The Courier News from ,  on November 7, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from , · Page 9

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Friday, November 7, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Collegians Approve Cadets vs. Irish Penn Rated to Beat Virginia; Jackets favored Over Navy I HV STUVH SN'IIIKU ll'iilleil !'re«s Sports Wrilrr) NEW YORK, Nov. 7. <W>>— Army and Notre Dame, which began their sparkling football series by sheer aorjddit 34 years ago. close it on a note of vencgcance at South Bond. Ind., tomorrow,with the unbeaten Irish favored by 18 points. It stands as the tame m ;-.ic weeK even above the Intersectloiial duels between Pennsylvania 15-01 and Virginia (6-0), Georgia Tech (6-0) and Navy (1-4-1) a* well as critical conference tests for Michigan, Southern Methodist and Kansas. The matter of venge&ucc in 'the Army-Notre Dame game with the Irish (5-0) as a result of 69 lo 0 and 48 to 0 lacings by Army's wartime elevens of 1941-45 and possibly lor the abrupt termination of ths series which had become a frenzied peacetime Institution In New York's Yankee Stadium. The (act that Army (4-1-1) has been beaten by Columbia nnd tied by Illinois removes little of the luster from.the final game of the series that opened In 1913 when a cadet manager, seeking a. soft touch from the Mlddlewest, invltd "little Notre Dame" to fill an open date on Army's schedule. A forward passing combination of Gus Dorias to Knute Rocknc shattered Army that year ana, Notre Dame went on to win 22 Barnes, while tying four and loslng\only seven. \ Georgia Tech Over Navy \ Headlining the remainder « a b K t le r-than-usual InterscctliVial schedule of 13 games, Pennsylvania was rated a 14-polnt fnvnrfto o'er Virginia and Georgia Tech, slowwj by Injuries, at seven points ov Navy. In the key conference games o the nation, It was Michigan by _ points over Indiana and Wisconsh V\r vA /et's Costly Cup Runneth Over; Oil He Can't Sell Floods Home Gene Kmsldti, Columbia football "far (right of model) wai among tb« college tludenU jury at the Cosmopolitan male-tested fashion laow at tbe Stork Club in New York who unanimously \oted approval of th» lirif ht bin* crepe dreal ahowil abure » pictured in the Norem- ber iisue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Other collegiani on lh« jury included Paul Ste&ael, University of Missouri; Dick Littauer, Cornell; and Seth Baker, Amhersi. Winning dress is by Frank Starr inc. Interstate Post-Season Grid Game Proposed for High School Champions LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 1 — (UP)—The Arkansas Athletic Association 1ms agreed to appoint a com- choice against Virginia Tech. In other conference games. Citadel plays at South Carolina tonight, Clcmsbn at Furman, Davidson at Richmond, VMI at William and Mary. On the Nation's Gridirons: Elsewhere around the nation by sections or leagues: East—Columbia favored by mltlce to study tile possibilities of staging a post .season interstate hlph school game In Little Rock in 1948, in -spite of the fact that the orgimizaUon has a ban on such contests. The proposal was made yesterda) by former Gov. Carl Bailey, representing the Scimitar Shrine Temple in Little Rock. The plan calls for a contest between the Arkansas high school champion to play champion from another state, in Shrine Hospital benefit game. Bailey said lie has been assured by the War Memorial Stadium Com mission that the new stadium woulc be maue available for the past sea .son contest. Meanwhile, the A.A.A. voted ap iroval lo a ba.skctball redistricUng Fast Arkansas Tires Of Being Step-Child, Mayor Soy* in LittJ* Rock NEWPORT BEACH, C«l., Nov. 7. :UP>— William Talhiinn, bucket In umi, bailed furiously today to keep 350 barrels ot oil n day from flooding Us home. That'] all ho can do about I lie oil well which gushed up in his jackyard and, instead of bringing <lm riches, threatens lo bankrupt him. He can't pump, drill, collect or Move the oil, A Newport Beach city ordinance sn>'S so. He can't can the well us the city .suggests; he doesn't havo the 12.000 needed to pay (or (he Job. He can't let It. flow down Ilia street; the city get.5 mad. He can't dlvci-l it into his nclghbori* back yards; the neighbors get mad. His own yard In saturated. "Every time I step out the door 1 sink r np to my knees in a couple ol thousand dollars worth of oil," he