The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on November 29, 1906 · 11
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 11

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1906
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THE SAX FRANCISCO EXAMINER- -TlirKSDAY. XOVF.MBKR 2: lotrf. ALAMEDA ALAMEDA C O U NTY FRUITYALI UK ilti HE 10 IS 1 ADVENTURESS Victim of Matrimonial Advertisement Asks to Have His Marriage Annulled, DESERTED AFTER 4 DAYS Fruitvale Rancher Replies to Attractive Notice in Paper and Comes to Grief, Another victim of the matrimonial advertisement made his woes public yesterday afternoon when William John Cornell ot Fruitvale illed a petition In the County Clerk's office at Oakland for the annulment of his marriage to his wife Ella. Cornell states that on October 28th last he found an advertisement in one of the San Francisco papers reading as follows: "A lady (32), Swedish, wishes to ... correspond with kind gentleman; no objection to widower with small children; object matrimony. Box 3S17, - " Cornell immediately replied, statins that he wished to get married and asking for an interview. A few days later he received the fololwlng answer: "I am pleased with your description and letter, or rather your style of writing. Shall be glad to have the pleasure of meeting you, so, if convenient to you, can see you next Friday night at any time and place. Can meet you in Fruitvale if you wish. Kindly let me know. Sorry to say I have no photo to send you. Would rather meet you to talk matters over, this being more satisfactory. Thunklng you for your kind reply, and that I may have the pleasure of meeting you soon, I am slncerelv vours, "(MI.S.S) ELLA KOSELAND. "1720 Fillmore St., San Francisco." mki;ts womax. i The meeting followed at Cornell's home in Fruitvale on November 6th at 7 o'clock in the evening, lie told lier that he desired to marry a woman who would be "a true, honest and dutiful wife, a companion who would look after his home and perforin the household duties." He laid particular stress upon the fact that he did not want an immediate answer to his proposal and gave her a week to think It over. Ella Koscland said Biie was a single woman, a dressmaker, and had only ben in America six years. Cornell then told her that ho was the owner of real and personal property. Six days later the Itoseland woman Informed her admirer that she had arrived at a decision, and it was "yes." They thereupon were wed. Less than twenty-four hours later the first quarrel took place, and within four days Cornell found himself deserted. He waited patiently for the woman to re- EVliRY DAY A DIFFERENT PATTERN For Daintiest and Latest Up-to-Date Styles Get the S. F. Examiner Patterns (PIIIKCT FROM AEW YOKK.) 070ft. 70 ? ' I A Combination Undergarment Undergarments united at the waistline are growing in favor, as tliov al low a perfectly smooth adjustment about the hips. The design here illustrated is of excellent shaping, the drawers are wide and full and a circular ruflle cut without seams affords a 'pretty finish for the lower edge. Darts remove all fullness from the front and over the hips, gathers disposing of that in the back. The corset cover is of the simplest construction; It is titted by shoulder and un-der-arm seams; the lower edge gathered to a band of rlbhon-run beading to which the drawers are attached. Fine cambric was employed In the making, daintily trimmed with Valenciennes lace and insertion. Nainsook, muslin, linen and cambric are full adapted to the mode. For 3ti-inch bust measure 'i yards of 36-inch material will be required. Ladles' Combination Drawers and Corset Cover No. 6709. Fizes for 32-."4-36-38-40 and 42 inches bust measure. Price of patterns 10 cents. Address: The Pattern Department TheSan Francisco Examiner Folsom and Spear Sts., Sin Francisco