The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on June 17, 1932 · 19
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 19

San Francisco, California
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Friday, June 17, 1932
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NOTHING MORE IMPOSSIBLE THAN BRUNERI'S ADVENTURE Italian criminal who impersonated distinguished scientist, believed dead, finally unmasked and dragged back to prison cell. In Next Sunday's Examiner L a. V mm IXXoxttcetX of f the mtu intntv Rif.u.MT. Off. PART TWO FRIDAY CO SAN FRANCISCO, JUNE 17. 1932 10 FRIDAY FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES The following rates for foreign exchange were quoted In this city yesterday: England .. 3.63! i Belgium . France ... 332 Spain .... Germany .13.66 Swiss .... Italy 5.11 Holland .. Sweden u. 18.75 Greece ... Norway ..18.05 India .... Denmark ,20.05 Japan .... .13.92 Hongkong 23.60 . 8.25 Shanghai .21.65 .19.49 Argentina 25.79 .40.40 Brazil .... 7.56M . .66 Canada ... 86.31 i .27.40 Chile 6.06 .31.00 Mexico ,..26.65 EGAN FACES MURDER CASE NEXT MONDAY i . . . . Ex-City Defender Expected to Enter Plea of Not Guilty of Slaying Mrs. Jessie Hughes A legal fencing master called upon to defend his own life, Frank J. Egaa will make his next court appearance next Monday to plead to the charge of murdering Mrs. Jessie Scott Hughes. What new foil he will interpose to stave off the inevitble life and death duel with the forces of Justice was not made. apparent yesterday by his attorney, Vincent W. Halllnan, but it is believed it will be a renewed demand for the Verne Doran confession. He will be joined in this demand by Attorney Nathan Coghlan, representing a third murder defendant, Albert Tinnin, also due to plead. Coghland says he has found some legal authority for the demand, upon which Superior Judge Dunne will rule Monday. CASE PUT OVER. Both Egan and Tinnin will plead not guilty, counsel has stated. Then will come the court fight of the decade, it Is expected Egan with his eleven years' experience in the cunning of defense pitted against the dispassionate champion for the State, Chief Deputy District Attorney Golden. The police have been ready for some time with all of their evidence. Egan was to have appeared yesterday afternoon in Superior Judge Graham's court as a witness in the action of heirs of Mrs. Katie Weber to oust Attorney L. M. Hoefler as executor of her estate. But the matter went over to next Tuesday, by which time Attorney Hoefler has been ordered by the court to furnish a complete accounting of the $8,100 estate Egan is accused of having looted. Attorney Chauncey Tramutolo, acting for Hoefler, must file an answer in his behalf by Tuesday. Egan, too, has been ordered to appear on that day. HOEFLER UPHELD. In an impassioned address to the court, Attorney Hoefler accused the Weber heirs of "rank ingratitude." He Indicated that it probably would have been better for him to expose Egan than try to recover what money he could for himself and the heirs. Hoefler changed his .estimate of recovered money, lowering it from some $5,000 to some $3,000. He was upheld by the court in a refusal to make the Weber estate beneficiary of Egan's $10,000 insurance policy instead of himself. The court held him to be within his rights as executor. The Weber action became a three-cornered fight when Attorney William Henry Kiler came Into court demanding a share of the estate for Mrs. Anna Jobin and Albert Weber, step-children of Mrs. Katie Weber. According to Attorney Kiler, they had verbally waived their right upon the representation to Egan that their father, August Weber, left "nothing to speak of." EGAN IN BAD HUMOR. Other witnesses testified that there was not enough left of Katie Weber's $8,100 estate to pay her doctor bill or funeral expenses, which are still owing. Egan was in bad humor yesterday when Tiv Kreling, sergeant-at-arms for the Board of Supervisors, went to, the county jail to notify him he was no longer Public Defender. "Why do you have to do this with all these newspaper men