Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 4
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•"• --*-Gray's CORNER. 'On the following items: AJ1 kinds of warm weather dress '.foods; all kinds of gauze underwear ,.<for ladies, goats and children; all kinds •f gold, silk nud leather belts; all kinds •*t laces nucl trimmings and all other Kinds of goods. ' DAILY JOURNAL Publlnhod every day In the week (except Monday) by tho Loffanspon Journal Company. W. S. WRIGHT President A. HARDY Vice President -C. W. GRAVES Secretary •. B. BOTER Treasurer Frlce per Annum W.80 Price per Month « Official Paper ol City -and County. (Entered ns second-class mall-matter at the Logansport Post Office, February &. 1188. uiiiud that all paper currency shall be kept at p:ir .with find redeemable in .such coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON THIS POLICY AS ESPECIALLY NKCBSSAKY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE FARMERS. AND LA- IJORrNG CLASSES, THE FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS V1C-. TIMS OF UNSTABLE MONEY AND A FLUCTUATING CUKRENCY.- Dcmocratic plaiform. 1S02. 1SOO. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For I'rc<l<l«nt. WllI-IAM McKISI-KY JH. ol'Oliio. For Vlc«-lM-c»l<lcllt, OAKKKT1' A. HOUAKT of New Jersey. F»r tiuveriior, JAMtS A. MOUNT of JtoiitKOiiiory c-wiillty . ForLiciitviiuiit Governor, W. S. HAGGAKW f»f Tli>poc»uo« County. For Soorttary of Stnto, WILLIAM 1>. OWKN of CHSJI County. For Auditor of SUito. AMK1CICI/S C. 1>A1JLKY of Boone county. For Troiwnrer of Stilt*. CltKD J. SCHOL'/ of Vmiilerlmrs ooiuity. For Attoriwy Genornl, WILLIAM A.KETCM AM of Miirlon county For Itcporliir of Supremo Court, CHAKUiSF.REMY of Bartholomew Jtor Superintendent of 1'nblle IiiBtrnctlou, D. M, GKF.TING ofMnrrldon eoiinty For Stiite )St»tl»tlcun, S. J. THOMP-SOX ofSliclby county. For JuilB»)« of live Appellate Court, Flr»t Dlntrlct, WOODFOBW KOBINSONofGIbnoii county Hocond DlKtrlct, W. E. HENLEY of Knuh county. Third Diittrlct, D. W. COMSTOCK of Wayne county • Fourth Dlntrlct, JAMES W. I1LACK, of Stdrlon cuunly. F1W> Wlntrlct, V. Z. \V1LEY of llentoii county. Kleetor« nt Liirge, H. G. TIIAYKK, CUAS. F. JONKS. FOR CONGRESS, GKOKGE \V. STEELK, For Joint RepreH*ntiitlve, •WILLIAM T. WH.SON of Clia* county. JTor Bepre»eiit«tlve-CHAllLl!S B..LONGWELL. VOT Pronecutor-CJIAKLES E: HALE. For Clerk-JOSEPH G. GHACK. For Tre»»urer-UEN.J AMIS F.KF.KSL1NG for Sherin-I, A. ADAMS. tforSn.rveyor-A.JI. DODD Vor Coroner-DK. J. A. DOWNEY. *or Aime»sor—JOSEPH BARK. For CoinmlMHloner, First I>l«trlct-JOHN GKRRARIX tot Cominl»»lonor, Third DlKtrlct— ABRAHAM SHIDELEK. COMPARE THEM. 1-I.lsto-iy Is foil of '-he evil effects of ch«ip mollify. Aiisfoplwnns mentions it WToi red-Mi rhyme and Plutarch tells -liow Lycnrgus coined Iron, There were some good tfCects, of course, for coun- torl'oltiug and burglary- iima.uedla.tely CL'astx! itnd'no 1111111 wont around Jingling his money Ju lite pocket. Wlion lie had Ofcasion to go .to market a wheel- bar mw «"is necessary nnd life wife had to store her pin money in the cellar. rhit.-in.-h says the people lived a very frugal life us the money would not buy much of atiyif.liiug. Every man like tho Indian, had to go out and dig or.shoot his daily meal. SOME ftlSTORY In flacaulay's ..,'.-'• Style. Graceful Which Will Throw Light Questions on It is a good thing to go slow. It' wo •nre ro try free silver let ii<s stop Hie redemption of our .fOOO.000,000 of silver in sold. This; will.jiiakc the .silver worth $300,000,000, its bullion- value, and contract the currency tbnt much. If this works all right and the mail who Is caught with a silver dollar in his pocket, which will net him only fifty cents, or is paid a silver dollar for his work or his wheat, (Mute it a Rood tlu-nj;, why push Jt along. Free silver is like any other expedient. Take It in homeopathic doses at first. •. One of the hardest-; v tliings . to dud is a silver dollar' -that was coined before 1S73, and yet there are mbout 400,000,000 silver dollars and certificates' in, circulation. 