Jio. 5700. IVame Adilrets M'HCIAL OTICE Subscriber, will il-:inr not tluil Mr have o t-ml I he order to York lo be filled and Hint It will take about tea. daa or Inn werka before the patterns are received by them M. J. CORNELL, WHO ASKS TO HAVE MIS WARRIAGE ANNULLED r lr 'W f ,'K t i IV y) ' : Vt'.'t y : ,7 turn. She did so, but, he alleges, It was only to demand a large sum of money If ho wished a divorce or annulment of marriage and to threaten to harass, annoy and worry htm if he failed to give it to her. Since then she has been In hiding, but told his attorneys that If lie paid her 2,0OU she would consent to his freedom, either he or she taking the necessary steps. Cornell declares she has made the statement that "she had not worked the scheme properly, and that she had made a mistake in deserting him within such a short time after marriage; that she should have remained longer with him, and that by so doing she would and could have been able to 'work plaintiff and obtain from him a much greater sum of money than she had received." ALLEGES l'l.OT. Continuing, the husband states that his wife never lived at the address she had given and never was a dressmaker, but was "an adventuress, an unscrupulous nml ,1,'kI ! It In W u-,.l,in " .. in the Fiiimorc-streol house she had ciiiuueu as ner own was occupied as an otlice by C. V. Coio, an attorney- at-law. who advertises na f ulliiu' J In the dally papers: aa Divorce costs $12; quick, quiet; advice free; all legal matters; estates, damages, collections, copartnership, corporations organised, papers drawn legally; no charge without success." "And plaintiff Is informed' and believes." eontinnea Hi,. ...,,. I,, I.., so charges, that defendant made this ouiii oi omce nor Headquarters and used the same for the purpose of her blackmailing schemes." She told I'ornell nfitxf Il- u,n,i ICUUIIIft, tnat she had received more than one uuimreti replies to tier advertisement. tortull on thesa grounds wants the marrJ.'iife ii ti o n I ii,,i n,..i na ii .......... ,v vjiiewi i,uui- pelled to resume her maiden name. i.uau A.TK1 TO M.4UHV. When Seen t Vita hnma 1 I,'..,,, last evening Cornell said: wnen i married Kllu. Rosalind 1 tnouKlit she una in,...,u ui... .,.,.1 delimited w th tin. I, ,..i,!.. i, i i,...i .,w.,,v ,,..,1,1, A IJU prepared for h.r. Not that I knew luontua Deiorethatl was to marry her, but you See 1 Iihvh he..n n,.nu,n..l. .. marriage lor some time. I had pre- paieu a nomo which to me seems to be ""'"'J1 ul any woman. The house 1 built myself. I own everything. 'However, 1 am now certain that when the woman answered my letter in resnonsn to l.ei- ,,.u.,..,i she was playing into the hands of the attorneys. No, we had not known each other long, it was on October 2Slh that I Saw the nH Li.1-1 i c.rttr,,, . i.. ,i.. . ,. , """iiMii hi inn jiaper. On November fjtli fillss Rosalind came iu vihu me in my nomo here. We talked the matter over and decided to wait one week before hei yember 12th we went to the 'home of iu!t. nuuuri wnitauer, who performed the ceremony In the presence of "We returned tn im. immr. ti.- , " ' 4,,j .iiiiit, x no woman seemed pleased during the first twenty-four hours. Then she complained of this and that. 1 tried to nan? miugs ineasant. This lasted for four days, during which time my wife Was in San l-'rii neiser. rimo ,1 coming home only in the evening. On me nun uay sue that she was COino- to leiiva na T . nonplussed. Then I told her to go and nevnr nci ner ioot in my house again. " 'I've got you just where I want von, Mr. Cornell. She renllei! '.mrt I ,!..., care what you do now.' That was on aturaay, iMovember 12th. On the fol-lowlnir MnnHov 1 -t J - HCii ALli;iIl'V nebb and on Wednesday I wont to ortu ithicihco to me anuress the wn. man had Riven me. I was told by Mr. Coin, whnm T otn inA a that thft woman was not there. I