here? Egan demanded angrily. Joseph Anderson, acting head of the State narcotic bureau, announced that he had been investigating principals in the Egan case in connection with dope, but was not ready to make known his findings. Anderson admitted, however, that he had not been able to connect Egan with any of his investigations to date. MYSTERY DENIED. Two bottles of medicine, taken from the home of the slain Mrs. Hughes, were found to contain no poison, Coroner Leland said. He estimated that it would take about two weeks to examine for poison the organs of the exhumed body of Mrs. Florence Cook. Her $6,000 alimony settlement vanished under Egan's deft touch and her death last February from "acute alcoholism" was said in some quarters to have been strangely similar to that of the a red woman In De Maupas sant's "The Little Cask." Captain of Inspectors Dullea denied there were any "mystery witnesses" in the Hughes murder case. "IV have several witnesses," he Mid, "whom we have not brought forward, but they are not mystery wltnewe. They will simply atih-atanrlate our evidence all along the line." News of Oakland, Alameda and East Bay Area In East Bay Society 30 CLUB DANC E ARRAtvG ED At the 20-30 Club sport dance on Saturday evening Mrs. A. ' R. Reinke will be general chairman, assisted by Miss Margaret Hales, Mrs. Helen Mack, Miss Esther Schotz, Miss Helen Woodbridge, Mrs. Edith Wallace, Mrs. Arthur Mauerhan, Mrs. R. C. Bachelor, Mrs. Margaret Blewett, Mrs. Lillian Boggs, Mrs. Verna Brearly, Mrs. Aileen Dicjens, Mrs. Florence Bullock, Miss Helen Crowell and Mrs. Rose Caffney. Among those who are entertain ing at this dance will be: Mrs. E. T. Severin, Mips Mary Lalor, Miss Mary Casanova, Mrs. James A. Murray, Mrs. Henry Hyland, Mrs. Walter H. Fieberling, Mrs. Lawson Rile, Mrs. Miles Shepard, Mrs. Jack Goodfellow, Mrs. P. G. Solon, Miss Gene Lelean and Miss Charlotte Lawson. Business Women's Club Plans Business Session The first business meeting under the new officers was held up by the Berkeley Business and Professional Women's Club at their clubrooms Monday night, June 13. President Margaret Perkins presided and called on the delegates that attended the State convention held in Monterey on May 14 and 15, to give reports. Final plans were made for the western regional conference to be held at Claremont Hotel on June 18, 19 and 20. Miss Annie Woodall of the Berkeley Club is chairman of the western regional conference, and the Berkeley Club is planning many activities for the visitors. i'i ' - i: Jewish Junior Girls Plan Day in Oakland Saturday will be . Oakland Day for the delegates to the third biennial of the western interstate conference of the National Council of Jewish Juniors. Entertaining at a luncheon and sightseeing tour, the local members will be hostesses to the visitors. Miss Rachael Hirsch-berg of Oakland will be the speaker at one of the round table sessions today at the Hotel St. Francis, with Miss Mignonne Levery, also of Oakland, who will present projects of the organization. Juvenile Party Tonight At Women's Athletic Young members of the Women's Athletic Club will be entertained tonight with a juvenile no-host party and frolic in the pool. This is one of a series of affairs arranged for members of the younger set. Hostesses for this occasion will be Nancy Ziegenfuss, Betsy Noble, Peggy Swift, Parretta Marshall, Lilla Marshall, Harriet Johnston, Marylyn Dewitz and Dorothy Culver. Dance Hostess " : 1 -""l MISS CHARLOTTE LAWSON, who will be one of the hostesses at the sport dance of the 20-30 Club on June 18 at the Oakland Women's City Club. MISS MARY HUGHES 10 10 TUESDAY At a wedding on Tuesday, June 21, at Old Mission Carmel, Miss Mary McCrea Hughes will be married to Mr. Richard F. Ryan. Miss Jule M. White will be maid of honor and Dr. John M. Frawley will be best man. Miss Hughes is the daughter of Mrs. Emma Hughes and the late Mr. William T. Hughes., She is a sister of Mr. Joseph A. Hughes and a graduate of the Ursuline Academy st Santa Rosa. Mr. Ryan, who is the son of Mr. J. Ryan of