said. The World War II veteran brought bi.s blonde bride to the bay.side cot- tace last Summer. Everybody had forgotten about the old well'there, capped 15 years ano when oil was only 25 cents a barrel. One night they heard a sort of burping noise in the backyard. TRll- man ran out and sank into thick black oil. Next day oil experts told him hn had a well that was producing 360 barrels * day, all readily salable. At $1 SO a barrel, that's »525 a day. "And all the mineral rights, data It, are mine," he said. He hardly had time to estimate Ills fortune belore he was bnUlinc with the city council over whether he'd make the fortune or lose it. "Something has to be done," h» said. "That black gold Is running all aver, and J haven't the money to cap It. "Either the city will let me drill, or else let me cap off this hole so I can stop balling out.' ' Too bin. The wilier overran his mud his neighbor's Innd niid two county highways, llnbinskt was bronchi Into JuMlre court on rlmrscs of "r»|[nre to con- tfol »n ai-ti'slan well." The Jucljje fined him $25 and ordered him to close oft the well. The court also wmned that he'd be prosecuted again If he didn't cap the well in a hurry. Today Uablnskl was wondering how to find tlie well »t the bottom of the small lukc covering his farm. $7,000,000 Lamp Plant Soon to Be Operating LITTLE ROCK. Ark,, Nov 7— (UP)—The manager or a now $i 000,000 lamp making Wrsttnghouit plant in Little Rock said construe lion 1* going ahead according to lilan, and production will begin li January. Frank Newcomb nnnoiinccd ye«- terday that lump nuking machinery will bejln moving into the plant ne*t month. Included are machine* which turn out electrlo light bul'w . . - ference; Kansas 14 points over Nebraska In the Big Six and Southsrn California 32 over Stanford in ilie West, i With Georgia Tech moving outside the Sovitheastern Conferenceto play Navy. ILi league lead is safe 4r the week, but Mississippi State, wii- ner of llij pnly conference game, w a 26 poIrA favorite to Improve . position by dumping Auburn. Geo' gin. rated 13<4 points over Fiord; and Mississippi seven and one ha over Tennessee In other leag games. The' big noise in the Souther Is the . annual blood- he succeeding R. 1945, H. Cole of Magnolia. ---. at Columbus. O. Big six—Oklahoma, tied by Kansa(, 26 points over Kansas State. Southwest—Texas rated 14'^ over Bijv'lor and still can gain at least a iiiarc of the title If S. M. U. should falter against Teas A. and M.; Rice, 13'.i over Arkansas Outside nt/iv IUKK., «ov. 7. (UP)—Al- tlie conference, Oklahoma A. and M. 'hough he now is living in retlre- ,— „ 10 —,„, r «_ ,,...,__ ment in Palto Alto, Cal., Glenn S. (Pop) Warner today received added as one of the greatest football history when was a 12 point, favorite over Pacific Coast Conference—California 14 points over Washington, U. C. li. A. seven o^er Oregon State, Oregon seven over Washington State. Montana plays at Idaho tonight. Conference letting North Carolina State, both beaten once within the league.. North Carols* was a 13 point favorite. Duke, sharing the lead with Washington I1,'ollege and Lee, Is a live-point, favorite Nevada at Detroit, Villano'va over Missouri of the big six but W.LVarqiieUc and Santa Clara and L,. was no more than an. even Michigan State. 'Pop' Warner Receives Touchdown Club Award NEW YORK, Nov. 7. lUP)—Al- IMfferent Well, Same Headache GRAND FORKS. N. D., Nov. 7.— There's an- ancient tale that, tells about a sorcerer's apprentice who went out without his boss one day to see If he could make water come out of the ground wherever he wanted to. The experiment was so successful that he couldn't turn the water off after It started flowing. He drowned. Damon Bablnski was In about the same spot today. Babinskl runs *. farm near Manvel, N. D. Not long ago he dug an artesian well. He was a big success recognition coaches he was named recipient of the Touchdown Club award of 1947. The presentation, honoring War- Big Seven—Wyoming at Denver, ner for his "outstanding contrtbu- North Carolina and\Colorado A. and M. at Utah, Colo-' "'— •-"- --•• -ado at Utah State. t Rounding out the ilcrscctional jchrdule are Wake Forest at Boston Maryland at lions to the game," will be made here Nov. 20. Warner, who retired from the 1940, served at Georgia, Diiqnesne. j Cornell. Carlisle, Pittsburgh, Stan- at'lord, Temple and San Joie Stmte at! dtiriiiK