quoh- i,,.,. ,,,, a,,,, e Ksua lnat tlla onioe had formerly been used as a dressmaking establishment, but that the dressmakers had moved out. "Yes, it Is true that one of the attorneys in that office suggested that I pay the woman $2,000 to quiet the suit for an annulment of the marriage. Ho Informed my lawyer that for that amount the Annulment enolH Ka nKtni. i i.i. - ... uuLrtlllcn WHO- out any fuss. The proposition looked i-' ill. iv v n nun n eoo aecnned to be a "any 10 any sucn transaction. "I flm nnsHive thai tyi, mortnn.M Miss Rosalind was a concocted scheme on ner pare ana tnat or the attorneys With whom Elm uroo blackmail me and obtain money from no;, i mean io ngnt n out and show the woman up. She no doubt has fooled many another man." Cornell owns a pleaeant homo on Goldman avenue, Fruitvale. His house Is a two-story affair, solidly built, lie is a carpenter and has taken erpecial pains in his construction work The furnishings are of the best. A piano rtrussels carpet, neat wall paper and a hundred other things that make the furnishings ideal, adorn the modext home. Cornell i ft hjphly respected resident of Fruitvale, having resided at that place for over eight years He is a special favorite cf the children of the neighborhood. CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY IS DEFENDANT IN SUIT The Regents of the University of California and the president and board or trustees of the ColleKe of California, both bodies as corporations, are- made the defendants in a suit to quiet title brought, by r.eorge Orrin Simmons Ueiijamin Franklin Simmons and William Henry Simmons, and filed in the County Clerk's office at Oakland yesterday. The plaintiffs claim that they are owners of certain property on Piedmont way, lierkeley, lyinsr between the univer.-lly end the Suite Deaf, Dumb anil Hiiiol Asylum, and have been owners for twt'tv yea r. paying; taxes and other lhi.iii'-1.'. obligations. They claim that ;': d fendant' Htate that tiny have an ..!.( i s interest in the land, ami therejore petition the court that they be dire.-ted to show of what that interest minifts. nuibeEKiement Is Charged. Frank Bacijr.. Supl of 148 Sixth St ret t. Ret'ke ley. w stable Morris hale- oi charge of having mare. Lulu F.. whi h his rare. Ihiil is 'i : warrant was sv.-eni i rotneo, a San Fratv Bacigalnpi says tiii-l the pacer, but left 1 AGED TESTATRIX 15 HONOR SYSTEM MAY WIDOW MAKES GIFT GEHEROUS TO RELATIVES Woman Eighty Years of Age Writes Will, Showing a Knowledge of Law, Aiioiigii stie was eighty years of age ill the nun- she made hr will, .Mis. Caroline Ihiwnui HeaU, a wealthy Herkelev ite who died In that town on .November Jltli, showed that she had a remarkable mind, the document, In addition lo being uloKr.iilin displaying a keen perception of t lis luw. Tho estate, which is valued ut mere than 10,-ouu, Is divided by tlm terms of thn will Into twenty-fourths and Is distributed among her nieces, nephews and grand-nephews. In bequeathing to her niece, Harriet Elisabeth Whlrlow, ten twenty-fourths of In estate. Mrs. Reals gtatcs that she makes her the largest beneficiary, because, "since she whs seventeen years of age, I have done nothing for her. She bus taken care of herself, while for her sister i have had occasion to do much, directly and Indirectly." Tho sister, -Nellie Hurgess f-eotchler, is given four twenty-fourths; her tit -phew, Herman Francis Whlrlow, three twenty-fourths; to her grand-nephew, Wallace iieuls hcotchler, three twenty-fourths, and to each of her grandnepliews, Nelson Xutting Se.otch- ler and aialeolm Whlrlow Hcotcliier, both minors, two twenty-fourths, to be held in trust until they shall have reached tho age of twenty-live years, unless it is needed to help them acquire an education. Trie will was written on January zza, but a codicil was attached on November 10th