Fresno, is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara. After a motor trip through Canada, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan will live in Fresno. Ann Allen Hostess At Alameda Party Entertaining at her home in Alameda at a supper party on Wednesday Miss Ann Allen was hostess to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Gil-man Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Custer, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mulford, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Cochrane, Miss Jean Jamison and Mr. Hendrik Oltmans. Miss Allen, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney de Witt Allen, will be married to Mr. Oltmans this summer. WomanBacksAuto Over Little Boy Mrs. Helen Kettler heard a scream as she was backing her car out of the garage of her home at 3325 Kempton avenue, Oakland, late yesterday. She was horrified to find that she had run over John Green, 6, a neighbor's child, playing In the driveway with her son and other children. The boy was taken to Merritt Hospital in a critical condition, his skull fractured. His father. Harold H. Green, is a salesman living at 3287 Kempton avenue. Mrs. Kettler said the motor of her car had stalled as she was backing from the garage and that when she started it again she forgot the gears were in reverse. The other children were her son John, 6. and Robert McBrickel of 334S Kempton avenue. James Adam Voices Tax Burden Protests Issues confronting the next Legislature were outlined last night by James Adam, candidate for the assembly In the eighteenth district, in addressing a gathering at the home of Charles Crabtree in Berkeley. Adam declared there must be an Immediate readjustment of governmental expenditures to levels In keeping with enforced retrenchment now being practiced by private business. "What we all need." he said, and need without delay, t relief from a tax burden which now haft a strangle hold on everybody, and which Is actually cnficating the saving and the earning of the home owner and the wage earner." Receiver Asked For Doble Plant A suit asking receivership of the Doble Steam Motor Company of Nevada, with a plant at Emeryville, Calif., was filed in Superior Court here yesterday by George D. and William Besler, officers of the Davenport Locomotive Works of Davenport, la. The suit named Warren and Ab-ncr Doble, president and director of the motor company, as defendants, and asserted that the Beslrrs, owners of half the outstanding motor company stock, had been ousted from their interest in a meeting held during the absence of George Besler. Besler stated that he had been conducting experiments at the Emeryville plant in connection with high pressure steam engines for automobiles, and charged that he had been refused the privilege of continuing the experiments. FOU 5HIPSSUICIDE PAGT ARBQRSTOLD IN NOTE RICHMOND Two Score Representatives of European Shipping Firms Inspect Industrial Conditions Two score of the outstanding representatives of European shipping lines yesterday inspected the shipping and manufacturing facilities of Richmond under the guidance of Fred D. Parr of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. The group, of which C. W. Wulf-fraat of the Holland-American Line and W. W. Lense of the North German Lloyd were prominent members, were landed at the Parr-Richmond terminal on the inner harbor, escorted through the big terminal and finally taken through the Ford plant near by by Clarence W. Bull-winkel, northern California representative of the Ford company. The journey from San Francisco was made in the yacht Colleen owned by Al T. Gibson of the Lawrence Terminal Company. On board, among others, was Russell J, Meyer, Mayor of Richmond, who explained to the visitors the many advantages which his city offers in the way of transportation and factory opportunities, and in particular, the work which is being done by the Chamber of Commerce to make the city attractive to shippers. Parr explained the method of operatii g the waterfront facilities under the joint sponsorship of the city and his own company, and pointed out that the facilities on the inner and outer harbors are of the most modern design and facing on thirty-two feet of water. The shipping men were urged to give the most careful consideration to Richmond in the routing of their vessels, and to keep in mind the increasing tonnage which is ex pected to develop from that port. 