The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1947
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVILl-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 194? ' >«Wi*h«d Every Friday to the it of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS~FEA1URES Suggeitoni For Bettor Fanning Featured For This Section'* Pro* srrewive Farmer*. |f of ton Picking, Bean Harvest y[pr t Advanced in Missco Before WeekofRainSlowedOperations [ Harvesting of Mississippi. County's 1!)47 cotton anil f'Lvbeaii c ''°Ps was l'' acc( ' al 8 0 per cent complete this week ' y Keith Bilbrey, county ngcni for North Mississippi jounty. bo" «;J*5 i tl'Ideal harvest weather that has -S-ivnUeS 'he pas 1 t»'° months has abicd' fanners to hnvvrsl most thcli crops almost three weeks 'lead of schedule," he said "I »ay (hat Ihe cotton crop is .--.;...,• *" P cr cent harvested and " ,jbean's approximately 'he same." f. But tile almost perfect weather ["renditions wasn't (he only reason Mississippi County (aimers »ve '-f° «ning so far ahead of schedule, Btityrtv polnud out, The supply farm labor, both Mexican and VhwrlMn has been at a peak and "ilMtute enough *o that no (arm- W - - To Be Banquet Speakers j In Every Field IcONDiTlON COUNTS . «i >««** $8y PURINA iti's Finite hit. ei lacked pickers. "The cotton crop Is so near harvested that It is hard to find field where picking eo\i]r! be termed as good," he raid. "Transit laborers both Mexican and labor from the hills of Arkansas and Missouri, buve already started leaving the county hearted back toward their honie.i. The 300(1 Mexican laborers that were Imported from Texas are just about all gone." he addrd. Rains this week drove farmers from their fields for the second time In less than a month, but (he Inclement weather will have litllp pffwt nn Mie crop "Farmers will be hack In (heir ] cottrm fields in a couple of days provided that we get some good weather," Mr. B'.lbrey sali). "The soybean harvest wll suffer more Irom thp rn\n than will the cot- Ion because It will tuke soybean ticUls a IttUe longer to get back in good enough shape to operate the combines, but Its far enough along now that a little rain won't hurt too much." For the stale RS a whole, Ihe overall percentage of harvest was placed between 75 and 80 percent by cotton men with gimiings BO far this year estimated at slightly above 1.300,000 bales. According to government figures, a total of 1,700,000 bales Is expected lo be Einncd li\ the state this year. ] Chaffee, Council president, acted as I oast master, and Clyde Oaric, CcuncJ! Scent enec'^J™, v.'as In -harge of Ihe program. Others to receive the Silver Award, ,h» highest honor bestowed by the Council on voluntary workers, were Dr. A. J. Rasclve ot Cape Gtrarclenu intl Dr. D. Jj. Mowery of Jnckson. Donald V. Magce. Garuinersvllle, holder of the award, wns chairman of this year's Silver Beaver Committee, nnd was In charge of the presentations. He was assisted by Allen Oliver nnd Arthur O. Deneke, both of Cape Girardeau. Superintendent Kinder has been nctivc In Boy Scout work more than 10 years, having served at Jackson Dr. Henry Bennrlt . Joneii Mo., «nd' Fornfelt, Mo., prior to moving to Braggadocio In 1943. When arrived, there T^S r.o K-outln; ',;•< braggadocio, and 11 was largely due .o his efforts that a Boy Scout Troop and a Cub Pack were organized there. Jn addition to his services as Scoutmaster, Superintendent Kinder has also served for several years on the staff at Camp Lewallen, the Bop Scout Summer Camp of this Council Area, and has also taken part In every district and council activity. Four Pemlscot county Scouters were named to the Executive Committee of the Council. They are Joe Kohn of Hayti, and Earl Hudgens, J. P. Patterson and Donald V. Ma- T«xu drop. 19*0 to Dr., Henry Bennett, president, Oklahoma A. & M, College; and Dr Ijuiis W, Jones, president, University of Arkansas, leaders In agricultural education and advancement, will be the principal speakers at the first annual forum and banquet given In honor of the county winners in the Arkansas Balanced Farming Competition to be held in Little Hock, Nov. Seed Selection Given Emphasis Cotton Specialist Urges Planning in Advance of Planting *t>RtNA Odd CHOW K. Ashcraft COMPANY . H Blk. So. ot Depot Blylheville, Ark. .".V.VV.V.V.V Farm Agents' Tips IT'S TIME TO — n\f.!vl I3\iy a supply of coUon.scc or soybcaii meal to fcect rovighagc. ' Use napllm to clean the putty off the window glass. Add calcium clilorldc solution lo water In tractor tirc.s to prevent Educators of Pcmiscot County Confer at Hayti CMUJTHERSVIl,t-.E. MO., Nov. 1 —The PenilscoL County A-woclnllor for Childhood knucntton met with Are You Waiting on Doors? Vc Hove Them - No Restrictions *>. Get Your Doors While They Last! i E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 319 West Ash St. Phone 551 'IS "Ample and coiilinnoii-s supplies of good seed slocks arc a must for sitccet^fu) one-variety cotton com- munlLicA." tErclare.s J. Ritchie Smith. Extension cotton specialist. The University of Arkfinsfts College of Agriculture .says that, adc- quMc sflctl slocks trnn be hatl by foltowing nn organized plan. In a cme-varlety community planting 10,000 acres of cotton, ihe lot- lowing procedures have ivorkcd sni- isfnctorily on the seed Increase plan; Purchase each year from an approved breeder .sufficient inirc planting seed to plant 100 acres. This is only one per cent of the acreaRp. At the usual rate of increase, lhc seed produced from this would plant 1,000 ncrrs the second year or ten pc: cent ot Ihi* ixcrpftge, and the entire 10.000 acres the third ycnr. This within three years a seed program can be In full operation nnd a continuous flow of pure and fresh spec can be coming each year from th 100 and 1,030 acre increase plantings I Mr. Smith .stated that EU loci program of Increasing seed stock: I Is necessary because breeders cai j produce only enough foundation seed j lo plant a small per cent o( th cotton acreage each year. This seed produced locally, hml to be pliuUed. rovrn. nnd ginned under controlled ondltiotxs to avoid mixing. Sxitfi- ;ent and proper storage space must i provided. Farmers arc urged to plan now o save good planting seed and pro- ide proper storage space for it. He also urges them fo place their ardors now for seed they must buy o "keep their seed increase program going. By doing this, farmers v!ll not have to worry about seed Aipplies next year when pliuUing hue comes around. 'T^Eiw./Ta 'NE THIRD MEMBER OF THE -eed Wasted f s Meat Lost, Leaders Say LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 7. . filx-point campaiRn lo avoid | vastc of feed and loss of ment by coulvoUhiR livestock disease duviua IIR coming wintor inontlis was T aunchert Loclay by the American J Foundation (or Animal Health. ' Farmers everywhere were urged '. to join In a thorough, well-rounded ' jrogram of livestock health conser vatlon — based on these six prac- ' Jcnl jnensures: (n Exclusion ot diseased nni- mals. Buy only tested, disease- free stock. Then keep Uie new stock away from the home herd for at two weeks." (2) Quarantine, "If <^e {iocs vike, hwve the tio\ible dlaRUosed Immcdlntcly. Isolnto ibe InTccted animals, and quarantine the premises." (3) Strict sanitation. "Thorough cleaning and disinfection of build- Ings and equipment is R wls c precaution ftt all time.s. It is a vital necessity when a disease outbreak dc*s occur."' (4) Disposal of infected stock. "Tn some diseases, sick and ex-. posed animals must be disposed of Immediately. In filt cases, carecas- ccs'of disease'vlctlms must be destroyed at once in a manor complying with the state law." ' (5) Vaccination. "Immunization is the only sure means of preftnt- iug certain livestock diseases such aa hog cholera and erysipelas." (6) Wise fcedtnf? practices. "Provide balanced rations, and walch for signs of nutritional deficiencies." "If these measures . are applied Intelligently \mder veterinary supervision to meet the special conditions existing on the Individual farm, valuable livestock can be saved to help meet the world food emergency." the American Foundation declared. IRVLI school faculty members, this week, with 63 members present/ J. E. Brown, CaruthersvUle grade school principal and president ot the Association, led the panel discussion on problems peculiar to Pemiscot County and Southeast Missouri schools. Members ol me panel who participated