The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1947' Minister Tells Rotary Club America Needs to be Re-Sold To Otherwise Good Americans BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Re¥ ' "' Mt "* of '"« Speaking on communism within •n* United «»«•«, h e salrt thm the Communitis were using a large<JK e educational program to sell fart. »nd more Americans on the communistic Jorni of government. Tlie be*t w&y for th« citizens of •his nation to combat such a movement, he s»ld, was not with lnv*»- tiKations but. by launching a large- scale educational program lo!) Americanism to Americans. The. Rev. Mr. Smith pointed out that industrial workers in the United States are paid lour times *» much as workers in most other countries of the world and even More in comparison with tome nations. )f the Rotary Club yesterday noou tmih crlUctacd the preienl Senal« id that a uoeillve approach would Change Ordered In Planes by CAA Insulation in Douglas ! DC-6'* to B« Removed; \ Termed Fire Hazard j .WASHINGTON. Nov. 1 i UP) — Tlie Civil Aeronautics Administration has ordered all fiber glus.i . Insulation removed from DougUui clared. In RUMta, h« ss!d, the »T(rage industrial worker producw only one-fifth as much us n. worker i" the. United S:at««. Since tliis i s not a nation of •supermen" and since Russia possesses greater natural assets, this country's greater production" must be due to the economic system under which ii operates, the Rev Mr. Smith slated. The Rev. Mr. Smith is pastnr of the church of Christ, in Caiuthers- jjjj?. Before coming to Caruthers- lf we, he was an associate professor on the faculty of Syracuse Uni- ,versity at Syracuse. N. y. Other guests were the Rev T E Webb or M.-idill. Okla., and Billy Bracej', Junior Rotarian. Caruthersville's Jaycees Meet in New Clubhouse CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Nov. 7. —The Canitlicrsville Junior Chamber of Commerce held iis first meeting in its Clubhouse la... Maurice Malin announced today. The opening of the new clubhouse'! was celebrated with a dutch lunch. A Very Honorable Process new Jaycee Rivcrview ln "Ip. "BUln last night, President - su '»a n 'y wa alin annouce '' 5>s ' em - system. It wia dlsdoMd today. Tne insulation, which Is between the passenger and b*gg«ge com- .'partmcni.s of the big planes, must | be removed by 1 p.m. KST tortsy. | John N. chamberlain, acting ill- rector of (he Civil Aeronautics Board Safety Bureau, said It was not known whether seeping hydraulic fluid .saturated the insulation of the oc-6 which crushed recently at Bryce Canyon, Utah, killing 52 persons. But If It was. Chamberlain said, it would have been at least a con- i tributing factor In the intense fire that caused the disaster on Oct. 24. The pilot of the ship radioed • before he crashed that fire had! broken out in the plane's baggage compartment which is located below the passenger compartment, j Chamberlain said that a DC-6 flown lo the scene of Ihe Bryce Canyon crash for inspection In connrctioii with the accident was found to have iLs fiber Rlaw insulation saturated with Inflammable fluid. He said the inflammable fluid in the "guinea pig" plane "pre- n.5 I.(.1«U1 HL<:U WJLII a QUICn IllnCh " ^^•••u u& *,UUI- During the business session the', p j , ,. h llle 1>arls of the ""It-! . . _ ..v^n.u,,, i.m, j Alrlirtr.~ v\f* c ».,.E_l. _. _ _ .-_ , elub membership adopted a set. of "Clubhouse, Rules and Regulations" as presented by the Rules Commit- ed Airlines DC-6 which crashed. CAM and CAA Aeree Chamberlain said the order as presented by the Rnlcs Commit- a e orer o ,, b ; . tee of which rivdeHariir i.rhlir rel >iove the insulation was Issued , !??, |D """-negotiable inlronassc le^ot which Cljde Haipcr is chair- a((er COI15 - llllat|on ^ween CAB <Vy,dends passed out by coopcra- rhn,i ai ' T "?•*"* lllL>> 1 '""' c ' 1 <' r »'>'"hiio of Jap:,,, sees how chaicoal ,s made while visiting the vill^c of Nishilnni on a recent 11-day inspection tour of three prefectures of Tokvo Used for most cooking and l.culmg, the fuel pl;,ys .