'Free Lot' Men Placed on Trial Sales talk with a "kick" by alleged "free lot racketeers" was described to a jury In Superior Judge Fred T. Wood's court yesterday by Mrs. Fern A. Barrett, wife of Willis C. Barrett, civil engineer in the Federal forest service. Mrs. Barrett was one of the witnesses called in the trial of Sol Koff, millionaire head of suburban realty companies, and his sales managers, Herman Yaffe and Herman Weiss. The grand Jury indicted them on twelve counts of grand theft. , Method of operation, according to Mrs. Barrett and other witnesses who testified throughout the session, was to offer "free lots" at places of amusement and stores. Various persons were awarded "free lots" and then induced to buy other lots, giving the "free lot" as first payment. Prosecution is being directed by Frank Coakley, assistant district attorney. Koff is represented by Myron Harris, Weiss and Yaffe by Leo Sullivan. BY I E WIFE Note Left by Woman Says Destitution Impells Her to Join Husband in Death Leaving a note stating her husband also planned to end his life, a woman signing herself Royena Ray attempted suicide yesterday In an Oakland hotel. She was found unconscious, her wrists slashed and a bottle labeled poison beside her bed. Removed to the Highland Hospital, her condition was pronounced serious last night. The note in part read: "My husband and I are resorting to voluntarily death because we are destitute and cannot bring ourselves to ask charitable help. He has gone elsewhere to die. We feel we have a right to remove ourselves from an Intolerable situation. Please make no attempt to find out who we are, or who may know us." Police believe the name Royena Ray is fictitious. Oakland Starts Salary Slashes The Oakland City Council took the first steps last night to reduce the salaries of city employes, to become effective with the begin ning of the fiscal year, July 1. Under the revision ordinance submitted last nignt the majority of salaries will be reduced to the next lowest position In their respective offices, although the duties of the job Itself will not change. Under such an ordinance, the salary of City Manager Osslan Carr would be reduced from $20,000 an nually to $17,500, and that of City Engineer Walter N. Frlckstad would drop from $666 monthly to $600. Art Dealer Fails r In His Divorce Plea Joseph MacKeown, Berkeley art store proprietor, yesterday was denied a divorce from Rachel Maud MacKeown and a division of the community property in a decree handed down by Judge Frank M Ogden. MacKeown testified his wife falsely accused him of associating with other women, alienated the affection of their two children, Charles Arthur, 16, and Harold Everett, 15, and predicted he would soon be "picking garbage out of the street." He asked for a division of the community property and custody of the children. Mrs. MacKeown denied all of her husband's allegations and charged he had treated her cruelly. East Bay Vital Statistics Berkeley Man's Car Hits Vallejo Boy VALLEJO. June 16. (AP J James Nuris, 12, a newspaper carrier, was fatally Injured here todsy as he was struck by an automobile driven by Edgar Gordon of 2339 Jefferson street, Berkeley. Wayne Roden, another boy, who was with Nuris. said the latter ran across the street and in front of the approaching automobile. He was knocked to the pavement, the blow fracturing his skull. j Gordon was released on his own recognizance to appear at an in-' ! quest st for Tuesday. The boy i was a son of Christopher Nuris, 1 (Vallejo restaurant proprietor, ' I B o K X j PAOLINO In (hl city. June 8. Ifl:t2. o the wife of Antonio I'aolino, efl'.'O Went t., a Hon. Nl'NFMANN In thin city. June 10. 1 .):. to the wife if Andrew G. Nune- mtnn. 3H15 Kant Twelfth at. a ion. SAWYER In thin city. .1ne 10. 