1'ot the statement is- made Uib't silver was dropped out -to 1873. The truth. Is, only 1,000,000 silver dollars circulated In America Jn that • year. Tlie"-silver the country is usiug lias all been coined since "demonetization," and is still bo- ing coined. There was no complaint of lack of It (luring the days of Protection. "The Republican party Is unreservedly for sound money. It caused the enactment ol the law providing tor the resumption of specie payments In JS"£>; - ftlnce then every dollar has been as good as gold. , "We are unalterably opposed to every measure calculated to debase our currency or impair the credit of our .country. "We are therefore opposed to the free coinage of silver except by,International agreement with the leading • commercial nations of tne world, which •we pledge ourselves to promote, and un-. til then sucli gold standard must be pre. served. "All "our silver and paper currency resident Andrew D. White of Cornell University "cornea out-openly in opposition to Bryan amd iwges Democrats to vabo direct for McKInley. Ho says: "For t'Jie first time, we Lave an annr- chistio .and socialistic platform upon f.hicli stands 'the boy orator of the IMatte," a-candddate who Was not given the slightest evidence of atatesnraiusWp'' —awl he would, recommend Democrats "to break loo.se from tibJs wfld mob masquerading In the Pemocra-tite garb and to vote the straight Republican. ticket.": It Is not at all probable that the next House will have a majority favorable to the free coinage of silver at a ratio of 1C to 1. When It becomes a demonstrated fact that there is no danger of this country adopting'the silver standard in conducting the business of the country, prosperity will come again and, with : lower taxes on the necessaries of life, every kind of business will boom again. —Pharos editorial, March 12, '00. Now Disturbing the American ' People. It may perhaps be news to sumo, who al-e urging, the 'free coinage 1 with great zeal 'tlwt.th'esubject is sovi-ml hundred years old!,,it,lias been a danger that lias 'threatened "the progress of every nation gn'ut or "small and while )t',li.i.s not alway/s'.bjien silver tlr.it has been advocated', rUe prJucipIe las been -the Siiino. .Two hundred "year* ago, In KiOo the amini)t to make cheap money and dear money,'(Iq'iit side by side by, government staijir) ;was'tried In England and was n niost",dlstliigii,lshed failure. In Macnulsiy.'s.hlstory, page 4f)p of .volume 4, of the live, volume edition, begins an account o'll it'which reads like a history of the present times. The cheji.ji mouey then wa's llie,.d.ippcd silver pieces \vhioh still bore i lie government stamp but lost bullion value by nlio action of dospoilcrs of the iMlion's currency. .Tlie creating of cheap money then was such an of- ense that seven people were Iraug in one day for the crimp. The habit of electing men'of tiiis sort to the' Senate .is therefore an entirely modej-ii, innovation. ,,.""' ...... i , Macaiilay says: ,' "Tlie result, ol! tho general election proved that, Trillium had chosen a fortunate moment for dissolving. The number of new members was about n hundred :uul sixty; and most o£ these, were known to be thoroughly well affected to the government, "It was..'of ''the highest 1 Importance time the House of Commons; should, at that moment,,be .disposed to co-operate cordially with' the I\in'j_'. For .i: was absolutely .necessary to apply a remedy to an Internal evil which had by slow- degrees grown .to .a"tearful nwgn'tude. The silver coin,..w.hlch was then (he- standard, coiix/of' tiic realm, was fn a state at whicii the .boldest and most enlightened I'talcsm'en stood aghast. . "Till the reign of Charles'the Second our coin had been struck by a process :;« old as tlie lilitotoanitl). century. Edward the Finest had 'limiitied'blither skillful artists from Flarcaico, whiich, In his. time, was to London whnrt London, \n UlBO tlmo of Wiilium tlie TJiird,, was to JLoscow. During, many secern ftone, : fflio tns't.mmcats'wMcli were rJien Intro- d-uced inibo our rniut continued to be employed wi'llli llittle ail.t'eratiO'U'. The metal was dilvMed wlitfh' 'snca,ts. nmd aCtor- in which '.they <;o«kl fetch the .sninc price a.s laic" <?-upeiiior pi'ecc.s, and that the superior pieces would take sonjc: I'oirni or fly to some place in which sumo advantage .cotiJd bo derived from tlu-ir suiierioj'iity. "The. ;)qiiticl;MW of that age, ho-\v- ovMi 1 , 'gouei'-ally ovc/i-loQ'kisil thc'sse very Oibvtai*. -. .coiisklerauiffliis. Tucy inar- vclied exccwM/iwly Chat everybody should. lie so perver.sc a,9 to- use light money .hi preference to good money. I" otlwc; •• wgTOs,-.;-.t.hey inavv^lled tlmt nobody' ehosi.' io pay twelve ounces of .silver wlusi ton wou-ld serve the tun). The librsoTn the Tower si-Iir.pacud his •iion^ds., l.^roi?li wagon loads of choice imliie.v' 's1ill~ca'iire -forth from tho mill; 1 •and sttlii.the^-vaMiished as fast as they appearod. Gren.f masses were welled s Jjioniixk'd; but scarcely one new wards shaped and 'stamped by the hammA: In iiliifec' opcnutiioiw maic'h wiis eye of Hie woi-k- pi<jc-n,-w.iLS ;; .i<>,,Jx; .foiin.il in tlie till of a slliop, or to thu' Ksithior IWK which Un; fai'iiiOT 1 •'e.iWPe'd' home from tlie c:v,tie faJir. M tho receipts and pa.vmunts of the Excliequ-c-.r tho milled money did not exceed ton shiMI'tai-prs in a hundred l»uii<l5!'"'A! l wViter of that age mentions -i;he case'iff'ti nji?iflu)iit who, iai a KUIH of / t.hiirt7 1 -'-tive jio-unds, ixt-ulvexj ouly a KiiijErtc lisilTcrawn in- .millea silver, Mo:itt-\viltiilo tlie shesirs of Ute clippers were consisiiu-rty at work. Tlie icoiiiers too inulriplittl and prospered; for th-e woiwe tho. cunxnit mwicy 'Tjecnine tiio niwo.ofiisily if was iinifti(-ed. Oui.iing 'mo-re 1iij;imi tliliirty yesii's this evil hail ffO-iie oil -ftncsreilstoff. A-t flist it had boon disregarded; but. ilt hnd at length become an .-..iMswpiXM't.'ible cui'.so to t.he coiiu-try. -It was to nio purrwse that the .rigorous -laws agaii'iifit. cotuJing niid c!i.p- piiuf; wni'e ]ii.go,rously executed. At every session t:b«.t, was -he-Id at the Old Ba-Uoy teriii-Wc ex.-umplcs were made. EtuirdUs. .Av,lth 1'onr, five, six wretches oou\ii:ct.ed of coimfcrfcixHiig- or mtitHiir- iiuig the mpjiej' of . the rc;i,lni, were driifr.wd month a;ftra - inoafh up Hol- tarii Hill. Oin: omc maniin-g seven men weWlifniicrcd and a woman burned for cMpping:- 'But all was vain. Tho gains were ,iuch as to tuvlcss spiri'ts seemed nioi;9 tliim, .proiwrt:Ioaed to the risks. '"The evil proceeded with' constantly ucceierattog vo.loci.ty. At JenpHi, JJi tine autiiimn <il 1003, W ooola tardily Ix; isiid tiisit -t'hb.-'cbiHitiy jiosscsscd, for procti- ca,l: purposes, tiny measure of Khe value fl&roiamwlifciQs. It was a mere chance. whtetiier what was called a sMlling was really ' tenpoiice, sLxitoucc of ,t groat. The 'resullB of soane expor.tae-nts wluich •were -.tried at fchnt time deserve to be moiiilioncd. The afficors of the Ex- ^.'Ji<;(liiar. .weighed ftfty-sevdn thonsand two liunidrod- pounds of « hammered •inooey iTiiich had recently beenp:ud iu. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder AB&OLUTELY PURE TJi« welgflut two hundred to have bera above and twenty , thousand Left to Let's see. It has only been, a few yeans since William McKImley voted for the free coinage of silver at the ratio of 10 to 1.—Pharos. And at that time sixteen, ounces of silver were worth cue ot gold. Now it 'takes thirty-two ounces of silver to bay one of gold and free coinage moans the giving of silver mime owners 'two prices tor their product. must be maintained at gold, and we favor nil parity with measure's de•-signed to maintain inviolably the obli- . gallons of the United States and all our • money, whether coin or paper, at the present standard, the standard of the most enlightened nations of the earth." • —Republican platform, ."We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both gold atid silver at the present legal ratio of 10 to 1, without waiting for tlie aid or consent of .any other nation. We demand that the standard silver dollar shall be a full legal.tender, equally with gold, for all . debts,- public apd private, and we favor such legislation a.s.will prevent the .demonetization of any kind of legal ten• der money by-private contract.—Demo- •cratic-platforra. '"• We demand free and unlimited ooin- ''.ag'e of silver and 'gold at the present 1'e- ' ..'gal ratio of "1C to'l.—Populist platform, ... 1802;... ...,.'.. We liold-to the w of. both gold and ..silver.us .the-standard.;money of the'. country, and to^the coinage of both gold ' 'and "'silver, : ' without discriminating 1 against'either'metal or'eharge for mint• age, but ithe dollar unit of coinage of . both metals .must be of .equal intrinsic and exchangeable value or be adjusted '. through Inite'rnabonnl.agreement or by -such «afegnnrds of legislation as shall ,.- Ins.ure ..the., maintenance of the parity . of tttie two. nictate Jind tho equal powei* of every dollar at all times in the»mark- ct» and in payment of debt, and we de- Tlie .Tournal this, momlngxconfnins some history which eveiyo'ne will find readable. It Is no't lniterestlng..<alone to the v.otar, bint -to every man, woman and cliUd. It -Is Instructive as well, and covering 1m Ma-caulay's graceftil style one of the important incident^ of Erig- 'lish.lilston-j', should be read with pleasure .by every Journal reader. The Kokomo Dispatch'has a very ;tble cdHtorlal on a Digestive Cordial that setts for 10 cents a bottle. It comes at a. very opportune time. The few Dem- ofratlc papers tliat have swallowed the Chicago platform certainly have need of a digestive cordial, and the cheaper the Iwtter In these Democra-tte times. It inecei5so.irtily happened that some pieces cantainctl'a little more and same a little iesk/tlinii-'lilie just quantity of silver; few pieces we.ro exactly, round and 'tlie iiVins were" not marked. It was tiborofoire iin~tho--couMe of years discovered thnit to dp the cdl.ii- was "one of the • easlest^jg/ most profitable lciu<ls of 'fraud. In'ttye feilgn.-_6f Elizabeth it_ had been-.itltojiftht aoGessairy to enact that tilic clllpffir s'luouldjbe, as the^codn- er iind long''fi«en^ liable to' the pcnflJitles of WLgh ti-eason'f The ..practice of parfug. •or, Vas far too liic- and, about the i, people begiin down : rarlve to Ifcji time of t.iie" to obseiTc;'tlintt .proportion of tlw- crowints, 'Ijiilit'eirovj-ns,. and-. shillings which wei^-paasiag from lvand.to..hand •Iwid umdargote s^mc slight -mutilatibn. An honest dollar is one that .will buy a dollar's worth- of products/''A doilflr' that will buy two doll<u»^worth' of products is a dishonest dollar.