bequeathing her niece, Carrie Member. $."00, and conlirming gifts of $1,000 to her niece, Harriet F.. Whlrlow. and It. 000 for the medical educa tion of Jier nephew, Wallace li. Scotch-ler. llarr et E. Whlrlow anil Herman Francis W'hiriow were appointed executrix and executor, respectively, and have tiled a petition asking that the will be admitted to probate. The real property is tocatea in rwwelev and the personal property consists of money In bank and personal property of vaiue unknown to the petitioners. ADMITS POOR OAS F URillSHED Manager Leach of Oakland Light and Heat Company Promises Better Service. BE ADOPTED li SPRING TO LE (IT SCOO L Measure Will Be Voted on by 'Mis, Le Conte Gives Bust of Berkeley Students in Few Professor to School Bear-Months, ins His Name, Coin ernlng the much talked of "lnm-or system" at the liilv 'i :i v of California, F.dltor Alfred Flet, her of the "Pally California!!," the student daily, thinks that the syst, in 1!1 be adopti d next spring when the measure will be proposed. Fletcher objects to the pledge which Is required according to the pre, ent plan of the aystem. lie thinks that the algfflUure of the student Is sulll-clent that he has not cheated in the examination. Fletcher says: "The adoption of an honor system In examinations In tho University lui been considered for several years. It has been voted on several limes and defeated. We understand It Ih to come up again before tho student body the llrst of next term. The students will be required to vote on a new proposition. Murely no undergraduate w ill object to writing the following words at the end of his paper: 'I pledge my word of honor that I have rceeived no assistance In this examination.' "It has been suggested that if the students are compelled to write such a phrase at the end of their papers It Implies that some of the students are deceitful. This Is exactly what It Is meant to Imply. iSut after this system has been In use for ten or llfteen years this implication will be false. To have a well-working honor system the student body has to be educated up to it." HEADACHES AND NEUll ALQIA FROM COLDS Laittlft Bromo Quinine, the world ld fold aid irlp rraeilj rnnoTet fWM. fall for lull Dana, lAMiff lor iiffnanire j-,. . ijrote. ;m. The l.e Conle (Jviiiiiiuar Siimol of lielkeley Will h.lVf. u llllsi) 1 11 1, t,ivt of I he Lite l'l iilVyior ,),,.-oij l.e I'oiltH, known lo edin.itors mid nn n of science ull over the woild. The pi esenlatloti of I he bosl v im made at the meeting of the lierkeley Hoard of Kdllcallou Tuesday night. A pedestal for the bust Will he provided by hu board. The gift of the bust was made by the widow of Crofessor l,o Conte In return for l lie courtesy of the Hoard of Kdil-cation In miming the l.e Ci'tu Seliool after her lute husband, who wus for many years professor of geology at the l liiversltv of California, besides being a lover ot Investigation 111 sclentillo lines. The bust of Professor l.e Conte will tie mounted in front of thn seliool wlilch bears his name, it is probable that a day will he set apart at the school, ami the unveiling of the monument made the seene of exetvlses on the part of the Hoard of F.diicat ton and the pupils of the l.e Conic School. Ileikrler 'I'liiinkiKlt lag Service. A union Thanksgiving service of the churches of Heikeley is to be held in the Hearst Creek Theatre at 10:;!0 o'clock this morning, 'lho Rev. S. I. 1 i iitsln pillar of Trinity Methodist Church, lierkeley. will deliver the er-mon. Mayor Thomas Rickard of Berkeley will read tho proclamation of the l'resldent Of the t'nlted Htntcs. The University of California chorus, which rendered the "Messiah" on Thursday, will furnish the niiislo for the occasion, under the direction of Professor J. Fred Wolle. "America," "Aurella" arid "St. Oeorue" will be sung. MRS. LE CONTE, WHO PRESENTED