1 93". to the wife of Frank W. Sawyer. Hay- vard. a rlmichter. STKI'HENSON In thin cltv. June P. IIWIJ. to the wlie of Frederick R. Mephenaon, J4PU Sixty-iixth ave., fiaUBhter, VA.WK In 1hi city, .lime ft. IfKI'.V tn Ihe wife of t;ien K. Vance, nil Weal Mrle n. San l.eamlrn itaughtet. VAN H At; EN In th' ltv. June 'J. 1P:I-!. to the w fe of Karl W. Van Haien. SIJI El t'amile ave.. eon. YKZKV In thia iiiv. June P. 1S32. to lh wifa of William l. Vaiy. J1IO Wart ave.. JlaTlcley, a eon. WF.l.lxiN In thu rttv. .lune 12. 1P3". to ihe wife of lioy K. Weldon. kelayette. a eon. JKhni; In thla ritv. .1un S. IP.'I'! to the wife of t han 8. Jeon. 731 Wehater at., a ann. AlillltKl: In thie Hlv. Jne 1. to the wife of Antonio Aauirre. 15-8 ThIM at . a eon PAVIti In trra rity. June 9. 1032. to the wife ol Wlllard Davie. 131 Nine- tith are., a "n. .-HAM'IiFr In thia citv. June 1?. 1P32 to the wife of Harry W. Handlnff. 3403 Haler eve,, a daughter. H"I,IXS In th'e city. June P. 1932. to the wife of Jamea Holina. 13eii Twelfth at . a eon. LAKMMLF In thia dir. June P. ,1P?2. to the wife of Ke.nhold Laemmle. 8232 Almond at., a eon. LAWHENTK In thla lty. June 12. 1!.VJ. to the wife of Jnaeph Lawrence. 214" Eaat Fifteenth at., a dauahter. MiDONALP In thia city. June . 1P32. to the wife ol Emery H. McDonald. 'till? Ruhr at., a eon. MWOU'KF In thia city. June 12. 1932. to the w l'e of Alexander M'aoloff. 1158 Fourteenth at., a dauahter. Mil. ETA In thia city. June 11. 1932. tn ihe wife of Ocorae Milete. 213tt Santa Clara ave.. Alameda, a daughter. MARRIAGE LICENSES l ne roiiowina appiicaiinna inr ni""- ; li. nca were MM in Oakland yeaterdav: f.(l'KC PFSl'INUT John E. fr. 1! 2f!0 Aahhv ave, Jtrlilv. and Varle I. Txarlnox. 1. 123" Honkina at.. nerk"le-. SU V M HTKI.T..I Ijiwrence a, 43, 14 Third aC, Oakland, and Minnie Marttllaccl. 19. 1488 Third at., Oakland. V A I.KN CI A N ELHON Henry V a lenc la. fi5. 110 South Korty-aecond at., Richmond, and Mary Nelaon, 60, 142 Malt-land dr.. Alameda. MEIA'IN WHITMAN Raymond S. Mel. vln, 37. 245 Hlllelde ave.. Piedmont, and Margaret B Whitman, 28. 725 Central ave.. Alameda. SHAW BARNES Jamea F. Phaw Jr.. 29. Yerha Buena Ialanri. Han Franciaco. and Leah R. Barnea. .31. Tracy. CRAY (ioTKI.J.l (ieorsa J. tlrav. 24. 1082 Tweniv-fnurth at.. Oakland, and Norma K. Ootelll. 22. 5233 Eael Four-tnth at.. Oakland. SCH AEFEIl H Hm.soN William B. S.haefr Ml. 15" Arch at.. Beikelev. and Helen I.. Harriaon. 2. Albu-ouernue. N. M. MA DP EN ALEXANDER Kmll M. Madron. 39. 370 Twenty-third ave.. fan F-anciaco. imd Lydla Alexander, 34. 1244 Temv-ninth ave., Oakland. EOS OTTOV1CH Melvin A. Enoa. II. 28 A'lelina at . Oakland, and Ileaaie ottnvirh 19. 4H12 drove at.. Oakland. WATCHERS WK'KHAM Wat here. Harrv M. Watrhera. 2.V 477 Kifty-ninth at . Oakland, and Anna M. Wlrk-bam. 21. 653 Herman at.. Oakland. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO MARRY The followlna marriage llceneea were p,tM In Oakland yeaterday: PETER SEEMANS Jamea A. Peter. 25. Plttanura. and Helen B. Seemana. 22. Walnut t'reek. GARCIA MARQIES Don Garcia, 22. Oakland, and Julia Marquee. 17. Oak-'ed. . JONES HAT Alfred Jonea. 55. Oakland, and Minnie Hay. 64. Oakland. COMPLAINTS FILED MYERS. Geleie F. tra. John l., annul- "Vl'RKOVICH. Katie a. nealert. A RKO Va.UDIVU.lI JL A BILL ROBINSON A I m "MOT 'ROM Nlt-" If f Oe ne Scree V JjoooejjepsV Paramount Star W-Fl 'Ws! CHARLES RUGGLES, who has the center of the screen in "Thia la the Night," opening at the Paramount Theater today. CHARLES RUGGLES Dill T A bachelor's bride on a synthetic honeymoon is but one of the many hilariously funny incidents in "This Is the Night," beginning a week's engagement at the Paramount Theater today. Charlie Ruggles is seen as the friend of a bachelor, played by Roland Young, and the chief cause of many embarraslng situations when he attempts to Justify Young's presence in tha apartment of a beautiful girl who has been recently married. When the jealous husband arrives on the scene Ruggles discusses at great length Roland Young's wife, a creature of his imagination. The husband is reassured by the fact that Young is happily married and devoted to his wife so much so that he insists they both accompany him and his wife on a vacation trip to Venice. Then the trouble really begins as they search high and low for a girl to fit their descriptions. Lily Damita is the girl, and Thelma Todd is seen as the wife of Cary Grant, the jealous husband. Ruth Roland in person heading a big cast of talented entertain ers in her "Cozy Corner Revue is the stage attraction. 