-,„ h m ,o°l«ni role in J;ip.,i ,-sr Me. Education Week To f?c Observed In CaruthersviMc CARUTIIEKSVILLE. Mo.. Nov. 7. —Cariilhersvillc schools will observe "Amerir-im Education Week" Tuesday with an open house at the high -•:clKio!, it wii.s announced today by the Public Relations Committee of tin school. The O|ien house will bo held thai rvcmns; and nnrails and civic club members have been Invited. After a in-ogrnin in tlic gym. student t'.uidcs will conduct I lie visitors to the. various rooms where they will mrcl the teachers and .see the work l rj-u-ic I.IIH 11 i ••• being done in cncli department. The 1 WavTnnH M 1^-wntinK House Home Economics classes will serve Wins and Means committee the | refioshmenU, then!res are runnhlK trail- in Co- Tax Law Sought Radio Commentator Urges Revisions to Erase Advantages I WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 (UP) — Radio Commentator Fulton Leu-Is from the'"hvrira'ul^ '}'" !"""" . vcstc ''d'XV that ffflcrnl irom tne njdrauhc p t ax i aws | )e overhauled lo erase '•as flown to B-' i ""' V l!> " a(1vantB ecs farm toopera- Free Enterprise Group Offers Essoy Awards LI'lTLK HOCK, Ark., Nov. T. (UP) —Tlie Arkansas Free KittrrnrlM As- sCK'inllou IIHS Hiinoiincfil an »ssay contest for Arkansas lilitli »chool ami college students, lo a\m\ Monday luirt ronttime llirouuli March Association Director John I,. D.I K . sell, said today sonic »i!500 In prices will l» awarded for i>.<.M\ys con- timlliiK '.he American way in Hfc wllh tin- s.vtiienis of Communism, Socialism, «nii Kusclsin. Power Executive Dies ATLANTA, Oil., Nov. 7. (Ul>)-. The foody ol Proston Ai-lcwi-||;lil, Jr., ««-yenr-old ppi'slitent of tin; Goiir- SPIRAL BRISTLECOMB ""'on college. SchenecUdy, y. " 1 C. C, Eldridge, Distributor 1612 Wett Cherry Phone 4496 ee e I law aho .,hould be clarified lo make The new clubhouse will be the , a "?, C * A ' , , - The CAB writes ' "T • I 'cgulations and the CAA scene of all Jaycee activity here- '- c1 ^ - • " ~ v — after, including regular special and ' *° mlmst < !r s them. Removal of the - ...... s .- * ' ".>.." ana | fiber glass also was recommended exemption o[ some lives. . Tlie committee Is proposals to end the income rrs announcing American Educu lion Week, and ministers of (he churches win publirixr 1 the event in ron-sidering I heir services next Sunday. Mayor which cooperatives A hnll witnesses previously action. 5.600 fanner dozen other urged the committee meetings, and all inter- i ,„. ,^- , - .; —club and mtra-club social functions ; EL£" ?" , AlrCraft Co ' and parties. The clubhouse faces ' bl '^" , h . e P 18 ,""' , the Mississippi River, between Ward ' ™ c flbcr Rlass o [ der was in lhe and Walker Avenues, and is set on i f?™ c "' CK T' y " that , lssued last - - -.-,.- hiBh iron pilings to be above high- ?,".„ ° raerln * rc '" 0 ™ 1 o! P nl ' a - lo cooperatives. He Mid ho ; Is nn wa'.er. The place will be equipped ' ^ al " ° m DC - G ' S ' Cliainber- aclive member of a rtivnl el'.ctrifi- said he was not opposed . |, with games, lounge furniture, and lUthcr equipment for both business , ° f ^S rtro PP^ "^ ^ 1C i . . a ° " c >°™ cation cooperative in Saint Mary's in the nj? at point meetings and recreation sessions. ; event of n' One feature will be a fully equipped.; n j Rn t w'ere electrical kitchen, so that the mem- i where the l>Vs can have their meals prepared ],„» /-ao n Jr- ' , u ^ • • UB served there on all regular „ h officials said these IIIR undue advantage meeting nights. e « ul » r j may have contributed to the fire emption. m " le ""'ted Pt™e. Lewis cited the Southern States Chamberlain said efforts arc be- Cooperative as havins an unfair County, Md. Recently, however, lie was expelled from the Southern Slates Cooperative for his tax views on cooperatives. Lewis said he believed some cooperatives arc tiik- of ex- WARNIN'G ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chirka.saw- ha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Clare Christian Plaintiff, vs. No. 10.275 Max H. Christian Defendant. The defendant Max H. Christian (5 hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Clare Christian. Dated this 16 day of October. 