—Pha'tos. . Then fhc, fifty-cent do.Hju.vfe nlso dis- houiost.,. The Democi-aitte Cougirt>ssio.nal.con- voution .w.lU meet In tMs : , city, nest Tlnmsday,'-.Tn4y-23.. If there.,flte.tiny cand.ldates they have riot' been heard, from. . . •', ..'..'.... "Thait wWa, tiiine fmtllul of. .experir niente and invNitions Jin all ;t.lie.,depart- mont-! of scleivee.-.rA great . improvement iu tlie jiiodie..of .s'haptaig a-ud. strUt-.. J,ng..thc <joto.-- -vvas suggested. A.;..mlU, wliic'ii to a,grwi.t,ex(»uit;Supc.rs<.Hled Oio Jiiuman luDml,;wAis set.,,«p.ii.n"tht' .Tower. of London.:', .TJuJB-.-mill,!.. jyas 'wor*ed by horses, 'and; - -would,:, doubtless be ^u- sldered by..niodei r u,eu>tlTJ.ee,i's as a iiide and fecblu machine. ,riie..piioces wloich Jt produced,,. however,. were among the best to Europe..- -it, .was. not easy .to coiititecfelt liljem-.jjmd. as their; shajxj wiis exactly "irailjir, awd their 'edges oimiccs, lit prov.ed to be under one him-. dined and (omrteen- .thousand ounces. Tl^rec.euitaenit London go'.dsmitUs wo.ro iiivitod to send a hundred pounds each in cuirronit silver to be tcl«d by the bnl- atLce; Tliroe luindpetl pounds- oujrl* (o have wDigJied • a.bou.t twelve hundred ,oiui<*s..v,T.lie acitnal -n;oi?ht proved to x' liiU'DJilrod and twenty-four ounces. .iuei/«uii« test was applied i« various parts, of! the kiiugdonn It was found thtytja .lumdred pounds, which'-should .liijtvo.' washed- about four 'hundred puufes,' i .(|ijd actually weigh af 'Brtetnl "u\joj'liku]ji>'ed aiad .foirty ounces, at Cam- biiidg'c.tn'p hundred anid fhree, at Exe- rer o«:e,,hiundiiied amd eight j, and at O:.'- fojrd ioi)'jy ; ',one biMidreid ami 1 sixteeji, TJie^e^ve-i'e, indeed, some northern dis- tPijeHs iaio whiich the ctlwJed money had. ouily begun .to ftnd its way. An- honest Qna.ker,'\>4io lived 'iiu one of.'Uiese dis-. taicis',. recoi-ded, -to some notes which are still extant, .tlie amazeimeiit with wklidi, :Whe.n he travelled' soiiithward,' shopkeepeis and ,iaiikcci')cns''stiired at tlve Ui i oaid..a < nid limvy haifcrocvrns wMi wb'tci lie paM life wa.y. They asked, wlieniec he.caime. aad whore s'iidi money wftifrliicd out Jus cwTJiuts; the dnlper meiisiH'C<l out his brojuk'loth; ihv liuni ol! lnvyc.ns ;uul se-llm's was .-.•« loud :is ever iai f!io <owiin; i.lie luirvasf IIOIIK- was cc'leliraited as joyously as ever in tJit.hrMiilciN; |-Ji<! crwHii otcrflowed llu paiils of Ches-hJA!; rhc apple jniei ifojiimed I.iii vho pnsscs'ot' Herofordshiiv; tlie piles of crockery plowed in the fur- iiac<M of ilio Trent; a-ml Hie barrows of co-.il ro-ll^d fust aloji^ r tlic ijmbi-J 1 rail- wjiy.? of t.he Tj-.no, But. when the groat iustnimom of tixch.-ui^c bocrune ilior- ..ouglnly denuiged, all trade, all industry were sjnWtcu :w \viiii ;i jsulsy. The evil was felt daily and hourly in almost every class, hi Wie dairy and on the IhTKshniK lloor, by t.he anvil ,-nid by the loom, om flic b:liowi> of .the oce:iai and in the deptltt* oiC t,hi; ini.no. Nothins wiilU l.w pmxjlKisfid witliijut a dispute. Over every conuufcr tliore was wran^- li-iiK from moraiim; to nt-Rlit. Tlic work- mam ;md his cin-ployer -ItiJ ;i qnnrrti a.s resuhu-lj. as the Saturday ca:ne rotMMl. Ow ;i f;i.i.r day or a market d.-iy the clamors, the reproadies, tiie tan Ms. the cti.rsos, were incivsanit; and it was weJJ 'if r.o IwoiUi wys oveatnred- :uid no li^ul broken. No merchant would oon- tnic-t to deM-veir go<xls without making some stipulation n-lwut Uie (jualiiy of the win in which lie was to be paid. Even micii of business were often bo- wiiklereil by jlic confusion into which all pecmi.l.'iiT tra.ns:ictioiii5 were thrown. Tlie simple and tlie careless were pillaged wiiJiout mercy my extortioners whose. dwnoiMls givw even more rapid-1 l.v nliini the money .shrank. The prices of tihe necessaries of li.fe, ot shoe.