'Man About Town' for Fox Screen Saturday Diplomatic secrets and boudoir secrets form an exciting motif for "Man About Town," the new Warner Baxter Fox Movietone romance in which Karen Morley and Conway Tearle are also prominently involved at the Fox Oakland Theater starting Saturday. "Man About Town" presents Baxter and Tearle in the roles of postwar friends who have joined up with the United States Secret Service because of the new and unusual adventures into which that work projects them. They remain fast friends despite Washington's political intrigues until they meet and fall in love with an attractive girl of their own set, Karen Morley, after which things begin to happen at a fast and dramatic clip. Bill Robinson Heads Orpheum Stage Program Today marks the return to Oakland of America's foremost tap dancfr, the onp and only Bill Robinson, who opens today at the RKO Orpheum Theater for three days. The screen feature, "Honor of the Press," is said to be something en tirely different In the nature of dramas of the press. Bill, who is Internationally known for his "stair dance," is augmented by a large company with which the Dark Cloud of Joy" presents "Hot From Harlem," a combination of two musical comedies. VI f ella Ihtnalaa I ju jj I Owen Menre J '3 Mrs. Nelson Tells Of Part in Plot To 'Get' Husband Full Confession By Mrs. Nelson Made to Police Wife of Deputy Assessor Admits Her Part in Conspiracy to 'Get' Her Husband Mrs. Bess Nelson confessed to the, Oakland police yesterday that she knew of Claude Forbes to kill her husband, Harry A. Nelson, deputy assessor, now lying at point of death at Highland Hospital. Nelson was beaten and slugged by Forbes with a piece of gas pipe last Monday night Mrs, Nelson, In her confession, told police she knew Forbes came to Oakland from Santa Crux to attack her husband. She admitted she herself must have suggested to Forbes the plan to "get" her husband. TEXT OF CONFESSION. Here is the complete text of Mrs. Bess Nelson's confession, as released by Oakland police authorities yesterday: "When Claude came back to Santa Crui from Oakland Tuesday morning I met him at the stage depot and we walked together to the hotel. "Claude told me, T think I got him.' I supposed he meant he killed him. I asked him how he done It. Claude said, 'Walt until the afternoon papers come out.' "Either Saturday or Sunday, while we were In Santa Crus, I told Claude if Harry was gone out of my life, through divorce or death, we conld live together In my home in Boyd avenue, x '"I will see what I can do, Claude said. "It must have been my suggestion that caused Claude to get Harry. "Harry told me that he 'had changed the name of the beneficiary on the life Insurance. He had told me that a number of times. I don't know who he named In my place. FIRST TLANNINO. "While we were In Menominee, Dunn County, Wisconsin, we talked about Harry. My finances were low. I began to wonder what we could do or where we would live. Claude said he would see about It. I did not know whether he meant to bump Harry off or ask Harry to release me so that I could marry Claude. "On June IS, Monday morning, Claude left me in the lobby In the hotel. He went up town. He returned In a short time with a package and told me to wait In the lobby, and he went to our room. It must have been the pipe. ON WAY TO KILL. "We then had lunch together. In the afternoon Claude took the stage to Oakland. He told me he was coming to Oakland to see Harry or get him. By get him I mean do away with him. "I don't remember whether I told him to do a good job. Claude said