1SI47. HARBF.Y MORRIS. Clerk By Dorothy Conlcy, deputy Attorney for Plaintiff, W, Leon Smith. of ing made to develop a type insulation which docs not the "wick effect" of the glass presently used. He said that when ft Lockheed Constallation burned and crashed at Reading, Pa., summer it tax advantage. He said that al- have though Southern's capital invest- fiber ment Is only 88,0011,000,'its net, as- nssets have grown ,to ahout $11.500.900. He said this was possible because the cooperative "has not ac- W. D. Dyrcl yesterday issued a proclamation cmphnslzlng American fc'clucation Week, and uriiiUK everyone to attend the open house Tuesday niyht. A student forum Is to appear before civic clubs next week lo discuss the Week. SUuietUs comprising the forum include Frances Parnel], Jane Rayman, Joe Muir and Jficl: Alk'n. Mcm'ucrs of the Public Relations Committee who are in charge of the open house are Mrs. Howard Cunningham. Mrs. C. G. Mulr and Miss Mnry Ellen Horncr. faculty members. They will be assisted by Superintendent R. M. Pierce and Principal Reilman Dunham. Top of the Stack! Flavor-fresh DIXIE Creamy rich DIXIE addt the final, flavor-full touch TO « tteaminq ff«ck of d«lic!out pAncaktt. £ilr4 good —beciui* it'i made of lh« tineii farm products. Extra nulri. Houi—bec«ul« it'i fortified with Vitamin A. Ivcry pound ttt« year around i» fortified wl'Ii Vilomin A. .J-yiVi *••>>• _.- D , . ,.., ,tf, rtr HUIIIJIILI ti. ttiiuit: lUti UUl'JJl 151L1% L Ilil.S was discovered that leaking iiydrau- , tunlly distributed the full ho fluid had -saturated insulation of Us operating profits in that plane and caused more intense burning. Spokesmen lor United Air Lines In Chicago confirmed that the order had been received and that modification was being made end of each year, but rather h:is . . . diverted them into so-called capital reserves." Cagey Characters to Be me moaiiication was being made — — :»-/ —..-.«„..*.,., iw as quickly as possible on all the Investigated in South OOmllailV'.S TVT-fi'c -T-l*n m-rtn* 4n I0:i7-a*-31-ll-1 planes. DC-6's. 'Hie order applies to all other lines using such /«'* A Family rVreot . . . With Good Thing* To fat At the DELTA CAFE South Division Street OUR SUNDAY MENU: SUNDAY, NOV. 9TH (Choice of One) Grapefruit, Juice Tomato Juice Orange Juice & Combination Salad or Pineapple Chicken Pan Pie j 25 Choice Ham Steak \..."".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'."."."". 125 Fried Chicken ; I 25 Fresh Fried Shrimp "....'. ' ] 2", Six Fried Oysters, Kxtra's'cTect 125 Pork Chops with. Kaspbru-ry Jelly l 2o Chicken Fried Steak ' l'l5 Tenderloin O f Trout j'l5 American Pot R oa st with SpaiVi'sh'sauc'e 1.15 Vegetable Plate (Choice of Four Vegetables) 1.00 (Choice of Two) Corn Pudding -lime Peas Co i e SI(1W Snow Hake Potatoes Frcndl Fl . ips Special Dessert Hot Roils Corn Sticks • MilU 10e Kxtra We Serve Siraks, Sea Food and Cocktail-, Visit Us for Fine Dinners and Tea Or Coffe€ ies ATLANTA. On.. Nov. 7. (UP) — What with everything and evrry- body being investigated thepe days, - the Atlanta Humane Society got in- j to the art today. The Society announced It would investigate the monkeys in the Municipal Zoo- Also the lions and tijrers. There had been sonic complaint about sanitary conditions in thn animal housing project. FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lftkc Stront PHONB 2391 Buses to— • AKMOKICI, • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 0 • STATIC LINE CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connection FARM DITCH1B1 DIJGH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY '-;-3 EXCAV/TION $ S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG, BLYTHEVILLE ARK. ...Stays Fresh Longer! FOR THE utamaej, WE OFFER... from GUARD'S Gleaming iolLtnir< <fti- nioruJ id in hind-cirved mounting o/ 14K |o!d. $79 New ityle briclnl duct y.-ith malctiinf; wedding band curbed to fn snvi&ly noo Lovely 6-diftmond duct in modern tailored ci\Kr in|ji: 14K yellow told. H59 10.diamond ensemble in mniching channel mount- inRj; choice of yellow or white gold. LHCRC diamond solilairr sue founded wUh britliant diamonds. 5350 One carat dinmond engagement rins: 3-dtamond matching wedding band. M-diamond ring with • certified per led center diamond. GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE

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