJ. ONLY THIN6 EVEI BULL TH"CT EVER AWES THE K3NOCAMU5 ta/d you V dozen times not to do that! /. swinging the clothes Bv MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE A Snail's Pact- 1313 WESTER. EH? AIN'T THAT WHERE OLD MAN WAOHAM HVED 1HAT HAD ALL THAT DOUGH HIODSM IN HIS HOUSE? •THffttS A IOCKST COtlAR Of . WIUCOOHBY'S IET6O IUCRETIA / 11010 M3O VOU'Ri HUKTIN6 ME/ THATS WGHT. CWtD MANAGE A lITTtE MOR£ SPEED ? THEN PUT DOWH THAT PHONE AT OKI! rrS MftKCtw saw of voo TO TRY TO REACH VtC FlINT.' Bv LESSLIE TURNE How It Was Done WASH TUBES SMI THAT'S A SWELl SHOULPER «SE NOU'ltE GOT! TELLfOt) WHW... m TRM>E -<ou wi f eip INSIDE FOR THE PIP.MOND HE'D HIDDEN FEW HOURS M3-O. MO. JEfFERSOWiWKYDIP^ODSETOFf M THM LMT STAflON AND RUM UP TO THE HEW CMC TO SET W M«N ? HOLf MACKEREL! fl'5 WOTHER-NO. VI G^C>, IT'S THE BROTHEROffNPM. BNCM« 5 ROOW * Speaking of BashfuJncss By FRED HARMAN &ILL HUPP5 A WCE \ BDT H£ PA1P NO BOY, DUSTER'HE I ATf£tfriOrt TO PlRST ITS Bill HL'PP, THEM \V6 KAtfc t3E.\'Ll^. is FORTUNE . wouvohi'1 HUNTERS,DUCHESS/JUST 'CAUSE \ IF FRArt WD.-O'.T IV PAUGHTeR'tL A GOLD MINE; fWPEHE > PHOOEY-' SASriFL'L.V WHAT'P FORGET IT, DUSTER-' CO!"\E OS) Ooola in Action By V. T. HAMLIN ILL S\V . DID.- ar 1 VCWT; wo SADrRV, r THINK I'LL HANOS Off 5PA.NK YOU;; KNOW I UED ABOUT YOU MTPNG ME SOT10O NTip * t-CTT OF TSOOSCR BUT.. 7XA.TS TELLING H6B, M.LEV... KNOW I GULF Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. F. Richards • New Operator Gulf Courtesy That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Batteries Accessories ! Discount Rale to Truckers i Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 Chickasawba BOOTS AND HER MUDDIES Hotel—anrl Home By EDGAR MARTIN

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