BUST OF HUSBAND TO SCHOOL CHAiNGANG WILL B IDE TO EC T GARBAGE FIRE If;;- J Want 1 of f;yninaluin. A number of upper classmen of the University of California have petitioned the faculty of the Institution for the exclusive use of the gymnasium on Friday afternoon. The upper classmen complain that the freshmen monopolize the gymnasium and they cannot get the exercise that they need. As they are each required to pay Into the treasury of the university $1.60 a term us a gymnasium fee, they claim they want to get their money's worth. Smoldering Rubbish, Acres Extent, in West Oakland, to Be Extinguished. in The Oakland ihain pang Is to be put to work ui mil extinguishing the smoldering ;-.n u- h,ip that for Wf-eks has been a constant source of uauoyaine to the citizens of West Oakland. After the April disaster the Pueihe Incinerating Com pany, wdb-h l .n the contract for the disposal of Oakland's garbage, nas compelled to repair Its plant, and while the win k was In progrs It dumped tin- eji!.ai;e over many acres In tlm marshes along the buy shore in Went Oakland. The plant was repaired, hut in a lew week! was de. stroed iv ire. and sinco then the marshes l,ae HKaln served as a dumping ground. In soniB manner the pile of ref ise caught Hi", and despite efforts to eMiimulsh It It has smoldered steudilv, tilling the air for bloc.ka with a stltlii:n; oiloi- and causing such an-noyaio e that tin- pi-ople of that section of the city organized themselves Into an association tor their own protection and detniinded t hat something be done to give them relief. This from the West Oakland Protective Association, as the organization was called, petitioned the Board of Works at Its meeting yesterday morning to take some steps to rellive tho condition. s, and the suggestion was made that the chnln gang be put to wurk diguing trenches In the refuse and endeavoring to segregate the burning set -tion and extinguish the tire. Mavor Mutt declared that the fire must be flopped, niai that the most extreme measures must be resorted to, If necessary, tu stop it. Tho l'aciflc Incinerating Company must bear Us share of the expense. s SALE .1 ft ested by Con-nakiand on the 1 -I toe pacinj; was intrusted to 1 i.t l.fiii!,. The i iiarry Hor-i"c 1 '.'(i f sliu.-r. ii'- did not sell i'i I :.e care of a stableman as awurity f-- a debt of 100 which Uiicisal'uiii o.icd-hnu. The cnmnlalnt of the nennle of Oak land against the quality and service of the gas which tno Oakland uas, Light and Heat Company compels them to use, voiced at a recent meeting of the Merchants Exchange, nas orouglit forth from Manager Leach an explanation, -as well as an admission that his company has been furnishing poor gas, and little of It, in exchange for a valuable franchise. This explanation was made by Leach to a committee appointed by the exchange, which reported at the regular meeting Tuesday night. Leach did not attempt to deny that the company was at fault. In fact, he said that the gas was bad and that the company knew it, but ascribed the cause to the poor quality of oil used In gasmaklng. Regarding the quantity, Leach informed the committee that the growth of Oakland and its suburbs had been so rapid that the company had been unable to accommodate the supply of gas to the demand, and therefore there was not enough gas to go round. Leach promised that conditions should soon be remedied. t APPOINTS ASSISTANT CORONERS IN ALAMEDA Coroner-meet Met of Hl Deputies. Coroner-elect Tisdale of Alameda county yesterday made known the full list of appointments to the deputy coronerships throughout the county. E. J. Finney Is to have charge of the morgue In Oakland, a H. Wever will be the Alameda deputy and Charles Jamison the Berkeley deputy; Arthur Barber for the Fruitvale district, James Morgan for San Leandro, Geary and Grindell for Haywards, Undertaker