in the program Included Mrs. McAdnms Graham of Stcele. Floyd Mathis of Haytl, Miss Nola Grinstcad of- Deoring, and Superintendent Max Timmons of Warden. Following the meeting, the Haytl teachers, who were hosU, served refreshments. The next, meeting will be held Dec. 1 at the Steele school. Braggadocio Man Gets High Scout Awaid CARUTHERSVILW, Mo., Nov. 1 —Lccman N. Kinder, superintendent of Braggadocio schools, was one of three Southeast Missouri Scouters to receive the Stiver Bcnvcr Award at the annual meeting of the Southeast Missouri Council, Boy Seoul* of America, held at Cnpe Glrardean last week- Approximately 200 Scout- ers and their wives attended the dinner meeting. Fred LeAvnltcn, -\¥7 HAT lhe Ttterin «y is '° your livestock or ihe doctor to your k ,W fcmily, we, « your Masscy.Jljrcis <lcilcr, arc Io your farm ;»uchmcrY. Tmncd jnd cqi.ippc.1 to keep equipment up to p»r, ,*« know the advantages of installing only genuine Masiey-IUrris if*p*ir p»ru ... parts made of the same rrateriaU, on the Jjme mich- £fa««r to the «me high standards of accuracy >s [he parts they replace. £ Nerer hare we sold » machine just is a machine. Rather, we're |ia business to sell you the pTformance ... the savingi in time and <l«bor... the bttter work of Miuer-HirrU tractors, combine*, mow- jjn, plows discs, planters— of the entire line. And with these heircr- ifcwlt produas goes the cireful, dependable service you have a right |to expect. . ur equipment isn't needed in the field,call us in snd let ui icfctck your machinery thoroughly. We'll return it to you with more 1 of Mtiifectory, dependable aen'ice. CARL WALLACE BOB SMITH " PLEMENT CO. So. Highway M Phone 2142 Ford Tractors Find Expert Attention Here! After the grind of the season your tractor needs attention - Bring it to us! Easy Terms on All Work RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY • Are soil erosion and loss of moisture cutting into the fertility and productive capacity of your farm? There's no better way to put 3 stop to this damage than by using a Servis Whirlwind Terracer — the modern, economical machine for building terraces arid drainage ditches. Soil is thrown accurately as far as 20 feet witU this powerful dirt-mover, at a height of 2 to 5 feet. And talk, about speed . . . the Whirlwind puts up a mile of 24-in. by 24-ft. terrace in 10 hours! Pull it with an) 1 farm tractor of sufficient power, in any type of soil, «t regular plowing speeds. Available in two sizes. See us about the Whirlwind now. Representatives were present from Read Omrter »wwt Want Adi. ( Clo loiT't Pur of Whirlwind T«f/a<e/. A d moldboard D!O-^ - , (rom *k» MtCornvck-Dfttnng ttnt, reiiti tH« ro!or running el lp**d of »NTERNAJ-IONAL T HARVESTE 3/2 SOUTH 2ZP ST. PHONS863 . . . now available here. Ho warmth is autom«ticA(4y control. Jut* plug into »ny »-C outlet, 1 «rt the the Automatic Watchman deal the n*t, ra^vAnc of how *• wtnther changes! Top it of qujed rayon M*m, in 'Rote, Sine or Green with matching Mndeede of mpun ran»on 6v«Be anchors Comforter to the hod^'uH dooMe-bed «i»e— 11 inches. Rnyon Mtin tap dnr:leuu bumjfuHyl Ttte sheet of pmhrwtk -mtei im cutty ujemitte "rrfw-leu By e*ery.J*fcty Autnjo Imown to science. Approval Labors ttxiea, 3rtc. Come in ir »h«rt x MS Ark-Mo. Power Co. Snnlh Hijchway fit I'hnnp 2171 If you have fouqh jots...anJ lots of em "* ~ - GET A WORLD-FAMOUS 4-WAY VEHICLE.,, SERVES AS TRUCK, TRACTOR, RUNABOUT. MOBILE and Front See it : : : drive it yourself . : ; and you'll know why the Universal "Jeep" is the practical, economical vehicle for a thoxisand jobs in industry and on the farm, With its mighty Willys- Overland "Jeep" Engine and 4-wheel- drive, the "Jeep" goes places no other Tehicle can go. It will pull plows, harrows, mowers, etc. It: handy pick-up truck and runabout:^; It tows * 5,50O Ib; trailer p«yio«d:ij The "jeep" power take-off fonrishesj up to 30 h; p. to operate shaft- -and^j bclt-driTcn equipment Come in DOW ' and check the many features of tb« j all-purpose Universal rJe*P-" 4-whe.l POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Ellis Poole, Owner & Operator Sou(h Highway 61 at Steele, Mo. Phon« St*«te 49

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