*, of ale, of wvtiinwiJ, rose fais>t. Tho lalwrer found that Wie bit: o-f nietaJ which when lue rcccivwl it was allied a shilling would h-aTdly, when he wanted ;o ])iirc-h.ise a ]»t of beer or a loaf of rye bread, go as far as a sixpence. "Whore airti.«a-ns of more Khnn- usual iii-telliiience were' collcotol togedier in. gi-e;it numbers, as in tilie dockyard at Chatham. they were able to make obeLf cpmplanuts luea-rxl and vo obtain some redress. Ent tho iftnoniiirt a-ud helpless peasant was cruelly ?rouud Ixrtwecn one class wl»cli would £^'0 . money o'Jly by tale amd another whieli would take it only by weigJit, Vet his suffe,riiUKS hardily exceeOod. Uwse of. Hie uttfortu-mitc race of authors. Or the way in which obscure writers were twsi'ted we may easily fonn a judgment from the kittens, still oxtnuf, of Drydeu to Ms bookse-ller Tonson. One day Tonson, sends forty brass shillings, lo say nothiiiifi of clipped money. Another day he pays a debt with pieces so bail .none of them will so. .The great oiji. It was aiamed rjjju evej'y porsou wlio informed against a clipper idiou-ld lie entiUcd to a reward of forly jKJumls. t)wc evwj- clJj)p«.'r wlio iu-l'oniKtl aga'msttwo cttppttivs sliould be en tided ro a pardon, and that whoever should be foiiowl im. jiosscssi-oji of silver Ji Pint's or parings slwuM bo burned ia t-li* cheek with a wlliot iron. Certain oilicers were canpowered to «arch for bitllioiL If bulIJon were foiuid iu a house or on board a ship, tJie burden of pnorjjig Oittt it JKUI uever beou part of the money of the rejibn was thrown on t;he owner. If to? f.-ijJwl Iu out a satisfactory history of every ingot he was Liable to severe penalties. This Act was, as might Lave been expected, altogether iaieffective. During the following sunmiicr and autumn, tlie coins went on dwindling, and the cry of distress from every oouniy in the realu became louder and more piercing. "But happily for England Uiere wer* :«nong her nilers ,<ome wlio clearly per-] ceJved that it was jiot by hnl'ters ar branding irons that Iwr <le<:ay.lug i try and conimeox-e <-oiiild be re.jtnred t lusaltJi. The stnie «f the cinrency iia< dnri'ng some time occupied tlio se att.enition of four eminent men closelj connected by public and 3>rivare ties, T\vo of rhe:n were politicians who hat never, in the midst of official and par lijimeiMa-ry business, ceased to love am honor p)i.iloso]>hy; a.ud two were phi] osophtis, in whom habits of abs uieil-iir-i.tion. Jiad not impaired t'he homeljj good sense witfliom w-UIcb even genin is mischievous ilu poliiA-s. Xevcr ha(j tlieix; boom an oc«ision which more ur gen.Uy required both practical and sp uJative abilities; and never had th| world seen the hagheet pj-actaical and : sixxaikwive abiliacs united it was .tip eulnoa which hu . piii-chasod..'if<w.twon*}--twb''sbiniiDgs at I/iiiucasrtier bore p a different': -value at cypry, .stfige cut life journey. " When ho, " ,'lxwdoai it was ; woirUi. tJilrty. iinwl . would tauleed' 'have been. worth, iwiire. ..htid not the government ''iK as tlw lilgbiest at w.hU:h be, n^ccdxed in tne payment poet semis r.hem all tock, and demands in their place jrutaeas at twenty-nine shillliiigs ftich. "I expect," he says in one letter, ."good silver, not i-'uch as I have had formerly." "If you "nave any silver Hint 'will go," ho says in another letter, "my life will be glad of it. I lo?t thirty sluifl kings or more by the last pay- nwut of fifty pounds." These complaints and demands, wJjfcli have beou pi'o?erved from dostnictbon only by t!ie eminence of tne writer, are doubtless merely a fair siniple of tlie eon-espond- erice which fi'Ued all tlie mail bags of Bugliiind duri[ug- several months. . . In the midst of tlie pubUc disti-ess one cta.