a conching career that span- I ned *5 years. " Get in OB the Ground Floor- JOIM THE NEW National Guard • N Tms troubled world, America must be strong. Yet your country can be only so strong as you, the individual American want to make it I You can help keep America strong in your spare time—In the new National triiard. Alert, trained National Guardsmen aim to keep Uncle Sam in such fighting trim that Peace can be a realityl ^ The new National Guard offers valuable spare-time training in leadership and organi- cnlion . . and the kind of spare-time cash tnatyvill enable you to buy many things you vc never been able to afford. When you join the Guard now, you greatly improve your chances of early promotion. You enjoy a broader opportunity oi choosing the training you ir.i/i^ NOW Proud to be an American? Show you mean it! Visit local headquarters today. In Your Spirt Tmt Earn t/l |b« AMU( Full-time P«y of UK Repjhr Armr ItH'w < Annual pay for enlisted men of the new National Guard based on 43 Armory drill periods and 15 days' summer field training: '»' JU7.50 S 8 I. . T/S* 2 ,2.» U9.00 M/'jf I | Sol.} • • •' HOCK, NOV. i, ttiw- Kotk iiewsiuiiicrs nna businessmen liiivc bMii wni'iicd that East ArkniuKft Is prepnrlng to turn to Memphis for leadership. The warning wa.t \'olc«l In an Address J'Psti'HlKy lo Die Little Hock Clvllnu Clnl) l>y Mayor Hogcr Dod- i-lck or Forrest city. n e urged Little Rock lo emulate the example M i by M«iii|>hls In publicising and 1«- irlcndliiK East Arkansas. He sulrt East Arkaiua* resident were tired at the area being "Ireat- ed as a Men child by Little Rod: newspapers anil Du.Mnessmrn." pass on an appllcntlon for a charier filed by Ihe proposed Delta State Bank nt ISIilnc, Phlllllps Coun- ly. The area, now Is served by th» Elaine exchange, which would be llquUUitod by agreement, l[ iho chnrtrr l» grniilcd. The proposed bnnk would hnvc capital totallnif $60.000. Chief stockholders »-cre ILUcd as William Dc- moi-el, w. c. Moody, olay Bumpers, Mrs. J. D. Reid, F. R. Wation and O. B. linrnl-.Rrt, o! Elaine. llnllfy'.s comet has ben Irnccd Kd wnuama. DrutW hack to 241) D.C. '.m E. Main IL . rh«M Z» CITY DRUG Banking Board to Act On Petition from Elaine LlTl'LE ROCK, Nov. 7. (UP) — The Slnle HnnkhiK Hoant, sche- dulcil lo mpct here Wednesday, will at the rate of 1,000 per hour. Manager Newcombe said as much [Wisonnel HIH! materials as possible would be obtained from the Little Hock area. The plant will employ 800 persons and will u» r 10,000,000 cubic feet of oxygen and nitrogen K«s from Arkansas ))er yenr. COtUMIU IIIWIMO CO. ST. LOUIS "Your Nilional Gnari Helfs Ggirrf Ike Peie«" wow nmui iwoeR NEW IAW-VOUNO MEN OF IT National Guard .* • * Of THt UMlTfD STATSS » . * R.D &CO. Learn to Bowl! The Most Healthful Recreation OPENING SATURDAY CHITWOOD'S BOWLING :: ALLEY 4 Regulation 10-Pin Alleys All Newest Equipment In the 500 Block on East Main Phone 4929 STUDEBAKERS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. y Sal« * STUDEiAKER * J.rrie« ^ D E »TT«I«TION, Drl!'e by for a fce« check on jrour elknatlMr H*aWr aw). Defroster. Be prepared for winter. * * * good »»J«<rtion of n»w and u**d truck*. i*V~. a tnmbtr ,'.,-i J^ of lat« model used cars . . . *\l guaranteed) 1C "IT* Rattt«»d awl A»h Sintta : -j t,CT ChuwWin Dl»l 2t»5 BiH STUDEBAKE fjv QMtnl BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- '"" P-J -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FARM £ LOANS Horn* Offl<«, Newark, N. J. LONO n*M rnoMrr CLOSINO LOW KATK C.M.7., WRIT* OK S** RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. ThinJ St., Rlytheville, Ark. Serrlnr TJili Section 25 learn ' A MhorU*t Mortrof* toon SoHcHer fcr THg PRUDENTIAJ, INSUIANCK COMrANF Of AHKdCA "Now, I want you Blythevllle boys to iva m« « smooth Job M, SEAY MOTORS did painting mr Pride & Usrey ! General Contractors • DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 n CAN WATER AID ARTHRITIS? j The aid thousands have received from Moimtiin Valley MlncrM Water Is proof thai till* delicious waler from Hot Springs, Arkansas, i» a natural h«te In Arthritis. j Do this — drink six to eight glasaej a day for R>» next few weeks, and Judge for youneU UM real whf« of Mountain Valley—the latnou* mineral waMt,hnn America's most popular health resort. < ; Fre* health W»kl«t MI CROSSTOWN WHISKIT Wf^^wr

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