Kelmers for Llvermore and Messrs. Gregory and Braham for Cen-terville and Pleasanton, respectively. All of the appointments to the dep-utyships are given to men who were active in the last campaign in behalf of Dr. tfisdale. Passes Bad Check. J. D. Gray, a former employee of Roberts Bros., contractors, with offices in the Central Bank Building, Oakland, Is wanted by the police of that city for passing a fictitous check for $11.85 on I. Garlinkle, The check was drawn on tiie Central Bank and was Indorsed by Roberts Bros. Gray has not as yet been apprehended. Will Debate for Medal. The date for the medal debate of the Alameda High School students has been set for December loth. Two I handsome medals have, been given by the Unitarian Club of the F.nclnal City. The question for the debate has been selected. 'Che debaters are Misses Irene Welp, Edna Sullivan. Gertrude I (Jrow and nettle ollins, and .Messrs. j Allen Herringer and Mctealf Shuonson. j Concert In Brrkele. Milton Jacobi will give a piano re- j cifil at Wilkins Hall, 2412 Haste ! street, Saturday evening, December 1st, I for the benefit of the piano fund of the I Lincoln branch of the First i'resbyte-rian Sunday school of Heikeley. Though only a boy, Jacubl has appeared before in concert and exhibited tin ii -iual talent. YOU CAN GET S imethin GooJ for Nthin. We demand -i reasonable price in return you get good 1 LAHANIER 1228 BROADWAY Telephone Oakland 6393 OPTICIAN j We are closed Thanksgiving, but the tick of our bargain clock keeps right on and makes us work overtime to-day. It keeps us hustling to provide you with bargains for our Friday Clock Sales, but we spare neither labor nor expense to find the most desirable merchandise for this day. To-day we have succeed ed be- Jy J iKJk yunu our keenest expectations and are able to present to you a list of bargains for tomorrow's sale which cannot be equaled We especially call your attention to these items because every one of them makes a desirable and suitable Christmas present. You ought to buy some of these now 1 and save them for the f'g JiF,0 13-&mmm LI .iE VZJfrt S jr tf-fcLA . V-A f: I .-I xVAhi'IIIIIIWW rW-w '' f. f i!iXf Tfc - 1 . j a: J: A IfV V it . tfftSL'-V 4 I KM VI V ,v :v N.AiO f4ri2S VwT iff VWi'A y?vJVM ff: . v-'-A t ;J I- I A7- (III IB lit v. -tiiyy ViV . naVSi All Day Sale Our New York buyer sent us just in time for this sale a big lot Tiif mIm IXF of beautiful high-priced Lingerie Waists which we bought so low that it pays you v 1 mi rvjhTTTtMr vt to be on hand early, so as to have a good selection. t$&$r,' llll I VGfi 15.00 Waists will be $2.95 to-morrow 19.00 Waists will be $5.95 to-morrow ''ilJJW TW V4 17.00 Waists will be $3.95 to-morrow 110.00 Waists will be $6.95 to-morrow " I W? 18.00 Waists will be $4.95 to-morrow .9r " m,i ; r". ' " 1 r? 2 ? i ls-yL ijK 9 to 10 2 to 3 tjj . ... 89) m, . r ... . , .' An elegant assortment of Delt Plaa In a ZJW ' " "m' ' A Vega SllK VeStS With hand Crochet: ! variety of styles, Kilt or gun metal : SL- lyokes in white, pink, sky blue; a vest!; ! 39C MI f$l & that never sold at less than $1.25; to Ono.cla9p plqU8 (,lovM( ei 1 C WwM JSV-? during this sale . . . ... . . . ..... . . U 0 t $i.5 value at $1.10:; hSIMM l? 10 to 11 f 3to4 : ylwIJ LafliM' nanikerchief of sheer Swiss lawn Ladies' Neckruffs New styles in 'JSfa or pure Irish linen, beautifully emnroidpred. ; Liberty silk, MalineanJ net. Black, white and brown J?-i'.'v. XXX - ds&l your choice from 10 to 11 a. m. for... 11 V : .00, tb.OO and 7.03. To-morrow CJ 1 n rv ; i MhKT SoCVCOv AO0 Kot over six aold to any euHlomer. from 3 to 4 p. m., your Choice, each... POUU , V SvV tZ( i Children's Sweaters, Norfolk and '4 in." plain styles, trimmed with dainty colored 'f)fit& , Scuffs and collars. A2es lto41 1A .... IUU years. 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