&s prosijorod gi'eatly, tlie bankers: and among the Hankers none could in skill oir in luck bear a comparison 'with Charles Duncoiiul)e. He bad been, not runny yeai-s befoi>3, a goldsmith of very moderate wealth. He Jiad probably, after tlie fashion of hits cm-fit plied for tinder Mie a-roades of the were tascriili'ed wil't.li a legend, clipping wa,s not to be apiH-iflifentled. /The ham' mered coins/Mjl'd the -' miUled. coins were tauirraut togatlMT. ...Tliey wci-e received without distilnotiion '-'to. public, aid consequently In . ' private, ' payments. The fi'uanoiieu'S of tiia^age seem to have ex-ported tlKit *lfe Bew morie.v, wMeh was excolleaiit, waolitl sooii displace the old money wJi-K-h'Svasjmueii Un.paired. Yet ainy man o>f plain underst-a.nU-Ing might liave.kDiowin. 'thii'tj'wih'eri. tlie State treats perfect coin ' coin as of equal ' "'Hue Waterloo 'Trl-bune and Dubuque Herald, two lending Demooi-aitJc papers of lown have come o-uit against Bryan. Will the Pharos pu-bllf h the speech of t.he Hon. G. Burfchail? It will make Interesting readlny. ; "Benny,' when you die 'will you will me-your whiskers." ;. .. Populist B«n. ' valiie,, '*!«?' Perfect <iolii" will- noiti drive the light' cola o\rt ! "ot- : c : Ircul3'.Uori, but w,lil 'itself be'"'drtiyon.' out. ' A clipped "The evils p-txjduccd 'by'this state of ; were not such as have gen- thMigHut woitiiy'itn occupy a proOTMieiiit place in- lils-tiary.;.. Yet it limy well/be doubtwl y-hwivbi'tall the m.iisery. wMtii, iiaiVbem'tofllctcd OTI the .English' na'tiott j-n .T<]uiirt«r of a eeu- tui-y. liy Iwid Kiaigs. bad Jliiifcters. tad rfii-li.inw.Dt.sand bad .Tiulges. was equal to thV liiiitscVy cmisc*! iiu a single .year by bad ; aro\viis fl.nd bad .sliOUugs. Those "everts -vrhtoh "funudsilii' the best themes fbir pa.lJiiet're OT fridigririn-t eloquence arc mot' always those \vhHoh' most affect the iii!ippliiek5 v '6if''tiie 'great body of 'the r '' ! '''''TW'aiinient-o crown, on. En^fiali' ground, went ns far' in the paymeilt''6r a' 1 tax or a debt as'a ' milled crowi/ njlTIed crown, ns soon :is'tt l na'd : 'been .'Bung Into the crucible or. cnirrtal grog's ttiie Cbaonel, 'became ntucb . ttoa. the clipped crowD.' itm1.ph.t.t3Marofore'haye been prwMcted; 1 'as' cornfldedtly ns -any' fibing end '-whl-eh; depends ' on the 'bTMMtf.'^B,"'Uiiit"'tl»ie_ Iniferlor. pieces wbuId'reiDiiiD Jti'the only market lit had been, had'not t -tJie cc>himou'lmsiucisr5 of RoynJ Exchange, had saluted mer- cliante with pii«fo.ivn<l bowA ao-l had tagged to be allmved the honor of keep- iiOK their cash. But so dexterously dM he now avail h-fouself of the opiwrtuni- tties of profit which the general con-fusion of prices gave lo a money-changer. tilwt, at the moment wheui the trade, of tiho kingdom was deprfrved to the lowest point he. l:rfd _ down near, ninety s fon- *e estate or Hoil'tusley in the North BMfng of Yorkshire. "Sitacc T.he Revohitiion tlie state of tine citiTouey hnd been, repeatedly discussed tn ran-l'i:i,men.t. In 3GSO a committee of tihe Connnons. liaid been ' ap- potuteil to .iiiivest.i.g'j-te the subject, but had nitulc no report. Io 1C90 another coinimlltitpe - repow«l iinmecse quanifilT.ies of silver were carried 'out of tl» coiMitry by Jews,, who. it was.said. an allfauce so close, so harmonious, an| so honorable as that wh5«h bound Son ers and' Momtogue to Locke an| Newton. "Tlwise politicians whose voice wa far delay gave Ie<ss trouble thau anothd »;t of poliitiwnns: who were tor a geq eKri and imimediiate recoiaiage, but wb iiasisted -that