he would be back the first thing Tuesday morning. "If he had succeeded in killing Harry I would not have told on him. I love him too much to send him over the road. I hope now that Harry gets weU. He will give me my freedom. Claude and I figured If Harry was out of the way we could live In the Boyd avenue house. Claude could get a Job and we could carry on the payments of $31.60." Theta Upsilon Chapter Honors Mary Thompson Miss Mary Thompson has been elected to represent Alpha chapter of Theta Upsilon, when delegates of the national sorority meet June 22 to 25, at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, for their fifth biennial convention. B achat or nea Oa i Ta a " a-UeMj" Haniiaiaaa ,1 i LILY DAMITA MJOOUS KOtAND TO UNO ttui RUTH ROUND Ml i Wife Says Lover Told Her Next Morning "I Got Him" KNEW OF PLAN Pair Held in Oakland . Jail for Result of Attack "It must have been my suggestion that caused Claude to 'get Harry." In those words Mrs. Bess Nelson yesterday confessed to police that she and her paramour, Claude Forbes, wanted her husband, Harry A. Nelson, deputy assessor of Alameda county, out of the way so they could live together. Her confession, made to Inspectors James Goodnight and John Mulhern, will be used to demolish Forbes' claim that he slugged Nelson in retaliation for the latters "mistreatment" of Mrs. Nelson, police said. BEATEN WITH TIPE. Nelson was struck on the head as he slept in his home last Monday night Forbes, arrested in Santa Cruz, where he and Mrs. Nelson had gone together as man and wife, confessed that he slugged Nelson with a length of pipe, according to police. After announcing Mrs. Nelson's confession, police booked her and Forbes on charges of assault to commit murder. They will be arraigned today before Police Judge Edward Tyrrell. In the event of Nelson's death, the couple will be charged with murder, it was announced by Captain of Inspectors B. A. Wallman. Nelson is given only a slight chance to recover. He Is in Highland Hospital, Oakland. TELLS OF TRIP. Mrs. Nelson's confession, police said, was made after hours of questioning. In it she admitted that she had told Forbes, the 24-year-old husband of the Nelson maid, that if "Harry were gone out of my life, through divorce or death, we could live together in my home on Boyd avenue." She admitted, police declared, that on a recent visit to the Middle West, she and Forbes, who is eight years her junior, discussed her husband and what could be done to win her freedom. THREAT RECOUNTED. Her asserted confession added that in Santa Cruz last Monday Forbes told her that he was going to Oakland "to see Harry or get him.'' "By 'get him' I mean to do away with him," she was quoted as saying. In her statement Mis. Nelson declared her husband had informed her he had withdrawn her name as beneficiary of a $10,000 war risk insurance policy. But police say that she still is the beneficiary. Both Forbes and Mrs. Nelson were held in the Oakland city prison last night. Forbes refused to discuss the confession. Wife Slayer Enters Plea of Guilty Throwing himself on the mercy of the court, Raul Hernandez, 21, who shot his bride to death in froct of the Hayward City Hall on May 11, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty of murder yesterday before Superior Judge Fred V. Wood. The reversal came as Hernandes was about to go on trial. He had contended in first denying his guilt that he was insane at the t me of the killing and entered a dual plea of "not guilty" and "not guilty by reason of insanity." Judge Wood fixed next Monday as the time for sentence, and indicated that the penalty would be fixed at first decree murder, with a penalty of life imprisonment. Auction Sates SPOT CASH IX HI IUYS fnr yar merreaedlae, faraitaire, llveatork, lea er real eatate whea aolal fey aar aiftkaa. FAST BAY AIATIOX t O. IXT. Ml aata C lara TKmnlrkar KS Oakland, pp. (.read lake Theater BASEBALL OAKI M fOT II ACIR r.tK lkarli. r'rirfar at :lll r. M. IMaklekearfrre at l -M P. t. rhene 111;. 1: leeeMelieea. A

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