the new sluilllng should ; worth only niinepence or niuepence hal penny. At the head of this party wa Lawn**, Secretary of -; amd momtoer of Pariianietj for the borough of Seaford, a most spec-table and -in«Iustrious public s vanf, but nmich moi-e versed in the < fails of 1ms office t'han in 1:1) e higher par of political philosophy. He was not I the least aware ttet a piece of nietj wiUi the King's bead on it was a con noditj- of whiticih. the price was gover by the same Laws wLich govern price of a piece of metal fashioned . a spoon or a buckle, and that it was : more iu the power of Parliament make the kingdom larger by calling | furlong a uri!<e. He seriously believ iucix'diiWe as it may eeem, that, if ouwce of silver were divided Into se shill-lngs inistead of live, foreign tkms would sell us tticJr ' wares ; thedr silks for a smaller number ounces. He had a considerable folloj tag, composed partJy of dull men w.l really believed w«at lie toid them, iwitly of shrewd men Who were fecriy willing to be authorized by to pay a hundred pounds with Had his argutmeuts prevaUciJ, the < of a vast couflscaiflon w.ould have ' added to all Hie other evils which flfetcd the nhtiiou; public credit, still | ite render amd sickly Infancy, woq Iiave been des.rix)ye(l ; and there won Iwve been much risk of a general tiny of (Jie fleet and aruiy. Ha.pp| Lorvvndes was completely refuted Locke in a paper drawn up for the of Someri.. Souuas.was delighted wl tbLs litde tnxsitise, and desJred t.hatl uiilght be printed. It speedily beca the text iwok of all tie most enligl eued politicians in tlie kingdom, a| may still be read with pleasure profit. The effect of Locke's an«1 ]ioitvo]>;<-iious reasoaing is hoigWened by liis evident anxiety to ( at the truth, :iud by the singularity gJ e-rous and graceful courtesy with wlh he trente an anhigODist -of powers inferior to hi* own- JTlainstced, .-Vsixonomer. . Royal, . descri bed the troversy --w*!! by saying tliat tJie p in (tepufe-was whether five was six I flnoriv''gollinig : steadJdj- and' prosperously ''on.' ' Wlililo 1 .ttie houor aiud independence of 'the 'State 1 '^W siild to a foreign now-' er, 'wlili'e ifciiirfeired 'ulglhits' were jn.vaded, wJiifte'iiiifflta.nien.tnl tfl.we were violated, hundreds''*)? ifibwswnds or quiet, honest and "ifeid^rriSoiiw faMifflJes 1,-ibored and traded'/ ''ate 'tiheJir -menls and lay down to 'comfort and ' securiiy.- Whcrthier'"WWeB'or Tories, Protestants or Jesuits-' wSe'uppemJOSt, the grazier awve r -li!ls v bea»ts'to mnrket; tie grocer do t:he tiling for profit. Scheme* were formed for encoaradJig The"lin- porta-tton. aiu<l -dteooui-aglnp the exportation 1 at tlie precious metals. One foolish WU after another was brought, in and dropped. At lemgtto, in the begin- nitog of tie year KSKi, tJie Question assumed so serious an aspect that the Houses applied themselves to it in earn-est. The only practical result of their' dellibemitioius, -however, was a new: pen-' nl law wliteh, it was lioped, would prevent tflie clLppfaw of the hnnimered ?oin'| and the melting and exporting of the i . Soiiiers. aJ , tirely?agrised~with IxscTie; but ass to manner to- wlvicli- tjhe^restoratlon of 'oirireiicy^ughit'tib be e_ffected there ' difference of- opinion, Locke :>.* DiuWey XorOi had that tlie King sliould proc-lajnaitondlx-a near day after wh the hainniered, money should in nil p menit's'.'rjn^s only'by weJ^rfit. The vaiitSg'eis 'ol ; ti)is' plan were doubt) jneVt~ajffl"oBy3ivns:;~It was most sitn "aimV~at : tlie ka'ine"tlane, most effici What' sea - fining;; branding. : ing, burning' hod failed •«> do wonlde (Continued 1 on Seventh Page.)

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